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BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette by BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette

limited edition
staying power(80)
pigmentation: sheer

Top Reviews


blends well

i got this palette around 6 months ago and i still reach for it every single day, the colours are stunning, blend like an absolute dream and the highlighters are so beautiful

- Beautybay User

these are highly pigmented and blendable and the highlighters are the best i’ve ever used

- Bhcosmetics User

staying power


loved this pallet when i saw the highlighters, they apply highly pigmented and last all day

- Ulta User

i'm loving it, versatile colours, pigmented, long lasting, creamy, wearable, blendable, colour selection gorgeous, packaging-to die for and a highlight for every person

- Bhcosmetics User



great colors and love the silky texture

- Ulta User

the colors are beautiful , the highlights are extremely pigmented and the texture is so buttery

- Ulta User


does not have fallout

they are so buttery and apply beautifully with no fall out, they last

- Bhcosmetics User

the colors, and pigments are absolutely gorgeous, there is not much fall out at all, it lasts all day, and the feel of the product is very smooth and light

- Bhcosmetics User


not creasing

i’m bouncing round my house right now with rose gold eyes and a blended crease

- Beautybay User

i love the colors and it has great crease colors

- Ulta User



the colors in this palette are gorgeous, but the matte shades definitely aren't as blendable and are more sheer and prone to fallout

- Bhcosmetics User

highlighters can go from sheer to blinding and are still on my cheeks after 8 hours, they also work perfectly as eye shadows

- Bhcosmetics User
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bhcosmetics.com userJanuary 16, 2018

Pleasantly Surprised!

I am by no means an expert on make up- typically I use MAC but it's generally the same- one, maybe 2 shadows across the lid, concealer under my eyes, mascara and maybe some eyeliner if I'm not feeling lazy. I wanted to expand my make up knowledge so I went with this palette, as they're colors that I tend to gravitate toward.I was very pleasantly surprised by the make up itself. Full disclosure, I haven't used them all yet, but the shadows are quite pigmented and go on smoothly. They blend well and the colors truly are complimentary to each other. The highlighters are so very pretty and are nicely buildable- I found a little went a long way, particularly on my cupids bow and nose. I will say that some shadows do leave a fair amount of dust (whatever that is called in fancy make up terms- fall out, maybe?) in the pan, but I don't notice it actually on my skin.I was really impressed by this palette and would definitely recommend it to anyone, both versed in make up and not. « less

- bhcosmetics.com
ulta userOctober 10, 2018

One of My Favorites

I can't say enough good things about this palette! The price point does not at all reflect the incredible quality of this palette. The packaging is beautiful and feels very sturdy. The shadows themselves have a generous pan size and have a fantastic creamy texture. There is little to no fallout and the colors blend seamlessly. The highlighters are also amazing! Very buildable and stay blinding all day with setting spray.

- ulta
bhcosmetics.com userApril 26, 2018

The best neutral shimmery palette ever

I already own the initial Carli Bybel palette - it's marvelous. I'm very happy with it. That's why I had no doubts whether to buy Deluxe edition as well - and I'm more than satisfied!1) All shades are extremely wearable. No random colours, put only to catch the eye. Neutral bronzy, khaki, peachy and plum tones, suitable for every skin tone.2) Great balance of matte and shimmer. I couldn't wish more.3) Matte tones blend amazingly well even without primer/base.4) Shimmers work well both with fingers, sponges and brushes. All are very vivid and bright.5) Very little fall outs - no unwanted chalky dust on your brows and cheekbones.6) Long-lasting formula. I have hooded eyes and oily eyelids, so all eyeshadows last only couple of hours on me before getting in the crease. But these I wear from 6:30AM to 21:30PM, with workout between. And they still look the same gorgeous as they were i the morning, even when the eyeliner moves down to the cheek from the sweat))7) Highlighter tones deserve to be spoken about separately. It's the best highlighter I ever owned. And there are all shades you may possibly need for that shiny gorgeous look.8) The palette design is very sophisticated, this thing is pleasant to hold in hands. For me it's important - my day starts from make up and beautiful things give positive emotions for the whole day.9) It was packed really thoughtfully - the package got to Ukraine without even one scratch or break.10) The absolute star of the palette IMHO is the rosy gold shade in the top row (second from the right). « less

- bhcosmetics.com
bhcosmetics.com userMay 31, 2017

I'm very disappointed in the

I'm very disappointed in the 'Carli Bybel deluxe edition palette' that I recently purchased. I was so excited when I saw Carli's YouTube video -they looked amazing. I don't know if its just my palette but there is literally no pigment at all they are all so so sheer, lots of fall out and takes a lot of blending to see any colour. I hope I'm not the only one!

- bhcosmetics.com
mira userApril 20, 2019

This palette is overall a very good product. The eyeshadows are very creamy, they blend well and the pigmentation is outstanding. The highlighters in the palette are very pigmented as well. This palette is perfect for every skin tone. I would definitely recommend this!

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Magnesium stearateacne
Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant

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I’ve been looking for like a year now, some help would be appreciated! I’m looking for some warmer toned eyeshadows that aren’t orange/bronze because my skin is pink and it makes me look like a clown. So corally/peachy pinks and mauves, if it’s a palette I also like champagne or gold shimmer shades and cool toned cranberry colors. Thank you!!
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You should try @BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette
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#beginner Hello friends. I am terrible at makeup, but I’m trying to get a little better. I’m looking into purchasing a solid little eyeshadow palette for brown eyes. Something with very NATURAL colors that I can wear day to day. Idk if anyone is actually gonna answer, but if anyone has something to recommend, let me know :) thanks bye
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What brands are similar to Colourpop? I really love Colourpop but I also want to branch out into other brands while still looking for the same things such as how CP consistently releases palettes and other products that are always good quality while also being affordable because let’s be real, makeup gets expensive FAST.
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I would recommend profusion or bh cosmetics
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simple but semi glowy look🥰
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What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette?
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