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The 50 Best Luxury Cleansers Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore luxury cleansers are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Checks And Balances Frothy Face Wash by origins

Origins #1 Checks & Balances Frothy Face Was in a limited edition size and look. A $39 value!

Liquid Facial Soap - Mild by Clinique

"I have dehydrated hormonal skin. This winter I struggled to find a moisturizer that could keep up with the dryness. I was layering two to three products on every day, still having to reapply throughout the day because my skin felt tight and uncomfortable.I went to Beautypedia to find a perfect moisturizer because I was going crazy trying to find one that worked.After reading I realized it may not be my moisturizer. It may be my entire routine that was the problem. Typically a budget shopper, I realized I was perhaps depriving my skin of the nutrients it needed. I decided to cut back to basics, beginning with a new cleanser.I bought this cleanser (for dry to very dry skin). It was a leap for me as far as price. But I am so glad I did!I followed the instructions and removed most of my makeup first with my makeup remover. Then I massaged this cleanser it into my skin gently, allowing it to sit for a while to break apart all the sunscreen and extra makeup still on my face. I wiped it clean with a warm wet washcloth, careful to rinse thoroughly.My skin felt so smooth, soft and clean!But....It felt uncomfortably dry (as other posters have commented). I was disappointed. I woke up in the morning and my face felt tight and uncomfortable.However, I spent so much money on it and I know that nothing happens over night. Sometimes you have to be patient with skin care. As I didn't notice any new breakouts, rashes, or red spots (in fact my pores appeared smaller and fine lines on my forehead had disappeared) . I decided to keep trying it for a week.By day two my skin felt less dry after use.By day three I needed less moisturizer.By day five my skin felt hydrated and comfortable ALL DAY.Changing to this cleanser has eliminated three steps (and products) from my routine. I'm not sure I can trust my skin to any other product. It's worth the money for me. « less" - clinique.com user

Regenerating Cleanser by tata harper

A natural daily exfoliator that buffs and polishes with BHA and apricot microspheres to reveal smooth, radiant healthy-looking skin.

Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser by philosophy

A limited edition of the number one cleanser in North America - bigger and more adorable than ever.

Liquid Crystal Micellic Cleanser by Evolve Organic Beauty

"When I first saw that Herbal Dynamics was coming out with a Prickly Pear & Vitamin C Daily Face Moisturizer, I was truly excited! I know about the benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil, so the fact that HDB was using it in one of their products, had me ecstatic!!! This cream is richly hydrating, but light enough that I can still apply my makeup over it without a hassle. It actually makes it go on smoother! The ingredients are little powerhouse workers that have definitely made a noticeable impact on the way my skin looks. It’s healthier, younger looking, radiant, smoother, and so much softer than before. I use it morning & night and the fine lines that once wreaked havoc on my face are GONE! The deep wrinkles that I had on my forehead have decreased dramatically and my foundation no longer leaves creases where those lines use to be. My skin tone has evened out and its texture is smoother feeling. I just can’t get enough of the Prickly Pear & Vitamin C Daily Face Moisturizer! I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a product that actually provides spot treatment for aging skin. Another win for Herbal Dynamics Beauty! Less" - herbaldynamicsbeauty.com user

Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil by Tatcha

"I am 27 and have combo skin (but it gets flaky/dehydrated in the winter) that is easily prone to breakouts year round. I wanted to focus more on my skincare after feeling like my current routine wasn't really doing anything other than just cleaning my face. For reference, I stopped BC about 4 months ago and I would still break out on it, and I still break out off of it. After reading tonsss of reviews for this, I decided to purchase the travel size to give it a try... I am SO glad I did. My pores get so much more clean, my skin looks radiant, it has more of an even tone, and it just looks like it has life. It does NOT break me out which I am so happy about. I wont' say this is a cure for acne because I still do breakout or have belmishes here and there but I know it's not a direct correlation to this..it's just my skin (ugh). I do feel like this is helping care for my skin for anti aging and for giving it a wonderful clean glow. Ordered another one so I can keep my travel sized one for actual travel now! Can't wait to see how this does in the winter on my skin too. (At the same time I also purchased the Caudelie essence water which I use daily, the Tata Harper clarifying mask which I've been using weekly, and the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel which I used 3 times but wasn't sure how I felt about it) Side note for acne prone people, I have also used a wide range of face washes from all natural, drug store acne ones, prescription, etc. and I like this ones wayyy more than any other one I've tried. I will follow this cleanser up with a drugstore acne wash on days when my breakouts are a bit more prevalent. Sorry for the long post! I just know this kind of info helps me make decisions :) Less" - Sephora user

Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam by Clinique

"I have suffered with acne since 6th grade. I have suffered from oily skin that would cause small pimples to cover my face and made it look at if I had a rash all over my face. I tried everything- every acne face wash you could think of, I received topical treatments from dermatologists, I tried natural faces washes, I even stopped eating sugar and diary as well as was allergy tested to see if any of it was connected to my acne. I was recommend the Clinique Acne Solution by a close friend and was hesistant... I had tried many four step acne washes and sets from many other companies and didn't have much luck. I was comfortable with my routine and was very scared to try anything new knowing I had a likely chance of making my face worse. I decided to take a chance and try it out. I used the foam wash along with the clarifying lotion followed by the all over clearing treatment, I covered zits with the clinical clearing gel, and finished up by using moisturizing gel (not part of the acne line) one night (hesistant about there being so many steps) and woke up to my face dramatically changed, you could clearly see my acne healing. I was so shocked! I continued to use all these products morning and night and had new skin by the third day! Unlike many face washes it did not make my face irritated nor dry (as I suffered with dry skin flakes and redness as washing my face for hours), it automatically made my face tones more even and calmed down my face dramatically. I would recommend this product to anyone with acne and am a true believer in this acne line. No face wash has had the same effect and has made me feel like a whole new person. I no longer worry about people looking at my face in each conversation, or looking like I have a constant sunburn- this product is truly great!" - nordstrom user

Pure Skin Face Cleanser by First Aid Beauty

A fragrance-free, gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt, and grime, leaving skin soft and supple - now in a limited-edition FAB birthday print.

Facial Soap Extra Mild by Clinique

Clinique's Facial Soap - Extra Mild is a hand-milled facial soap that gently cleanses very dry skin of dirt, oil and debris.

Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC

Powered by organic olive oil, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil melts away waterproof makeup and dissolves impurities with zero residue, leaving your skin clean, soft and radiant. The original Japanese 1-step oil cleanser is ideal for all skin types and is free of added fragrance, colorants and parabens.

Liquid Facial Soap - Extra Mild by Clinique

"Just a few days ago I purchased the 2-Dry Combination 3-step kit because I was getting really tired of breaking out and having dry and oily skin and just looking really gross all the time. I've never had clear skin and have tried absolutely everything, even a dermatologist. In literally just 3 days after using Clinique there is a huge difference in my skin, the redness and swelling of my pimples have rediced almost 100% and my skin feels normal, not oily or dry at all. I can't find a single bad thing about this product!!!! I have found my cure to acne! " - clinique.com user

Liquid Facial Soap - Oily Skin Formula by Clinique

Liquid Facial Soap - Oily Skin Formula is the first step in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System. Now in jumbo size.

Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser by La Roche-Posay

"I bought this cleanser in my local Ulta after seeing it there several times and waiting to see how others were reviewing and getting along with it. I was very impressed with the ingredients; it is difficult to find a gentle milk cleanser that is truly acne safe! Or really any cleanser for that matter. I have just finished a protocol with Roccoco Botanicals to heal my skin barrier and was looking for something to maintain my clear skin and continue to cleanse effectively without stripping the barrier I had just built back up. The value for money here is incredible, I thought at first it was just too good! I decided to buy it and I am so grateful I did. I do not use any foaming cleansers because I have inflammatory acne prone skin post childbirth. My skin is rather normal with oil control and can tend to be on the dry side at times. This cleanser isn't the most hydrating, but it rinses off like a gel and leaves no residue on my skin. It is a white milky-gel with about a medium viscosity. It is just right really and spreads on the skin really well, damp or dry. I wouldn't recommend for makeup removal, this is a skin cleanser not a remover! I use Bioderma Sensibo H2O to remove makeup and go in with this on dry skin, then add a few drops of water on my fingers after working it in about 30 seconds dry. I use in the morning also and apply it on my dry skin and leave it as a mask for a few minutes in effort to benefit form the niacinamide and ceramides in it, then rinse. It leaves my skin soft but also feeling cleansed, without any squeakyness, dry tightness, or dullness often accompanied by cleansers. I have noticed that this helps maintains my skin barrier well since my skin isn't red or pink after cleansing. I would absolutely recommend this for every skin, especially acne prone since there are no real clogging ingredients in this apart from the Tocopherol which is not only last on the list, but is getting rinsed off. Prefer this over my Glossier Milky Jelly!" - ulta user

UltraCalming Cleanser by Dermalogica

"I'm telling you ladies, this is the best for sensitive skin types since Cetaphil. This product is better though because for me, it treats hormonal acne, stress breakouts, blemishes, redness and inflammation, dryness, and periodic auto immune disease related excess oil. I have an illness that causes a lot of skin problems for me. I used to be a believer in Proactiv until it turned on me in less than a year. It just stopped working, and I realized how much it was drying out my skin, making it more sensitive, and actually causing wrinkles. I'm 27, don't drink, use tobacco, or do any drugs. So, yeah, it really did that to my face :( This hasn't happened with Dermalogica.The Ultra Calming cleanser is so calming, so easy to use, it feels great going on, and is very easily removed. This is great especially for women on the go. Anytime my face is going berzerk, I can count on it making me feel better. I can leave the house feeling, clean, beautiful and confident. I've always had a problem with products either over drying my skin or making it excessively oily. This does not do that.To the girl who said it clogged her cheek pores--you do need to exfoliate or wear a facial masque to clean out your pores every so often. You can't just put product on your face over and over again and not expect it to clog your pores at some point. That's just nature. It doesn't matter how natural it is. It will happen eventually :) Also, don't spray the hydrating mist on your face excessively. Remember, less is more.I know everyone says it, but I really do have the most sensitive skin on the planet. For so long, Cetaphil was the only thing I could use; even that backfired at times. I have so many food allergies, hormonal, etc. issues. I'm just really, really glad that I found Dermalogica. It even helps when I get the once a month cystic acne breakouts during my menstrual cycle. I may have a couple blemishes on my face, but they aren't NEARLY as red so I can cover them up before leaving the house.I really do hope it continues to work for me for many years to come. I'm going to recommend it to all of my friends in the modeling industry as well as in my autoimmune disease support groups.Thanks Dermalogica!!!! « less" - ulta.com user

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser by Clinique

"I swim everyday in about three different pools. The chlorine levels are different in each and extremely harsh so my oily skin gets dried out. The acne line was too much for my sensitive skin. I had been using the acne line for a bout 2-3 months and my skin wasn't getting any better. I found the foaming cleanser and decided to try it after reading all the reviews online. I noticed there weren't that many that were from someone in their teens struggling with sensitive skin and the stresses of being a teen. So, I decided I would try it out and see if it worked. After one week! YES, one week!!! My skin has cleared up!! I used to get about a pimple a week and a few minor spots, but after using the foaming cleanser, #2 clarifying lotion, dramatically different moisturizing gel, and turnaround concentrate in the morning after swim team practice and at night. My skin has cleared up. After the first 2 days my few spots went away after about a week or so of being there. My skin looks clear, healthy, and CALM!!! I have just a few minor spots but they'll clear up tomorrow. When I wash my face, the skin isn't turning red, it doesn't feel itchy, and it feels soft when I pat it dry with a washcloth. Of course I've noticed the reviews talking about a tingly sensation that kinda hurts...it means you are using WAY too much. To wash your face all you need is about a small pea size. If you have sensitive skin like me and you are trying to find help for the troubles of the teenage years here is your solution!!! Hope this helps! « less" - clinique.com user

Exfolikate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash by kate somerville

A daily foaming cleanser that contains AHA’s and natural fruit enzymes to purify without over-drying.

Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil by origins

"I have combination skin, and am especially prone to blackheads in the t-zone, as well as random breakouts. I have been a loyal customer of Origins for over 10 years and have used just about every face wash they have come up with (Checks & Balances, A Perfect World, Ginzing, Make A Difference...). While I have loved various aspects of those cleansers, I have never seen results as positive as from the Clean Energy cleansing oil. Seriously, this cleanser doesn't feel harsh and doesn't leave me feeling the uncomfortable tightening/drying sensation that washes like Checks & Balances can produce. This cleanser is really amazing - it feels gentle yet powerful on the skin, and I have NEVER experienced results that leave my face feeling more lusciously soft and beautifully even, while nearly eradicating black heads on my nose. Additionally, I have not experienced one breakout since starting to use this product (three weeks ago), and it has even started to fade old scars from previous acne. This is AMAZING stuff and I totally recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!" - nordstrom user

Clarifying Cleanser by tata harper

A foaming gel cleanser that targets blemish-causing impurities and balances oil with natural salicylic acid and AHAs for clear, comfortably matte skin.

Barrier+ Foaming Clay Cleanser by skinfix

Skinfix foaming clay cleanser, suitable for all skin types, uses natural coconut cleansers and a mineral-rich healthy skin clay complex to gently absorb dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin. 99% natural. Dermatologist recommended.

Refreshing Cleanser by tata harper

"The Boosted Contouring Eye Mask is magical! It was the first Tata product I was introduced to and is the reason I began trying the line. Despite it's name, this is a multitasker. I use it for fine lines and wrinkles all around the eye area (above and below) and the mouth area. It is also a lifesaver on my lips. Dry patch? Apply some Boosted Eye Mask, and it disappears. I have several pots in various places. I keep it in the bathroom, by my bed, next to my laptop, in my car, in my purse - you get the idea. It just feels so good! I had the world's puffiest eyes, complete with dark circles. Nothing worked until now. The Restorative Eye Cream and the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask are my holy grail products for my eyes and mouth. My eyes don't even need concealer anymore. I have also stopped wearing foundation. THAT is an absolute miracle! I just don't want anything on my skin anymore that is not made by Tata. The lines around my lips are improving, too. It even prevents my lip color from bleeding. When I am using my Tata products for my a.m. and p.m. routine, this is always my last step. At night I smooth it on right before applying my Moisturizing Mask. I love to warm it between my fingers to achieve a more easily spreadable product. I love that it actually fills my lines and makes me look younger. It just makes me so happy that then I know it continues to work to reduce my wrinkles. Tata has made me a believer. There is just nothing else for me. Tata Harper is the gold standard of skincare. I love that it is created from start to finish on her farm in Vermont. « less" - tataharperskincare.com user

Purifying Cleanser by tata harper

"I can't tell you the difference this cleanser has made to my "mid life crisis skin", it's gentle enough not to cause irritatation, has great slip to it so that it's perfect for a bit of facial massage, it feels cooling and calming on the skin and smells lovely but it's the results that are most remarkable.Within days my skin looked clearer, I realised I had no additional flare ups and the ones I had were looking less angry, dry patches were better and best of al the oiliness of my skin seemed instantly more controlled. Over time and coupled with a couple of Tata's other cleansers, (they are all wonderful), the results have got better and better. Iwish I could show you a picture but suffice it to say my skin is completely clear, there are no lumps or bumps, or dry patches. Acne type spots have completely cleared up and even at that time each month any sign of a flare up quickly dissipates rather than getting the chance to form a spot of any kind. Oil production is down to normal healthy levels and my skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated.I don't need to reapply my foundation at lunch time, or cover my face in a powder, mainly because my skin looks so good I don't need foundation or powder. A bit of concealer to disguise and dark circles and I'm good to go.Having struggled all my life with temperamental skin, having gone through a terrible time hitting my mid forties and my skin being worse than ever, I'm stunned that just by buying the right cleanser everything is how I want it, even my pores look normal, not visible from the other end of the room!!!It's taken approx 12 weeks to clear my skin up completely and for me to be sure it isn't going to revert back to the way it was, but when it feels so good to use, has noticeable results in just a few days and those results just get better and better, you know it's worth persevering. I think 12 weeks is nothing to get the skin you have always dreamt of having.Right now off to find a Tata product that is as effective on my wrinkles, as although this cleanser is in my opinion a miracle worker, it can't do anything about those!!!!!!!I can't praise Tata's cleansers highly enough, there is one for you whatever your skin needs, having more than one allows me to use the one that suits my skin that day but if I had to buy just one of them this is the one I would try, it's a great all rounder and the one I reach for most often, definitely on those days when I haven't a clue what my skin needed. Now my skin is behaving normally I don't think it matters which I reach for but I've noticed I still reach for this more often than not, so much so I'm on my second bottle.Best of all one pump of this is all you need, so a little goes a long way, my first bottle lasted months not weeks so is fantastic value for money, especially as I no longer need the myriad of other products to try and treat or cover up the different skin imperfections. Less" - tataharperskincare.com user

Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica

"I purchased this after this was highly recommended to me by an Esthetician. I have been looking for a gentle cleanser that would not dry out my face and help with my occasional breakouts. I have been using the Special Cleansing Gel for about 6 months and I am extremely happy with this product. I have been trying different cleanser for almost two years before I fell in love with this. My face always feels amazingly clean and soft afterwards. It is great at removing makeup. My Esthetician was right - a little goes a long way. I got the 16.9oz and this will easily last the rest of the year.Dermalogica products have changed my life! Since I started using this cleanser along with the charcoal masque, my skin has never been better! I can't get over, evenly toned, clear and smooth my skin has become since using these products. I have recommended this cleanser to family, friends. « less" - dermalogica.com user

Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body by Clinique

"I have had perfectly clear skin my whole life with the exception of a couple small patches of blackheads here and there, but in the past year or so, I have been struggling with adult acne. My skin did a complete 180. I tried so many different products. Some of the "best out there" and all I experienced was redness, peeling, and completely dry skin that was literally flaking off. I needed something different. I went to the Macy's in my city's mall and decided to look around. I had never tried any of Clinique's products but what drew me to the Clinique counter was the fact that they seem to focus a lot on skin care, acne solutions, and on healthy skin care routines. The woman helping me was so attentive and really seemed genuine and honest and knowledgeable about what products would work for me and my skin type. She recommended this bar, and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I have been using both twice a day, every day for 1 month and I am honestly so surprised at the change in my skin. I no longer have this awful cystic acne that I was experiencing before, no more clusters of acne on my cheeks like I had, no more dry skin, no more peeling, no more flaking!I realize that everyones skin is different, but whatever is in this stuff REALLY worked for me. No Joke. I had tried EVERYTHING. I was over spending money on products that only made my skin worse, or just didn't help at all. This was my last try at an acne solution and I could not be more pleased with my results. I recommend this product to anyone and everyone that I know that struggles with acne. Its truly helped me gain my confidence back. I now have smooth clear skin but I do have some hyper pigmentation which is normal after acne. I purchased the Even Better Dark Spot Corrector today and I absolutely can't wait to start seeing results. I now know and trust Clinique products and they've got a lifetime client in me! « less" - Macy's user

Anti/Oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil by Shu Uemura

"I hold all other cleansing oils to the standard of my Shu Uemera. I use one pump on dry skin and gently work it into the skin, including my eye makeup. When I feel it beginning to work its magic, I add in a little bit of water and continue to work it on. When I feel everything moving around, I wash off my face and tada! All gone! I have oily skin and find that this is one of the rare products that does not leave a film residue on my skin. My skin feels soft, nourished, and clean. If I'm wearing a heavier waterproof mascara, I'll take that off prior. This is so soft, so gentle. I have the largest size and purchase a bottle maybe every nine months? I've gotten so many people hooked on this product, it's the best. It's been a beauty staple for years and there's a reason. Pricey but worth it. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5952829851494272292-full" data-show="5952829851494272292-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Soy Face Cleanser by fresh

"If I could, I'd give 10 stars. STOP HERE because this is the ultimate facial cleanser and the only one you will ever need. This is a must and staple for your daily skin care regimen for any woman who takes skincare seriously. I've tried everything from Cetaphil, Aveeno, philosophy, Murad, a special egg white facial soap from sweden, to shu uemura's cleansing oil.... I'm in the beauty industry and I'm notorious for taking hours reading ingredients of the products that I will put on my face in the store because I have a client who develops and formulates many of these products and she let's me know what's good and what's not.This cleanser has great ingredients and is concentrated so you only need about the size of a dime. It removes all the sweat, dirt, and oil from a busy day. It removes all the eye makeup and foundation I wear as well as those "raccoon eyes" that get left from mascara. It's not formulated to break down waterproof formulas so I suggest using a separate cleanser for that. (most waterproof anything cosmetic- no cleanser fully removes it) This soy cleanser is AMAZING!!!!! It didn't leave my face tight or dry like most foaming cleansers, and it didn't leave it feeling "not clean" like most milky cleansers do... This one is the perfect combo of foamy and creamy and really cleans your face... My skin feels soft and supple and CLEAN! I love the way my face feels after using this. It's a high sticker price but well worth it since a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time, and it's made with really good ingredients and a high concentration of them. It's as gentle as cetaphil but way more effective. I recommend this product to everyone!!! I'm 25 and have combo skin with occasional pimples and it keeps the breakouts at bay while making my skin feel clean and look radiant. TRY THIS!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT! : ) « less" - Sephora user

Cleansing Complex by iS Clinical

"I have sensitive, mature, combo skin and have had a difficult time finding a cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin looking red and feeling irritated. There’s really no scent and it does a great job at cleansing with no trace of make up left behind. I love how it has helped retexture my skin and now it glows! I’ve been using it for over a year now, and will only use it as part of my anti aging skincare regimen!" - dermstore user

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser by Korres

An indulgent cream-to-foam, soap-free cleanser that’s formulated with real skin-nourishing Greek yogurt.

RS2 Gentle Cleanser by pevonia botanica

"RS2 Care Cream is a fantastic face cream for sensitive skin. It gently moisturizes, so that even super-sensitive skin like I have feels smooth and supple. It's not oily at all, so it doesn't leave me with blemishes (which so many other skin creams do!). It also has the added bonus of having an SPF of 15, so I am protected all the time from the sun. This has come in handy many, many times when I found myself unexpectedly spending a long time out in the sun. No sun burn!" - dermstore user

Essential-C Cleanser by murad

Murad's Essential-C Cleanser is a patented antioxidant-rich cleanser that rehydrates environmentally damaged skin.

All Clean Balm by heimish

"I use it whenever I have even a little makeup on, like some concealer and primer, or when I just feel like I have a super oily/dirty face in both morning and evening. It feels therapeutic massaging it on my face and after rinsing it off, my face feels very clean but still soft and not tight or dry. On makeup heavy days, it gets rid off everything (though I still use an eye makeup remover prior to cleansing). Barely any scent though what I can smell is very natural, no weird fragrance. Super gentle on my sensitive, acne-prone combo skin. Highly recommend as a first step oil-based cleanser!! This is the HG!!" - yesstyle.com user

Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser by Estée Lauder

"I love this cleanser!! My skin tends to get really dry during the winter so it's perfect right now. It cleanses the skin without overdrying it and best of all removes my make up. I love how clean and fresh my skin feels. I use the toner for dry skin as well which helps moisturize my skin. Its even helping diminish my blemishes. It evens out my skin tone and even my mom can use it she's 53 and I'm 25 so this product is for any age and skintype in my opinion. My mom has sensitive skin that gets red and irritated easily and this cleanser doesn't irritate her at all. My skin is oily during the summer dry in the winter and the rest of the year it's combination. I use perfectly clean multi action foam cleanser during summer and spring. I tend to break out with certain cleansers and this cleanser doesn't break me out at all it helps keep my skin clear. I do use dermatologist products retin A and sulfacetamide sodium" - nordstrom user

Brightening Cleanser by Indie Lee

Antioxidant rich Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser gently washes away makeup and impurities to leave the skin hydrated, silky and luminous.

Purifying Cleansing Gel by boscia

Cleanse, purify, and soothe skin with boscia's sulfate-free purifying cleansing gel. Nourishing botanicals leave skin thoroughly cleansed, soothed, and protected from free radical damage without stripping the skin.

Fennel + Cardamom Chai Soap Bar by UpCircle

UpCircle's Fennel and Cardamom Chai Soap Bar is an excellent face and body cleanser. Green clay draws toxins from pores, helping combat acne & breakouts whilst shea butter leaves skin hydrated and smooth.

Mousse Radiance Clarifying Self-Foaming Cleanser by Lancôme

Mousse radiance clarifying self-foaming cleanser by lancôme is air-light, smooth and gentle. This magnificent mousse instantly melts away makeup and surface impurities without leaving skin feeling tight or uncomfortable.

Facial Soap With Dish Mild by Clinique

Clinique's Facial Soap - Mild is a hand-milled facial soap that gently cleanses dry combination skin of dirt, oil and debris.

Facial Soap Oily Skin by Clinique

"The bar soap for Oily Skin transformed my sensitive oily enlarged pores skin!!! I recently re-discovered their bar soap for "Oily Skin" and I have been totally wasting my time on other cleansers. Why did I ever stop using this bar soap? Any way, my skin is oily in the t-zone and I have a few dark spots and few fine lines. I have been using their Clarifying Lotion #3 for around 20 years. Yes, I am honestly saying this and it is true! It's gotten so many bad reviews and so much negative attention for I don't know why! The soap removed my makeup (face & eyes) although I know it may not be recommended for the eyes. My skin felt completely cleansed completely comfortable and not tight or dry or over stripped of moisture. Hard to believe when the soap is for "oily skin" but it's true. The result... my skin is poreless and porcelain like. Very smooth, very conditioned, and not a hint of dirt or makeup was left behind when I used my #3 toner on the cotton round. That's my fave part about toning is I see the result of truly clean skin! If I stop using my toner, I get patches of dryness on my cheeks and the corners of my nose get flaky and full of dead skin. Your foundation will never go on the same after using the toner! I promise :) This is not in my opinion a "line for teens only" since I am 44 years old and it works perfectly for me, I know that's not the case. I have no redness or sensitivity to using this soap or the Clarifying Lotion #3. Thank You Clinique :) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="1854130299131769015-full" data-show="1854130299131769015-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - clinique.com user

Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser With Peach Essential Water by Clarins

"This cleanser is the newest addition to my vast Clarins collection. I have a lot of products, and I use them all, and there are very few that I do not get one with/don’t get on with me. This, for me, is another hit and another time when I have been happy to have invested my money in my favourite skin care company!Let me begin by stating that sometimes, I can be lazy. Don’t get me wrong – I work hard, and I am productive, but when I am tired and have a full face of make-up which needs removing before sleep, the laziness can kick in! Now my mother always drummed into me the importance of good skin care (a rule I live by) and so I feel very guilty when Miss Lazy shows her face before bed. I went through a week where I was using baby wipes to remove my make-up not so long ago (rather than cleanse/tone/moisturise), and that is just a no go with me. I know it is ok for some people, but when a sensitive baby wipe makes your cheeks sting, you know you are doing badly! And as a woman brought up on good skin care, I cannot emphasise how guilty I felt wiping my Tesco baby wipe on my face. So, the next day I went online to see what ‘quick fix’ I could find from Clarins to 1) take away my guilt and 2) further my Clarins addiction!The item I ordered was this Water Comfort One Step Cleanser. I did actually sample it, and love it, some years ago (or at least a very similar version) so I can’t really understand how I had forgotten about it. But I did.When it arrived I was very excited. This little gem promises to cleanse skin, remove make up and soften the skin in one easy step. Exactly what I need on a night time! All you need to do is soak a cotton pad and wipe the face. No need to rinse, all done!(This would actually be brilliant for someone travelling, as no water is needed to clean; just the bottle and a piece of cotton wool).Now Clarins do state that it will remove ‘light’ make up, and this suggests to me powder etc. I use a full coverage Clarins foundation, and I have to admit, it is quite difficult to get my face completely clean. I do find though, that if I apply to the cotton and wipe, then repeat a few times, that my skin does become fresh and clean, so although I cannot do it in one step I am still happy. That is not Clarins fault; it is my own for trying to remove more make up than it is designed for! And if you were someone who actually did wear light make up (or none at all for that matter) then you would find this product very quick and effective.My step dad actually uses this, with no moisturiser and he is very happy. Being a steel worker, he gets very grimy, and even after a shower and hair wash he manages to get yet more grime off using this wonderful product.So how does it feel?When I use the cleanser it feels very gentle on my skin. It sweeps over my face easily on the cotton, and I find it picks up plenty of grime along the way. There is no residue left on my face, and I do not feel all damp to the touch. I do, however, feel soft and clean! It does a wonderful job of caring for my skin and making it feel refreshed in an evening.Although you do not have to, I do add a moisturiser after using this. This may be purely habit, and my mums lessons again, but I simply cannot wash my face and then not apply moisturiser. It goes against everything I have been taught! If you did choose not to though, I believe your skin would still feel very nice and soothed. I cannot say I have noticed any tightness following a liberal use of this product.The liquid itself smells very fresh. There is no particular scent which comes to my mind when I smell the bottle. Just a nice clean and fresh scent I am happy to put onto my face. There is no lingering smell either, and I am more than happy with this.The liquid – now this might sound silly – is very soft. It does not feel like water does, it feels much smoother and softer. I assume this will be all the lovely softening ingredients in it (such as the peach essential water, the honey and the glycerine), and to be honest, this makes it even more of a pleasure to apply.The bottle is easy to handle, and is in the usual Clarins style you expect. A simple bottle; a screw top lid; and a good sized hole in the top. You can easily tip out the product without it running everywhere and being wasted. The only down side is the bottle being clear it is very hard to read any of the red writing with the ingredients and basic instructions. But, all this information can be obtained on here or on the Clarins website, so it is not the wend of the world.Personally I am happy with the value for money with this product. A 200ml bottle lasts a good amount of time, and although I do have to use quite a bit more than I expected (thanks to my heavy make-up) I will still buy again to clean my skin in an evening.I would recommend!Please note: this is a facial cleanser, and not intended to remove eye make-up! « less" - Escentual user

Barrier+ Foaming Oil Cleanser by skinfix

Skinfix foaming oil cleanser is a 97.5% natural creamy foam that gently washes away dirt and makeup with gentle coconut based cleansers. Skinfix healthy skin lipid complextm compliments skin's essential lipids and leaves skin hydrated, soft and supple.

Cleansing Oil by kari gran

"This oil really does clean your face well. It's light yet effective at removing makeup and providing a great overall good face cleaning. I have light dry eczema patches as a result of autoimmune issues and I even massage this on my ears because they get super dry and flaky sometimes. This oil cleans and moisturizes at the same time. It has a neutral smell. Thank you Kari Gran for this outstanding product line. These products are truly the only ones I trust for my sensitive skin. " - karigran.com user

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm by Clinique

A luxurious way to cleanse and remove makeup, this exclusive duo of Clinique’s number one makeup remover includes a jumbo size plus a travel size.

Precleanse Cleansing Oil by Dermalogica

The professional's deep cleansing weapon! Achieve ultra clean and healthy skin with a double cleansing regimen that begins with dermalogica's precleanse.

Max Resurfacing Facial Cleanser by ROC Skincare

"I'm reviewing Roc Max Resurfacing Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser, I have used it 4 or 5 times now and I like it, I like the little beads mixed in with the cleaners it makes my skin feel like it's getting cleaner. The cleanser doesn't lather like some cleansers do so I'm guessing it doesn't have soaps in it which is why it's better for your skin than regular cleansers or soaps. It doesn't take a lot to clean I use maybe the size of a nickel and it covers my face and neck. The cleanser is very smooth and creamy along with the beads are a great way to clean your face. Roc Max Resurfacing Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser dried my face a little bit but some face cream helped with that and my face felt very soft and clean, I haven't been using it long enough to know if it will help with eliminating or help at all with wrinkles but I'm happy so far with the way my face and neck are feeling. I really like that I haven't had any breakouts after using the cleanser which has happened to me after using other face cleaners and so far I'm happy with it and I will buy it when I run out. « less" - walmart.com user

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam by Estée Lauder

A light, conditioning fresh foaming formula that leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and refreshed.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm by Elemis

"I'm a scent junkie... A luxury product for me has to smell magnificent. At this ouchy price - it's a luxury product, and it does indeed smell magnificent! To those who adore aromatherapy, this balm smells as if you have poured all of your essential oils at once into a pot and mixed it up with the most lush, silky and comforting balm that you could imagine. The overall feel is that of concentrated nature in a techno wonder formulation. I have problematic sensitive skin, prone to both dryness and whopping spots (lucky me). This balm is really loose and oily and slips over the skin without pulling it or angering any sensitivity. Despite being highly aromatic, I've had no problems with the scent causing irritation. In fact, I can leave it on for half an hour in a warm bath and emerge with soft, hydrated and calm skin with no annoying blotchyness. Additionally, I use it for a weekly deep facial massage. Because it remains oily textured for a long time, you can really work it into your skin and use it to drain away stress and the dreaded 'gothic pallor' syndrome after a big night out. I'm rarely impressed by most product claims, especially the majority of anti-aging nonsense, but this really works. I can't imagine another cleanser ever leaving my skin in such a fabulous state of joy. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - lookfantastic.com user

Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser by Michael Todd Beauty

"I've been seeing more and more products out there toting charcoal as the new "wonder" ingredient but I "wonder" if it's not just a passing fad. I mean, we use charcoal to grill hamburgers in our barbecues and artists use it for drawing portraits. It is also a main ingredient in aquarium filters to remove impurities from the water. But it is also used to remove toxins from the body and is given to overdose patients and to people who have ingested poison (under a doctor's supervision). Therefore, charcoal must be a pretty hardcore ingredient! And it's now popping up in everything from toothpaste to skin care products to dietary supplements, and even drinks! So when I received the opportunity to test out this Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser in exchange for review, I was very intrigued. The consistency is a thick black gel. You just pump a little in your hands and run it under warm water. It does not contain sulfates, so it does not lather. But it cleans your skin so beautifully without drying. And the best part is how effective it is at removing makeup. You will not have to use a separate makeup remover which saves so much time. It features a gentle, sulfate-free "no tears" formula that does not irritate eyes so you can even take off waterproof mascara without any issues! It has cleared up my blackheads and my skin is looking fantastic. I seriously love this product and I highly recommend it for those of us with oil and acne-prone skin." - ulta user

Plant Genius Creamy Bubbling Cleanser by Alpyn Beauty

A hydrating, pore-refining cleanser that exfoliates and brightens while effectively clearing makeup and blackheads with fruit enzymes, AHAs, and vitamin C.

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm by banila co

Banila Co's Travel Size Original Clean It Zero 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm quickly melts away stubborn face & eye makeup, dirt and impurities and completely cleanses & balances skin in one simple step. This small but mighty size is your perfect travel companion to keep your skin balanced on-the-go!

FAB Faves To Go Kit by First Aid Beauty

A trio of travel-sized First Aid Beauty favorites to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate skin.

Superfood Cleanser by Youth to the People

"I rarely if ever write reviews because I pass through products so quickly. i jump from cleanser to cleanser, never really finding a “good” one. My oily skin is so finnicky and many cleansers feel like they do NOTHING! I thought at first, this was just meh. It cleaned my skin and made it clear... so what? But that mind set changed when I decided to use a different cleanser and follow my routine of switching up constantly. My skin started getting pimples in the one place I hated: my forehead. My sensitive, acne prone forehead that is already sheltered by my bangs. I couldn’t believe it! My forehead was always so soft and smooth, so when it breaks out i KNOW something is off. At first, I thought that “no, i’m just purging!” but it just got worse... so i pulled this guy out again. Oh man... within ONE USE my skin was calm, less red, and already some of the acne was started to disappear. I couldn’t truly believe some “boring” cleanser without all of the pretty and cutesy frills that I love cleared up and kept my skin smooth. I was astonished by how much my skin actually liked this product! I do enjoy the beauty of products like Drunk Elephant (i use Protini along with this and no joke... glass skin!) but this cleanser is amazing. However I will be honest and say that I do get weekly extractions for black heads since this doesn’t prevent them or help them out much. If you have oily, acne prone skin and feel like you’ve been searching through a sea of “meeehhh” products, TRY THIS! Trust me, it looks like every other cleanser but it honestly makes my skin look like i’m using 1000 products. I’ve never received compliments on my skin until I started using this product. « less" - Sephora user