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The 50 Best Liquid Foundations for Acne-Prone Skin Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore liquid foundations for acne-prone skin are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Face And Body Foundation by MAC

"This is the most natural looking foundation that i have ever used, which is why, i love it so much. As, i don't care to wear heavy, masky foundations on a regular basis anymore, as it just isn't best for my skin overall. If i do wear a full coverage foundation, it is for special occasions only now, otherwise, this is the only foundation that i wear on a regular basis at this time and definitely will continue to do so, as long as MAC keeps selling it. I like that it's lightweight, doesn't break me out or irritate my skin in any way, plus, it is very long-lasting, and i happen to live where the climate is hot and humid almost all year round, and it holds up through such. And, i don't experience this foundation transferring all over the place like alot of other foundations do, plus, i have gotten my face wet while wearing this foundation and it never budged. Even though the foundation does have a runny consistency to it, i do find it very easy to apply with a brush to my face, and i am able to layer it without any issues in order to get the level of coverage i desire. In regards to my skintype, during the Fall and Winter Seasons, my skin goes from being dry to very dry. And, during the Spring and Summer months, my skin is dry, combination. I also have acne prone skin, and i suffer with seborrheic dermatitis that happens to flare up just about any time during the year. I find this foundation to blend seamlessly into my skin wirhout there being any type of sharp contrast between the color on my face and the color on my neck and the rest of my body. As, somehow, the color that i wear in this foundation, C2 just works perfectly for my light-medium skintone. With this foundation, it has a very, faint citrus smell, that immediately goes away soon after application. So, this foundation does not have any strong or offensive odor to it at all.Now, before you apply this foundation to your face, it is very important that you shake it real well, because this foundation does slightly separate, due to its very unique formulation. However, after you give it a good shake, then the foundation is all good to go. And, unlike alot of other foundations that i have tried, this foundation doesn't oxidize on me at all. And, even though it is designed to provide a satin finish, i have not experienced any issues with this foundation making my face look super dewy or super shiny looking at all within a few hours or truly anytime at all during the day. It just leaves this very slight hint of dewiness to my face, which i like, because no one is born with a super matte looking face anyways. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - M·A·C user

Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation by Shiseido

"I used MUFE's HD foundation for years! I didn't realize when I ordered a new bottle that the formula had been changed. It's still a good product, but wasn't giving me nearly the same amount of coverage as the old one had. I didn't know what to do! I bought 5 different top brand foundations after reading countless reviews on here and several articles! I saw people raving about this new foundation, so it was one of the ones I got. I fell in love! But, I waited for over 3 months before writing this review to make sure it was a lasting love! I'm currently on medication that is extremely drying to my skin, but I still had a little oil on my nose. I was having a hard time finding something that didn't show up the flakiness and oil! Then I tried this one! The first application had me sold! I didn't need the 5+ pumps from other brands to create a good coverage that looked natural! I'm actually impressed that it does blend with your actual skin tone as well! Now, on days when the winter air made my skin even more dry and nothing on earth would have covered that up, I found a small drop of my favorite facial oil made it perfectly smooth and it was still providing a flawlessly natural finish. For those who have said it was too matte, or perhaps showed dry patches... I beg you to try it again with a small drop of facial oil! You'll be in love too! It lasts all day without using a setting powder - for now I know that may be due to the medication drying my skin. But, I also had no problem with transfer...it didn't rub onto my husband's shirts when I hugged him! At 41, I actually don't have many wrinkles, but my laugh lines will show up a bit when I smile in picture. I must thank my mom for the lack of many fine lines and wrinkles though - she had me using an entire skin care regime at 13! An oil-control lotion rather than a moisturizer for my teen years, but it all taught me that taking care of your skin is very important! Oh, if we'd only known back in the 80's to use sunscreen...then I wouldn't be dealing with the small sunspots that have come up! However, this foundation has great coverage AND doesn't settle into any fine lines. I can't wear a primer that "instantly smoothes lines", as I break out with certain silicones. So, seeing this as something that didn't depend on a primer to keep it from showcasing any lines, HUGE PLUS!!! I can't believe that I'm saying this, but Shiseido, you may have outdone MUFE's original HD formula!! Looks great in photos, even with flash photography, but looks natural while covering all the flaws!!! I would HIGHLY recommend trying this out. You might be surprised and find you like it better than your "old faithful"!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2030157338847980809-full" data-show="-2030157338847980809-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Fresh Air Makeup Base by Estée Lauder

"I think spf in cosmetics causes me to break out and gives me milia so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I decided to try this foundation because it was one of the few I could find without spf. It still has the titanium dioxide which helps to shield the skin but does not have that heavy spf to it which I believe clogs my pores. The color of this foundation is beautiful. The linen beige is actually natural and not orange at all.Estee Lauder knows how to make natural skin tone shades. My skin feels so nice and smooth when Im wearing it also.Its very natural.Its not cakey or flaky which many cheap brands of foundation are. I think it seems to cover my pores better than some of the popular high end full coverage foundations I've tried. If I use alittle foundation primer first in the t zone area before applying this the pores disappear completely. I use a foundation brush to apply mine which really helps to blend it. Oh and it also washes off easily at the end of the day! Very important if you do not want to breakout.Overall Im very happy with my purchase and will be repurchasing most likely and discontinuing use of the other foundations I own. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5183191712971304400-full" data-show="5183191712971304400-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

Ultra Foundation Pro by FACE Atelier

"This foundation has the perfect level of coverage and has a moist dewy finish that does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I use Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer with SPF 30 as my base moisturizer. I do not use loose or pressed powder and the make-up lasts all day! There is only one drawback - and it's very minor.....the pump take a very strong, firm finger to press it down. I would like to see a change in the level of difficulty in pressing the pump. I have to use my thumb to dispense a full measure of the product. :( Other that than, it's great! CRC is an excellent company and ships with speed and the product is packaged with excellence for no leaks or breakage. " - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Perfection Lumière Velvet Smooth Effect Makeup by Chanel

"This is my new favorite foundation.About my skin: I have yellow/neutral combination skin with an oily t-zone. I don't have any dry patches, minimal fine lines, and mild rosiness. My skin is not prone to break outs. I like using light foundation to even out my skin tone and reduce the rosy tones in my skin. A natural finish is of utmost importance.I am pretty fair (although not the fairest of the fair) and I use this in 10 Beige. I'm also 10 Beige in Vitalumiere Aqua - the colors match up. This foundation provides light to medium coverage (I like wearing it sheer) and is not drying at all. "Velvet" is a perfect descriptor for the finish. It is not dewy, but not matte and flat either. It does not settle into lines and wears well throughout the day. When it fades, it does so evenly and not in patches.It's nice on its own, but i love wearing Le Blanc de Chanel as a base under it, and I set it on my t-zone with MAC MSF or all over the face with an Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder for a subtle glow.I love this more than Vitalumiere Aqua, which I'm going to relegate to winter use. I'm really looking forward to using this through the summer. If you have similar skin concerns to me, I don't think you'd regret this purchase. « less" - Nordstrom user

Liquid Mineral Foundation by youngblood

"This foundation is incredible. I don't usually like to wear liquid foundation on my face because by the end of the day it feels heavy. It may sound strange but my face feels dirty and I can't wait to wash my face to get it off. Not the case with this foundation! Though I was using a decent liquid mineral foundation from Arbonne, it did not hydrate my skin like the Youngblood foundation does. My skin feels very hydrated and smooth. Although I don't make a habit of it, I have gone to bed a few times without washing my face with this foundation on and I haven't had clogged pores or breakouts. This is the best foundation I have ever used! " - BeautyBridge.com user

Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation SPF 27 by Lancôme

Lancôme Rénergie Lift Makeup Foundation SPF 27 is a makeup foundation with up to 12-hours of lifting and hydration for medium-to-full coverage, re-formulated with added active skincare ingredients.

True Skin Serum Foundation by ilia

"This foundation... oh my god. I was kind of hesitant paying such a heavy price tag for a product with no reviews and something I had not heard of but — you get what you pay for!So okay I have dry skin— sometimes I have patches depending on if I’ve over-exfoliated.Today I had a little boop-boop here and there and even ended up with a little facial bruising! Which—IMO was perfect for foundation testing if you ask me!I came home to this little gem waiting for me on the porch! (Come through flash overnight! ::Napoleon Dynamite upside down fist pump!::Between this foundation and the new LM concealer I’m freaking golden! Literally!(That came with today’s haul too and omg! Win!)It covered up the pin holes, bruising and didn’t cling to dry patches!It dried down (on me) to a really beautiful glowy not sweaty looking sheen! I was so shocked and in love I had to stop and boomerang to send it to my IMUDS so she could see for herself!I’ve been wearing it about 7 hours now; no touch ups and gym time later —and it’s like I just applied it! It hasn’t settled into lines, and still beautiful!It’s not full coverage by any means but it does cover up imperfections! Buildable for sure. I used a brush and went over that with a B.B.The other thing I want to mention is the shade. I have always had to mix more than one shade. I’m an odd mix of a Cherokee mom and Italian dad! I can never get a straight answer about my undertone — and I’ve been told “you’re like a dark light medium but not”. Okay thanks.So excited I was to be able to use just one shade! As of right now the only thing that can possibly turn me off about this product is if it breaks me out! (I am hesitant to write super review on a product I’ve only worn once tho.) Fingers crossed it doesn’t. If not — I’m going with “this is the best medium coverage foundation ive ever used!” I would absolutely recommend this to anyone that wants medium coverage buildable glow-worthy skin! « less" - Sephora user

Lingerie De Peau Natural Perfection Foundation SPF 20 by Guerlain

"I have tried a wide variety of high end foundations in my day. This foundation changed my makeup game. I will start off with the only two downfalls of this foundation, the colour range and the cost. I am pale, but not extremely, and so lucky that the lightest shade of this foundation matches my skin perfectly. This foundation is NOT full coverage, but has light-medium coverage that can be built up. I would not recommend buying this if you are looking for a more full coverage foundation as you will just end up using the foundation too quickly to justify the price. I am lucky to have clear skin and just need to cover up a little redness/even out my skin tone. I use about 1/2-1 pump daily and I expect it to last me around 10 months- a year. I unfortunately cant see the remaining amount, but its been going strong for over 8 months now, so its high price tag doesn't bother me. I love this product so much that I already have a back up, my first time repeat buying a foundation and I wont be trying any other formulas as long as this is around. Now for the many many pros. I can use this foundation in the same shade all year round, since it is not too heavy I feel like it easily blends in with my skin tone- even when I am darker with a tan it still matches perfectly. I get a medium coverage from this foundation by buffing it in with a foundation brush in the winter to cover any redness, then during summer with a tan & more even skin tone It can be applied with a beauty blender for lighter coverage & a more sheer look. This foundation does not oxidize, crease, dry out, become greasy looking or separate on my face all day. I am lucky to have a normal skin type, more on the slightly oily side if anything and I do not need to blot or re-apply all day if my makeup is properly set (not sure if this would be the same in the case of a more oily skin complexion). In the winter this foundation does not stick to the odd dry patch I have, and I have heard that this foundation also works amazingly for people with extreamly dry skin. The people saying that this foundation is not long lasting probably just aren't prepping/setting their faces right, because this foundation lasts on my face all day without having to touch up and doesn't transfer onto any items that touch my face, I work two jobs, as a hygienist with a mask on, and as a server where I run around becoming sweaty for up to 12 hours at a time, and I think my face still looks pretty darn good at the end of a long day. Did I mention this foundation also has SPF 30 in it? I am only 25 years old and have always had fairly clear/tight skin so have not noticed a difference there, but have read many reviews that say this foundation also has firming/lifting & skincare properties, which also attributes to its price. I apologize for the novel review, but when online shopping for makeup I rely heavily on reading reviews. I first bought this on a whim and I am so happy I tried it! I hope this helps explain the high price tag and many benefits of this wonderful foundation :) « less" - Sephora user

Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup by Estée Lauder

"This foundation comes in a lightweight squeezy container, which is amazing for portability plus I find it less messy and wasteful than standard foundations. The foundation itself is creamy and not runny at all, but it spreads very evenly onto the face. It applies fabulously with a brush but I prefer to use fingers, as I feel this warms up the foundation a bit to help it blend. I blend out from the middle and it gives a glowy look at first but dries down to a natural, semi-matte finish. The coverage is amazing, it covers blemishes and redness so well - I'd say it covers just as well as the normal Double Wear, but with a different (less matte) finish. Because it's less matte, I find it more flattering on the slightly uneven texture of my skin. It gives an illusion of lovely smooth skin, but doesn't look like you're wearing heavy foundation. This is the best foundation I've found for combination skin, as it doesn't dry out or cause flakiness on the drier parts of my face, but it also controls oil really well on the shinier parts. I work full time and also attend evening classes, so I can personally testify that this lasts over 16 hours (!) on me without a primer or setting powder. I'm really particular about my base makeup looking good as I think it makes a huge difference, and this foundation even seemed to make my blusher last longer. I wore this foundation to my wedding about 18 months ago, and it lasted even in heat exceeding 40 degrees! It also photographed beautifully - even in the un-retouched photos from family and friends, my face looked airbrushed! My skin really isn't that great naturally, so this is a LIFESAVER. I'm a total foundation addict and have tried most of the high end brands, but this wins every time. Thanks Estee Lauder, this is absolutely my favourite product! Please bring out more shades though, like you have done for Double Wear - as a pale warm-toned girl, shade 1.0 is a little too dark and pinky for me in the winter. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3928115401085027846-full" data-show="3928115401085027846-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

Gloprotective Liquid Foundation by glo minerals

"This foundation is by far the BEST available and I've tried a ton of brands. I have some melasma and a little acne scarring and this foundation covers easily. You can "build" to give a little more coverage where needed and it has a perfect satin finish, not too shiny nor too dull/dry. It does not settle in fine lines, it lasts all day without getting "cakey" or needing touch ups and does not feel heavy or "mask-like".The ONLY product that covers better is Glo pressed base, which I also love. However because the pressed base is a powder, I find this foundation a better choice if you have dry or mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles or any acne scarring or issues with texture as I have.I wish Glo offered smaller "sample" sizes for sale, as finding the exact correct shade was a bit challenging and costly. My correct shade in the pressed base was not the same as my shade in this foundation. « less" - canada.gloprofessional.com user

Redness Solutions Makeup Foundation with Probiotic Technology by Clinique

"Background: I have acne-prone, Asian light-medium with warm tones, combo-oily skin with medium size pores and some hyperpigmentation. This did not break me out. Shade: 3/5. Not a fan of the selection of shades. I settled on Neutral, which (thank god) makes my skin a teensy bit darker but overall works (it makes me look healthy, rather than washed out) Packaging: 5/5! Definitely is hygienic, there's a dropper-like opening at the top of the tube that allows consistent dispensing of the foundation without allowing bacteria or other stuff to get inside easily. Very nice when compared with other foundations with pour-out hole openings Application: 4/5. I use my fingers, rather than a brush. 3 dots on each cheek, 2 on my forehead, 2 on nose, and 2 on chin, then I blend everything out. Takes me about 30 seconds, muchh faster than when I used mineral makeup. This is smooth and dries quickly, and doesn't rub off that easily. Coverage is medium, but can be built on to add more coverage. In fact, I dab a few more dots of this as a concealer for my trouble spots. Sunscreen coverage: this has spf 15, which is an OK amount but I live in sunny California so I use another SPF 30 (or more depending on the day) sunscreen before this Redness reducing claim: Clinique claims that over time, this will actually help minimize redness on the skin. Well, I've used it for approximately one month now and can testify that that is TRUE. It's amazing, I know. I couldn't believe it myself, but my skin truly looks less red and flushed (I break out easily and always had troubled flushed skin). Overall: Highly recommended if you suffer from facial redness (acne, rosacea, or eczema). « less" - viewpoints.com user

Country Mist Liquid Makeup Foundation by Estée Lauder

"Country Mist is the first makeup I have tried that comes close to E.L.'s Enlighten that was discontinued about 5 yrs ago. It has a light, natural coverage that does not crease or become dry. It will be my luck Country Mist will go next now that I have finally found a foundation that works for me.I have fair skin with a touch of pink undertones, over 55 with no wrinkles. I love the moist, dewy look, leaves my skin feeling good all day.The darker Country Mist color works perfectly. All other Estee Lauder colors are made for yellow or orange tones. Nothing else E.L. has blends with my skin. There are still a few of us who need light neutral colors with a hint of pink, Estee Lauder, please.The fragrance is that of E.L's original EsteDerm moisturizer lotion and cream which I started using at age 17. Of course, that was discontinued in the late 90's.I love the light, elegant fragrance. The price is wonderful for us retired folks. I highly recommend Country Mist Liquid Makeup if you have normal to dry gracefully aging skin.Please do not discontinue Country Mist now that I have finally found it. « less" - Estée Lauder user

Radiant Fluid Foundation by Cle de Peau Beaute

"I love, love, love this foundation. I wasn't a fan of the concealer, but this foundation is awesome. Pros: -Super natural, life-like skin. I would say the finish is satin and it feels like NOTHING on your skin because of its liquid format. There is no powdery finish to this foundation, nor is it overly luminous to emphasize every texture on your skin. It simply is like skin. I powder my T-zone and my smile lines and I usually get shiny by early afternoon, but that did not happen with this. I looked immaculate still by the evening. -Comes in a pump! Easy to dispense! -No heavy fragrance. There is a slight scent, but you can't smell it too much. This is a big thing for me, because the La Mer foundation was so strong in scent that I hated it. -Comes in a cream format too for those who want more coverage Cons: -The price. I know, I know, I know. It's so "up there" and so ridiculous, but I haven't had a good foundation like this for a long time, even compared to Giorgio Armani or La Mer. This one really is worth it. -Narrow color range. The color selection is poor (where are the darker shades for WOC?) I have NC20 cool-yellow skin tone with olive undertones, and I bought O10. When I applied it to my face, it looked great, but was a little light around my forehead, because I have a naturally more tan forehead (NC25). After about 2 minutes though, it adjusted to my skintone and looked perfect. I know it's odd, but it did. When I looked at my hand where I had put the foundation, it looked pink! It's very odd, but it matches my face, but seems to adjust to every surface it touches. I would recommend everyone to try it out if you have a Nordstrom near you. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation 16HR  by vichy

"What can I say? After planning to get married in may and wanting to do my own make up (various reasons mostly that I'm a control freak) the search began for a foundation that matched my skin tone, stayed on all day,stayed flawless all day and had an excellent coverage. I tried big brands, and none of them impressed me at all. Whether within hours I looked like I hadn't bothered with make up or whether it oxidised so much during the day I looked like an oompah loompah. The worst was one that didn't even attempt to hide a dark circle- a must if you're a mum to an 18 month old that thinks sleeping is for the dead. So after lots of research, and a Google search for 'full coverage foundation' up popped vichy derma blend. Described as giving excellent coverage with a natural looking finish that stayed put all day. Even over the Christmas period look fantastic got it to me within like 3 days- free delivery- I was one happy little Christmas elf! I couldn't wait to put it on and as soon as I did. I was blown away. Throughout the day it didn't crease, it didn't falter and my face didn't slide halfway off- it even survived an afternoon nap! I was so impressed I came back and bought another one. My skin doesn't feel heavy or gross or full of product. It looks like my skin- just flawless. You barely need any concealer-literally just under my eyes these days and it blends so easily. I couldn't be more impressed and I couldn't be more in love with this product. Infact my hairdresser and best friend just placed an order and I was told I was the goddess of makeup when they tried it so there you go. 3 happy loyal ladies to you now. Considering it's half the price of its competitors and doesn't clog your skin like the others I think I've found my holy grail product. A very happy, very flawless looking bride to be! « less" - lookfantastic.com user

Line Smoothing Liquid Makeup by Almay

"I just love this stuff. Bought on vacation as I needed something. It is very natural looking, does not feel like a foundation, more like a tinted moisturizer but dries with a silky velvet texture. I do not need powder over this to set it; it sets and dries on its own (hate powder) and lasts all day long. I usually use a TM and am finding those to be too thick these days and goopy. This provides just enough coverage to make me feel "done". For those with dry skin that want a light to medium coverage - doubt it will work with oily skin. Only bad thing I can say (and I have tried so many foundations - hated them all), is that the bottle cap is horrible. Wish it came in a tube or pump to keep it sanitary and not spill. This is the "old style" glass packaging for a foundation, and its a "new style" skin finish style foundation so Almay needs to get with the program. Also has a light smell and wish it had no smell but it is not too overpowering. If this continues to work, I will be thrilled as I am now spending $55 on the same amount of foundation (high end stuff) and this is nicer, better overall color, finish, texture, etc. « less" - drugstore.com user

Cover Perfection Concealer Foundation by The SAEM

"Initially I hesitated to buy this foundation because in Korea, many customers gave review that it is not as good as The Seam Concealer but anyhow, I gave it a try and I was totally amazed with this foundation. The Saem has never let me down. I think it works exactly like what it has claimed. It is a foundation & a concealer at the same time. I bought the rich beige tone and to my surprise, it didn't disappoint me like what others have said. It actually gives full coverage, conceals any blemishes and covers the skin excellently. The tone actually suites me so well. It doesn't get patchy but it settles between my fine lines after 5 hours. It doesn't break down easily and i think it is very god even for people who have oily skin like me. It has a matte finish but becomes glowy after a couple of hours if you have excessive sebum production.I highly recommend this foundation! Less" - yesstyle.com user

Re-Nutriv Ultra Radiance Makeup SPF 15 by Estée Lauder

"I absolutely 😍 this foundation. I have been using it for a few months now and I swear it made my skin feel and look better. It is a pricier foundation, but totally worth every penny in my opinion. You do not need to use a lot of it and one bottle lasted me 3 1/2 months. I recently ran out so I have to wait until Thursday to get a new bottle, so I am using some Channel foundation I had. I used to think Channel was the holy grail of make-up, but the Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv is close to perfect as foundation can get. It does not settle into lines, it stays on all day and you can not feel it on at all. Another plus I noticed on my skin a month after using was how my skin became more radiant looking. I also noticed that fine lines around my eye and mouth area were reduced by at least 50%. Yet, another plus are how my cheeks do not have a bumpy appearance to them, because the foundation does not settle on the skin in a cake-like way. I wear the pebble color and apply it with a moist make-up sponge. I found it is a little less expensive to get it online. Estée Lauder online also has some pretty nice make-up sets you can purchase at a discounted price. I Includes my picture that I took with my phones camera a couple weeks ago. I did not use any filters to enhance my face in any way, just facing the sun. This picture was taken after wearing the foundation for 6 hours on my face with no re-apply. Less" - esteelauder.ch user

Oxygenating Foundation by Oxygenetix

"I read about this product in a magazine and took a gamble that the taupe shade would work on my skin. I absolutely love it! I dot one pump over my face and blend with a foundation brush. It offers light coverage which can be layered for additional coverage. I add a dusting of mineral powder to set and remove shine. It feels very light on the skin and doesn't melt in the Texas heat. My skin looks like great skin, not like skin wearing foundation. " - dermstore user

Aqua Foundation by Koh Gen Do

A high-definition, long-wearing mineral foundation.

Amazing Concealer Liquid Foundation by Amazing Cosmetics

"I never thought I'd see the day where my genetically DARK circles were actually covered up! If you have dark circles from lack of sleep or something aside from genetics, try to imagine how hard it would be to wake up with two black eyes everyday that no concealer could ever *really* get rid of and then having to reapply every hour just to make sure you don't look disgusting. It's embarrassing and a constant source of insecurity.I have been using MUFE's full coverage/waterproof concealer for months, and I personally feel that product dried my eyes out and caused more wrinkles. It was difficult to blend, dried too quickly, and ended up looking cakey and aging me by the end of the day. Before MUFE, I had used everything under the sun, and thought this was as close as I'd ever get to "perfect coverage." But after hating my face at the end of the day these past few weeks, I decided to do some research and VOILA! Amazing Cosmetics concealer popped up and came to my rescue!The good:1. It's creamy and so, so, SO easy to blend.2. A little really goes a long way, even with the most severe dark circles.3. It will last you all day - just dab some setting powder on top and you're good to go.4. Doesn't feel dry, doesn't get cakey, and is the least creasing concealer I have used thus far.5. Because of the texture, it's a breeze to blend and use as a highlighter for a more natural look.6. You can easily apply to your whole face for a quick, fresh look on the go.7. Actually feels hydrating and I don't feel like I'm aging my eyes at the end of the day.8. Finally, I should probably also mention that it expertly covers blemishes.How I use it:1. Squeeze a small amount on my hand (we're talking less than pea-sized, people - this stuff is powerful!) because apparently this warms it up and makes it easier to apply.2. Dab my brush into it and spread on under eyes while looking up to really get in those creases (can apply to your eyelids too if you don't want to wear eyeshadow)3. Blend like it's a highlighter to my cheeks (and eventually all over my face if I don't want to apply foundation).4. Apply setting powder (I use Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder which has a tint so it helps to further blend and avoid raccoon eyes).5. Look fabulous ALL DAY!If you are blessed with normal eyes, congratulations, I'm jealous. This tube could probably last you five years. For me, it will still probably last at least a year, which makes it insanely worth the price. I am beyond excited since finding this product and feel so relieved that I can stop feeling gross and constantly worrying about my eyes while I'm at work. It honestly doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything. I can't recommend this product enough! No matter what kind of eyes or blemishes you have, this product will work wonders, I'm sure of it. Please give it a try!PS - Always, always, always make sure you use an eyecream to properly hydrate your eyes before applying concealer to the area. Otherwise, dry eyes are inevitable. Less" - Sephora user

Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation SPF 20 by Shiseido

"I never write foundation reviews, because I never like one enough. I'm not some die-hard Shiseido fan either; I keep trying different foundations as I'm a cosmetic junkie. And I've tried many, from drugstore to high-end (Armani, Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, YSL, etc.) to Japanese & Korean brands. I almost never empty a bottle. Yet, this is currently the first foundation I keep going back to - when I want to look good and healthy. It's not a full coverage foundation, so those with more skin issues/who like full coverage may not find this covers enough. This foundation has a light, watery consistency and dewy finish - almost like you're not wearing makeup. I like natural makeup, so that's what I'm looking for, and 1 push with this pump is almost too much (I feel like I'm wasting the product - but for a normal person it's probably a good amount). I buff it out with a dense brush, like one from Artis or Shiseido, and it doesn't sit in my pores - it looks very smooth. If you want to know how natural it looks: My dermatologist had to ask if I'm wearing any makeup. I use it with Honest Beauty Everything Primer (pore-blurring ones with silica didn't work too well); that seems to work best so far. I tried it with one of the Japanese Shiseido primers, and oddly enough, it didn't seem as compatible. I'm an Asian with not too much yellow undertone, MAC NC20/021 in Dior, and N2 works well. At the end of the day my nose gets slightly shiny, but nothing a sheet of tissue/blotting paper can't fix. I'd take that over dryness any day. My cheeks tend to be on the slightly dry side, so this may not be best fit for oily skin. The only fault I find with this foundation is that it has slight fragrance - it's a known skin irritant, and I could have done without. (It's not too overpowering.) Other than that, if I were having my wedding today, this would be the foundation I'd wear. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Dream Radiant Liquid Medium Coverage Hydrating Foundation by Maybelline

Maybelline's Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation is the lightweight hydrating foundation your skin won't want to take off. Hydrates skin, is formulated with hyaluronic acid and collagen. Medium coverage foundation for normal to dry skin. Delivers instant radiance that glows.

Even Better Refresh Hydrating And Repairing Makeup by Clinique

Clinique's Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup is a full-coverage foundation with 24-hour wear that revitalizes skin for a more youthful look.

Stay Tuned Balancing Foundation by origins

"Env: developmentOrigins Stay Tuned Balancing Face Makeup is a God-send. If you are someone who cannot tolerate many foundations without breaking out (or getting a robin's egg sized cyst on your cheek like me), this is the perfect foundation for you.When I first tried it on at the Origins counter in Macys, I was hopeful and skeptical about this product. I'd tried so many natural, hypoallergenic foundations from places like Whole Foods to drug stores, that I was pretty discouraged about finding something that worked for me. The only other foundation that didn't irritate my sensitive skin was Almay's Pure Blends foundation, but the downside of that was it left my skin looking like I was wearing an oil spill. Origins Stay Tuned Foundation, however, was perfect! It provided decent, layerable coverage without caking up or looking too oily. My skin liked it and got along just fine with this foundation.In addition, this foundation does not dry out your skin, like so other foundations do. It is oil free, but it really nourishes your skin. Of course, you always have to use moisturizers, but that is a given with any foundation. I never feel like my skin gets tired of this foundation or gets stripped by it in any way. It's gentle, smooth, and layers on quite nicely.Some natural foundations (think Whole Foods), do not provide decent coverage. In fact, the one I tried there did not even provide coverage. This foundation, however, is easy to build up depending on how much coverage you want for the day. This is a huge plus when you're looking for a natural foundation, because many of the other choices out there simply do not do their job.Env: development Less" - viewpoints.com user

The Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation by Kevyn Aucoin

"While this is quite fluid and sheer, it offers excellent coverage.It is not full coverage, but just enough to even out skin tone. You can build layers for more coverage without it appearing too heavy. I was quite satisfied with the results from only 2 pumps warmed on the hand. I added a wee bit more to the under eye area for more coverage under my eyes.While I prefer the coverage of the creamy foundation from Dolce & Gabbana, Kevyn Aucoin feels much lighter on the skin in comparison. I will try adding a second layer on problem areas that need more coverage. I would rather not use the D&B foundation because it is much too heavy for summer, and it tends to crease and appear oily as the hours pass. I do not have oily skin, I have dryer skin, so I was surprised by this.Kevyn Aucoin's foundation did not show any creasing for several hours and it did not seem to dry out the skin. The finish is fresh in appearance. There was slight creasing at the end of the night where it is expected, such as laugh lines and wrinkles around the eye area, but nothing drastic.People with dry to very dry skin need to moisturize well before applying this. I would try to avoid using any product that is overly drying because this product is not moisturizing. I am going to try using this foundation without setting powder next time. I feel the Kat Von D contour kit may have caused some flaking later in the evening.This foundation pairs well with Lancôme MAQUICOMPLET - Complete Coverage Concealer. Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer is a lovely compliment to the finish of this foundation.My teen daughter commented on how great my makeup still looks after being on for so long. She said the foundation seems to be a better match for my skin than the Dolce & Gabbana.I was very surprised with how well the foundation color blended with my own skin. I guessed which number would work for me based on reviews. This product is not available at my local Sephora, so I had to "just go for it" online.I have medium to light skin with pink/neutral undertones.It's hard to say because sometimes I appear more on the yellow side. I always go with something neutral for having both colors in my skin.I purchased this in #5, but I might have needed a #6.Although the #5 still worked quite well, it was slightly lighter compared to my neck and chest skin. I still have some color from summer. As winter approaches, it is likely that will fade. #5 will remain my winter color until I get a proper match at a Sephora makeup counter. « less" - Sephora user

Advanced Hydro Liquid Foundation by Shiseido

"I almost never write reviews, but I love this foundation enough to do it! I've been wearing it for at least 3 years. I've tried others from time to time to see if there's something better, some less expensive, some more expensive, some even from Shiseido. I doubt I'll ever bother with that again, because there just isn't anything better out there. I put a little water on the sponge if I want extra sheer coverage, but even without that its never thick, heavy or cakey in feel or look. I have slight rosaeca/broken capellieries and it smooths that out like they don't even exist, with very little coverage, and goes on like a dream in only a few seconds (I have no patience for spending more than 5 minutes on make-up in the morning). Luminous but not shiney. Stays on all day, but super fast/easy to remove. I use 040 and it is a PERFECT match for my pale but slightly olive skin (w slight redness), and I mean literally a perfect match. I get compliments on my skin ALL the time since wearing this, and people are often surpised at my age. The age thing could be genetics, but I'd bet this make up is at LEAST partially responsible. Again, dewey and luminous but somehow not shiny. How do they do that? Seriously, this is the best stuff ever. In every way. I will never wear anything else, I just hope they never stop making it. It's PERFECT! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Macy's user

Photogenic Lumessence SPF 15 Foundation  by Lancôme

"Now that I'm 47 1/2....I've been seeing more signs of aging lately.... and more and more products are just settling into my pores and wrinkles and emphasizing them. Ugh. Until the past few months, people used to think I was 10 years younger than I was, but recent stress has sped up the aging process for me, so it appears. Anyway, I was about to give up on having great-looking skin ever again until I found this foundation. But WOW, this foundation has virtually turned back the clock and makes my face look 10 years younger (once again, yay!). With this foundation, my face looks MUCH more luminous and healthy, and it does NOT settle into pores or wrinkles. This foundation so far is actually improving my large forehead wrinkle quite a bit. (I've only used this for about a week and a half so far.) Also this foundation has good coverage but doesn't look phony or cakey. I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! Pricey but absolutely worth it! Less" - Macy's user

Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation by Clarins

"I purchased this foundation after hearing positive reviews about it, and I must say I'm not disappointed in the slightest. The foundation comes in a glass, pump bottle, it is a little heavy, but don't let that put you off! The pump is great as it is really precise and you can control exactly how much you want dispensed, so no fear of wasting any! The bottle looks very chic and glamorous as well with the gold lid, so no embarrassment when you pull it out of your makeup bag in public! The foundation itself has quite a thin consistency, yet it will still manage to cover imperfections and evens out skin tone to a uniform colour, giving a medium finish. It feels very lightweight on the skin and you don't get the heavy, mask feeling that a lot of foundations give. It has a fresh watermelon scent, which is quite pleasant, but only lasts while you're applying the foundation, it fades within seconds, so no lingering smells if you don't like watermelons! The finish is a cross between dewy and matte, it's a very difficult appearance to describe, but I have combination skin, and it manages to moisturise the dry areas, as well as stopping any oily areas looking shiny. It is oil free, and has pretty good lasting power- after a day's wear it still looks fresh, and when I remove my makeup in the evening after applying it in the morning, there is most definitely foundation coming off on my cotton pad, so I know it has lasted throughout the day and hasn't faded away. Clarins say it replicates real skin and this is a high claim, but I think it does a fair job. As long as you blend well, the foundation sinks into your skin without any obvious traces that you're wearing it. All in all, a really fantastic foundation, provides natural, medium coverage, and not only that, but several people have commented on how lovely my skin looks. I can 100% see myself repurchasing his when my current bottle runs out. Am I impressed? YES! A foundation which really does what it says it will! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="255065517289182435-full" data-show="255065517289182435-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Escentual user

Flawless Creator Lightweight Foundation by dermablend

Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation Drops is the Winner of O, The Oprah Magazine Beauty Awards. These oil-free liquid foundation makeup drops, contain a high concentration of pigments with weightless coverage that's blendable, buildable and customizable.

True Radiance Foundation SPF 15 by Clarins

"As a forty-something with slightly dry skin I usually avoid foundation as I've always thought it makes me look older and wrinklier than I am without it! My skin is becoming a little uneven and duller as I am dragged screaming into my forties and a Clarins Consultant recommended I try this new product. The colour match was absolutely perfect and the makeup instantly evens out and perks up my complexion. I am left with a lovely,dewy glow which lasts all day and it also provides additional moisturising without it sliding around my face. It provides quite light coverage and looks natural which I really like. It makes my skin look better without looking heavily made up and it doesn't sit in creases. I never thought I'd rate a foundation having hated every one I've tried prior to this but I have to say I'm definitely a fan. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3207804311465574760-full" data-show="3207804311465574760-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Debenhams user

Lift Lumiere Firming And Smoothing Sunscreen Fluid by Chanel

"I am always open to finding the "something better" when it comes to skin care and makeup. I am not a spring chicken anymore, but I still have a lot of enthusiasm and zest for life. I want my makeup to make the best of what I have (or...what I have left :-) )CHANEL's LIFT LUMIERE is that kind of find. I am very picky about what I put on my face, and particularly fussing about foundation, which makes or breaks your overall look. I have very dry skin and aging doesn't improve that! This foundation is marvelous. It is a creamy, lotion formula and it goes on smoothly and covers beautifully. You can apply a thin coat first, then assess the overall look, and apply more where you might need it. For me, it's usually under eyes and along the sides of my nose, which took a lot of sun damage while I grew up on the beach. That sun damage creates little spots of darker color there. Lift Lumiere can be layered and built upon so you can really cover those pesky areas that need more.What I like BEST about LIFT LUMIERE is that it just does not sink into my tiny wrinkles and crevices; It magically blends them down and does not gather into them. Amazing.I highly recommend this foundation: delicious texture, beautiful coverage. « less" - Nordstrom user

Skin Caring Foundation SPF 20 by exuviance

Exuviance coverblend skin caring foundation spf 20 offers light to medium, all-day coverage + powerful anti-aging benefits. Formulated to visibly reduce the signs of aging while providing all-day coverage, treatment and protection from the sun.

Capture Totale Foundation by Dior

"I have combo, sensitive skin prone to redness, and sadly in the winter time my skin gets extra dry around certain areas like my mouth and forehead. I am NC20 skintone and I got the color 021 and it matched me perfectly. I used to use the Dior Nudeskin and 021 was my color in that range as well. As Ive been gearing up for spring, I ended up with a horrid allergic reaction courtesy of BareMinerals. My entire face was bumpy, irritated, itchy, and dry like Saharan sandpaper. It would drink up moisturizer within minutes(!) and I had to keep reapplying to keep my face from feeling too taut and uncomfortable. Even though La Mer moisturizer offered me the most relief, it was still temporary and I needed reapplication throughout the day. Yes, it was that bad. Anyway, I purchased this because I was looking for a foundation that I could use during situations like this when my skin needs something extra loving and supportive; something gentle that performs in a skin-like way when applied, with specific anti-aging properties. The dryness made me worried I would form wrinkles from this experience because my skin was so dry, rough and taut... so anti-aging properties were important. I had purchased the Dior cushion foundation and since I had such great response with the Capture Totale/Dreamskin serum ingredient, I did not hesitate to purchase this. I am so happy to report that this foundation was a Godsend for what I needed. It kept my skin calm(amazingly, because my skin has been screaming in exclamation points for the last week), didnt accentuate any dry spots or (potential) wrinkles, was gentle, and just made me feel like I had normal skin on my face again. Yes my skin was still dry but this foundation did not let it get any worse than it already was all day, which is a feat unto itself. On normal skin I would imagine this would lend youthful glow and balance all day, which I am a huge fan of as it is. I found this foundation buildable and look very skin-like and real. If you have mature and or sensitive skin that needs a soothing foundation, I highly highly recommend this. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation by Rimmel

"My classmate has some bad acne scarring. It's red, it's bumpy, and she finds it embarrassing. She uses this foundation every day and it literally covers it up to the point you don't realize just how much makeup she's wearing or that she has some skin concerns. It makes her skin look smooth and neutralizes the redness.I have some pretty intense acne scarring myself (bunch of bright red post inflammation scarring) that I can't seem to find a good enough foundation to cover.I decided to try this because I usually only use top brands like Tarte, Too Faced, MUFE, etc. but none of them were working.One application of this product, literally only a pea sized amount, and it completely covers all of my scarring!!You HAVE to move quickly with this product or it'll set too quickly and won't blend well. I use my brush and dab the product all over before blending it in.You HAVE to use a primer underneath it (my fav is Dermalogica's redness relief spf primer) preferably a silky one, or it'll sink into your pores/texture and won't look so flawless.You HAVE to set it with a setting spray (my go to is Urban Decay's all nighter spray) because it smooths out the texture more/melts the product into a more natural look, and makes it wear longer.And you HAVE to use as little as possible. When I used too much you could tell because it looked super cakey under my eyes/upper cheeks.This foundation lasted 3 hours before it started to shift and look a little cakey, and it lasted 10 hours before it started to completely separate.I LOVE this stuff but other than the prone-ness to look a little cakey, I find that it makes my sensitive skin a little itchy after initial application. But I am still discovering my skin allergies so it should be ok for other sensitive types.Overall I love this product and every one who is oily, sensitive and has scarring/dark spots to cover should try it! Less" - ulta.com user

Photo Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 - PA+++ by Givenchy

"I don't have the greatest skin: my facial complexion is prone to breakouts and congestion, is on the drier side, and can be sallow and more red than the skin on my neck. I also live in a humid area, so foundations have the potential to become shiny oil-slicks on my face if I'm not careful. My skin is pretty pale with neutral undertones on top of this, so it can be tricky to find foundations which are light enough to suit me and won't oxidize into an orange mask. Since my makeup routine includes other products like sunscreen, concealer, and powder, what I look for in a foundation specifically is a decent light-to-medium coverage without being full and cakey, a color that matches my neck and has some sallow and redness-correcting properties, a formulation that won't break me out, and has a finish that is close to natural and will stay put for a decent length of time without disappearing, caking, or oxidizing drastically. Personally, I think this is a lovely foundation. It has a really nice, light texture that's easy to apply with my foundation brush, and it has buildable coverage -- I'd say from light to medium on problem skin, without concealer. This foundation does not immediately sink in and accentuate my uneven skin texture or dryness. The most amazing thing about it, though, is how it helps erase my shadows and sallowness. For those with hereditary dark undereye circles and other darker patches of the face, you might need a little bit of concealer on top of this, but when it comes to the unevenness stemming from a lack of sleep or being tired, this Givenchy foundation REALLY helps. Again, for zits and lots of concentrated redness, you'll need extra concealing if you want it hidden. If I have to wear this for several hours, it does not cake too much around my nose and other dry areas -- it will "sink" a little after a while, but not as much as other foundations I have used. The little bit of oil that seeps through on my skin after a long day does not render this foundation gross, but actually works well with this formulation. If my skin texture is more uneven that day, I will still want to blot after a while as to not draw attention to bumps, but on clearer days, the finish becomes almost dewy (but will still lightly sink in around my nose). If I'm having a really bad skin day, where I have terrible breakouts or lots of redness all over, I'll forgo this foundation and use another that's more full-coverage, even though full-coverage isn't my favorite; I'm not sure this one is quite capable of handling intense redness. Also, this foundation DOES oxidize a little, but not so much where I look orange. However, it's something to keep in mind when choosing a color. Ultimately, I really like this foundation and will probably purchase it again in the future. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6869702554061535462-full" data-show="-6869702554061535462-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Moisture Rich Foundation by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I have exceptionally fair skin - lily white. It's so fair that I've never been able to find a product that matches my skin tone in drugstores and in higher-end cosmetics lines. It is SO hard!!! I've literally tried everything in drugstores and department stores.I did a google search looking for foundation for extremely fair skin and Bobbi Brown in Alabaster kept coming up as a good one. This is the closest match that I have EVER had. There is no demarcation on my face in natural sunlight. If I were to nitpick, it could even be a bit lighter and it would be a better match - but I'm not going to complain as this is the closest match I've ever had. Although, maybe someday they will come out with a lighter shade (hint, hint Bobbi Brown!)Not only that, but it doesn't irritate my highly sensitive skin which is prone to break outs.AND - the moisture rich formula is wonderful. I have combination skin - very dry in some places and oily in others like around my nose. But this foundation lasts so long! So much longer than my "oil-control" foundations! And it has more moisture in drier areas. I found with other foundations I had to reapply every 2 or 3 hours. But Moisture Rich lasts for a good 6 hours before I need to reapply. I also use Bobbi Brown powder in white - also a good choice because it really helps control oil as well without looking chalky or being drying.I was worried about the level of coverage when I bought the foundation, since I'm only 26 and I didn't want super heavy coverage, but actually it's pretty natural looking. Good coverage, but it doesn't really LOOK like makeup. I was also wary about paying $50 CAD per bottle but I can tell you from experience that with this product, you get what you pay for - it's a wonderful quality foundation. I don't think I will ever buy a NON-Bobbi Brown foundation ever again. If they ever stop selling the alabaster shade I will probably need professional help or I'll have to make my own because there just isn't a lighter shade out there of this quality. Less" - bobbibrowncosmetics.ca user

Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation by Lancôme

"I have acne scars, and huge pores on my cheeks but this really makes me look as though I've perfect, glowing skin. The coverage can be a sheer or as full as needed. And amazingly enough, the need for a concealer for my acne scars is COMPLETELY unnecessary. Seriously: my skin is far from perfection, but this helps me to fake it, and naturally so. Plus, you can still see MY skin, I don't feel as though I've a caked on veil on my face, if anything a sheer wash of radiance. Additionally I've oily skin, so the ultra moisturizing benefits of this foundation are good, but do cause me to have shine, however no more than with any other foundations I've tried in the past. I will try a primer to minimize the problem. Also, although it does the best job I've ever experienced at minimizing the look of pores, they are still not completely concealed, so definitely a primer is a must for this. A sheer powder over it would do well to benefit the overall look of the skin, although if the skin does not suffer too much from shine, I suggest to veto it, as there really is a great dewy look to be benefited from without a finishing powder. It's scentless, and perfect for sensitive skin, I don't break out from this, if anything I feel I'm doing myself and my skin a huge favor. I reckon for girls with dry skin, or normal skin the moisturizing benefits of this foundation are absolutely wonderful. It light, beautiful, natural perfection. I suppose I've just a single complaint, or more really, a regret: as others have stated, the colors do seem to be too yellow. I wear 0n, as its the closest match but I feel the colors could cater more to other undertones. I also bought 1n at the same time to see if it would be preferable for me, but its a tad too dark for now, although definitely much less yellow. I also had to purchase and wait directly from Lancome. I do wish sephora would sell the darker hues, have they forgotten our tan, olive complexions, and the deeper ones? ;) Really, all women should have the benefit of trying this at sephora, as its most convenient, and most catering to our desires for prompt satisfaction for all beauty needs. Don't even hesitate to try this. In all honesty, I HATE wearing makeup. I love it, but hate to wear it. In the past I've always strayed away from and been afraid of the masked look or super unnatural airbrushed look most liquid foundations seem to always have. So instead I leaned towards BE and also Philosophy's airbrushed mineral foundation, and fresh's face luster, hoping to achieve naturally beautiful looking skin. I was severely discontented with the results of all of those, I sought more coverage, more radiance, more freedom in my makeup. This foundation is perfect for me, because it does all of that, and makes me feel as though I haven't any secrets to hide about my skin, only secrets about how I get it to look so beautiful. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2069030529602826637-full" data-show="-2069030529602826637-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Mineral Primer by youngblood

"I am completely amazed at how much I like this product. A long and nasty battle with acne left my cheeks studded with ugly pock marks. I have tried dozens of remedies over the years (I amin the Senior Citizen category!), and nothing even came close to looking natural. This primer does, just a tiny bit applied after moisturizer provides a smooth surface for my foundation, a smooth, very natural base. It's unbelievable, and I am very grateful. " - lovelyskin.com user

Truly Lasting Color 16 Hour by Almay

"I have been using this product for 11 years now, and it has been a wonderful product. I use the ''Honey Shade'' - depending on your skin tone, my skin tone is medium - not to dark and not to light. This particular shade blends in well with my natural skin color, and it makes me look radiant and natural. After I wash my face, I use a cosmetic white circle sponges from "Target Brand", and with the sturdy easy to use pump, I pour the a small amount on the sponge, and I start padding my face, and moving the sponge on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. Please note: After you finish with the sponge, throw it in the garbage, you don't want to reuse it, because if you have oily skin, then you will reapply all the unhealthy oil back to your skin. Use a fresh sponge when applying this product, for oily skin users. If you have dry skin, buy a clear empty compact, or a mirror empty compact, and place your sponge inside, and re-use it if you like through out the day. The next day, use a fresh sponge. You may use a powder brush as well. What ever makes you comfortable. You can use your fingers, but it just wouldn't be spread evenly in my opinion. I love that it covers any imperfections, it does wonders on acne, they will vanish - not completely, but it WILL remove the redness, and the ugliness of the bump. It's SPF 15 so, it's great for minimal sun exposure, not great if you're on the direct sunlight for more than 4hrs straight. The product does fall throughout the day, it does not stay on for the 16hrs it claims to state on the front bottle, then again maybe it's just on my skin. I have oily skin. In my case, it starts to fall after about 5 1/2 to 6 hours of wear, of course you can always re-apply a fresh coat. Depending on your job activities, or working under ac in an office will last you a little bit longer, at most 7-8 hours. What I love about it the most, is that this blends well, it does not clog pores, its a hypoallergenic product, covers acne very well, and has no smells. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3019825604641810476-full" data-show="-3019825604641810476-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation by Dior

"NEW HOLY GRAIL! This foundation is everything it’s supposed to be and better! It is a healthy matte finish; I have dry skin and it does not accentuate but rather covers flawlessly over my dryer areas. So dry skin girls can also use this! Towards the end of the day, I still barely see any oil coming through and that’s not usually the case for me. So this does the great job at controlling your oils! I don’t even use a primer with mine. I just put it over my Dior DreamSkin serum! Color range: I am certain there can be lighter shades than the lightest shade in this range. However, there are 24 shades with various undertones; warm (golden), neutral, cool (rosy). Yes, you may still have a hard time if the lightest shade is still too dark, but other than that, I think the shade range is fantastic. I am 30 yrs old and have pretty decent skin. My main skin concerns are fine lines, pores, and dullness. This foundation is FULL COVERAGE. On my skin, it doesn’t even need to be built up, it is very full coverage after one coat. I even learned that I like to give it an extra blend because it is so much coverage. I would be careful how much you put on your face prior to blending out because a little bit really does spread and go a long way with this foundation. I use half of what I would normally use. It is so flawless and beautiful. It photographs nicely as well as there isn’t any SPF. The finish is a “luminous matte”, but a very soft and natural one. I am not a huge fan of mattes usually, but I am really into this. It is true that it still looks kind of luminous while a matte because you still see a natural skin-like glow to your complexion although it has been mattified. There isn’t a pump but why would there be in this type of container. It’s a squeeze tube but Square shaped which is essentially the same thing as a pump and sooo much better imo because you can get every bit out towards the end!!! If you’re on the fence, don’t be. It’s amazing!!!!" - sephora user

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint by Morphe

"Ok so I purchased this in shade hint of marshmallow (based on Ulta's survey recommendation) in most foundation shade ranges, I'm the fairest shade in a neutral undertone, if not, the second fairest. I also have oily skin, which is why I was nervous ab this but I've really been seeking after a more casual lighter coverage foundation as my skin has really improved over the last couple years (THANK YOU SKINCARE BY HYRAM!!!!)I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and actually really begun to loooove it. If you have oily skin like me, definitely put a nice primer under it (I use the gripping jelly pop primer by ELF) I definitely have to powder my face to touch up just slightly more often than usual but it isn't bad. The need for this decreases when I wear a primer. If you use this the right way (primer, powder and setting spray) it works so well!!! It's really beautiful and I like that the coverage isn't super light, so you can build it up. Or if you want it lighter you can mix with a moisturizer which is cool! However if you do have fine lines under your eyes like me, definitely don't put this in that area. I usually blend my foundation into my eye area, but when I did that with this product it creased a decent amount more than usual even tho I put foundation on. My advice to you is to avoid the under eye area and only use your favorite concealer that won't set into your wrinkles! (If you happen to be looking for one, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics concealer is bomb if u have fine lines!) over all I'm super happy and definitely just found my favorite everyday "foundation"!!!! If you're thinking about buying it, get it!!! Less" - ulta.com user

Perfectly Real Makeup by Clinique

"When Cllinique says Perfectly Real Makeup they mean it! I've tried other foundations and a lot of them make my face look flat and cakey. When I put this on, it really looks like my skin - minus the flaws and uneven tones. It has good coverage that you can build on, but I rarely need to put on a second coat. I love that I just need the smallest amount on the back of my hand. A little goes a long way. Not to mention, this product is very forgiving when you put it on. It doesn't dry in an insane amount of time, so you aren't in a race against time to put it on, and it blends really well. I apply this foundation with either my hands (if I'm in a rush) or a brush, but either way, it still looks natural. Also, I find that this foundation wears for a long time! I went to an academic rally, which I was at for at least twelve hours. Mind you, I was running around everywhere trying to get to all of my events, and some of the rooms were quite muggy. But, regardless of what I was doing and what temperature it was, this did not budge. I went out looking 'Perfectly Real' and fresh, and I came back looking the same way. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup by Maybelline

"Okay, it's not a pretty bottle but, I have been using this makeup for YEARS because I love it! I have tried a number of other foundations, including those purchased at department stores, and none compares with this one, Instant Age Rewind. It glides onto my skin beautifully. It leaves my skin looking smooth and much more flawless than it really is. My skin is dry in spots, oily in others, but when I wear this foundation, that all disappears! I also love that it contains sunscreen. I live in Florida, regular sunscreens can melt on my face and look greasy, others dry up and look caked where they settle. This foundation does neither! And you'd think it'd melt out in the hot humid climate, but it does not. This is the BEST foundation ever! Recently, I've been having a hard time finding it in stores :-( If it gets discontinued, that'd be a HUGE MISTAKE. I've always worried that could happen just because the bottle it comes in is not 'pretty'. A lot of women like to purchase products that 'look' fancy. I do too, but it's the product inside the packaging that's really important. There are a lot more positive reviews of this product on other websites, so I have to wonder if Maybelline is really paying attention. MAYBELLINE, pay attention! DO NOT DISCONTINUE this makeup. If sales are a bit more sluggish, keep the product and dress up the packaging!!! I would happily pay a lot more for this product! Less" - maybelline.com user

Skin Caring Foundation SPF 15 by exuviance

"This is the perfect, all-purpose, everyday foundation. It covers well, does not get cakey, has a lovely, long-lasting, matte finish, has natural-looking colors that enhance, rather than dull undertones, fills pores, and smooths fine lines. I never thought I'd find a matte foundation, (which I need for forehead, cheeks, and chin) that I could use around my eyes, but this is wonderful. I need under-eye concealer only on days where I'm extremely tired, or my allergies are acting up. From what I've seen, foundations of this quality can cost up to twice as much as Exuviance, but they don't do anything Exuviance can't do! My face is very sensitive to chemical sunscreens, especially around my eyes, and another exceptional feature of this foundation is that is has natural, Titanium Dioxide 7.0-10.8% sunscreen. Titanium, without Zinc, is perfect for foundation on my skin, because it provides gentle, effective protection without any white or ashy cast. I have this in Honey Sand, but I must use a bronzer patted into it, because it's a tad too light, and it's too pinky-peach. I've also mixed it with CoverGirl Clean Makeup in Soft Honey (because Soft Honey is such a good match for me, and I keep it around for such emergencies), and got a better true skin match. Mixing with a non-spf product lowers the sunscreen concentration , so I definitely don't want to do this every day. After my purchase, I checked-out the color descriptions on NeoStrata's website, and I realized I bought the wrong color for my skin. With other brands, I'd surely have had to go through the hassle of returns, but I can use Exuviance easily as a brightening spf primer beneath powder foundation (my standard), bronzers, etc.! In the future I will purchase Desert Sand. My advice to those reading my review is that It's best to go on NeoStrata's website to get accurate color descriptions of the shades to see which one have pink, neutral, or golden undertones. Overall, brilliant Foundation. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5477312011529173787-full" data-show="5477312011529173787-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Beauty.com user

Hope In A Jar Foundation Broad Spectrum by philosophy

"I randomly tried this because when I swatched it on my hand the coverage was great and so was the color match! I am super porcelain pale and I like a neutral foundation. Most are too pink or too yellow but this is completely neutral on me. I wear shade 3. I have redness, hyper pigmentation & acne scars but this covers really well without looking super heavy or cakey. I use a regular foundation brush and a little goes a long way. It smells so wonderful & feels a bit cooling and soothing on the skin. It dries semi matte with a soft to touch finish. Also since it's winter I have been having horrible dryness around my chin and mouth plus my acne routine dries my skin out even more. I love that this foundation does not accentuate the dry patches or irritate my already existing acne issue. I believe this actually helps your skin while wearing it versus most foundations just cover & offer no benefit to your skin at all. This is amazing I hope it never gets discontinued! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Teint Couture Long-Wearing Fluid Foundation SPF 20 - PA+++ by Givenchy

"I got a sample of this product in the store couple days ago after reading amazing reviews about it. I have sampled nearly 15 foundations in the past 2 months or so and was about to settle for one that I was just okay with- Thought I'd give this one a try and got a sample, not expecting much (for reference, other foundations that have gotten amazing reviews have disappointed me in the past like MUFE) Today I wore the foundation out and went to the sephora store and asked the SA for recommendations on foundation The SA looked at me and said "I dont think you need much coverage since you have AMAZING skin" I told her that I was wearing foundation and she did a triple take like "WHAT? it looks like you have great skin and nothing on!" she asked me which foundation I was wearing and said that I should continue to wear what I was wearing! I was not wearing any primer or powder, just this foundation and it really had this very pretty, natural, smooth finish And it lasted a long time- It was still on in mint condition after I've been to the gym! I think my search for the perfect foundation is over now- I'm definitely sold on this one. Seriously, I haven't seen foundation look like this on my skin ever- Definitely HG worthy, AMAZING, long wearing foundation, with buildable coverage You can pile on layers and it will not look thick or cakey - AMAZING! FYI for reference: I have dry, pretty fair skin with some redness around the cheeks I'm usually the lightest or the second lightest shade for most foundations / tinted moisturizers / BB / CC and like to wear yellower foundation to cover the redness and about a half shade brighter. In other brands I am Stila fair, MUFE 117, Lancome Buff 2, NARS Gobi For Givenchy, the #4 beige was definitely too too dark on me #2 has a pink undertone and may accentuate my redness so I think I will be going with #1 (brighter shade) or #3 (probably exactly my skin tone if not slightly darker) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Everlasting Foundation+ SPF 15 by Clarins

"I am 33 years old and have absolutely terrible skin: rosacea, heavy, deep scarring, uneven texture, large pores, blotchiness and very oily. Literally since I was about 15 years old and earned money to start buying cosmetics, I have been on the hunt for something that works for my skin and makes me feel comfortable and confident to take on the day. I honestly can't think of a single US drugstore or luxury foundation I have not tried. I can easily say that I spend at least $500/mo on different foundations (new and retrying old combined with others) to find that "perfect one." There were some that would seem to be great the first day or two, and then it seems like my skin magically gets used to it and decides it doesn't want to work with the formula anymore. I am used to having to fully reapply my foundation about four-five times per day and dread being at outdoor events for fear of looking like a masked clown.Until I tried this. I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that this review doesn't jinx it, but for weeks now, I have been using this foundation and I feel beautiful. It gives me full, easily blendable, lightweight coverage and, with the Ever Matte Mineral Shine Control Powder, I don't need to reapply during the day (I often will reapply once, however, if I have an evening outing just to get a new "fresh" looking face)!! I honestly never thought I would find a formula/product that would allow me to go through my day without always wondering if people were staring at how horrible my face looked!! People actually tell me how much better I look and I love it!! I cannot preach highly enough about this product! I even will work out in it (and I sweat a TON), and even though it won't be perfect, it still somehow stays out and doesn't separate or look like it's dripping off my face!!Please do not EVER discontinue this product or change its formula!!! Hands down the BEST foundation I have ever used in my entire life!!! Less" - clarins.pl user

Infallible Advanced Never Fail Foundation by L'Oreal

"This product works, and works VERY well, IF you apply it correctly. What I mean by that is: Folks, this is a LONG WEARING foundation that wont rub off. it is not like a regular foundation that will transfer and smear off 30 minutes after you put it on: what that means is, you have to apply it correctly the first time. For those who are saying its heavy and mask-like, it makes me ask the question if those ladies have ever used long wearing foundation before? with regular foundation, you can put a lot on, then smear it around, work it into your skin, then stand back and look at it; if it is un-even, you can take a sponge and blend it, and if its too thick in some spots, you can wipe some off, etc.. You CANNOT DO THAT WITH LONG WEARING FOUNDATION! :) With Long wearing foundation ( whether its this brand or Revlon Colorstay or any other ) you have to approach it differently.. you put a TINY bit into your hand, get some on your fingertips, and apply to a SMALL area at a time, and you have to work fast! blend a small amount lightly and quickly into your skin, and then move on to the next area, and so on, until your face is covered. this product is thin and it dries quickly, and once its dry, thats it.. you cant take a sponge and smear it around or blend it in.. you have to do that the first time, while you are initially putting it on, because once it dries, thats it; if you try to layer more on top of it, it WILL look thick and cakey and feel awful on your skin, and it WILL show your pores and your fine lines, etc.. THIS STUFF IS NOT MEANT TO BE APPLIED IN A THICK LAYER! when applying, you must work quick, use a small amount of product, and blend it quickly and thinly with a light touch. if you try and apply this the same way you apply regular ( non long wearing) foundation, it wont work, it will look cakey and thick and un-even and you will hate it; however, if you you apply it quickly, in a very THIN layer and blend it very fast as you are applying it, you will end up with coverage that is even, VERY light feeling on your face, VERY natural looking, and it will STAY that way 16+ hours. No, I dont work for the company.. its just that I have been using Colorstay by Revlon since it 1st came out ( was that 1996? ) and I know how to apply long wearing foundation. it took me lots of practice the first time i used a long wearing foundation, and I made the same mistakes, and it felt heavy, showed all of my imperfections, and looked and felt like a mask.. UNTIL I learned how to apply it. I have a very un-even skin tone ( redness, blotchiness ) and have large pores, oily skin, and some mild blemishes, and yet when I am done applying this product, my skin tone is even, all of my imperfections are covered, and it feels so light on my skin, I cant even tell I have it on. it lasts all day and looks smooth and natural. If you choose the correct color and learn how to apply it, you will not find a better foundation. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-5127070001008648168-full" data-show="-5127070001008648168-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Luminous Finish Foundation by Fiona Stiles

"After half a decade of clear skin, I started randomly breaking out half a year ago. I went on Retin-A, and while my acne is considerably better as a result, I still have some not-so-perfect areas and my skin is really dry and dehydrated. My old tinted moisturizers weren't cutting it in terms of either coverage or moisture, so I tried multiple foundations that are supposedly good for dry skin -- Nars Sheer Glow (NIGHTMARE), Armani Luminous Silk (nope), Becca Aqualuminous, and the Hourglass Vanish stick foundation -- and they all clung to my dry spots. Some would look nice to start with, but within a few hours, those areas looked awful, no matter how well I hydrated and moisturized my skin. The Fiona Stiles Luminous Finish looks like skin, even on my extra dry spots (cheeks and chin). The initial coverage is light, but it's buildable to medium coverage on the areas where my acne is still hanging around a bit. The finish is luminous in a natural way: you look like you have great skin, and not like you've smeared liquid highlight all over your face. I bought this rather recently, so I have only been able to test it in the winter, but I've seen it hold up well for over twelve hours despite sweating a bit. My skin is rather fair and my undertones are neutral to slightly warm (for reference, MAC NC15 and Nars Gobi are pretty good matches for me, although they could be the tiniest bit lighter), and #2 Warm Ivory is one of the best foundation matches I've ever found. I'm really glad I can stop foundation hunting!" - ulta user