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The 50 Best Luxury BB Creams Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore luxury bb creams are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX SPF 42 by Missha

"I can't say enough good things about this BB Cream. For your reference I am 28 years old and have acne prone skin, not too oily but rather mixed, although I should add that whatever skin problems I have may also be related to bad food habits such as not drinking as much water as I should and having a messed-up sleeping pattern. Be that as it may, I tried 3 different brands of BB cream before and they all broke me out more or less, but this Missha M Perfect Cover not only doesn't do that, I find it even dries out any pimples I may have, and that is quite extraordinary for me - I'm very glad I found this and I can't do without it anymore, nor would I ever consider going back to foundation or even my old anti-wrinkle day cream. About the coverage it provides, I would say it is medium to heavy but it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. One thing I like is that it doesn't feel oily, although it doesn't dry my skin either, but the finish is a bit matte and that's great in my case because it means I can skip the powdering sometimes. I use the lightest shade Milky Beige #13 and I have to say that's really -really- ghostly light...! So even if you have fair skin number 13 may just be too light. I also don't feel the color oxidizes too much throughout the day, but I don't know if it will oxidize more in skin oilier than my own. As would be expected you absolutely must wash your face before going to bed in order to remove the product from your face, or it may break out your skin - so remember don't go to sleep with BB cream on, or makeup, or any day-time skin product for that matter, your skin needs to breathe and regenerate itself at night. One thing I do recommend it that you exfoliate your skin once a week at least, because this BB cream is on the thicker side and will not blend as easily on very uneven skin texture. Finally, the only downside I can think of is the packaging; while having a pump may be more hygienic because you don't contaminate the product by dipping your fingers on it, this pump sometimes shoots the cream everywhere, so be careful not to let it land on your clothes. Also, I find there is still a lot of cream left in the tube even if it seems it ran out, so when it is running out I usually cut the tube with a pair of scissors and use a spatula to transfer the remaining cream into a small sterilized jar... so not very practical but it's worth it because this product is very good to me and like I said there is still a lot left in the tube even if it seems it ran out. Please keep in mind that although this product works wonders for me it might not lend the same results on other people - this is merely my experience with it. « less" - ebay.com user

Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 by Tarte

An oil-free, multitasking tinted moisturizer that hydrates, brightens, treats, and protects skin.

Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream by Klairs

"I was a little skeptical on this because the last reviews were posted so long ago but this product is amazing! In one use it lightened dark areas around my mouth, lightened previous acne scarring on cheeks and exfoliated annoying skin texture around my cheekbones, forehead and eyes. My skin did become bumpy after the first use, but after the second use it smoothed out my skin.My argan oil and daily moisturizer soak into the skin much better now and my skin has a smooth even texture and tone. I don’t need as much color corrector or concealer anymore.I do recommend that you spend a long time scrubbing on the first couple uses to get everything out. You will see some pilling from the skin that will reduce over time. This formula was a little harsh on my skin at first, so I used it 3 days straight then every other day to maintain the dewy look it has given me. Also, rinse off any excess and pat dry before toning since the lemon is a little sticky. Less" - Sephora user

Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream by Jane Iredale

"I had been an ardent fan of DreamTint, which I had been using as a one-in-all product each morning. Unfortunately, my dermatologist implored me to use something with a higher spf, so I had to go searching again. I hate layering moisturizer, spf, and makeup, as I prefer something that feels/looks natural on my skin and like to keep things simple and easy. After trying a number of other products, I ordered GlowTime. Initially, I had stayed away from it, because as someone with oily skin any product with the word "glow" makes me run, but so many other non-Jane Iredale products disappointed me that I decided to try it. The first time I tried it, I did not read the instructions online and applied it liberally as I would have DreamTint--and I found it to be cakey. I almost abandoned it, but then stumbled upon something online that explains only to use a pea size for the entire face. Applying it this way produces a finish to die for -- no one can tell I'm wearing anything, yet it covers blemishes and evens out my skin tone like nothing else with a beautiful semi-matte finish. I was also worried that it would not provide enough moisture balance for my skin, leading to flaky or still oiler skin, but this has not been the case at all -- my skin is well moisturized with it, and I don't get too oily either. Most importantly, it does not break out my extremely blemish-prone skin. BB7 is a perfect color match for me (I wear PurePressed powder in Golden Glow and DreamTint in Medium). It definitely provides more sun protection than DreamTint, but my only wish is that it came with a still higher SPF. I do hope Jane Iredale will make such a product one day soon. In the meantime, for rare days when I plan to have more than average sun exposure, I'll have to wear an extra sunscreen. Thank you, Jane Iredale, for yet another wonderful product! You are far and away my favorite make-up line. Less" - janeiredale.com user

M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ by Missha

"I am extremely pale. I live in South Alabama and I have yet to find a foundation here that can match my skin. Kollection K is my stop for finding very fair skin makeup. #13 works great and gives amazing coverage. I have very oily skin and its pretty sensitive but I did not have any issues with this BB Cream. I did use it with a primer and powder to make sure it stayed all day. I had no fine lines or 'melting' mid day, just a little shine at my nose with is totally normal for my skin. I highly recommend this and if your very fair skinned give #13 a try! " - KollectionK user

Trick And Treat CC Cream by hey honey

Online Only Trick and Treat CC² Active Propolis Color Correcting Cream from Hey Honey, correcting that's simply ''square'' better! Your shortcut step for coverage and a complete active, anti-aging skincare.

BB Cream - Actively Correcting and Beautifying with SPF 50 PA+++ by Kiehls

A dual-action formula that perfects and corrects skin while providing SPF 50 sun protection.

Md Creme Mineral Beauty Balm by mdsolarsciences

A BB cream skin-perfector that helps to even out skin tone and reduce discolorations while providing mineral SPF 50 sunscreen protection.

Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 by Smashbox

A multitasking, tinted BB cream that merges makeup and skincare in one step.

Beauty Balm Instant Solutions by Trish McEvoy

"This beauty balm is the my daily staple. I use it as my foundation and if I need more coverage for a night out, I just put another layer on or use powder, but none of that is needed. It smooths out any uneven color and it sits there all day as if nothing is even on... it doesn't get oily, doesn't visibly sit in the pores and doesn't get stuck in dry skin areas, it truly covers your face to perfection as if it's your natural skin, yet perfect. I keep trying to fall in love with a backup foundation because the cost is high, but none of them do such miracles. I have shared with 5 other woman and they all ended up buying and sticking with it, all different ages (aunt, sister, friends, etc). With my fair irish skin, the lightest color works great and takes the red out. On a day I don't care, I mix 1 squirt of beauty balm with one squirt of another foundation just to make it last longer, it's that good. « less" - Nordstrom user

DayWear Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit BB Creme SPF 35 by Estée Lauder

An all-in-one BB cream that instantly hydrates and helps to protect and perfect the look of skin in one easy step.

Bienfait Teinté Beauty Balm Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 by Lancôme

"It blends into my skin perfectly! My skin tone has a hard time finding its match in terms of foundation; and whenever I do try one of the colour IQ suggestions, the product always oxidizes on me. I look darker and orange-y. Oompa Loompa for reals. My face loses its dimension and after adding contour or bronzer, I look oddly gaunt. A sickly brown-orange Oompa Loompa look is not the day to evening look I am going for.The Lancome BB cream in 3 Naturel with its SPF 30 blends well into my skin and rinses off well with a daily cleanser. My skin didn't react negatively - I didn't experience the usual upper lip oiliness, new whiteheads or excessive blackheads I get after using new face makeup. I didn't need a primer though I did use a toner and moisturizer beforehand. It doesn't oxidize on me nor does it leave my t-zone oily. It's not heavy - the cream kind of melted into my skin, filling in pores, creating a natural yet flawless canvas. No creasing either. I wasn't sure if it'd be worth $60 (o_O) but it's a HG item for me now, especially with the makeup look I'm trying to achieve. Actually, I do think there is a decent amount of product in the tube despite the $$$ I threw at it.The coverage is build-able. I layered it for grad photos (flash photography anyone?!) and was perfect for the MSBB (my skin but better) look I wanted. I used a brush for the photos and layered it with a heavier hand and it still looked natural. My face didn't lose its contours despite the thicker layers. I didn't need a brush or sponge. Fingers were perfect. Use a fluffy brush instead to dust a favourite face powder on top to set the BB cream -foundation and finishing powders worked well for me.However...for people who want to feel their makeup, who want heavy medium to full coverage foundational makeup, I would not recommend this. I'm not sure if I would recommend this to people with acne-prone or oily skin either...though the cream doesn't aggravate my combo-skin in any way, my skin is not your skin, you know? The product does have a 'wet' quality to it. I'm also not sure if I would recommend this to people who prefer brushes. A lot of product seems to get sucked into unknown depths of the brush head. Instead, a pink beauty blender or a similar damp sponge may work well with the cream's textural properties. For now though, I'll stick with my fingers.5/5 stars (solely based on MY skin type, colour, and makeup preferences; I didn't consider the product's ingredients or anything chemically based since I know next to nothing about that aspect of makeup).I think this review is my first on the site! :) Hope this helps some; I know its hard finding good skin makeup. <3 « less" - Sephora user

BB Creme Tinted Cream With Ginseng SPF 20 by erborian

A five-in-one BB cream that provides lightweight buildable coverage and helps to moisturize for a plumping effect, illuminated skin with SPF 20 protection.

CC Cream Complete Correction by Chanel

"Leave it to Chanel to come up with the CC cream that makes its competitors (both BB and CC) look like war paint. This CC cream blends seamlessly to create a natural looking, evened out, radiant skin without any flaking or creases or "strange effects" in different lights. I am of mixed Caucasian-Asian heritage, and usually,it is hard to find a foundation to match my skin tone. Chanel does it effortlessly, every time. And, more importantly, it never goes overboard. Even with a bold, ambitious all-in-one product like the CC cream, the trademark restraint and good taste is ubiquitous.It is a bit on the expensive side, but the quality of the makeup and fact that I can do away with both the suncreem and the concealer, make it worthwhile, I think. It works on clean, dry skin and flakes on wet skin or when mixed with water-based products or powder.All in all, I LOVE IT! « less" - Nordstrom user

Daily Correct CC Cream by supergoop

"Since they changed the formula of my longtime favorite Boscia BB (they added sparkles, boo!) I've been on a hunt to find something to replace it for everyday wear. This stuff has been on my radar for a long time - but I've always passed over it, because it wasn't from a "makeup" brand. Like another reviewer said, after trying it, I have no idea how it isn't literally FLYING off of the shelves! I've got dry, blemish-prone skin, and the occasional spot of eczema on the face. I work long 14-hour days, and it has been a huge struggle finding a base that doesn't exaggerate my dry spots, stays on, and doesn't leave me looking like a total grease ball 3 hours in. This stuff is totally phenomenal - my new HG! It isn't necessarily moisturizing, (but duh, that's what moisturizer is for) but it definitely isn't drying. The finish is perfect - very natural, neither matte nor shiny. It stays in place like it's flippin' superglue, and works awesome with both powder and cream blushes/concealers, etc. on top of it. It looks SO ridiculously natural - I'm obsessed. For a night out, I layered this under the YSL touche eclat foundation, which i find gives an awesome finish but doesn't even out my skintone as much as i'd like - and it was the missing link in my look! With this stuff, making sure I'm wearing SPF is a joy and not a hassle. Love it to death. The coverage isn't so great that it will cover my *bright* pink/red hyperpigmentation spots from acne (nothing a little touch of concealer can't fix), but it completely evens out any other discoloration issues my skin throws at it. (dark spots, redness, broken capillaries, under eye circles, etc.) Some reviewers have found issues with the color selection, which yes, is very limited, but for me the light/medium option is a perfect match. For reference, I'm a pretty standard light/medium tone (1Y06) with neutral undertones. I have a lot of issues with BB/CC creams looking incredibly pinkish on me, but this has a neutral undertone that i'm sure will work for a pretty wide variety of skin tones. I'm SO glad i found this stuff If you're on the fence about it, for pete's sake pick up a sample, it's awesome!" - sephora user

Rosilliance Organic BB+ Cream SPF 30 by coola

A lightweight mineral BB cream that leaves skin looking flawless and even-toned, while providing broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun protection and long-term anti-aging benefits.

Moist & Firm BB Cream by IPKN

Ipkn moist & firm bb cream is a moisturizing bb treatment that provides natural coverage and a flawless finish. Your one-stop beauty product-no need for additional moisturizers, foundations or powders.

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm by MAC

"On my usual quest for a foundation that will match my fair skintone and be moisturizing and not exagerate fine lines or pores, I got a sample of this product when the new Mineralize foundation proved not to have a shade for me. I got the sample in the extra light. I must say, it functioned like a moisturizing foundatin with light to medium coverage, a nice glow, and no exagerration of unwanted skin characteriistics! The shade was a drop too light for the upcoming summer season, I will try to get a sample of the light when I am next at a counter. But other than a sunscreen odor that did dissipate, it was a very exeptional product. I was surprised that all the attention was being given to the new foundation, when this product was just as good, maybe better, especially for those of us with very light skintones. The Mineralize foundation for dry skin has limited shades in the very light skintones, but this product was made for them! May be a great alternative to foundation for those who find a great color match, as has excellent sun protection for those who need it the most!! I will definitely follow up on finding a shade that is right for me, even if it means blending two together during season changes. Application is quick with my fingers, some concealer, blush and out the door! I haven't tried it with full evening eye makeup and all, but I can't see why it wouldn't work as well. Don't need all the sunscreen at night, but if it doesn't irritate your skin, and you take it off before bed (I''m guilty of sleeping in make up too ofter), I can't see that it would be a problem. Will follow up this review when I know more, but give it a try, it should be getting a lot more attention!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - M·A·C user

Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm by Dr Jart+

"I have like very sensative combination dry skin, so that every oil-free foundations I've tried would dry out my face leaving cracks around nose and mouth, but creamy products would easily break me out :( I've tried about 20 brands of BB cream, both western ones and asian ones, but this dr.jart black label bb cream is the only one I've tried that could keep me moisturized without breaking me out. And actually when I first started using it, I could really see that it heals my acne scars and blemishes. I've acidentally fell asleep with it on for about 2 hrs in the noon, and when I woke up, my skin looked brightened and smoothier...which was so rare for me because I once slept with just uv protection on and it broke me out just after 1 hr. But still, I do take it off with a nice and gentle remover at night, and my skin breaks out much less now than before I started using this bb cream on a regular basis.For the staying power, normally when I don't sweat a lot, it would wear off like half by the end of the day. My skin would still look evened but less covered. The best part for me is it doesn't leave patches like many other. When it's summer and I get oily nose, it would slide off within an hour so I have to set it with powder. (Though now that I discovered the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, I set it anyways to lock in the moisture.)Color wise it does look a little ashy upon apply, but after several minutes it sets and just slightly brightens up my face. I imagine that it probably wouldn't work for dark skin or very light skin tone, but for most asian and light nuetral to cool skin tone it would look great.Coverage wise, because I have occasional break outs and light acne scars, I would say this is medium coverage. It evens my skin tone naturally but not "flawlessly". It's about the same coverage as the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. But this bb cream is so creamy, I haven't found any foundation that looks more fine and natural when blended. Also, I use my fingers to apply and blend it.The only bb cream I've found better when applied was the etude house precious mineral bright fit, which I absolutely loved but had to stop using because it broke me out so badly ;( Less" - Sephora user

Sports BB Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ WetForce by Shiseido

An innovative, natural-looking, long-lasting, and transfer-resistant BB tinted sunscreen with Shiseido's ultimate sun protection formula and WetForce technology for powerful protection.

CC Cream by erborian

A high-tech, low-maintenance CC Cream with white pigments that transform to match your skin tone when blended for a radiant complexion.

Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm by Dr Jart+

"This is has to be my favorite beauty product right now. I have pale (ivory, not pink/porcelain) skin and it is nearly impossible to find a light non-pink tinted foundation match for me, even with Sephora's color IQ system. This one wasn't on my list but a Sephora employee recommend it to me and I tried it it. It blended so well and is a perfect match for me. I also tend to have a mix of dry skin around my cheeks, and oiliness in my T-Zone, this BB cream works beautifully to hydrate the dry spote yet controll the oil and give my skin a soft matte look. I always finish with powder, and usually have to touch up only once or twice a day (but that's so much better than usually having to touch up every hour with other, actual foundations) Another thing is the coverage. This is way better than a lot of medium to full coverage foundations I've used. I apply with a brush and pat the excess off with a damp beauty blender and it gives my skin such an amazing natural glow. Doesn't look like I'm wearing anything. I also can't feel it on, it's so lightweight and it doesn't smear or come off easily on hands. (Especially when set by powder like Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder) I also usually struggle with break outs. Ever since I've started using this my skin seems to be less red, my scars are less noticeable and I don't get acne like I used to. (Except maybe the occasional little bump from monthly hormones) I am so happy with this product, I cannot praise it enough. I will continue to refill every time I run out. It's a staple in my make up bag, and a part of my daily beauty routine. Thank you, Dr. Jart ❤ <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Acne Solutions BB Cream by Clinique

A multitasking SPF cream for oily and acne-prone skins that feels weightless, conceals imperfections, and does not cause breakouts.

Sensitive 1000 Roses CC Color + Correct SPF 30 by andalou naturals

"My main skin care is Andalou, and I have used almost every product, except the Roses sensitive skin collection. My daily face regiman is mostly brightening, with the age defying filler. HOWEVER, after using the CC tan spf30 daily moisturizing lotion I am hooked! In less than a week I noticed a smoother skin texture; dewy and hydrated, but matified appearance, and decreased the redness I usually have on my cheeks. It is very lightweight, absorbs quickly (1min), and has a light rosewater smell. It has only been 2 weeks, and usually results happen within 1-2 months, but I have seen results quickly! I love the end result of a moisterizer that has anti-aging, inflammatory and hydrating benefits, and creates a hydrated, dewy, non-oily skin tone appearance that lasts all day. This is definitely my NEW daily face lotion! Thank you Andalou for another break through product! I will try the rest of the line now! Less" - luckyvitamin.com user

Premium Beauty Balm by Dr Jart+

A cult-favorite all-in-one beauty balm perfects the complexion with a powerful anti-aging complex while shielding skin from UV damage.

Holi Pop BB Cream by holika holika

"Brought it on holidays with me to Japan. There was a heatwave there and I needed a BB creme that would give me the sun protection I needed while giving good coverage. I checked what Beauty Bays top selling BB cream was and found this, I just the staff at Beauty Bay's opinion so I decided to give it a go. I just wore this, some translucent powder, and bit of blush for the entire 2 weeks and I got exactly what I wanted! My skin looked flawless, but lightweight so my skin could still breath in the heat. Can't rave enough about it, it stayed on even through all the sweat! and at 40 degrees, boy did I sweat a lot, the lightweight feel meant I didn't get any clogged pores either. Biggest bonus I didn't get any sunburn at all! (I usually do) It was easy to blend a small amount in for my full face so after 2 weeks I still have loads left which is another bonus." - beautybay user

Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum by Smashbox

A skin-perfecting CC cream that delivers color correction and sun protection in one.

Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Color Corrector Broad Spectrum by Clinique

A simple step for glowing skin that moisturizes, perfects, and protects with SPF.

Aquasource BB Cream by Biotherm

"Uso questa bb cream da più di un anno, e mi trovo incredibilmente bene. Ho sempre utilizzato il fondotinta, ma la scorsa estate ero alla ricerca di qualcosa di più rapido da utilizzare la mattina e che non mi pesasse sul viso. Questa, nella tonalità più chiara, garantisce un buon effetto anche sulla mia pelle non più giovane (anche se non ho molte rughe e, anzi, ho la pelle mista). Per un finish matte ci devo però mettere sopra la cipria, perché l'effetto che lascia è parecchio lucido e non mi fa impazzire. " - sephora.it user

Diorskin Nude BB Creme SPF 10 by Dior

"I mix a black-bean sized amount of ‘002’ with primer, sunscreen and moisturizer in the morning and it is just enough to really even out a lot of the unevenness and hyperpigmentation I have while providing a glow; if I use too much of this, it becomes too cool/pink (information provided in the packaging does note a ‘rosy/peachy’ finish for the complexion) but does not deter me from using this for my hard-to-match, light yellow olive skintone. It will work well for those who have beige/cool undertones.I have oily/acne prone skin and this does not help me with oil control as I always have to blot constantly throughout the day no matter if I am wearing makeup or not but it really seems to sink into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. I noticed with the BM matte foundation powder, that I could see the small pores I do have on my nose before the end of the day and do not have the same issue with this bb cream, it really helps keeps an even finish to my face all day long.For extra areas needing more coverage, I dab a little bit of this on directly around my eyes, nose and any acne and finish with powder. I do not like using a lot of makeup or like the feeling of piled on foundation/cake face and for some reason feel this does a better job at concealing and providing an overall even skintone than heavy makeup/concealer.The BM matte powder has since become a great alternative as a heavier concealer when needed and applied with a small brush.It is expensive but since I am using a small amount it will last a long time and makes it worth it; this is my first liquid makeup of any kind and am glad to have found it and don’t think I will look for another one. I will repurchase. « less" - Sephora user

BB Cream Golden Glow by marcelle

"25 year old ethnically-ambiguous white woman with dry, acne-prone skin and some redness. My skin tone shifts between light-medium and medium. I tan easily and almost never burn.I've been using BB creams for three years now from different brands including Missha, Dr. Jart, and Smashbox. I've also been using tinted moisturizers since high school, most recently Josie Maran. My skin gets tan and then fades throughout the year so I end up having to mix different products to make the right shade or mix BB cream with moisturizer to get lighter coverage. Most recently, I was mixing Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with Josie Maran Protect + Perfect Argan Daily [Tinted] Moisturizer to get this moisturizing, covering concoction. I also mixed the Smashbox BB cream with moisturizer to keep in my gym bag and that had good coverage, but after trying the Marcelle BB cream I'm ready to dump everything else.This is hands-down the best quality, coverage, blend, and feel of any BB creams I've used. Most non-Korean BB creams are too much like foundation: heavy and thick with a lot of coverage so you have to match it perfectly to your skin tone. The Marcelle BB cream actually lives up to the BB cream name. It blends with my skin so it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation (I usually just smear it on with clean fingers) and it somehow covers the redness and dark spots from my acne. It moisturizes like the Josie Maran moisturizer but it feels lighter, like how my Missha BB cream used to feel.I'll be switching to the Marcelle exclusively and testing it out on several trips this next month to see how it holds up on a long day of walking. I haven't been paying great attention to how I look at the end of the day but I'll definitely be checking now.It's a bummer that this brand is exclusive to Birchbox but I guess I have to use those points somehow, right? « less" - Birchbox user

Cellularose Moisturizing CC Cream by By Terry

Cellularose Moisturizing CC Cream glides onto skin with a weightless feel to give your complexion a burst of moisture while subtly camouflaging pores, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 by IT Cosmetics

A bestselling, full-coverage, color-correcting cream - now oil-free with SPF 40 physical sunscreen and a matte finish for up to 12 hours.

Stem Cellular CC Cream by Juice Beauty

Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Reef Safe. Formulated with an organic base of botanical juices instead of added water. Beyond BB Cream, Juice Beauty's 12-in-1 multi-tasking Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF 30 (color correcting) delivers the ultimate in age-defying, skin perfecting results.

CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Complexion Corrector by Peter Thomas Roth

Peter thomas roth cc cream broad spectrum spf 30 complexion corrector is an anti-aging sunscreen complexion corrector & tint in one. With 30x the vitamin c of an orange.

Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum by Clinique

"Yes!!!! Clinique's BB cream is finally available in the USA! BB creams are a slightly newer concept here. In Asia they have been flying off the shelves, and for good reason. If you are a very busy multi-tasker (and who isn't?), are looking for SPF and antioxidant protection to add to your am routine (who isn't?), and would like some coverage from a good base (and who doesn't?!) then this is the product for you. This will be a slightly lengthy review because this is such a new product concept, but bare with me. I have combination oily skin (Clinique's type 3) and up until I got my BB cream, my am routine consisted of: 1. cleansing 2. serum with antioxidants and peptides 3. Moisturizer with SPF of at least 30 4. Primer 5. Foundation 6. Powder and blush Let me tell you something. The BB cream has slashed my routine in half! Now I cleanse, apply my serum, let it sink in while I brush my teeth, then I take a pea-sized amount of the BB cream (which feels thicker than regular foundation) and apply it using small circular motions from the center of my face outward. I apply it using a light hand and then I go do something else for 5 minutes. Make sure you use a small amount and do not over-blend, even though you will feel you have to keep blending because it feels a little thicker than what you are used to. After a couple of minutes, it's as if the cream has melted into my face, and it appears to TRANSFORM the surface of my skin so that everything looks smooth, naturally covered, and airbrushed to near perfection. No moisturizer, no SPF, no primer, and no foundation needed. Just a light dusting of powder to set and a swirl of blush and I'm good. FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. Even in 89 degrees in August. That means NO TOUCH- UPS. NO OIL SLICKS. Not even 10 hours later. And it does not feel mask-like or heavy, just lightly hydrated and fresh. There are two shades. If you have pink undertones go with shade 1. Yellow/beige undertones- shade 2. Simple as that. For those of you who need more hydration you may want to use a heavier moisturizer beforehand. But for me it is perfect. Every now and then, a product comes along that is so incredible it changes the face of makeup forever. This is one of those products. You have to try it to believe it. Seriously, head down to your friendly neighborhood Sephora and try it. Then go finish the rest of your mall shopping. After a few minutes you wont recognize yourself and will run back to the store to buy it. Unbelievable!" - sephora user

BB Cream by 100% pure

"This is amazing - it provides medium coverage, feels like a moisturizer, and makes your skin glow. I usually opt for the pigmented foundation to get full coverage, but I have to say that I like this product way more (even with less coverage) because of how amazing it makes my skin look and feel. It does not cake, it stays on all day, and it doesn't make me break out (especially when I forget to wash it off at night - whoops). Very versatile - can be used alone for a fresh faced look, or it can be used in combination with other products - if I'm going out I'll add powder foundation over it for the full coverage. I seriously am in love with this, I'm so happy I decided to give it a try. I do wish there were more color options - but the lightest shade matches my skin tone (even if the shade isn't 100% matching - when it goes on it looks great). Also - when applying - I use a primer before and I dot this product over my face and rub/blend in with my hands (I find this to be the easiest method). <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6801719909701814028-full" data-show="6801719909701814028-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - 100percentpure.com user

10-In-One HD Illuminating Beauty Balm by stila

An all-in-one, high-definition, age-defying beauty balm enriched with broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact by Clinique

"I love this, my second one. Seemed pricey but lasts for ages. Particularly good on holiday, I also use it every day at home. With SPF 20 as an added bonus. Gives good but not heavy coverage, looks natural, doesn't sit in lines of mature skin! Lovely silver colour compact to slip in a handbag. As always, easy ordering and speedy delivery from Debenhams - and Beauty Club points too!" - Debenhams user

Perfect Hydrating BB Cream by Shiseido

"I was skeptical about BB creams but I thought I'd try it out when Shiseido came out with one. I only use Shiseido for my face. They didn't have the light color at first so I tried the medium, which was too dark. When the light came out, I got it and it is perfect. My face has gotten drier as I've gotten older (late 40s) and I now need something to put on my face to make it look more even, to moisturize it, protect from the sun (been getting age spots) and give it a hint of brightness (been experiencing dullness). So this is perfect as it has everything and it works for me as I'm not a morning person and I usually have to dash out the door to work really quickly. My face looks younger with a healthy glow. And even at the end of the day, my face still looks fresh and dewy with no dry spots or oily spots. If I do want to put a bit of blush or eye shadow on, it's easy to put on top of it. I love this product. Please don't stop making it. For comparison, I tried Shideido's Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector and that one by the end of the day my nose is shiny and oily even though I have dry skin. So the BB cream works best for me. « less" - Shiseido user

Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream by holika holika

"I will be honest - at first I absolutely hated this BB cream! I bought is in shade #2, and it is a good shade match: for reference I am typically an NC25 in MAC, and get darker in the summer. The texture is like jelly, that is the best way to describe it, and it has no noticeable scent. I have oily, acne prone, dehydrated skin, and this gave a nice, light, cooling effect on the skin. Initially, I was having a bad breakout when I tried it, and was using the Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer; it offered light coverage, and it was going on streaky and patchy. Little did I know, it was my primer that was giving me such grief. I switched to my ELF blemish control primer, and all the patchiness and streaks were no more. Now that I have made that switch, I love this BB cream! It is light coverage though, so if you do not like light coverage, then this is not for you. I do not have dry skin, but I do sometimes get some dry patches - due to my dehydrated skin - and it will exaggerate the dry patches, so if you have dry skin, I would certainly moisturize well before use. I really like this product and I recommend it! « less" - yesstyle.com user

Effaclar BB Cream for Oily Skin by La Roche-Posay

"I've been using this in combination with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System (just in case). I have actually bought 2 of these over the last weeks (thought I lost one and there was NO hesitation to buy a new one).Now to the point...This stuff is NOT full coverage, but to be honest, it's a BB cream - I didn't buy a BB cream to get full coverage. That's what I expect of a foundation.Okay let's make a list of things I love about this:- It's suuuper light-weight.- It's a mousse that feels like suede on oily skin- It seems to be quite long lasting (for me at least)- Other make up goes on top of it very well and stays- It keeps my skin from getting oily quite well (but may dry out people with dryer skin)Negatives:- I can see it being very fair for some people, for me it's perfect (First ever foundation/BB cream that matches my skin perfectly)- It doesn't enhance large pores, but it also doesn't do anything to hide them (use a decent primer and no problems here either)- It does lie on top of dry patches in case you have any, so definitely use a moisturizer on those first (!!!)Overall: I love this product, I have always had huge problems with the oily parts of my skin with foundation as it (MAC foundations usually) has always kind of lain on top of my skin and felt like a second or even third skin. They were more covering but for what price. This stuff just glides on and I don't feel like I'm wearing make up at all (Like whoops I forgot I'm wearing makeup and I just smudged it all up.. yay.)I think that for people with combination or just oily skin this is a great BB cream when you feel like you don't need full coverage or just wanna wear something at home in case the post man comes by.. It blends super well and because on me it's exactly my skin color it hides the redness that I have and doesn't look like I'm wearing make up. My partner came home the other day and immediately told me how beautiful my skin looked without makeup.. Ah, men. <3 « less" - Escentual user

CC Cream Red Correct by erborian

Erborian's CC Red Correct is your answer to priming, color-correcting and lightweight color-adapting coverage all in one.

Lingerie De Peau BB Cream by Guerlain

An innovative BB cream for a fresh complexion in one simple step.

Idealia BB Cream by vichy

"I never liked bb creams and always used foundation but I had that feeling that my foundation is too heavy, so I decided to try Vichy Idealia BB cream.I know Vichy and I used its products many years ago, then changed for different products. Now I needed to start using anti-ageing cream so I wanted to try Idealia. I use it 2 months already and I see the difference: my skin is softer, brighter, well nourished so I decided to extend this effect by using Idealia BB cream and I was right. It will be perfect for summer as it gives a healthy glow and colour on my skin and feels light.Also Escentual has good deals and I bought it in good price, plus delivery was quick. " - Escentual user

Visible Difference Multi-Targeted BB Cream by Elizabeth Arden

"I am 51 years old with blonde hair and fair skin. I put this crème on instead of foundation, and sat in the sun. Not only did it prevent a sunburn, but it covered completely and looked natural! I could not even feel it on my face, which is what I like. I did put just a small amount of translucent powder over it to set it, because it gave me too much of a glow. (I have combination oily/dry skin) I bought the lightest shade and it was the perfect color for me. " - elizabetharden.com user

BB Cream by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

A multitasking formula that perfects skin in one easy step - available in a wide shade range for all skin tones, from fair to dark.

Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream SPF 25 by YSL Beauty

An all-in-one BB cream that offers five benefits while concealing imperfections and dullness.

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB Creme and Brightening Balm by Estée Lauder

"Best bb cream ever! I have very light olive complexion, and most of the bb creams I've tried before were either too brown or too ashy- I actually found my foundation gives a much more natural look than those, which was very frustrating, because on most days I really just want something that has spf and can even out my skin tone. This BB cream does just that: it's more of the consistency of a lotion, and once blended out, it gives you the most natural I have nothing on just well rested beautiful skin look. On the other hand, it means it probably won't have much covering power, since it doesn't really have much pigment in it. But if you're looking for something just to even out the skintone, this is the perfect solution, and it has a very pleasant light sweet floral scent when applying (it doesn't linger afterwards which is good sign). <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-5579807280515481644-full" data-show="-5579807280515481644-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

Camera Ready BB Water SPF 30 by Smashbox

A multitasking BB water with SPF 30 that combines both the hydrating and preventive benefits of skincare with the naturally radiant coverage of a tinted moisturizer.