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Bio Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera - what’s the best for acne scars and texture?

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Naomi Chavez
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The cucumber gel mask from Peter Thomas Roth contains brightening substances and provides great hydration as well. Using pure aloe on your skin will more than likely irritate it, (because of the plants concentration) so I recommend trying something out that contains aloe Vera but also has brightening properties!

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Mikayla Castaneda
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my acne scars are still red and i am currently using bio oil which has been helping, however i still see redness peaking through so what are good color correctors?

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bren reynolds
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i’ve found this mask to be great for hyperpigmentation and closed comedones: super cheap yet super effective. just be careful since you have dry skin, do a patch test first and maybe only put it on the scars. and wear sunscreen after using!

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Rachal Holton
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tips on getting rid of acne scars?? ive tried bio oil & vitamin e oil but i feel like im just not getting results. 😕

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Kami Mattioli
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Niacinamide is a good ingredient to look for to deal with hyperpigmentation in acne scars.