Waterproof Lip Liner by BH Cosmetics

Waterproof Lip Liner

BH Cosmetics

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staying powerlonglasting
"lasts all day and feels like silk on lips"
- Bhcosmetics User
"great lipstick and long lasting colors look beautiful"
- Bhcosmetics User
"these ones take the cake, lightweight, long lasting, and just stunning"
- Bhcosmetics User
"so light weight feels like im wearing nothing"
- Bhcosmetics User
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"these were my first ever liquid lipstick, super pigmented the colors are beautiful and long lasting"
- Bhcosmetics User
"i love it, its so pigment, goes on perfectly and it stays on long, i love it, please sponsor me"
- Bhcosmetics User


Bhcosmetics.com User
Pigmented, heavy, longlasting
This lipstick is amazing, I have 13 of them. They are super pigmented and last all day. There will be the normal wear in the middle of the lips when eating and drinking. If you want to reapply, just do so on the part that is worn off; if you reapply all over you will get that uncomfortable cakey feeling. But that is with literally any long wearing lipstick you get. I only apply on the part of my lips that needs the color and it works perfect. If your lips tend to be on the dry side i would apply a little EOS lip balm before application. I apply the balm and let it sink in while i do my makeup then I put my BH lipstick on directly on top of the balm. That's what works for me! I literally love this lipstick and recommend it to everyone I know! You will not regret this purchase, great pigmentation and an even better value. LOVE! « less
Bhcosmetics.com User
Pigmented, lightweight, longlasting
it's super lightweight and it is really pigmented and stays on really well. The only thing I didn't love was it sort of emphasized the lines on my lips but I haven't tried it w/ lip balm underneath or anything. tbh most liquid lipsticks do that too so it isn't really an issue for me and it isn't severe. I got shade daisy and it's super cute even tho it looks a little darker in person than on the website but only slightly
Bhcosmetics.com User
Pigmented, lightweight, longlasting
I got 5 shades :)Coral: This is the darkest pink in the pack very pretty shadeEarth: This shade i love its a light brown shadeRouge: The Darkest out of the pack this shade is kind of a burgundy colour with a brown undertone this shade is very dark for me but i would wear it out on the town as a lippie :)Candy: Oh this shade is fab....its a light baby pink and looks even lighter on darker skin tones now i personally think this is way too pink for me but its a beautiful shadeBlossom: I love this shade its another pink with red undertone to it absolutely fab :)Im am extremely surprised by these liners....i mean WOW....They are incredible..... They are extremely affordable. They are really really creamy. So Easy to apply. Highly Pigmented. They are so soft on the lips and the lasting power is about 6 hours this includes eating, drinking & even kissing :) :). The are 100% matte so you can even wear them on their own which most of the time i will do.......they are not drying but look great with a gloss over them. These would even be perfect for brides to make their lipsticks last all day long......or for anyone who works long hours and dont want to be topping up all the time...... i have no cons about these whatsoever and thats the truth.....I highly recommend you go and buy these girls i promise you will not be disappointed that is a promise........I even put them to the test with water there is no budging these unless you use makeup remover oh and they are smudge proof.......i love them :) « less

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