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The 50 Best Waterproof Mascara Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore waterproof mascara are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara by ISEHAN

"I've tried a lot of mascaras in my time and this is my favourite. If they ever stop making it I'll be lost! I'll try to keep this short: > Brush shape is curved at the end, narrow width. Helps fan out & separate, pushes up lashes from underneath when applying - means curl doesn't get pulled down and flattened and instead keeps the curl in place once dry. > Narrow width of brush means corners and lower lashes are easy to apply to > Micro-fibre formula - lengthens quite dramatically > Does not clump or remain sticky > Remains soft, feathery and full even as more coats are added > Does not irritate my contact lenses once dry, can use eye drops and it won't dissolve > Practically bulletproof once dry - no smudging, no loss of curl angle/height, no flaking, no panda eyes unless you rub your eyes or similar >not affected by rain or crying, eye drops etc >looks as good at the end of a hectic 13 hour on-call shift at the hospital as it does at the start. Seriously, it does not budge! >comes off easily with cotton pads and a cheap biphasic eye makeup remover i.e. the ones with an oily layer on top of an aqueous one. You don't need the brand's own remover. >good price point - average £10-15 per tube with shipping, while it outperforms £25 diorshow and all the Benefit mascaras I've tried A bsolutely the best mascara I have ever used! « less" - ebay.com user

Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara by L'Oreal

L'Oreal Paris Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara is an instant eye opening waterproof mascara for lasting volume. 2 out of 3 women saw bigger, wide open eyes 7 out of 10 agreed does not clump upon application. Wide-eyed brush with long and short bristles coats and separates lash by lash.

The Makeup Nourishing Mascara Base by Shiseido

"This mascara base was what I have been looking for and it has been right in front of me this whole time! I've always used the Shiseido eyelash curler, which is a must, if like me you have long but very straight eyelashes, that normally only stay curled with certain waterproof mascaras. This base holds the curl after curling, and then I finish it off with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This mascara is probably a little heavier than most want when looking for the curl, but with the primer underneath I get that very natural feather look! I've even been asked if my lashes are fake! It doesn't allow for a really clumpy finish either, it is very defined. Also, it looks really good once dried if you want just the natural look of no mascara because it does not have the white finish normal primers do. I recommend this to anyone who wants something to help with the curl. « less" - Sephora user

Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil by Too Faced

"An essential must in every girls makeup bag. I'm a huge mascara person, especially waterproof because it holds a curl so much better, and it lasts longer for me. And every girl knows the struggle to wash it off at the end of the night whether it be regular or waterproof. And with waterproof, how raw your eyes can get without a good cleaner. I bought this over the summer to give it a try. Hands down, the best mascara remove ever! The oil coats the eyelashes so evenly. Just don't get the oil in your eye. Have done that a few times, and it's not pleasant. But when I washed my mascara off with my normal cleanser; like the product says, it melted right off. No irritation afterwards. If you're skeptical, don't be. The product does exactly what it says it does! And it actually lasts a good amount of time. It's not something that you go through within a a month or two. Like I said, I bought it in the summer, and I'm still using it. And I wear mascara every day. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Full Lash Serum by Shiseido

"This mascara base was what I have been looking for and it has been right in front of me this whole time! I've always used the Shiseido eyelash curler, which is a must, if like me you have long but very straight eyelashes, that normally only stay curled with certain waterproof mascaras. This base holds the curl after curling, and then I finish it off with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This mascara is probably a little heavier than most want when looking for the curl, but with the primer underneath I get that very natural feather look! I've even been asked if my lashes are fake! It doesn't allow for a really clumpy finish either, it is very defined. Also, it looks really good once dried if you want just the natural look of no mascara because it does not have the white finish normal primers do. I recommend this to anyone who wants something to help with the curl. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara by Estée Lauder

"Gals with sparse lashes, look no further! I'm a middle-aged woman who loves makeup and considers herself a cosmetics expert. I've tried countless mascaras, false lashes and even had lash extensions for several months. The extensions were fabulous but thin your own lashes over time, so they should only be used for vacations, etc.I had been using Clinique High Impact for a couple years, and think that is an excellent mascara. But I recently got a large sample of Estee's Sumptuous Extreme and I love it.Sumptuous Extreme makes my lashes look longer and thicker without clumps and without curling. I gave up on curling a while back when my lashes started thinning. It stays on, doesn't shed fibers, like some lengthening mascaras do, doesn't smear under my eyes. And, even though it is waterproof, it washes off with a regular face cleanser.I'm back to order a full-size of this amazing mascara. As for the gal who said this was not for the middle-aged - I can't imagine what she was talking about. We middle-agers need quality beauty products more than the young'uns! Less" - Macy's user

Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline

Explosive volume in rocket time! 8x bigger, smoother. Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Maybelline volum' express the rocket waterproof mascara has a patented supersonic brush with micro bristles that loads on big, sleek volume instantly.

Telescopic Original Waterproof Lengthening Mascara by L'Oreal

L'Oréal Paris' Iconic Telescopic Original Mascara is now has a waterproof formula enhances lashes with intense length, up to 50 percent longer lashes, and unique lash by lash separation. The specially designed flexible Precision Brush has two sides, the flat side which visibly enhances lash length.

Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara by Lancôme

Lancôme monsieur big waterproof mascara is a high-volume, waterproof mascara that delivers bold lash volume for up to 24 hours to defeats all challenges. Now in travel size.

Cannonball Ultra Mascara by Urban Decay

Cannonball ultra waterproof mascara has a mermaid-worthy formula that endures (the people at urban decay actually tested it at sea), and the light gel formula never looks cakey. Now go slay a sailor with those eyes.

DÉFINICILS - High Definition Mascara by Lancôme

Définicils high definition mascara by lancôme for lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes. Now in travel size.

High Volume Mascara by Trish McEvoy

"This mascara offers the best of of both worlds. It stays on like water-proof, never smudges, and yet washes off in the shower with only water and wipe. My lashes look long and full and the look lasts all day. What I have learned from using this mascara for the last three years: 1) It's hard to find, so just order it on line and don't go looking for it in stores (Nordstrom always has it); 2) Never just try to touch up and go by reapplying to the edges or corners (It clumps and mats when re-applied to existing mascara); and 3) When it starts to get sticky or really thick, order a new one becuase it goes dry quick at that point (It lasts a long time but at some point, you notice it is getting thick and if you wait too long, it gets too thick to apply). My bottle lasts me about 2 1/2 - 3 months with daily use. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Lash Power Mascara by Clinique

A lengthening mascara that stays put for 24 hours without smudging or smearing.

Heroine Make Long Curl Mascara 01 Pure Black by ISEHAN

"This mascara lives up to its hype - completely waterproof, including how incredibly hard it is to remove. Still, I love this enough to deal with that. Tidbit about me - I'm Asian, with short straight lashes. Yes, I use an eyelash curler and that provides a temporary lift, but none of the Western mascaras I've used holds the curl like this one. This mascara defines my lashes, makes them appear longer, and stays curled until I am ready to remove my makeup. How waterproof is it? If you get some on your lids when applying, you better get to it or it is there to stay. I've worn this to weddings. I've been in the rain with this on. I've cried in this (dramas included). Water parks, swimming, the list goes on. You know how you would wipe your lashes after crying or getting wet, and you come away with black streaks? This doesn't do any of that!! Staying power? I'm guilty of being lazy some nights and sleeping with my makeup on (not advocating for this), but wow, my lashes still looked incredible the morning after. FYI this mascara does not budge after using my foam cleanser. I had better luck with oil cleansers but still had to go in with cotton swabs afterwards. What worked for me was a biphasic eye makeup remover before cleansing. Be gentle to your lashes and give the remover some time to work its magic. Less" - yesstyle.com user

The Curling Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin

"I have used alot of mascaras and spent alot of money on "good" eye make removers because I have very sensitive eyes and skin. I purchased this mascara on the basis of its excellent reviews. What I thought I most wanted in a mascara was "volume".After the first few applications of this mascara, I've got to say that I was very disappointed. Yes, it was a lovely mascara but as for delivering volume, forget it! I was after something quite intense and this didn't deliver. I had used other "volume" mascaras before with bigger brushes that didn't get all the lashes underneath. This one with its smaller brush does do that and does offer a lovely intense black colour. However, I would say it lengthens rather then gives volume.I have now been using this mascara for about 5 months and my initial view has changed considerably. I still stick to the fact that I believe it doesn't deliver on "volume!" However, it's such a lovely mascara that the lack of " big volume" issue could be forgiven, it's very easy to apply, you can't stuff it up, it goes on effortlessly and gives a lovely effect each and every time.The best things about it are that it stays on all day and doesn't ever smudge, you don't even need to touch it up. I've worn it with tears and it doesn't budge. Also, no more expensive eye makeup removers, it glides off with warm water and a face cloth.Although I wasn't initially a fan of this mascara, I've grown attached to it and now I think that I would be disappointed in anything else. « less" - mecca.com.au user

Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline

Maybelline full 'n soft waterproof mascara builds full, soft thick lashes without the brittle feel. Prevents loss of lashes with patented quick dissolve system that allows easy mascara removal.

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara by Estée Lauder

"First let me say that I am extremely hard to please when it comes to beauty products, and mascara is one that i am especially picky on. I have fine lashes of nice length, and most "volumizing" formulas (such as any dior mascara) make my lashes look like a clumpy, goopy mess. Super wet, sticky, goopy formulas don't work for me, and neither do brushes where the bristles are too close together (they don't get between my lashes and kind of brush the mascara off at the same time as they put it on so it never builds up).This mascara is the best one I have probably ever used. It lifts my lashes so I don't need to curl them, it thickens them dramatically (and I mean super dramatic where everyone will be fixated on your eyes) and it doesn't clump or goop up or anything. You can just put on 2 coats like normal if you want to just look great in a daytime situation, or you can let it dry a little between as many coats as you want and build the drama to traffic stopping status. If you want to have the same impact as fake lashes without actually using them, this is a great mascara. I'm surprised it isn't more popular- but that's ok, I like having the best eyelashes in any situation. :-) « less" - Nordstrom user

Sport Waterproof Mascara by Eyeko

At the gym, by the pool, on vacation eyeko's sport waterproof mascara is the ultimate mascara for all-action lifestyles. Now in travel size.

High Impact Waterproof Mascara by Clinique

"I have to say this mascara has been part of my purchases through out the years (non water proof longer), I give up on it every time. BUT not this time! i'm sticking to it. Ok, so i'm the fussiest with mascara's ever. Mascaras flake on me, wear out, smear and just clump. I have very oily under eyes, dehydrated (working on that), and itchy eyes. I bought this before my Disney trip and hoped it worked in the heat. TooFaced BTS mascara, Chanel Volume mascara and the waterproof TooFaced BTS mascara just didn't work for me. I tried this the first day and I was amazed to see how great my lashes looked. I don't have the best eyelashes but they are not horrible. I've been using a lash serum and it's helped, well this mascara made them look fake!!! it was so great, so full, so long, and so black!! This mascara lasts all day! At night when i was it off, it comes right off! I do use Caudile Cleansing oil, and it comes right off. It never feels like I'm rubbing too hard, or leave my lash line sensitive. It is waterproof and it does make your lashes look amazing," - sephora user

Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection by DHC

"I have been using this mascara for at least 5 years now and I love it! I have issues with eczema all over, but especially on my eyelids which are so sensitive to all kinds of makeup. Plus I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on various products for my eyelids and surrounding skin trying to avoid an eczema breakout. My biggest issue with other mascara was the smudging and the remover required for it, or the use of water and tugging, all of which increased my eczema.I love that this mascara doesn't require makeup remover, which to date, I have yet to find one that doesn't irritate my eyes. A lot of people mention how hard it is to take it off, the trick is to do it in the shower. With the heat and humidity of the hot water, it literally slides off between my fingertips, no tugging required. I wash my hair, my body, my face, then slide the mascara off and wash it down the drain. I usually shower at night, but when I shower in the morning, my eyelids are fine, no irritation from leaving the mascara on. Mascara slides off, new coat on, no problems.Also, it is seriously waterproof, even in a hot tub; never smudges or flakes (unless you're doing some serious eye rubbing during allergy season), stays put with sneezing, watery eyes, and crying. If you have a primer of some kind of lotion or cream under/on your eyelids that hasn't dried yet, then that may be a reason for some who mention smudging, just a guess. What this isn't is a major lash volumizer, so don't expect that. I get great lengthening, which I love, both top and bottom lashes, and they definitely look thicker. People comment on how long and pretty my eyelashes are and think it's all natural, for me that's a compliment. And I've used this long enough to know that when it starts getting clumpy, that's a sign your tube is running out, toss it and order a new one. Less" - dhccare.com user

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara by Chanel

"I happen to live far from major retail, so today went to replace my Chanel le Volume after I dropped the brush on the bathroom floor. Sadly, local store no longer has in stock.I bought diorshow blackout and even after checking he box, did not realize it's waterproof until after I tried it. And hated it. And reading review here made me think, wow, everyone had different needs and wants. So let me describe myself before reviewing. I have long, thick eyelashes. (Thanks, genetics!) I want a mascara that highlights them, defines them and stays put until I wash it off with water. No, I am not fooling with super makeup remover. And because they're already pretty thick and long (if faded and/or grey) I absolutely don't want WEIGHT!I used to love Armani E2K Excess. Then I tried this one. Two coats (nice brush strokes, not super wiggling it in) covered all the lashes with no clumping, high volume, superior definition and length. It has virtually no weight, stays put without flaking, and washes off with soap and water. Completely.I love this mascara.Secondly, I have green/blue/teal eyes. The purple shade, which looks far lighter on the brush than on your eyes -- on it looks black on medium skin -- makes greenish eyes pop.I have both the black and purple. I will get both again.The Diorshow is sealed tightly for my next beach vacation! Less" - Nordstrom user

Hypnose Drama Instant Full Volume Waterproof Mascara by Lancôme

"For the past few years, I've tried many high end mascaras with high hopes only to end up slightly disappointed, but continued to finish the bottle anyway due to the price. Some of the mascaras that I've tried include Too Faced BTS, 3 different Tarte mascaras, Josie Moran's argan oil one, Blinc's waterproof mascara, Makeup Forever's smoky extravagant one, and even two Benefit ones (including the forever raved about, "They're Real!"), and not a single one has impressed me as much as this one. It's possible the mascara gods have carefully made this mascara just for me, because I've never has a mascara make my lashes look so beautiful and thick and last for over 24 hours without having a single flake or smudge (I'm talking falling asleep in it after a long day and waking up with it still looking perfect) under my very oily eyes. Also, as a runner, I often get quite sweaty and get lots of smudges under my eyes. This mascara never lets me down after a long run with 0 smudges left. I might be alone in the fact that I love a super thick lash so much that I apply 3 or sometimes even 4 coats of mascara, but I don't like clumpy lashes and it's often hard to get thick and clump-less lashes with that many coats, but I never, ever have a problem with clumps or a classic "3 eyelash" look! Always makes my eyelashes multiply and become extremely thick and voluminous. When washing off this mascara, it removes like a dream. Most mascaras flake off or rip out my eyelashes trying to get it off, or I get lazy and just wash off my makeup without makeup remover and just face wash and most leave back smudges under my eyes. This is the first mascara I've come around that stays put forever and ever but when you want to remove it, it slides out gorgeously! Even with just face wash, it comes off in a creamy like consistency and never leaves any smudges behind. A+++ to Lancome for doing everything right with this mascara! I have absolutely 0 complaints about it!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="7064502757879877861-full" data-show="7064502757879877861-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Wash Off Mascara by avon

"I began using Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara in Black when my daughter, Lisa, began selling Avon products almost thirty years ago. I have been using this mascara ever since.Because my skin is oily, most other mascaras used in the past, ran under my eyes and I looked like a raccoon by the end of the day. Not so with this mascara.I have recommended Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara to many of my friends and they are equally as pleased with the results. This mascara holds up and doesn't run while swimming, crying, tearing from allergies, or rubbing the eyes.It is amazing to me how this mascara stays put until you wash it off with just soap and water and doesn't leave under-eye rings. I dislike having to use an oily mascara remover.The only problem I have ever had with this mascara is that it sometimes clumps on the lashes. I believe it happens when it is time for a new tube.This is my technique when applying Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara in black:I curl my eye lashes close to the top lid with an eyelash curler. I apply one light coat of the mascara to all my lashes. Then, I place the eyelash curler about half way on my eyelashes and curl again. I applly a second coat of Avon Wash Off Waterproof mascara and voila! My eyelashes are curled, lengthened, and thick.Thank you for reading my review. « less" - viewpoints.com user

Hypnose Buildable Volume Mascara by Lancôme

"I bought this masacra right after my dad passed away because I knew that I would need a waterproof mascara to not smudge or drip right off when I cried. I was recommended by a sales associate to try the Make Up Forever, Smoky Lash. However, the Smoky Lash would come off when I wiped my tears. So, I was recommended the Lancôme, Hypnôse Waterproof - Custom Volume Mascara, which was supposedly swim-proof. Boy-oh-boy, this mascara EXCEEDED my expectations! Unlike the Smoky Lash, Hypnôse stays on through anything! I can put this on in the morning and cry all day without it smudging off onto a tissue (ie. my dad's funeral)! It is amazing! Not only is it extremely durable, but it is also the best mascara to not clump (I've tried Smoky-Lash & Dior Show, which are dry, clumpy, and hard to apply because of their larger brushes)! Hypnôse goes on smoothly, especially with the help of it's small brush. If you accidently get it on your eyelid or under your brow, which I always do, just lick your finger and wipe it off. I get so many compliments on my eyelashes and all I do is curl them and apply two coats of Hypnôse. I have attached photos of me with each of the Smoky Lash and Hypnôse mascaras. I assume that the Smoky Lash looks more faint than the Hypnôse because of it's dryness. Therefore, making it harder to stick to the lashes, while the Hypnôse is more wet and holds onto the lashes no problem. P.S. I have gone swimming while wearing Hypnôse and it actually stayed put! I was a little worried after going swimming and sitting in the hot-tub 12 hours after applying it (8am-8pm), and I was very eager to check my face in a mirror. However, there was no reason for me to fear because this mascara does what it says it's going to do. I will never use another mascara, even if this one takes a little extra work to remove. An extra minute (literally one minute), is worth having a mascara that stays put through anything. My next trial of this mascara is going to be an hour long hot yoga practice, but I have no doubts that it will stay put because I was sweating in the hot-tub and it didn't move. I will let you know how it goes. ;) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara by ISEHAN

"i have used the kiss me heroine make mascara (the one in the maroon tube) and have only been able to get it in asia. it is my FAVOURITE mascara that exists (both volume and length ones) it is so volumising and lengthening and it keeps your eyelashes curled for so long as it is so waterproof it like freezes your eyelashes. i was hoping this one would be very similar however i was a bit disappointed. it is a good mascara however it just isnt as good as the kiss me one. it is just as waterproof but it doesnt do as much for my eyelashes even if i try and layer. the texture is more wet compared to the kiss me one which is more dry and i prefer dry formulas because i feel like it doesnt slip of my eyelashes and just not do much. however the dryer it is the more clumpy it can get. i even tried to leave the cap open for like two days to try and dry it out a bit. it didnt really work was pretty much still the same which might be good for some people who like the more wet formulas. the waterproofness is the same and holds my eyelashes it just doesnt do as much as the kiss me one. if yesstyle could get that in stock that would be awesome. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3839173485936295134-full" data-show="-3839173485936295134-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - yesstyle.com user

Mascara Amplified by blinc

"I have extremely oily eyelids. Buying mascara and eyeliner is a nightmare. I always ask employees for recommendations and they always have an oil resistant product that they swear by. I buy said products. End up with eye makeup smeared all over the place 4 hours after application and then fall into a depression about my waste of money and greasy skin. Add in a few curses for people who think they have oily skin. I've been on Accutane twice, I have bad skin - so I know what oily skin is. Well I've had this mascara for a week and LOVE it! It has a tubing technology, which I've never heard of, and it works. Once it dries it doesn't smear. I've even been using it as eyeliner and it stays put. For my own curiousity I tested its waterproofness. I repeatedly splashed warm water on my eyes and nothing! It may have clumped a little, but not a trace of racoon eyes. It gets better. Though this mascara does not budge, it washes off so easily. Weird, right? But I'm not complaining. A warm shower and my face cloth and the tubes slip off. I've had mascaras/eyeliners before that are semi-oil resistant but take a sandblaster to get off my face. I'm far too lazy and my skin is too sensitive to spend 10 minutes removing my mascara everynight. One drawback - the mascara does not go on heavy. This is good as it doesn't clump and looks natural. But I prefer thick, voluminous, drag queen-esque lashes. It is semi-buildable, but it will take a bit more time to get thick lashes. No matter though. I'm buying it still! I'm foregoing the blood, sweat and tears of looking for a new eyeliner too (my Makeup Forever liner was discontinued :,( ). I'm using this as an eyeliner too (by using my own eyeliner brush) so for me this killed 2 birds with 1 stone. To all my fellow greasy gals out there, stay strong and give this a try!" - sephora user

Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara by L'Oreal

"Before I bought this I read all of the reviews here and so I will try to cover what is not mentioned or what I think is especially helpful. I am Asian and have average length lashes, which are thin and dont curl up (they dont turn down but they stick straight out from my eye). I have never liked using mascara because I hated curling, applying mascara and then separating my lashes especially when all that didnt seem to make much difference. I have used all of the highly rated/reviewed high-end and drugstore brands (e.g., Diorshow, Chanel, pink/green tube, etc.) and just gave up on mascara... until this one. Application: I have practiced using it for about a month now and the method for best results for me is: (1) apply white base coat thickly, (2) immediately apply black mascara and comb through with fine tooth lash comb (i have the tweezerman one) and immediately repeat with 2nd coat of mascara and comb through. I do each eye separately and as quickly as I can so the mascara doesn't dry -- once it dries on your lashes it turns rubbery so you cant comb through them. My lashes look really thick and long and curled after this. Although yes it takes time it is worth it! Plus I do not have to curl my lashes at all -- in fact I tried curling first and it was just a waste of time -- for some reason this mascara makes my lashes curl up and hold the curl even when my lashes get wet and it really doesnt smudge at all. I have used mascaras that were supposed to curl lashes but they never worked for me. Removal: Some reviewers said that they had trouble removing the mascara. I think the trick is you have to hold water on your closed eyes for at least 5-10 seconds before you gently wipe down. Although the mascara will come off by cupping water in your hands and holding them over your eyes for a few seconds before wiping your lashes down while you wash your face, I like to use eye makeup remover pads. Again you just need to hold the soaked pad on your eye for about 5-10 seconds before wiping down or else it wont come off. Which is great because you can remove only your eyeshadow/liner and not the mascara by just wiping your eye quickly (plus my lashes still stay curled believe it or not!). The worst thing about this product is it dries out fast. I used this mascara almost every day for about 3 weeks and then it got very thick and clumpy. I dont know if this is typical but I suspect it is because you inevitably get some of the white base coat mixed in with the mascara over time. Once it dries out then it flakes and gets very clumpy when you apply it. Not only did I replace it but I bought 2 this time. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-1855800489157346158-full" data-show="-1855800489157346158-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Full Lash Multi-Dimension Waterproof Mascara by Shiseido

A mascara that gives straight, downward lashes all-day panoramic curl, lift, volume, and length.

 Cils Booster XL Enhancing Lash Primer by Lancôme

"The main reason I use this lash primer: when I get home from work at the end of the day, I look like I have just applied my mascara. I have tried mascaras that come in a double ended bottle with primer on one side, mascara on the other, and found that flaking of mascara was a problem. I use this with Clinique High Impact Mascara (regular, not waterproof) and the mascara holds all day. I do have long lashes but I find I don't have to curl them because using this product under my mascara gives my eyes enough pop. Also, I don't have to reapply my mascara at any time during the day. The product is thick and is similar to mascara in consistency. Therefore putting mascara on top of it makes for fuller looking lashes, which is nice.When I remove my makeup at night, I wash my face with Purity by Philosophy (not plugging products, just letting you know how it works in my hands), and I get complete removal of the mascara and the Cils Booster XL and pretty much no lash loss like I have had with eye makeup removers (I am going to have to attribute that, in part, to Purity). One thing to note: as with any mascara product, when you open a new tube there is quite a bit of product on the brush. The effect is that a lot of product ends up on your lashes, and then you layer on mascara. This can lead to clumping or a look that I find less natural, where the individual lashes look really thick (clumped, perhaps). I have a wire-toothed lash comb handy for that. An alternative is to blot the brush with a tissue to take something of the product off of the brush before applying the product to your lashes. I have never tried that. Less" - Sephora user

Lash Curling Mascara by Trish McEvoy

"I've tried mascaras that range in price from $35 to $7 drugstore kinds. In my long experience, Trish McEvoy''s "Lash Curling" mascara is the absolute best.This mascara does not flake, smear, or smudge. Even if I wear it for a 14-hour day, little black flakes and "raccoon eyes" never happen. Once you apply the mascara, it stays on all day long! It also seems somewhat smear-proof, because I've even had a cry while wearing it. At the end of the night, I just removed with water and cleaner. No fancy eye makeup remover is needed.The wand is thin enough that it can coat your entire lashes, and if you reapply a few seconds later, the wand doesn't clumpy your lashes together into spikes. The wand allows your lashes to separate become defined.I am a fan for life. " - Nordstrom user

Unlimited Length And Lift Mascara by L'Oreal

Instant lash-lift effect, lengthening mascara with the L'Oréal Unlimited Length and Lift Waterproof Mascara. Waterproof formula lasts up to 24H, no clumps, flaking, or smudging. Two-position wand for customized look, use straight to stretch and lengthen.

LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara by Covergirl

"If you are looking for a mascara that really makes your lashes stand out, then Covergirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara is where you'll find it! I am absolutely impressed by the results of this product. Lashblast Mascara goes on smooth, without all the clumps and buildup that you find with most brands of mascara. You get a proffessional look in seconds, and the results are simply wonderful. I'm not an expert when it comes to shopping for cosmetics. In fact, being a tomboy, i rarely ever put on much more than some lipgloss and a little powder. Last week, I was finally asked out by a co-worker I've had a crush on for years. I went shopping for makeup to wear for the big night. I saw so many brands of cosmetics, and didn't know what to do. I asked the clerk for some advice, and she instantly guided me to the Cover Girl section. She grabbed the LashBlast Mascara and raved to me about the results. With a review like that, how could I argue? I ran home and tried on all my new goods. The makeup I used was all made by Covergirl. Everything I applied, was done with ease, and it totally enhanced my nature features. When I got to my eyes, I carefully applied a little eyeliner and reached for the the LashBlast. My eyeslashes looked awesome! I didn't even need to curl them, they looked naturally long and beautifully curved, not caked on and phoney. This stuff stayed on all night and washed off so easily. Perfect makeup for a night out. My date actually told me that my eyes "look stunning"..yay! Thats my story, if you want proof you need to try it out for yourself. You can find LashBlash Mascara at your local retailer for a reasonable price. I recommend this product 100%. I LOVE COVERGIRL! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - viewpoints.com user

Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara by Maybelline

The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs. The maybelline lash stiletto ultimate length mascara grip and extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle.

Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara by Maybelline

Find the perfect curve with maybelline lash sensational curvitude mascara! The innovative fanning curved brush shapes, stretches and reveals layers of lashes for a curvy full fan effect.

Lash  Volumizing Waterproof Mascara by Buxom

"I was so skeptical about trying this mascara. I absolutely love the original Buxom mascara in Blackest Black so I was afraid that the waterproof version would not have the same volumizing power, consistency, etc. I am quite pleasantly surprised as to how much I love this! The consistency is the same as the original, in between a mousse and liquid. If you like dry mascaras, this is definitely for you. It's not clumpy and coats my short, thin, Asian eyelashes very nicely. There's definitely more volume, but not length, after applying this mascara. I'm okay with this because the mascara doesn't claim to have lengthening powers. They separate pretty nicely, but historically I only like to put on one coat of mascara. I also have not tried it with curled lashes, so I apologize I cannot attest to the curl staying power. What I am most impressed by is how waterproof this is! I wore this to the gym, only mascara, no eyeliner, foundation, primer, etc. After an hour and a half of intense cardio workouts, weight lifting, and cross-training, it did not budge, flake, or smear at all! I must admit that I sweat A LOT. I honestly have never met anyone, guy or girl, that sweats more than I do, it's pretty gross but weirdly impressive at the same time? My face was streaming and I was consistently wiping my entire face with my workout towel throughout. At the end of my workout, I checked the towel and no transfer! I looked in the mirror and it still looked perfect. I could not believe it. This is the best waterproof mascara I've ever had and will definitely be repurchasing." - sephora user

Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara by L'Oreal

Take your lashes to paradise! L'oreal's voluminous lash paradise mascara is their first mascara for voluptuous volume and length now with even more black pigments. Soft wavy bristle brush holds maximum formula for a dramatic volumizing charge.

Build-up Extra Volume Mascara by isadora

"This mascara is so good. It adds volume to your lashes whilst truely being waterproof. I always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to lift my lashes as they fall flat naturally. This mascara is good, it doesn’t flake through out the day, I really enjoy using it. It does take a bit more longer to remove as to be expected with it being waterproof, but it’s so worth it because it gives me peace of mind my mascara won’t run when my eyes water. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Total Tease Waterproof Mascara by Covergirl

Full. Long. Refined. Covergirl's total tease full + long + refined waterproof mascara can be used for sexy, teased lashes! Use the lash teasing mascara comb for ease and control to tease even the tiniest corner lashes for a full, voluminous look.

Caution Extreme Lash Mascara by Hourglass

"This mascara is amazing. From the tube to the actual product inside, you can tell that much effort was put into this product! The tube itself is so glam and feels like metal. I love this because it looks so much more expensive than a mascara in a plasticy tube. Okay, now on to the actual product! The black color of this is amazing. It's super dark, makes my eyelashes thicker, and gives them AMAZING LENGTH! I haven't even been using my lash curler with this mascara, which is usually is a must for me when using other mascaras. I literally cannot say enough about this. I only need one coat with this stuff, when normally I will use 2 or 3 coats of mascara. I also have accidentally forgot to wash it off before bed, and was amazed the next morning when my lashes still looked perfect. The mascara didn't flake off or give me raccoon eyes even when I slept in it! I wanted to see how many days/nights this could hold up. It lasted all day, all night, and all the next day. However, I slept with the same coat of mascara on for a second night and when I woke up the next morning, there finally was some flake and the tiniest bit of smudge on my eyes, still nothing compared to one night in other mascaras. But seriously, I have never had a mascara like this! The picture i included was when I woke up after the SECOND NIGHT of sleeping in the original application. If the mascara gets too warm, it can get a little clumpy, but the clumps are easy to brush out when that does happen. Best of all, I received this product complimentary for testing purposes! « less" - Sephora user

Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof Mascara by Givenchy

"First of all, what I love most about this mascara is the brush. I love that I can hold it in any direction and get all of my lashes. For me, the shape of this brush leaves all others way behind. I'd use it for that and that alone. Furthermore, I have difficult lashes - they are long and curly. My lashes go wild (they are inconsistent) and all mascaras clump on me. Since this is a dryer mascara - as opposed to the thick, goopy kind that gives so much length and volume - I can manage the application easier than with the goopier kind and it clumps less. For daytime, a couple of coats is enough. For nighttime, I begin with the Givenchy, get my lashes situated, and then I can go ahead and add a goopier one on top if I choose. I use waterproof because I use so much oil on my face and under my eyes, a non-waterproof goes all over the place. Bottom line - I am a makeup fanatic, but I never wonder about "other" mascaras. This is the HG mascara for me! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-4106624976917448952-full" data-show="-4106624976917448952-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Grandiose Waterproof Mascara by Lancôme

"I was gifted this mascara 3 years ago and literally won’t use anything. I keep replacing it and let me tell you about it. First it makes my long eyelashes literally look so luscious and thick people ask if they’re fake. 2. It’s water proof AF. I literally have put it on for a night out, went to the club danced my booty off, went for a midnight swim, slept, woke up hit the gym, went to the beach and it still looks flawless. Third, it doesn’t clump like other waterproof mascara do so no one knows it’s last nights make up. Fourth, it comes off in the shower with warm water but like in this weird clump way but you know that it’s gone and no I-looks-like-I-ugly-cried-look. " - Sephora user

Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof Mascara by Chanel

"Yes. This. My old mascara comes from a company that doesn't think women should wear anything but black mascara. I'm so fair and, especially so as I get older the black is simply too harsh. It's nice to find a company that agrees black mascara is not universal. Waterproof is also a must as you get older. Powder to "hold" concealer or eye liner is no longer an option. It just emphasizes all the issues--particularly if you wear glasses. This waterproof stays on all day, doesn't cake on application, doesn't flake and doesn't smear on unsealed concealer. I don't usually wash my face at night (too drying), and in the morning, it's usually worn off--the message here is that you won't have to pull your eye lashes out to get it off. In sum, the brown is just right for fair skin, not too light and provides just enough "darkness" that eye liner is unnecessary. The application is not clumpy--thickens and looks full and natural. The stay is all day, no smears. I'm definitely bailing on the old company for this one-- Less" - Nordstrom user

Diorshow Maximizer 3D Primer by Dior

"I have been using this product for 7 years and I will never go back to not using a lash primer - if I'm wearing mascara, I'm wearing this primer.Since I started using it, my lashes are longer and fuller (without mascara!). I have no idea what's in this product that makes your lashes grow longer, but I stopped using a lash curler years ago, I just don't need it any more. With the primer, mascara both stays on my lashes better (no flaking off or transferring/smudging to my lower lash line), and also comes off cleaner (especially noticeable when using waterproof mascara). The primer does a great job of separating and providing extra length to your lashes, just make sure to let the primer really dry before adding your mascara.When I get compliments on my lashes, people will ask which mascara I use, but honestly, I don't think it's so much the mascara that's making the difference, I'm convinced it's this primer! Will continue to purchase as long as they keep making it. « less" - Sephora user

Double Extend Lash Extension And Magnifier Eye Mascara by L'Oreal

"This was the best mascara on the market, hands down! The unique conditioning/ fortifying feature was a perfect combination with waterproofing to give your eyes the longest length possible. Kept eyelashes curled, no clumps or smudges, lasted all day. Nothing compared! Like many others, I am disappointed in the discontinuation of such a fine product! I've tried their new beauty tube formula that has the fortifier, but haven't found in in waterproof. Non waterproof is awful and I returned it in good conscience. I've been a loyal L'oreal customer for many years, buying many products. I'm afraid to say that may not be the case in the near future. Go back to the original formula, L'oreal or make a new product quickly, that can hold a candle to it!" - lorealparisusa.com user

Hydro Boost Plumping Waterproof Mascara by Neutrogena

"Mascara, is the most important part of my daily beauty routine. That’s my last application and I’m looking for my lashes to really pop! And let me just say, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Plumping Mascara, certainly lived up to my expectations. First off it’s waterproof, you can apply multiple layers, doesn’t really clump, Gives the lengthing look I design. I can also achieve a heavy lash to. Cause I apply later after layer. Does this mascara make my lashes pop? Absolutely! They stand out, the mascara also gives them volume and really defines them. I also love the packaging, it’s simple but attractive. I’ve always been a sucker for packaging and will sometimes buy products just to collect, but I do love the packaging on this beauty. Overall, this mascara achieves maximum results, I’m more then pleased and would highly recommend, it’s certainly no disappointment. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara by essence

Essence get big! Lashes mascara. Good things may come in small packages, but bigger is always better when it comes to lashes.

Lash Primer Plus by Estée Lauder

"Env: developmentEstee Lauder Lash Primer makes my lashes look great . i have long lashes but they are very thin and and are almost unoticeable but once i use the Estee Lauder Lash primer my lashes become amazing and with other brands. When i use the other brands of Mascara it is usually too thick , create clumps just so that one would have a dramatic effects on the eyes. On the other hand, Estee Lauders is made of a uniform liquid that is so much easier to remove , So therefore i highly recommend this Mascara to anyone that wants to have somptuous lashes . As a matter of a fact i had it was a sample that i got from the store where i bought Estee Lauders products so if you want to give it a try you can request a sample and you will see it for yourself .Last but not least i would like to point out that Estee Lauder does not do any animal testing which i find very worthy of all respect , and i will stay loyal to this brand as long as i live .Env: development Less" - viewpoints.com user

No Smudge Mascara by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"BEST AND ONLY MASCARA I WILL EVER USE! I have tired many high-end to low-end mascaras simply because I always faced the issues that include: smudging, not long lasting, creates raccoon eyes and difficult to take off. No matter the product I have used, waterproof or not, it would create gray circles under my eyes through out the day that made it looks like I had dark circles under my eyes. And many mascaras I used that claimed to be waterproof (better than sex) would make my lashes clumpy and and runny over time. I wear false eyelashes daily and only use mascara mostly for my bottom lashes and this is the only mascara that will still in place!! I wore this to Disney with the hot-humid F.L. weather and the mascara would not budge. I jumped n the pool and I went down water slides and it still stayed in place. There was only very minimal flaking as a result of that but through the day it looked just how I applied it in the morning. AND I went to sleep with it on and didn't even create dark circles under my eyes! just very little flakes. I would recommend this if you struggle with your mascara giving you racon eyes and if you want something long lasting. The best part is that it is very easy to take off as well! This will be the only mascara I will ever be using because I am obsessed." - sephora user

Monsieur Big Mascara by Lancôme

A high-volume mascara that delivers bold lash volume for up to 24 hours, now in a limited-edition, pink, glitter tube.

Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara by L'Oreal

Now, a longtime makeup artist secret is revealed: tight-lining. What is it? Lining the upper lash line to create the illusion of fuller lashes and more defined eyes. Now l'oreal's voluminous butterfly sculpt mascara does it for you.