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Blacklight Highlight by BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics

Blacklight Highlight

blends well(152)
BH CosmeticsBuy ($18)

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blends well

i am a huge fan of sylvia but this was a completely un-biased review, the colours are pigmented, the swatches are great and everything blends so seamlessly

- Bhcosmetics User

great colors mayte and shimmer work just great blending and pigmentation is boom 💥 with a little get great looks

- Bhcosmetics User



texture is so soft and smooth and not glittery, just s gorgeous sheen

- Bhcosmetics User

the texture is so soft and it leaves a beautiful glowy shine

- Bhcosmetics User



the texture is so buttery smooth, it almost feels like a cream, and the colors are so pigmented

- Bhcosmetics User

they last all day on the face with no fading and have a creamy texture so they never look powdery

- Bhcosmetics User
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bhcosmetics.com userAugust 13, 2017


These highlighting powders are not for the faint of heart! They pack a serious punch with just one swipe. They last all day on the face with no fading and have a creamy texture so they never look powdery. These highlighters are a very soft powder that remind me of a pressed pigment. These highlighters are as good, if not better, than higher end highlighting palettes such as ABH, OFRA, and MAC. The price is right and you will fall in love with these immediately.

- bhcosmetics.com
bhcosmetics.com userMarch 6, 2019

First palette I was disappointed in from BH

I am a huge fan of your brand and speak about you on my blog constantly. This palette isn’t swatching or applying correctly. The swatches aren’t pigmented and are blotchy and blend away to nothing. I know your formula and this isn’t it . What happen here? Disappointed for sure for the first time ever

- bhcosmetics.com
bhcosmetics.com userMarch 29, 2017

To die for

So happy I bought this palette. So gorgeous for everyday. I purchased the spotlight and blacklight palettes. Blown away by the quality for the price. Soft creamy texture and great pigmentation.

- bhcosmetics.com
bhcosmetics.com userMarch 28, 2017


OK. So I am NOT exaggerating when I say this. THIS ITEM IS THE TOP OF THE LINE, THE BEST MAKE UP ITEM I HAVE EVER USED IN MY 26 YEARS OF LIFE.I bought it because Babs Beauty (makeup guru) on Snapchat swatched it and reviewed it, and said how AMAZING it was. She compared it to Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Palette.....except this one is WAY cheaper. Anastasias palette is $50 or more. This palette by BH Cosmetics is ONLY $17.99!!!!!!!When I first touched the colors in the palette I was IMPRESSED. Not only is the pigmentation THE BEST and soo bright, it swatches BEAUTIFULLY, BUT it last a long time! Meaning, once I swatched it on my arm....I took my finger, wiped it off, and swatched it again on my other arm, and saw the same pigmentation/color brightness. This stuff is amazing and I cant even begin to describe it. Its something you have to see to believe. I wishe there was a video on what it looks like blended out...because you guys would definelty want to buy it after seeing it. The colors are not just pink, yellow, blue etc. They are shiny and holographic....the pink has a pink/purple/blue hue once blended. It is beautiful!!! All of the colors can be used as highlighters or eyeshadows! Today I used the yellow and white shades for the inner corner of my eyes and let me tell you. I have been stopped in the store twice already by people asking what im wearing and how beautiful it is!I can only IMAGINE what the other palette, "spotlight" looks like in person! That palette is full of gold/silver tones.....which I like also. Thank you BH Cosmetics, for delivering such an AMAZING, dependable, HIGH QUALITY product! This is BY FAR better then ANY name brand item at Ulta and Sephora!!!!!YOU KILLED IT BH COSMETICS!!!!! ~~~~~~ **************~~~~~~~******* « less

- bhcosmetics.com
bhcosmetics.com userDecember 13, 2017

Versatile for both natural and intense looks

If you've been tempted by the trend but are worried about colors being Too Much Color, don't be. This palette is easy to control how much buildup and product you want - and how intense you want the colors. And you easily can get them very, very intense. But with a light hand, you can also get them very subtle and even natural looking. All of the colors are amazing! I was surprised to find that I loved all of them - ESPECIALLY the green, which surprised me. No color will be wasted because they are all amazing, which is rare in a palette. I was actually looking for something that could be a dupe for ABH and worn occasionally when I felt colorful; but this palette offers a great amount of control and I use it EVERY day. The product is incredibly easy to blend out into a natural look but also incredibly easy to amp up into a dramatically noticeable shine. Because the powders are so soft and super fine, it's super easy to blend it out if you do use too much product - which on my yellow-warm skin tone it starts to turn silver if I do use too much, which is the one minor fall back.I was really afraid of the colors being too strongly pigmented for my needs - because all of the online video reviews had very intense fingertip swatches - but I was so excited at the range of options this palette allows. The fingertip swatches come off strong if you try it, but the colors are also so easy to blend into a natural look. (For a more natural look, have your application very thin and then blended out; the color will actually disappear and become somewhat hard to notice until it catches the light and suddenly you are glowing in a surprisingly effortless way.)So does that mean that the powders holographic? It's an outstanding yes. All of the colors shift depending on the angle that they hit the light when they're on your face. A lot of things claim to be holographic and falll short; this palette didn't let me down. The lighter colors do this more than the others, sure, but I was suprirsed that they ALL truly did live up to the label of being holographic. The darker colors (blue and purple) are a little tricker to notice the holographuc subtleties because of their intense pigmentation - I suggest always starting with a light application and building it up - but you can definitely tell that these colors catch the light. When you move your face, the color doesn't change, so much as shift and suddenly become amazingly glowy. The palette itself is very cute and has a really great sized mirror inside. The powders definitely gets jostled and spill around the inside of the container - but any loose powder does stay in the inside. I do wish that maybe the powders weren't level with the palette and were submerged - like an eyeshadow palette - because I think that would help stop fallout. But it's not a huge deal, and I often just sweep my brush through the loose spillage and use that first. The palette seems like it's going to last a long time. The sizes of the colors are good and I haven't yet noticed any level dippings in the pans, and I use it every time I do my makeup. I bought this at full price. I love the palette and would definitely and absolutely buy it again. If BH had other color highlighter palettes, I'd buy those too. « less

- bhcosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Magnesium stearateacne

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