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The 50 Best Tinted Moisturizers Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore tinted moisturizers are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by NARS

"I know this is marketed as a tinted moisturizer but when I think of a tinted moisturizer I think of barely there coverage that does nothing for evening out my complexion. This product has blown me away.I went to the Sephora store and got my Color IQ (I am 2Y05) as I have been searching for a perfect color match and had just about given up. I was matched with many products but I wanted something that did not contain parabens and therefore my options dwindled down to only a few choices with most of them being tinted moisturizers. I have to say I haven't tried a lot of tinted moisturizers but the ones I have (ex. Laura Mericer) were not even worth paying $5 for. So when the sales associate shows me the list I became a bit disappointed in the selection but decided to have her give me some samples...it was worth a shot.I got the Hourglass and Nars samples and took them home to test out. I tried the Hourglass one first and used it for about 4 days...it wasn't bad but I wasn't impressed at all, especially considering the price. I didn't hold out much hope for the Nars at this point but gave it a go anyway. I was so completely surprised at the color match and coverage of this product...I couldn't stop staring at my reflection and I couldn't help but thinking my skin looked beautiful and radiant (notice I said skin and not makeup). I wanted some coverage but not so much that it looked like I was wearing a full face of makeup. I have freckles and still wanted them to show through a bit but also wanted to just even out my skintone.This product provides light to medium coverage but with the feeling of a lightweight moisturizer. I love that this product does not have parabens or fragrance AND it has SPF 30! I wear SPF 30 everyday on my face and was previously using Alba Botanicals SPF 30 and then Bare Minerals over that for coverage...oh and a primer under all of that to keep everything from sliding off. I have now eliminated 2 steps from my daily regimine! I do not use a primer (except on my eyelids) and I find that Nars stays put and lasts an entire day...maybe diminishing somewhat by the end of the day but nothing like my Bare Minerals would do. It gives me the dewy complexion I was looking for without looking like an oil slick at the end of the day (I have t-zone oiliness).I apply this with the Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Airbrush #56 (best foundation brush ever) and it gives me a flawless buffed finish. I use a pea sized amount and apply it all over my face and down past my jawline onto my neck for a seemless look.i have finally found a product that makes my skin look great and has non-harmful ingredients! « less" - Sephora user

Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer by Aveda

"I love this tinted moisturiser and I always return to it in the summer months. It leaves your skin with a lovely natural glow, keeps it nicely hydrated and has the most amazing coverage-closer to a sheer foundation. I usually apply mine with a foundation brush so it's super quick and easy for summer mornings. It lasts all day long and looks fantastic with the aveda sheer powder dusted on top. I find that it suits my dry/combination skin really well and is one of the best TMs on the market. Just great for a natural yet polished look. I am on my 3rd tube and it's a definite repeat purchase. A hero product for summer... " - aveda.co.uk user

Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer - Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30 by bareMinerals

A clean, multitasking tinted moisturizer that combines hydrating skincare benefits and SPF with naturally-radiant, sheer-to-medium coverage.

DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15 by Estée Lauder

"I received a sample jar when I purchased my double wear and I am so so glad to find this. I have very dry skin and it is marvelous. I use the repair serum and advance time zone at night but in the am I use this. It makes a great primer for the foundation since I do not like 'typical' matte type primer since primer seems to make my few fine lines multiply and stand out and my base look caked on, what is up with that ladies? Anyone know? But that's another story and I ramble ;)It moisturizes without feeling heavy. Gives me a great glow and seems to have brought my skin back to life. I cannot recommend enough. I'm so glad I was recommended double wear foundation from a friend and then received the samples because I had no idea what I was missing! Since high school I have used the other department store brand.... (rhymes with unique hehe) and I don't even know why I had never thought of going across the aisle.... Habit I suppose but a bad one because in less than a month I have seen actual results which I've not found in almost 20 years of the other.I am astonished at the difference it has made. Firmer skin, healthy glow, all the wonderful claims it makes? It delivers! I just assumed they were all the same and nothing was truly going to make dramatic changes, ya get what ya get in skin through DNA and I felt lucky to have inherited good skin however years in the sun, children, life in general was starting to show and I didn't like it. And now I don't have to accept it. I have told all of friends about this. Remarkable, truly.I will never use anything else. And I never say never so this is saying a lot for me :) « less" - Estée Lauder user

Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil by NYX Professional Makeup

Reveal your freshest self with NYX Professional Makeup's Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil! Each flexible hue feels like a second skin and delivers up to eight hours of hydration.

Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer by chantecaille

"This tinted moisturiser is the best I have ever came across! It provides a light layer of coverage that smooths out any imperfections and evens out skin tone. I absolutely love that this has properties such as anti-pollution filters to help protect and nourish my skin but also has a tint of colour to enhance the skin and make it glow. You can definitely build the coverage up if you prefer a medium level of coverage and it still does not feel heavy on your face. It is perfect for any age group, ideal for somebody young in their teenage years as it still allows their natural youth to shine through, or for anyone older who would appreciate an even skin tone but nothing too heavy and benefit from sealing in the skins moisture and protecting their skin with a layer of SPF 15. I love this tinted moisturiser during the summer time as it is nice and light, but I also love it just as much at winter because it gives an extra glow to your skin that sadly disappears when the dryer weather appears! It creates a dewy appearance but never looks slippery or greasy. It is just like your face is lit from within! I also have to comment on the packaging - very handy for travelling and distributing the right amount of product, as glass bottles can often be impractical. A tube lasted me a whole year, as a small amount goes a long way! For application I would recommend using your fingers as this warms the product up, letting it blend into your skin creating a more natural appearance. I absolutely love this tinted moisturiser - best in the market! « less" - SPACE.NK user

Bye Bye Foundation Oil-Free Matte Full Coverage Moisturizer SPF 50+ by IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Oil-Free Matte is your life-changing full coverage moisturizer that gives you the power to say "bye bye" to traditional foundation and hello to your most beautiful skin-now in a matte finish!

Resist Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 by Paula's Choice

"All of my adult life I have looked for an SPF product that I could use around my eyes. I found one thru a classic brochure-type cosmetic company. At 25 dollars and up, it was an expensive solution for very little product. Even then, I would experience occasional product migration and red, tearing eyes.After getting tired of this products unreliability, I began an online search. I ended up at department store skin care counters, still finding it so hard to justify the expense. More research indicated that I needed a non-chemical sunscreen, which I couldn't find in a cosmetically elegant, non-migrating formulation.Then I found Paula's Choice.I ordered this product, so very doubtful that I could use it around my eyes. After 20 years, and recent internet scouring, I had lost hope of finding SPF for my eyes.Honestly, I don't understand why this product is not gracing EVERY beauty editors list, every magazines BEST OF, every dermatologists recommendation. Not only can I use it around my eyes... it *primes* my eyes for concealer! I can immediately apply my cream or serum foundation after this product, then lightly "set" with a fine silicone based powder...and the settling in fine lines is minimal and the concealer lasts longer than I do! No migration of mascara or eyeliner even when using this *just* this moisturizer alone!The best part is that I can use this all over my face, as well. A bit goes a long way, I reorder 2-3 times a year. Granted, I used a less expensive SPF moisturizer from PC on my neck and face.This acts fabulously as a make up primer...when I do not use this...my skin is oily (make up or not!) by lunch. However, as a combo-skin type I never look dry. One caveat, if you normally have some flaky combo skin issues, this product may not be emollient enough. I counter this by proper exfoliation and nighttime moisturizer.This is "tinted" but just enough to conceal the inevitable white-ish cast left by mineral sunscreen. I have darker-medium "olive" skin, while my daughters have a range of light/neutral/medium/neutral skin and we all use this with no skin color alteration. It does "tamp down" my sensitive, reddened cheeks, however.The only possible cons for this product is that even with the almost powder like finish, the consistency is very fluidic and light. This is good for my skin; but it is almost as if product texture wasn't taken into consideration with the packaging. Every bottle I have owned dispenses too much if not carefully dispensed and every cap has gotten "gunky" with product. Small complaint, however.Personally, this is HG for me because on top of everything listed above... I cannot describe how freeing it felt to go outside into the humid mountain heat and garden without becoming painfully unable to see due to sunscreen. Sweat does not seem to be an issue with this product but one must be realistic and realize that it isn't a sport formula. I use PC waterproof sunscreen at the pool and beach...but I sincerely don't bother if I am just going out to garden.Finally, I recently "cheaped out" and purchased a drug store beautypoedia recommended SPF moisturizer....and am paying the price right now. Inflamed cheeks, cystic chin, gaping pores...when a PC product claims "fragrance free" and "sensitive skin safe"... it means it. If only other companies were so honest!Paula- you are a genius! An absolute genius! « less" - Paula's Choice user

Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is Laura Mercier's skin-perfecting secret to a flawless, dewy, no-makeup-makeup look. This multitasking blend of skincare and makeup blurs imperfections, with a sheer hint of coverage.

Strobe Cream by MAC

Receive a complimentary strobe cream hydratant lumineux w/any $50 online m·a·c puchase. One per customer. While quantities last.

Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer by Colourpop

ColourPop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer is a hydrating, oil-free tinted moisturizing with lightweight coverage that evens skintone and leaves your skin fresh looking and healthy.

Mineral Face Matte Tint Moisturizer SPF 30 by coola

"COOLA - Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face. It's so hard to pick a favorite out of this month's selection---but if I absolutely had to---it would be this one. If only the trial size were bigger! (okay...in truth, it's a great size...I'm just greedy and wish that there were more). The lotion is light and smells like fresh cucumbers. It cools as you massage it into your skin, and once dried, keeps your face moisturized without feeling greasy. As it was quite hot that day, I was sweaty when I was outside. Normally, my moisturizer will get oily in my T-Zone, or get "slippery" throughout the day and not provide very good protection. This moisturizer stayed put and felt so light that I barely noticed it was there. I can't say enough about this moisturizer, and will also be adding it to my daily regimen. « less" - Birchbox user

Extra Spf25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I really struggled with making yet another foundation purchase after trying numerous products over the years. I am completely thrilled with the results. At 54 years I have some noticeable changes to my skin: fine lines, redness, hyper pigmentation from the sun and an overall loss of glow- this product was amazing and I truly mean that. It provided light to medium coverage (I applied with a damp, good quality sponge# and evened out my skin tone without settling into a single fine line. There is absolutely no powdery, cakey, or gloppy cream finish- no exaggeration of lines/wrinkles. Instead my skin looks truly fresh and dewy- not shiny; no unrealistic glittery components in the finish- just bright, youthful looking skin. I know I sound like a commercial for this product but I'm writing with passion for all of you, who- like me- thought I could never feel comfortable in my own skin again. I have some areas of redness in the creases of my nose which require more coverage- for that I used the BB foundation stick #also applied with a damp, good quality sponge# for beautiful coverage. These two products combined gave me a light, dewy complexion all over #from the moisturizing balm# and beautiful coverage of my redness -precisely and ONLY where needed #from the foundation stick#. The two products blended together beautifully- no kidding, seamlessly. I was also concerned about getting a good color match shopping online. As a young woman my complexion was very fair #almost porcelain) with age and sun exposure it has darkened substantially in some areas. Finding a good match has been impossible. The Light to Medium Tinted Moisturizing Balm was perfect- how it works across the multiple shades of my skin- I don't understand- but it does! It is worth every penny- it takes just a small amount to get my whole face, neck, deco looking beautiful without a trace of looking like I'm wearing makeup. For the foundation stick I took a chance and tried Sand. Again perfect! Most foundations I have tried made red areas look even redder and still didn't cover and made the rest of my complexion too orange. These two products cooled down my complexion. I am so happy I tried these products! I am a Bobbi Brown convert. I once again have the lovely complexion of my past- and am getting compliments once again. Try it, if it somehow does not work for you return it- taking a chance was a gift to myself. I have such confidence now- especially in bright daylight- nothing to hide anymore! Less" - bobbibrowncosmetics.ca user

Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - Oil Free by Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - Oil Free from Laura Mercier is a sheer coverage, oil-controlling multi-tasker that delivers a natural, no-makeup look with a demi-matte finish. Ideal for oily skin.

Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer by Jane Iredale

"I started using Jane Iredale foundation products when I was 31 and have been obsessed ever since. A friend I try recommend Jane Iredale products after I shared my struggle finding a foundation that didnt burn my flesh due to my extremely sensitive skin. I tried a few of the products at a local establishment carrying the line and instantly I was hooked. Now at 38 I deal with a few more typical issues such as fine lines and wrinkles. The tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite items sold by Jane Ireldale. Before I found Jane Iredale I used concealer foundation power and bronzer in order to get even coverage. However I despised the heavy feeling on my face and as I age all of that product settles into those fine lines and wrinkles I mentioned earlier. The tinted moisturizer is the answer to ALL my issues. It gives me even coverage smoothes out any pigment flaws doesnt cake up in my wrinkle regions and feels weightless too. As if those arent a good enough reason to obsess over this product....it somehow still allows my natural skin to show through. My freckles are one of my beauty features I adore and embrace the most and Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer allows me to have coverage and freckles at the same time. I have tried other products and none can compare!!! « less" - Overstock.com user

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream by la prairie

"During the day I use a day emulsion/lotion with SPF 30 on my face and I was looking for a richer product to use on my face at night, when I can use something richer on my face, and as a neck cream for day and night. The texture is incredible - when you put it on your skin just drinks it up and your skin feels incredibly smooth and plumped. It is not necessarily marketed as particularly hydrating, but it very much hydrates and keeps the skin protected - like there is a protective layer or veil left on the skin, without it ever feeling greasy or heavy. I have never felt a cream with such an amazing texture that really moisturizes and transforms the skin. The biggest visible difference is on my neck, where my skin is most dry and thin. My neck always shows crepiness and a loss of elasticity, and I have "sleep" lines or bands on my neck. This is the first cream I have used that actually got rid of the crepiness and smoothed the skin on my neck - and it lasts all day! When I ran out of the cream and started using another one in the interim, I noticed that the crepiness and dry skin on my neck came back. As long as you keep using it you will see amazing results. It is quite pricey, and I would prefer that it was at least one third less the price. I am not sure if I will keep using it since it is quite expensive and since I don't use it on my face during the day, but only on my neck and as a night cream. But if you have dry skin and plan to use it as your daily face cream, neck, and night cream - then it's probably worth it to buy this cream because you will get more use of it and won't have to double up on products. The results are truly amazing! An extra benefit is the very mild and comforting scent! « less" - Nordstrom user

Vitazing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer by origins

Origins vitazing spf 15 energy-boosting moisturizer with mangosteen hydrates, energizes and protects. Adds a healthy hit of radiance.

Max Mineral Naked Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Lotion by Peter Thomas Roth

An all-mineral, cast-free, lightweight broad-spectrum SPF 45 lotion.

Effaclar Duo + by La Roche-Posay

"I was scrolling through a fellow beauty blogger’s Instagram when I saw that La Roche Posay had launched the Unifiant version of my beloved Effaclar Duo. I’m pretty sure I let out a little squeal, and felt emotions that can only be embodied by excessive heart-eyed emojis. This product quickly flew to the top of my “to try” list, and I couldn’t contain my excitement when the lovely Abbey at LRP offered to send me a sample.So what makes this launch so squeal-worthy? Well, if you’ve ever tried or heard about the ‘original’ Effaclar Duo+, you may understand my excitement. The Unifiant version of Effaclar Duo+ contains all of the blemish and acne scar-fighting ingredients that feature in the original version, but with sheer coverage to ‘instantly unify the skin tone’. In other words, this has the potential to be a double-whammy wonder product – enough coverage to wear throughout the day, whilst improving the skin.I can confidently say that the original Effaclar Duo+ cream is one of my all time favourite skincare saviours. It’s the only skincare product that I have consistently repurchased since I first used it almost 2 years ago (and that’s a big thing, considering how fickle I am AND how problematic my skin has been during those years). The original Effaclar Duo+ is something of a cult product amongst beauty and skincare enthusiasts because of its blemish-fighting, shine-controlling and pore-unclogging powers. Due to effective ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and antioxidant Vitamin E, the results really are visible after just a few days. With prolonged use, you can even see a reduction in stubborn acne scars. You can read my full review of the original version here.However, the original Effaclar Duo+ is a colourless lotion, and I would have to pair it with a moisturiser and a layer of foundation in order to feel presentable during the day. So, just IMAGINE being able to cut out the foundation part altogether on days where you just CBA, and replace it with a product that offers coverage and acne-fighting properties. Too efficient for words, and certainly a prospect deserving of a squeal.Having used this product for 4 weeks now, I feel able to offer my honest review. It’s safe to say my expectations were high to begin with and I’m happy to say I wasn’t left disappointed.Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant retails at £16.50 and you’ll get 40ml of product. It’s definitely not the cheapest of its kind, but also not the most expensive. I think its cost-efficiency depends on whether you’ll use it on its own or whether you’ll require additional coverage (I’ll come back to that in a moment). I have paid more for sheer coverage products (i.e. BB creams or tinted moisturisers) which do not contain as many skin-improving ingredients. So, to me, the price is reasonable given its acne-fighting abilities and added coverage.I have no complaints about the texture of the product – it feels like a standard cream moisturiser, is easy to blend and almost undetectable on the skin once applied. The shade I chose (light) was also a good match for my natural skin tone. However, with only two options – light or medium – the shade range leaves much to be desired. Where’s the dark shade GUYS?! Hopefully, more shades will be released in time, because blemishes affect everyone – regardless of skin tone.Now, the coverage. The idea that you could wear this product alone in the day is wonderful, especially for people with acne-prone skin who shouldn’t be clogging their pores with tons of additional foundation and concealer. But I reckon you’d need pretty good skin to feel comfortable wearing this on its own, which sort of defeats the point in my opinion. You probably wouldn’t need the additional acne-fighting qualities of this product if you had great skin. I definitely don’t have great skin, and the sheer coverage is not enough to cover my delightful spots or scars. On days where I end up adding additional foundation on top, I find myself thinking that the original Effaclar Duo+ is a better investment as it can be worn in the morning and at night.That said, I have worn this alone on days where I’m not doing much or I’m feeling lazy, and it’s fantastic at brightening and evening-out the skin tone. On days where I might be bumping into people, I have added a bit of my trusty Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer and I’m good to go. As well as making breakouts less frequent and aggressive, it has certainly encouraged me to wear less make-up and allow my skin to breathe more often.Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a natural, flattering finish with sheer coverage and added skin benefits. It’s undoubtedly a winner if you suffer from the odd breakout and are looking for a quick and easy product to throw on in the mornings. If, like me, you wish to cover pigmentation or scarring, perhaps use this product along with a good full coverage concealer and practice “spot-concealing” (Lisa Eldridge has a great tutorial on this method here). My skin has definitely appreciated this product and a break from cakey foundations over the past few weeks and I’m confident that yours will too. « less" - laroche-posay.co.uk user

Halo Healthy Glow All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 by Smashbox

An all-in-one, SPF primer-powered tinted moisturizer has lightweight, natural-looking, dewy coverage that hydrates skin for up to 24 hours.<b>

Matte Perfection Tinted Moisturizer by Sephora Collection

"I am so glad Sephora put this at the front of their store b/c I never would have found it. I went all around the store looking for an everyday tinted moisturizer/CC or BB cream/light weight foundation. I must had swatched at least 20 products and I didn't love any. Feeling defeated, I headed for the door and saw a huge setup for this. I tried it on my hand and was floored at the feel and coverage. I bought it on the spot and have been using it everyday ever since. I have very sensitive/reactive skin so needless to say my skin is prone to breakouts. I am actually in the process of healing the worst acne of my life and somehow I still really enjoy this. Plus, it didn't further irritate my skin which is a MAJOR bonus. It has medium/sheer coverage and doesn't really build up to anything more than that, but the coverage is enough to even out my skin tone and cancel out the majority of my redness. I can still see my bigger pimples, so don't expect this to completely cover those. But the finish - oh wow. It's not super matte, more of a demi-matte or satin finish. It's so natural looking and lasts me the whole work day. I will definitely repurchase this." - sephora user

Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen by australian gold

Discover the non-greasy, non-sticky feel of the Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50 and experience worry-free days in the sun!

Lightful C + Coral Grass Tinted Cream With Radiance Booster by MAC

"Light, Silky, Natural-Looking Finish This product has a lightweight feel on the skin with a surprisingly beautiful silky-matte finish that is completely natural looking. It is like your own SKIN, just BETTER! The colour Medium Plus is surprisingly natural looking on face (although on hands it seemed to be slightly yellowish). When compared to Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, the Lightful C SPF 30 has a very similar (and light) finish on skin. (Even using a moisturiser under, it sets into a silky finish without any oily residue!) The colours are a tiny bit darker than the corresponding names for Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, but they blend beautifully into a very natural finish! I have used Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 (in Medium, Medium Plus and Medium Dark) for 10 years and was understandably very skeptical with the Lightful replacement. But, truth be told, it is perfect! If you were a Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15-girl, look no further than Lightful C SPF 30! You will be truly satisfied! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - M·A·C user

Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer by jergens

"In the summer time I'm a sunless tanner junkie. I'm usually quite pale for most of the year, and I don't like damaging my skin. So instead of tanning outside or in a tanning bed I like to use sunless tanning lotions.The Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer is my favorite sunless tanner. Since it's gradual it always looks very natural and I've never gotten an orange color from this lotion. I get the one for fair to medium ski tones, and It leaves my skin with a gorgeous glow and light caramel color. I can definitely tell a difference in the skin color after the first time I use it. I like to use this everyday in the summer, otherwise the color doesn't hold well. The more I use it, the tanner I get. Most sunless tanners aren't moisturizing but I can't tell you how much moisturized my skin feels and how much firmer it looks as well. I feel like because it is a moisturizer it helps the color hold for longer, and as the color fades out it looks more natural as well.I wouldn't use this on my face though, it would definitely clog your pores and make you breakout. if you want to have a sunless tanner for your face I'm pretty sure they have a separate one.The only thing I don't like about this moisturizer is the scent. It has a very bad sunless tanner body odor smell to it. That's why I use it at night time before I go to bed.Otherwise I would definitely recommend this because it always gives a flawless glowing brown color. They also have one for medium to dark skin as well, so if you have already tan skin this will give you a nice boost.EffectivenessI'm pretty pale most of the time, but this doesn't give me that gross oompa loompa orange. It gives me a nice sun kissed glow, like I had just been out in the sun for an hour. If you use it every day, it'll give you a darker tan.Ease of ApplicationIt's very easy to use. It's a thinner more easy to spread lotion, but you just have to make sure you don't miss any spots otherwise the color will look uneven and splotchy. You also have to make sure to wash the palms of your hands after you apply this because they will turn orange.ScentThe only thing I hate about this product is the scent. It has the same gross smell that other sunless tanning lotions and products have. It's strong and it lingers through the day, so I make sure to not use this product when I'm going out somewhere.LongevityIt usually lasts for about a week, but when it fades out it doesn't look splotchy or uneven like other sunless tanners. It could last longer but I usually take more then one shower a day so it wears off quicker for me. « less" - viewpoints.com user

H2O SkinTint by Pixi by Petra

"I have been using this product for almost 2 yrs now. My skin is more on the med to dry side making it hard to keep liquid foundation on without it being absorbed into the skin. Powder foundations look caked on me. This foundation is so easy to apply once I have applied a good moisturizer and waited for a few minutes to neutralize into my skin. Then applying the Pixi By Petra H2O Skintint working it all over the face. I only use one pump full for the entire face unless I need extra coverage that day. After which I follow it by usine the Pixi By Petra Makeup Fixing Mist which sets the foundation. What I love about this foundation it dues not turn other colors with your body chemistry, it stays true to color all day and it looks absolutely natural, almost as if you have none on but covering up the redness I have in my skin. I use to use Lancôme and other expensive makeups, there is no way anyone would get me to go back. Also try the Pixi By Petra Hydrating Milky Mist after your moisturizer wait a minute then apply your foundation. It plumps up some of the wrinkles and hydrates the skin all day. I sometimes will spritz my face with Pixi By Petra Hydrating Milky Mist during the day if the weather is especially dry. Love the freshness and smell of all these products. Wish Target (as they are the exclusive store for this product in the USA) would carry a good supply on the shelves so I wouldn't have to order it online. « less" - Target user

Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow by YSL Beauty

A skin-loving, all-in-one tinted moisturizer that evens complexion, eliminates dullness, and smooths fine lines with oil-free skincare ingredients and a natural, luminous finish.

Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector by Shiseido

"I have bought this product 4 times now, and it is hands down my favorite tinted moisturizer and i have tried most of the other brands on here. i use it for the purpose of covering redness and acne when i need to leave the house but dont want to wear actual make up to give my skin a chance to recover from all that stuff. i have really light skin and most things will oxidize on me really badly so it is hard to find a product that covers things and doesn't turn bright orange. This product is capable of covering moderately severe blemishes and discoloration if you apply it with a proper makeup brush and build the coverage. it will not look like a full coverage foundation but if your skin is getting bad and you dont wanna wear actual foundation that will make it worse this will at least cover most the redness and tone down whatever you have going on. it covers more once it has dried and set so if you feel like its not covering well enough give it like 10 minutes before you get mad lol. it has a fragrance like most high end foundations that are perfumed but i like the smell, its not too strong and smells tend to bother me. what i like most about this product is my face always looks better after ive worn this all day and take it off, it actually improves the condition of my skin. this product has never broken me out or clogged my pores. It is a tinted moisturizer so the feeling its going to give your skin will be like a thick moisturizing cream that will transfer if you touch it, you may feel like its going to clog your pores while wearing it as it can be a bit sticky and thick but it doesn't look thick or cakey, it comes off easily with a cleanser and i never feel like i have to double cleanse. so if you want something thats going to dry completely this is probably not what youre looking for. i also like the price point. 35 bucks for a product that will last me 3 to 6 months while using it to cover my whole face nearly every day makes it worth it to keep repurchasing. Less" - Sephora user

Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector by Neutrogena

"Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector is another great product by a great skin line company. This formula manages to hug your skin all the pores, bumps, indents and creases without the weight of heavy makeup. I get an all around through coverage everytime I use it. I don't feel like I need to add more on one spot versus another. I am happy with the single layer that I had already applied. The makeup comes in 1.0 fl oz tube. They are available in a variety of shades. Already incorporated with the makeup is a moisturizing retinol treatment as well as sunscreen with an SPF 20 grade. To use the product I placed several spots on various parts of my face and blended them in. It provides me with full coverage, a through coverage that lasts until I wash it off. I was provided this product free for review purposes and all opinions are my own. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 by Beautycounter

A lightweight, sheer, tinted moisturizer that leaves skin effortlessly dewy and protected with mineral SPF 20.

Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF30 by ULTA Beauty

"I wanted to try the Australian Gold tinted facial sunscreen with the cult following but it's been out of stock so I thought I'd give this face lotion a try. I can't compare it to the Australian Gold because I haven't tried that one yet but let me tell you, this might very well be the holy grail sunscreen for my face! The first time I tried it, I put it on a bare face, without any moisturizer, because I wanted to see how it would perform on its own. I have normal skin with a slightly oily t-zone and it did feel dry on the normal parts of my face (mostly my cheeks). After that, I applied a moisturizer underneath and this product has been THE BOMB! It goes on shiny but dries down to a powdery matte finish. It's perfect for my light skin tone and just blends in without adding any color. It keeps the matte look all day with no need to blot or powder during the day and it STAYS on. (Other ones I've tried have rubbed off at the slightest touch.) It feels like a film on my face that doesn't rub off until I wash it off, but it feels comfortable on the skin. What else can I say? This might not have the cult following (yet) but it's a fantastic product! If I could improve on it at all, I would increase the spf just to give that added protection, and make it spf 50. For people with dry skin, this might be too mattifying, unless you use lots of moisturizer underneath." - ulta user

Maracuja Hydrating Tinted Moisturizer by Tarte

Juicy skin is in! Tarte's Maracuja Tinted Hydrator is vegan, ultra-lightweight & hydrating tinted moisturizer that delivers a sheer wash of color while infusing skin with maracuja superfruit for 12-hour hydration & wear - just apply with your fingertips!

White Tea Tinted Veil by Winky Lux

This SPF 30 tinted moisturizer delivers a natural, lightweight finish while protecting against harmful UV rays.

Visible Lift Luminous Serum Tint Tinted Moisturizer by L'Oreal

"When I first looked at the tube of L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Luminous Serum Tint Tinted Moisturizer in Amber, I immediately knew that the color would be WAY too dark for me and therefore I rashly decided that I did not like this product, and I hadn't even tried it yet. But I pressed on and decided to try it because I knew if I didn't like it, all I had to do was wash my face. After trying the L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Luminous Serum Tint Tinted Moisturizer in Amber, my quick judgment about it was a tiny bit right and a lot wrong! First, I was right about the color being too dark for my fair/light skin. Although the serum (in the shade of Amber) was dark, it wasn't AS dark as the color of the tube indicated. I was surprised that it had a sheer wash of tan color and my natural skin did show through. The color is much more sheer than foundation or even a regular tinted moisturizer. I could probably get away with wearing this shade at the end of summer. Maybe. But even though the shade did not match my skin, it didn't mean that I didn't LOVE this serum! it contains little light reflecting particles that made my skin glow and look illuminated. If it had been the right shade, I know this would have looked beautiful under my foundation, or just on my bare skin. The serum also made any of my skin imperfections such as fine lines and a few uneven spots looked blurred and smoother. How did this feel under my makeup? Divine! It made my foundation go on smoothly and almost felt like a primer. I wouldn't use a primer on top of this though, because I am afraid it would feel too thick. I would use this product instead of a primer. Along with the serum tint and foundation, my skin looked dewy and healthy. My skin also felt moisturized, without a slick, oily feel. (I have dry to combination skin). Best of all, I can tell the tube of serum tint will last a long time. You only need to use a little because it spreads well and a little goes a long way. I will DEFINITELY be looking for L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Luminous Serum Tint Tinted Moisturizer in the store, just in a different shade more suited to my skin tone. I cannot wait to try it in the right shade for my skin! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer SPF 50+ by IT Cosmetics

"I have dry to normal skin and this foundation is an absolute must have product for me. I use it regularly on myself & prefer it over other foundations I have, and when doing makeup applications on others, this is my go to it looks flawless on different skin tones and skin types-this cc cream & it's pair (the illuminating cc cream) are so flattering on so many different faces! Yasss! This foundation is my all time fave, ride or die, must have beauty product, and I vote it best foundation for 2017.Anyone into beauty or makeup knows a good base or foundation is EVERYTHING and this IT cosmetics cc cream really delivers. Even though it's a cc cream (color correcting) it IS absolutely full coverage (yet feels lightweight & breathable) with awesome staying power-like waterproof. And if you pair it with the bye bye pores translucent powder it seals it in from night to day. I have not been able to find a foundation as great as this IT cosmetics cc cream thus far, & I have tried & practiced with all of the brands in Ulta.Since my skin is normal to more dry, if it is not moisturized correctly and taken care of, I can have serious issues with foundations looking full, dry, patchy , and even cakey! But ever since trying this cc cream, I have never NOT ONCE had that issue, and I use the "matte" finish, not even the illuminating.So this foundation has changed my life- it always gives an even application,amazing coverage, a smooth flawless finish with a natural look and youthful glow from within, with still being matte, so I can apply my hightlighters where I like. But with higglighters or not this foundation will never ever have your skin looking dull or dry! It can be used for a very natural no makeup look or full out glam. I purchased my first tube of this foundation at Ulta, it's available in store or online or through IT COSMETICS online, and other beauty retailers that carry IT COSMETICS. I am such a big fan now I received this as a promo « less" - ulta.com user

Airbrush Away Tinted Skin Perfector by no7

"I have been using No7 Airbrush Away Tinted Skin Perfector in Medium for about a week now. I can not say how happy I am with this product. My face hasn't looked this good in a long time. The coverage is light, but effective. It's like you - only better. It feels nice and is non-greasy. It blends in nicely and looks like a very natural matte finish. It also evens out my skin tone. If you are looking for a heavy full coverage foundation, this probably isn't for you. For me, it's perfect. I don't want to look or feel like I'm wearing a mask. My only tiny complaint is that it says "Shake before using" ; the fact that it comes in a tube makes this a little difficult, especially when full. That being said, thanks No7 ! You hit this one out of the park. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Protect + Tint Tinted Moisturizer by Neutrogena

"So I absolutely love this sunscreen. I saw this mentioned on Angie's (Hot & Flashy) channel awhile back. I have sensitive, acne prone and very oily skin. i patch test all products I put on my face, for 2 months ( a long time I know, but I had a bad reaction once and don't want to go through that again). This product doesn't irritate my skin at all. I had been using the Aveeno sunscreen, but it made my foundation breakup no matter what primer, foundation, etc that I used. This stuff is legit matte, and I have no separation with my foundation anymore!. Even in the humid summer, I haven't needed to put my primer (Hourglass Mineral Veil) all over to keep my makeup in place, because this sunscreen keeps me matte for several hours. I've now been able to just put the Hourglass primer in my T zone. Because this sunscreen is a lotion, it spreads easily, and dries down pretty quick. The tint is minimal and doesn't alter my light/medium complexion. The scent to me is minimal as well.I do find that since the product dries down so matte, that using a brush to apply my foundation or CC cream is problematic, so a beauty blender to me, works best. Definitely recommend a try, as for the price, you really can't go wrong. Less" - ulta.com user

The Reparative SkinTint SPF 30 by La Mer

"I used a specific brand of foundation for about a year, and my skin only got more problems! I realized I needed to switch to a "lighter" product, but one that I didn't have to mix with items like concealer and powders and highlighters and acne spot treatments and sun block. This product goes on very smooth, and you can layer it for more coverage. It does not block the pores on my nose, and makes them appear more smooth. This product is very light weight, still. It makes the skin feel EXTRA smooth, so balanced, and such a healthy glow, even when you are not wearing it! I absolutely love it, and it is a gem in my makeup collection!If you have some dryness from acne product overuse/acne, I highly recommend this product! It goes on very smooth! It won't look obvious and blends imperfections well.COLOR: I tried both the very fair and light, and did not notice much of a color difference. It did not appear that either looked better than the other. However, I do not have any Irish in me. :) I ended up buying the very fair color, and it works during the summer when I tan a little, too. Less" - Nordstrom user

Renewed Hope In A Jar Skin Tint by philosophy

"About me and my skin: I am black with oily, acne prone skin (severe acne, the cystic kind), a few acne scars and pigmentation. I ordered the philosophy renewed hope in a jar skin tint in 7.5, honey.The last past year was difficult with my acne, it actually took a whole year to get rid of the bumps and some of the scars, but there were some stubborn dark areas on my cheeks under my eye area where I just could not get rid of the blocked pores. I didn’t want to use any foundation or powder to jeopardize the progress I had made with my skin. But something about a water-based tinted moisturizer that was good for the skin enticed me. I thought it to be too expensive but tried it anyway.The Product: I LOVED IT! I wish I knew sooner!!!!! within 2-3 days of using this for about 4-6 hours a day the clogged pores were gone, active acne was reduced in size and no longer inflamed and my pores overall were reduced. My face was also less oily. The moisturizing effect seemed to last beyond my nightly cleaning routine. My skin appears to be so healthy, glowing, soft to touch, smooth and toned in 2-3 days!!! I was so impressed I decided to purchase the Philosophy renewed hope in a jar night because if the tint was able to accomplish such results for a few hours a day, I believed the night cream would blow me over and it did. That will be a separate review.I do believe you can build coverage to give you a more polished look, but not to cover dark marks. I just use a dot on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, so I see the 1 oz jar lasting over six months which makes it worth the price. I am happy QVC offers a payment plan to give us a chance to buy a product like this at that price. I don’t particularly mind the size. I hope more colors will be developed, for everyone overall, but as a woman of color, I would love to purchase one for my mom who is darker than I am and I don’t think the cocoa will be a match. Get to work Philosophy!!! This is a great product.Non-factor setback: I will say that on me, the tint needs about 20 mins to settle or perhaps warm up to my face. At first, it goes on smoothly, I use the brush it came with (I do think the Philosophy brush is absolutely wonderful by the way) or my Clarisonic foundation brush, but it is grey or ashy on my face especially on the darker areas. This surprised and disappointed me at first because I thought it was not a match. But determined to follow through, I kept it and realized that as the time passed it seemed to match my skin color perfectly. I live in Florida and it is unusually cold right now, so I’m wondering if it would need less time to match up during the summer. But this is so beneficial to my skin I don’t mind. « less" - QVC user

Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer by w3ll people

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer protects, hydrates, brightens skin with a sheer, natural tint. Active phytonutrients and pure zinc protect, brighten, hydrate and improve skin quality while diminishing imperfections. Enjoy a flawless, natural, more radiant complexion.

Tinted Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka

"I've been using this tinted day cream on and off for quite a while, and love it. It has become my go-to daily alternative to BB cream/foundation. It feels very rich going on, at first you might think too rich, but give it some time to absorb. The tint is light and seems to meld with your natural skin tone. If I'm not using any other make-up, I use it alone and my skin feels moisturised all day. If I'm going to wear eye make-up, I use it with either Inika or Nude by Nature mineral powder to 'set' and make it slightly more matt, and this can also make it more like a dewy foundation. Alone it is definitely quite a dewy finish. You only need a very small amount, so a tube lasts for absolutely ages, making it much better value for money than you might think. I'm in my 50s with normal to dry fair skin and I find it amazingly nourishing. Less" - nourishedlife.com.au user

Oil-Free Acne Correct & Cover Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer by Neutrogena

Actively clear acne and help even out skin tone with neutrogena oil-free acne moisturizer correct & cover pink grapefruit. It moisturizes while using salicylic acid and microclear technology to fight breakouts without clogging pores.

Sheer Tint SPF 20 by Dermalogica

Lightly-tinted hydrating treatment by dermalogica provides an all-day sheer wash of color. Natural, light-diffusing iron oxides provide translucent color for radiant skin, while broad spectrum sunscreens shield against damaging uv rays.

No Shower Happy Hour Athleisure Essentials by Tarte

"This awesome kit includes a dry shampoo, a vegan deodorant, a bb cream in the shade medium, a blush compact and a very pigmented creamy liquid lipstick. The dry shampoo is a good quality one for touching up after a workout, or even after running errands during your hot summer days as well! It absorbs your oils & adds volume to your limp hair. The vegan deodorant is a great one too! It smells lightly of vanilla, doesn't have any of the icky stuff in it so it is an all natural deodorant and I'm so very glad that I made the decision to switch! The tinted moisturizer is in the color Medium, which is a little bit too dark for me, but I have another different bb cream that's too light so I mix the two and they mix well for me. As for the blush compact and the liquid lippie... They're both amazing colors that are buildable, long lasting and comfortable in my face. I've enjoyed playing with all of the items in this kit and highly recommended it! Less" - tartecosmetics.com user

Crema Nuda Supreme Glow Reviving Tinted Moisturizer by Giorgio Armani Beauty

A complexion perfector with the performance power that surpasses both a BB and CC cream, making it a next level tinted cream.

Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint by Hourglass

"So I got this as sample in Ivory and I haven't been blown away by a product like this in quite a while (and I have so many products I could run a spa out of my house) I've never been real impressed with any TM so one day after my shower and regular face routine I figured I'd give this a try, with no real expectations. I honestly assumed I'd get typical underwhelming results and end up putting a bunch of foundation over it. Well, In the less-than-lovely lighting of my bathroom I quickly applied a bunch with my fingers as I would a moisturizer. I felt the texture was much closer to that of a foundation, not a moisturizer. I use Argan oil to hydrate in the colder months and applied this over. When I was done in the bathroom and headed over to my vanity and sat down I actually did a double take when I first looked in the mirror. The sunlight beams directly at my face there and I was really shocked to see that this product had matched perfectly, blended super evenly and provided full coverage and my face was beautiful! Even on my entire nose where foundation tends to slide around instead of blend in, and I have tiny patches of dry skin. The level of coverage is really amazing. I wouldn't rely on this to be my only moisturizer in the winter months and as I said, it feels closer to a foundation than a lotion, but over a few drops of oil it's amazing and may be perfect on its own in humid months. I have fair, combination skin with pink/neutral undertones and a touch of redness on the insides of my cheeks (1/2 Irish). After applying this I have perfectly covered, glowing skin. It even made my pores MUCH less visible without any primer which is a huge bonus for me. Again, I didn't use primer or anything because I treated this as a moisturizer instead of prepping for a foundation, and it looks really beautiful. I've seen the comments about 'glitter' and while I haven't seen any actual glitter, it is shimmery/luminous. I've actually found that the thinner you try to apply it, the more obvious the shimmer is. If you put a healthy layer all over the face and then blend outward to even it out, it's actually gives a lovely airbrushed effect & is natural looking. I also put a good dusting of powder on to finish it, to take some of the glow out. I have to note that I don't ride the 'dewy' train though. To me there's a very fine line between 'dewy' and 'you just look like you have oily skin'. I think the key is to get skin looking brighter, not oilier. Anyway, I've tried tons of foundations and BB's and TM's and this is one of the rare few that impressed me so I would recommend it. It's priced more like a foundation but keep in mind that it acts more like one too. I'd recommend doing your face routine like normal and pretend this is a foundation and apply it as such. You also need to match your color correctly since this is not very sheer. The smear they show in the product image actually appears to be lighter and more sheer than the product actually looks. It's a heartier consistency and more opaque and is probably best for people with normal-dry skin, or those who don't mind blotting or powdering a little throughout the day." - sephora user

Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer by First Aid Beauty

A multitasker that provides 12 hours of soothing hydration, SPF 30 protection, and a natural finish that reduces the look of visible imperfections.

elf+ Mattifying Lotion by e.l.f.

"ELF - PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT!--------------------------------------You get 2.2 oz for $8 which isnt bad, with a soft squeeze tube with a pump that works! The pump lets you choose how much you want to pump out via a spring, which I like.Texture- mousse-like, thick, but spreads nicely. You can feel the kaoilin/silica in it, it feels a bit grainy, but not harsh. I dot small amounts on my face in sections like a primer, then gently rub in. It dissappears. Has a light pink color. Absorbs immediately, does not feel greasy at all -- i think it actually feels like a powdery finish once it absorbs. Not tacky even with wearing it for a few hours.Scent- strong tea tree oil, almost medicinal. I dont mind it, it goes away immediately. Doesnt seem to bother my skin at all.So far, I am impressed! This keeps me at least 80% more matte than my other lotion!!! Its that noticeable for me! If you have sensitive skin, and your other lotions make you shiny, try this. I also recommend this to folks who use acne topicals that make them red or shiny (my benzoyl peroxide gel does). This works big time!!! I think the tea tree oil also calms my redness from BP. When I would wear my other lotion and no makeup, my face would get shiny so fast, making my skin look redder and my pores would just stand out. This is like a full 180 difference from it!I have sensitive skin, I use topical BP and this does not agitate (so far).ETA: Had to come back after another full day of testing (this time, at work) and OMG--- this stuff you guys! If you suffer from inflammation, sensitive skin, redness from any topical acne medication (I use BP gel every day) -- this stuff is GOLDEN. It seems to mattify just enough, blur just enough, and my redness that I used to have? It's gone. I'm assuming it's the tea tree, or lavender or the willow - but something in this has finally worked it's magic to help return my burned BP skin back to it's natural color! I also suffer from melasma, so any kind of 'redness' I'd get from my topical BP would just make my face look so tan and sunburnt ALL THE TIME.I even had folks comment on how red my face looked when I didn't wear foundation. That bad.NOT ANYMORE WITH THIS STUFF!! I'm amazed! Even looking in a mirror at work - I cannot believe how pale my skin really is (well, we are coming out of winter....) But that's honestly how red my face used to be from constant (think, 10 years) of BP use -- and greasy lotions used to always emphasize it (even though when on BP you have to use a moisturizer because your poor skin needs it).I'm sold. Totally sold on this stuff. This has also healed a few breakouts I had around my nose in a matter of 2 days, by reducing the redness and drying them up (but it's not drying like a medication lotion). I'm not kidding. It's gotta be the tea tree oil. I'm buying backups of this!!!! Less" - elfcosmetics.com user

No Reason To Hide Instant Skin-Tone Perfecting Moisturizer by philosophy

"I am absolutely amazed by this product! With combination skin and very dry skin due to eczema around my mouth, full makeup usually isn't an option for me. For the longest time I also wasn't thrilled with tinted moisturizers, as I found their coverage too light, so I didn't want to do the effort for unsatisfying results and ended up just using spf moisturizer. Fortunately, now this product is in my life. It gives great coverage, evens out the skin tone, moisturizes and provides spf. I find it to last during the day, only reapply translucent powder on my oily t-bone during the day. As I sometimes want higher spf and additional moisture, I tend to first apply Philosophy's 'Take a deep breath' oxygen moisturizer gel with spf 30 and then this product and it works great. The best ways to apply are with your fingers or with the beautyblender. My airbrush foundation brush couldn't match the results from those two methods. What I like best about the finish is that you look much more flawless but still as if you're not wearing makeup - naturally glowy and dewy. I have olive yellowish skin and the medium works better for me. Enjoy! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Moisturizing Tint SPF 30 by Chanel

"I love this multipurpose moisturizer. It's nice and light, goes on easy, has the SPF I need, and doubles as a light foundation. I dislike foundations - they are just too heavy for me and seem to show every line and wrinkle, so this was a great alternative for light coverage. It blends nicely, and pairs well with the Les Beiges powder (which is perfection on it's own). It's probably best to use a beauty blender, but I put it on lightly with my fingers, and it goes on easily. Super light feel, and lasts all day. I have very sensitive skin, and I haven't had any breakouts or problems with this moisturizer, and I have been using it now for about 6 months. " - Nordstrom user

Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by NARS

A weightless, all-in-one, oil free, matte skin tint with broad spectrum SPF 30 and shine control that transforms the look of skin immediately and over time.