Beauty tips to get ready for a Zoom conference call

Feel like the ultimate boss babe on your next Zoom conference.

Since COVID-19 halted life as we know it, it’s been quite the change as we transition our business meetings and classes to Zoom. And while forgetting your mic is off or accidentally putting up a weird background can be annoying, there’s no greater struggle than looking at your own face onscreen and seeing that blemish on your face in HD. Yikes. 

We all know makeup looks different on camera, and it can be tough to determine how much or what kind of makeup to wear in a virtual business meeting. Too much eyeshadow? Not enough blush? Maybe. That’s why Mira has put together five beauty tips to look your best on Zoom conference calls as we adjust to this new normal.

Source: Metro.Style

  1. Don’t forget to moisturize 

Even the best foundations don’t do much when you don’t have a nice canvas. That’s why you should moisturize regularly to hydrate and illuminate your skin, preventing you from looking too pale or washed out on video calls. But come on… you should have been doing that already. Choose a moisturizer with plenty of hydrating ingredients, like the Hydro Boost Gel-Cream.

  1. Wear bright blush

The brighter, the better. Even if you’re the natural blush type, a vivid color is exactly what you need on a Zoom call. Choose a brighter hue to add warmth to your face and prevent you from looking washed out and tired, even if you are. If you go a bit overboard with the product, you can always take a dry beauty sponge and dab over the area to blend and make it look more natural. 

  1. Bold lips are your friend

Zoom meetings are not the time or place for lip gloss, as it will barely show up on screen. Instead, pull out that berry lip stain that you bought a while ago but were too scared to try, or go for red lipstick for a classic look that shows you mean business.  

  1. Do a soft contour

It’s all about the angles. Not just finding the perfect meeting spot with the most natural light, but using makeup to enhance your features that can sometimes look “flat” on camera. Use a soft, matte bronzer or contour powder to do a subtle contour on your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead.


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  1. Wear face masks

Self-care is everything during times like these, and a good face mask will help you relax, recharge, and keep skin looking fresh for daily Zoom calls. Especially if you have an HD camera, it ensures that skin imperfections won’t be front and center during meetings.

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