Ultimate Lips - 28 Color Lipstick Palette by BH Cosmetics

Ultimate Lips - 28 Color Lipstick Palette

BH Cosmetics

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hydrates lips
pigmentation: sheer

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chapped lipshydrates lips
"i have extremely dry flaky lips and have always struggled because i can't live without lipstick and now i don't even touch my other lipsticks because this is so easy and you can mix colors to create your perfect shade"
- Bhcosmetics User
"the colors or hydrating, creamy, easy to apply, and pigmented"
- Bhcosmetics User
"love the colours, creamy texture"
- Bhcosmetics User
"i love the range of colors in this palette and the creamy texture"
- Bhcosmetics User
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staying powerlonglasting
"i love how smooth the lipstick glides on, i just wish that it can stay on longer, other than i like it"
- Bhcosmetics User
"this lip palette is beautiful, versatile and long wearing"
- Ebay User
"great for creating your own colors and buildable (lightening or deepening the shade depending on how heavy you apply)"
- Bhcosmetics User
"light and creamy without being heavy at all"
- Bhcosmetics User
"the colors are heavily pigmented and very creamy, not sheer or runny or tacky"
- Bhcosmetics User
"they go on a little more sheer (very well pigmented sheer) but the more coats you put on the more and more pigmented they get"
- Bhcosmetics User


Bhcosmetics.com User
Pigmented, hydrates lips, lightweight
I just purchased the Ultimate Lip Palette as my first lip product from BH along with some of the Waterproof Lip Liners. I am in love! This palette is awesome to the 10th power! So many beautiful colors to create every lip look you could imagine. The shades included range from everyday nudes, rich berrys and plums, bright corals, deep reds, and perfect pinks. Very pigmented and very creamy consistancy. The lipsticks have a cremesheen finish (not a matte but not a luster finish). Great alone or enhanced with gloss. Great for creating your own colors and buildable (lightening or deepening the shade depending on how heavy you apply). Goes great with the lip liners I bought from BH (I purchased Brazen, Rouge, Nude, and Fuchsia). This palette is ideal for beginners and experienced alike. You can try lots of different shades that you never have before because, perhaps you weren't sure how they would look and adjust them to your preferences. Perfect chance to experiment! Nice amount of each shade. Lipsticks have a warm vanilla/sugary smell/taste. Highly Recommended! Get your creative juices flowing and unveil your lip masterpieces!
Bhcosmetics.com User
Pigmented, longlasting
I am like a kid with a new toy with this palette. I keep playing with it even if I don't have to go out, just to try them some more :). The resistance on the lips is not the same as their Long lasting lipsticks but it's pretty decent, I mean I put it on in the morning, I'm having my coffee, I eat a snack and it's still there so, I declare myself satisfied. To keep them longer on my lips I use these with BH's lips pencils. There are a few colors that are not that pigmented but most of them have a good pigmentation so a little goes a long way. Some of them are more creamy then the others but I'm ok with it as I don't use much the ones that are a little dryer. And also some colors are not as intense on the lips as they look in the palette but that's again ok for me as I like them better how they show on my lips so...white ball again :).
Bhcosmetics.com User
Pigmented, hydrates lips
This pallete is honestly worth your money - and at such a cheap price. This is only my first day of using this amazing pallete but I can honestly only say good things about it. The colours are so varied, and they're great because you get to choose to build the product up for bold looks or less for sheer looks. The pigmentation is very good, for a lip product that feels so moisturising and creamy (more like a lip gloss) I thought that meant the colour would fade but I was surprised the colour has almost stained my lips and looked alright even after eating. (Of course it does fade after eating slightly but I found my lips were still pigmented and it didn't come off patchy in an embarrassing way - which is good as this is the type of product you can't take in your purse with you for touch ups) I recommend using a lip brush for application, but I found using your finger also works well however you won't be able to follow the curve of your lips as easily that way. Overall this is a great product I'm already in love with this classy purple shade I'm wearing today and looking forward to playing around with the rest of colours in the palette!

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