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The 50 Best Vegan Foundations Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore vegan foundations are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15 by bareMinerals

"Product: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation in Light (25.00 for 0.28 ounces) Shade: Sheer light golden cream >> This product speaks for itself. It's made from pure, crushed minerals straight from our planet. It feels like a cream because it's so finely milled, applied like a powder - but never looks caky, and makes the skin like you've layered silk on it. It's the makeup that feels and looks like no makeup - but your face will be perfected. It's made without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances/Dyes, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates. Parabens are said to lead to cancer in woman, while synthetic items are not healthy for the skin. It won't irritate the skin or cause breakouts, which is a relief to all ladies~! According to the statistics on Sephora 98% of woman said their skin looked softer, smoother, and younger. 90% saw IMPROVEMENT in their SKIN with continuous use - a foundation that makes you not need to use foundation. 93% noticed that their skin looked more radiant! >> So, what's my true opinion? I have 2 containers of this foundation, both mini sized. (10 Day Full Face Samples from Sephora.) They have lasted me for a year of light usage from day to day. (Not everyday of course, maybe 2-3 weeks of full face usage if you add it up.) What I'm trying to get at is this stuff lasts. The samples - that were free - lasted a good time for being a sample. I don't have the full size product, I want to get it, but I can bet you that it will last just as long. Obviously longer because it's bigger! Another nice thing is that it comes in so many different shades. I always feel annoyed when I look at a foundation and think, wow. There's 5 shades, and they're all for pale skinned girls. Really, leaving people out in makeup! Not cool! Being light skinned, I don't have a lot of problems, but some of my best friends have olive and darker skin. It's not fair that they can't use my favorite foundation, especially if we have the same skin type. This foundation comes in 20 shades, so any girl can find their perfect fit. >> Besides that this foundation is certified organic it feels just plain good on the skin. I like to buff this on with a Kabuki Brush (small, dense, face brush.) for perfect application. The key to awesome looking skin is to begin by getting a chunk of product on the brush. Now swirl the brush in the cap to get a thin layer of powder on each bristle. Then, tap on the side of the cap so the excess falls in, and voila! You have a brush with the perfect amount of powder evened out. It has light to medium coverage, depending how much you layer it. It works good on girls who have redness, light blemishes, light acne scars, un-even skin tone, etc. If you have bad acne, and dark acne scars this might not be the best for you. But don't feel down! Apply your favorite foundation on first, and then apply this on top. It leaves anything powdery and fake with a soft natural glow. Of course, no sparkle. >> The packaging on this is simple and sleek. The bottom is clear so you can see how much foundation you have, the and the top is matte black. To finish, this foundation has sunscreen, something every girl needs. Obviously you want to apply a sunscreen prior to foundation (apply a separate one for more protection of course!) but this adds a little more strength. Effectiveness: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Packaging: 8/10 Ease Of Use: 10/10 Overall: 10/10 Grade: A+ Love this product all around - it's a great buy! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-8674483314418737739-full" data-show="-8674483314418737739-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Loose Powder Matte Foundation SPF 15 by bareMinerals

"Bare Escendtuals' new matte foundation is the product I've been looking for all my life. I have disgustingly oily skin that makes my face shine like a solar panel. After trying so many products that promised the moon I finally found one that delivers real results.Staying power: Normally about 3 hours after I apply my makeup oil starts to seep through. After 4-5 hours my entire face (not just my T-zone) looks like the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. After 8 hours my make-up is sliding off of my face. Using BM Matte foundation I don't see any shine on my face until around 6 hours after I apply. My face only gets really shiny after about 8 hours. Then I simply apply some blotting powder, and I'm set for another 3 hours or so. This makeup truly lasts all day. Out of the zillions of other "mattifying" products I've tried this is the *only* one that works.Coverage: Like most mineral makeups, BM Matte provides a light to medium coverage. It evens skin tone and minimizes pores, but for larger blemishes like pimples or scars you definitely need some concealer.Application: BM Matte is easy to apply. I recommend using their oil-control primer in order to prep your skin. Apply primer, and allow 1-2 minutes to dry. Then use a thick soft brush (I use a Kabuki brush) and follow the instructions. Be sure not to apply too much otherwise your make up will look powdery. Mineral makeup has to "settle in" so to speak, so start slow. Mineral make-up can be somewhat annoying because it gets everywhere. I'm usually very careful not to let any spill, but somehow I usually find tiny hills of powder on my counter. I do love the new locking system that prevents all of the powder from spilling out if you carry the container in your purse.Finish: BM Matte provides an excellent finish that makes my skin radiant and matte. It doesn't, however, give you that air-brushed look like liquid foundation or anything with heavier coverage. However, it does look way more natural.Color: BM creates enough shades that it's easy to match your foundation to your skin type. Their lightest color is a lot lighter than many other foundations, so fair-skinned ladies rejoice. Their colors are very easy to blend so you can get just the right shade. I use fair and fairly light, and I no longer have to worry about that hideous line that divides my face from my neck. One thing to watch out for is that the foundation does become a bit orange from oxidizing. However, this is easily fixed by blotting powder. I use a medium tone blotting powder, and it makes my foundation looks perfect again.Skin-friendly: I can't vouch for the quality of the ingredients or their ability to clear up your skin, but I can say that BM is a lot better for your skin than most foundations. It's light so it doesn't clog pores, and you don't get that heavy feeling at the end of the day like you've got mud on your face. I really love the fact that it protects your skin from the sun, because sun-block clogs my pores like nothing else (not to mention it makes my face even *oilier*). However, you do have to be careful because it does dry your skin out a little. Your face naturally produces oil in order to keep it moisturized, so the lack of oil created from the matte finish means your skin will dry (especially if you use the oil-control primer). However, the drying is not as severe as many acne-fighting products, so I simply started applying moisturizer in the morning as well as at night and I don't have a problem. « less" - Sephora user

Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25 by bareMinerals

A clean, water-based, liquid foundation in a stick that combines hydrating skincare benefits and SPF with naturally-radiant, buildable, medium coverage.

Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder by Jane Iredale

"I've used Jane Iredale products since they first came on the market. I absoutely LOVE this line. The products I use the most are the mineral loose powder, blush, powdered eye shadow & eyeliners. I will never return to using liquid foundations. I've received sample sizes of other brands of mineral makeup & nothing compares to Jane Iredale. I'm hooked. The JI products I've tried provide great coverage without appearing like you put your makeup on with a trowel.. The products are long lasting (seldom need to refresh makeup during the day), the colors stay true after applying the product, no streaking, smearing/smudging & you will not leave traces of your makeup on clothing or anywhere else. Easy to remove at the end of the day & does not clog your pores. General overall appearance of my skin has improved since using JI. Throughout my life, my skin has been sensitive, oily & dry. I've never had a reaction to any JI product. Price is reasonable & products last for months. I use the products daily. I could be a self appointed spokesperson for the JI line. It is the best stuff I've ever used & I've been wearing makeup for-let's just say for many years. Do your self a favor & try any one of the Jane Iiredale products. You won't be disappointed. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Beauty.com user

Peach Perfect Foundation by Too Faced

"This is my new favorite foundation. I have very oily skin with dry patches that sometimes spring up because of my eczema, but it is still very smoothing and does not exaggerate dryness and wears all day. I start to get a bit shiny around the 9/10 hour mark, but this foundation has lasted through a 12 hour day and still looked beautiful and in tact when I took it off. This reminds me so much of the Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is actually not that much of a surprise considering they own Too Faced now. To me, it has all the benefits of double wear without some of the drawbacks, like the heaviness, sometimes cakiness, and no pump double wear has. It is so light on the skin and I do find it to have good and buildable coverage. Strangely, I find the coverage to look fuller once it has set, so I only use a half pump to a full pump for my whole face now. I also love that this comes with 1.6oz of product and for $36! It is also truly transfer resistant, which double wear has never been on me. This also doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, hasn't broken me out, and though I don't like the smell of peaches, I don't mind it at all in this. I am glad I've found this because I've always loved the double wear but was looking for something similar that was lighter, had a pump, etc. and this is it. My only complaint is that the shade range leaves much to be desired. I wear Vanilla but have more golden undertones. I can pull off Vanilla okay, but wish they would come out with more shades for everyone to be able to find their shade as this formula is that good. I am have a light-medium to medium skin tone and the fact that I wear the 3rd shade in the line is a testament to how small the range is. If you are fairer-skinned or deeper-skinned you will most likely not find a shade, and Too Faced needs to fix that. However, if you can find your shade now, and are looking for a great foundation, I would say do not hesitate on this one. The matching primer is also great and pairs well. « less" - Sephora user

Studio Skin 24 Hour Oil-Free Hydra Foundation by Smashbox

Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Oil-Free Hydra Foundation is a high-performing liquid foundation powered by Hyaluronic Acid that's proven to stay put for 24 hours.

Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation by BECCA

An oil-free, full-coverage, liquid foundation that looks and feels weightless on skin with 24-hour, water-, sweat-, humidity-, and transfer-resistant wear.

BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20 by bareMinerals

A skin-improving, 24-hour, breathable, matte liquid foundation with Mineral Lock technology to blend pigments with lipids and lock-in full coverage.

Power Play Foundation by Cover FX

"First let me start off be emphasizing that my T zone is so unbelievably oily that I felt like giving up on foundation all together. I was ready to accept the fact that foundation just didn't belong on my skin because after a few hours it would break apart in a way that is so obvious, completely slide off my nose and ruin my entire look (I'm looking at you, Nars Radiant Longwear). I've tried so many different foundations and have been on the quest for a foundation that was yellow toned enough for my fair/light yellow skin tone AND wouldn't break apart horribly on my T zone and I think that this foundation is finally THE ONE. It is definitely NOT full coverage so if that's what you're looking for, stay away. I think it looks beautiful on my skin and wears beautifully. It doesn't settle into my fine lines on my forehead at all! At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, my skin is practically perfect besides slight redness on my cheeks and my oily T zone so it still shows off my nice skin through the foundation and looks pretty natural while still covering my redness. It does start to fade around my chin after 6-7 hours (please keep in mind that I'm INCREDIBLY oily) but since it's not full coverage it doesn't look bad and I do not mind it at all. I hated the packaging at first because it's plastic with a needle nose tip but it's actually really easy to throw in my purse and keep with me for a touch up later on. When I do touch up my problem areas it actually blends in with the rest of my makeup unlike other foundations that literally will not stick on my face while trying to do a touch up. I hadn't heard about this until I saw it at the store and I'm so glad I decided to take a risk and buy it. I cannot see myself trying another foundation; I honestly feel like this is my ride or die. Natural looking, great color match, wears nicely, doesn't emphasize fine lines. Please give this a try, you won't be disappointed! Less" - Sephora user

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation by Tarte

A talc-free, 12-hour medium-coverage, weightless powder foundation.

The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 by Physicians Formula

"I've tried a few foundations from physician's formula that have actually been amazing (youthful wear, argan wear bb cream) but the shade range has been so bad that I could only use these if I have a tan. This one really surprised me with the shade range, the quality of the product and the packaging. I got the shade LW2 (the lightest warm shade) and it is a perfect match. For reference, I am close to the shade 120 Buff in Almay's Best Blend Forever foundation. I didn't notice any oxidation with this foundation.It has a medium coverage - but it looks smooth and flawless. it also doesn't pick up on any of my dry patches, or break up on me throughout the day as most foundations do. I apply this with a real techniques blending sponge (which is my preferred method with every foundation). It has a natural finish - I don't feel like I need to set it on my combo skin. Lastly, I wish this would have a higher SPF or no SPF at all. SPF 20 isn't enough for me to wear this without any other sun protection, and it may cause flashback. I have not tested it for flashback yet so I do not know if that will occur.As for the packaging, I personally love the large doe foot applicator. It's so easy to apply the perfect amount every time. I wish the bottle was plastic, not glass though. It feels very luxurious but I'm afraid I will break it if it drops.I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review. « less" - walmart.com user

Lock-It Foundation by KVD Vegan Beauty

"I am really in love with this product! I find it to be one of the most versatile foundations I have ever used. I like being able to customize the coverage and finish of my foundation through combining different products instead of buying a bunch of different foundations. Because of the high pigment content Lock-It Foundation is perfect for this.When used straight from the bottle, it is as promised- incredibly full coverage with a beautiful matte finish that is not so flat that it makes your skin look dull. I would describe it as more of a porcelain-doll matte finish. You definitely want to wear a moisturizer before applying (especially if dry), and I would also recommend light daily exfoliation as well. It will cling to rough patches. True to most matte foundations, it will also dry you out a bit. I have experimented and found that the best way to apply it straight from the bottle is with a traditional synthetic fiber foundation brush- which is funny to me, because I usually hate them! A full pump usually works for my entire face. Wears well throughout the whole day.I am also able to achieve light or moderate coverage with this foundation simply by mixing it on the back of my hand in different ratios with whatever moisturizer I feel is appropriate for my skin that day. For me, one part foundation to 3 or 4 parts moisturizer for sheer and natural coverage. Equal parts foundation to moisturizer for moderate coverage. This method allows me to customize the coverage and hydration I get as well as allows me the option of adding sunscreen to my foundation. This is important, as my skin only tolerates certain sunscreen ingredients. My favorite to combine this with is CeraVe facial sunblock. You will have to experiment to evaluate how it works with your moisturizers. I would recommend a light moisturizer or serum before applying this as well, as it is easier to blend and apply this way. I find that I can use a stippling brush or buffing brush as well as a traditional foundation brush when the foundation is thinned out. The finish may change slightly depending on the moisturizer used, but I have found that it stays about the same. A half a pump should do you. Turning it into a tinted moisturizer can shorten the wear time, but I usually still get through the whole day looking darn fine.If I decide I want a dewier or more radiant look for the day, I will add in a liquid highlighter. Highly highly recommend Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter. It's gorgeous. Works well mixed with the straight foundation or tinted moisturizer creation. If you want a bit more of a subtle radiance, use a powder sparingly over the top like Bare Minerals Radiance powdersTroubleshooting: A couple issues I ran into.-This dries fast! Apply it in small amounts to small areas and blend out from there.-This foundation sometimes seems to "skip" over large pores, especially straight from the bottle. Working in your small areas, blend using the flat side over the area and then you stipple it into the pores using the "point" of the foundation brush with the little bit that is left on the bristles. Blend out again gently with the flat side if needed.-If you find that instead the foundation is filling up your pores, you are probably applying too much at once. Apply less product at a time- you can build this if you use light layers.-A powder over this is optional, unless you are particularly oily. When mixed with moisturizer, you are more likely to need a setting powder. Use a very soft brush and pat the powder on, instead of sweeping it. I've noticed it can wear off a bit in some areas when powder is swept on with a rougher brush.-Let it finish setting for a few minutes before applying other products such as blush over it. Again, I find I get best results with softer brushes and a mixture of patting and light circular blending. Cream, gel, or liquid products over it- pat only!Hope this helps you lovely ladies, and you can get as much enjoyment out of this product as I do! « less" - Sephora user

Ultra Foundation Pro by FACE Atelier

"This foundation has the perfect level of coverage and has a moist dewy finish that does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I use Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer with SPF 30 as my base moisturizer. I do not use loose or pressed powder and the make-up lasts all day! There is only one drawback - and it's very minor.....the pump take a very strong, firm finger to press it down. I would like to see a change in the level of difficulty in pressing the pump. I have to use my thumb to dispense a full measure of the product. :( Other that than, it's great! CRC is an excellent company and ships with speed and the product is packaged with excellence for no leaks or breakage. " - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 by Tarte

A comfortable and non-caking formula powered by Amazonian clay for vegan, oil-free coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

Liquid Minerals A Foundation by Jane Iredale

Hydrate your skin with jane iredale's Liquid Minerals A Foundation, a light-reflecting formula for sheer to medium coverage.

Oxygenating Foundation by Oxygenetix

"I read about this product in a magazine and took a gamble that the taupe shade would work on my skin. I absolutely love it! I dot one pump over my face and blend with a foundation brush. It offers light coverage which can be layered for additional coverage. I add a dusting of mineral powder to set and remove shine. It feels very light on the skin and doesn't melt in the Texas heat. My skin looks like great skin, not like skin wearing foundation. " - dermstore user

Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation by dermablend

Pull an all nighter. Steal the spotlight. Whatever your coverage need, camouflage it flawlessly with dermablend's smooth liquid camo foundation, a medium coverage liquid foundation.

Extra Tinted Moisturizing Balm  SPF 25 by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I really struggled with making yet another foundation purchase after trying numerous products over the years. I am completely thrilled with the results. At 54 years I have some noticeable changes to my skin: fine lines, redness, hyper pigmentation from the sun and an overall loss of glow- this product was amazing and I truly mean that. It provided light to medium coverage (I applied with a damp, good quality sponge# and evened out my skin tone without settling into a single fine line. There is absolutely no powdery, cakey, or gloppy cream finish- no exaggeration of lines/wrinkles. Instead my skin looks truly fresh and dewy- not shiny; no unrealistic glittery components in the finish- just bright, youthful looking skin. I know I sound like a commercial for this product but I'm writing with passion for all of you, who- like me- thought I could never feel comfortable in my own skin again. I have some areas of redness in the creases of my nose which require more coverage- for that I used the BB foundation stick #also applied with a damp, good quality sponge# for beautiful coverage. These two products combined gave me a light, dewy complexion all over #from the moisturizing balm# and beautiful coverage of my redness -precisely and ONLY where needed #from the foundation stick#. The two products blended together beautifully- no kidding, seamlessly. I was also concerned about getting a good color match shopping online. As a young woman my complexion was very fair #almost porcelain) with age and sun exposure it has darkened substantially in some areas. Finding a good match has been impossible. The Light to Medium Tinted Moisturizing Balm was perfect- how it works across the multiple shades of my skin- I don't understand- but it does! It is worth every penny- it takes just a small amount to get my whole face, neck, deco looking beautiful without a trace of looking like I'm wearing makeup. For the foundation stick I took a chance and tried Sand. Again perfect! Most foundations I have tried made red areas look even redder and still didn't cover and made the rest of my complexion too orange. These two products cooled down my complexion. I am so happy I tried these products! I am a Bobbi Brown convert. I once again have the lovely complexion of my past- and am getting compliments once again. Try it, if it somehow does not work for you return it- taking a chance was a gift to myself. I have such confidence now- especially in bright daylight- nothing to hide anymore! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3151377659253191168-full" data-show="3151377659253191168-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bobbibrowncosmetics.com user

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick by Hourglass

"I did a first impression video with this foundation on my Channel at Lauren Alexandra . I have to say at first i wasnt sure about this product i liked it but wasnt amazed like i have been by other foundations in the past. The more i wore it the more i fell in love with it. I know its hard to get a real feel for a product when you do first impressions thats why i try to update in future videos if i liked it or was it a miss for me. I have to say i love this foundation so much i ended up putting it in my monthly favorites! I find it lasts more then 12 hour days on me it looks just as flawless and perfect at 10Pm that it did at 6am on my skin. I am funning around at work and it doesnt budge at all even when your putting the rest of your makeup on it still looks amazing nothing moves. I was stuck in the rain and trust me i got drenched my makeup didnt budge even a little i was shocked! so yes i will say this is sweat and water resistant (long as your not wipping your face I personally patted my face) This is very creamy goes on very smoothly i feel this is a great plus sometimes with stick foundations they can be a little dry and drag on your skin not this one! Very easy to blend out and i love how this foundation doesnt make me look dry nor does it dry my skin out it has a little hydration to it. I find the way this is shapped its easy to apply specially in small areas. I wish it had a little more product in it for the price because i see myself going through it a little faster then a liquid foundation but i will be more then happy to re purchase its worth it in my options. I love how this is medium to full coverage just depending on what your trying to cover up and how much you use. I do not feel this on my face at all its very light weight and easy to wear it looks like your skin but so much better. I personally use my Artis brush i find its more full coverage and you get alot more out of it compared to if you use a BB that will sheer it out and you will need to use alot more to cover. I cannot say enough good things about this foundation i personally just love it and the more i wear it the more i love it! Less" - Sephora user

Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation by Revolution Beauty

Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation offers lightweight yet buildable coverage in 24 skin-true shades, this versatile foundation is designed to suit every skin type and tone.

Born This Way Foundation by Too Faced

"Despite the reviews about this product being bad for dry skin, when paired with the right primer (I use Benefit’s Porefessional Hydrating) it can work well with any skin type! I’m in show choir and I could wear this product all day during competitions and it would look exactly the same as when I put it one in the morning (except for minor forehead and smile line creases, but that’s always been a problem for me)." - mira user

Lock-it Powder Foundation by KVD Vegan Beauty

"let me say my skin is a mess. i'm currently on 2 perscriptions for acne, my skin is oily AND dehydrated, sensative, red, and textured, plus i have genetic deep under eye and smile lines. i know. so i have every problem on the face of the earth. This makes finding foundation TERRIBLY HARD! I've spent probably thousands of dollars on every possible liquid and stick foundation at sephora and drugstore. however with all my issues I need full coverage so obviously i never even considered a powder. until i tried probably my 40th foundation that creased my under eyes and smile lines and sunk into my pores and made me look 50 years older (I'm only 18!). i was at a loss of what to do next! until i came across this and saw full coverage powder foundation?! looks too good to be true. i gave it a shot. let me tell you. this is BEAUTIFUL. yes if you have as many issues as me you'll have to spot conceal but I completely expected that considering everything going on. I started using it with a densely packed foundation brush and wasn't getting much coverage, then i went in with a damp beautyblender and WOW! it looked just like liquid foundation BUT it didn't settle anywhere or cling onto any of my dry patches AND IT COVERED! you get this beautiful airbrushed finish that looks like skin that doesn't feel powdery once set. Now I get oily on my t-zone and especially my chin and nose, usually i don't have issues with foundation breaking up on my forehead but I will say this isn't super long lasting nor did it stay completely matte on my skin (i didn't mind the slight glow coming through though). without a primer it broke up a bit on my nose and chin but that always happens, with smashbox water primer i noticed it definitely stayed on longer. however since it's a compact i don't mind since you can just carry it for touch ups. LONG STORY SHORT GET THIS IF YOUR SKEPTICAL! hope this helps you trouble skinned beauties out there!" - sephora user

Total Control Drop Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

"I love this foundation. I am very pale; I bought the shade 'Alabaster' because the palest shade looked verrry white (a+ shade range). I can't really speak on the range of the darker shades but they look impressive for drugstore products. The color matches me if I add enough bronzer, because it may be too pale at times. (To compare shades with other foundations I use 110 in Maybelline's Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation which looks too dark for me, but keeps me from being pasty.) Back to the foundation. I have medium oily skin. I used the Coty Airspun powder and the Maybelline fit me powder on top of the foundation which I always use so I can not speak on the staying power by itself. After at least 7 hours, the foundation looked flawless. I bought the Nyx total control brush as well to achieve maximum results. With the brush the application is flawless. As to how the number of drops controls the level of coverage there suggestion is a little incorrect. I use about 4 drops to start then add more to achieve the level of coverage I want. This foundation layers well and covered up my redness (which I could never cover before. The foundation can definitely give full coverage. At my work, a group of people even commented on my face saying I had "natural beauty", my skin was flawless, and they couldn't tell if I had makeup or not on. As to the price, it was a little higher than most drugstore products and I had to order online because I was unsure I would find my shade and the brush in store.When I got the foundation I was shocked the see the size of the product, the dimensions are about 1.5 in x 1 in when I was expecting larger. I think the price could be a bit cheaper due to the size but you can easily find coupons for nyx products (I used to buy 2 get 1 50% off). All in all, I would definitely recommend to a friend I absolutely adore this foundation. Less" - ulta.com user

PhotoFocus Stick Foundation by Wet n Wild Beauty

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Stick Foundation delivers long lasting coverage in a breakthrough, lightweight, multi-dimensional formula that applies to a flawless semi-matte finish.

BarePRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation by bareMinerals

Buy bareminerals barepro performance wear powder foundation at ulta beauty for those days that never end. It has 12-hour long-wear intensity.

Flawless Creator Lightweight Foundation by dermablend

Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation Drops is the Winner of O, The Oprah Magazine Beauty Awards. These oil-free liquid foundation makeup drops, contain a high concentration of pigments with weightless coverage that's blendable, buildable and customizable.

Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation by Covergirl

Show off fresh, healthy skin you with Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, this lightweight nourishing liquid foundation gives your skin the moisture boost it craves with a delicate infusion of milky coconut and soothing aloe.

Acne Fighting Foundation by e.l.f.

This lightweight e.l.f. Cosmetics acne fighting foundation works to disguise redness, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Coverage Foundation by the ordinary

"I meant to order the serum foundation! So when this arrived and I tried it I was shocked by the coverage - I don't like high coverage foundation but I really like this! I would say the coverage is medium/medium-full but super buildable! I don't conceal when I use this because it's so good at covering! My only negative is I don't like how this settles under my eyes - but I haven't used a face primer in years and I've bought one to try out with this! Hopefully that fixes the issue. I'll update that on my review of the serum foundation (as i've bought the intended one!) because I won't wear this high coverage every day! You really do not need a lot of this stuff if you're going for a sheer-medium coverage (half a pump!) but a 1 1/2 pumps should be enough for a medium to medium full coverage and anything on top would be full coverage for sure! Also the shade range is super impressive! I think this shade matches my neck (which I've never found a shade light enough to do so!) But it might even be too light! I really love this foundation!" - beautybay user

Alight Clean Foundation by pacifica

Get the flawless coverage of your dreams in 30 shades designed for real skin tones with the Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation. This innovative, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested formula goes on smooth, covers pores and lasts throughout the day.

Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

Lightweight, waterproof and pigmented AF, NYX Professional Makeup's Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation hustles as hard as you do. This comfy liquid formula comes in 45 flattering tones that don't transfer.

Flawless Finish Foundation by e.l.f.

Flawless Finish Foundation is e.l.f. Cosmetics best-selling liquid foundation! The lightweight, oil-free formula blends naturally into skin for a beautiful semi-matte finish that last all day long. The liquid formulation restores uneven skin textures and tones for visibly brighter skin.

Babassu Foundcealer Skincare Foundation SPF 20 by Tarte

Tarte Babassu Foundcealer Skincare Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is a vegan, skincare foundation, AKA your total complexion solution. This vegan makeup & skincare hybrid delivers an ultra-comfortable, natural radiant finish & medium customizable coverage so you can live your day, your way.

Intense Powder Camo by dermablend

Dermablend Intense Powder Camo Medium Coverage Foundation is an oil-free, medium to full coverage powder foundation makeup with a matte finish. This blendable, ultra-buildable, mattifying powder foundation delivers all-day flawless wear for combination skin and oily skin.

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation by Milk Makeup

An ultra-weightless, full-coverage foundation with an oil-free, silicone-free formula that lets skin breathe.

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint by Morphe

"Ok so I purchased this in shade hint of marshmallow (based on Ulta's survey recommendation) in most foundation shade ranges, I'm the fairest shade in a neutral undertone, if not, the second fairest. I also have oily skin, which is why I was nervous ab this but I've really been seeking after a more casual lighter coverage foundation as my skin has really improved over the last couple years (THANK YOU SKINCARE BY HYRAM!!!!)I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and actually really begun to loooove it. If you have oily skin like me, definitely put a nice primer under it (I use the gripping jelly pop primer by ELF) I definitely have to powder my face to touch up just slightly more often than usual but it isn't bad. The need for this decreases when I wear a primer. If you use this the right way (primer, powder and setting spray) it works so well!!! It's really beautiful and I like that the coverage isn't super light, so you can build it up. Or if you want it lighter you can mix with a moisturizer which is cool! However if you do have fine lines under your eyes like me, definitely don't put this in that area. I usually blend my foundation into my eye area, but when I did that with this product it creased a decent amount more than usual even tho I put foundation on. My advice to you is to avoid the under eye area and only use your favorite concealer that won't set into your wrinkles! (If you happen to be looking for one, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics concealer is bomb if u have fine lines!) over all I'm super happy and definitely just found my favorite everyday "foundation"!!!! If you're thinking about buying it, get it!!! Less" - ulta.com user

Flex Foundation Stick by Milk Makeup

"First time buying a foundation stick and I’m absolutely impressed. I bought this with low expectations because I’ve tried other brands for foundation sticks (albeit they were usually cheap drugstore ones, no tea no shade on drugstore makeup but sometimes it is bad quality). HOWEVER, this not only way surpassed all my expectations, but it also made me consider becoming more of a stick/ cream formula gal. What I can say about it- it does not sit on top of the skin and look caked, it blends out seamlessly using anything (fingers, brushes, sponges) and looks so natural and radiant, giving that perfect skin look! It’s also one of my favorite foundations because it matches having multiple undertones in the skin, like the Stellar foundation (which I also love). My skin has some pinky peach undertones as well as golden/ neutral undertones. I’ve tried several kinds of foundations that only offer one undertone, so it almost matches my skin perfectly but not quite. Those usually leave me choosing between color matching to my face or to my neck. But this, it matches up perfectly for both. Also I love how long wearing this foundation is. The first time I used it, I didn’t use a primer to see how well it lasted throughout the day, and I could wear it for 8 hours before it kind of moved on my face. Then when I used it with primers, it lasted 10+ hours depending on the weather and activities I was doing that day. It’s easy to touch up with a tiny bit of setting or blotting powders to extend the wear though. Honestly you could probably get a good 16+ hours wearing this foundation if you have the right products to touch it up throughout the day. I’m absolutely in love with it, it’s become my go to foundation especially on the days where I have to get ready quick! Definitely worth the purchase. Very happy I tried it. Less" - Sephora user

Pressed Mineral Foundation by Cover FX

"I LOVE my pressed mineral foundation! This is my holy grail foundation that provides natural everyday coverage that is buildable!A Sephora rep recommended it, after I told her I was loving another vegan foundation which was in liquid form, but it was breaking out my sensitive skin. This put me on a search for something that provided coverage without a lot of steps, looked natural, was vegan and cruelty-free, didn't break me out, and matched my skin tone. She recommended this, and said that was good for people with sensitive skin who may easily break out.I have recently made the change to vegan and cruelty free beauty products, and was initially concerned that I'd find products that wouldn't be effective, match my skin in a natural way, or provide effective coverage. I was wrong!I've tried another pressed mineral foundation in the past, which settled into fine lines I didn't even know existed! So, I was initially skeptical of trying another pressed mineral foundation.Not only does this pressed mineral foundation meet all of my above needs, but it is SUPER EASY AND FAST to get natural good coverage, that is buildable, depending on application. I just use a face brush with the powder for easy everyday natural coverage of any imperfections, and I'm out the door! If I happen to have a breakout at the time, I use the sponge provided to press the product on for slightly greater coverage. I like the overall matte look it provides, since I don't like powder foundations that leave you glittery. I generally have great skin, and this pressed mineral foundation just accentuates my glow.It's quick, easy, looks awesome, and I love it! Less" - coverfx.com user

Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30 by Milk Makeup

A weightless, sheer liquid foundation that hydrates skin while providing buildable, natural-looking coverage and sun protection.

Total Cover Cream Foundation by Cover FX

"This product is a miracle for me for many reasons... First…I have extremely sensitive skin. An example: I changed deodorants. After a few hours of wear it looked like I had 3rd degree burns under my arms. I washed it off but within a few more hours my entire body broke out in dime to quarter sized bright red rings with dull cracked skin inside. The rings and skin inside them were sore and painful. My underarms felt like they had branding irons against them. I could not put my arms down without intense pain. It looked horrifying. The diagnosis was "Contact Dermatitis" by an allergist and a dermatologist. It lasted 13 months. Over a year of suffering from a simple change of deodorant. Second…my skin is very fair with very neutral undertones. Most product lines do not offer a shade light enough for me and if they do it's too pink or too yellow. My skin is normal to dry but can have bouts of oiliness if I come in contact with an airborne irritant (e.g., perfume, bleach, ammonia, cigarette smoke, onions, etc.). I decided to purchase the Total Cover Cream Foundation as it is the only formula that offers N0 (N Zero) as a shade option. I really wanted to try the N0 shade because it looked like "my color". I am over the moon! N0 is my first perfect match! The color is PERFECT; very light, very neutral. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT! I'm in awe of the formula as well! It's very easy to control and the coverage is buildable. I use a Beauty Blender and lightly dab the foundation on, working one area at a time. I use clean fingertips for additional blending where needed. It applies easily. It blends easily. It doesn't catch on dryness. It doesn't highlight texture issues. My skin looks polished and radiant. The finish is luminous. Beautiful! Next, I check to see if any areas need a little extra coverage. I love that I can add more just where I need it. The coverage builds with ease and blends out perfectly. This foundation covers it all: redness around the nose, blemishes, discoloration, etc. I use this foundation as my under eye concealer now as well! I apply it using the Beauty Blender or the included sponge in a gentle dabbing motion. I use clean fingertips to carefully blend any areas that need a little extra blending. TBH I am amazed at how well it works! It doesn't settle into imperfections. It doesn't feel dry. It has a soft, slightly moist feel making it comfortable to wear near the eyes. It stays put all day or all night! This product is a great multi-tasker! Using the same product as foundation, general concealer, and under eye concealer creates a truly seamless look! I have worn this foundation with and without a setting powder. I think most will need a setting powder and Cover FX offers two: the Illuminating Setting Powder and the Matte Setting Powder. I love the Illuminating Setting Powder in Light! Those with oilier skin may prefer the Matte Setting Powder as well as the Matte Primer. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this foundation. It is truly a dream come true, HG, miracle foundation for me! I am so grateful to Cover FX for creating it! I am hoping more products become available in my beloved N0 shade as it is perfection! I can't wait to get more from this wonderful line! <3 <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

4-In-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer by pür

"I am in love with this foundation...I had been previously using Mac studio fix and I thought it worked well but wanted to look for something else. I was at a local beauty store and I asked the clerk what they were using because their skin looked perfect and they said this. I immediately bought some and fell in love! It covers every imperfection you have, goes on so smooth, and lasts all day. I got badly sunburnt and my forehead was RED. I had a big work event and was expecting to look like a lobster but I put this foundation on and you couldn't even tell I was burnt! That's how amazing it is! You only need a tiny bit of product to cover your whole face.. the most I use is 1 1/2 squirts. It sits well on your face, it doesn't feel heavy or oily. It just gives my skin a healthy, luminescent look that I love. Also having the concealer brush option is great too for places you need a little extra coverage. I'm so glad I asked that clerk about their foundation! Less" - purcosmetics.com user

Veil Fluid Makeup by Hourglass

A concentrated foundation that minimizes the signs of aging by helping smooth the appearance of wrinkles for a natural-looking, radiant complexion.

FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation by Ecco Bella

"I've tried a lot of foundations and the Ecco Bella FlowerColor is my one of my all-time favorites, and by far my favorite for an affordable natural foundation. It provides a nice medium coverage, goes on smooth (especially with a Beauty Blender) and gives you a nice glow-y finish. Whenever I wear this foundation I get tons of compliments on my skin.I have olive skin that tans and fades, so I wear the Natural color in the winter when I'm pale, and the Linen in the summer when I have some color.The only foundation I like better is Arbonne's Perfecting Liquid Foundation, but it is literally twice the price. " - vitacost.com user

Tinted Face Oil Foundation by Kosas

"I dont normally wear makeup but recently was trying to find some sort of foundation to even out my skintone without looking like a glam doll or drying out my skin with powders. (Not to mention: getting dumped after getting a job with a salary prompted a luxury makeup splurge) Kosas face oil really does go on incredibly lightweight, and can be mixed into your skin in just a minute or two using only your fingertips. It is *perfect* for my mornings. I went from wearing no makeup to this 3.5 face oil + rosewater lipstick + helios cream blush and can do it all in 10 minutes with just my hands :)) I have pretty sensitive skin and haven't had any breakouts after wearing it for a full week, and feel beautiful. It is truly a velvety finish, and my skin doesnt feel greasy at all (I actually thought it felt strangely dry at first, see below)My only issue is that it tends to cling badly to dry spots, and creases by the eyelid and under eye bags (which is no joke in a midwest, michigan winter) admittedly it was so jarring I was really disappointed at first. In a few tries I figured out that if I use a tiny bit of light exfoliant in the shower (neutrogena daily acne scrub- I used to use this for acne before switching to clinique) in my dry spots, in addition to my normal acne care, my skin is nice and smooth for my makeup that morning or the next day. Before the face oil I typically put on some moisturizer (neutrogena hydro boost gel or kroger's generic alternative) and milani's hydrating face primer- which stops the creasing. I finish up with a swipe of mascara and a spritz of milani's setting spray and boom its only been ten minutes and I feel really pretty.If I want to go a little glam for the night I just add color correcting to my under eyes and add kosas's globe liquid eyeshadow which is SO QUICK and so pretty 10/10The foundation can pill depending on what you put under it but with the combo I listed above I haven't had any issues.Also. I have NEVER in my life had a foundation that matches my undertones like this. I am half Iranian and half euro-American-mutt so my skintone has always been pretty elusive to find. I'm like a neutral to olive (but not gold) undertone, light-to-medium but weirdly highly pigmented. Then I walk outside and tan instantly so who knows what my skin color looks like on a day to day. Many foundations only have very gold tones in higher pigmented foundations which tend to be too yellow, and fair foundations make me look like a pink ghost. 3.5 is beautifully neutral and works perfectly as a winter color. It blends so well I dont even need to cover my entire face or neck I am not kidding.I'm excited to try 5.5 in the summer. :)This review may make it seem too good to be true but let's be real here if I'm going to spend 50 bucks on a foundation I'm going to do a bit of trial and error for a few days to figure out how to make it work for me and dang once you can get it to play nice with your skin it is *perfect* for a light, quick daily, no makeup makeup look for hard to find undertones. Less" - kosas.com user

Deluxe Original Foundation & Brush by bareMinerals

Bareminerals deluxe collector's edition original foundation broad spectrum spf 15, a mineral foundation with buildable coverage and a natural-looking, radiant finish. A $66 value!

Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation by Wander

A weightless, fluid foundation formulated for full coverage with a natural, radiant finish.

Can't Stop Won't Stop Powder Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

"I don't wear makeup enough to buy prestige brands. I literally just looked into my makeup bag the other day and most of my stuff I've had for years. So I had to throw it out. I have a wedding to attend next weekend and I needed to do something. So I did a little searching on the Ulta website and found this foundation. I went in store and asked a representative to help me pick out a shade that worked for me. I ended up getting Vanilla. Honest to God I have never had a foundation that truly matched my skin tone as well as this one did. I have read several of the reviews for this product (knowing there isn't many due to it just launching this week) but I see some say it doesn't cover well, that it applies dry, can still see pores, etc. I have oily to dry skin depending on the area. So I planned ahead in getting the NYX Angel Veil face primer and Ulta brand of Hydrating face primer just to try them. I used the hydrating face primer then applied the foundation with a dampened foundation brush. It went on very smooth and covered well. Doesn't feel cakey or dry. Then I applied NYX concealer for my under eyes and blended the foundation into it (which blended well together). I then added NYX HD finishing powder (banana). The powder is very light and works great as a finishing powder. Don't be worried about the color of the banana powder as it blends very well over the foundation. I then used Ulta's Baked bronzer to touch up in needed areas. This make up matches my natural skin tone so well you can barely tell I'm wearing it that's how flawless my look was. I'm very pleased with these NYX and Ulta products. I went into the store today and realized that all NYX products were BOGO 50% off so I just went ahead and got a whole new makeup kit without breaking the bank. I will continue to purchase these products and do highly recommend. I do suggest however that if you aren't familiar with the shades go ahead and ask a representative to help you. You will be glad you did. « less" - ulta.com user

Limitless Foundation by stellar

"I'm so happy I tried this foundation. I can't wear many brands because colors don't match me well. I use to wear NARS Sheer Glow, but my skin is a bit darker than "punjab" and the other colors didn't match my undertone as good. Also my skin has been very dry all year long and many foundations just make my skin texture look bad. When I went back to NARS I looked so dry. Then I discovered Josie Maran Vibrancy, and although I love it, it comes off easily and it causes my mascara to come off below my waterline. The color options are great especially for the medium skin tones and it has better ingredients than MAC. MY SKIN TYPE: sensitive, dry/combination, some acne scars and pigmentation COLOR & COVERAGE: The foundation is well pigmented, it is more like a medium to full coverage foundation. You could do half a pump for less coverage. If you want to thin it out I would mix it with a moisturizer or a face oil. You could do a second color for concealer or go without concealer. FINISH: Dewy, healthy glow. I didn't set it with powder and my foundation stayed put. CONSISTENCY: A bit thinner than NARS Sheer glow, but it applies easily. I think any application would work well. I tried S9 and S14. S14 was too dark for me and I think it would well if your MAC NC45. If you wear NC42 is about the same as S9. I'm going to return the foundation shades I got and purchase S05 or S04. I don't know what shade I am in MAC cosmetics anymore, but my guess is NC 40 or NC38/39 if that exists, is going to be similar to shades S05 and S04. No skin irritation!! Blends well over sunscreen. If your asian, but not the universal 2 shades of fair skin like in Asia, this is a good go to. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-947870107960958343-full" data-show="-947870107960958343-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation by Hourglass

"Background/FYI: I have combination skin. Basically, my t-zone gets a little oily or a lot oily depending on the weather, time of year etc. Primarily my forehead and chin can get a bit oily. So I was looking for make-up that would last a big longer, provide coverage for any pigmentation and not break-up if I get a bit oily. Also note, when I want make-up to be long wearing I always use primer and set my make-up. I do this with all foundation so in comparison with any other make-up this is my experience with Hourglass. Experience: I'll start off my saying I've been using this make-up for 6 months now. I live in Los Angeles, so I actually went to the Hourglass store here on Abbott Kinney Blvd and had a professional there color match me. The texture of this product is nice. I originally applied this make-up with a brush but eventually started just using my hands. And I actually love that I don't need a brush to apply my foundation. It provides very even coverage and applies nicely. In a sheer layer I really don't feel it on my skin. One of the reasons I was interested in this product is because they claim that people say they actually see improvements in their skin from wearing this foundation. I have seen improvements, but I also use serums and products on my skin intended to show results. So I can't claim it is improving my skin but I can say that after all these months it hasn't harmed my complexion or caused me any problems. So in terms of having the skin I want this foundation provides whatever coverage I want AND it does not hinder or cause any problems for me. Compared to ALL other foundations I have tried this foundation doesn't break up in my T-zone. Occasionally, I mix another foundation into it for SPF and I still don't have an issue but when I wear the other foundation by itself it always breaks up. Recommendation: I recommend this to people who have skin like mine: combination or oily/normal skin. If you have dry skin then you don't need a "foundation formula that absorbs oil" and a "velvet-matte finish" may not be what you are looking for. However, if you have oily skin and you are constantly seeing shine and your foundation breaking up on your forehead and around your nose then you might appreciate this foundation and if you find the right color for yourself then you will enjoy not having to reapply your foundation as much and you will appreciate that there is no rebound or that it won't dry out your skin alternatively. What I love: This foundation does it's job and doesn't break me out. It doesn't have SPF but that just means I can wear it at night or add SPF if I want during the day. The bottle lasts a long time and I appreciate that it has a pump. The color matches perfectly. I will repurchase. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Natural Finish Foundation by Cover FX

"I discovered this product while searching the web for a vegan foundation and it's absolutely fantastic!I have really sensitive skin and can't use anything with essential oils in, as I get a terrible reaction. I also need a water based product as my skin needs the hydration. Products without water (that just contain oils) seem to suck all the moisture out of my skin, leaving it red, dry and sore. I also avoid chemical nasties and palm oil; and like my products to be as natural and beneficial to my skin as possible. And of course they must be vegan!This product ticks every box. It gives amazing coverage-the best I've ever had from a foundation. It's been a real boost to my confidence as I'm very insecure about my skin and this makes it look a lot better-I'm a younger, less-imperfect looking version of me while wearing it! Which is exactly what I was looking for.With my skin being translucent, I am quite purple under my eyes and have small thread veins in my eye area. Normally I use a concealer, but the coverage of this foundation is so good (in fact BETTER than when I used another foundation+concealer!) that I no longer need to! It's fine for use on eye lids as a primer for eye shadow too. Though I may try the Cover FX Eye Primer in the future to prevent the foundation/eye shadow from sinking into fine lines around the eyes.I don't use a primer, but I do use a moisturising sunscreen and have no problems using it underneath the foundation (only that the sunscreen makes me look shiny/oily, but that's not the foundation's fault!). Sometimes I find that foundations and sunscreens don't mix well and end up looking like a cakey/chalky mess, but this foundation goes over the top perfectly! Especially if you allow a bit of time for the sunscreen to absorb before applying the foundation.I don't have a House Of Fraser near me, so had to use my best judgement to pick a colour online. I'm very fair, with translucent skin that has cool undertones, which are quite pink, so I went for P20. It's a good match, although I would say the teeniest bit dark/orange for me. Perhaps the N20 is actually paler. However I use a pale powder over the top and in photographs my face looks as white as the rest of me (I'm always covered head to toe in sunscreen that makes me look even whiter lol! So it's important that my foundation doesn't give me a comparatively orange face). I'm pretty happy with the match overall! It's certainly better than many other products I have tried.I chose this product over Cover FX Total Cover Cream foundation because this one is labelled as vegan and the cream product contains Octocrylene, Octisalate andAvobenzone chemical UV filters, which are known to produce free radicals when sunlight hits them (I check all the ingredients of any product I use with the EWG cosmetic database before deciding to purchase). As a result I avoid products that contain them and use my own mixed sunscreen underneath make-up. Though I would have loved to try that product as well, as I imagine the coverage is even better!My only disappointment in this product is the price. I've never spent this much on a make-up product in my life! I'm not well off financially, so this is very expensive to me and not something I will always be able to afford, but I can certainly see a vast difference in quality between this and cheaper products! I don't think I'd ever be able to go back!I'm so impressed with Cover FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation that I will be trying more of the vegan products in the Cover FX range when I can afford to!At last! I've found the perfect product! <3. « less" - House of Fraser user