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The Best Travel Size Makeup Palettes

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 14, 2020
The Best Travel Size Makeup Palettes

Get glam on the go with these mini makeup palettes

What’s better than a collection of beautiful makeup palettes? Travel size makeup palettes that fit right into your carry on bag. Even if you haven’t done a lot (or any) jet setting in 2020. As beauty enthusiasts, we take great pride in our pile of makeup palettes that fit every mood.

Want a peach smokey eye? Try Too Faced. Neutral glam? Charlotte Tilbury has you covered. And then there’s Morphe, the brand that has eye palettes for everybody. But as much as we love our makeup palettes that contain 25, 35, even up to 60 eyeshadow or blush colors… you may notice that many shades go unused while you “hit pan” on just a few. It seems like a waste to neglect so many hues, especially when some of us are content with just our six favorite eyeshadow shades that fit right into our clutch.

With that said, more brands are creating travel sized makeup palettes that are cute and convenient. You can carry these mini makeup products in your purse or pocket and create beautiful makeup looks on the go, or use them for a midday touch-up when your masterpiece is looking a little faded or smudged. And when we’re allowed to explore again, your beauty routine will never be the same once you find your new favorite mini makeup palette and trusted travel companion.

Here are a few of our favorite travel size makeup palettes you need in your life….

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay, $29

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay
Source: Urban Decay

If you’re a neutral eyeshadow expert, you probably know all about Urban Decay’s Naked collection. The brand has launched an assortment of full-sized, 12-color eyeshadow palettes to fit every mood - from the classic colors of Naked3 to the rich terracotta and burgundy shades of Naked Heat. And while it’s super fun to stack up these long and luxurious eyeshadow palettes on your vanity, there’s a mini makeup option that lets you literally carry your passion for neutrals with you at all times. It’s called the Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette. Perfect for all the matte lovers, this travel size makeup features six blendable nudes for all the best taupe eye effects. You really only need a few eyeshadow hues to stand out, and Naked2 is the best travel size makeup palette to take your love for nudes to the next level.

The Cali Contour Palette by Smashbox, $40

The Cali Contour Palette by Smashbox
Source: Smashbox

“Maybe my favorite face palette! Absolutely in love with this. Smooth, blends well, great shades and easy to use.” Even if you don’t live somewhere sunny, you can still get that California glow with this travel size makeup by Smashbox. While you may be used to using separate highlighter, blush, and bronzer… it’s much easier to have them all in one mini makeup set, don’t you think? The Cali Contour consists of 3 matte and 2 pearlescent powders to sculpt and enhance your features. Or just give you a swipe of blush for a lit glow, if that’s what you’re feeling. Layer these face makeup products and transform your look, whether you’re going for something neutral or a warm, sunkissed vibe that’s very Cali.

Tarteist PRO To Go Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte, $19

Tarteist PRO To Go Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte
Source: Tarte

Amazonian clay, all day. It’s the signature ingredient of all the best Tarte products, and this travel size makeup is no exception. Tarteist PRO To Go Amazonian Clay Palette contains six matte and metallic eyeshadows that blend easily and create a range of exquisite looks. Think of them as nude shades with a glam twist, with Crisp serving as the perfect chestnut transition color while Hype is a glistening gold that looks flawless when you pack it on the center of your lid. Or maybe you’re in the mood for raspberry? Try Dominate, a rich red-purple hue with a sweet side. Each of these eyeshadows is made with 100% natural ingredients and features smart-blend technology from Tarte, which all the MIRA BEAUTY reviews say is the real deal. If all of the above didn’t make you want to make this mini makeup palette a part of your collection, just remember that the six hues take up very little space in your bag and create twice as many striking variations of eyeshadow effects.

Blushing In Bali by BH Cosmetics, $16

Blushing in Bali palette by BH Cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

We’ve all been there. You want that sunkissed, lit-from-within glow that only a trip to Bali can produce, yet don’t have the time or resources to fly there and never come back. So annoying. But even if you can’t hop on a plane right now, you can still channel your inner island glow with one of our favorite face palettes from BH Cosmetics. Blushing in Bali represents “travel size makeup” in more ways than one. Besides the adorable name that puts you in the mood to book a flight, this mini makeup palette features blush and highlighter shades in matte and shimmer finishes to give you that island glow. Coral, Sun Kissed, Pomegranate… each shade is ultra-blendable and looks beautiful on all skin tones. All while being small enough to fit in your purse or carry-on bag. Wear these shades alone for a radiant boost of color, or layer each hue to look extra sparkly on your staycation.

Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Natasha Denona, $25

Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Natasha Denona
Source: Natasha Denona

“These small shadows pack a big punch, they are richly pigmented and have gorgeous payoff when applied to the eyelids.” Fall eyeshadow never goes out style, as you can and should adorn your eyes in sophisticated neutrals year round. Natasha Denona understands this perfectly, and few beauty brands can do glam on-the-go quite like they do. Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette is a travel size makeup version of the brand’s Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette, and while this mini makeup palette only has five shades… you can mix and match to create tons of stunning eye looks. Composed of two metallics, two mattes, and a duo-chrome, everything about Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette is glamorous without even trying… and it’s the ideal travel size makeup when you need to generate eye effects for both daytime chic and nighttime drama.

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder by e.l.f., $4

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder by e.l.f.
Source: e.l.f.

Raise your hand if you ever came across this mini makeup palette at the drugstore on accident, and ended up falling in love with its minimal size, low price, and high quality. *Raises hand.* While this is quite possibly the smallest and least expensive travel size makeup on this list, don’t think that means it isn’t beautiful and blendable. The blush and bronzing powder are both incredibly pigmented, with 94% of MIRA guests agreeing, and may be used alone for a simple swipe of color or layered together for the best contour ever. E.l.f has a large selection of affordable mini makeup palettes for every feature, and you’ll want to collect them all after trying one of our favorite travel size makeup palettes.

PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette by Lorac, $28

PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette by Lorac
Source: Lorac

Everybody needs a good matte eyeshadow palette. Matte is a whole mood, and you can always count on these shades to give your eyes a lift while staying on all day and providing buildable color. One of our favorite mini makeup palettes to express your matte-titude (sorry, we had to) is the PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette by Lorac. Small yet mighty, simple but stunning…these 8 shades are the definition of sophisticated. You have your classic black and white hues, along with light pink and multiple shades of brown to produce an elegant neutral eye. Matte is where it’s at, and the MIRA reviews prove that this mini makeup palette is a necessity for any eyeshadow lover. 97% say that it’s extremely pigmented, while 94% believe that it blends well to give you the matte-nificent looks you’ll love.

Backstage Glow Face Palette - 002 Glitz by Dior, $45

 Backstage Glow Face Palette - 002 Glitz by Dior
Source: Dior

“This palette is so beautiful and wearable! The powders are finely milled, blend beautifully on the skin, and aren’t full of chunky glitter. They lend a stunning radiance to the face and can be sheer to a fine gossamer glow or built to a more intense and reflective shine.” If you’re looking for a travel size makeup palette that makes you feel fancy, this is it. Dior can do no wrong, and the Backstage Glow Face Palette contains four shades of highlighter to mix and match for a unique radiance. These colors include Gold, Pearly White, Bronze with holographic accents, and Shimmering Peach… all of which are just as gorgeous as they sound, especially when blended together. Just remember, this mini makeup palette has a 97% approval rating for blendability on MIRA, along with 95% who say it’s super pigmented on your skin.

The Violets Eye Shadow Palette by Juvia’s Place, $14

The Violets Eye Shadow Palette by Juvia’s Place
Source: Juvia's Place

If you have a passion for purple, we have just the mini makeup palette to bring out your eyes with a hint of violet. Or possibly way more than that. While The Violets contains only 6 shades and fits easily into the drawers of your makeup vanity, these pops of purple always make a statement. Look vivid with shimmery amethyst, orchid, and eggplant, or switch it up with a matte violet and one deep black that’s perfect for the “outer V” eyeshadow technique. We’re all about doing a grungy, sparkly purple smokey eye when you’re in the mood, but also looking laid back with orchid when you want petal-soft eye looks. And don’t forget to pair your purple vibes with a beautiful pink blush or cat eye from your favorite liquid eyeliner for a hint of drama.

Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette - Neutral by bareMinerals, $29

Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette - Neutral by bareMinerals
Source: bareMinerals

If you couldn’t tell, nude eyeshadow palettes are kind of our thing. But they should be yours too, because you truly can’t go wrong with neutral makeup that brings out your eyes in a subtle way. Especially when you’re traveling and just need one mini makeup palette for a variety of gorgeous looks. Well hello there, Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette. This travel size makeup palette by bareMinerals features 6 highly-pigmented matte, satin, and metallic eyeshadows, and each one is infused with cucumber extract to decrease puffiness around the eye area and make you look instantly brighter. Because let’s be honest, even the most striking eyeshadow looks can’t hide eye bags. The buttery texture and rich pigment is unreal, and it’s easy to find the ideal mini makeup palette for you with four different palette options. Rose for fair skin, Neutral for light to medium, Copper for medium to tan, and Latte for deeper skin tones.

NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette I by NARS, $59

NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette I by NARS
Source: NARS

“I cannot put this palette down. I love it! The colours are really pigmented and there's a great range of versatile blushes which can be used solo, or blended together. The lilac colour is beautiful.” Blush makeup palettes have always been super underrated. Not everybody understands the power of blush techniques, like the sculpted blush we told you about that makes a great fall makeup trend, or blending a variety of colors to get a custom glow. But NARS definitely does, and the cult brand has made one of the best mini makeup palettes to add warmth and radiance to your face. With 6 cheek shades in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes, you can always count on NARS to bring a little sparkle into your life and beauty routine. Besides the gorgeous colors that range from light pink to sweet champagne to rich coral, this mini makeup palette also has top ratings on MIRA for texture, blendability, and minimal fallout.

The City Mini Palette - Blushed Avenue by Maybelline, $10

The City Mini Palette - Blushed Avenue by Maybelline
Source: Maybelline

A palette for those who like to party. Just kidding. Except not really. City life is all about having fun and adapting to a fast pace, and you likely don’t have space in your NYC apartment for a million and one eyeshadow palettes anyway. The City Mini palette by Maybelline gives your eyes all the glam in one tiny makeup palette, which fits perfectly into your work desk or clutch while exploring the city at night. It has neutrals, shimmers, mattes, a pop of maroon that looks lovely on any eye color… basically everything you need to create endless eye looks with one $10, travel size makeup palette.

Beautiful things come in small packages, and you can find all the best travel size makeup palettes on MIRA.