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The 50 Best Liquid Highlighters Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore liquid highlighters are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury

A liquid tinted complexion booster for a superstar youthful glow.

Custom Enhancer Drops by Cover FX

"Let me tell you, the hype is real. I have never in my life as a continuous VIB Rouge member written a review, but Cover FX, you are making me break that trend. These highlighters seriously are everything that's being said about them! Highly intense glow, and super blendable. I purchased 3: Celestial, Moonlight, and Sunlight, and they are too beautiful. I now want them ALL. I will be purchasing the 2 bronzer shades and Candlelight as soon as they become available again. You can layer them as needed, depending on how intense you want your highlight. Only 1-2 small drops/dabs are needed, as the pigment in these are similar to liquid chrome on your face. However, they blend out beautifully leaving a gorgeous glow. A little goes a LONG way, so it's worth the price. I tried mixing a couple of the shades, and even that created its own beautiful glowy shade. That's why buying all of the shades are worth it, because the unique color that forms after mixing it with a lighter or darker color, will still give you a gorgeous glow. This is not a subtle sheer glow, this is intense, grab your sunglasses glow! Imagine the uses you can get out of it. It mixes with foundations, it can be blended directly as a highlight, and even added to lotions to help accentuate your legs/chest/and shoulders. This overpowers any powder/cream highlighter on the market, and I would not doubt if other companies soon try to follow this same application. But Cover FX was first! Wouldn't be surprised if these stay sold out on a consistent basis. Don't even think twice about it, just purchase! If you love to glow, then you NEED this. It's literally light in a bottle. LOVE Less" - Sephora user

Ignite Liquified Light Face & Body Highlighter by BECCA

A liquid highlighter for face and body in a limited-edition shade hand-picked by Barbie Ferreira.

Beauty Highlighter Wand by Charlotte Tilbury

A high-gloss, rose gold liquid highlighter wand that comes with a sponge applicator.

Flawless Glow & Plumer-Looking Lips Kit by Charlotte Tilbury

"This is worth the splurge (& I splurge a lot on makeup). I got this a couple months ago, and I wear this with a bare face, under foundation, over foundation, with powder, with liquid... it plays really well with a variety of products. I will say the first 1-2 times I used it I was like "OK? Can I tell the difference?" but then throughout the day I just felt prettier. Now I won't go anywhere without putting it on, again even if I don't put anything else on. It just looks SO natural, very "glow from within," something about it just takes you to the next level. Also, I am the palest of the pale, e.g. always the lightest foundation shade and this blends out fine for me (on the parts of the face where you put highlighter). Some highlighter-type products are too dark for me so I thought worth noting. Less" - Sephora user

Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighting Drops by Lancôme

"I received 4 shades of the Lancome Custom Foundation Drops, I will review them each individually below to make it less confusing. I am medium-tanned and dark haired, I hope this helps so that you can get an idea on how it will look/work on you! Let's start:-CHAMPAGNE GLOW (Custom Strobing Drop)These drops are super blend-able and a little goes a long way. I did not struggle at all trying to blend these in, there were literally zero streaks and 100% even-ness of color! The color itself is a beautiful light glittery white. I know that might sound scary for us darker toned skin ladies but it is dark-skin friendly. It does not look harsh whatsoever. You have total control of the intensity of color by layering more on or less to fit your liking. A little note about this specific color! IT LOOKS AMAZING as nose highlighter to add light to the area of your eyes where they meet the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose and bridge of the nose. I loved this!! I also think these would be great for a beginner because of how easy they are to blend.-BRONZE GLOW (Custom Sculpting Drop)OK, these drops were definitely a little harder for me to use because they felt like they dried quicker on my face, which is ok because personally I always take longer to sculpt my face since I am still perfecting the art. These too are very blend-able, no trouble there! They have a true bronze color to them. They do not have any funny smells either as there tends to be with the darker shades of highlighters. The shimmer on this is super beautiful BUT to shimmery for my everyday liking since I tend to gravitate towards matte when it comes to contouring but for weekends these will now be my MUST HAVE GO-TO. These drops get the job done. I did not need to be retouching the areas on my face at all. They lasted about 6 solid hours without any trouble (I use Armani foundation) AND I actually got compliments that I was glowing heheh literally I was glowing!! These are a great color for us medium skin tone ladies because they match the skin so pleasantly. A little side note, I used these as eyeshadow too and WOW they were PERFECT. I used a matte cream primer and had ZERO trouble with the longevity of these, they lasted all day. The last thing about these are that they are EXCELLENT for blending in with foundation for an island glow. I would HIGHLY recommend these. They are so easy to use would be a great selling point.-GOLDEN GLOW (Custom Highlight Drop)Ok these I will not rave about out, I was just a little let down by this color BUT keep in mind my skin tone is very near this shade. These looked too close to my own skin to feel excited about BUT they too were great and blend-able (this was a case of "It's me honey not you lol). I took several layers of drops to notice at all really. Also, these do not have the same shimmery effect as its counterparts, that can be a good thing though because these are more every-day friendly for us women who do not do full-glam face makeup everyday. I am very monotone about these BUT what I will say is that these did give my face a more put together look. I think these will look beautiful on someone with a lighter skin tone than mine. These were too close to my own skin tone to really notice.-ROSE GLOW (Custom Highlight Drop)OK these were pretty cool, very shimmery so I preferred to use these on my cheeks mixed with a little cheek ink. I had no trouble blending them with my shades of blush. I also used them around my face on the ares where the light would naturally hit and they were nice but I think I really need to practice a little more with these because in my humble opinion these might be a little too much if not applied carefully (they're shimmering, remember I gravitate towards matte). The color is beautiful, the lasting power is there and the power of customizing intensity is there too. My last tip about these were that they look great as a highlight on the cupid's bow of the lips since they make my lips look bigger. I liked these and I would recommend them.Overall, all 4 shades were 100% easy to blend, each was easy to layer to get more intensity out of the color and the longevity of wear was there. I would definitely recommend these for someone who is a beginner or pro. Less" - Macy's user

Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter by BECCA

A dewy, liquid luminizer for a natural-looking, effortless glow.

Glitter Drops by Cover FX

"This product is absolutely amazing! These are the very best of high quality! I have all 3 shades because it was impossible to decide between them, although Lunar is my favorite. I wouldn't describe it like they did, it's blue with pink and purple shift, if anyone remembers Too Faced Unicorn Tears, well it's basically that shade. I think that it's exceptionally beautiful in the winter, it kind of gives you that almost snow queen look. These are so great because they just give you the most gorgeous look! They are super versatile, you can use them as a highlighter on your cheeks, over another highlighter on your cheeks, as an eyeshadow, as a highlighter for your eyes, on your lips, in your hair (you could apply it either straight up to wherever you want it or you can mix it with a hair cream/shine serum and apply it all over, trust me, it's very cool and very pretty!), mix it in with your moisturizer or foundation and/or apply it anywhere on your body! I think that they are well worth the price because just a tiny drop goes a long way, so one of these bottles will last for an extremely long time, so you will get tons of use out of it! It is a very lightweight product which is always something that's nice. Another of my favorite things about the glitter drops is that they are extremely long wearing, once the formula is dry (it dries quickly) it's not going anywhere! It can be brushed up against things, rubbed and take the whole days wear and it will still stay put and look just as beautiful as when you first applied it! You can even mix them together to create your own shade! Aurora is a beautiful pink glitter with little flecks of gold and just a tiny, barely there hint of blue. Mirage is the perfect gold highlighter! Don't be afraid to try gold, it will just light up your skin with a beautiful warm glow! I honestly can't say enough good things about these, but I will say this... If you are not a glitter fan then these are probably not for you. « less" - Sephora user

Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter by Estée Lauder

Estée lauder doublewear brush-on glow bb highlighter is a luminous, long-wear bb that brightens, perfects and corrects. Lightweight, moisture-fresh. Long-wear formula - 8 hours.

BAREPRO Glow Highlighter by bareMinerals

BAREPRO Glow Highlighter by bareMinerals is a long-wearing, versatile liquid highlighter that can be worn 3 ways for a customized glow.

Up Lighting Liquid Illuminator Natural by Clinique

"I originally received a sample from my Nana, as she used Clinique's products but nothing fancy ;). I had the sample for about a year while I was learning how to use it and was so sad when I ran out of it! Now I have the full size that I bought a year ago now and it has PLENTY of product left. Used daily. I have fair/dry skin (I use shade Sea Breeze in the Beyond Perfecting Foundation.) It has the most velvety, sheer, and smooth texture to it. Very buildable. It looks like it has sparkles in it but I have used it as contour and never gives off that glitter look. I use the bronze shade and am hopeful it's not discontinued. While I am on this page now it only has one shade option which would just break my heart! " - clinique.com user

Illuminator by iconic

ICONIC LONDON's concentrated liquid shimmer Illuminator can be added to your foundation, primer or moisturiser, or simply used on its own for a super highlighted glow. Available in multiple shades, it can also be used to contour.

Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer by Josie Maran

"This is a very gorgeous highlight. When you pump it out it may not look very natural because of all of the gold and sparkle, but when you put a little on your cheeks with a brush it comes off looking very, very natural and the shimmer turns into a golden, light bronze (without looking fake or orange). I also mixed this with my foundation one day and it gave a very nice, subtle glow all over. This is a straight liquid, so it may not be an oily person's best friend. I found that even on my dry/normal skin it looked oily and slightly patchy a little after mid-day, but if I use primer or a setting spray it stays in place all day. This is probably not a highlight on fair skin, but I like to use it on the cheeks for a glow with a subtle bronze and its just beautiful. Makes me excited to try other Josie products! Less" - josiemarancosmetics.com user

Concentrated Luminizing Drops by algenist

"I've tried a few highlighters but I found they were either too glittery or looked nearly metallic they were so shimmery and shiny. I prefer a more healthy glow look. This is exactly what I was after! I've seen some highlighters that look really 'dewy' which is a beautiful look but still not what I'm after. This really just looks like a true healthy illuminating glow. Like you're glowing from within. It doesn't look like you put highlighter on your face, it's somehow subtle yet very noticeable. I got the (possibly seasonal) mini pack with rose gold and gold and I mix them and I love the look. It does seem to last throughout the day which I was very pleased with since all I've tried have disappear within hours. My only 'gripe' is the dropper system. When you pull it out of the bottle, it's just covered in the liquid so the dropper seems a bit superfluous. I bought the 2 mini pack which is 7ml each and it was $30 which is a FAR better deal than the $55 you'll pay for 1 14ml bottle. So if you can snatch the mini pack, GO FOR IT! I'm not sure I'd pay $55 for just 1 colour since I think the mix is far more natural looking. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Illuminator by NARS

"I've been using NARS products for 7 years now and am very biased in favor of the product line--that said, I want to rave about the Illuminator. I'm 65 with pretty good skin tone, but I do have some wrinkling, a drier surface, and uneven skin color. At the time went from using Multiples in Orgasm and other shades (which began to fade quickly because of my drier/hungry skin) to switch to a creamy, heavier blush, I missed the subtle sheen that made my skin look dewy and younger. Then Illuminator came out. Now I mix it with my SPF foundation to give an all-over subtle sheen, for everyday, blend the Laguna shade in with my blush for more color, and it makes both my foundation and blush last all day and never go oily looking. It gives just enough sheen to make you look like your skin is well-hydrated and youthful. The Illuminator with actual minute glitter in it is great for over eye shadow in the evening, too. Get this!!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6535629267096630281-full" data-show="-6535629267096630281-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Glow On The Go Highlighter Set by BECCA

A duo of BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector luminizers in travel-friendly sizes.

Prep + Prime Highlighter by MAC

"I mix a tiny amount, about half a dime size amount of this in with my smashbox photofinish primer (original) and it instantly creates more even-toned skin to my medium brown complexion and adds a touch luminosity. I mainly have hyperpigmentation on sides of my face, and some slight darkness around mouth and thise dreaded undereyes from getting to bed too late and waking up too early. I should note I have oily/combo skin but this doesn't make me look shiny mixed with product. This just makes my complexion look flawless, healthy and bright. Plus I didn't have to go buy a whole other primer with a corrector in it. I'm almost out so I'll definitely be repurchasing. I've seen people use this under the eyes, including professional MUA's. Just be careful, especially if you're on the lighter brown spectrum because its very much orange in tone and you want to be sure to blend. It will neutralize the darkness, yes, but seeing orange through your concealer doesn't look any more natural. So be careful with that. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6504745394731355176-full" data-show="6504745394731355176-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Macy's user

Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo by NYX Professional Makeup

"This product is the best eyebrow enhancing/grooming product I've ever used! It just takes a little practice and a lighter touch, but it's worth it to have visible eyebrows all day long - mine are white blonde without some sort of fill in.The packaging is compact and your provided with all you need, from actual product, to applicators. I use the angled brush to JUST touch the surface of the wax and apply along my brow, followed by the color, which is applied with the angled brush. Per my preference, I have come to use the lighter color for daily wear and the darker for evening if I know there will be low lighting (e.g. a night club or concert). AGAIN, a little of the color goes a long way, and if you don't get enough on the brush on the first go, go back and put more on the brush (better to have too little to start, than have to try to remove it because you've applied too much).Following application of the color, I use the included spiral brush to disperse the color and blend it through my brows, and shape them working from the inside to the outside.I would definitely recommend this product, especially to anyone with very light colored brows, who needs color and definition that will stay with them throughout the day. « less" - nyxcosmetics.com user

Skin Illuminator by Tom Ford

"I have very yellow undertones skin so I didn't think such a pink highlighter would work on me. However it blends gorgeously and doesn't look 'off' at all. I tried the Marc Jacobs Dew Drop at the same time as this, but that seems to have more pigment to it and would be better if you actually want an area to appear lighter. This one on the other hand, the colour blends in seamlessly but it leaves such a beautiful natural looking sheen. At first in the store lighting I thought it looked glittery on my hand, but when blended in on my face it really is such a fine sheen rather than looking sparkly. There isn't much of a smell to it. The pump dispenser with integrated lock is wonderful for travelling with or throwing in your purse. The texture is exquisite as always from TF and it doesn't cause separation in the foundations/primers I've tried it with (unlike the Burberry fresh glow). Definitely recommend! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="171337461279436568-full" data-show="171337461279436568-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

FaceStudio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter by Maybelline

Discover the illuminating strobe effect with maybelline's facestudio master strobing liquid illuminating highlighter. Now, in a micro-pearl liquid formula for all-over highlighting!

Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl Luminizer for Face by Benefit

A soft, golden pink, liquid-pearl highlighter.

Rainforest Of The Sea Radiance Drops by Tarte

A multitasking elixir with brightening pearls and Rainforest of the Sea complex for a healthy-looking glow.

Touche Eclat All-Over Brightening Pen by YSL Beauty

"Honestly, so few products live up to their hype. This one did. I started using this a few years ago after seeing it mentioned for the zillionth time as a must have. The coverage is amazing. It covers light to medium circles and imperfections and it looks natural and like real skin not a cakey mess like some luminizers. There's also no glitter or sheen here, just a soft natural glow.The pen itself lasts a long time and you get a lot of product as you need so little for each application. I was "taught" how to use it by the makeup artists at Sephora, but I use it as an underye concealer and eyelid primer. It helps my eye makeup last all day and it hides even the smallest little blue veins on the eyelid. I always look rested even if I've been up all night. Use it on any areas you want to conceal and brighten or highlight.My tips: Wonderful to use right down the center of the nose to make a wide nose appear subtly narrower. Also, use around the lips for a seamless and polished look when you apply lipstick or gloss. For an instant lift for mature faces, trace a soft v underneath the apple of the cheek and blend well. Instantly adds visual lift. Honestly, this is one product that works well for a variety of skin tones and little problems. My only gripe is that, while i use #2 color, I felt it was very lacking in choices for darker skin tones. « less" - Sephora user

Liquid Glow by Anastasia Beverly Hills

"I Love this product!!! I’m already on my second tub. This summer this became part of my everyday routine. In the summer I usually stop wearing foundation but still need a slight glow to give me a faux tan. After being introduced to this product in store. I began using it mixed with my moisturizer adding the right amount of glow to my summer no make-up look. Completely addicted to this product once my tan was gone, I quickly found a new use for it. I still mixed it with my moisturizer as my first base, but now I add a spray primer on top, then add my foundation. This combo gives me the perfect glow from within look. Also this product last all day long! I have sensitive, oily combination skin. This highlighter lightweight, non clogging, my miracle combo has not broke me out since I started using it! Now a permanent part of my routine! Less" - Sephora user

Highlighting Elixir Illuminating Drops by sleek

Get all over lit with Sleek MakeUP's Highlighting Elixirs. Achieve an instant glow and radiance with MakeUP's collection of Highlighting Elixir Illuminating Drops.

Liquid Lumière Highlighting Fluid by chantecaille

"I have this product in all three shades, Sheen and Brilliance in the Face illuminators and Luster in the Cheek Illuminator. I love them all! Brilliance is a gorgeous light gold, Sheen is a beautiful, almost opalescent, pale pink, and Luster is a fabulous warm pink (Luster is less shinmery than it's sister shades but more opaque as it's more of a blush than an allover product). Luster has quickly become one of my favorite blushes...it's insanely easy to apply and lasts all day even in summer! It does have shinmer but it's super refined and doesn't give a glittery or "disco ball" effect whatsoever. I'm middle aged and it doesn't accentuate my pores or fine lines...none of the shades do, they just brighten and give me the radiance my dull skin needs! Brilliance and Sheen give a wonderful glow when patted on the cheekbones, bridge of nose, and Cupid's bow as a highlighter, they also mix very well with liquid foundations to add luminosity to the finish. Like I mentioned above, none of these make a glittery mess and the shinmer is so refined that it reads "glow" rather than full on sparkle like some illuminators can. They don't separate or break down throughout the day and are wonderfully hydrating on the skin. The formula is pure perfection, Chantecaille has definitely nailed it with these illuminators!! Thumbs way up! « less" - saksfifthavenue.com user

Glow Creator Highlighter Makeup by dermablend

Dermablend Glow Creator Multi-Use Liquid Highlighter Drops are makeup drops that contain concentrated pearls for weightless radiance that is customizable, buildable and blendable. Can be used alone or mixed with your favorite beauty product.

Glow For It Highlighting Kit by Sephora Collection

A multibranded sampler set of highlighters including seven deluxe everyday essentials.

Aqua Foundation Illuminator by Koh Gen Do

"I've just ordered my second bottle because I can't live without this product. I'm a 44 year old redhead with very pale skin. During the day - I use the color ILOO after my foundation and powder. I apply it with my ring fingers, just the tiniest bit, tapped around my eyes, top of the cheek bones and upper brow. It's so sheer and subtle, yet creates the perfect dewy glow that everyone wants. At night, I actually blend it in with my foundation 50/50 mix to create an all over dewy look and then tap extra in all the important spots. I usually get so many compliments. LOVE IT!!!!!! " - Sephora user

Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter by NYX Professional Makeup

Up, up and away we glow! Let yourself get carried away with nyx professional makeup's gorgeous liquid highlighter. This light-reflecting formula comes in wonderfully creamy yet lightweight shades.

Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter by Make Up For Ever

A unique, sparkle-free liquid highlighter that works to give your complexion a glowing luminosity as well as soft, subtle sheen.

Away We Glow Liquid Booster by NYX Professional Makeup

The nyx professional makeup away we glow liquid booster enhances your features with a gorgeous, buildable glow or a shimmering sun-kissed finish. The final look is up to you!

Liquid Illuminator by ULTA Beauty

This lightweight Ulta Liquid Illuminator Duochrome Sunray Burst contains antioxidant properties and provides intense hydration to the skin upon a silky, smooth application.

Instant Glow Highlighting Duo by Almay

Almay's instant glow highlighting duo gives skin the perfect level of radiance for a healthy glow with and without makeup! Take your healthy glow to the next level with this easy to use wand that instantly adds dimension to enhance your best features.

High Beam Liquid Highlighter by Benefit

Glow for it, gorgeous! Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter is a satiny pink liquid highlighter that accents cheek & brow bones for a dewy glow.

Soleil Tan De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid by Chanel

"I read the reviews on this and became obsessed and therefore had to get it and I'm so happy that I did! Because I live in Northern MI, we are experiencing the drabbiness of winter already and my skin is already looking parched and weathered. So I have been dabbing a little bit of this under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and on the countour of my lips and it adds a wonderful, healthy glow to my face. Paired with a little bronzer and I still look like I have a leftover tan from summer. On top of it's illuminating qualities, as the product description states, it has botanicals in it that are actually good for the skin. My skin feels softer and smoother now! Plus, it's oil free so I don't break out from it or get irritated. It's a winter must have for sure! " - Nordstrom user

Feelin' Dandy Lip & Cheek Kit by Benefit

"I have admired Benefit's cosmetics for the longest time and decided to splurge on this kit. I'm so glad I did!Posietint: It looks like a very bright intimidating pink in the bottle, but it's a beautiful wash of just the right amount of pink. It dries fast, so work quickly (I learned the hard way when I had pink warrior stripes on my face. Oops). I used it as a lip stain as well, Don't expect a bright, eye-popping pink. Once on lips, it's a delicate wash of color. I found it dried out my lips a little so I recommend the Posie Balm (also by Benefit, $18) over it.High Beam: It gives you a nice glow, but make sure to use it on freshly moisturized skin for the best results. It's easy to blend, but also dries quickly (Thankfully no warrior stripes this time! Phew!). It has a subtle sparkle to it. Great for contouring!Dandelion (powder blush): This is the ultimate blush for that "just-pinched" look. It goes on smoothly but this is a product not for super dry skin (not that really any powder is). I love the pink glow it gives you and it really warmed up my complexion. I love the little brush it comes with, very compact, soft, and easy to control.Dandelion (lip gloss): This gloss gives a very small amount of color payoff, but is also great over Posietint. It’s moisturizing and stays on for a while (unless you eat or drink (both out of a glass/cup and a straw unless you do a serious duck face). It’s not super sticky but the applicator is one where you have to squeeze it out first then apply (personally, I prefer wands).Overall, I love this kit. It’s a great starter kit for beginners or people (like me!) who wanted to try Benefit’s products. I will be buying the full size of Posietint, High Beam, and Dandelion blush. The lip gloss is still wonderful, I just have so many others that I prefer over this one. Way to go, Benefit! « less" - Sephora user

Catch The Light Highlighter And Glowtion Duo by Wander

A skincare-enriched illuminating lotion and highlighter duo that delivers a beautiful champagne-pearl finish suitable for all skin types.

Sun Beam Golden Bronze Highlighter by Benefit

"This product is exactly what I was looking for. Originally I was going to purchase Watts Up also by Benefit but it was not in stock. Wanting to stick with the brand I got this highlighter instead. It is perfect! It applies sort of like nail polish for your face. It's a little cold when you put it on but once smoothed into skin it provides a lightweight barely there shine that lights up your face. It is one of those things that makes someone take notice that something is different in a good way but will keep them guessing as to what your secret is. I'll make sure to share this one though! " - Birchbox user

Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter by Benefit

A nude-pink, matte-radiance highlighter.

No Makeup Highlighter by Perricone MD

"I never understood what all the fuss was about with highlighters. Others I tried (Benefit, Nars, Bobbi Brown) made me look like I'd been hanging out with a sparkly unicorn. Too glittery, too young, too visible. I just didn't see that they were beneficial. An in-store rep applied this to me, and I was immediately impressed by the "glow" my face had, but there wasn't a glitter fleck in sight. This highlighter is neither gold or silver or pearly, but more what I would call "reflective skin". It is very sheer, and I apply this only after all my makeup is finished. a few dots on my cheek bones, one dot on the inner apple of each cheek one just under each brow, a thin stripe down my nose, in the bow of my lip and on my chin, and a thin stripe on each side of my jaw. To blend, I use a fluffy angled contour brush and a light hand. It blurs imperfections but keeps me looking real, and makes me look finished." - sephora user

True Match Lumi Glow Amour Glow Boosting Drops by L'Oreal

Add a drop of glow to your complexion with new l'oreal's true match lumi glow amour glow boosting drops. These revolutionary drops of highlighting pigment illuminate skin to create a highlighted, dewy glow look.

Born to Glow! Liquid Illuminator by NYX Professional Makeup

Enrich your lovely features with a touch of nyx professional makeup's liquid illuminator! A light application will give your skin that luminous and healthy goddess glow.

The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting Highlighter by Kevyn Aucoin

A lustrous gel-cream highlighter that illuminates for radiant, lit-from-within glow.

1St Prize Highlighters by Benefit

"I have purchased this product many many times over which says a lot for me! I'm always looking for something "better." My undereye area is uniquely OILY plus sensitive at the same time -- having bad allergy-eyes. This is just the best! Doesn't make my eyes water or burn, stays PUT, doesn't cause the rest of my under-eye make-up to start sliding down my face, gets rid of the wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. I also use eye bright in the corner of my nose and at the outer part of my eye and hey work great together. Everything else I've ever tried burns and itches and actually can give me pimples under my eyes.As with all products I've come to love PLEASE DON'T STOP MAKING THIS EVER!!!!!! " - Sephora user

Get Lit Multi-High Light Highlighter by pacifica

Pacifica Get Lit Multi-High Light is a dewy, liquid highlighter that utilizes skin-loving ingredients to deliver a radiant glow. Can be used to customize luminosity to your foundation.

Liquid Frost Higlighter by Jeffree Star

"So amazing, would look good all over the body and face. So gentle and light weight but packs such a punch! You only need to tiniest amount and get so much product so it’s worth every penny. I got canary bling and it’s perfect for girls that fake tan, or a medium/tan skin tones. As it melts into this skin when blended and when dabbed with a sponge just blinds THE BEST" - beautybay user

Glitter & Glow Highlighter by stila

A deluxe-size, six-piece set of Glitter & Glow featuring two highlighters and four liquid eyeshadows.

Body Lava Body Luminizer by Fenty Beauty

"So, I ordered this since it was sold out locally. I was given enough samples to last me until mine arrives. I used it in a video and you can, definitely, see the sunkissed look the product is made for. You can tell where I used the product and where I stopped. I didn't need to use a lot. It smells like a light vanilla, which is great since I can't use a lot of fragrances without getting massive migraines from some. I didn't get any stickiness and it didn't move from where I placed it. It's not patchy, chunky, our uncomfortable. This is definitely not a lotion. as described, it is more of a gel. I suggest using a brush to sitar It instead of fingertips. It does remind me of her universal gloss in the initial feel but it smooths right over the skin. I'm really excited to try it during swim suit season or to a more formal occasion (show those shoulders!). Although $59 is pricey, they amount you get is great. Besides, you're not using it everyday. « less" - Sephora user

Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid by Lancôme

A travel-friendly, radiant, cream-fluid highlighter that blends seamlessly into the skin for a touch of natural-looking glow.