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The 50 Best Shimmer Eyeshadow Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore shimmer eyeshadow are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow by Lancôme

Make a statement with color design sensational effects eyeshadows designed by lancôme global makeup artists. Now in this sedona suede collection

Eye Shadow by MAC

"Env: development**The Product: **MAC makes dozens of eyeshadows and for high end products, they are extremely affordable and great quality. This review is for two of my faves; woodwinked and all that glitters.**Pros**: Both All that Glitters and Woodwinked are part of my holy grail of neutrals. I sue them daily. *All That Glitters* is a soft, shimmery, champagne-y peach colour with no fall-out whatsoever. It really compliments my brown eyes and black hair nicely. (MAC NC43 for reference-golden undertones) It really warms up my face and I can use it as an all over color or darken it a bit at the corners with MAC Mulch eyeshadow, MAC Bronze eye shadow or MAC Sumptous Olive (another holy grail) The pigmentation is amazing and its so soft and blendable. Would definitely repurchase.Woodwinked is one of 5 colors (satin taupe, sable, all that glitters, bronze) that I just love to wear daily, washed all over the lid and worked a little into the crease. It has such great dimension that it looks like I'm wearing two or three colors at once. For reference I'm a MAC NC 43 and the color looks beautiful on me-blends with my golden skintone making me look awake and glowy. It can look a bit orange if you pack it on too much but that works for my coloring. I love to wear this one with NARS Taj Majal blush and bronzer in the summer. I look like a bronzed Amazon goddess...heh.**Cons:** No real cons. Maybe price but I consider it reasonable for the quality of the shadows. Only real 'con' is some of the MAC stores have horrible employees-very snooty.**Overall:** Def repurchaseEnv: development Less" - viewpoints.com user

Caviar Stick Eye Colour by Laura Mercier

A long-lasting, creamy eyeshadow stick that can also line, highlight, and create smoky looks.

Loose Mineral Eyecolor by bareMinerals

"This may be my favorite eye shadow so far. The color pay off is amazing, highly pigmented. It goes on smoothly and effortlessly, and creates a rich color coat on the lids and crease. I bought 6 shades this week, and I think they're all amazing and gorgeous colors, they easily complement each other & blend well together. Over all, I am beyond stoked with this eyeshadow... I've been wearing it with the Lorac eye primer underneath, and it's been staying really well. My eye makeup has looked amazing for up to 12 hours, even after doing sweaty / greasy things, taking multiple showers, running around, walking thru rain.... seriously. it's stood up to the tests quite well." - Sephora user

Shimmer Veil by Cover FX

A weightless cream shimmer with a crease-proof, transfer-proof formula that delivers a multidimensional shine on the eyes, cheeks and lips.

Single Eyeshadow by NARS

An eyeshadow single that delivers high-impact color in as little as a single stroke.

O!Mega Gel Powder Eyeshadow by Marc Jacobs Beauty

A supersized eyeshadow with up to 12 hours of long wear, featuring gel-coated pigments designed to minimize fallout and provide high-impact, crease-resistant color.

Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow by peripera

"I was really doubtful that this would be so glittery/pigmented. Even when I got it and saw how densely sparkly it looked in the bottle and on the wand, I didn't think it would go on my lids like that. Sis -- It's REAL. I ended up doing all my video meetings that day with disco-sparkly eyelids for no other reason than I decided to give it a try and I couldn't turn back after the first hyper-glittery swipe. There's obviously fallout when it's applied and I was finding specks of glitter on my face for three days afterwards, but if you put it on before your other makeup and use a good eye makeup remover, you should be set. I'll probably only use it for special occasions but it looks absolutely gorgeous. For the sale price, it's a steal if you're looking for a serious long-lasting glitter. Less" - yesstyle.com user

Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow by stila

This Stila Deluxe Mini Glitter & Glow is a long-wearing, sparkle Liquid Eyeshadow with the perfect blend of pearl and glitter to leave your eyes with incredible luster and shimmer.

Eyeshadow by Urban Decay

"Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) was my first "holy grail" item, the thing I felt I couldn't live without. However, as much as I loved the primer, the original packaging turned me off for two reasons - the dipping wand (unsanitary), and because it left some of the product in the curves of the bottle. The bottle was too stiff to get the product out without having to cut it open and put it in another container; unsanitary and too much hassle.Therefore, if you ever used that old packaging and strayed because you didn't like it, it's time to start buying your favorite primer again. The new squeeze bottle is a dream - easy to get at ALL your product, and very sanitary since you do not need to re-dip a wand.Now to the primer itself - what makes it great? First of all, the texture - it is very moist and easy to spread. Once it dries a bit, it sets to a slightly tacky finish, which means it is NOT stiff or drying, and it makes an excellent surface to adhere eye shadows to. The staying power is also a factor - this helps my shadows to last a lot longer because it creates a barrier between my eyelids and the shadows, so they don't fade from oils mixing with them, or flake off when my eyes are too dry.That's another thing - UDPP is one of those rare products that works for me all year round. I alternate between dry and oily lids, and it isn't predictable (I can have too oily lids in the dead of winter, for example). UDPP works great for both situations, moisturizing and protecting my eyelids when they are a little dry (which obviously makes my shadows look better) and creating a matte base for when they are oily, so my shadow doesn't fade.This primer, like most I have used, is a pro at intensifying color for any eyeshadow I apply. However, since just about anything, including concealer and powder, applied before you use eyeshadow will intensify color, that is not a selling point for a primer, in my opinion. I look for texture and longevity, two things UDPP delivers on.I prefer the "original" translucent UDPP, but I have tried them all, and for bolder or party looks, the others do come in handy. They even function as subtle wash of color alone, if you want something quick. Eden is my preference over Greed and Sin, just because it is a nude matte with no shimmer. If you want to blank out all veins and coloration in your eyelid, this is the one to use. It's useful on days when I am tired or my skin is especially see-though. Greed and Sin add color and shimmer - Greed is warm toned and Sin is a neutral champagne.As for whether this causes any irritation, I have sensitive skin and this has never given me a problem. I have used other eyelid primers that will irritate if they migrate into the corner of my eye, but UDPP has never irritated.Finally, creasing - it absolutely helps with this for all the reasons I mention above... there are no pores in your eyelids, so UDPP makes an effective barrier or base to layer pigment on and will help control oil so that eyeshadow doesn't mix and cause the dreaded creasing.Bottom line: highly recommended, and a great value in the new packaging! « less" - urbandecay.com user

Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"One of my friends gave me a collection of Bobbi Brown products for my birthday. I've spent the last few days trying all the products that came in the collection. There were a total of four eye shadows, including a beautiful Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Petal, which is shimmery sheer pale pink. I really like this shadow, because the shade gives me a wide awake look. I like how this applies both dry and wet. When used wet, it has a nice smooth finish. It layers well, looks great with other shades of shadow, and doesn't crease or fade. (I used a primer). My friend also included an empty palette so that I can put three Bobbi Brown shadows inside. I'm happy that manufacturers are now giving customers the option to create their own palettes, since I've been depotting and repotting my shadows for years, creating my own palettes. I'm very pleased with this shadow, and with the shade. Less" - Sephora user

Shimmer Powder by Bellapierre

"We were packing up our house belongings to move. Although we had the usual brown tape we needed something "extra" and transparent/translucent therefore eBay here we come! On delivery of three of these items we started to use them immediately on bubble wrapping our ornaments using Scotch packaging tape with gay abandon. We even used the tape to seal packing boxes; it was that strong! You need to be careful using the tape dispenser. Holding the unit at the sides of the roll or letting the roll spin with your finger(s) through the roll slowed the dispense of the tape. This was annoying so we started to hold it by the little tab with the information on it. We could have held it nearer to the cutting blade but fingers got in the way! " - ebay.com user

Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow by stila

"There are so many good things I can say about this eyeshadow. First off, I'm absolutely in love with this formula. It's liquidy, but doesn't crease. It is INSANELY pigmented and goes on exactly as it looks in the bottle. It's a little hard to blend, and I find the best way to do that is to use another eyeshadow on the edges so it's not such a harsh line. It stays on ALL DAY with no issues, and looks just as fresh hours later as it does right when you put it on. I have to say the very best thing about this eyeshadow is how easy it is to clean. You'd think for a color so rich and intense it would leave some stain on your lid, but it doesn't! You'd also think that with its longevity, it would take a lot of scrubbing to remove, BUT IT DOESN'T. You can literally wash it off with just water. So it's like the best of both worlds! I wish they sold these in mini sizes on Sephora because I would really love to try many of the colors without spending a million dollars. I would be all over a mini pack of these! Just to be aware of: the color Twig is definitely more of a red/brown. It's absolutely gorgeous, but as someone with extremely pale cool-toned skin, the red in it wasn't super flattering on me. I ended up giving it to my tan, warm-toned friend and she looks absolutely stunning. All in all, I WANT MORE of these and highly recommend it to everyone." - sephora user

Frost Eyeshadow by MAC

"I have Print, Silver Ring, Phloof!, Expensive Pink, Texture and I have Arena on the way. I'm a pale-skinned, golden blonde hair with blue-green eyes who tans easily and has golden undertones/mostly green veins. The only MAC shadow I am not 100% thrilled with is Texture, just can't seem to get into it (probably need a good brown to pair it with, hmmm Arena maybe?). I own the paint pot Bare Study and love it...the eyebrow pencils are GREAT too, I have sparse naturally thin brows. Lingering on its own is a bit too dark but I pair Lingering with Fling and it seems to work. Hope this helps pale blondes like me who are just starting their MAC stash! These are VERY highly pigmented and last all day, I have never had creasing issues with MAC. My only problem is my B & M store seems to carry only the bold colors and shimmery shades that are better for fun days or clubbing, so if I want matte daywear/work-friendly colors I need to have them shipped. I find the blending slightly difficult but that could be my brushes (I use cheapo brushes)." - ulta user

Eyeshadow Bar Single by Buxom

Choose from 40 high-performance shades and create your own customizable eye shadow palette for $40. An $85 value!

Ombre Blackstar Color Fix Cream Eyeshadow by By Terry

Your eyelids are smoothed, restructured and enhanced—in a single stroke—with silky color from this luxurious soft and creamy eye shadow.

All About Shadow Single by Clinique

A luscious, long-wearing powder eyeshadow.

Colorful Shadow & Liner by Sephora Collection

"For a while I had been thinking about purchasing some of Urban Decay's shadow pencils but I wasn't sure at all how to use a shadow pencil, so I didn't bother. One day I was in a store looking at the Sephora Collection and I came across these and after some convincing from my sister I caved and purchased one in 14 Violet. Let me just say I was blown away by the colour payoff and how easy these are to use! The price was nice too, $12 CDN.It is very long wearing and there's no joking when it says it is waterproof. The shadow/liner is very pigmented and it stays put once it dries. When I line my eyes I usually go over the liner with a similar eyeshadow colour just to make sure it doesn't budge but with this product I do not need to. I also tried this without a primer and it lasted a whole work day for me with no creasing whatsoever. Excellent! I use it both as a liner and shadow and I find it is very easy to work with when blending out with your fingers or a brush. The only small downside is that it does dry quickly so you have to work a bit faster than normal. Other than that there is nothing wrong with this product.Overall, I am so blown away by the convenience of this pencil and how easy it is to use, even for someone like me who has never used a shadow pencil. The Sephora Collection has converted me to their products and I fully intend on purchasing more of these shadow/liner pencils. Less" - Sephora user

Super Shock Shadow by Colourpop

A cream-powder eyeshadow that packs pigmentation and shine in one-swipe.

Powder Eye Shadow by Illamasqua

""Forgiveness" has enough brown in it to allow it to qualify as a "neutral, but it's plummy enough to have that special quality that really makes my green eyes "pop." I like to wear "Forgiveness" in the crease, with a matte medium taupe on the lid, a neutral highlight, plum liner, and black mascara. When I wear this combination, I get compliments on my eyes, not on my makeup, and that's exactly my aim. In addition to being a wonderful color, "Forgiveness" is smooth, richly pigmented, and superbly blendable. It lasts well, even on my very oily lids, over a good primer. I'd happily buy "Forgiveness" again; in fact, I'm already eyeballing other Illamasqua shadows. Shipping to the U.S. is not cheap, but for products like this, from a cruelty-free company, it's *totally* worth it! If you love non-boring neutrals, and especially if you have green eyes, you NEED this shadow! « less" - www.illamasqua.com user

Petal Essence Single Eye Color by Aveda

"Soft-to-the-touch is a perfect description for these eyeshadows. They blend beautifully and last all day on me. If you're looking for heavily-pigmented shadows, try another line, but if you want a simple, finished look - like I do - this is your product. These are perfect shadows for the "over 40, over 50, over 60+" crowd because the colors are soft and natural. You can still go for cool or warm tones but you won't have to worry about looking overly made-up. " - aveda user

Eye Colour Silk by Burberry Beauty

A highly blendable powder eyeshadow that gives an effortless wash of luminous, highlighting color.

Eye Shadow Singles by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A finely-milled, full pigment, eyeshadow formula in five finishes: glitter, matte, metallic, satin, and shimmer.

Luster Eye Colour by Laura Mercier

"Laura Mercier makes the best matte eyeshadows ever. Actually, all of their shadows are good but the matte formulation is superior by comparison. They are so rich and pigmented. They blend with flawless ease and allow you to create some of the most beautifully blended eye looks. I was already a customer for other awesome products in the line, but for some reason, I had not gravitated to their matte shadows...even though they were in gifts sets, etc. About a year ago I saw an LM rep and had to know what was on her eyes because it was so beautiful...If you are not sure which ones to try first I recommend using an eyeshadow primer, flat shader, crease and blending brushes with Sesame (lid), Cashmere (crease) and Truffle (outer V)...with black or brown winged liner. Prepare for the compliments as this is a classic, showstopper combination on everyone - trust me. You can use Truffle as your lower liner to complete the look. Also, Truffle on the lid and crease with something neutral as your highlight is so pretty all by itself too. It's the perfect chocolate brown and also great for brows too...A second gorgeous matte look can be achieved using Sesame (lid), Truffle (crease) and Twilight Gray (outer V) to smoke the look out. It's stunning. Everyone should have Twilight Gray in there collection. It's the most beautiful gray I own, and is also great on the light with a neutral highlight. I was stunned at the number of people who want to know the colors, brand etc. every time I wear this combo...it's unreal!Last but not least, if you want a fresh, intriguing alternative to the traditional smokey eye....try this: Cashmere (lid), Plum Smoke (Crease) and Black Plum or Twilight Gray (outer V.)I won't be satisfied until I have the entire collection and plan to add Blue Suede next! I 'm going to wear it on the lid with Truffle in my crease and Twilight Gray or I may also purchase Deep Night...but I had the first 2 with Twilight Gray on the back of my hand and several people want to know what it was...so I know it's going to look pretty.Enjoy these treats...they are totally worth every penny. And I forgot I also have Vanilla Nuits and that can be used in place of Sesame on all aforementioned suggestions. And I do not work for the company but when I product is good, I share! Thank you team Laura Mercier...keep making beautiful colors! The only concern I have is I would love to see see more permanent matte colors in the collection...a wine or burgundy would be so pretty...imagine it with Cashmere. You could call it Merlot. :) « less" - lauramercier.com user

Eyes to Mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eye Shadow by Charlotte Tilbury

A long-lasting cream eyeshadow that features an easy, non-creasing formula.

Eyelights Eye Toppers by BH Cosmetics

"If I've ever seen an eye shadow that mimics chrome, THIS IS IT! I only bought one shade for now, to see how I liked the formula so, I went with BFF for its neutrality. I swatched some on my hand when they package arrived and this shadd AND formula blew me away! It looks just like Chrome! I applied some to my whole eye lid then used a purple shade from the Wild Child Eye Shadow Palette, also from BH, on the outter 'V' of my lid. I blended the purple baked eye shadow slightly into the BFF, Eye Lights water proof eye shadow and my eyes looked awesome! The formula does not flake or crease. After applying, it takes about seconds to dry. After drying, you can apply other eye shadows anywhere on your eye you like, or, just use another shade from this line. I did use a matte ivory shade under my brows because, I knew I'd be using a couple other eye shadows that were powder in my crease and outter 'V'. No issues arose. Just perfection. I'm so happy his formula does not flake, crease or smear. The water proof formula holds up very, very well. It was easy to take off too. I use Makeup Eraser cloth to remove my makeup and it took off this eye shadow quickly. I havent tried to remove it any other way so, I'm not sure, which type of eye makeup remover is effective at taking off this water proof formula. The makeup Eraser cloth uses only water but, the cloth is magical and removes even water proof makeup. I'm going to purchase more colors. I just wish I'd have ordered them when I placed this order. Don't make the same mistake I made,by only ordering one. You'll wish you'd have ordered one in every color, as I wish I'd have done! « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

 Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow Set by stila

Stila's Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow Set includes six liquid eyeshadows featuring three Shimmer & Glow and three Glitter & Glow shades. A $72 value!

Artist Eyeshadow by Make Up For Ever

"I built a palette with I544, ME554 and D562. They are all so beautiful and subtle. I use a good eye primer under and they stay all day long. The color doesn't change or transfer to each other, and look great on. The texture is creamy and pigmented, making it so easy to blend and to work with many colors. D562 is the most versatile one because it goes with all the neutral/nude colors, making it a handy daily shadow. Looks gorgeous alone or pops out with other color base. It also compliments brown eyes very well, making eyes look deeper set. I really just love all of them! It's my first three shadows from MUFE and I already know I'd be adding more of them into my collection." - Sephora user

Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow by Dior

"Recently I noticed my eyelid wrinkles...yes, the ones that come with age. My Chanel Illusoire eye shadow creams are not doing me any favours as the sparkle in them highlight said wrinkles. I tried this product based on the fact that it is matte, blends easily, is crease resistant and hopefully will minimize or at least downplay my wrinkles. Well, it's working!The only caveat is that if you use a spatula or your finger to portion it out to use, you may get a small clump which is hard to blend out. I was more successful with just tapping my finger directly on the product, or using a small eye shadow brush (not the one that comes with it; that one is a flat angled brush, good for lining, but not blending) and tapping the brush directly on the product.Pros: it goes on sheer and you can add more a little at a time. I've worn it for 12 hours, and even with my hot flashes, it stays put. Can use it as a base to blend other cream/powder eye shadows. Classic colour that I can use to blend with warm or cool eye shadow powders. Cons: If you scoop some out, you end up with a ball clump of claylike product that's nearly impossible to blend out. Unknowns: I've kept the plastic dome on the shadow to prevent it from drying out (I don't know for sure if it will dry out without the protective dome, but I read that it happened to an unhappy shopper). This is a keeper for me and I've ordered Fantasie and Songe (not offered in Canada) and I'm hopeful that they will also act as camouflage and I can retain a youthful look just a little while longer « less" - Sephora user

Glitter On The Go Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set by stila

A trio of bestselling minis of the Glitter and Glow longwearing liquid glitter eyeshadow.

Shimmering Heights Liquid Eye Shadow Set by stila

Stila's Shimmering Heights Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set is a deluxe-size trio of long-wearing, lustrous eyeshadows in Kitten, Cloud and Twig. A $36 value!

Star Lit Powder by Make Up For Ever

"I love, love LOVE this powder! I got the copper shade, and being a WOC I find it hard to get highlighters that don't look ashy on my skin, but the search is finally OVER! I use it to highlight both the inner corner of my eye for eyeshadow looks and as a cheekbone highlighter. I will say that since it is a loose-powder, you will have to play around with it to find an application method that works for you. I usually dip a brush in the pot using a VERY light hand, apply it to my cheekbone in a patting motion, then use my finger to brush it along to even it out. Next, I pat a damp beauty bender along that to help it sink into the skin, then BAM, get those sunglasses girl, cause you are ready to GLOW! Not the best method of application, but it works like a charm. I will definitely be trying the other shades out. This will probably last me awhile since it's HIGHLY pigmented, even though the pot is pretty small. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="8652387626603521281-full" data-show="8652387626603521281-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Metallic Powder by mehron

"I am a 49 yr old liscenced MUA with a successful career portfolio.In my 27 yrs in this field...I've yet to encounter anything quite like this wonderful product. Used wet, If a true foil finish is what your after (I'm talking foil. As In aluminium. Smooth, opaque, mirror-like TRUE foil.) this is the product you're looking for. Sure, there are others like it out there....but not 100% safe for skin and/or not for such an amazing price point. Also, the formula being a finely milled powder, a little goes a long way and significant quantity requires almost zero space to store. Literally.....I can easily fit the entire collection (6 colors) into any luggage/kit/over night bag. Even purse!Use with Graftobian Liquid Set and it isn't going anywhere until YOU WANT IT TO.A MOST excellent product.!! I wish Mehron would put this out in diff. colors! (Ie:primary, neon..etc). GREAT STUFF!!! Less" - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Loose Glitter Crystallized Glitter Eyeshadow  by LASplash

"I bought thistle because I really wanted for so long a good holographic glitter. By the pictures I thought it was gonna be like a cream glitter but instead it's loose. The package it's very cute looks like a little gift But very hard to open I struggled a lot and thought I was gonna break a nail. Anyway it's very good and I had 0 fallout" - beautybay user

Artist Color Shadow by Make Up For Ever

"I purchased Grape, Burgundy, and a few other shades (can't recall their names at the moment).Test the MUFE shade you're interested in buying in Sephora (if possible) to make sure it blends the way you want. Burgundy and Grape both shift from purple-tones to more of a warm brown when blended out. I think it looks absolutely beautiful, but some people may not necessarily want that.As for the product itself, it is certainly pigmented and doesn't have issues blending. However I do think a good brush makes all the difference with getting these shadows to blend. (I'm a Wayne Goss junkie and his brushes give impeccable performance with these.) These have long wear time as long as you prime your eyelids beforehand, as well as placing a layer of skin-tone eyeshadow on your lids before colors. But that helps them blend better anyway, so why not do that. :)As for fallout, the mattes have minimal fallout but the shimmers have a tiny bit. Nothing you can't clean off your face, but if you're doing a darker color (like Grape) perhaps do your eyes first and then face. The fallout isn't severe enough to make me take off a star because I think these perform so well. « less" - Sephora user

Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigment by Kaja Beauty

A full-size set that includes a perfect duo of bestselling Moon Crystal Sparkling Eye Pigments for a vivid shimmering eye look.

Diamond Lights Finishers by Artist Couture

A multipurpose, shimmering finisher that can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, on the body, or on top of a lipstick.

Lid Lingerie by NYX Professional Makeup

"LOVE this. I've been looking for a not-so-typical neutral-tinted eye shadow to give my eyes/complexion a boost every day, especially when I just can't devote the time or energy to creating the perfect cateye early in the morning. The color is highly pigmented and build-able (yay!), but because I'm so fair, it can go from natural definition to smoky eye for a night out to girl-you-have-a-black-eye-leave-him! real quick, so I have to be extremely careful and frugal when applying. Because it's a liquid latte, it applies well but dries quickly, so keep that in mind while trying to blend. But! since it's matte, I've found this product lasts all day, no creasing, no wearing off. I've worn this every day since I've gotten it! " - ulta.com user

Pigments by NYX Professional Makeup

Shine like the star you are with nyx professional makeup's sparkle-packed pigments! Available in super saturated shades, these brilliant pigments make it easy to create a sparkling spectrum of captivating eye looks.

Loose Pigment by sleek

"So I used Dazed the other day on a night out with my SO and I have to say this pigment was so eye catching even my SO told me it looked beautiful on me. First off the packaging is amazing, it has a stopper making it so easy to use unlike other pigments that spill all over. Second the pigment was just beautiful it gave me such beautiful glowy lids. I always wet my brush so I did my usual routine but I added a layer of dry pigment and WOW this took my lids to a whole new level. The pigment lasted all night without fading or creasing on me. It was easy to remove and did not irritate or stain my lids. I will definitely be on the look out for more colors. Also I mixed the pigment with my gloss and it looked really nice. This product was complimentary for testing purposes." - ulta user

Sparkle Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

A lightweight, silky-smooth, powder eyeshadow that’s loaded with shimmering pearls and fine sparkle to instantly light up eyes.

Star Powder by Make Up For Ever

"I have loved these richly pigmented Star Powders. Long-lasting, they are easy to foil w/ a slightly dampened concealer brush. Using the concealer brush slightly damp, pressing the Star Powder into the area you want the most color, then fading w/ a dry shadow brush leads to amazing results If you use this product on it's own, please use a primer. I can't imagine it staying very well w/out one. It works great on top of a cream shadow, or blending as the final note on top of your favorite shadow. Easy to use, if you treat it like it is - a loose pigment powder." - Sephora user

Roll On Eye Shimmer by NYX Professional Makeup

"I was in ulta one day looking to buy the stila magnificent metals liquid eyeshadow. I first looked at the drugstore side and saw all the NYX products were buy 2 get 1 free. So I immediately went to the eyeshadow section and saw these. They were only 3.99 so picked up 6 because of the promo. I also had the $3.50 off coupon so for 6 I paid $13. Such an awesome deal. I got home and tried them and was so blown away. The color payoff is so insane! It's highly pigmented without a primer and doesn't crease at all. I didn't have any problems with glitter getting everywhere which I saw a lot of people mentioning. Also it was so easy to apply. Just a few swipes (if that) across My lids and I could blend it out with other powder shadows or wear alone. The almond color is so beautiful on darker skin (I'm an NC45 in mac) and looks so natural and beautiful. I'm definitely headed to my ulta to pick up 6 more today. Less" - ulta.com user

Clover Eye Shadow Palette  by Too Faced

"In general I am not a Too Faced fan. I find their color stories repetitive, their price point high, and their business practices subpar. However, this palette was too cute and too interesting to pass up. It does NOT finger swatch great, but application on the eyes is beautiful, pigmented, smooth, and beautiful. I have not experienced any patchiness whatsoever. Some shades need a bit of building while others need a light hand. However, as you learn the shadows, you can build a plethora of flawless eye looks from natural to smoky to color explosion. Lucky Clover is such an interesting pastel green that I love as a lid shade, however it would also be a beautiful crease shade for a green heavy look. Spoiled is a fun metallic aqua that is very unique but can be quite wearable if paired correctly. Daddies ♥ Me is VERY pigmented. It swatches poorly but on the eyes is creamy, bendable perfection. The pigmentation on the yellow shade Good Boy is such a pleasant surprise. Then Chihuahua, Fur Baby, and Cuddle Buddy are a natural brown matte trio that can be the base for ANY look. There are still MORE shades, but for the sake of this review I'll stop there. Now, the packaging is kawaii cutie perfection very reminiscent of Sanrio/Hello Kitty. It you like cutesy and over the top, it's great. If not, then just don't display it. The only gripe I have it that it is held closed by a VERY weak magnet and I would much rather the metal case click closed. I do not feel like this could safely be thrown in a bag. I am also worried to travel with it without putting it back in the box it came in when I purchased it. Over all, if you like fun pops of colors with your nuetrals and a great mix of finishes with your shadows, this palette is for you. If color scares you and you stick to mattes, I would suggest you look elsewhere. For me, I think this is a new favorite." - ulta user

Iridescent Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set by stila

"i absolutely love this eyeshadow! it applies so smoothly and blends so well. i typically use my ring finger to blend but a brush will suffice as well. a little goes a long way and you can wear by itself or use it as a shimmer on top of matte eyeshadow. it last ALL day and ALL night which is a huge plus. well done stila! i wish there was a little more purple pigment in this shade because it looks more of a white shimmer than purple but that won’t keep me from trying other shades or rebuying this one. worth the buy! *i received this product complimentary* " - Sephora user

Shimmering Cream Eye Color by Shiseido

"If you've got enough time to read a review about almost every shade, go right ahead and begin reading this review. After cleaning out all my old makeup I realized I was left with an empty makeup box. Becoming a Shiseido addict I thought I'd go ahead and try out their makeup - especially their new eyeshadows. Personally I hate glitter/shimmer so I was quite skeptical until I gave them a shot. And boy am I glad I did! This is amazing shadow I ended up buying six!!! Although I only purchased six, I am going to review all the shades I tried on in different matters and explain to the best of my ability about each. But before I do so let me explain the texture. It definitely is a cream. Not sticky at all but super smooth that it glides on and feels almost powdery soft. Pigment wise they are each amazing and strong based on their own color type (ex. Mist is a sheer pearl - not white). Also the "long lasting" description is not a lie at all! I find that the color lasts fresh from when I apply in the morning, and stays put as is throughout hot days, work, running around, contact lens irritation/watery eyes, and much more. I'm usually ready by 9am and I clean off the makeup at 1am (yup) and it is still the same. * Caviar: Looking for the perfect deep black liner? You found it! The shimmer level in the black is very low which is perfect (for me). I find it too intensely black to apply as a full lid shadow, but possibly blended with other shades, or into other shades (like a smoky eye style) it would be perfect. I liked it a lot more than Shiseido's liquid liner. And a little dab goes a long way indeed for a liner here. * Leather: This has to be the sultriest color I've ever seen. Anyone ever watched Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer? I found it to resemble her very often worn brown shadow. It's such a sexy brown that compliments brown eyes a lot and I find it to be applicable as a softer look for eyes if you are not in the mood for bright colors. * Magnolia/Mist: Truthfully I found these colors to be very close, but I chose to purchase Magnolia because of the pink tint that appears once layered well...and I wanted pink. But when applied lightly, it appears as pearly as mist and appears just as a shimmer brightener. A nice soft nude appearance to the lids with shimmer. I also like how when blended with other colors, gives them an evolving lightening effect. Definitely a nice addition to other colors. * Meadow: My best nude friend! :) You know that look that appears like glossy lids but somehow also looks like you're wearing nothing? This is it! I found that when compared with Techno Gold it was much softer and easier to pull off than the massive bright yellow of Techno Gold. When Meadow is mixed with a brown shadow it actually evolves into the color Sable - so I didn't purchase Sable. Sable is a deeper taupe bronze that is quite nice but didn't really work with my eyes. And sometimes it gives a greenish tint and then looks like Patina. * Purple Dawn: The ultimate hit! I love purple on brown eyes and this intense shade is remarkable. I do advise carefully finding a look that works because sadly we can't all have a portable Dick Page to do it for us, but this color is amazing. Just admire it in the case because of its beauty! The metallic brightness of that violet is breathtaking. * Tin: A two in one shade (like many of these lol) ... but this swings between silver and blue which I absolutely love. Perfect to set up the smoky eye or just to give eyes a soft silvery blue finish. I do recommend testing them out on your hand at least before purchasing to ensure the proper shade! But you will truly enjoy them." - sephora user

Lid Pop by Clinique

"I have the blush pop and love the pigment and container, so I bought cream pop for eyes. I love it! I use it over my entire lid and along with a little liner and mascara, it is ALL I need as a busy mom, domestic abuse volunteer advocate, educator....it goes perfectly for everything I do all day long. It stays put (over Touchbase of course, which I have been using since it came out). I have oily skin and I am so pleased with the way this shadow holds for the day. I love that I can just use one color! We are leaving on vacation soon and I will only take this, which makes my makeup bag lighter. " - clinique.com user

Ombre Hypnose Stylo Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick by Lancôme

"I bought Rose Pastel at the beginning of spring and only just used it for the first time last week. Super glad I finally did. I’m a makeup junkie, and I have so much, it becomes an “everything in its own time” type of thing. I absolutely love Le Stylo Stick and wouldn’t say so if I didn’t. It was a great surprise, the color literally glides on, and Rose Pastel is really beautiful with my hazel eyes. What I like to do is choose a complementary powder palette to whatever color I first choose as my final lid finish, and apply my lightest all-over base. Then I do the inner crease, blending up, then the outer crease, blending up (you know all this)...and last, with short or longer strokes, depending, apply the Rose Pastel in this case, only to my lids. The effect is bright, luminous, and gorgeous. I have hooded lids, and this technique really brings them out and compensates, making my lids look bigger and the whole eye in good—no, great!—proportion. I do this as well with golds, bronzes, silver, various metallics, and glitters...it’s always perfection. You just have to use your correct colors. I’m sure gazillions of people do the same thing too, but to me, well, I just did it one day myself. I don’t watch the videos or tutorials; I don’t follow this bizarre person or that one. I’m not into it, I’m not interested. Anyway...I don’t use this as a liner because it’s too thick to tightline. What I do use for tightlining, after my upper lid is done, is a Le Stylo pencil in Chocolat or Prune. (The color Prune example shown here online is rather off; it’s not so purply as shown. At all. It’s actually more of a raisin color. I’ve been using it for years, since I got a Lancôme makeover for my wedding and then the BC came to my hair salon and did my makeup while I got my updo and then was attached my crown of silk leaves, each lined with tiny pearls and crystals, and just a short, cute, little veil. God, that thing was gorgeous. But anywayyyyy, I do still use several Lancôme products and colors from then. They’re just as perfect today. I’m still me, right? Same dark brown hair, same hazel with gold and bronze flecked eyes. It just shows you the staying power of the brand; the colors; and the particular cosmetics items. I wonder that a lot of people don’t think that Lancôme just fell out of the sky one day.) Back to Ombré Hypnôse Stylo Shadow Stick... I love this so much I’m going to buy another one; it’s just hard when you shop online, to get an accurate rendition of colors. I’m looking at two possible golds right now. But due to lack of accurate color correction, I can’t buy a few of them in one shot. And, I’m picky. Who of us isn’t?? Also of note: While I use various other brand colors and formulas on my lids—I like to play around sometimes, who doesn’t??—my lid mainstays are Dior Fusion Mono and Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color. Since I’ve finally used it, I can see now, however, that Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Stick is completely on par with those. I was, in fact, surprised. And the Fusion Mono and Cream and Powder lines, I have every color in those (except Fusion Bleu. In my book, blue for eye makeup other than mascara, is still, always and forever, a classic case of a no-no), yet the Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Shadow Stick line has many more colors than those, so lots more I need to investigate. And the Stylo Stick—no special applicator or brush needed; it *is* the applicator. So yeah. Yes. I’m really very happy with this. Less" - Lancôme user

Caviar Chrome Veil Liquid Eyeshadow by Laura Mercier

"Rosegold Metal Wow! Just Wow! If you love sparkle then this is deffinately the product for you! It glides on like butter and leaves an everlasting glimmer! It sets within seconds and there is no creasing once it sets. the color is perfect for my everyday wear. I’m in an office setting and they prefer a natural look to a women’s makeup so this is perfect! It is easily blendable and stays put all day! It feels so natural! I pair it with Laura Merciers Cavier Stick eye color in Metalic Pink! It’s an absolutely gorgeous combination! I received this product complimentary for testing purposes but I plan to buy it again and again! It’s officially part of my everyday makeup regimine!" - sephora user

Glazen Eye Gloss by butter

A new trick in your beauty arsenal, butter london's glazen eye gloss is a breakthrough eye shadow that delivers a wet look shine, without being wet. This playful, pudding-like texture applies like a gel, but dries like a powder and lasts all day.