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The Best Lip Scrubs to Soothe Chapped Lips

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Nov 30, 2020
The Best Lip Scrubs to Soothe Chapped Lips

Smooth, hydrate, and exfoliate with the best lip scrubs

You already know to stock up on lip balm this season and carry one in your purse, work desk, and car - but there comes a time when even the best balms won’t cut it. The cold winter air is upon us, and as much as you love to bundle up in scarves and sip peppermint lattes, this weather isn't all fun and cozy sweaters. It can also seriously dry out the delicate skin on your lips. The solution? Lip scrubs. These exfoliating products are the key to erasing dryness and flakiness - leaving you with your most smooth, soft, and hydrated pout that’s definitely ready for red lipstick. It’s the sidekick that your favorite lip balm needs for the holidays, and you can get your pout ready for under the mistletoe with the best lip scrubs below.

Lip Scrub by frank body, $15

Lip Scrub by frank body
Source: frank body

Just like you start each morning with coffee and sugar, your lip exfoliation technique will begin the same way. Lip Scrub by frank body contains a double shot of Ground Robusta Coffee & Coffee Seed Oil, which energizes your pout by sweeping away dead skin cells and creating volume. Yes, that last one is definitely a thing. You’ll also receive a boost of Raw Sugar and Macadamia Oil to gently exfoliate and soften - leaving your lips feeling super-silky - and Beeswax to protect against natural elements. If this all sounds like an extreme sweet treat to you, that’s because it is, and your chapped lips will be luxurious this winter with this smoothing, moisturizing, and ultra-enhancing scrub.

Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub Lip Balm by Clinique, $20

Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub Lip Balm by Clinique
Source: Clinique

If you’re a sucker for a multitasking beauty product (and who isn’t?), you’ll be obsessed with this 2-in-1 lip scrub and balm by Clinique. The dual-sided essential fits right into your purse, and uses tiny grains of sugar to eliminate flaky skin before moisturizing your pout with a sheer, tinted balm. The #1 flavor is called Sweet Rose for a reason, as it leaves you with petal-soft lips as beautiful as the classic flower. You can always use the lip balm for a subtle and shiny lip enhancement, or you can also go a bit more bold after exfoliating with a Clinique lipstick. The iconic brand already carries the best eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, and foundations for French girl glamour… is it really a surprise that they have the best lip scrubs too?

Fabulips Lip Scrub by bliss, $15

Fabulips Lip Scrub by bliss
Source: bliss

Between all the Christmas cookies you’ll be eating this season, there’s definitely room for a sugar-cookie flavored lip scrub in your collection. Get a taste of a gorgeous pout with Fabulips, an ultra-fine sugar and walnut shell sugar formula that’s packed with vitamins, butters, and natural oils. These work together to nourish and condition your lips, with hydrating Shea and Cocoa Butters banishing dryness and Jojoba Seed and Soybean oils keeping your lips supple and filled with moisture. Just what you need as you’re blasting the humidifier and trying not to let the cold winter air cause flakiness. Oh, and did we mention that it tastes like cookie dough? 92% of our MIRA BEAUTY community agrees that Fabulips is gentle on the skin!

pout prep lip exfoliant by tarte, $16

pout prep lip exfoliant by tarte
Source: tarte

The main ingredient in this lip scrub by tarte? You guessed it… maracuja. It’s one of the brand’s most popular skinvigorating™ ingredients, and is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin C to immensely hydrate and smooth the skin on your lips. And that’s not all. Pout prep also contains micro-fine sugar granules to gently exfoliate, Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish, Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed for conditioning properties and more. Tarte will always take care of your skin, especially the fragile and gland-less lips, and pout prep does just that as it exfoliates and enhances for the holidays.

Sugared Matcha Lip Scrub by Winky Lux, $16

Sugared Matcha Lip Scrub by Winky Lux
Source: Winky Lux

Green isn’t just a classic holiday color, it’s also the hue that takes your lips from flakey to fabulous in minutes. Thanks, Sugared Matcha Lip Scrub. Blended with sugar, green tea extract and natural vanilla - your chapped lips are about to get a sweet twist. We’re talking soft, smooth, and stunning enough to rock your favorite lip colors day or night. Without the uneven texture or dryness that can ruin even the best nude lip. Give your pout a boost of energy with this lip scrub by Winky Lux, a holiday favorite and certified stocking stuffer that you’ll love so matcha.

Lip Scrubtious by MAC, $18

Lip Scrubtious by MAC
Source: MAC

MAC knows a thing or two about drama, but even the most beautiful swipe of Ruby Woo lipstick isn’t complete without a smooth, soft canvas. That’s where Lip Scrubtious comes in. It features hydrating and nourishing lip conditioners to say goodbye to flaky skin, and hello to a healthy pout that’s totally selfie-ready. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple swipe of gloss or full-blown bombshell red lip. Lip Scrubtious is available in three flavors - Candied Nectar, Fruit of Passion, and Sweet Vanilla - to treat yourself to even more sugar for the holidays… and you’ll always be feeling like a snack with one of the best lip scrubs from MAC.

#THISISEVERYTHING Lip Scrub by NYX Professional Makeup, $7

#THISISEVERYTHING Lip Scrub by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

“A bold lip is guaranteed to give us life, but a parched pout can totally destroy it.” Words of wisdom from NYX, are we right? #THISISEVERYTHING definitely lives up to its name, with a mega-hydrating and smoothing formula that’s guaranteed to never leave your lips feeling thirsty. It’s infused with Jojoba Oil to soften and moisturize, getting you through the rough patches of winter (literally) and prepping your pout for the most bold lip colors. Like the Butter Gloss in blue or purple, perhaps? Or the Suede Matte Lipstick that makes your matte makeup dreams come true for the holidays? NYX has never done us wrong, and #THISISEVERYTHING gives your lips the love they deserve.  

Lip Sugar Scrub by Dior, $34

Lip Sugar Scrub by Dior
Source: Dior

Emily Cooper called, she wants her Dior lip scrub back. That’s right, you’ll have Emily in Paris vibes all the time with the Lip Sugar Scrub in your pocket - as Dior is the legendary French brand that makes you feel like the fashion icon you are. Made with grains of sugar to melt away dead skin and intensely moisturize your lips, this product leaves you with a smooth canvas for maximum color impact and lips that feel soft, sweet, and always smoochable. Just like you exfoliate your face each week to remove impurities, doing the same with your lips will make all the difference in your beauty routine. Let the real French girl makeup magic begin as you revel in newly soft and hydrated lips before applying your best red lipstick. And be sure to meet your own personal Gabriel under the mistletoe!

Rose Sugar Lip Scrub by Milani, $10

Rose Sugar Lip Scrub by Milani
Source: Milani

Rosy cheeks are always in for the winter, but what about rosy lips? This Milani favorite is a crystal-based exfoliating formula that leaves even the most chapped lips feeling petal-soft - infused with Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and more to refresh, smooth, and moisturize. No flaky skin or dry patches here, even as temperatures drop and the chilly weather starts to decrease moisture levels in your lips. Not cool. And as virtual Secret Santas and holiday parties approach, you need the right lip colors to make a statement. Like all the best lip scrubs, Rose Sugar by Milani produces a smooth and hydrated surface to bring out your most beautiful shades. A few weekly sessions with this exfoliating lip scrub will maximize color payoff and enrich your lips like never before!

Exfoliating Coconut Lip Scrub by Kopari, $16

Exfoliating Coconut Lip Scrub by Kopari
Source: Kopari

You may have heard a few things about the incredible, multipurpose beauty ingredient that is coconut oil. RuPaul’s queens use it to remove every last trace of drag makeup, others use it to add volume to their hair, and the rest of us? We stash a million of these hydrating coconut oil infused lip scrubs by Kopari into our purse for the most dry winter days. Seriously, they’re pretty amazing. Exfoliating Coconut Lip Scrub features the aforementioned ingredient alongside fine volcanic ash and brown sugar to gently buff away dry skin, producing the most healthy and hydrated pout you’ve ever had. Your lips will be moisturized and magical for the holidays with the best lip scrubs by Kopari, and they’re amazing Secret Santa gifts that you can get for under $25!

Lips Like Sugar Candied Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub by pacifica, $5

Lips Like Sugar Candied Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub by pacifica
Source: pacifica

Only $5 and packed with nourishing and natural ingredients? Only the best for your chapped lips from pacifica. Bring a little summer into the winter season with lemonade vibes, thanks to this zesty treat that exfoliates your pout to perfection. Jojoba, sugar, and grapeseed oil intensely moisturize and smooth for a soft texture - and create the best canvas for your trusted lip balm. The holidays are here, and you can sip your Christmas drinks with your most fresh and festive pout, ever.

Balmy Days Lip Balm by ILIA, $34

Balmy Days Lip Balm by ILIA
Source: ILIA

Say “bye, Felicia” to chapped lips with this ILIA essential - which provides hydrated and nourished lips for days. Like the tarte lip scrub we told you about earlier, Balmy Days is packed with Sunflower Seed Oil for hydrating antioxidant power, and Shea Butter to condition on cold days. Add in the Avocado Oil that moisturizes and soothes your chapped lips, and you have one of the best lip scrubs that truly can do it all. A bonus tip? This buttery texture feels warm on your pout, and melts right into your delicate skin. A must-have for the holidays!

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