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Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer by biossance

Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

good for acne(87)
redness relief(69)
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good for acne

over the past year, this moisturizer has been minimizing my acne, calming my redness, resurfacing my acne scars, and keeping it all hydrated and smooth

- Sephora User

no weird smells, no breakouts and my skin looks great

- Sephora User


redness relief

i find this helps eliminate irritation and inflammation

- Sephora User

does not break me out, extremely moisturizing and helps reduce redness

- Sephora User



i love how it is moiztirizing and light on the skin

- Sephora User

i love how lightweight it feels

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

it has really helped even out my skin tone and significantly reduced my (adult) acne

- Sephora User

i have combo skin and hyper pigmentation, and this has really helped to even out my skin tone

- Sephora User



however, i have found that, if i put a gentle facial oil on underneath this, the gel moisturizer helps to seal in that little bit of extra hydration that the oil provides while also helping the oil to feel like it soaked in

- Sephora User

this is one of the most gentle moisturizers i’ve used

- Sephora User



this is the best ever cleansing and moisturizing regimen

- Biossance User

i find putting this on my skin day and night makes my skin look fresh and plump

- Sephora User



i’ve been using this along with my indie lee cleanser and toner to help with brightening my complexion and acne scars from years ago

- Sephora User

it leaves my skin look extremely bright, fresh, and soft

- Sephora User
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Sephora userNovember 27, 2018


I have really sensitive, acne-prone combo skin. I live in TX but went up north for the holidays and the weather changes usually make my skin super flaky and dry and very very red. This has been an absolute dreaaaaam. In TX it’s the perfect calmness to my redness and moisturizes enough and give a healthy, awaken glow. Whereas when I was in MI, and the harsh snow and the dry skin issues mix, it was the best out of all the moisturizers I brought up there with me. I had no flakiness, no dry patches, no thick feeling of wanting to wash my face and take the product off. I have liked the Dior and Sunday Riley moisturizers but this one has literally become a staple in such a short amount of time. I hope y’all never stop creating this product!!!

- Sephora
Sephora userJune 7, 2018

Why does this have to be so good!

Okay, honestly, I was hoping this wouldn't turn out to be anything special, considering the price (yikes!). I got a sample of this in my Allure box, and... just. Wow. I have extremely dry skin that's acne prone, and this changed it for the better in a way no other moisturizer or facial product has, EVER. My redness is going down, my pores are smaller, my texture is softening out alongside all of my dry patches, and my acne is clearing up. I am in absolute awe.Not to mention, it actually works extremely well for moisturizing my skin. It sinks right in and doesn't leave a film or heavy feeling, but it also quenches it just right. I.. am in love. You won't regret this.

- Sephora
Sephora userSeptember 15, 2018

This completely cleared my skin! WOW!

Is this real life?? After struggling with persistent, stubborn acne for 15 years that I could NEVER fully eradicate no matter how many "holy grail" products or treatments I tried, this moisturizer finally gave me the results that I previously thought were impossible. I have no idea what fantastic miracle is packed into these jars, but whatever it is, IT WORKS. THE BREAKOUTS COMPLETELY STOPPED.I have tried countless other 5-star products and they either had no effect whatsoever or they made me break out. Just as I started to heal from one breakout, another was already on its way. This was constantly my life for so many years. Then I happened to get a sample of this moisturizer, and after a couple of weeks of using it I realized that I wasn't breaking out anymore. How was that possible?? The acne came right back when I switched to another moisturizer, so I grabbed the full size of this one, and NOT A SINGLE ZIT EVER SINCE. My face has been been clear for several weeks now and hasn't looked this good since I was about 12 years old!Of course, it helps with rosacea/skin tone, too; you will likely be very pleasantly surprised when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror after applying this at night. It sinks in quickly so it's easy to apply under makeup. There's no offensive fragrance. It's incredible. I know that the price point is high, but for me it's completely worth it if you see results. There's no going back for me!!NOTE: I have combination skin, so if you have very dry skin, I will say I don't think this is the best product for hydration purposes. It works just fine for me in several other ways, but is probably not enough for someone whose skin is parched. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 6, 2017

My perfect daytime moisturizer!

I've been searching high and low for years for a more affordable daytime moisturizer to replace my favorite SK-II cream, and I was so happy about finding this that I had to write my first Sephora review! I'm a skincare junkie, but I'm also a grad student on a budget and have been trying to learn how to adult better. My skin is super finicky though, and in the past year I tried at least 5 different creams that didn't work for me -- they either weren't moisturizing enough, just sat on top of skin, made me more oily, broke me out after a week or so, or made my eyes red and watery (I might have a reaction to high alcohol content?)... But now I've found The One! For reference, I have sensitive Asian skin, an oily T-zone, and very dry cheeks with some redness. I pat this on in the morning after my Shiseido Pureness softener and my skin stays moisturized, soft, and comfortable all day! I've been using this every morning for about two weeks (I use a heavier cream at night) without changing anything else in my skincare routine and have noticed brighter, softer skin and less redness on my cheeks! On days when it's especially humid out here in the Northeast, I have to blot in the afternoon, but my T-zone is a hopeless cause. This cream is the best I've found so far! I even bought a backup during the last Sephora sale so that I'll be well-stocked until November rolls around! ! If you have similar skin to mine I highly, highly recommend that you try this. Totally worth the $52 price tag! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3094125711596369307-full" data-show="3094125711596369307-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
biossance.com userAugust 30, 2018

Not for me

At first I thought I loved this so I stocked up with a whole second container. I was looking for a probiotic and liked layering it under a heavier moisturizer. But after a few weeks I noticed it gives me an unpleasant burn sensation after applying. My skin tolerates acids well and they usually give a pleasant tingle, so I must be irritated by something else in this. My skin was doing great before and now I actually have a less even skintone than before I started using it. Also a sensitive pink patch on my nose like i'm about to have a huge breakout (but my pores are clear). Worth a try but wasn't for me!

- biossance.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Sodium Benzoatehazard
Sodium Hydroxidehazard
Lactic Acidhazard
Lactic Acidhazard
Sodium Benzoatehazard
Sodium Hydroxidehazard

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