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blendabilityblends well
"this is buildable and blendable"
- Drugstore User
"easy to blend and great match"
- Pakcosmetics User
qualitygood quality
"high quality makeup for the budget conscious"
- Ebay User
"it's always in good condition and best quality"
- Pakcosmetics User
Good for oily skin

"...i am a medium brown african american with oily skin and occasionally breakouts on my chin..."

- Drugstore User

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Z Jay
combinationCombination Skin

We had to dress in purple in spirit of my sons football homecoming game. I used the JH x Morphe Vault palette. Beauty Bakerie brownies for my eyebrows. Beauty Bakerie coffee x Cocoa Palette for my blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Beauty Bakerie flour setting powder. Tarte shape tape concealer. And Black Opal Beauty “Whim” for lips. And some more stuff I tagged 😁 how’s everyone been? I feel like I haven’t been on this app

Brownies Eyebrow Gel

Beauty Bakerie

Oat Translucent Flour Setting Powder

Beauty Bakerie

Shape Tape Concealer


Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette

Beauty Bakerie

GELato Gel Eyeliner

Beauty Bakerie


Jules Xu
sensitiveSensitive Skin
You look like a queen!
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Samantha Valencia
oilyOily Skin

my acne has always been a huge insecurity of mine, until recently I started forcing myself to see it as normal rather than a disease. I’ve tried many products but they never have really cleared me up. I’ve heard that raw African black soap is really good for acne (which I have quite a bit of) my skin used to be a lot worse years back but never to the point of cystic acne, as of right now it’s very controlled but I break out easily. Any advice on what brand has the best raw black soap or any good cleansers to clear up acne? I don’t have much acne but I do have the little tiny bumps that won’t go away and a few acne bumps here and there.

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Samantha Agpalo
combinationCombination Skin

does anyone know where to get actual waterproof and smear proof BLACK eyeliner? i keep buying drug store brands that say its waterproof and it still ends up taking off the eyeliner on the outer corners of my eye. If you could recommend (drug store or non drug store) black eyeliner I’d really appreciate it 🥺💗

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