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Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum by blithe

Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum

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i got this as a sample with my first order of the blueberry wash and the watermelon mask - this stuff is so silky and blends in nice and easy, not oily and keeps my skin looking plump

- Glowrecipe User

this serum is an interesting texture that keeps my skin hydrated all day

- Glowrecipe User



it’s cooling nd keeps my skin hydrated at night without causing breakouts or having me wake up as an oil slick in the morning or feeling heavy on my face

- Glowrecipe User

this moisturizer + serum is lovely, light weight, smells great, and hydrating without being sticky

- Glowrecipe User



it feels cool and gentle on the skin

- Glowrecipe User

it doesn’t irritate or cause breakouts either

- Glowrecipe User


good for acne

i have very oily, acne- and redness-prone skin and this keeps me matte and calm through the day

- Sephora User

i was really surprised how it improved my acne

- Glowrecipe User



my dry sensitive skin soaks up this product and i wake up in the morning with the softest, smoothest, skin

- Glowrecipe User

this is divine, it’s non greasy formula leaves your skin silky smooth, i use it after micro needling, it soothes and creates a soft smooth feeling skin

- Sephora User


redness relief

this gel cream has good hydrating properties and i can feel it immediately cooling off my red rosacea type skin

- Glowrecipe User

this pressed serum helped perk up my skin by reducing the look of wrinkles

- Glowrecipe User



great moisture, anti aging and great value

- Glowrecipe User

it's extremely hydrating and helps prevent fine lines

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i wake up in the morning with an even skin tone and my face is so smooth

- Glowrecipe User

i love to incorporate it into my day and evening skin regimen for an gentle boost without flaking or getting irritated

- Glowrecipe User



love the product, skin is smoother and brighter looking

- Qvc User

my skin is dry and dull and this has improved it beyond what i could have thought was possible

- Glowrecipe User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it is worth a try for anyone who has a tendency for pore build-up

- Glowrecipe User

doesn't clog my pores and leaves my skin supple all day

- Glowrecipe User
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Sephora userMay 9, 2018

Hands down the best

Amazing product, I’ve had the hardest time finding a moisturizer that doesn’t irritate my oily sensitive acne prone skin and provides moisture simultaneously. This pressed serum makes my skin look plump and youthful without breaking me out or giving me blackheads. In fact when I start to get a pimple popping up this seems to sooth it and by the end of the day the pimple is smaller and not as painful as when it first popped up. It sits beautifully under makeup and makes my skin feel super healthy. This is my daytime moisturizer and although it doesn’t give you a matte look to the face it doesn’t make me look overly oily like every other product I’ve tried under makeup. Like I said this stuff is hands down the best daytime moisturizer around, I’m honestly surprised its not talked about more often. Totally worth it in my opinion. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userAugust 3, 2017

Another amazing product from Blithe.

I am an Asian beauty fanatic and an avid researcher when it comes to anything that goes on or in my body. I am very picky about ingredients. When time came for me to replace a serum, this was my first choice. The ingredients are AMAZING. If you have acne/irritation concerns, the only thing in here that registers on CosDNA is Olea/Olive extract. The first time I used it, it was over my tretinoin treated dry/flaky skin and it immediately felt plumped and hydrated. My skin felt so soft and smooth that, if I didn't know better, I'd swear I was wearing a thick cream. Not only it is incredibly hydrating, but it dries down quick without the stickiness or pilling that you often experience with a serum. If you're on the fence, just give it a try! In terms of hydration and overall feeling, it's as good as (and in some cases better than) any big name luxury brand that I've tried and that's saying a lot. If you are wanting to try K-beauty, Blithe is an excellent place to start. « less

- Sephora
glowrecipe.com userJune 14, 2017

Perfect for Combination/Acne Prone Skin

I never thought I'd find a product that would rival my love of the DoYou Azulene Gel Cream, but this has definitely done it. As someone with combination skin that can break out if you even look at it wrong, this has done an amazing job of keeping it clear. It absorbs relatively quickly, maintains hydration throughout the day, and works very well under makeup (without slip.) I wouldn't say it's hydrating enough for super dry skin, but slightly dehydrated to oily skin would do well with it. It doesn't make my skin greasy throughout the day (which unfortunately the J.One Jelly Pack does) and doesn't have any tackiness.The creamy gel texture is cool to the touch as long as you don't rub it between your hands too much before applying it. It does feel very light and non-smothering once on the skin. I prefer to dab it on the skin while it's still cool, lightly spread it and then use the heat from my palms/hands to increase absorption. It only takes a couple of minutes to absorb before it's ready to have makeup or sunscreen over it.The smell is a slightly astringent herbal smell which is pleasant (not quite as herbal as Sulwhasoo products) and has an underlying sweet note to it. The scent fades very quickly and doesn't linger at all.Overall, the product is wonderful and does well on its own, over other serums/ampoules, under sunscreen and makeup, and stays relatively matte throughout the day. I haven't had a single breakout with it, and it in fact has actually healed them. I very highly recommend this product and can absolutely see why it has achieved gamechanger status here. « less

- glowrecipe.com
glowrecipe.com userJune 14, 2018

What happened?!!

This worked for my skin relatively well for a few months, and then randomly every time I would put this on my face would turn bright red, and get really hot and burny feeling. It also made me break out really badly. (I tested it by itself for a week to make sure it was the cause) so I’m guessing my skin became very sensitive to whatever is in this.

- glowrecipe.com
glowrecipe.com userMay 12, 2018

Wow! A new favorite

First impressions, as I’ve only used this product twice, but this pressed serum is amazing! The texture is just what my oily skin loves, lightweight gel, yet very hydrating. At night it left my skin hydrated enough to skip any cream, which would usually leave my face feeling tight and dry despite my skin type. I’m dealing with the tail end of a breakout currently, and I put it on last night, and I looked in the mirror after about 15 minutes my skin looked great! Breakouts much less red and more calmed. During the day it gave me a glow and my imperfections were diminished, almost blurred somehow. Saw my mom for lunch today and she told me my skin looked amazing! I’ve seen more results with hardly any uses compared to other products. Plus I get more product for less money than my old favorite face cream, which is what I will use this in place of. « less

- glowrecipe.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silanehazard
Olea Europaea Fruit Oilacne
Butylene Glycolacne
Lemon Peel Oilhazard
Potassium Hydroxidehazard
Lime Oilhazard
Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oilhazard
Citrus Aurantifolia Oilhazard

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