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The Best Makeup Brush Sets Under $40

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Nov 16, 2020
The Best Makeup Brush Sets Under $40

Take your makeup looks to the next level with these under $40 brush sets

The makeup world is all about artistry, and no masterpiece is complete without the right tools. Yes, we’re talking about blending brushes. The soft, fluffy bristles and metallic handles of these tools don’t just look flawless in your flat-lay vanity shots for Instagram, they’ve likely saved you from beauty disasters more times than you can count. Unblended eyeshadow, streaky blush, over-the-top highlighter… it happens to the best of us, but just a few strokes and swirls of a face brush can turn your makeup “don’t” into one of your best looks for the virtual holiday party. And speaking of which, a set of makeup brushes is the perfect stocking stuffer or thoughtful gift for the beauty lover in your life. From blending tools for eyeshadow and contour to the Kabuki brush that’s become the best friend that your Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has ever had… these blending brushes from our Holiday Gift Guide will transform your look this season.

All Eye Want Eye Brush Collection by Morphe, $20

All Eye Want Eye Brush Collection by Morphe
Source: Morphe

No holiday season is complete without hearing Mariah Carey’s holiday classic “All I Want For Christmas is You,” about a million and one times. And it sounds even better as it plays in the background while you blend out impeccable eye looks with the All Eye Want brush set by Morphe. These six synthetic brushes have everything you need for Morphe-esque seasonal glam - including a Double-Sided Angle Brush + Spoolie for winged liner and beautiful brows, Tapered Crease Brush to seamlessly blend out your cut crease, and a smudge brush that smokes out your eyes like a dream. In true Morphe fashion, these brushes are designed for the most elite of eyeshadow enthusiasts, and feature soft and synthetic bristles to take your eye looks to the next level. You know, #MorpheBabe style.

Sculpt And Blend 2 by BH Cosmetics, $21

Sculpt And Blend 2 by BH Cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

With all the bold and colorful eyeshadow palettes you’ve collected from BH Cosmetics over the years, you’d best believe that the brand also carries the best makeup brush sets to blend them all out. And sculpt, hence the name of this popular tool set that’s become the ultimate bang for your buck in the Holiday Gift Guides. At only $21, there’s very little that these elegant, black-and-gold tools can’t do. The five face brushes are excellent for contouring, shading, defining and buffing out your cream bronzer to perfection - while five eye brushes work together to create dreamy eye effects that complete your full-face look. And since there are no rules in makeup, many of these brushes are major multitaskers. Have you ever used an eye shading brush to blend out your nose contour, or to add highlighter to the Cupid’s Bow to fake the appearance of fuller lips? It’s a total game-changer in your beauty routine, and you’ll never be short on brushes with Sculpt and Blend 2. Our MIRA community loves these tools - with 98% saying that they’re good quality, 94% who love the softness of the bristles, and 92% agreeing that these brushes don’t shed at all.

Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection by e.l.f, $30

Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection by e.l.f
Source: e.l.f.

Not to be shady here (unless we’re talking about contouring,) but many beauty gurus will remember the way Kylie Jenner was roasted for her $360 silver brush set back in 2017. She’s since dropped the prices on her Kylie Cosmetics products, significantly, and this fiasco encouraged many other brands to drop affordable dupes with all the power of Kylie’s silver brush set at a tenth of the cost. Like you know, everybody’s favorite drugstore brand… e.l.f! Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection features all your favorites in one travel-sized case - with vegan, synthetic, and 100% cruelty-free tools designed for every feature. Give yourself a winter glow up with a fan brush that’s ideal for spreading highlighter (and also, kindness) this season, along with other face makeup must-haves for complexion perfection that can’t be beat. You can always count on e.l.f for ultimate beauty on a budget!

Start The Day Beautifully Kit by Ecotools, $13

Start The Day Beautifully Kit by Ecotools
Source: Ecotools

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to be a glam makeup enthusiast to understand the beauty of blending brushes. If you’re a simple or minimal makeup aficionado who’s totally fine with lip balm and a wash of color on the lids before heading out the door, the Start the Day Beautifully Kit might just be the brush set for you. Made with recyclable bamboo bristles, these five brushes are made to help you feel naturally beautiful. Angled Foundation Brush is ideal for evenly distributing and blending out liquid foundation on your skin, as not everybody is a BeautyBlender person, and you can finish off your looks with the Defined Crease, Angled Liner, and Blurring brushes. Just getting started with makeup tools? The Full Blush Brush is easy to use and lets you sweep on your favorite fall blushes for a healthy, natural flush of color.

A+: 10-Piece Bamboo Brush Set by Shop Miss A, $11

A+: 10-Piece Bamboo Brush Set by Shop Miss A
Source: Shop Miss A

Looking for a brush set that’s good for the environment, and your skin? It’s right here, and ready to be gifted for the holidays. A+ has natural bamboo handles that feel great in your hands, along with long-lasting bristles that won’t fall apart no matter how many times you use them. And trust us, you’ll be using them quite a bit. With an assortment of tools for eyes and face, you can sculpt, define, blend, and line out your features with ease. We’re particularly fond of the F27 Flat Top Buffer Brush, which blends out powder or mineral products like the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. Use it alone for a poreless matte finish, or over liquid foundation for an airbrushed, stunning appearance that will be a big deal at the Zoom holiday party. And don’t forget the Angled Eye Brow Brush, a multipurpose tool that can produce anything from impeccable arches to bulletproof eyeliner that stays on all day!

Everyday Essentials Brush Set by Real Techniques, $20

Everyday Essentials Brush Set by Real Techniques
Source: Real Techniques

“I love the Real Techniques brushes and makeup sponge. Makeup application is flawless when I use them!” Our MIRA BEAUTY guest Bridget can’t get enough of the Everyday Essentials Brush Set, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the ideal set for those who are more about face makeup than the eyes (AKA, French girl glamour,) as these four tools are made to produce your most flawless complexion. Use the big, fluffy brush to spread blush or highlighter as the smaller blending brushes pat on setting powder - giving your skin the love it deserves for all occasions. Just want a bit of light coverage before Zoom school, or for a casual socially-distanced hangout? These brushes can do so impeccably in between luxury makeup looks. It even includes a mini sponge for those who are still undecided about their preference for makeup brushes or BeautyBlender!

merry metals brush set by tarte, $35

merry metals brush set by tarte
Source: tarte

We all know that makeup brush sets can make you look and feel like a work of art, but have we talked about how stunning they look on your vanity? Many of these tools are embellished with precious metals and dazzling designs that make them that much more fun to use, like the merry metals brush set. From the ferrules to the gorgeously-crafted handles, each one of these rose gold brushes for eyes and face is a masterpiece in its own right. And MIRA guests agree. 100% of our community says that these tools are good quality, soft, and won’t shed after continued use. Exactly what you would expect from tarte. While they can definitely be used any time of the year, the delicate designs imprinted on these tools give them ultimate holiday vibes - the perfect Christmas gift for your makeup enthusiast friends!

White Studded Elegance by BH Cosmetics, $29

White Studded Elegance by BH Cosmetics
Source: BH Cosmetics

There’s just something about the color white that’s timeless and elegant. Minimal in the best way, and creating a sense of luxury that adds old-school glamour to your makeup table - even with one of the most neutral colors. And you can have a white Christmas with one of the best under $40 brush sets around - White Studded Elegance! BH Cosmetics never disappoints with their beauty tools, and these 12 brushes help you glow from head to toe with soft, non-shedding bristles for the entire face. And neck, never forget to blend product into your neck. The assortment of blending brushes for eyes will take your winged eyeliner to new heights (think Violet Chachki) and produce the most magnificent cut crease you’ve ever seen - as this brand is all about eye art. And have no fear, as you’ll also get your filter-worthy finish with multiple fluffy brushes for the face. Indulge in timeless elegance and absolute luxury with the white handles and golden ferrules of these tools - creating gorgeous looks and a vibe that’s very Carli Bybel!

Red Travel Brush Set by Inglot, $36

Red Travel Brush Set by Inglot
Source: Inglot

Red isn’t just Santa-eque - it’s also sexy, sultry, and occasionally sweet. And you can be all of these things with makeup looks from this Inglot brush set. These four black-and-red brushes come in one travel-sized case for glam on the go - think holiday vacations - and most of them are two-sided to take up less space in your makeup bag. Line and define your eye looks, from graphic liner and smokey eyes to simple washes of color, with three dual-ended brushes that let you smudge and style to perfection. And don’t forget to powder up with one big, fluffy brush that works with creams, powders, and liquids!

Stroke of Glam Brush Collection by Morphe, $35

Stroke of Glam Brush Collection by Morphe
Source: Morphe

If there’s one thing that Morphe does flawlessly, it’s glam. From the brand’s beauty influencer collabs to an assortment of under $40 brush sets, you’ll always be looking luxurious with these tools. One of our favorites? Stroke of Glam! The intricate black-and-gold design of these tools is regal and radiant, and they work together to smudge, blend, and define your eyeshadow looks like your favorite #MorpheBabes. Use the Angled Liner Brush to blur the lines between edgy and extra with your wing, the Round Blender Brush to add an inner corner shimmer or smoke out your lower lash, and the Tapered Blender to effortlessly sweep from outer corner to crease. Pair with your top Morphe eyeshadow palettes for a holiday dream come true!

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