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The Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 14, 2020
The Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Hydrate to perfection with these moisturizers for dry skin

Being thirsty is never a good thing - whether you’re talking about an Instagram selfie that you desperately hope your ex will notice, or parched skin that’s seriously in need of a hydrating moisturizer. Now let’s talk a bit more about that second one. Those with dry skin know the struggle of flakiness, tightness, and irritation… especially as the winter air reduces moisture. That’s why you need the best moisturizers for dry skin that take you on a hydration vacation. The skincare ingredients you should look out for? Hyaluronic Acid, of course, as it’s the ultimate hydration hero. But there’s also Ceramides, Glycerin, and many others that repair the moisture barrier and keep your complexion feeling healthy and glowing all year. From drugstore favorites to luxury splurges, here are the best moisturizers for dry skin that you need to try.

Holy Hydration! Face Cream by e.l.f., $4

Holy Hydration! Face Cream by e.l.f.
Source: e.l.f.

“I looove this moisturizer. It’s lightweight and very hydrating. It lasts me awhile and doesn’t make my skin feel too oily.” It’s a catch-22. You invest in the best moisturizers for dry skin for a boost of hydration, only for your skin to become oily as a result. The worst. But that will never be an issue with Holy Hydration! by e.l.f, as this $4 product has all the right ingredients to moisturize and leave you glowy, not greasy. Hyaluronic Acid adds a surge of moisture and plumps up the skin, Niacinamide brightens and evens out tone, Squalane improves moisture balance and Peptides provide anti-aging benefits and a refreshed look. Holy Hydration! provides the same bouncy, beautiful, and bright complexion that you would get from a luxury moisturizer, and keeps your dry skin feeling dreamy at only $4.

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal To Dry Skin by Clarins, $48

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal To Dry Skin by Clarins
Source: Clarins

Hydra-Essentiel doesn’t just deliver moisture into your dry skin, it also helps you maintain it. Which is a necessity as winter approaches and sudden drops in temperature, environmental stress, and pollutants in the air begin to wreak havoc on your complexion. Leaf of Life is the main nutrient, a super-quenching succulent plant extract that revitalizes the skin's natural hydration to retain moisture in any environment. This Clarins essential also contains Beautyberry to revive the skin’s natural radiance, making this moisturizer a must-have to combat winter dullness. 94% of MIRA guests agree that Hydra-Essentiel is hydrating, 92% call it lightweight, and 90% say that it’s great for dry skin.

Barrier+ Lipid-Peptide Cream by SkinFix, $50

Barrier+ Lipid-Peptide Cream by SkinFix
Source: Skinfix

When a moisturizer has both top MIRA ratings, along with a title as an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner, you need to pay attention, okay? Barrier+ Lipid-Peptide Cream is powered by vital lipids and nutripeptides that deeply hydrate your dry skin, and protect against free radical damage for a youthful and vibrant look. This SkinFix cream is formulated with a Triple Lipid Complext to replenish ceramides and fatty acids while repairing the moisture barrier - plus a Peptide Protein Blend to shield against environmental stress, Seaweed Hyaluronate Blend for smoothness, and Lily Root Extract to intensely moisturize. A clinical study by SkinFix showed that 94% of users saw a moisture increase after just one use, and 93% believed that it showed an improvement in radiance.

Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer by Farmacy, $45

Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer by Farmacy
Source: farmacy

Oh honey, this is one of the best moisturizers for dry skin. Ever. There’s a good chance that your skin will become even more dry as winter progresses, and this formula replenishes stressed skin while providing lasting hydration. The main ingredient? Buckwheat Honey With Propolis and Royal Jelly Blend, known for its soothing and humectant properties that provide intense moisture and antioxidants. You’ll also receive Fig Fruit Extract and Osmolytes to lock in moisture and plump the skin - smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles as a Potent Ceramide Blend nourishes the moisture barrier and prevents further dryness. But seriously, honey is one of the sweetest skincare ingredients ever… and our MIRA community can’t get enough of this moisturizer for dry skin by Farmacy.

Hydrating Face Cream Moisturizer by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, $62

Hydrating Face Cream Moisturizer by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Source: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Half face primer, half moisturizer… this product is definitely a splurge, but feels super luxurious on your dry skin. Hydrating Face Cream Moisturizer is formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose and Enriched Mineral Water Blend to leave the skin feeling smooth and plumped, whether it’s worn alone or layered under makeup. The lightweight texture may give you summer vibes, but this Bobbi Brown favorite is ideal for dry winter skin. It moisturizes, conditions, nourishes and leaves your complexion feeling fresh! Layer it on before Zoom calls for a subtle glow, or underneath your foundation for even application and a flawless makeup look at the virtual holiday party.

The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha, $68

The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha
Source: Tatcha

“LOVE this moisturizer! I use it as a ‘primer’ before my foundation and it gives me a beautiful glow from within. I have very dry skin so this product is a dream come true.” Everything about this MIRA review is spot on - right down to the fact that The Dewy Skin Cream makes an incredible primer for your holiday makeup looks. In fact, the Tatcha product was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. He has a tendency to use “super emollient creams as a foundation for makeup looks because it gives skin a natural glow and pairs well with makeup," said Tatcha founder Victoria Tsai, and the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream was launched as a tribute to him. It’s formulated with Japanese Purple Rice, a beloved grain that’s “packed with nutrients and known for its ability to survive any harsh environment,” protecting and helping skin recover from stress, pollution and UV damage. Okinawa Algae Blend and Hyaluronic Acid are what makes this one of the best moisturizers for dry skin, replenishing the natural moisture barrier and producing the most smooth, soft, and glowing complexion. And finally, a blend of extracts and oils from ginseng, wild thyme, and sweet marjoram come together to increase your skin’s moisture levels and enhance your natural dewiness. The best facial moisturizers for dry skin work to hydrate and provide a dewy glow when worn alone or under makeup, and you’ll be reaching Kim K levels of radiance with this Tatcha favorite.

Skin Food by Weleda, $19

Skin Food by Weleda
Source: Weleda

“Weleda Skin Food is great for those hardcore dry days. Super thick but does not break me out. Gives a nice glow.” If this MIRA review isn’t convincing enough, just know that Skin Food has been nourishing and hydrating dry skin for nearly a century. Yes, since 1926… it’s that good. As the name suggests, it’s like a nutritious delight for your complexion - made with a rich plant blend formula to illuminate and provide intense anti-aging powers. With extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax - the moisture boost and nourishment is undeniable. Oh, and we can’t forget about Cholesterol… which works with the other natural ingredients to repair, refresh, and radiate. In that order. Beauty and wellness come together with this healthy product, which feels lightweight on your skin and helps you discover your natural beauty. 98% of our community says that Skin Food is ultra-hydrating, 100% love the brightening abilities, and 96% agree that it’s great for sensitive skin. Talk about a skincare snack.

Nutrient-Charged Water Gel by Murad, $44

Nutrient-Charged Water Gel by Murad
Source: Murad

This moisturizer for dry skin gets a major high five from MIRA. Why? Because it features five minerals, five peptides, and five vitamins to beat dryness and create a serious moisture surge. Oh, and it also has Hydration-Release Technology that locks in moisture and increases retention for up to five days. Pretty cool, right? In addition to extreme hydration, you’ll also strengthen the moisture barrier and look instantly more youthful (thanks, Peptides!) as fine lines are smoothed out. Invest in this moisturizer for dry skin that 100% of MIRA guests say is brightening, and 97% agree is hydrating.

Barrier Renewal Complex by EltaMD, $52

Barrier Renewal Complex by EltaMD
Source: EltaMD

Many will tell you about the fine lines, dullness, and other not-so-fun things that happen as your skin ages… but another, less-talked-about issue? Dryness. The natural loss of lipids within the body means that your moisture levels aren’t as high as they used to be, and it may be time to apply your favorite moisturizers for dry skin. Oh hi, Barrier Renewal Complex! This cream includes five unique ceramides to replenish lost moisture and help lock into the skin, along with Cholesterol to repair your skin’s moisture barrier… ensuring that your smooth, hydrated skin will stay that way. And the anti-aging power doesn’t stop there. An enzyme blend (Ficin, Actinidin, Bromelain) reduces inflammation and soothes itchy skin, and Vitamin E protects against free radical damage for a brighter, smoother, and more youthful complexion. When your skin is moisturized, the fine lines and dullness rapidly disappear - and you’ll be looking naturally radiant with Barrier Renewal Complex.

Moisturizing Skin Cream by Vanicream, $7

Moisturizing Skin Cream by Vanicream
Source: Vanicream

“This product is amazing! I have struggled my entire life with my skin. I have Eczema and dermatitis” one MIRA guest said about the Moisturizing Skin Cream. “It’s always been difficult for me to find a moisturizer that doesn’t irritate my skin, but this product has seriously been a game changer for me.” And it will be for you too! Itchy and red skin is common during the winter season, as are eczema flare-ups, and the naturally hydrating ingredients in this moisturizer for dry skin will leave you feeling incredible. The lightweight cream is easily absorbed into the skin to moisturize and soothe, without clogging your pores in the process. Use it when you’re having a rosacea or psoriasis flare-up, which even Jonathan Van Ness struggles with, or if you just need a relief from winter dryness.

Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer by Vichy, $30

Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer by Vichy
Source: Vichy

The best moisturizers will deliver all the hydration without feeling too heavy on your skin. Because during the winter, that’s simply a recipe for clogged pores. It’s a good thing that the Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer by Vichy is always here for a boost of moisture magic! This water-based formula is powered by Vichy Volcanic Water (with 15 essential minerals) and Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and produce the most dewy, glowing skin. Along with your smooth, sparkling, and hydrated complexion… you’ll also see a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, acne and all the other things that dull your natural radiance. Let it glow, babe.

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