4 Ways to Keep Your Winged Eyeliner From Smudging

Keep those wings in place all day and night with these simple tricks.

Any winged eyeliner enthusiast knows the struggle. You spend precious time, products, and Q-tips every morning to get the perfect wing, and then roll your eyes around noon when you notice that your look is smudged or smeared. It’s seriously the worst. But there are steps you can take to lock in your winged eyeliner and make it basically bulletproof, so you won’t have to check your compact for running black streaks every 5 minutes. If Ariana Grande, the queen of the cat eye, can make it through action-packed award shows and concerts with her look still intact… you can too.

If you’re one of the makeup lovers that grew up watching a million winged eyeliner tutorials on YouTube (and who isn’t?), you know that there’s a major level of satisfaction when you finally master this iconic makeup look. But it

Mira review of Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay

  1. Primer is your friend

One of the biggest hacks when it comes to smudge proof eyeliner is a good primer, and the Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay makes oily lids look less greasy while holding winged eyeliner in place. Just add a small amount to your lids for all-day staying power. A bonus? It makes eyeshadow look instantly brighter and more vibrant.

Mira comparison:  

Infallible Flash Cat Eye Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by L’Oréal vs. 

Stay All Day Waterpoof Liquid Eyeliner by Stila 

  1. Choose the right smuge proof eyeliner

We can’t stress this enough – just because it’s more pricey, doesn’t mean that it’s better. For example, the Stay All Day Waterpoof Liquid Eyeliner by Stila is one of Mira’s top picks for non-smudging, waterproof liners… but the Infallible Flash Cat Eye Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by L’Oréal is half the price and has better scores on Mira. Thousands of reviews discuss how L’Oréal’s product has high pigmentation, staying power and a precise tip for the best, most smudge proof eyeliner ever.

Mira review of Make it Last Setting Spray by Milani

  1. Apply setting spray

It’s not just for your face, and setting spray can make a major difference when it comes to winged eyeliner. Just spritz a small amount of your favorite product – like Milani’s Make it Last Setting Spray – onto a small eyeshadow brush and glide over your winged eyeliner to ensure that you won’t have a smudge situation later in the day. 

Blackest Black Matte Eyeshadow by Natasha Denona

  1. Set with black eyeshadow

If you’re a fan of gel or pencil liner… layering your look with a black shadow can give winged eyeliner a smokey effect and help it last longer. Just reach for that matte black shade you rarely touch in your Morphe palette, and sweep it over your favorite smudge proof eyeliner for Ariana-level longevity. 

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