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Corrector by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


staying power(135)
coverage: high coverage
Variation: BISQUE-P
bobbi brownBuy ($29)

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blends well

it covers really well and spreads easily if i have a good eye cream on first

- Bloomingdale's User

and what a product to use - does exactly what it says - a smooth full coverage concealer that blends perfectly and stays put

- John Lewis User

staying power


i love it , stays on brightens photographs beautifully

- Sephora User

stays on all day and makes my skin even toned and flawless

- Nordstrom User



extra light peach bisque, i feel, is identical in color to pixi's, but bobby brown's formula is softer, buildable, and doesn't crease if applied lightly

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User

i also can't wait to build up my bobbi collection because if this 1 item has sold me i can't wait to try 'em all

- Bobbibrowncosmetics User



it has great coverage,yet not to heavy,so i can even go out with just a moisturizer on my face and this product under my eyes and my confidence is up,i look rested and radiant,without anyone realizing i have any touch of product-just flawless

- Sephora User

i do have awful dark circles that inherited from my mom and have been always struggling covering the rackoon eyes with a good product that has a coverage but does not look cakey and thick

- Sephora User

color correction

color correcting

i am in love with this color correcting product

- Sephora User

by far the best color corrector i’ve tried

- Sephora User


high coverage

it gives full coverage that lasts all day

- Sephora User

creamy, highly blendable, good coverage, natural looking

- Sephora User
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Sephora userJanuary 29, 2014

Am i being dramatic if I say that this stuff changed my life? Don't care. It did. I've always had the darkest under eye circles. Even the fullest coverage concealers don't cover them. I thought it was my lot in life and gave up on trying to fix them. Until I found this magical stuff. I bought it in light peach (orange to counteract the purple circles) and could not be happier with it. If it didn't look so ridiculous without regular conceal or over it, I would just wear it alone. It covers my circles 100% without drawing extra attention to them by looking super light or cakey. You can't even tell it's under my mac Pro long wear concealer, other than the fact that my dark circles are gone! It doesn't crease and it doesn't smear. And it's so pigmented, the jar is going to last forever. Which is how long I'll be re purchasing it. Seriously. If you're considering it enough to read reviews, buy it. You won't be sorry. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
sephora userMay 03, 2015

I'd give it more stars if I could!!!

I have had to contend with dark circles in the corners of my eyes for my entire life. The thickest concealers, which claim to cover tattoos, brighten the eye area and, most importantly hide dark circles, did absolutely nothing for me. I was even recommended colour correctors before, but I found out yesterday that what I had been sold was a corrector for my face, not my eyes. The difference being that ones for the face are not as thick or as pigmented as ones for the eyes. So, having been shown the error of someone else’s ways, my new favourite MUA at Sephora showed me why Porcelain Peach was perfect for my skin tone and the blueish-black circles under my eyes. This is a very thick corrector and a little goes a very long way. You apply it only where your dark circles are and not under the whole eye area unless you need to, otherwise it is going to defeat the purpose and you are going to be wasting the product. On the website and on the box, it says to apply this before your concealer. However, I found that what works for me is to apply my foundation and then either my NARS radiant creamy concealer or the Kat Von D Lock-It concealer BEFORE the corrector so I know how much of the corrector I really do need to cover up the circles. I then set it with Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder so that it stays all day. And now, I’m no longer being told that I look exhausted even when I’ve had 8-9 hours of sleep. This is a Holy Grail product!!! I have read where people are saying that it is very heavy and it creases a lot. However, with what the MUA told me and what I’ve found for myself is that if you use too much, you swipe it to blend instead of tapping gently and you don’t set it with a powder is that it will feel heavy, it will look heavy and it will crease.

- sephora
Sephora userJuly 18, 2014

Great product!

I have medium to dark skin with yellow undertones (think: South Asian), and this product is now something I cannot live without. No idea what will happen to me if they ever stop making it! So I use two colors to correct two different things. Dark peach is great for my undereye circles. It completely neutralizes it! I layer an undereye concealer over it to cover the orangey-ness of the corrector, blend it out with a beauty sponge so I don't move the corrector and my circles are well covered. If I don't use my concealer, it will settle into fine lines, but since my concealer fights that, I haven't had any problems with settling, I also use dark bisque to cover hyperpigmentation that's in the distribution of a mustache. I've been struggling to find something that would cover it without looking ashy, and this, my friends, is why I cannot live without this corrector anymore. For daily use, I use a BB cream with light to med coverage since the rest of my skin is ok, pat on this corrector over the shadowy area, and pat in light/med coverage powder foundation on top of the corrector. It works very well, and only gets a little cakey looking and settles into my laugh lines after a few hours if I forget to prime the area or set with setting spray. I will take a little cakiness over the hyperpigmentation any day! It's a small amount of product but a little goes a long way. When I was using dark bisque for both, the small compact lasted me appx 4 months, and I've repurchased dark bisque for one and I found dark peach worked better for my eyes, so it should now last me twice as long! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
bobbibrowncosmetics.com userApril 26, 2011

Full night's sleep in a pot!

I'm 43 now, a mom, and don't always get a good night's sleep. I have naturally dark circles under my eyes that get worse during allergy season. BB Creamy Concealer has never let me down but I thought I'd give the Corrector a try to see if it made even more of an improvement. This is my new can't-live-without product. I use the Light Bisque every morning after moisturizing and it works even better for me than the concealer. It's very creamy, spreads easily, and really brightens my eyes, more so than the concealer alone. When I've had a short night or my eyes are particularly dark, I do layer it under the concealer for fuller coverage; however, this most often does the trick on its own. It lasts all day, doesn't settle into the fine lines, and doesn't dry out the skin. It really does make me look like I've had a full night's sleep. I've also found it makes for an excellent shadow base, right before my obligatory swipe of Bone or Navajo. One of the best BB products I have ever used. « less

- bobbibrowncosmetics.com
sephora userSeptember 05, 2014

Wanted to love you, Chemistry wasn't there =(

I have been wondering about having this product for years. read all the reviews, watched tutorials and decided to try it for myself. I tried it alone, with concealer on top, and with finger and brush application. it was very dry, cakey, off odd coloring and it would just crease no matter what I tried. the brightening effect looked odd with pictures taken. it just didn't work for me and I was really let down. I would recommend another product. I finally found my holy grail concealer! Lancome's Effacernes. it's waterproof and stays all day without creasing, long staying power and a beautiful natural lovely look! I wore it from morning application until bedtime around 12:30pm and it was still going strong. this is a great concealer. I have problems with my eyes so I use eye drops daily all day long and needed something that covered and lasted. more waterproof based. and out of trying many concealers and correctors this was the one that worked like a dream. hope this helps. Im sure the Bobbi Brown will work for others but it just wasn't what I needed. thank you Sephora and for your helpful staff! will repurchase the Lancome's Effacernes concealer again for sure! but it will be a long time until I need to do so. =)

- sephora

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Can anyone recommend something for brightening under eyes? I use nars creamy concealer but it doesn’t seem to do enough. I always want it brighter and yes I use baking powder, banana powder and translucent powder.
Profile picture of Haley Castro
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DryDry Skin
Use the Bobbi brown corrector under your concealer. It’s amazing and the only way I can cover up my dark circles
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Good Color corrector for white and dark spots? what’s a good concealer for dry skin? 
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my acne scars are still red and i am currently using bio oil which has been helping, however i still see redness peaking through so what are good color correctors?
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If you want a cheaper version get the #nyxcosmetics corrector/ concealer palette
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I love this corrector so much!
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Any dupes for the benefit brightening concealer? They’re discontinuing it and it’s the only concealer that really hides my dark circles.
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Taylor Christine Morrison
DryDry Skin
Put this under ANY concealer and your dark circles should be a thing of the passed. My sister has anemia, which causes her under eyes to be super dark and I got this for her and she loves it!! Like won’t leave the house without it on. (I would go into Sephora and get color matched)
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Mariah T
CombinationCombination Skin
Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone had any products to recommend for dark and hollow under eyes. Mine are unfortunately due to genetics and haven’t found a product that makes them look any better! Thanks!
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DryDry Skin
Try a color corrector under your concealer! This is my favorite way to cover my dark circles!
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This is amazing
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This corrector works great and covers up dark circles super well!
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Try a color corrector underneath your concealer/foundation! This one is super good and covers super well!