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The 50 Best Sheer Lipsticks Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore sheer lipsticks are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor by Revlon

"Some mature women might have been hesitant to choose this vibrant color to test (Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor, 520 Neverending Purple, 0.07 oz), but I just LOVE purple and know older ladies can use bright, bright pinks and corals to great effect, so I thought, "Why not purple, too?" and I'm glad I did!I don't care that I've been wearing makeup for decades now. I never get tired of playing with it and I feel it gives me a pulled-together look and a look that says I care about my appearance. In fact, I was able to be a receptionist for a billion-dollar company even in my late fifties. The makeup helped me look "polished."I think a mistake women make is to be scared to use bright colors if they are older, if their skin isn't "perfect," and if they feel their features aren't "perfect." Hogwash! Brights look GOOD on ANYONE, it turns out! Not only do the COLORS look good, the CONFIDENCE shown is appealing, too! I no longer ask myself, "Oh, what will people think?" when choosing makeup and clothes. I ask myself, "Do YOU like this?" instead! Life's too short, people!Well, I'm talking a big talk, but I did apply the color lightly, just a dot on each side of the bow of the lip, then spread it out with my pinkie to corners for the top (put a dot, pull to side, put the other dot, pull to side), and a bigger dot on the bottom lip and pulled to each side with the pinkie. It gave a wonderful pop of color without emphasizing the lines around my lips. If you are young or don't have the lines yet, use the precise foam brush to fill in the lip with color, instead of spreading a small amount out with your pinkie. On my daughter-in-law, the solid, intense color looks fantastic.When applied lightly, this color is a vibrant pink with purple tone. When applied solidly, it looks more purple, but not a blue-based purple. It's a red-based, meaning it is more in the pink family.The name is truthful: Color-STAY. Yes, it stays and stays. I don't even retouch during the day.Have you seen Lipsense's Violet Reign? This reminds me of it, color-wise. Lipsense is all the rage, but I don't like it. I like, frankly, the Revlon and the Maybelline long-lasting (and 24-hour) lip colors. The Revlon Colorstay I especially like: It doesn't dry my lips, it's reasonable in price, and it lasts longer on me. I can layer it and pull it with my pinkie and it covers beautifully. It isn't patchy when I do this. BIG positive.I don't use the gloss end of the lipstick (it comes with the foam tilted coloring-in brush on one end, and a pointed brush-like tip for the gloss on the other) because I like a matte lip with bright colors. For a pinky-brown lip, yes, I'd use the gloss overlay. But for me, I like matte brights. « less" - walmart.com user

Give Me Some Shine Lip Set by Sephora Collection

A set of six lip products that leave a high-shine finish, including full-size Anastasia and INC.redible lip products.

High Shine Lip Crayon by no7

"Purchased as a replacement for Clinique's Chubby Stick. This crayon cost just over half the price of the Clinique product and is, in my opinion, superior. If you buy using one of the £5 discount vouchers Boots issue regularly, this becomes a real bargain.I found the Clinique stick to be drying and even when using another lip balm my lips became dry and cracked after only a day of wearing; with the No7 crayon my lips feel moisturized and I can easily use it without requiring another balm. I have sensitive skin and have had no adverse reaction to this hypoallergenic crayon.The colour is excellent, a really bright pop which isn't sticky and doesn't feel heavy. If I want a more natural look I blot my lips on tissue and the result looks like a slightly brighter version of my own lips.I find the shine to be quite subtle, which works for me.The crayon is easy to use - just remove the lid and apply. Twist the base to push up more crayon.In conclusion, a high quality, reasonably priced lip crayon which does a better job than others twice its price. Less" - boots.com user

Cream Lip + Cheek Pencil by Nudestix

A multitasking pencil and liner for cheeks and lips with ultra-creamy soft color.

High Shine Liquid Lipstick by mally

High shine liquid lipstick by mally beauty is a high-performance, full-coverage liquid lipstick that gives you that amazois shine. The perfect finishing touch for any makeup routine.

Hydrashine Essential Lip Color by Fiona Stiles

"I think the Louella color is the best nude lipstick ever. Previously, I was using UD's Sheer Liar, which was great. When I ran out, I saw this sale and tried something new. Lovvvvvve it. Leaves my lips feeling soft like lip balm but with some color. Since it's a nude color, I couldn't say with certainty how long it actually lasts. I drink a lot of water and probably reapply 2-4 times throughout the long day." - ulta user

Famous Last Words Liquid by Lipstick Queen

"I have been looking for a red lipstick for awhile. I'm 65 years young and a matte lipstick just isn't for me. My lips are thinning, and somewhat wrinkled. This red is a true red on me. No orange or coral. It's sheer, but buildable. It's very moisturizing, and stays on well. It has a little sparkle in it, but not too much. It gives just a bit of shimmer. I'm glad that I gave it a try. This is my second Lipstick Queen Lipstick, and it won't be my last. Thank you, Poppy!!! Well done!!! " - QVC user

Truly Kissable Lip Crayon by Honest

"You can't go wrong with these lip crayons. My favorites are Honey, Peony and Marsala Kiss. I like layering the lip crayons as well. My favorite combo is Peony first and then Marsala over it. Honey is a great nude for my fair skin tone. Peony is a bubblegum pink that is too bright on its own for my taste. Marsala is a great mauve! I really like these lip crayons and they do not dry out my lips. The color lasted all night for me. Tip: dabbing the color on your lips for a softer look " - ulta.com user

Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Lipstick by L'Oreal

Discover which l'oreal ambassador resembles you the most and customize your ideal nude. Celebrate your feminine side with collection exclusive the perfect nudes.

Lip Color by bonne bell lip lites

"I have been using this gloss for years, and I can't live without it! I have used and tried many expensive brands, but this lipgloss was always my favorite! The color is perfect for my complexion, and the texture stays on most of the day without getting dry or feathery while keeping my lips moist. My second favorite is Chanel "brilliance" lip gloss but for the price, this Bonne Bell product is perfect! I'm constantly stopped and complimemted while wearing this gloss (Cream Pop). The taste is wonderful also! If I could, I would give this gloss 10 stars!" - drugstore.com user

Lipstick Whip Tinted Peppermint Follaincom by kari gran

"Out of all the "areas" of makeup, I'm obsessed with lip products. Having said this, I have tried a great deal of lip balms, and this one knocks them all out of the park. I usually avoid jar packaging in lip products, but I was intrigued enough by this to give it a try, and I have absolutely no regrets. The texture of the product in the jar is quite thick and velvety, but once you put it on your lips, it melts into this buttery, pillowy texture that makes your lips feel so, so amazingly soft and hydrated. The consistency is just right - not too thick or thin, and not greasy in the slightest. I'm constantly pressing my lips together whenever I wear this because I love how soft they feel. The pale orchid-pink color is one I would avoid if it were opaque, as it would wash me out, but it's sheer enough to amplify my natural lip color and make my lips look naturally pink - it's a step above clear lip balm. This will make your lips look shiny, but not glossy - the shine it gives says, "My lips are hydrated and healthy!", not "Look everyone, I'm wearing lip gloss!" I highly, highly, recommend this lip balm. « less" - Sephora user

Opal Cream Lipstick by BITE Beauty

"I thought this lipstick was beautiful, but I didn't see a purpose in it until I was out one day wearing a liquid matte lipstick that was peeling off, drying out my lips and I had nothing to touch it up. I decided to buy this to try to help spread the color left on my lips and add some moisture back, and it worked beautifully. This lipstick is moisturizing enough that my lips felt better and I was able to spread what was left of the liquid lipstick more evenly, but it's thick enough that it didn't melt the liquid lipstick off my face. It became similar to the consistency of a slightly creamy lipstick. And the iridescent quality is so cool! I loved the effect over the liquid lipstick I first applied it on and I've tried it with all my other ones since then. Having this lipstick around allows me to have two options with all my other lipsticks- it's almost like I've doubled my lipstick collection. It looks pretty neat by itself as well. I recommend it if you want to have an interesting look on your lips, but don't feel like fooling with a bold color. I will definitely repurchase. Not only do I hope this is permanent, but I would love if Bite made added one with a warm shimmer as well (this one is very much on the cool side)." - sephora user

Luscious Liquid Lipstick by e.l.f.

"I bought this lip-gloss because it is a good price and I already tried baby lips and wanted to try more shades. I am addicted to it! I love how it hydrates your lips while giving it shine. I also love how it smells minty, adding to the freshness of it all. The Pink Lemonade shade for me adds a lot of color, it's very pink with shimmer/sparkle, if you want something less colorful and more natural go with Baby Lips. I love how this shade stays on longer than the other ones I've tried (baby lips and bark) I also bought the other colors and can't wait to try them. :)" - drugstore.com user

Major Matte Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream by sleek

Sleek makeup's major matte ultra smooth matte lip cream is a matte finish liquid lipstick that glides on in one smooth application. The light as air texture provides you with comfortable wear for hours, that doesn't cake, flake or dry out.

Phyto Lip Shine Ultra Shining Lipstick by Sisley

"I bought this in Sheer Berry recently, and although I own many berry/burgundy shades, this is my current favourite.It may be called “sheer”, but I find it really leaves a beautiful plummy look to my lips and it’s a colour which *really* suits my skin tone.I am falling prey to that ageing wherein the lips begin to thin but this truly does (to my eyes) give the appearance of plumper lips - particularly my top lip.So I really give this top marks. This premium brand has delivered a gorgeous silky, moisturising lipstick which sits beautifully on my lips, and lasts 10 times longer than other “sheer” lipsticks I’ve used.Perfection in a tube! " - spacenk.com user

Lipstick by youngblood

"I like the smoothing, moisturizing effect of this lipstick. It does not dry out or irritate my lips even after wearing it for several hours. It is long-lasting, and does not flake off or peal off, while enhancing my appearance. I don't notice much difference from natural feel when I am wearing it. The nude colors in particular have very pleasing, subtle tones. It definitely plays a role in keeping my lips healthy. " - lovelyskin.com user

The Metals Lipstick by Lipstick Queen

"I have a light complexion with pink undertones. My natural lip color is very pink as well. This lipstick color is the perfect nude and really helps to subdue my overly pink lips. The texture of this lipstick is very creamy and it moisturizes my lips. It has a perfect shimmery-sheen to it which makes my thin lips appear more full. I normally hate wearing lipstick because they are always too heavy or dry, but this lipstick is more like a lipbalm with a slight color that just glides on effortlessly. It also has absolutely no smell or taste at all, which I love. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a very natural "nude" lipstick. " - Beauty.com user

Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick by e.l.f.

E.l.f. Cosmetics metal matte liquid lipstick elevates your lip look with a long wearing, metallic formula. This creamy liquid lipstick formula dries down to a comfortable, petal-like finish with soft reflective shine.

Hyaluronic Sheer Nude Hydra-Balm Lipstick by By Terry

"Awesome lip balm with color payoff even after the balm/gloss disappears. This not a long wear lipstick IF you want the balmy feeling to last all day. It does, however, slightly stain the lips so you never look bare or without color. I got 7- Bang Bang and when I first saw it in the tube I thought I had purchased a red red lipstick (which was not my intent). However when I applied it the color was more like a watermelon which is my favorite shade. I'm going to buy another one or two - 9 Dare To Be Bare for sure. I just stick the tube in my pocket and like any lip balm apply when I feel I want more balm on my lips. It's just like using Blistex or other moisturizing balm but this has color. I don't even need a mirror. I highly recommend. I have not used this over regular lipstick. This is now my "go to" lipstick. I can't wait to have more of these. Awesome product. « less" - Overstock.com user

Mentha Lip Tint Plum Mint Free Panty by co bigelow

"**Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Shine **is one of my favorite lip products especially during the wintertime. It's a 3 in one lip moisturizer that really delivers what it promises: incredibly moisturized/hydrated lips, long-lasting breath freshening while providing a yummy, cooling, minty sensation.**Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine **not only keeps my lips feeling refreshed and tingly cool, but it also does a fantastic job of moisturizing my lips in the harsh winter weather. I use several lip glosses in the **C.O. Bigelow Line **and they all do a fantastic job. I love that its super shiny, but not thick and goopy, also not to thin or runny - **Mentha Lip Shine **goes on with a nice consistency! I use this in the day time over my lip stains and it really helps to keep my lips from drying out from those ultra drying products. This can also be worn under or over your lipsticks or tints for an extra glossy finish. I also like to apply** Mentha Lip Shine **or another gloss from the **Bath & Body Works C.O. **line just before I go to bed to give my lips a hydro boost - it really works. This little tube goes a long way and the** Mentha Lip Shine **formula stays on my lips until I lick it off....it's true, I find myself sampling my gloss unintentionally, sort of! OOPS! LOL**Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine **is "fragrance-free, contains active levels of therapeutic apothecary ingredients, contains no artificial colorants, and is not tested on animals". Made in the USA!!! « less" - viewpoints.com user

Liquid Lip Color by origins

"I have been buying this lip gloss for years and like other reviews I was always irritated by the fact so much remains in the tube unable to be reached and used. From another review here I learned to put the tube in a cup of hot water and it all melts to the bottom. I went to a local "beauty" store and purchased "lip gloss applicators" which are longer. Then I dragged the lip gloss from the bottom up the tube and was able to use the applicator in the cap once more to access the gloss. Extends the longevity of the product. Best lip gloss ever, not too sticky, moisturizing, not too heavy, long lasting and I get comments like "what brand of lipstick is that?"" - Origins user

Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow by Clinique

A subtle flush of dewy color for lips and cheeks.

Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipstick by IT Cosmetics

It cosmetics blurred lines smooth fill gel-crème lipstick with a lip loving, hydrating formula features a built in primer. Optical blurring pigments provide ultimate color & correct the tone & texture of your lips in one.

Joli Rouge Brillant Lipstick (Former Formula) by Clarins

"I can't get enough of Clarins' lipsticks. If you were disappointed by their old formula, this one has nothing to do with it. These a sheer, lightweight, amazing-smelling lipsticks. They are highly moisturizing and the color range is beautiful. They cost less than other high-end lipsticks but blow most lipsticks out of the water! The packaging also feels very luxurious, heavy and beautiful" - beautyboutique.ca user

Epic Ink Lip Dye by NYX Professional Makeup

Drench your kiss in knockout color! A stroke of epic ink lip dye coats lips with a downright dramatic stain. Super-saturated and lightweight, nyx professional makeup's formula dries to a matte finish.

Gelato Crush Plush Up Lip Gelato by Elizabeth Arden

"I bought my first Gelato lip recently. I have large plump lips and very pale skin, so darker lipstick colors look good on me but only when the texture is moist and light and when the finish is sheer with a sheen. Thick, matte-finish lipsticks on me look like a clown face. I love this lipstick formula, and I did not have any problem opening it. Simply slide down the raised rectangle and the lipstick tube ejects from its case. My only disappointment is that I chose my color shades based on their appearance on my computer screen. When the lipsticks arrived, every shade was actually much lighter and more muted than it looked online. Regrettably, now I have 3 tubes of very subtle, almost nude lipstick, but I will use them as lip moisturizers. When I re-order, I will choose only the very darkest shades. « less" - elizabetharden.com user

Eden Lipstick by Lipstick Queen

"Lipstick Queen is the only brand of lipstick I've found myself purchasing since finding Medieval here on QVC a few years ago. I have loved every shade I've worn, and I repurchase Medieval, Saint Pinky Nude, Saint Sunny Rouge, Butterfly Ball Trance, and Frog Prince, before I've even used the last of my tubes. I don't want to be without them! Even with these special colors I love, Eden outdoes them all for me! I tend to have an "everyday" look, and Medieval has been central to that look for about 5 years. This summer I've found Eden, and I'm having so much fun with this charming, spirited red. Medieval is a sheer ruby red on my lips. Eden is semi-sheer scarlet with an underlying stain that lasts all day. It brightens everything about my face, and flatters both my eye color and hair color. I have always wanted a "perfect red" that's not thick, dry matte, heavily pigmented, or blue-toned, like too many red lipsticks. Red doesn't have to be a bold, garish, Marilynesque color...it can be sweet, lovely, and complimentary to everyone. As much as I adore red lipsticks, I don't feel comfortable wearing a red like Sinner Red, Have Paris, or Brat Back unless it's a very special occasion. Eden (and Medieval) allow me to have natural-looking, fresh red lips every day that are appropriate to every look and season. Eden is currently my favorite lipstick...maybe even my all-time favorite! « less" - QVC user

Semi-matte Lipstick by NARS

"I've only tried the sheer styles because I don't love the texture of creamier lipsticks. The sheers are great because they leave a very thin layer of color that doesn't smudge and doesn't require lipliner to keep in place. They aren't moisturizing but they aren't drying either... once the lipstick is on for a few minutes it pretty much just feels like your lips and you don't have to worry about it smearing. and now, some color feedback: Manhunt - gorgeous, perfect, vibrant red. Doesn't budge so no worries about it coming off on a glass... perfect "night out" color. Dolce Vita - not all that impressed with what everyone calls the "my lips but better" color. It just made my (already rather dark) lips look brown. Returned. Mayflower - very pretty and flattering pink. Barbarella - such a pretty color but since it's sheer it does not work well on darker lips. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color by Smashbox

"I got the Mulholland Mauve and think it looks very pretty. As an older woman (47) this is a nice choice as it doesn't have any glitter or anything that can catch into fine lines. It gives a nice pop pf natural looking color to my cheeks. However, the formula is drying as far as a lip color goes, it doesn't stay on very long and the application is messy because the stick is too big around to get it where I need it. I have better luck applying it over lip balm and using a lip brush, which makes it not so easy to carry and do touch ups. It's great for travel or to carry in a small purse (although I need to carry an additional lip brush and mirror). " - ulta.com user

Pure Color Envy Sheer Matte Sculpting Lipstick by Estée Lauder

"I already own several of the Pure Color cream and lustre formula's, which I love. I walked by an EL counter and saw this new display of the metal mattes, which stopped me right in my tracks!! I fell in love with "Metal Mauve", then picked-up "Petallica" a few weeks later. Now, I have my eye on "Copper Foil", which will be gorgeous for the Autumn months. I absolutely love this formula. This is not a dry matte; when you put it on, it has a bit of creaminess to glide on, but then it stays on, and it did not even transfer when I drank a glass of wine. And the metal shades are just gorgeous; they aren't glittery or anything like that. Thank You, EL; this is the lipstick I have been longing for! " - esteelauder.ch user

All Day by Covergirl

"I read the negative reviews and know, that in most cases, it's not the product but the application which has a bit of a learning curve to itTake the doe foot out of the color tube and scrape off most of the product, then outline and then fill in with one thin layer. The next step is crucial! Don't put your lips together. Keep them apart until the product dries at least 3-5 minutes. I usually put the color on, put my mascara on and then apply the clear topcoat.Do apply on clean dry lips. Don't apply it too thick. Don't blot your lips. Don't put on the top coat to early. I promise there will be no flaking or balling up of the product if applied correctly. Also use the top coat that comes with it. Any lip balms with Vaseline or mineral oil will take this right off.If you follow these steps and practice you will have long wearing lip color that lasts for 8-10 hours easily, with no transfer onto anything or anyone and the shade you put on will stay that way without turning into some other hue. (Now it isn't a tattoo so If you eat, drink and swim all in one day it will get lighter but it won't disappear!) I stopped wearing "regular lipstick, lipgloss etc. Since I have been using this my lips are not as dried out as when I used traditional lipstick and I use it on days that I'm staying in for that reason. I keep a top coat in my bag for reapplying when needed. For removal like I said anything with mineral oil or vaseline, or just leave it on and by the next day it's gone.Outlast has the best selection of colors and there is at least one for everyone! I have back-stock of this stuff. Mac came out with it's version of this and it's good, but for twice the money. Maybelline is good but this is better. Once I got the hang of applying I learned how to mix colors, apply with my finger for a "stain" look, and even reapply (if needed) where the color started to fade.For me this has been one of the best inventions in cosmetics. Give it a shot and maybe you'll feel the same. Less" - ulta.com user

Veiled Rouge Lipstick by Shiseido

"I haven't been abroad this year, but on the few days that the sun has shone, I've managed to turn from translucent to a nice, healthy light brown. This lipstick is a lovely sparkly pinky-beige which looks great with my colouring - brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin. It's a very soft, creamy consistency and is quite sheer. It doesn't last at all well, which is the downfall of all the Veiled Rouge lippies in my opinion. I have to use a lipstick "magic fix" product to keep it on for more than one cuppa. But it's worth it as these sheer colours are delightful. No smell or taste, which is a bonus for me. I cannot abide overly perfumed lipsticks and those with a taste are anathema to my soul! Highly recommend but get a lipstick fix." - Escentual user

Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon by Laura Geller

"This is the most hydrating lipstick I've ever tried. Normally if my lips get too dry from wearing lipstick or from the cold, etc. I give myself a rest with a few days of chapstick or lip balm but this is the perfect formula for dry lips. A few days of wearing this and my lips are back to normal. I love that it doesn't have peppermint oil like other balm stains. Its not super long lasting but it does last longer than other similar products and wears more like a lipstick than a balm at least color-wise. I have Cranberry Glaze and its the perfect every day red. " - ulta.com user

Cremesheen Lipstick by MAC

Shop m·a·c lipstick cremesheen finish at ulta. The formula is super creamy with a high shine finish, which hydrates lips with sheer color.

Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick by Lipstick Queen

"I love this nude lipstick! I tried all three Lipstick Queen nudes and "Nothing but the Truth" was the best color for my light to medium neutral skin tone. I have a hard time finding a nude that doesn't wash me out and isn't too brown or too pink; it's that "my lips but better" nude. I also love the formula of this lipstick! It's moisturizing and feels really good on my lips, more substantial than a balm, but not too heavy or gloopy. Perfect for regular everyday wear. I also LOVE the compact, yet substantial feeling packaging and the fact that the lipstick is fragrance-free. This is my first LQ lippie and I plan to get more. Highly recommend!! " - ulta.com user

Chateau De Vine Cream Lipstick by pür

"I have the shade "smooth talker" and it's a light nude, and the exact color of my natural lips! :) It's very light on my lips and smells wonderful, like cotton candy but not overpowering or irritating (my skin is sensitive and dry). I usually hate lipstick but can barely feel this lipstick on my mouth that I can eat and drink without feeling like I'm eating lipstick, you know? It's not matte, but it's not that shiny or shimmery so it's a very classic kind of look, almost like lip-gloss but with opaque color. It wears off a bit, but not as much as regular lipsticks do. I had it on for a few hours with no problems today. :)" - Pür Minerals user

PlayOn Lip Crayon by Jane Iredale

"I have tried many lipsticks looking for a peach that was rich in color, but not too bright...something between a peach and coral. I love the Just Peach lip stain, but also wanted to a lipstick for days when I needed more polish. I tried the Yummy but it looked like a milk pink on my lips. So I called for help ( I love, love your customer service personal shoppers!) and was sent the Saucy to try! It is perfect..a rich color that shows up without being too bright!! Now, I will say this is very creamy and moisturizing product. I am older with wrinkles in my lips and it did settle a bit in the lines in a way that was visible up close. So I just used my Rio Lip Plumper as a base. It is denser product, but goes on lightly. I then put the Saucy over it and the color was even and perfect! I also just want to say I love, love the peach lip liner. Again, rich color of health without being too bright. I often wear it with just a tinted color over it. If you look good in warmer colors, try it. I was really surprised and never expect to look so good! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-732750578341487334-full" data-show="-732750578341487334-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - janeiredale.com user

Ice Queen by Lipstick Queen

"I am a HUGE fan of lip products, & I can honestly say I have tried them ALL, from high end department store, to drugstore. Medieval by Poppy King Lipstick Queen is A-MAZING! I instantly feel in love with the concept behind it & after I tried it for myself, this lipstick is GORGEOUS. Pros - It's a build-able sheer red, for the just bitten lips that look like they've been kissed all day ;) Also the tube is cute & the packaging was well thought out. I've tried high end lipsticks that horribly dry out my lips, but this one left them so SOFT & moisturized I found myself reaching for it over & over again through out the day. It wears off a bit after food/drinks but I noticed it does leave a slight beautiful stain. I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT, & I apologize if this sounds like a rave, but you have to honestly try them. They will make anyone fall in love with lipsticks over & over again! <3 <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-8873260814652569954-full" data-show="-8873260814652569954-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Pop Lip Shadow by Clinique

Weightless powder lip shadow for a vibrant burst of matte pigment. Cliniquepop lip shadow cushion matte lip powder is a weightless matte powder that delivers bold, highly pigmented lip color. Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free. Non-bleeding.

Hydrating Sheer Lipshine 114 Shipshape Lipstick Shine Lightweight by Chanel

"Love this lipstick for my age, its moist, and doesn't make your lips look dry and wrinkled like matte or more pigmented lippies would.Will keep buying different colors and hope they never dc "Boy"! " - Nordstrom user

Wildly Whipped Lightweight Lipstick by Buxom

A plumping, lightweight liquid lipstick with an addictive whipped texture and soft matte finish.

Hydra Smooth Lip Color by Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics Hydra-Smooth Lip Color is enriched with shea, mango butter and vitamin E for lips that look supple & hydrated. It glides on irresistibly smooth with a double-slanted tip that's custom designed to define AND fill.

Holiday Kisses Ceramide Ultra Lipstick Set by Elizabeth Arden

"I have been looking for a good, smooth natural pink lipstick and finally found it in this item! The lipstick is soooo smooth and creamy and does not drag my lips. The colour is amazing and looks like a stain rather than pigment sitting on the lips like the other lipstick do. So it is very flattering and my lips look plump and juicy with a fantastic colour that suits me. I am in my fifties but this makes my lips look young and full !! Perfect to carry around with me and the metal dispenser looks expensive too.I totally love this lipstick which has staying power as well and am going to get more colours. A perfect product all round. " - boots.com user

Shine Caresse Lipstick by L'Oreal

"I saw there was only one review for this product, so I thought I'd add another more positive one. I first saw this product on the "Katie" talk show used by a make-up artist on an audience member to show how "less is more" and how to do a makeUNDER rather than a makeOVER. The show featured the talk show host and all of the audience wearing no make-up which was refreshing and focused on the pros and cons of cosmetic beauty in the world today. Anyway, when this product was used on the audience member, it looked gorgeous. I've used several lip stains in the past, and they are usually just like using a crayola marker. Easy to apply, but then dry and not very true to color. I've been wanting to find a more vibrant brownish-red, but subdued color that as it fades looks somewhat natural, but still a bit dark. Like when you see celebrities in movies that almost look like theyre wearing dark lipstick, but it's so light as if their lips aren't "coated" or "defined". Like they drank koolaid of that particular shade, rather and it stained their lips! I love that look. ANYWAY- this product does just that. I purchased it in the shade "everlasting caramel", and I'm very pleased with the results. It's easy to apply, looks shiny but not super glassy. Just a subtle shimmer of shine. It's soft on the lips and STAYS soft for hours and hours. If your'e looking for more of a lip gloss where you can rub and smack your lips together repeatedly for hours, then this isn't for you. It has a slight stickiness in that respect, like scotch tape has though...not like gooey or glue. When the glossiness fades after some eating, kissing my husband, drinking beverages, etc, the stain left behind is very nice. In fact, it's the next day and I applied burts bees chapstick before i went to bed last night and the stain still remains this morning from when I applied the gloss around 4 or 5pm yesterday. I wouldn't say it's "oily" like the last review raved. I will probably use this every day whether I'm having a natural kind of day with just a little blush and such, or even on days with full make-up and glam. It is what it is...a lip stain, and it does that job perfectly. The added glossy effect and moisture are just a bonus in my opinion! :) Less" - ulta.com user

Purrfect Pout Lipstick by Winky Lux

Get the most delicate dose of coverage with our Purrfect Pout Lipstick. Jojoba oil and Vitamin E help hydrate and deliver a smooth, sheer finish.

Creamy Dreamies Lipstick by Winky Lux

"I like the Au Lait color, I'd wanted a very "nude" nude tone with no pink, and this delivered. The lipstick itself felt more like a balm, and was very moisturizing. It was a bit more sheer as far as pigment, but I didn't mind- if you really wanted a lot of color a matte liquid lipstick might be better. Can't wait to try some more! " - winkylux.com user

Kisskiss Matte Lipstick by Guerlain

"Too Faced discontinued my favorite velvety fuchsia lipstick and it took me a while to find a nice replacement but this is actually an upgrade. It's very pigmented and hydrating but also stays on and stains your lips in a nice way, so when it does wear off you still have some color. I only have to reapply 1-2 times a day when I wear this all day. Survives meals and beverages with a straw as well. This is my second Kiss Kiss lipstick and I love both. Worth the money. " - Nordstrom user

Butterfly Ball Lipstick by Lipstick Queen

"It feels like a moisturizing lip balm and applies easily without needing a mirror. The color Trance is a pretty soft sheer pink with a subtle iridescent shimmer that makes my teeth appear whiter. Matte lip colors look amazing on some people but I prefer my lip colors to have a slight sheen and to make my lips feel comfortable, not dry and chapped. To improve the staying power and intensify the color of this lipstick, I simply apply it over a nude lip liner. Otherwise, I just swipe and go. I love this lipstick so much I'm partway through my THIRD tube (note to self: must order another). It's the only lipstick in my extensive collection that I've repurchased and I hope it's never ever discontinued." - Nordstrom user

Prismatic Pearl Multistick by BITE Beauty

A shimmering multistick that brings mesmerizing, pearl-inspired color to the lips, cheeks, or eyes.

Rose Kiss All Day Velvet Lip Color by Physicians Formula

"I love the color! It's light and sheer, but definitely has color too! I also love the fact it's not full of chemicals! The casing did puzzle me at first... as the actual tip started getting worn down, like other reviewers, I assumed the bottom turned to swivel it up... I was wrong. No where on the package are instructions or a mention of having to sharpen. It also does not look like a regular makeup pencil that requires sharpening. It left me laughing at myself for not being able to figure out how to use a lipstick....lol. I actually had to look on this site at other reviews to see it needs to be sharpened. The sharpening does not bother me. As I use one down, it will be a great small version to carry. I just think maybe this should be stated somewhere on package. The Blind Date color is a great everyday pinkish nude. I usually line my lips with a nude pencil first, then apply it. I also have the Blushing Mauve for when I want more color, but it is darker than I like for my usual daytime look. They smell great, too... kind of sweet-like." - ulta user