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Lip Balm Herbal Answer Each by blistex

Lip Balm Herbal Answer Each

chapped lips(59)
staying power(15)

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

it soothes dry lips instantly and keeps working for hours

- Drugstore User

i've been plagued with chapped lips all my life and have never found a product that heals my lips so quickly, doesn't have an offensive taste, feels great on my lips, and prevents my lips from becoming chapped

- Drugstore User

staying power


it stays on a long time

- Drugstore User

even if my lips are peeling and painful, this product heals them in a matter of 24 hours

- Drugstore User
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drugstore.com userApril 7, 2016

Best Lip Protector on the market!

I've tried sooooo many lip protectors and this is far and away the best one out there. Even if my lips are peeling and painful, this product heals them in a matter of 24 hours. Once I started using it daily I've never again had a problem with dry chapped lips. I gave it to my 90 year old mother who always had problems with dry and peeling lips because she was a mouth breather at night. She applied it before bed each night and never had the problem again!

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userApril 25, 2005

Herbal Answer has a ...

Herbal Answer has a pleasant smell and cool tube, but otherwise, I don't understand all the hype around it. It's a bit heavy and waxy, as if you're melting a candle onto your lips. It does, however, have staying power and moisturizes a little, but there are far better moisturizing lip balms out there, like Kiehl's and even Neutrogena's Lip Boost.

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userJuly 21, 2008

best lipbalm ever!

I absolutely love this product! It keeps my severaly dry lips soft and supple, and it stays on without being sticky. Best of all I don't get that burn in my throat that comes from swallowing miniscule amounts of the stuff, which seems to happen with every other lip product I've used. It's almost impossible to find in stores so I buy it in bulk here and usually have a few floating around the house and office. This is a great product for anyone looking for a dependable standby.

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userSeptember 23, 2010

Absolutely FANTASTIC!! Really heals!!

I have terribly dry lips and have tried an awful lot of lip balms in my life, but this one is the BEST I've ever tried. Many feel pretty good when they're on your lips, but when they wear off, your lips feel even worse -- drier, rougher -- and that's when I would start pulling the rough skin which of course made the whole problem worse. It was like a never ending cycle. However, from the first time I tried this product, I could tell that it was actually HEALING my lips and they have continued to feel better & better. The lips are softer & smoother, even when I first get up in the morning and continue with much less loose skin to pull. And they don't hurt any more!! I am thrilled! The person who recommended this product to me says that she only has to use it before bed now & not during the day, although I still apply it a few times a day until I have completely healed. I consider this lip balm to be a MIRACLE product!!!! (P.S. This balm has a nice citrusy taste -- very pleasant.) « less

- drugstore.com
drugstore.com userMarch 13, 2004

Herbal Answer is the best ...

Herbal Answer is the best lip balm that I have found! I've been using it for about four years now. I'm a big fan of lip balms and have done a lot of sampling of different brands, including higher end ones such as Kiehl's. This moisturizes better and really improves the feel of my lips without being too greasy and it's also long lasting. It has a very slight tangerine or citrusy taste which only adds to its appeal for me. A great value for the money!

- drugstore.com

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