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The 12 Best Moisturizers for Glowing Skin

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 15, 2020
The 12 Best Moisturizers for Glowing Skin

Hydrate and radiate with these moisturizers for glowing skin

You should start and end every day with moisturizer, it’s just a fact. Not only because it’s a skin care savior that keeps your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated… but because it can make you glow, too. While most of us probably aren’t in the mood to apply a full face of makeup while sitting at home, we still want to look luminous and get compliments on our complexion during our next Zoom call - and it’s easy to achieve with the best glowing skincare products to make you sparkle from within.

Besides the typical brightening heroes like Vitamin C or Niacinamide, both of which can be found in tons of the best facial moisturizers for glowing skin, you’ll also get pearl particles or illuminating minerals for subtle radiance. And all the best hydrating and exfoliating ingredients to show you how to make your skin glow from within.

Your skin is your best accessory, and you’ll always be feeling sparkly and sensational with the best moisturizers for glowing skin.

GLOWSTARTER Mega-Illuminating Moisturizer by GLAMGLOW, $49

GLOWSTARTER Mega-Illuminating Moisturizer by GLAMGLOW

GLOWSTARTER isn’t just one of the best moisturizers for glowing skin, it’s the best facial moisturizer to unleash the illumination. In the most glamorous way. GLAMGLOW started in 2008 with glowing skincare products designed for the Hollywood elite, helping them look dewy and dreamy on camera while eliminating the skin-tiring effects of jet lag in an instant… and GLOWSTARTER will do the same for you. It’s a moisturizer and highlighter cream, formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, Pearl Particles to illuminate the skin, and a blend of Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, and Ceramides to soothe and nourish the skin while restoring moisture balance. Hydration + pearlescent shimmer + ultra-soothing natural oils? That’s the glowing skin dream. GLOWSTARTER is available in three shimmery shades for a tint of luminous color, and works as a moisturizer, makeup primer, or cream highlighter to show you how to get glowing skin in style.

C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme by Ole Henriksen, $46

C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme by Ole Henriksen
Source: Ole Henriksen

A glowing complexion is often considered a symbol of youth, and it’s easy to get a luminous, even, and wrinkle-free look with the best moisturizers for glowing skin, like the C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme. It’s powered by three sources of Vitamin C to deliver all the best benefits of this antioxidant. These include Ascorbic Acid (pure Vitamin C) to smooth fine lines and visible signs of aging, a stable form called Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate to protect against pollution and environmental stress, and 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid to boost the effects of other Vitamin C forms and bring the brightness to your skin. So much brightness. As this moisturizer provides 24-hour hydration and shows you how to make your skin glow, your complexion will also get a touch of nourishment and conditioning with antioxidant-rich Rose of Winter. MIRA guests say that this moisturizer is brightening, lightweight, and hydration, and puts you a few steps ahead in your 20’s anti-aging skin care routine.

The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha, $68

The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha
Source: Tatcha

Dewy. Glowy. Luminous. All the beauty keywords for any shimmer enthusiast, and you won’t be disappointed by the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. Inspired by Mario Dedivanovic, the longtime MUA of Kim Kardashian, this cream was launched as a tribute to him and his tendency to use “super emollient creams as a foundation for makeup looks because it gives skin a natural glow and pairs well with makeup," said Tatcha founder Victoria Tsai. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream is formulated with Japanese Purple Rice, a beloved grain that’s “packed with nutrients and known for its ability to survive any harsh environment,” protecting and helping skin recover from stress, pollution and UV damage. Okinawa Algae Blend and Hyaluronic Acid are what makes this one of the best moisturizers for glowing skin, replenishing the natural moisture barrier and producing the most smooth, soft, and shining skin. And finally, a blend of extracts and oils from ginseng, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram come together to increase your skin’s moisture levels and enhance your natural dewiness. The best facial moisturizers provide a dewy glow when worn alone or under makeup, and you’ll be reaching Kim K levels of radiance with this Tatcha favorite.

Renergie Multi-Glow Rosy Tone Moisturizer Cream by Lancôme, $99

Renergie Multi-Glow Rosy Tone Moisturizer Cream by Lancôme
Source: Lancôme

Rosy cheeks and glowing skin make a perfect pair when trying to restore your youthful radiance, and this moisturizer by Lancôme glows above and beyond. Renergie is a lightweight, rosy-tinted cream with Schizandra red berry extract to even out tone and texture while reviving your skin’s inner sparkle, proven by top MIRA ratings for brightness, hydration, and anti-aging. And speaking of younger skin, it also features Linseed Extract to improve firmness and lock in 24-hour hydration - regardless of weather, a bad breakout, or other factors that can make your complexion look or feel dull. Whether you’re only 30 years old and want to learn how to make your skin glow, or 60 and looking for a texture transformative glow up, this is one of the best moisturizers for glowing skin to have you looking and feeling fresh.

Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer by Vichy, $30

Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer by Vichy
Source: Vichy

If you’re as in love with Vichy’s serum of the same name as we are, you’ll definitely appreciate one of the best moisturizers for glowing skin that feels lightweight and luxurious. It features the same water-based, barely-there texture as the Mineral 89 serum, and is powered by Vichy Volcanic Water (with 15 essential minerals) and Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and produce the most dewy, glowing skin. Besides the significant improvement in your skin’s brightness, you’ll also see a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, acne, dryness and all the other things that dull your skin’s sparkle. Since it’s a water-based formula, this is the best facial moisturizer that works on all skin types to create a glow like you’ve never seen before.

Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer by Kate Somerville, $65

Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer by Kate Somerville
Source: Kate Somerville

When she’s not helping you beat cystic acne breakouts or erase fine lines, the fabulous Kate Somerville is launching the best moisturizers for glowing skin. She knows how to make your skin glow, as evidenced by this brightening skin care product that’s been proven to enhance luminosity after just 1 week. Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer gets to the root of the issue with the AHA duo of Glycolic and Lactic acid, which clears buildup from deep within the skin and brings your luminosity back to the surface. Papaya, Pineapple, and Pumpkin Enzymes amplify the exfoliation process and help the AHA’s remove every last trace of dirt, oil, and dead skin - without the risk of irritation that often comes with the exfoliation process. Thanks, Napol Cactus Fruit Extract! And of course, this moisturizer also contains the hydrating ingredient you’ll find in tons of your favorite glowing skincare products: Hyaluronic Acid. Exfolikate doesn’t just give the illusion of a sparkly complexion, it goes beneath the surface to produce a “lit from within” glow that lasts for days or weeks.

Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer by Glow Recipe, $39

Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer by Glow Recipe
Source: Glow Recipe

We don’t even know where to start when explaining all the reasons why Watermelon Glow is one of the best moisturizers for glowing skin, and perhaps even the best facial moisturizer ever. K-beauty brands know how to produce a glassy, glowy, and gorgeous complexion, and Glow Recipe packed this skin care product with all the best ingredients to light up your look. Watermelon Extract is the key ingredient to smooth and hydrate the skin, fighting off fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging while protecting against free radical damage. A bit of watermelon goes a long way, and you’ll instantly see an improvement in skin’s tone, texture, and brightness. Your skin’s moisture levels are only increased with Hyaluronic Acid, which floods your face with moisture to create the dewy glow you deserve, and Jasmine and Peony Extract to soothe, brighten, and moisturize. You can only expect the best glow from Glow Recipe, and this is the best facial moisturizer to light up your complexion and beauty collection.

Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream by Sunday Riley, $22

Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream by Sunday Riley
Source: Sunday Riley

“I personally have a hard time finding the right moisturizer, a water base is perfect for my skin. Helps skin brighten, and you definitely do see your face become hydrated as you continue to use the product.” Sunday Riley is here to show you how to get glowing skin with not one, but two types of Hyaluronic Acid. Sensing a pattern here? Intense moisture is pulled into the skin while leaving your face hydrated for up to 24 hours, the best thing you can do to embrace your inner glow. Tamarind Extract works along with HA to increase moisture levels, and Alpha Arbutin and Papaya Enzymes exfoliate the skin for a smoother, more even texture that’s free of discoloration and dark spots. #SelfCareSunday is always better with Sunday Riley, and this is one of the best glowing skincare products for a brighter and more beautiful complexion.

Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer by Clinique, $43

Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer by Clinique
Source: Clinique

Sadly, the worst things often happen to your skin during the day - damage from UV rays, irritating makeup application, excessive sweating from hot yoga. But a bit of moisturizer before bed can be a game changer, especially with the Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer by Clinique. This cream works to balance uneven skin tone and hydrate while you sleep, pumping your face with moisture and letting you wake up to glowing skin. Clinique says that nighttime is a period of renewal, and this cream provides the energy infusion you need to start fresh - whether we’re talking about cell turnover for glowing skin or newfound confidence thanks to all the compliments you’re about to get on your complexion.

Protini Polypeptide Cream by Drunk Elephant, $68

Protini Polypeptide Cream by Drunk Elephant
Source: Drunk Elephant

Your mom, co-worker, best friend, and favorite influencer have all likely told you about this cult moisturizer, and we’re here to confirm that it really is that good. This Drunk Elephant moisturizer has a Nine Signal Peptide Complex (made from amino acids) to bind moisture to the skin and keep the wrinkles away while providing a brightening effect, as we all know that anti-aging properties and glowing skin go hand in hand. Pygmy Waterlily Stem Cell Extract is an excellent source of antioxidants to moisturize, smooth, replenish, and brighten the skin, and Soybean Folic Acid Ferment Extract keeps skin looking youthful and firm for the long term. Drunk Elephant has a dedication to making your skin look and feel good, and we can’t wait for you to indulge in one of the best facial moisturizers for all-over brightness and beauty.

24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream by Tula, $52

24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream by Tula
Source: TULA

“With this, I actually feel moisturized, my skin looks so much brighter and even, and it’s very light. I have oily skin and it doesn’t make me any more oily. I use it every morning and night.” It’s no secret that more moisture equals more glow, and this skin care product by Tula is powered by Probiotics like Bifida Ferment Lysate to hydrate and lock in moisture for a brighter, clearer, and more even complexion. Watermelon Extract and Squalane work even harder at the hydration game while providing antioxidant protection against environmental stress and aging, and Rice Nutripeptides firm the skin while improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Basically, this is the best facial moisturizer for day and night that’s become the actual definition of “youthful glow.” Our community rates it as lightweight, hydrating, anti-aging, and so brightening, and you'll always be ready to glow 24-7 with glowing skincare products from TULA.

Glow Formula Skin Hydrator by Kiehl’s, $38

Glow Formula Skin Hydrator by Kiehl’s
Source: Kiehl's

“I used this the other day and was blown away with how hydrating it made my skin feel. I’ve been doing chemical peels lately to get rid of acne scars and trust your girl this is it for a moisturizer. Plus it works wonderful under makeup.” Who can argue with a glowing (pun intended) review like that? We can’t. Glow Formula is made with Pomegranate Extract to deliver extreme antioxidant benefits - in the form of even texture, a radiance boost, and protection against environmental stress. Serious skin care magic happens with this superfood, giving you a taste of beauty, glowing skin, and pure hydration. Illuminating Minerals further help with the “radiance,” part, diminishing dullness and improving skin’s luminosity to make your complexion instantly brighter and more energized. Kiehl’s is known for their classic and simple skin care solutions, but the brand knows glow ups, too… and this is one of those glowing skincare products that everybody needs in their collection.

Illuminate your skin care routine with the best moisturizers to get glowing skin on MIRA BEAUTY today.