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The 50 Best Lip Glosses Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore lip glosses are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty

"This is the first product(out of any product) that I am scraping the bottle! I want to love lipgloss but it seems I just can never keep it on. Gloss bomb stays on, it make my lips such a natural looking beautiful color & fullness, I wind up staring at my lips while I’m driving 😂 I need another tube, and so do you! I don’t think this is a con, more a me problem but this is not a gloss that you can wake up and put on if you have dry lips, action must be taken, exfoliation, moisturizer, then...gloss it up! Lol that may just be my issue (crusty)" - mira user

Full-on Plumping Lip Polish Gloss by Buxom

A bestselling lip gloss that boldly creates the appearance of fuller lips with a tantalizing tingle in a high-shine, shimmering finish.

Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss by Buxom

A creamy, shimmer-free gloss that creates the appearance of fuller lips with a tantalizing tingle and wraps them in high-shine color.

Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss by essence

Be the shiny star! The essence shine shine shine lip gloss gives your lips an incredible shine, leaving them with an amazing light-reflecting wet-look finish.

Butter Gloss by NYX Professional Makeup

"I bought the butter glosses in Creme Brulee and and Fortune Cookie, looking for a nudish or "my lips but better" type of gloss. At first glance, the packaging is really cute and super easy to just throw in your purse on the go. The smell is also amazing! On swatching, the formula doesn't feel too sticky or too runny, and these particular colors are very translucent and sheer on my skin. I have light skin with a cool/neutral undertone. On my lips, the glosses are easy to apply and super long lasting. I didn't have to touch up for 3+ hours afterwards! Fortune Cookies was fairly sheer on my lips without a lip pencil or other lip product on my lips, but it mixes well when placed over another lip product. Creme Brulee was a more pinky color and I love wearing it everywhere! It happened to show up more on my light/medium pigmented lips and contrasted nicely against my skintone. The only thing I wish these glosses would achieve would be to be a bit more pigmented by themselves, or maybe my lips are just light or dark or something. Anyways, these two new glosses have become my new favorite "go to" glosses and I'm really happy with their quality.I hope to try get more glosses in different colors and I can't wait to try other NYX products as well. Thank you NYX ! xoxoxo Less" - nyxcosmetics.com user

Lust Lip Gloss by Pat McGrath Labs

"This is my favorite Lust lip gloss from Pat McGrath. I also own (in order from favorite to least favorite) Aliengelic, Blitz Gold, and Paraphernalia. Those were the only colors of interest. It is loaded with shimmer! It has a sheer base and lots of shimmer that looks amazing in indoor and natural light. I like how you can build up the intensity. 2-3 coats is what I go for. It has a sweet smell, long wand, and sturdy tube. The lip gloss lasts a good amount of time. If your eating or drinking, you will need to touch it up more than a lipstick because it has a glossy (wet) formula. So of course it will wear off quickly when touched. When you do touch it up it doesn’t feel or look clumpy. It’s very comfortable and I love how it does not have a gritty feel. I don’t usually have that issue with the high end glosses I use in general. I want to touch on those concerned about sheerness. The ones with clear bases like Gold Allure, Blitz Gold, and Aliengelic aren’t “sheer” because they don’t have an opaque color base. For instance Paraphernalia is a pastel purple color and it is the only one I would consider sheer (you need 2x the coats- so like 4-5 coats) to build up the base color- purple. It does show up as light purple eventually but it’s a lot more work. I’m more of a gold lip gloss person. I will continue to buy Gold Allure, Blitz Gold, and Aliengelic. It’s definitely a quality lip gloss and has a thicker formula. « less" - Sephora user

Lip Gloss by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A fully-pigmented, weightless lip gloss formula in lacquer and luster finishes.

Enamored Lip Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer by Marc Jacobs Beauty

A high-shine lip gloss in covetable shades with lasting brilliance.

Bomb Baby Mini Lip And Face Set by Fenty Beauty

A must-have set of FENTY BEAUTY’S most coveted luminizers for the face and lips in travel-friendly sizes for killer radiance on the fly.

Lip Glace by Laura Mercier

Lip Glacé from Laura Mercier is a brilliant, high-shine, perfectly pigmented lip gloss with sheer to medium coverage.

#THISISEVERYTHING Lip Oil by NYX Professional Makeup

Lavish your lips with the nyx professional makeup #thisiseverything lip oil. Nyx professional's new, decadent formula that drizzles your pout with the perfect amount of shine.

Season One Lip Gloss by Persona

Remember the first time you wore a lip gloss and how it made you feel: sultry, effortless and instantly refreshed. Pérsona Cosmetics took that magic feeling of a gloss, eliminated the tacky, glittery gooeyness, and added nourishing oils to create Season One Lip Gloss.

Lip Shine SPF 35 by colorescience

A high-shine lip gloss with SPF 35 sun protection and a nourishing peptide to improve the appearance of lips.

Lip Lacquer by e.l.f.

This beautiful e.l.f. Cosmetics lip lacquer lip gloss provides maximum color and brilliant shine. The vitamin e enriched formula is smooth, comfortable, and moisturizing. Perfect for wearing alone or layered over lipstick for a bold lip statement.

Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss by Clinique

"Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is wonderful. I've enjoyed various shades over the past two years. I just recently got another gloss in Black Honey when I purchased the Clinique Black Honey Glow set. I purchased the set specifically because it included the gloss. While I normally prefer light shades of lip product, I surprisingly loved Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick. (Black Honey Almost Lipstick is SOLD SEPARATELY at Sephora. Almost Lipstick is extremely moisturizing, and becomes a shade that looks great with my pale skin. It's long lasting and has a nice smooth gloss finish, with a glass-like finish which disguises fine lips lines. My husband says it's definitely kissable. My friend also has this shade, and it looks different, but also great, on her lips. I like the sheerness, yet the perfect hint of color). I wanted the gloss to give a little bit more shine to Almost Lipstick. I'm very pleased with the Black Honey Gloss. It's relatively long lasting for a gloss. It's not too sticky, the way some glosses are. It gives a nice additional shine to the Black Honey Almost Lipstick. It has a really nice glass-like shine that fills in fine lip lines. I also looks nice layered over other lip products. Best of all, it's great on its own. It's very moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling well hydrated. It's also kissable. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Radiant Lip Gloss by Cle de Peau Beaute

"I am a huge lipgloss fan; always have been. I was super excited a few months back when I learned that Cle de Peau was releasing a newly reformulated lipgloss. When they finally arrived in store, I rushed over to check them out and ended up walking away with several shades including Fire Ruby, Warm Crystal, Charm and Rose Pearl. Warm Crystal and Charm have stayed in my purse constantly since picking them up - they're that good!The wand has a twist configuration, which may look gimmicky at first, but actually allows the gloss to spread evenly across the lips as you apply. Nothing gathers in one area more than another and the wand hugs the lip shape nicely. The formulation of the gloss is very hydrating and not at all sticky; I find the formula very comfortable and I love how it feels on the lips. The pigmentation is sheer; these are not opaque lip glosses - though to me the fully opaque glosses are more shiny liquid lips in my opinion - these are true glosses. I regret not picking up Rose Quartz on my initial purchase, so that is back in my cart and will likely go straight into my purse with Charm and Warm Crystal.Cle de Peau is an expensive, but worthwhile brand, so the price point on these should make it more accessible to people. Yes, it's still pricey for a gloss, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price point - they were something I was planning to pick up regardless. I highly recommend checking these out if you like glosses and enjoy a hydrating lip look! Less" - Nordstrom user

Juice Infused Lip Oil by ULTA Beauty

Ulta's juice infused lip oil is a luxurious lip oil infused with a combination of natural ingredients that nourish and smooth your lips. Each of the shades offer separate ingredient benefits providing a combination of lip mending properties.

Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lipgloss by Lancôme

"Lancome Juicy Tubes are/were amazing. They go on perfectly, straight from the tube and you can even draw a straight edge with the applicator. They are moisturising and they last well. My favourite is Melon, as it is/was a lovely, natural, lightish, translucent pink and it looks particularly good on fair skin. Melon was also the best fragrance/flavour I tried (and I tried quite a lot!), as it smelled/tasted natural and wasn't too sweet, or sickly. Unfortunately, they appear to be discontinuing them. I am hoping for a relaunch, as the newer products they have "replaced" them with (lip oils and opaque lipstick/glosses) simply aren't direct replacements for a translucent, fruity gloss, which can be accurately applied straight from the tube. I've seen numerous photos of people wearing the Juicy Shaker lip oils (they're not true glosses), for example and they, almost invariably, look awful. They almost all have very dry-looking, puckered lips and many of them (even very young women) have terrible bleeding of colour around their mouths. Even having used a lip pencil! Whereas, Juicy Tubes is/was a true, moisturising lipgloss, with none of those problems (and no lip pencil required). I'm hoping this situation will just be a temporary one and there will be a relaunch, soon. With the same colours, flavours and tube as the original; but, perhaps, with slightly more glamourous new packaging. :) In the meantime, just going to have to try to make my remaining Tubes last, I guess... <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="8945844819253930353-full" data-show="8945844819253930353-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Debenhams user

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins

Clarins instant light natural lip perfector is a melting gel with a deliciously sweet flavor and 3d shimmer for luscious, smooth, shiny lips and a natural-colored, luminous smile. It nourishes, repairs and protects lips to leave them incredibly beautiful.

Moxie Plumping Lip Gloss by bareMinerals

"I got this as a free sample with a promo code when i made a purchase and I am completely obsessed with it. I got the color Rebel, which is a lovely pinkie-nude/muave color. It's a bit too sheer to use on it's own, but it looks amazing when you pop it on top of a lip color. I normally use a watermelon pink lipstick, and then pop this right on top for a soft, glossy look. Pros: Rich and hydrating, smells amazing, minty, long lasting, isn't tacky, doesn't stick Cons: I said it lasts long, but it doesn't hold up when drinking or eating. A couple sips of your drink and it'll be gone before you can even finish telling the barista your starbucks order. If you're not drinking, it lasts forever, but plan on reapplying it frequently if you drink throughout the day. Overall, it's probably my absolute new favorite gloss, and I'll definitely purchase the full size once i'm out of this adorable travel size. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Beauty Boss Lip Gloss by stila

Stila's high-shine Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in a variety of timelessly trendy shades, cream and shimmer finishes, and levels of opacity.

H2O Lip Gloss by Tarte

"I love this! I added a photo as you can see Room service is a nice light natural mauvish plum.. I got it as a sample and loved so I ordered full size and a few other colors I will review. I thought it would be too purple for me, but it really just enhances your natural lip color. I’m middle aged back in college and not a lot of time for make-up (hence the shot of only my lips) but I had to share. I don’t like lip stick as it sits in creases and makes my lips look wrinkly and this makes them look plump. This has more pigment than some glosses you can almost line and fill with it. It’s slightly tacky, but not super sticky so it seems to last, not all day, but if you’re a gloss girl you know the drill. The smell doesn’t give me a headache like most. Its slightly sweet very pleasant but not like some with cheap vanilla scent. I got this as a sample and I’m more of a light pink gloss girl and tend to hoard it, But these colors are all so gorgeous I’m stepping outside my box and getting two other shades « less" - Sephora user

Stickgloss Lip Color by Laura Mercier

"I can't tell you how many lip glosses, balms and sheer lipsticks I've tried in my quest for a product that moisturizes and adds sheer but noticible color. Even with my fave lip colors, of any consistancy, I apply balm then color and it's a day long balm>color>balm>color merry-go-round which leaves product collecting in the corners of my mouth...Exhausting and discouraging albeit in a beauty regimen kind of way. HOWEVER - Laura Mercier's Stick Gloss is somehow utterly different and astoundingly superior. I bought Peony which is a sheer cranberry/mauve with a healthy looking sheen, not shimmer. The color is definitely there, as opposed to some "tinted" balms, but it is still in a flushed vitality catagory of color that allows me to easily wear it with no makeup - not even blush to balance it out - without looking like "pale face and yikes! Lipstick!" Additionally, this is the first time I've been able to hop off the balm>color>balm carnival ride which is such a refreshing change. This Stick Gloss, without question, is my favorite lip product due to its natural but noticible, grown woman color (Clinique's Chubby Stick Intense is my second favorite new discovery but delivers a brighter POP! of color and is, thus, less versatile) and its sheer, entirely non-waxey texture. Also, it's surprisingly long lasting for such a moisture rich product! So far I prefer the Stick Gloss in Peony to the Sheer Colour in Baby Lips based on the the way the products look and feel. I highly, highly recommend Stick Gloss and am happily, optimistically, confidentally trying out Laura Mercier's other lip products and makeup items. Less" - Sephora user

L'absolu Gloss by Lancôme

"I have been very pleased with Lancome’s Lipstick.I’ve been steering away from Drug stor make up, and slowly collected more quality products. I used to wear Revlon, and it would crack up and disentigrate/pixelate over time. (I have drier skin and even with chapped lips, this looks great!) These lipsticks Lancôme makes are made with Vitamin E and are much more quality product. They last for about five ours if you don’t rub lips or eat/drink.Just bring it along with you and re-apply it after your meal. I would rather have a good lipstick like this over a poorly made lipstick that stays on all day. It’s mousturizing and vibrant color. It looks smooth and is natural feeling.I just feel beautiful when wearing these lipsticks!I have a Sheer and a Matte and LOVe BOtH. This Sheer is perfect for an everyday look, adds color and looks natural. I plan on mixing the two to create a third color! So fun! « less" - Lancôme user

O-Gloss by Smashbox

An intuitive lip gloss that reacts with your skin’s chemistry to transform from a silky clear gel into a lustrous pink lip tint that’s uniquely yours.

Gloss In Love by Lancôme

"I first tried this lip gloss when I got a sample with "under the spotlight," "glittermania," and "just strass." I am not usually someone who wears lip gloss, let alone lip color in general. I usually like just wearing a nice balm to enhance my natural color. This gloss lays all the concerns I usually have about wearing lip color in the dust.1) NON-STICKY. I hate that gooey texture that other glosses have, especially if the wind blows and my hair catches on the gloss. Ew! This gloss does not have that problem at all.2) NATURAL, WEARABLE COLOR. The sample I received had two very bright colors and I thought they would look fake and I would feel uncomfortable in them. This was not the case at all. They're a nice pop of color, but very wearable. The glitter (something I always have avoided before!!) is also subtle and wearable. Fun without the fake.3) LONG LASTING. The other thing I don't like about glosses is that they last like an hour if you're lucky and careful. The nice thing with this gloss is that the color lasts even after the gloss fades. And, no, it doesn't look dried out by that point either.I can see these being very versatile lip colors. I already purchased a full-size "under the spotlight," and will probably want to stick with these for any future gloss purchases. « less" - Sephora user

Lip Glossy by Kopari

Kiss dehydration goodbye. Made to last, kopari beauty's coconut lip glossy will lock in moisture and love on lips for a long, long time. Petroleum-free, cruelty-free, silicone-free, non-gmo & vegan.

Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss by Smashbox

A non-sticky, moisturizing lip gloss for nourished, fuller-looking lips with a splash of L.A.-inspired color.

Glow Gloss by BECCA

"This is not a matte lipstick, but it looks like it on the lips, the color of the lips does not completely overlap when you apply the cream has a creamy texture, then the liquid part of the tin is absorbed into the lips, and there is Shea butter in the composition, so the lips are saturated and only the matte finish remains in natural shade. This is a great option when you are in a hurry and there is no time to draw a contour, Beach Tint squeezed, put a finger and ran for. Resistant, does not print, does not dry and does not tighten lips, but can emphasize peelipng, has a very pleasant aroma and texture, which does not flow out of the contour " - spacenk.com user

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss by Estée Lauder

"the gloss has a beautiful texture it is rather creamy and feels moisturising. The packaging is smart and classic. The shade eccentric flower is good for almost everyone it has neutral brown tones mixed with pink giving the illusion of a nude shiny muted pink. It looks beautifully natural by itself however if its put on top of a rosy pink lip. also makes your lips look huge " - lookfantastic.com user

Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer by Chanel

"I am *surprisingly* not often a big fan of Chanel cosmetic products, but without question, this gloss is #1. It is the perfect consistency - thick without being sticky and moisturizing without being greasy or one of those annoying products that mysteriously ends up all over your face and other items. The applicator is absolutely perfect - the size is perfect (larger than most applicators which I personally find much easier to use) and the texture is soft (too often the applicators for these types of products are hard and just unusable - they definitely put thought into both the product and the applicator). This is just the absolute best lip gloss I have found out there - and I have literally tried just about everything else! It also lasts a surprisingly long time and you can accurately gauge when you need more by how much is left in the clear tube. Just a fantastic product all around. « less" - Macy's user

Lip Gloss by Glossier

"I got this lip gloss in the mail today (PTL!) about five days earlier than it was originally expected to come in, which is so so cool!! I normally expect transparent lip glosses with this kind of applicator to be reallllly sticky, but it's not at all! It's so nourishing and soft when you put it on, it feels kind of velvet-y (in a good way). Not to mention, it's SO pretty and naturally glossy, but just enough shine to make it noticeable that you're wearing gloss on your lips without the color. It's really great for everyday, natural makeup (or no makeup, of course) looks! I've had it on for a while today and it hasn't diminished a bit. That includes wearing it while drinking on things, too, which is super impressive. It's proven so far to be long-lasting, naturally glossy instead of shimmery, and very hydrating! This is a lovely product and I will certainly be buying some for my friends as gifts and recommending it to everyone!! Thank you Glossier for blessing us. xo" - glossier user

Juicy Tubes Original Lip Gloss by Lancôme

"Yay for Lancome Juicy Tubes! So happy to have gotten these. I got two shades, left is 09 Hallucination and right is 20 Birthday Confetti. The formula of these is amazing. It is a thicker gloss, so if thin glosses are your thing, well, try these anyways. My lips felts so hydrated after putting these on, and it definitely felt like it would keep the moisture locked in even on a cold windy day. The description of the glosses is right on. "An original juicy lip gloss with ultra-high shine, four hours of lasting hydration, and the perfect amount of "sticky" cushion texture." The sticky cushion texture is just as you would think. Not too sticky, not too thin. My lips were left soft and not gummy or messy-sticky. Both of them also have some sweet scents. 09 Hallucination reminded me of a jolly rancher, maybe strawberry or watermelon flavor? 20 Birthday Confetti had less of a scent, but it was still sweet. And neither tasted bad if they got in my mouth, they tasted just as they smelled, sweet and candy-like. The two shades I got gave a nice sheer coverage with some shine and sparkle, so if you are afraid of bold color, these are for you. The applicator is like that of the Laneige Glowy Balms. They are similar in coverage and scent-intensity as well. I'd say the Lancome Juicy Tubes are thicker, however. Overall, I thought these were great glosses and I would love to get some more shades. They are perfect for on the go and easy to throw in a bag. I definitely recommend these. I received these products free to try from Bzzagent." - sephora user

Lipglass by MAC

"Let me start off saying how much I like these lip glosses. These glosses are offered in such pretty colors. Some may say these lip glosses are slightly "sticky" but I really like this....for me, it gives them more staying power. With other glosses, I have to reapply constantly. I hate wearing lip glosses that only look good when you first apply your makeup but 5 mins later, it is off. These lip glosses stay on your lips much longer. They are nicely pigmented and come in an array of shades. A lot of my other glosses look pretty in the tube but once on the lips, they are not as intense in color and they rub off so easily.These lip glosses are not drying and smell nice. They look great alone but even better on top of lip liner/lip stick. I love how they can change the look of your lipstick. Along with lipglass, I also have lustreglass and dazzleglass and I really like them all. I have about 12 shades.For shades, it helps to know what skin-tone you are...that way you can find the right color. You can ask MAC MUA through live-chat. I am NC40 with warm undertone. For my skin-tone and some of my favorites are love nectar, instant gold, lust (really pretty), underage, sinnammon, bare necessity and baby sparks. Shades I like but not my favorite are nice buzz, nymphette, and viva glam VI. I prefer more nude lip glosses (pink and peach shades). I don't care for dark shades (reds and purple).Wish I good buy them all. I would buy these again in a heartbeat. Less" - maccosmetics.com user

Super Lustrous Lip Gloss by Revlon

Revlon super lustrous lipgloss for lusciously glossy lips. Moisturizing shine. Non-sticky feel. Revlon's updated super lustrous lipgloss formula boosts hydration and provides an instantly plumped look while delivering glamorous color and shine.

Gen Nude Buttercream Lip Gloss by bareMinerals

A moisturizing, lip gloss with sheer-to-medium coverage in a range of flattering nude shades for all skintones.

Summer Daze & Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trios by Fenty Beauty

"What a beautiful collection of glosses. THIS FORMULA THO!! So unique. It feels like a gel cream hybrid of some sort. So comfortable and not sticky at all. I felt comfortable taking the plunge on these glosses after trying the Gloss Bomb, but it's even different from that. Where the Gloss Bomb feels more liquidy these are quite a bit thicker, but in such a GOOD way. The glitter is not grainy feeling at all either. Just smooth, comfy sparkle. The colors are much more wearable than you might think. I got the Summer Daze thinking it was the "safest" and if I couldn't pull off Single (the blue one) I could give it to my daughter. Well she won't be getting it,or any of them. I think Single is actually my favorite of the three. It is a perfect wash of iridescence on your lips and it is downright stunning. Ready to Mingle (purple/pink) is a close second, probably the most opaque on me, but still sheer enough to be gloss like. Bilingual is by no means a dud, just not my first color choice, but it is beautiful and I will be wearing it. It adds such a beautiful sparkling glow to your lips. I need more glosses like I need a hole in the head, but I really want the other set now. Seeing that they are sheerer than I was expecting, I think any color in this formula would be amazing. Dang it Fenty, just keep taking my money. These glosses are awesome." - sephora user

Lipgloss by youngblood

"The BEST concealer around. I like the way it feels - light, creamy and non-sticky on the skin. Added with mineral primer it creates the perfect coverage for undesirables eg. dark freckles and pimples and then I go over it with a loose powder foundation. I have found that it didn't work as well with a liquid foundation as the concealer wouldn't stay in place so that would be my only warning to future shoppers of this product. " - Cosmetics Now user

Long Last Glosswear by Clinique

"i ordered 2 of these glosses, in "gold spun" and "juicy apple". i'm in LOVE w/ them, to wear over lip-liner, which i've applied all over my entire lip, in hope of getting the EXACT look i was after first of all, i'll address the red gloss, over the "rich red" liner. i i have very fair skin, freckles, grolden/greenish eyes, brown hair, and i'm often told i look irish. the consultant was more than happy to assist me over the phone. i explained i wanted an everyday red, to be worn both day and night, that i wasn't looking to jump into anything too dramatic, how i intended on wearing it. she gave me GREAT feedback as to how i was planning to wear it, and directed me to the correct shades of both liner and gloss. the red gloss - BEAUTIFUL! shiny, NOT sticky! it's a clear red, no shimmer, which is exactly how it's described. a true cherry red, not too blue, no orange. the color is fully pigmented, and i'd buy it again in a heartbeat! i'll gladly also repeat the liner purchase, which i'll review fully in the liner section, but felt i couldn't leave it out of this review, as my intent was and is to wear them as a combo. i did try the gloss this morning on its own w/out the liner underneath, and while i'm still in LOVE with the creaminess, pigmentation, non-shimmer, i will say i prefer the look wearing them as a combo. but i'd gladly wear it alone, if for whatever reason found myself without the liner handy. on to my second color choice - the "gold spun" - LOVELY! it's exactly the color i hoped for and expected - a sheer, rather colorless gloss with a golden shimmer. i think i need a different liner for under it, as my intent is to wear it exactly as i do the reds. i chose the liner in "mulberry", which was described something along the lines of having pearlized golden shimmer itself, and i usually opt for plum toned lipsticks, so i hoped this would also be a match made in heaven. love the gloss, love the way the gloss looks over the liner…just not certain about the liner color. but i'll review that under the liner section, but again felt i needed to address it here since i intended to wear them together. but this gloss i can see wearing over another lipstick, or another liner, or even alone. it is just such a lovely pigmented pearly golden, without being too whitish pearly, or frosty, it's just a nice wash of golden shimmer, but NOT too glittery. « less" - clinique.com user

True Gloss by EM Cosmetics

"I bought the EM Cosmetics True Gloss in the shade Caramel Glaze from the recommendation of EmilyNoel83. I like the consistency and the high pigmentation. It feels like a glossier Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipsticks. If you love the consistency of those matte lip products, you’ll probably like the consistency of this one. I’m giving the product 5 stars based on these two criteria alone.The only issue I had is that the color makes my face a bit washed out and pale. I feel like I need a really heavy blush or eye look to pull off this color. But this is only a color issue. I’m certain I will find a good color for me in this line.I will be trying out other colors from this line. " - emcosmetics.com user

Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss by Giorgio Armani Beauty

"I was excited when I received the package that contains two shades from the Armani Ecstasy Shine collection. The shades that I got for reviewing purposes are:Shade 100 - ShineShade 400 - Four HundredI’d like to start by saying that just by holding this lipstick you can tell immediately how luxurious it is just by the packaging. I love the magnetic closure, it adds even more character to the lipstick.Moving on to the formula, these are indeed very moisturizing. Smooth and easy to apply, this will leave your lips feeling extremely hydrated. Its really like a nice everyday pigmented lip balm that has a natural shine to it. I think the color selection is beautiful too. There are a lot of nude and red shades that you can choose from. This lipstick fades nicely on the lips so you don’t really have to worry much as you go about your day.I would recommend this for people like me who at times don’t like the heaviness and intensity of a regular matte lipstick. This will give you a softer look perfect for everyday or those days you just want to go for a sheer lip.I personally don’t feel that comfortable wearing red shades cause I feel like its a dramatic strong look that I can’t pull off. But I’m really glad the Shade 400 was vibrant but subtle at the same time. I’d say its a pretty friendly red. I love it and I’m recommending it to everyone! « less" - Giorgio Armani user

Sheer Wisdom Lip Oil by butter

Treat your lips butter LONDON Sheer Wisdom Lip Oil, a nourishing tinted lip oil that leaves lips feeling moisturized, firmer and smoother with a sheer wash of natural colour and a high shine finish that's perfect for everyday use.

Lip Strobe Metallic Gloss by Huda Beauty

A collection of Strobing Metallic Lip Glosses - from sheer to full coverage - designed to be worn alone or layered with your favorite lipstick.

Lifter Gloss Lip Gloss Makeup With Hyaluronic Acid by Maybelline

"Im more a lipgloss user than lipstick. When I decide to try, the feeling of it was incredible and interesting. Incredible,because: right away felt hydrating, moisturizing, very creamy texture and smoother. Incredible,because: my first time using a lipgloss with hyaluronic acid formula, the taste and scent was extremely new , the color (nr. 002 or ICE ) is moderately pigmented, on my lips felt like plush, no stickiness , all these are staying hours on my lips. Have to mention that I love the packaging. My final thoughts about this lipgloss ,are very positive, by me, it has all what I ever wanted in one lipgloss . I would recommend this to anyone who likes the natural looking makeup. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Plush Rush Lip Gloss by butter

"This is the best lip gloss formula I've ever used. I have well over 100 lip products and this rivals Chanel and YSL lip glosses except LESS STICKY. I don't know how they did it-these are soooo good. I need every color. Birthday Suit is THE perfect nude for light/medium skin tones, Fireworks is a gorgeous shimmery nude clear that makes your lips look SO juicy and plump (HELLO GIVE ME MORE!) and Dance Party is the perfect coral color for spring and summer. " - ulta.com user

Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick by Marc Jacobs Beauty

"i’m not much of a lipgloss gal, nor am I really into lipstick, but these marc jacob enamored lil gloss is something I can work with! i’m an all around lip balm lover and would pick that over anything but these lip glosses feeel more like a tinted lipbalm to me but just a bit shinier and more shimmer! i absolutely adore the packaging on this too bc it’s a twist tube with a “lip gloss” stick! but the outside packaging did make me believe that it was going to be a doe applicator, which i have nothing against, but i just prefer a balm stick type of product....the lip glosses itself are pretty hydrating, and the colors are not super pigmented but not super sheer either. #562 candy bling is almost like hot pink color (not really my color), but when i applied it, the color doesnt look so bad and not as bright as I thought! it def seems more like a summer color or maybe for a night out? or for when you wanna feel girlie? I also have #558 uh-huh honey which is a more brown nude tone. it’s not very pigmented on the lips, but this color I can see myself wearing more often than the pink. it looks like it be good for the fall, since it’s pretty subtle. I wouldn’t mind diving into the other colors in this collection for something more of my type! i really love that these lip gloss sticks remind me of lipbalms « less" - Sephora user

Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I’m usually not a gloss fan by any means (they’re always too sticky, get chunky, or have a sickeningly sweet smell), but when I saw “oil-infused” I was intrigued immediately. The flat applicator is the perfect size to get the edges of your lips while filling in the middle smoothly. It has a more opaque formula than what I would think a traditional gloss would. I’ve been wearing it on its own for a more natural, glossy finish that gives me the perfect nude and neutral look to coordinate with all of my makeup looks and outfits. All in all, I’m shocked by how much I’m enjoying this gloss. The perfect addition to my makeup collection that I’ll definitely be keeping with me on a daily basis for a quick swipe of glossy color! I received this product for testing purposes but all opinions are my own!" - sephora user

Lips Off Leash Plumping 15-piece Mini Lip Collection by Buxom

Buxom lips off leash plumping 15 pc mini lip collection is a 15 pc mini plumping collection of buxom lip polishes and lip creams. Tingle all the way with this bombshell array of lip plumping color. A $150 value!

Stay Glossy Lip Gloss by Rimmel

"I received the "125 down to gloss" lip gloss I am amazed on how it feels once you apply it. It does not leave a sticky feeling like most lip glosses usually do. It has a very moisturizing feeling to it and the smell is amazing smells great! First time using it and very satisfied it is long lasting I used for more than 6 hours and had some food and drinks while wearing even though it didn't stay as shimmering as the first application I definitely still had some shimmer in my lips I only retouched it once I love it! This product is a must if you love shimmer [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Alter Ego Lip Gloss by Lorac

"I must admit, I had a gift set of Lorac Alter Ego glosses for months that I never even opened. I got a sample of the Alter Ego gloss in Goddess during a beauty break, and finally got around to wearing it. OMG! I am a self proclaimed lippie hoarder, so my collection is huge and it takes a lot to impress me. Where to begin? This gloss has gorgeous texture, the applicator applies smoothy and evenly, the glossy look is lovely, it doesn't run and seep into lines (which is a problem with most glosses and therefore I tend to avoid them), and if it does it is after 8 hours of wear and much abuse. It is not sticky at all, and does not feel dry. I tend to have dry lips and I can go without reapplying this for hours, my lips just feel moisturized and soft. It looks great as it fades too. And the SMELL....like vanilla yummy goodness. The color selection is tops. So in love with Lorac products, they continually impress me! I just ordered them in 10 more colors, which brings my Alter Ego Gloss collection to 16 shades. Trust me, they are THAT good." - ulta user