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"i have light hair and sparse brows"
- Kohl's User
"it covers sparse eyebrows well even when using a light touch"
- Kohl's User
staying powerlonglasting
"goes on easy stays put great buy"
- Overstock User
"lasts all day and only need to apply once for a big night out on the town"
- Cosmetics Now User
"also, if you have sparse spots in your brows, the billion dollar brows "brow booster" actually does seem to increase the hair growth in these areas and to thicken your overall brows a bit"
- Skinstore User
"the product's density is thick enough to provide control and hold, and the brush's bristles are slightly more rigid to ensure every hair is perfectly placed"
- Skinstore User
staying powerlonglasting
"easy to apply and lasts all day"
- Cosmeticsnow User
"billion dollar brows stay on all day and it brow pencil does not stay on all day although they advertise that it does"
- Ebay User
qualitygood quality
"very easy to use & is great quality"
- Mecca User
"glides on so smoothly, very good quality - this brush should last me ages"
- Mecca User
staying powerlonglasting
"i love it, it is not to powdery and stays on all day and night"
- Mecca User
"i find that it lasts the whole day even without a setting gel so i'm definitely impressed"
- Mecca User

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Kelley Jacobs
dryDry Skin

What are y’all’s recommendations for brow gel? I currently use the clear brow gel by elf, but there’s not a lot of product and I feel wasteful not using the clear mascara at the other end. I want something that’s going to hold my brow hairs in place (I like natural, bushy brows) but I don’t need a lot of extra product because my brows are already pretty full and dark (hence why I was using a clear gel). I would prefer other recommendations besides Glossier Boy Brow because I don’t want to place an order with them for just one product. So preferably something I could pick up at Ulta, Sephora, or the drugstore. Thanks!! #brows #browgel

Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

Hunter Ansorge
sensitiveSensitive Skin
I use a tinted brow gel from Benefit, which I love, but they do have clear as well!
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Tara Mastromihalis
oilyOily Skin

Currently searching for products to use on my birthday and I need advice on primers, longwearing foundations, concealers and powders with no flashback. So far I’m interested in trying Charlotte Tilbury’s most recent foundation and the pressed powder. Any luxury recommendations that are worth the splurge and hold up on combo/oily skin? I struggle with a lot of shine mainly between my brows and around my nose :)

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Hannah G❤️
combinationCombination Skin

Eyebrow problems once again 💔 about four or five months ago I had a lady MESS my eyebrows up so badly! They still haven’t fully recovered. I just got them done today and I think my left one is too short! I’ve never been very good at doing my eyebrows since I have a strange shape to them but I usually will just use a powder and a brow pencil to darken them up. I dont know how to add length to it and make it look NATURAL. I’m pretty good at everything else having to do with makeup, but brows I have never been able to get! How do I add length to the end making it look natural:( & any tips on how I can make sure they grow back so I can get them shaped again? I hate not feeling confident with my brows..such a blow to my self esteem! #eyebrowhelp #brows #eyebrows #tips #help #hairgrowth

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