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The 50 Best Luxury Bronzers Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore luxury bronzers are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced

Too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer is a shimmer-free matte bronzer for all the tan without the twinkle. Now in travel size.

Murumuru Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer is an ultra-luxurious bronzer infused with Murumuru Butter, delivering a radiant Brazilian goddess glow!

Sunlit Bronzer by BECCA

"I bought this bronzer in "Maui Nights". The formula is gorgeous, applied with a big fluffy brush (I prefer Charlotte Tilbury's bronzer brush for bronzing up the face) across the entire cheeks, nose and temples, this formula is easy to spread, does not cake on too much, is blendable. Great natural look, not shimmery per se, but shot through with some sheen to give it dimension. Lasts a medium amount of time on me (definitely a couple of hours - few blushes and bronzers are very long lasting on my normal to dry skin, oddly). Does not draw attention to imperfections or pores. Two thumbs up! As for the color, I specifically searched for a reddish bronze to mimick the "sunburnt" look when I already have a tan. Despite being only medium/olive, this works great on me." - spacenk.com user

Hoola Matte Bronzer by Benefit

A limited-edition, ready-to-gift ornament of Benefit’s number-one bestselling bronzer.

Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer by Fenty Beauty

"I cannot believe I lived without this. Here's the scoop: If you have dry skin, I don't think this will work on you, you might actually hate it. My face: I am oily on my T zone and I get pimples here and there, sometimes I have around 4 pimples at a time, my skin is tan and therefore my shade is also tan. If you aren't a full coverage girl like me, just got a tiny bit on your face, THIS FOUNDATION IS REALLY THICK. If you want more coverage this is really buildable, I would suggest a buffing brush if you have more things to cover and suggest a beauty blender if you want to look as if you have no make up on your face (which is what I do). This blends into my skin like a dream, when I look in the mirror, my face doesn't look cakey or that is has make up. It covers my pimples so easily without having to build up, if you build up you'll get a great full coverage. My husband, who thinks that cheap and high end foundations look the same on me (lol) praised this foundation when he looked at me after the first time I put it on without putting blush or anything else. I read that this leaves your dry patches dryer, and that's what it did for me too but then I learned how to properly moisturize my face. What I do for moisturizing is wash my face, toner, eye cream, serum, wait for 5 minutes, then moisturizer, wait for 7 minutes until my face is plump, then I apply this baby and it is awesome. If I want a dewy look, I don't apply setting powder and if I want a matte look then I apply the tarte setting powder. My every day make up look is mascara, foundation and blush and that's it. Seriously I'm good to go. This foundation stays on pretty good without touch ups for 8 hours and then on the 9th hour it kinda starts to die, and then maybe on the 10th hour is dead. Less" - Sephora user

D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops by drunk elephant

"It’s been 3 1/2 months (MONTHS!) since blindly purchasing D-Bronzi. Here’s why it’s worth its weight in gold (“bronze,” if you will):My pigmentation tone is: “the puppy at the pound that’s so ugly it’s cute.” Except I don’t get to wash my skin color off at the end of the day or get paid royalties like the original Oompa Loompa cast of Willy Wonka. In fact, I’ve made relationships with MUA based solely on my desperate requests for help finding ways to tone my skin without looking like I just walked out of a 90’s makeup application.For reference:1. I’ve used this “neat” for all-over face2. I’ve blended this “neat” for cheek, eye, lip, color, and neck/décolleté color/contour3. I’ve mixed with body lotion, face lotion, oil, and *gasp* B.B. creams and foundation.After 3/12 months of critical/cynical use, this is what I’ve found:1. Gives me color and somehow tones my orange down. (How!?)2. Is super-versatile. Think: you want to wear a white skirt but you have ten seconds to transform your leg color from “yoga pants everyday” to “I was cool once” (toddlermomsunite) bonus: minimal-if any-transfer if massaged in all the way!3. I don’t look like a disco ball when used with highlighter or other products with a dewy/glow finish4. Enhanced other products both in texture and finish.Isn’t marketed this way, but I feel like D-bronzi is the answer to the age-old dilemma of needing a different foundation color for every season. Find your ratio of D-Bronzi pumps to foundation dobs, and you’re good year round!5. This tube is going to outlast me and my tween daughter.Newbie Tips:*Store cap-down*If you apply too much the first time, a few quick fix options:-Use a dry washcloth to blot/wipe-Massage a dot of moisturizer over face to dilute the pigment while protecting the tone of any makeup already applied-Wipe hands of residual D-bronzi, massage your face real well, walk away from the mirror and give it a second to settle Less" - Sephora user

Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer by Estée Lauder

Estée lauder bronze goddess powder bronzer is a smooth, oil-free powder that gives face, shoulders and décolletage a seductive bronze look. Unique oil-control complex keeps skin shine-free and comfortable.

Powder Bronzer by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A powder bronzer for the face and body that creates a natural matte, traceless finish for buildable coverage.

Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer by Tarte

A bestselling bronzer with long-wearing Amazonian clay in a remixed, rose gold collector’s-edition compact with a magnetic removable pan.

Bronzing Powder by NARS

A travel size of the award-winning Laguna Bronzer Powder.

All-Over Face Color by bareMinerals

"Ok - first of all, there is a reason this company has many fomulas, from their amazing powder (in original and matte), to now a BB cream/primer, to now this liquid.The reason is this: our faces are different and we may need something different.First, let me say, you MUST learn how to apply this. If you just do a few drops on their brush (which I recommend) or yours, and then try to apply like a regular foundation, you will be dissapointed and end up wasting product.I watched the videos (just as I did for the powder makeup) and this is a lot in the application AND getting matched.With two drops, I had light coverage, an extra drop (half a drop even) I was able to go over my undereye circles and some redness. Perfection.With another layer I had pretty much full coverage.I didn't even have to apply their 'setting' powder, but I guess I finally have a use for their mineral veil!This is meant to buildable, you have to get matched, and you have to learn how to use it - otherwise your 'unlike' of this is likely unfounded. That's not to say you can't not like it, its a matter of preference, but frankly - unless you have the foundation of this foundation down - don't review.Now, for what I wanted to know:1. Used without anything underneath but light moisturizer from this morning. No finishing powder, no setting spray, nothing: It made me look dewy and fresh. It's lasted about 7 hours. Pretty impressive. It iddn't look bad after the 7 hours, but it had wiped off a bit (well, I touch my face....)2. With finishing powder only (this includes a bit of moisturizer beforehand): it reduced some of my 'glow' but I could tell it wasn't going to budge much more. I then applied another layer (the first was their original mineral veil) of their hydrating mineral veil, which has a bit of shimmer to it and I got my glow back ;) It stayed a good 12 hours, as longa s I wasn't rubbing my face a ton (and come on, you rub something off, its gonna come off!)3. THE WHOLE SHEBANG! This was when I was going 'out out' - I used a primer on my whole face, then used Smashbox's face finishing spray in "cool" after the primer (just because this helps when I sweat....) Then I applied this stuff, with two drops for overall and one drop for extra coverage under eyes and redness.I did a LIGHT dusting of hydrating mineral veil over my forehead, nose and chin - the rest of my face was 'set' with my other powder makeup such as bronzer, highlighter...Then, I finished with Urban decay's All Nighter (regular).Wowza, ok, I know, this is one of those, lots of steps but I don't do this very often. I glowed and in a great way, my skin FELT good, I hate HATE liquid foundation and this one didn't make me itch or feel it at all. AND with these steps it stayed allll day, allllll night......and I fell asleep in it. The next morning, I looked FABULOUS. It didn't even look like I had done anything but tone down my eyeshadow. Wow.Bottom line: learn how to apply it, get matched, and this is one of those things I'll use for quick days where I want nothing more than a sheerer tint with mascara, and also it will be used for those days I want a full coverage face. It IS AMAZING.Bonus? After using it for about two weeks? my skin looks better. I've never used tone correcting, didn't think I needed it. But wow, some of my redness is gone and some of my pigmentation issues (which I'm pale, they dotn' show up much) - they are GONE though. Wow. WoW.I wont' give up my mineral foundation from them, I use original - but this? this is great and is going to be part of my regular rotation. « less" - Sephora user

Ambient Lighting Bronzer by Hourglass

An illuminating bronzer with Photoluminescent Technology, featuring bronze pigments that deliver a natural-looking, sunkissed glow while flaunting depth and dimension.

True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer by Clinique

"I love this bronzer. One compact has lasted a very long time for me. It's very easy to apply. It never goes on too heavy, and it's very easy to blend. I use the shade called, Sunkissed, and it really does provide a "sunkissed" glow to my skin. I sweep it over my cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and then in the crease of my eyes too. It looks natural, and isn't sparkly, or shimmery at all. I like it alone, or mixed with a touch of pink blush on the apples of my cheeks along with it. I like to swirl a bit of this on a retractable blush brush, to carry along in my bag. After I swirl the product on the brush, I close the lid, and toss it in my purse. Then I have a brush ready to go, pre-loaded with beautiful bronzer whenever I need a touch-up during the day. I highly recommend this bronzer. This is a "must have" for me. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - clinique.com user

Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer by Tarte

An ultra-light, mineral-based bronzing powder that delivers an all-over, summer glow year round.

Sun-Kissed Veil by Laura Mercier

"The packaging is beautiful and sleek! It does have a glossy mirror finish so it will definitely be prone to thumbprints and smudges. When you open up the blush, there is a mirror inside!The formula itself is a powder, although it blends on my cheeks like cream. It's very blendable and very buildable! You can use this for a light tint on your cheeks or build up for a night out look. It feels so soft and light on the skin!I recieved the color Rose and it looks amazing on my skintone! I am a Light-Medium shade and a light dusting of this on my cheeks is perfect for everyday wear. It did not fade on me even after a day of wear (seriously!!). This would be GREAT for events since it is so long lasting. It feels transfer proof as well because I touch my face several times during the day and it has never faded because of it. I recieved this to test out but I honestly am so impressed with this blush that I'm going to buy other shades!I received this product #complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own. « less" - lauramercier.com user

Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer by Too Faced

A dual-shaded bronzer with a subtle pink undertone.

Sunswept Bronzer Duo by jouer

"I use the duo with a big fluffy angled Real techniques brush, I love it ! The colors are great for my fair skin tone, the matte gives a slight contour effect and the glowy/shimmery a more bronzed effect, I also use it more heavily in place of blush sometimes. Not patchy and good lasting power with a setting spray. The pigmentation is buildable.The packaging is sturdy and beautiful, good mirror, it gets dirty with fingerprints easily but it's also easy to clean and sanitize.It has a lot of product in it so I don't think I'll ever use it up, might not even hit pan on it. " - beautybay.com user

Illuminating Bronzing Powder by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"Ok so I want to set the confusion straight on how people are commenting on the pink colors as a "blush". Those reviews almost made me not buy this, and I am so glad that I still did! I cannot live without this product! The pink colors are ACTUALLY bronzers made for a very specific fair complexion with Antigua bringing the lightest of them all. Antigua is for people with complexions up to warm ivory in foundation. I lost a lot of my pigment in my skin, making me the fairest of all Italians out there. I have very dark hair and eyes (almost black) and my skin is so fair that I often felt like a ghost. I have been unable to wear a bronzer. I do not tan at all in the sun so every bronzer was just way too dark. The Antigua bronzer works wonders on my fair, dry complexion. I use the face blender brush to apply a lighter application. I wear Warm Ivory in foundation and have pink and yellow under. The bronzer blends into fair complexions great and looks very natural. My extra dry skin cannot handle powder and I have found that this bronzer sets my foundation nicely. It has a matt finish and does not settle in dry patches or cracks. The shimmer is not over done on this product and it does give my skin a nice glow. My cheeks are naturally pink and my face can get red easily (which can be often in the hot desert). I can still wear blush with the bronzer and my face does not ever appear red or pink. My skin just looks healthy, hydrated, and full of life! Thanks Bobbi for thinking about the fair women out there! Pros: dry skin, bronzer for fair complexions, lasts all day, provides natural coloring to skin Cons: will become your favorite product that you cannot go without <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - bobbibrowncosmetics.com user

Matte Bronzer by Milk Makeup

A creamy, matte bronzer stick for the face and body that provides an immediate, hydrating warmth.

Bronzing Powder by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I have fair, cool-toned skin and foundations for my skintone tend to make me look flat, washed out and sick without bronzer. I bought this in the lightest color and it is PERFECT. Not orange at all, not even overly brown. It is matte but not flat-looking. I really dislike bronzers with shimmer because I only like a tiny bit of shimmer on parts of my face I want to highlight, and it's difficult to apply a shimmery bronzer all over while looking even remotely natural. It's a very sheer, buildable, highly pigmented and natural color. I barely tap my brush onto the pan and have enough color to apply as a cheek contour and then blended onto that side of the face; one more tap for the other side, one more for my nose, forehead. Takehome message: this product will last FOREVER. I mean it when I say you barely have to touch the brush to get good, natural looking color. My only complaint is that I dropped it (on carpet! from not very high!) and the notch holding the otherwise awesome packaging shut broke. Now I can't close the compact and will have to tape it shut for travel, which is really too bad at this price point and considering how much longer I will likely have this product before needing to repurchase. It might have been a fluke and just hit the ground at an unfortunate angle - not sure. At least the actual product inside remained intact. Regardless, I've had this for a year now and it looks like I've barely made a dent, so I can't complain. I will absolutely repurchase and I really don't think I will ever buy another bronzer again. This was my first Bobbi Brown product and I will be back!" - sephora user

O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tan by Marc Jacobs Beauty

"After seeing the rave reviews on this bronzer and seeing how it's constantly sold out, that must have meant it was really good. I had to check every morning to see when it went back in stock and I was lucky enough to get it in July. This is such a good value compared to the other ones I've used (Laura Mercier Matte Radiance powder, Hoola and CT Filmstar Bronze/Glow). I find it kind of sheer and the great part about that is I can build the color to the intensity I want rather than adding too much in the beginning. I find it's a touch less pigmented than the CT Filmstar Bronze/Glow. I normally apply it twice on my usual "3" swipe motion and I get enough color to give me a matte sort of glow. I don't use this to contour because I'm not a fan of doing the chiseled look.I didn't like the fragrance at first because it smelled very dated, but I got used to it and it didn't linger on my skin anyway. The powder is soft, blends easily and i don't find there's a lot of kick-up. I'm definitely rebuying this when i finish it. I recently hit pan too! Less" - Sephora user

Airbrush Bronzer by Charlotte Tilbury

"I have very fair, neutral skin and I have never been able to wear bronzer successfully before this product. (I purchased directly from Charlotte Tilbury.) The formula is lovely; it's matte and blurs pores and imperfections and stays put. The fair shade is the perfect, subtle bronzer for my fair skin. I highly recommend the brush that comes with it as well. I have used with softer, denser brushes and the color pay off is not as good. Charlotte's brush picks up and applies the perfect amount of color in one stroke. The packaging is also stunning. For reference, both the highlight and the bronzer shades in Charlotte's original filmstar bronze and glow are too dark for me. It's also lovely to use to blend the crease and add a little warmth to your eyeshadow looks. I highly recommend trying this one out. It's worth the price. Less" - Sephora user

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base by Chanel

"I never thought that I would be the type to spend$50 for a bronzer. But honestly this is the best NATURAL cream bronzer ever! I cannot see myself ever using another. I would not recommend this for contouring but for a natural every day bronzer this is perfect. I love that I can wear it by itself and it'll give me such a natural radiant glow. you'll never know that I have bronzer on but it definitely makes a difference. I have medium/beige/yellow skin tone and this bronzer gives me a sun kissed glow. the bronzer is pretty big and will last a LONG time, even more worth the money. The texture is so light and creamy that you can absolutely blend with your fingers or brush. I have tried the bronzer with my foundation and once again it looks so natural and blends so easily. I like to use a radiant moisturizer and this bronzer and I feel so confident. Though I usually would feel better with my mascara and lipstick. But this bronzer honestly makes me feel so beautiful that I don't feel the need to have a lot of makeup. you can see very little shimmer in the jar but once it's on your skin there is no glitter or shimmer just a natural radiant glow. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7103329398734431635-full" data-show="-7103329398734431635-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Beached Bronzer by Urban Decay

A super-soft powder bronzer in universally wearable, luminous matte shades.

Bronzer by Cover FX

"I am a pale princess. Back in the day, I tried to maintain a tan and loved using heavy bronzers. Now that I am older, I am embracing my natural skin color but I felt like I looked ghostly without my bronzer! Most bronzers are way too dark and leave my face an obviously different shade than the rest of my body. Sunkissed may be one of the lightest shades of bronzer at Sephora. In addition, Cover FX is good for sensitive skin types. The price is reasonable for Sephora prices. It looks SO natural, I don't have to worry about my face turning a few shades darker. I don't have to be overly careful, I can just apply and go! It stays all day, blends well. I am SO happy I tried this, I have no complaints!! I recommend it to all fair ladies" - Sephora user

Bronzer by Alima Pure

"I'm not really into bronzers but after hearing some very positive reviews of this product and seeing how soft and pretty the color looked on the site I decided to give this bronzer a try. First, the color really is incredible - not orange or red or fake looking in any way. Second, the texture is light as air yet quite pigmented and highly blendable. And lastly, the effect on the skin is just lovely. It imparts a soft warm glow that looks and feels like my skin on an incredibly good day. It also makes a beautiful crease color for your eyes when you're in a hurry. This has become a "reach for every day" product for me even when I am not wearing any other makeup. Highly, highly, highly recommend. " - alimapure.com user

Sweethearts Bronzer by Too Faced

Take the guesswork out of creating a sweet, romantic bronzed flush. In each baked, heart-shaped too faced sweethearts bronzer baked luminous glow bronzer there are two individual color swatches that combine for a multi-dimensional, radiant bronze that's always natural.

Bamboo Bronzer by Ciate London

A lightweight matte finish powder bronzer with oil-controlling ingredients for a shine-free, warm, radiant glow.

Sweetie Pie Bronzer by Too Faced

"LITERALLY THE BEST! its like a duo of blush a little bit of a natural glow and the perfect bronzer. I like the smell but dont know what its supposed to smell like but overall really good! if you want more of a matte try too faced chocolate bronzers they are good too. This is matte dont get me wrong but it still has a little bit of a shimmer and glitter here and there, its not like full on matte still matte though which is fine for me. The texture is so smooth and applied and blended out easily. They work really well with synthetic brushes or any brush as a matter of fact. And the glow on top of it is just special effects to when you first open it, After you swatch it its gone but you can still see some glitter. And not a lot of fall out which is good. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS!!!!" - sephora user

Stay All Day Bronzer for Face & Body by stila

"I'm in love with this product! The 02 Medium shade has a beautiful cool undertone with a hint of warmth in there so it is the perfect color for my pale skin (I wear Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 1.0). Bronzer in general is kind of hard to find because it always ends up looking too warm and orange on my skin. This has just the right amount of cool tones to it so I don't look like I rolled around in the mud. I would have thought that Light would be better for me, but this is great. I am blown away by this fantastic powder because it doesn't look or feel like a powder! The powder itself is extremely silky, creamy, easy to blend, and not patchy. I use the Nars ITA brush to give a nice easy contour, but not too heavy. If I want an all over bronze I'll use the Marc Jacobs Bronze brush for a stunning warmth that looks natural. With both of these brushes I only need to lightly skim the powder because a little goes a long way. You get a lot of product in this because it is labeled as a body bronzer too. I don't see myself hitting pan any time soon. And the price is good for such an ample amount of product. I do take the bronzer down my neck and a little on the collar bone with the Marc brush so everything looks cohesive and it works perfectly. Sometimes body bronzers don't blend well on bare skin, but this looks great. The packaging is super slim and very sleek. I can see this in your every day makeup bag, but you don't need to reapply because this stuff lasts until I take it off. The mirror is the size of the compact can do my makeup with it if I need to. I'm not worried about the product or mirror cracking because the compact feels like metal and not flimsy. I'm tired of cardboard packaging so this is refreshing to know that my Holy GRAIL bronzer is safe. Yes, it is that status. I'm a makeup artist at Sephora so I know how many options that are out there so trust me when I say you need to try this because you won't regret it! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Matte Radiance Baked Powder by Laura Mercier

"All the hype around this setting powder drew me to trying this product for myself and I have to tell you, the hype was 100% true. Laura Mercier's Translucent Setting Powder is the best that I have ever tried. My problem is that my T zone is extremely oily and I'd find myself constantly needing to reapply my powder to matte my natural glisten while the dry zones on my face became even drier. With other brand's setting powders I always seemed to have a chalk like finish on my face, no matter how little product I used or how well I buffed it out. I have NEVER had ANY of those problems when it's came to Laura Mercier's Setting Powder. I don't look caked on, chalky, oily, or overly dry. It leaves my face looking smooth and flawless. Also, if you're a fan off baking, this is the perfect powder for it. I've never gotten any flash back in pictures and it sets my makeup to last all day. Though this product is on the pricier side, it is well worth the money. One container will easily last me 2-3 months, even with everyday usage! « less" - lauramercier.com user

Bio Baked Bronzer Powder by w3ll people

The ultra-smooth W3LL PEOPLE Bio Baked Bronzer Powder provides natural color with soft matte radiance. Wake up the complexion with a healthy glow. The modern, multi-dimensional finish imparts a hint of soft luminosity while balancing skin tone

Cream Color Base by MAC

"As I have oily skin and love matte foundations, I was looking for a product to add dimension to my face without being dewy/greasy. I have a few other big brand highlighters, which are wonderful, but contain too much shimmer for daytime wear. I purchased Pearl based on lovely online photos and Youtube videos. When I received the product, I was surprised by how small the product actually is, and was beginning to regret my purchase -- especially after I swatched it and noticed obvious shimmer. However, when I tapped some (okay, maybe a lot) on the top of my cheeks and down my nose bridge, and blended it out with a damp Beauty Blender sponge, it imparted such a beautiful natural glow and sheen without shimmer, that I was completely sold.The best part is that it does not make my skin look dewy or oily -- it adds a bit of dimension to the face to keep matte foundations from looking too flat. I have medium-tan skin that tans very easily (NC40-NC43), and the color looks extremely natural on my skin tone, despite seeming like an icy white/golden color in the pan. I have seen it used on the eyelids and body, but for now I simply relegate it to my cheeks and nose; though I may try other methods during the summer.My advice, though, is that if you are seeking a noticeable, yet subtle glow, build up coverage and blend it out vigorously with a blending sponge. « less" - M·A·C user

The Multiple by NARS

"I really enjoy this product. I have it in Orgasm and Portifino. The Orgasm color is definitely less pigmented then its blush counterpart, but that is perfect for me as I am extremely fair. I use it when I want a hint of natural looking color on my cheeks. Portifino is a color that I just recently purchased, after much debating, and I'm so glad I did. I'm a huge fan of corals, as the look fantastic on paler skin tones. The product is a bit pricey, but I think that it is worth it. I've had orgasm for about 9 months now and it is nowhere near to being used up. The product lasts a very long time and does not dry up. The texture is still very creamy. I find that the product stays on quite well all day, but usually isn't a problem for me. I also wear it on the eyes sometimes, and as long as I use a primer it doesn't crease or fade. I've tried it on the lips but it is a tad dry and just generally not comfortable, but again I don't mind because I purchased it to use it on my cheeks. On the cheeks it glides on effortlessly and blends smoothly. It does not irritate my sensitive skin or cause breakouts. Totally worth the price. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3824576165154640349-full" data-show="3824576165154640349-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer by bareMinerals

"Disclaimer: If the swatch above shows multi-colors for the Deep Dark, IGNORE this. THAT is the swatch for the BM Total Invisible Highlighter in Deep Dark, it is actually a solid color. You can view it in store or on the BM website if it hasn't been fixed. Now, I have to say I really do like this subtle illuminating bronzer more than my matte bronzers. It's perfect for summer as it's not heavy and can be applied over tinted moisturizer or bare skin without looking heavy. As for the shade name Deep Dark, eh, not so crazy about. This has more to do with the makeup industry phrasing as a WHOLE which could use some work and this brand is really no different. "Deep" and "Dark" have very different meanings to women or men of color than those in the makeup world. Deep Dark is usually referred to those with deeper, darker, BROWN skintones, for example Mac Nw58 is the deepest shade in their Studio fix powder line. That shade is what most women of color, as myself, would refer to as Deep or Dark. However, I am more between nc45-nc50 and on the yellow side so this works pretty good. It's a brownish-bronze without too much red, and it just adds this really pretty natural luminosity. I swatched it in store, and just really liked it. It is very subtle and unless you're fair you couldn't use it as a contour IF you contour with a bronzer. it is a tad darker than my skin, it adds this bronzey illuminating sheen with zero glitter. It is definitely noticeable with versus without on me but looks very natural. If you are fair skinned you'll get more of a dramatic/intense look and it's sheer enough to pull off. I do think it's buildable without looking heavy or cakey or adding too much texture. The texture is super fine, not at all powdery, so it doesn't "dust up" when I run my brush across it. Overall, my favorite bronzer thus far, and the mirror is a really nice size, travel friendly. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2392256985297133932-full" data-show="-2392256985297133932-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Macy's user

Bio Bronzer Powder by w3ll people

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Bronzer Powder creates a natural, healthy tan.

Bronze-N-Brighten by Laura Geller

"This is my first Laura Geller blush and I absolutely love it! I am very fair and this goes perfectly with my skin. It's great for during the day and evening. It blends well and a little goes a long way. This blush is very pigmented which was a plus for me. A week after I purchased I also bought the Nars org... and noticed it was the exact same when I applied it. I was shocked! I put the org... on one cheek and the tropic hues on the other and it was the exact same color/sheen. The only difference was that the Nars org... is very sheer and I had to build it up but the 2 blushes were the exact same. Even when I took it off with my makeup wipe it was the exact same colo/sheen/sparkle. So now you know this is a dupe for the Nars org... and it's even better because its a lot more vibrant and pigmented and lasts longer. « less" - ulta.com user

Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer by Fenty Beauty

"As a brown girl on the hunt for warmth and dimension in my face, there have been very few bronzers for me on the market, and even fewer that were successful. Thank the heavens for Fenty Beauty. When the cream bronzers launched, I HAD to try them because on hot days I can never get my powder bronzer to stay put (I don't wear foundation). I normally wear the Fenty powder bronzer in Caramel Cutie, but after seeing reviews that Hunnie Glaze can read a bit too light and too red on my skin tone, I opted for the shade Teddy. It's perfect. It adds the right amount of depth and warmth my complexion needs. This product is sheer, but it's buildable and blendable, with either your fingers, a stippling brush or a beauty sponge. It leaves a beautiful skin-like finish without feeling heavy or greasy. I tested this out for the first time by wearing bronzer, under eye concealer and mascara, and going outside while wearing a facemask (required due to the situation). After coming home and unmasking, the bronzer was still in place, with very minimal transfer (most of it was the under eye concealer). I love this product, and I'm so glad Fenty is crushing it and giving so many amazing options to people of all races and complexions." - sephora user

Terracotta Bronzing Powder by Guerlain

A bestselling bronzer for a natural-looking, sunkissed look.

Star Bronzer Long Lasting Bronzing Powder by Lancôme

"This bronzing powder is probably the best one I've ever used! It goes on easy, with a silky texture, but does not leave my face looking shiny or oily, even hours later. The color is natural, and not too dark (I'm fair skinned), and has a slight shimmer to it. I apply it where the sun would hit my face for some extra color. Love it! " - Macy's user

For Men Face Bronzer by Clinique

"I first discovered this stuff in New York City while working long days. And how the bleak winter days have a way of casting it's pall over everything. No sun + sterile fluorescent lights = green skin. At least it does on me. After several years of tanning beds, I had begun to wonder if these cancer-casting-coffins might be so good for me after all. I asked a male co-worker how he stayed so perpetually tanned, especially in the winter months, and he told me his little secret. -By placing a small dab of this bronzing gel, at a couple of "highlight spots" on your face, you can look as if you just returned from the sun-drenched Caribbean. It's truly natural looking, when done right. Just don't smear it all over your face, but to rather "frame" your face with it, while blending it in at your hairline, down into your face. Try it, and experiment with it. It's made for men, and it works excellent. It's healthier than any type of tanning out there. It's not an all over body tanner, but just a facial bronzer, and should be used as such. Clean up, with the right type of soap (I recommend only Ivory soap, as it melts the color from your fingers!) is a breeze. I also keep a small fingernail scrubber brush near to my Ivory soap bar, so I don't have to touch the bar with my fingers, thus keeping the bar of soap clean, not stained. And I don't tell ANYONE I use this stuff! Make-up for men is a highly taboo subject, and regarded as "only for women". Whether you're hetero (like me) or not, your personal grooming habits should be kept to yourself. Guys lets just keep this to ourselves, and not tell anyone. They just wouldn't understand. Trust me on this one bud. I'd rather look healthy, confident, gregarious and successful, -than sickly, meak, and suspect, anyday of the week. Try it. I'm sure you'll agree. It looks 100% natural, when not applied too heavy. Hope this was helpful to you. Bronze forth brother!!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - PriceGrabber.com user

The Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer by Kosas

"This is going to be an in-depth review so get your iced coffee and maybe your wallet. To preface, I am a light mixed gorl with yellow undertones and red cheeks. Now, I own Chanel/Hourglass/ABH/Essence bronzers and none blow me away quite like this Kosas one because the others are noticeably powdery whereas Kosas looks like fresh bronzed skin. The most similar bronzer to this is Chanel Les Beiges in Sunset but it is FAR less pigmented and bronze than the Kosas. The packaging is nearly identical with Emcosmetics, its just frosted with no mirror, and I like that you click it closed than it being magnetized (for travel - remember that?) but I know for the queens with acrylics it might be annoying. There is a smell to this, it smells like baking dough, it’s not gross or horrid, and once it’s on your cheek you can’t tell. I’d rather it smell like the product than a fragrance tbh. Now to the pigment, gurl. You best be careful when picking this up on your brush otherwise you’re gonna get cancelled. I swirled it on my brush thinking it was hard pressed and when I looked at my brush - shock, it’s capital Pigmented. It has excessive fallout because of the formula so if that’s not your gig I’d pass. It is such a buttery powder you could use your fingers to blend this which is so unique to me. Once blended on the skin it is beautiful. It is a warm bronzer but it’s deep enough to be a contour-bronzer duo for light to medium tones. This is for that no makeup makeup look and will be in my favorites drawer for all of summer hands down! It goes over bare skin or foundation with ease, doesn’t go on patchy, blends to seamless perfection, she really is that gurl. I know the deep and light shade is probably INCREDIBLE but this is that perfect honey bronzer. It’s that been sitting in the sun without the harsh rays, walking on the beach and snatching everyone’s eyes with the bronze beauty. Thank you Kosas for delivering, now if you can make these into blushes it would be game ova." - sephora user

9 Ways To Shine Cheek Wardrobe by Tarte

Stacks on stacks! Tarte's 9 Ways To Shine Cheek Wardrobe is a triple threat set includes 9 total cheek shades in 3 stacks that feature bronzer, blush & highlighter shades set to stun.

Sea Breezy Cream Bronzer by Tarte

"This is a home run for Tarte. I love cream products and I waffled between this and the Fenty cream bronzer but decided on this because it's insulting how little product you get in the Fenty for the price. I'm SO glad I did! This is creamy and blendable but sets down to a beautiful satin finish, not sticky or drying at all. I haven't noticed that this clings to any dry patches or disturb foundation and it also sat down nicely when I patted it over powder a couple times. The color isn't too warm for fair skin but also doesn't pull gray. Probably still a better bronzer than contour but it can work for both. It has great pigmentation but not an overwhelming amount and i've noticed that it builds well if that's what I'm going for. It's also one of the longest lasting cream products I own and I think it will be great for the summer heat. I'm extremely impressed with this!" - sephora user

O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan by Marc Jacobs Beauty

A universally flattering, seamless matte bronzer in a glossy white compact.

Laguna Liquid Bronzer by NARS

A breakthrough fluid formula of the iconic Laguna bronzer.

READY Bronzer by bareMinerals

"Love, love, love this product! Have been a Bare Minerals user for 10+ years, and this compact is the best improvement to the product line I've seen! Sooooooo much easier than the loose powder bronzed, but the SAME great formula and color! To bad they didn't use this same type of formula/consistency/TEXTURE in the new "Ready" foundation (in same type of compact)...UNLIKE this bronzer, the "Ready FOUNDATION" highlights pores and looks cakey!! So I use "Ready" Bronzer ALL summer and fall as a tanner, and in the winter for contouring (under cheekbones & under chin). I also use the lighter shades in the winter as my foundation! They blend great and last through out the day. It doesn't take much for coverage, so it last a long time! I'm 50 yrs young, but this product is good for ANY age! Less" - ulta.com user

Superbalanced Powder Bronzer by Clinique

"I've used pressed powder for years, but didn't like how cakey it would look by the end of the day. I love wearing makeup, but I don't like looking like I'm wearing a lot of it...pressed powder did that to me.So..I decided to try this loose powder to see if it would work any better. First of all...it matched my skin PERFECTLY. I'm fair and buy the Alabaster shade in foundation. I tried the "transparency 2" shade of the powder and it was the perfect shade for me...not too light and not too dark, just matched my skin perfectly....very happy! (I've struggled in the past with trying to find a powder that matched up so well.)It gives a very polished, smooth look and sets my foundation wonderfully. It lasts all day long with streaking or coming off...and I have fairy oily skin. Very, very happy with this powder and will be making it a staple in my makeup routine.The only thing that I'm not thrilled about is how the powder comes out...it takes a bit to get enough out and onto the brush, but that's not too big of a deal, I can live with it! Also, I don't use the brush that Clinique gives with it, I use a bigger brush, but the brush that comes with it will work GREAT when I travel! Less" - clinique.com user

Bronzer Powder by Sephora Collection

"I've gotten this bronzer in Los Cabos (shade 3) and Aruba (1), and found both to be great quality for the price.I originally purchased the Los Cabos color last July, and the product lasted ages- I still have a little left, more than a year later! It's a pleasant subtle bronzer, the mid-tone brown color is natural looking and buildable. Because this shade is somewhat subdued for a bronzer, it's most suitable for light to medium skintones and more natural looks. The matte finish also makes it a good contour color for pale skin. I've found it's a perfect amount of pigmented- bold enough that you don't have to be heavy handed to get the full effect, but light enough that you don't get too much on the brush and need to spend ages blending it out. I love this bronzer so much that even after I accidentally shattered the pressed powder, I still kept coming back to it and using it as a loose powder.At the end of this summer I was finally low enough on my Los Cabos that I ended up in the market for a new bronzer. I tried a drug store brand which was terrible, and looked at high end bronzers which are SO pricey before coming back to the Sephora Collection ones. I got the Aruba color as part of the "Sunkissed Glow Essentials" kit, which is discounted AND also comes with a spray tanner. That whole kit was cheaper than my awful drugstore bronzer! That deal is still available at the time of this review, and I highly recommend it.I was worried Aruba would be too bold for my light skin tone. It looks intimidatingly dark and very glittery in the pan, but I found to my surprise I was just as happy (if not happier!) with this shade. On the skin, I'd characterize the amount of shimmer as being similar to what's in the NARS Orgasm blush - you'll notice it if you're looking for it, but it's not overly sparkly and it's still very wearable. Applied right, it gives a lovely glow to the skin without looking over the top. It is a bolder color than Los Cabos, but still has that great pigment level and consistency. I do a gentle dusting down the sides of my face, going over the contours of my cheeks and temples a few times to build it up to get that sculpted look. I'd definitely recommend it, especially for evening. Unlike Los Cabos, I would not recommend this color for full-face contouring. The shimmer is subtle, but it's not invisible; it'd look funny on the sides of the nose. I'd also be careful with it if you plan to be in direct, bright sunlight a lot, because that shimmer will catch the light- but it's perfect for fall/winter when you want that extra glow.All in all I'm floored by both the quality and affordability of these products. Next time I run out of bronzer I'm not going to bother shopping around, I'll just repurchase one of these. It's so nice to be bronzed on a budget! « less" - Sephora user

Terracotta The Bronzing Powder by Guerlain

"To sum up my experience with this foundation; It's good. I recommend it. If you want to know more, however, read on.I am not a fan of powder foundation. It tends to cake in my fine lines, and during the day it will get patchy and eventually leave me with a bare and shiny t-zone. And that is in spite of my skin being dry. To compensate for that however, the rest of my face tend to look like I've dusted a generous amount of flour all over the rest of it, so I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical when upon the launch of Lingerie de Peau powder foundation.As this is Guerlain, the first brand to bring out a cream foundation that I absolutely love (Tenue de Perfection), I had to try it.The sleek black compact provides a generously sized mirror and a soft sponge (though I wish they'd make the sponges available separately as well).I applied the powder on top of my L'or primer from the same brand, using a fluffy brush, and the first thing I noticed was the way it blurred my pores, and left me with a soft, velvety lit-from-within finish. Apparently this has the same soft-focus effect that I know and love in the Meteorites powder. As I was going away I was rather excited as this meant I'd be leaving my Meteorites Pearls behind - as well as my precious bottle of Tenue de Perfection.This is not a full-coverage foundation, though, so concealer for the under eye area is a must, and due to the textures should be applied before the powder. That said, I've found Lingerie de Peau to last all day on me, even through heavy rain, and after a day at work I don't feel I have to touch-up unless I'm attending a special occasion, as whatever shine I'd usually get in my t-zone is limited to a soft, natural, healthy glow.My skin feels great throughout the day, no caking, no itching and no dryness. It really does the same thing for skin that underwear does for the body, providing a perfecting base layer, invisible to everyone else.An added bonus to all this is having the option to buy a refill when it's empty, which is a more environmental-friendly alternative to repurchasing the whole compact, as well as being kinder on your wallet. And you'll want to repurchase this box of gorgeousness, because it feels like my own skin, only better. « less" - Escentual user