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The 50 Best Vegan Lipsticks Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore vegan lipsticks are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star

"Absolutely love Jeffree Star products!! His liquid lipsticks are the best ever. The formula is just simply amazing! So lightweight and opaque. This won't dry your lips out at all. Lasts all day and literally have to scrub my lips to death each night to get it off as it stays so well! I usually buy Jeffree's make up direct from his US website but can't justify the custom fees each time. This is my first time using Beauty Bay and I ordered the shade 'Sagittarius'(which is AMAZING by the way) on Thursday evening and it arrived on Sunday morning! Super impressed. Free postage too which is a bonus. Beauty Bay kept me updated every step of the way on the progress my order. Thanks Beauty Bay - will definitely be using this site alot!" - beautybay user

Water Light Tint by A'PIEU

"I'm super picky about lip color. Texture is the most important thing next to longevity and color/shade. The texture of this is fantastic. It's watery, but not too thin. Has just enough thickness to adhere and spreads well. Not sticky at all like most tints/glosses. Sinks right in so it doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything. Coverage is buildable, so you can do one layer for a more natural look or add more for deeper color. It's opaque enough for the color to stand out yet sheer enough to blend with the natural shade of your lips. Doesn't make your lips super glossy. Once it sets, it is sort of like a lip stain. And surprisingly it lasts quite a long time - I didn't have to constantly reapply it to maintain a hint of color. Easy to use a lip balm, chapstick, or sheer gloss on top of it depending on your needs (moisture, shine, etc). And it does not dry my lips out or make them all peely which is fantastic. This is by far my favorite lip stain/gloss/lipstick EVER. So far I have two in different shades and will be buying more in the future. Less" - yesstyle.com user

Color Splash Lipstick by Tarte

A long-wearing, pigment-rich lipstick that’s offered in an array of creamy shades.

Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick by bareMinerals

"If you’re the type that does not like a matte lipstick that cracks eventually and you want your lips to feel hydrated, this is the one. It feels like your everyday chapstick but has a high pigmentation. It has a creamy texture to it that makes it very easy to glide onto the lips. The packaging is very minimalistic but it has a beautiful shine and a nice weight to the lipstick cartridge. The color pay off is very vibrant. The shade I received worked very well with my pale skin. Well thought out product." - sephora user

Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick by BH Cosmetics

Go for a must-have matte finish and nourishing formula with the bh cosmetics color lock long lasting matte lipstick! It stays put for the perfect pout all day long.

Color Statement Matte Lipstick by Milani

"All in all I found these lipsticks to have a wonderful creamy texture and great pigmentation. Overall their opacity was great with one exception. They applied very easily and smoothly with no tugging skipping or pulling and felt good on the lips almost a bit silicone-y (which I really like). They did not feel drying at all though not particularly moisturizing either and they did not seem to accentuate lines in the lips. Like all matte lipsticks they definitely require prior exfoliation because they will catch on dry spots (some more than others). Compared to the original Color Statement lipsticks these are more creamy and silicone feeling while the originals have a slicker more balm-like feeling to them. I've tried Naked Blissful Orchid Passion and Glam. Passion is the least opaque though still very pigmented and full color and Glam is the most patchy though not unbearably so. I'd say they are well worth the price though and great lipsticks overall.";"";""" - walgreens user

Unicorn Cream Lipstick by Lime Crime

The iconic lipstick bullet that exploded onto the scene and kicked off the color revolution is back! For Lime Crime's 10th Birthday, 5 original shades are being brought back in addition to 7 all-new opaques and metallics. The Unicorn Lipstick birthday collection returns in its iconic purple bullet.

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick by ofra

Long Lasting color turns lips to smooth velvet with Ofra Cosmetics' Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. Lips are healthy, pigmented, and perfectly lined for up to five hours.

Red Mini Bundle Set by Jeffree Star

"If you're wondering if you need this, the answer is yes. Jeffree Star lipstick formula is amazing (best I've tried so far - doesn't dry the lips, long-lasting, pigmented) and this bundle just offers you an amazing range of colours in perfect quantities. Being so small they don't end up drying up and you can also very easily take them with you when you go out, regardless of how small your purse is. My complexion is quite fair, but I'm sure this bundle would look great on any skin tone (unlike the nude one, which might have shades which are too light for darker skin tones)." - beautybay user

Matte Lip Color by e.l.f.

"These products are phenomenal. I have never been much of a lipstick person, but occasionally I'll wear a red lip for a special occasion. During my initial courtship with Elf products a few months ago, I decided I'd buy a few of them and give them a shot. And I'm so happy I did! I've been collecting them ever since.First of all, let's talk product quality/application, and then we'll get to the specific colors. The size of these lipsticks are awesome, especially for someone with small lips like myself. It helps make application much more precise, which is always a bonus in my book. They are also a very light finish. One of the reasons I've never liked lipstick is because it leaves my mouth feeling heavy and tacky, but not these ones. I hardly notice I'm wearing anything. The color is long-lasting, and even though some of it may rub off on, say, a coffee mug, it's does not seem to affect the appearance on your actual lips. What's coming off is the excess color, but the majority of it is staying put. Now that being said, I do use a lip exfoliator and chapstick a little while before I do my lipstick (I have not tried the Elf lip primer, but it's one of the next things on my list to buy!) and I also use the Elf Makeup Mist & Set spray on my final look. This routine has helped me with avoiding creasing in the fine lines of my lips and in prolonging the life of the color. I drink a lot of fluids throughout the day, so I do have to touch up occasionally, but not nearly as often as I would have to with an average lipstick.Now, the colors. I own Nearly Nude, Natural, Tea Rose, Coral, Hot Commodity, Rich Red, and Wine. I find myself consistently reaching for Coral, but they're all beautiful colors. I have noticed that Nearly Nude and Natural don't seem to be all that different from one another, but all skin types are unique, so that may not be the case for someone else. Tea Rose is a beautiful light pink/purply color, but just not my favorite for my skin tone. Coral is a gorgeous, subtle pink. Perfect for putting a little bit of color in your lips. Hot Commodity is SUPER hot pink, like Barbie-style. It's a stunning color, but perhaps too girly for me! I rarely use it alone, but instead tend to add a dash of it to Natural or Nearly Nude to soften the boldness a bit. Rich Red and Wine are both amazing shades of red, and are easily my go-to red lip. They are beautiful and long-lasting, and, at least for me, require less frequent touch-ups than their lighter-colored counterparts. If I could get away with wearing a bold lip every single day, I would use these all the time. But I still see red lips as a special occasion shade, so I don't wear them as often as I'd like to! That being said, I prefer Wine just a smidge more than Rich Red, because it is a tad darker and more dramatic.The best part about all of these colors is that you can experiment. I've mixed a few colors just to create some different shades, and the results are always pleasantly surprising. I can't wait to get Cranberry (come back in stock soon!) and Praline.This was an extremely long review, but I know how difficult it can be to shop online, so I wanted to be as specific as possible. I hope I've helped someone who was on the fence about purchasing!Pictured: Rich Red, Coral, and swatches of the ones I own (left to right: Nearly Nude, Natural, Tea Rose, Coral, Hot Commodity, Rich Red, Wine) « less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Mini Nudes Bundle Volume 2 by Jeffree Star

"I was hesitant to buy them at first. I thought that the brand was overhyped because of Jeffree Star and his fans, so I hadn't bought anything from JSC. But I can honesty say it is the best liquid lipstick formula I have ever tried. They are slightly less pigmented than I expected, but you can layer them without crumbling or drying your lips. The shades, the feel, the long-stay. Everything about them is perfect." - beautybay user

Mini Nudes Bundle Volume 1 by Jeffree Star

"really good quality, the packaging alone is really nice and the lipsticks are just like the larger ones (only smaller obviously). really good if you’re unsure of which larger liquid lip to buy as you can try many different ones to see which one you prefer. minis still have a lot of product in them which is good, and they’re really good to take out as they’re smaller. liquid lip quality is not very drying at all and is extremely pigmented, not sheer." - beautybay user

Lip Ammunition by Jeffree Star

"I have multiple of his shades, they're easily my favorite liquid lipsticks. Most of the formulas are consistent. Some are different, though when I bought them, it was when they were first released so I don't know if some of the formulas have been fixed. Such as (714) for example, that was the most streaky and possibly the worst out of all of them but I'm not sure about the re release. They're generally all opaque, quick drying, and light weight. I always recommend these lipsticks, and I am always asked about what lipsticks I'm wearing when I do wear them. I've gotten many of my friends on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics train. I can't wait for more shades to be released. " - beautybay.com user

Lip Lingerie by NYX Professional Makeup

Slip into something confident and a little more comfortable ;) Give her the gift of lingerie for her lips this holiday season with this collection of rich, long wearing NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Vault that last from dusk to dawn.

Lip Lingerie Push-Up Long-Lasting Lipstick by NYX Professional Makeup

"Nyx did it again with a great lip product. When I received this I didn't think much of it. I'm not really into opaque lip products on my lips, I go for more tinted lip balms and just chapsticks and stuff. But I can't deny a good lippie when I try one! First things first, the product is smaller than your typical lipstick which is good and depending on the price, bad (if it's the same price as a regular lipstick that's double the amount of product). Ok so when I applied this it was so easy to do. It is velvety when applying, even though it is matte and doesn't have a bit of glossiness, it is surprisingly effortless to draw on and so smooth looking. I usually have a hard time with perfectly shaping it on my lips but the shape and size of this makes it very simple to do. Lip liner is not necessary, this stuff is kind of a big lip liner in of itself, it's rich, stays on and doesn't move a inch. Even after drinking there was close to nothing on my cup. Plumping wise, it does have a cool kind of minty feeling on the lips, not that uncomfortable burning spicy feeling some have. It's quite the opposite, actually. Really I'm just astonished at how nice this looks on my lips! I really don't like lipsticks on me that much but this stuff looks amazing. The pigmentation is really good so if you are one to overdraw your cupids bow or anything this will look really nice. When I try that with other lipsticks you can totally tell that I'm overdrawing them. Honestly this lipstick is the closest thing I've seen to acting like a liquid lip without being a liquid lip. The product also has a sharpener on the bottom end so you don't have to worry about it going dull. All in all, I will definitely be wearing this a lot and I'm even thinking about buying more shades. (I received the shade Push Up.) Less" - nyxcosmetics.com user

Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick by e.l.f.

Create a flawless, natural look with this lightweight e.l.f. Cosmetics beautifully bare satin lipstick. Enhanced with vitamin e and shea butter for moisture, these lipsticks provide a soft, natural looking finish. Cruelty free and vegan.

Plushies Soft Liquid Lipstick by Lime Crime

Lime crime plushies liquid lipstick (from plushy: a soft toy) are the new generation of nude lips. Non-opaque, soft focus formula enhances natural lip color while making your lips look as plush as a teddy bear!

Devocean Lipstick by pacifica

"After reading through the reviews of Devocean Lipstick, I decided to give it a try. Devocean Lipstick is manufactured by Pacifica Beauty. Pacifica Beauty is a grassroots company which focuses on the quality of the product rather than the marketing of the product. Each Pacifica product is gluten-free, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. Devocean Lipstick is a pigmented lipstick which provides full color. Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Esters and Vitamin E hydrate, condition and nourish your lips. I appreciate the fact Pacifica does not add sunscreen to their products, as I am allergic to the ingredients in most sunscreens. One of the main selling points for me is that this lipstick does not have a drying effect on my lips, causing them to crack and peel. I do recommend using a clear lip liner to line your lips with before applying the lipstick. I have used Devocean Lipstick for over a month. During this time, I have noticed my lips are healthier, and less prone to drying, cracking and peeling. Out of curiosity, I did return to my favorite lipstick. In the end I discovered it could not hold a candle to Devocean Lipstick. I am definitely a lifelong Devocean Lipstick fan!" - ulta user

Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint by Tarte

"If you are like me and wanted an amazing lip that's perfect for every day with great coverage, bold pigmentation and long lasting, look no further. The product dries into a beautiful matte, it's very creamy and easy to apply (and that's that I suck at applying lip products). It does last pretty much all day. Even if you eat with it on, the inner lip is the only part that starts to fade but you can layer it back on and it looks just as perfect as the first application. These colors are beautiful, I'd guess perfect for all skin tones. I've used my stick well over 20 times and I haven't even gone through even a quarter of the product. I bought mine on sale but I'd happily purchase at full price because it's very much worth it. " - Macy's user

Liquid Matte Lipstick by Dose of Colors

Dose of colors matte liquid lipstick is long wearing, highly pigmented and ultra comfortable. It applies as a creamy liquid but after a few minutes it dries to a matte finish.

Velour Liquid Lipstick Family Collection by Jeffree Star

"I have Cool Girl and Lady Balls. If you don't have time, my TL;DR is:"It's amazing, highly pigmented, doesn't dry my lips and will last all day if applied properly!"Wear:I've applied Lady Balls at 6:30am and gotten through a whole work day, 2 Venti coffees, morning tea and a pizza lunch we had at work that day, at least 2L of water from my bottle... basically I ate and drank a lot that day. I didn't reapply until 4:45pm, and only because I wanted it to look fresher, so I removed and reapplied.I've done this many times with the nude before, but I thought that didn't count as it's my perfect match nude.Application:I cannot stress this enough: apply it sparingly. It is so pigmented! Scrape all excess off the wand tip, because if you apply too much, it won't dry properly, and it will transfer to literally everything​. If after initial application, it looks like there are places you could add more product, then just add some of what you scraped off into the tube rim, don't dip it again - and just lightly add it where you feel it needs it. This will also help with keeping a perfect application line if you're not using a liner. Let it set before you head out, and it will be faithful to you - you won't even need to blot.If you apply too much product, other than transferring to everything, it will cake up in the corners​ of your mouth. It's gross and avoidable.Lip condition post wear:I want to know this about any matte lipstick, so I'll say from my experience - this formula isn't drying. I alternate between lipsticks and balms and use sugar scrubs every 5/6 days, but even with my routine I've used other matte lipsticks that dried my lips after just a few hours of wear. This is nothing like that. Less" - mecca.com.au user

Matte Lip Velour by Winky Lux

"Oh WOW. My new go-to lippie. I love the color. It reminds me a lot of Aveda Fossil, but unlike Fossil this one is matte, stays on a long time and has no mint scent (which I like but I think dries the lips). For a standard, non-liquid lipstick, this lasts a long time. And for as pigmented as it is, it is not drying. It is comfortable to wear, which is unusual for me. I ended up falling asleep with this on last night--that's how "normal" my lips feel wearing it. I LOVE the packaging as well. I can see myself dumping a lot of my drugstore lippies that have rubbish packaging and replacing them with Winky Lux on the basis of packaging and formula alone. " - winkylux.com user

Divine Duo Lip & Cheek by Lilah B.

"I absolutely love this tint. I was debating a lot about getting it since it is so expensive and not a lot of product...I got this and the Ilia multi stick to try them both and decide. I definitely like the Liliah B one better. The color is more rich and vibrant, it is thicker, more matte and lasts longer. I can see why some people say it is drying on the lips, but I always have a balm underneath anyways, and the color stays very well because it is matte and not so wet. The Ilia stick is definitely more wet and fades much faster. The pigmentation isn't as good either.Then can we talk about the packaging??? So beautiful. I read that it was heavy packaging, but I was still surprised HOW heavy it was when I picked it up. But honestly, I love it - they just don't make packaging and compacts like this anymore. Yes it is small and half as much product as the Ilia stick, but I had to apply way less of this product and it lasted much longer. Less" - Sephora user

Liquid Matte Lipstick by e.l.f.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics liquid matte lipstick achieves a long lasting, gorgeous matte finish. The formula is enriched with vitamin e to help nourish and condition the lips.

Sugar Coat Velvet Liquid Lipstick by Sugar Rush

Lips as comfortable as your favorite pair of sweats? Tarte's Sugar Rush - Sugar Coat Velvet Liquid Lipstick Mini has an obsession-worthy liquid lipstick formula that dries down to a plush, velvety matte giving you blurred, flawless lips that won't cake or crack.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick by e.l.f.

"I bought this lip-gloss because it is a good price and I already tried baby lips and wanted to try more shades. I am addicted to it! I love how it hydrates your lips while giving it shine. I also love how it smells minty, adding to the freshness of it all. The Pink Lemonade shade for me adds a lot of color, it's very pink with shimmer/sparkle, if you want something less colorful and more natural go with Baby Lips. I love how this shade stays on longer than the other ones I've tried (baby lips and bark) I also bought the other colors and can't wait to try them. :)" - drugstore.com user

Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick by KVD Vegan Beauty

"This is legitimately the single BEST everyday lip stick I have ever serendipitously come across. I have naturally dry and sensitive skin so i usually stay away from lip color (usually ends up dry, cracking or peeling, but this product is hydrating and natural feeling that I may very well wear this on a daily basis. PRODUCT EXPERIENCE: First time ever applying and I was blown away. It's absolutely perfect, a naturally unnatural color mix of light cocoa and caramel. It gives me a natural sexy appeal without even trying. TEXTURE: Smooth, hydrating, subtle shine, strong pigment. **Have worn it on 2-3 different occasions and have no experienced dryness or cracking. WEAR: Long-lasting -a couple of hours wear (6-8 hrs) before applying another coat. When it does fade, gives a nice and natural ombré effect (socially acceptable). LIPSTICK CASE: Edgy/studded. at first it takes a good tug on the lid to remove open the lipstick but after several uses becomes too easy for the lid to easily slip off. CAUTION: Be sure to have a proper make up bag i̶f ̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶ once using frequently. Don't want to ruin the beloved product. ♥ THE STORY: Initially, I was ONLY browsing while my friend was looking specifically for "CATHEDRAL". She ranted & raved about how she really wanted it the last time she was in but that it was sold out from popularity. Thankfully she was able to find it and coincidentally there just so happened to be one more left. . .And YES, I nabbed the gem!! Did not get the chance to use it until the next day. But once I did, it was game over. It will probably be forever until I find another color to replace this. :) GL beauty brands. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3338802437585734341-full" data-show="-3338802437585734341-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Velour Liquid Lipstick - Holiday Collection 2018 by Jeffree Star

"It's quite hard to describe this wonderful colour. I'll start saying that 'Hi, how are ya?" is red. The undertone is a cold shade of pink-berries and, while applying the tint, you see it clearly and it gives so much to the final result. Glitters: you see them but they're not invasive at all, if you don't like them, you can wipe them off by gently dubbing with a tissue. I really find it amazing and extremely sofisticated. The tint formula I think it's a bit different, like more 'liquid' (perhaps because of glitters) but I've found it comfortable, not drying and long lasting as usual. The packaging is... Woah, soo glittery and lovely!" - beautybay user

Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer by bareMinerals

Gen Nude Metallic Patent Lip Lacquer from bareMinerals is a limited-edition metallic lip lacquer that gives you the coverage of a lipstick, plus the patent shine of a lip gloss, in just one swipe. In glistening metallic nude shades for all skin tones. 100% cruelty-free.

Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick by Lime Crime

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle - Lime Crime thought of Best of Velvetines. This kit includes three bestselling rich Mini Matte Velvetines in Red Velvet, Riot, and Wicked.

Velvetines Liquid Metallic Lipstick by Lime Crime

The original liquid metallic lipstick inspired by rose petals. Based on lime's crimes famed matte formula, metallic velvetine lipstick has the same staying power, but dry down to a luxurious 'liquid metal' finish. Touch-proof and totally opaque.

Dose Of Colors X Desi X Katy Velvet Liquid Lipstick by Dose of Colors

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Liquid Velvet Lipstick delivers maximum color pay off with a velvet finish. Feels comfortable and flexible on the lips.

Metallic Liquid Lipstick by BH Cosmetics

Bh cosmetics' metallic liquid lipstick - lush, long-lasting lip color that goes on wet and dries to a soft matte metallic finish that will not smudge, budge or transfer. The full-coverage formula comes in fashion-forward shades.

Liquid Lip Color by SugarPill

Experience SUGARPILL's buttery soft matte Liquid Lip Lipstick formula that's even more lightweight, comfortable, and longer lasting than ever before!

Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick by e.l.f.

E.l.f. Cosmetics metal matte liquid lipstick elevates your lip look with a long wearing, metallic formula. This creamy liquid lipstick formula dries down to a comfortable, petal-like finish with soft reflective shine.

Velour Liquid Lipstick - Summer 2018 Collection by Jeffree Star

"I purchased the velour Liquid lipstick in the shades ‘Cherry wet’ and ‘Thirst trap’. Both liquid lipsticks are high quality, extremely pigmented and beautiful shades! Cherry wet is a gorgeous Pinky Toned Red and looks delicious on the lips, it’s long lasting and dries perfect on my lips without it feeling drying! Thirst trap is a gorgeous Champayne pink colour which reflects beautifully! However because of the mouse formula it didn’t last as long as the matt shades!" - beautybay user

Lip Color by Milk Makeup

"This is my absolute favorite matte lipstick!! The formula is BEAUTIFUL!! It keeps my lips hydrated all day while having epic staying power & a matte finish - the ultimate combination! These make my lips look so smooth & soft. Highly recommend!! My favorites are OG Red & Name Drop! I also love Grrrl, Wifey, New Whip, & Dip Out! I want to get Freshhh next!Some criticisms would be that the bullet doesn't swivel all the way down so extra care needs to be taken when opening/closing. Also after using them a lot the small bullet loses its shape making precise direct application more difficult. One of the bullets also became loose & crooked in the tube. All this said these are still my favorite lipsticks because of the formula. It's just that amazing. My lips stay hydrated all day which is so rare for a true matte high pigment formula. Lipstick is my favorite product & these are really something special. « less" - milkmakeup.com user

Everlasting Glimmer Veil by KVD Vegan Beauty

An innovative, 24-hour wear liquid lipstick with a mesmerizing, glimmer finish.

Natural Lipstick by axiology

"I purchased infinite and worth (I think that Sephora named infinite as infinity, but anyways) and they are AMAZING! Wow, I seriously never knew that natural, vegan lipstick could be this beautiful.Infinite: a pretty, muted, sheer (but very buildable color) mulberry / almost plum but not! This is so pretty. If you have pigmented lips and need a daily wear (and honestly, would even work for night) lip shade, get this. I am going to be carrying this in my purse as it's that easy to apply and not mess up. It's definitely a fuss free lipstick that polishes up your whole look!Worth: a GORGEOUS burnt orange red. I love love love this. I used to have a MAC shade in a similar color, but MAC is not vegan nor cruelty free and MAC's was way too matte to the point where my lips would eventually look dry and cracked. Worth is so stunning and smooth and creamy and pigmented af. I'm in love and can't wait to wear this all summer. My tan, olive girls, this shade is for YOU!Thank you AXIOLOGY! I will be purchasing more shades, and I would repurchase these again! Good job Sephora - vegan and natural products work, work well, are chic and are the future! Kudos for carrying them! « less" - Sephora user

Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick by jouer

A weightless lipstick that offers full-coverage color with a soft-touch finish that glides on smoothly and lasts all day.

Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lipstick Set by KVD Vegan Beauty

"This is my first set of studded lipsticks by Kat Von D, and by far my favorite product that she makes. I enjoy all the colors that come with the set, the orange color ended up being the most vibrant and pretty, although i have no idea what i'll ever use it for! Pros: Very soft, smells good, easy to apply, and great texture. Not a matte or gloss finish, highly pigmented colors. Long wear Cons: I was disappointed in NaYeon (the glittery black) as well as the violet color, both were very sheer and could use a undercoat to help produce a more full coverage. Goldblooded is a very flattering color as well as fun! I love the shimmery look." - Sephora user

Mother Of All Lipstick Duo by KVD Vegan Beauty

A mini set of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and Studded Kiss Lipstick in most-loved shade, Mother, a dusty mauve pink.

Moisturizing Lipstick by e.l.f.

"I purchased Party In The Buff, Pink Minx, and Rosy-Go-Round all at Target about 6 months ago and I can't believe I haven't reviewed them sooner!These are the most moisturizing lipsticks I have, and not in an annoying, super creamy way. They have a velvet satin feel to them, and they actually hug the lips which, i think, is how they last a long time while still being highly moisturizing.They feel velvety smooth and last about 4-5 hours before a touch up is needed. The colors are pigmented, but not entirely opaque on the first swipe. On the second swipe, they completely cover your natural lip color.The packaging isn't the best or most glamorous, but it works just fine and that matters the most to me. The lipsticks also have a natural vanilla scent. Not too sweet or overpowering, similar to MAC lipsticks.My favorite color is Pink Minx. It's the most perfect my lips but better shade and makes my entire complexion look better.Party In The Buff is a gorgeous peachy nude shade, but it is very light. A lip liner or gloss could fix that if light nude isn't your style. I love the super nude look haha.Rosy-Go-Round is a deep berry fuchsia. It's absolutely gorgeous! Perfect bright color for any time of year.I definitely plan on buying all of the shades at some point soon. E.L.F. has made a wonderful product once again!(I thought I'd include bullet points, as they are easier to read for some people)Pros:- highly moisturizing and conditioning- lips stay moisturized long after the color has worn off- last 4-5 hours on lips- pigmented- gorgeous colors and great color selection- packaging is sleek- $3Cons:- can't find all of the colors at Target- would love more colors if possible ;)Overall, 102% recommend! :) « less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Day To Night Lipstick Duo by e.l.f.

This dual-ended e.l.f. Cosmetics day to night lipstick duo conveniently has a beautiful soft shade for day and a bolder shade for night. The velvety satin formula is enriched with shea, and vitamins a, c, and e to help nourish and hydrate.

Kitten Mini Smoke and Mirrors Grayscale Mini Lip Duo by KVD Vegan Beauty

A mini duo of Kat Von D’s bestselling Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, featuring Susperia and Melancholia - two shades specially paired for lip contouring.

Perlees Lipstick by Lime Crime

"I can't believe how great this lipstick is! I hate lipstick. It heavy and it smells bad and tastes bad and it feels heavy on my lips. Ewww. I actually got this for Halloween, intending to use it once and suffer through it for a night and pitch it. But what a revelation Lime Crime lipstick is!!! It doesn't smell. It feels like the best most nourishing lip balm. NOT heavy. NO yucky taste. This actually FEELS GOOD ON. I only lament the weird color, which oddly looks great on me, but isn't really my style at all. The color IS a deep rich color. Excellent pigment. Goes on so smooth and easy. Doesn't require a lot to achieve full coverage. Just one normal swipe and you're done. I got tons of compliments on this. Seriously, it just feels so good on. " - ebay.com user

Ofra x Manny MUA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Lip Set by ofra

The ofra x manny mua collaboration features three classic long lasting liquid lipstick shades! The youtube star teamed up with ofra cosmetics laboratories to create three personalized shades: aries, charmed and hypno! A $51 value!

Mini Rainbow Bundle by Jeffree Star

"*slightly lengthy* So, I'm going to go through each shade and give my thoughts. Diva: The formula is very similar to other JSC lipsticks, so you can expect your usual long lasting and pigmented shade! Redrum: Same as Diva! Smooth and easy to go on Queen bee: I did notice this shade was a lot thicker and it needs two coats for full coverage. I also noticed it doesn't go on as smooth because it's so thick, because there is a little bit of pulling, however it is still a very bright shade. Equality: This shade works really well, the formula is slight wetter than the others so it takes longer to dry, other than that, no problems. Breakfast at Tiffany's: this shade is so bright and such a lovely colour. It was similar to queen bee, but slightly less thick. Again, a second touch up may be required. Blue Velvet & I'm royalty: These shades are pretty much the exact same performance wise. The shades are lovely and the formula is great. In conclusion: some shades are better than others, the brighter shades are very pigmented but not totally perfect. They are still high quality and I totally recommend. I used these lipsticks for face painting (on myself) and they were great. A little bit hard to get off, though :')" - beautybay user

The Longwear Lipstick by 3INA

"I am a fan of the Smashbox matte longwear lip colors but they are pricy and the colors dry up quickly in the bottle and on your lips. However, this particular longwear lip color is sensational. The color is great for everyday wear: neutral but not too natural; colorful but not too much of a statement. It goes on smoothly and is very wet but dries quickly. The most amazing part is that it stays on without the color flaking or the product drying out your lips. The wand is excellent and you can even outline your lips with the color first before filling it in. So far I have had several cups of coffee and water without the color wearing off and it's been 4 hours! Guess I need one in every color now. Huge fan! " - Macy's user

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint by Tarte

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint is a full coverage, vegan liquid lipstick that provides a bold, matte look with a weightless, velvet texture and vibrant, non-drying mineral pigments.