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The Best Lipsticks for Halloween 2020

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Oct 21, 2020
The Best Lipsticks for Halloween 2020

Spooky season begins with a single swipe of these lipsticks

Sometimes you just need to let your lips do the talking - especially on All Hallow’s Eve. Your mouth is the main attraction as you snack on Milky Ways and Kit Kats, scream over the horror movies you watch from the couch, and our personal favorite… stun with frightfully beautiful lipstick colors. Witchy vibes are coming your way with blood-red liquid lippies and onyx shades that pay tribute to your love for Halloween - even if the spooky holiday looks a bit different in 2020. Sure, you can’t exactly go to a costume party or haunted house, but you can still play dress up from home with ghoulish and gorgeous Halloween makeup. Lipstick is an empowering beauty product that expresses your style in one swipe - and you can get as spooky, shimmery, or sultry as you’d like. Keep it simple with a bordeaux shade that’s ideal for fall makeup, or go full ghoul with a deep black hue - just be sure to choose a long-lasting, smudge proof shade that stays put as you sip delicious potions and try Halloween-themed treats. Look hauntingly beautiful this Halloween with these seasonal lipstick shades!

Crème Lux Lipstick in Maleficent by Colourpop, $8

Crème Lux Lipstick in Maleficent by Colourpop
Source: Colourpop

It’s a little cliche, but it’s true... being bad feels really good. And as it turns out, it looks pretty gorgeous too. Show your villainous side this Halloween with the Disney Villains collection by Colourpop - inspired by the bad guys you feared as a child, but found yourself relating to as an adult. Especially Maleficent, the misunderstood fairy from Sleeping Beauty who blurs the lines between good and evil. You can get the same “sweet, yet scary” effect with your Halloween makeup after applying the Crème Lux Lipstick in Maleficent, a cool-toned, rich berry that perfectly captures the essence of this iconic Disney villain. Both the terrifying cartoon version that left a mark on your childhood, and Angelina Jolie’s perfectly-contoured heroine that puts an emphatic twist on this classic tale. For more Halloween makeup delight, pick up the rest of the Disney Villains lipstick - named after your favorite bad guys like Ursula, Hades, Cruella and Evil Queen!

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Pumpkin Rose by Fenty Beauty, $18

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Pumpkin Rose by Fenty Beauty
Source: Fenty Beauty

The pumpkins are carved, there’s a gigantic bag of candy corn by your side, and you’re wearing your best black-and-orange quarantine leggings. That’s definitely enough orange for your “Halloween from home” look, right? Wrong. You can always round out your night of fright with an orange lipstick - which we promise isn’t nearly as extra as it sounds. In fact, you can look subtle and stunning with the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Pumpkin Rose - a rich marigold that’s far from the bright orange you’re likely imagining, and appears more like your lips are stained from a pumpkin spice latte. Which they probably are, because the drink is one of the best things about spooky season. Rihanna has a habit of making the most extravagant lipstick shades look 100% normal and effortless, and this Fenty Beauty fave will do the same for you. And since the brand is all about inclusivity, this warm-toned orange looks flawless on all skin tones for a real Halloween makeup treat.

Vice Lipstick in Pandemonium by Urban Decay, $19

Vice Lipstick in Pandemonium by Urban Decay
Source: Urban Decay

Purple is an honorary member of the Halloween color scheme. While you may notice it less frequently in spooky decor than the traditional orange and black, this vibrant, attention-grabbing hue always has a place in your Halloween makeup looks. Especially when going for a vampy vibe, as purple lipstick is beloved by everybody from beloved pop culture witches to world-famous celebrities. Seriously, just look at the purple lips that Beyonce rocked at the 2018 Grammys, and tell us that you don’t want to recreate them this Halloween with the Vice Lipstick in Pandemonium. This matte, deep purple shade looks poppin’ on every skin tone, and pays tribute to both the Halloween season and Urban Decay’s signature color. As a bonus? Vice Lipstick has top MIRA ratings for being long lasting and pigmented - meaning that you can eat all the Halloween candy you like without having to reapply throughout the night!

Magic Pink Lipstick - 1959 by Bésame Cosmetics, $24

Magic Pink Lipstick - 1959 by Bésame Cosmetics
Source: Bésame Cosmetics

Halloween is a time of transformation. Vampires turn into bats, costumes let you become a clown or Zendaya’s Euphoria character, and sometimes your lips magically go from pink to blue with one innovative, otherworldly lipstick. Bésame Cosmetics is a vintage, Latinx-founded beauty brand with an appreciation for “classic elegance, modern beauty.” Founded in 2004, they’ve also been launching Disney-inspired products long before Colourpop made it a thing. Magic Pink Lipstick is unlike any beauty product you’ve ever seen - combining old-school beauty with modern technology for a simply magical experience. Inspired by the classic “dress changing” scene in 1950’s Sleeping Beauty, as the fairies arguably transform Aurora’s dress from pink to blue every few seconds, this lipstick initially looks 100% blue in the tube. No funny business there. However, one swipe is all it takes for this lipstick to become the perfect shade of pink, adjusting to your body’s natural pH levels for a look that’s perfectly you. Halloween is the time to celebrate villains, but sometimes you just want to be a princess… and you’ll be feeling royal and radiant with this transformative lipstick.

MatteTrance Lipstick in Deep Void by Pat McGrath Labs, $38

MatteTrance Lipstick in Deep Void by Pat McGrath Labs
Source: Pat McGrath Labs

Meet the mother of all Halloween lipsticks - designed by the Mother of the beauty community herself, Pat McGrath. The world-renowned makeup artist and brand founder is known for her ultra-pigmented, otherworldly beauty products, and the MatteTrance Lipstick in Deep Void is no exception. It combines two staple Halloween hues, black and purple, for a smooth, spooky, and ultra-matte finish to dress up your lips in opaque color. While black lipstick is commonly associated with Wednesday Adamms or gothic looks, it’s surprisingly easy to pair with more casual makeup effects - the kind we’ve been wearing for most of 2020. Or you can reach peak levels of drag makeup drama by channeling the fabulous Violet Chachki this Halloween, as she has a major obsession with Pat McGrath. One swipe delivers a dreamy, ethereal burst of long lasting and pigmented color that brings Halloween to life - whether you’re participating in a virtual work costume party or watching The Haunting of Bly Manor from home.

Black Magic Metallic Shine Lipstick by UOMA Beauty, $26

Black Magic Metallic Shine Lipstick by UOMA Beauty
Source: UOMA Beauty

You’re no basic witch, and you deserve only the best metallic lipstick to glow all out this Halloween. Black Magic is a glistening formula that melts into the lips and gives your pout a multidimensional shine - whether you choose a rich red like On-Fire, glistening gold like Lady of Gold, or sweet plum like Allure. Each shimmery shade contains Brazil nut oil to moisturize the lips and nourish them with vitamins and minerals while casting spells with blindingly beautiful pigment. But don’t think this lipstick is only for spooky season! We all know that one person who’s obsessed with Halloween, the art of tarot cards, and all things witchy… and these shades are the perfect gift to bring a little Black Magic to their simple makeup routine.

Witch B*itch Liquid Lipstick by Lunar Beauty, $18

Witch B*itch Liquid Lipstick by Lunar Beauty
Source: Lunar Beauty

Cheeky name? Check. Spooky vibes? Check. Soft matte formula that leaves your lips feeling hydrated, plus drenched in ultra-pigmented color? Check. You can only expect the best, most beautifully witchy products from Manny MUA’s brand - as the beauty influencer is famous for his otherworldly style and fierce makeup techniques. This liquid lipstick is a deep, blood red shade that glides on your lips like a dream, and dries to a smooth finish without sinking into lip lines or causing dryness. Because there’s no greater Halloween horror than chapped lips due to the fall weather, ugh. What makes Witch B*tch a Halloween makeup staple? It’s not just your typical bombshell red lipstick, but a rich crimson that pairs perfectly with your Harley Quinn or Pennywise the Clown costumes. And you can up the spook factor even further with the Lunar Beauty Moon Spell palette, an 18-color eyeshadow set with shades named after your favorite pop culture witches!

Lipstick in Hydro by Sugarpill Cosmetics, $18

Lipstick in Hydro by Sugarpill Cosmetics
Source: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Kiss me, I’m Irish! Or a goblin. Or Kermit the Frog. Green lipstick is more versatile than you could ever imagine, and there are countless variations of the color to fit all your Halloween makeup looks. Want an influencer-approved, softer version of the shade? Matte Lip Kit in Ironic by Kylie Cosmetics is a dusty moss green, frequently worn by the makeup mogul and fellow beauty experts like Shaaanxo. You can also go for a brighter green to light up like a Christmas tree, because we’re definitely already thinking about our second-favorite holiday. But our personal favorite? A shimmery jade that brightens up your pout and creates epic Emerald City vibes, like the Hydro Lipstick by Sugarpill. This teal forest shade is infused with multi-colored, glittering gold pearls for a polychromatic light effect, and creates the deep green, shimmery lips for the Halloween makeup looks of your dreams. Slytherin vibes, anyone?

Cosmic Metals Lip Cream by NYX Professional Makeup, $8

Cosmic Metals Lip Cream by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

Can’t get enough shimmer? Us either. You don’t need to dress up in head-to-toe black or gory makeup this Halloween, as the holiday is just as famous for bold colors and out-of-this-world glitter effects. Preferably, both at the same time… like with the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. At only $8, this NYX favorite drenches your lips in multidimensional, dazzling color - a metallic masterpiece available in a rainbow of hues for gorgeous Halloween makeup looks. Comet's Tail is an aqua blue to complete your “under the sea” mermaid looks, while Ultraviolet and Asteroid Aura are rich purples to make your pout truly pop. Cosmic Metals is technically a gloss, and has the lightweight feel and shimmery finish to prove it. However, it delivers all the drama and pigmentation of your favorite lipsticks, along with top MIRA ratings for hydration and staying powder. Collect every last one of these sparkling shades to carry you through spooky season, and beyond!

Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo by MAC, $19

Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo by MAC
Source: MAC

More of a glam girl than a ghoul? Ruby Woo has got you. A bombshell red shade with blue undertones and a matte finish, this MAC essential is one of the best-selling lipsticks in the world - and has been worn on nearly every red carpet and magazine cover you can imagine. It’s less spooky and more sexy, the universal red lipstick to complete your bombshell Halloween makeup looks. Or you know, just feel like the absolute goddess you are while enjoying a horror movie marathon from the comfort of your couch. Halloween transformations don’t have to be extreme - sometimes all it takes is a swipe of red lipstick to feel empowered and like an entirely new person. And you’ll be a major rock star, actress, fashion model, and Halloween icon rolled into one with a touch of Ruby Woo.

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