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The Best Skincare Products for Under Eyes and Lips

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 15, 2020
The Best Skincare Products for Under Eyes and Lips

Treat yourself to these gorgeous products for delicate skin

The eyes and lips are two of the most beautiful features on the face - but sadly, they're also the most difficult to care for. We all know that person who carries lip balm in their purse, car, work desk and gym bag - and yet still can’t escape dry lips in the autumn.

Or the girl who collects face masks like candy on Halloween, but still notices her first few faint lines around the eyes the moment she hits 30 years old. It’s not fair, but there’s a reason behind it. The skin around your under eyes and lips is the most delicate on your face, and requires a few extra steps in your skin care routine. The under eye skin is roughly 10 times thinner than the rest of the body, and constant eye movements and expressions - like joy when seeing your favorite person or raised eyebrows when you notice unblended eyeshadow - make this area particularly prone to fine lines and aging effects. Crow’s feet, anyone? And then there’s your lips, which are free of the sweat and oil glands that naturally moisturize the rest of your body… making them more vulnerable to dryness. Definitely explains the dry, chapped lips you seemingly get out of nowhere, right?

But you don’t need to be a victim of eye wrinkles or a flaky pout, as long as you have the right beauty products to help you treat these issues. Here are just a few of our MIRA community favorites!

Eye Bright Undereye Vitamin C Spot Serum Mask by Pacifica, $5

Eye Bright Undereye Vitamin C Spot Serum Mask by Pacifica
Source: Pacifica

Stay up too late binge-watching The Haunting of Bly Manor? We don’t blame you, but your under eyes may reflect it in the form of dark circles, dullness, and eventual wrinkles. Now that is the kind of Halloween spook we don’t want. Luckily, these adorable eye patches are here to help you “fake” the awake look and look instantly revived. Eye Bright is formulated with Vitamin C, your favorite antioxidant to add brightness and fade discoloration (AKA, dark circles) around the eyes, along with Marine Plant Extracts for a hydration boost - exactly what your fragile under eye skin needs to look on the bright side and prevent wrinkles from forming. As much as you love your sheet mask collection, these tools aren’t always designed for the delicate eye area, and a good set of eye patches can go a long way in your skin care (and self-care!) routine. The MIRA reviews don’t lie with Eye Bright, as 100% of guests say these eye patches are gentle, hydrating, and reduce puffiness.

Renewing Eye Cream by Murad, $82

Renewing Eye Cream by Murad
Source: Murad

Contrary to popular belief, you definitely can find Retinol products that are gentle on the skin. In fact, there’s a variety of Retinol eye creams that hydrate and deliver powerful anti-aging benefits to your under eyes, with basically zero risk of irritation - like the Renewing Eye Cream by Murad! It’s formulated with peptides and Retinol to fight fine lines, mango butter for increased elasticity, and an Eye Brightening Complex that lives up to the name. Murad uses just the right amount of Retinol to ease you into this amazing ingredient, and keeps the crow’s feet away whether you’re trying to prevent them in your 20’s, starting to notice a few lines in your 30’s, or 60+ looking to restore your youthful complexion. Eye cream is a necessity in any skin care routine, and this eye cream by Murad lets you be kind to your delicate under eyes while preventing the unfortunate effects of aging.

Power Infusing Eye Concentrate by Shiseido, $70

Power Infusing Eye Concentrate by Shiseido
Source: Shiseido

Most of us have done it a few times - completely forgotten that we were wearing eyeliner, rubbed our eyes, and dropped our hands in defeat at the smudged mess we’ve just created. It happens far more often than we’d like, and Shiseido has discovered that eye rubbing isn’t ideal even if we’re 100% bare-faced. In fact, the friction caused by this movement can irritate the thin skin around your eyes and speed up the aging process in this area. Um, what? That’s why the brand launched the Power Infusing Eye Concentrate, a 24-hour moisturizing formula to prevent and reduce the damage caused by friction - restoring hydration, firmness, and brilliance to your eye area. This eye serum is made with Shiseido’s exclusive ImuGeneration Technology™, featuring botanical extracts of reishi mushroom and iris root to help the skin defend itself against damage, plus a Smoothing Defense Complex and ImuMoisture Complex to keep your eyes moisturized and protected against all the worst effects of eye rubbing. A Shiseido study showed that after 1 week: 90% noticed an improvement in eye puffiness, 94% said it increased resilience of the thin eye skin, and 95% saw a brightness boost in this area.

Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum by Tatcha, $85

Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum by Tatcha
Source: Tatcha

Energized eyes, all the time. Tatcha’s philosophy is to combine ancient Japanese beauty rituals with modern technology and techniques - using only the most clean, natural ingredients to nourish your delicate skin. And while they say that perfect beauty products don’t exist, the Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum comes pretty close. This serum features Okinawa Red Algae, Honeysuckle Leaf and Caffeine to keep your eye area looking forever fresh. More hydration, less puffiness, and a brightened appearance to hide even the worst late-night study sessions. Or binge-watching of YouTube makeup tutorials, we won’t tell. As always, Tatcha only uses the most pure ingredients to stay gentle on sensitive or delicate under eye skin - delivering hydrating, anti-aging, and illuminating benefits that our MIRA guests can’t stop talking about.

Lip Balm by Mario Badescu, $8

Lip Balm by Mario Badescu
Source: Mario Badescu

It’s okay to be sensitive sometimes, but your lips take it to the extreme. Since the skin in this area is extremely thin and delicate, and isn’t naturally moisturized by oil glands like the rest of your body, it’s common for lips to become dry and chapped without the right treatment. Especially as we head into the chilly fall weather and switch up our seasonal skin care routine. As you’re collecting all the lip exfoliators, scrubs, and masks… don’t forget to keep it simple with a good lip balm. This one by Mario Badescu is highly recommended for sensitive or dry lips, and has all the hydrating ingredients you need to protect your fragile pout this season. With Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and antioxidant Vitamin E, just a bit of this creamy balm will provide your lips with hours of hydration and a smooth texture - without any of the dryness or flakiness that seems to sneak up on you. The creamy vanilla scent doesn’t hurt either, while some reviews even say that this $8 lip balm can make your pout appear more plump. Be sure to have a Lip Balm on hand with you at all times, as just a couple swipes a day keeps the dry lips away!

Lip Sugar Scrub by Dior, $34

Lip Sugar Scrub by Dior
Source: Dior

You deserve to feel like the fashion and beauty icon you are - and you’ll have Emily in Paris vibes 24/7 with the Lip Sugar Scrub in your pocket. Dior is a vision of timeless elegance and luxury, and you’ll feel more confident swiping on one of the brand’s iconic lipsticks after an exfoliating session with this scrub. Made with grains of sugar to melt away dead skin and intensely moisturize your lips, this product leaves you with a smooth canvas for maximum color impact and lips that feel soft, sweet, and always smoochable. Just like you exfoliate your face each week to remove impurities, doing the same with your lips will make all the difference in your beauty routine. Let the real French girl makeup magic begin as you revel in newly soft and hydrated lips before applying your best red lipstick.

Rosebud Salve by Rosebud Perfume Co., $7

Rosebud Salve by Rosebud Perfume Co.
Source: Rosebud Perfume Co.

Beyonce uses this lip treatment before applying her signature nude lipsticks - need we say more? Made with natural ingredients like Pure White Petrolatum, Cotton Seed Oil, and a nourishing blend of essential oils and botanicals - this skincare product is a MIRA favorite for healing the thin skin on your lips. Our community gives Rosebud Salve top ratings for being long lasting, lightweight, hydrating, and smooth, while guest reviews call it life-changing and praise the healing powers of this multipurpose balm. It’s not just for your lips, it can also be applied to chapped elbows or knees to condition and relieve dryness, or soothe minor burns!

Lip Saver by Aveda, $9

Lip Saver by Aveda
Source: Aveda

“I love this stuff - texture and scent are lovely, it stays on and is not sticky or heavy. Keeps my lips from drying out. This tube lasts awhile too. I go out of my way to keep this chapstick in stock in my purse and at home.” The test of whether a lip balm is the real deal? Buying five of them to ensure that you always have one on hand - and that’s definitely going to be the case with Lip Saver. As the name suggests, this product rescues your lips from the dryness and flakiness that often occurs in this delicate area - courtesy of naturally derived waxes, cinnamon leaf, clove and anise oils and more nourishing ingredients. Give your pout a major moisture surge that feels lightweight, smooth, and lasts all day - with one MIRA guest even calling this Aveda favorite a “holy grail lip product.” Definitely agreed!

Rose Sugar Lip Scrub by Milani, $10

Rose Sugar Lip Scrub by Milani
Source: Milani

Petal-soft skin for your lips with one $10 scrub? Don’t mind if we do. This Milani favorite is a crystal-based exfoliating formula for an actual kiss from a rose - infused with Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and more to leave lips feeling smooth and moisturized. No flaky skin or dry patches here, even as temperatures drop and the chilly weather starts to decrease moisture levels in your lips. Speaking of which, we know you’re excited to rock your favorite fall lipsticks this season - from burgundy and bordeaux to the bright orange that’s perfectly Fenty. But you need a smooth and hydrated surface to truly bring out your most beautiful shades, and a few weekly sessions with this exfoliating lip scrub will maximize color payoff and enrich your lips like never before!

Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado by Kiehl’s, $50

Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado by Kiehl’s
Source: Kiehl's

You already know that the skin on your lips and eyes is the thinnest on your body, and you also know that MIRA loves a good multitasking beauty product to save time, money, and energy. Brown eyeliner to create faux freckles for fall looks, anyone? Put these facts together and get one of the best beauty hacks of all time: applying eye cream on your lips! Creamy Eye Treatment is an ah-mazing eye cream - with Avocado Oil to moisturize and nourish, Beta-Carotene for antioxidant benefits, and Shea Butter to restore hydration and suppleness to the skin. Sure, you can always put it on your eyes like you’re supposed to… but you can also try a celebrity makeup trick to double the hydration and enhance your two favorite features. Celebrity makeup artist Kate Synnott explains, “Put eye cream on your lips to hydrate them, because you've got thinner skin around the lip area.” Synnott continued, "The cream is more delicate. Whatever is good for the eyes is good for around the mouth and just on top of the lips to hydrate." She’s not wrong, and applying the Creamy Eye Treatment to your eyes and lips each night means that one won’t get jealous of the other… and you’ll enjoy healthy and hydrated skin all around!

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