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The 50 Best Highlighters Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore highlighters are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Rodeo Drive Highlighter by ofra

Soak up the summer sun day or night with ofra cosmetics' rodeo drive highlighter! Now in a mini size.

Butter Highlighter by Physicians Formula

"Hands down one of the best drugstore highlighters! Physicians Formula’s Butter Highlighter is CREAMY to the touch, but blends out to a powder on the skin. It is intensely reflective, smooth, & blends out to perfection! An added bonus to this product is that is smells like coconuts & will remind you of summertime on a tropical beach! This highlighter is infused with nutrients, vitamins,!& oils, such as Murumuru Butter, that works” together to nourish & moisturize the skin! The wear time of this highlighter is several hours, but it’s so amazing you’ll want to just keep using it & seeing its effect over over and over again! After using the butter highlighter, you will notice blendable coverage, soft pigments, smoothed and silky skin texture & brightened skin that will make you GLOW! I can’t speak highly enough of this product and recommend it the most! So, it’s time to GLOW UP and head to your nearest drug store to purchase this TRUE GEM!" - walgreens user

Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm

"Let me start of by stating that I really like Balm products which are of such great quality. This bronzer like other Balm products is super pigmented easily blendable a little will go a long way and will last you a very long time!Because of being superpigmented I recommend using a fan brush to apply. You can always add more but this is so rich and luxurious looking that it only takes one brush stroke to get desired look. This is a shimmery bronzer....the color is a mix between dark gold and copper....definitely different from the MaryLou manizer which is a white shimmery highlighter. This looks good as a highlighter used above blush on cheekbones innercorner eyes above or below brow bone and above cupids bow. This looks good on all skintones....giving that sunkissed tannedlook for lighter skintones and that healthy glow for mediumdark skintones I am NC 40medium skintone. I would use this as a highlighter in the above mentioned areas or as part of contour routine on cheekbones only. But since this is shimmery and not matte I would not use this bronzer as your contour powder to apply on sides of nose or on outline of forehead. I would use more of a matte powder for those areas. I highly recommend and at this price I would buy again in a heartbeat. This is such a beautiful naturallooking highlighter....not so noticeable or in your face as a whitepink shimmer...This bronzer gives that healthy glow. This looks lovely for everyday with a light hand or for a nighttime look go crazy. Let me state that Overstocks customer service is great! I had an issue with this order and they took care of it with no questions asked. I have ordered different items from overstock....fro... « less" - Overstock.com user

Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter by Fenty Beauty

"I've been looking at these for a very long time trying to seek justification for purchasing yet another highlighter (that I know I don't need). This is an amazing product! I finally bought it on a trip with my sister and used it for the first time yesterday. I used the Sand Castle as an eyeshadow with some UD Naked's and put the Mint'd Mojito in the corners of my eyes, it was beautiful! I used the Mint'd Mojito as a highlighter as well and I loved it as well! The colors are vibrant and stayed all day with no problem. I love off the wall highlight colors so any of these are perfect for my collection! I did have my eye on the 7DayWeekend/Poolside originally, however when I swatched them in person I thought that the Sunrise/Sunset and 7Day/Poolside were a tad on the dry/powdery side. This one is creamy, super creamy! I also broke down and bought the Fenty highlight brush, also amazing! it picks up SO much product it is ridiculous. I even used it in my Anastasia glow kit and the brush made those colors stand out more as well. These products have been hyped up for an obvious reason. Very happy with my splurge of a purchase, even if I felt guilty for a day after spending that money. « less" - Sephora user

Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator by Laura Geller

Laura geller's baked gelato swirl illuminator's innovative hybrid texture applies like a sheer powder but feels like a cream, creating a translucent wash of luminous color that can be swept all over the face for a lit-from-within glow. Now in a mini size.

FaceStudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter by Maybelline

What's happening now? The chrome effect. Now, skin heats up with a warm metallic sheen. This maybelline facestudio master chrome metallic highlighter is infused with metallic pigments that create a reflective finish.

Glow Kit - Aurora  by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia beverly hills auroa glow kit is a collection of full spectrum highlighters with iridescent and metallic finishes. Layer shades for a multi-dimensional glow or apply on top of your favorite lip and eye products to transform your look into a new dimension.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter by BECCA

"The BECCA shimmering highlight line is our holy grail of highlighters. What makes them so different from a lot of the other highlighters on the market is that they are not only incredibly pigmented but have an almost creamy texture to them that lasts all day!They're finely milled and a little goes a long way. They make the skin look very natural glowy. They can be worn as subtle as you want or as a full on highlight! They are very pricey but I feel they are worth every penny.You do however have to be careful because if they are dropped they can shatter and the powder inside will break up. I believe that may have to do with it being so softly packed.We notice however that if you don't wear a foundation to first smooth out the skin the particles can accentuate any bumpy texture, pores or wrinkles on the skin. So as with any highlighter we would recommend priming your face with a good primer to minimize that.We would recommend a good fan brush or any brush that can subtly build up the highlight that you want. We love the whole color range and believe they have a color highlight that will be beautiful on everyone! « less" - Sephora user

Ofra x NikkieTutorials Space Baby Highlighter by ofra

Ofra Cosmetics' Nikkietutorials Space Baby Highlighter is a blue shifting duochrome shade that glows to the sky and beyond. Created by the Glow Queen, NikkieTutorials.

Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury

A liquid tinted complexion booster for a superstar youthful glow.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish by MAC

Shop M·A·C Extra Dimension Skinfinish at Ulta. This long-wearing highlighter lasts up to 10 hours, giving you a luminous glow from day to night.

Custom Enhancer Drops by Cover FX

"Let me tell you, the hype is real. I have never in my life as a continuous VIB Rouge member written a review, but Cover FX, you are making me break that trend. These highlighters seriously are everything that's being said about them! Highly intense glow, and super blendable. I purchased 3: Celestial, Moonlight, and Sunlight, and they are too beautiful. I now want them ALL. I will be purchasing the 2 bronzer shades and Candlelight as soon as they become available again. You can layer them as needed, depending on how intense you want your highlight. Only 1-2 small drops/dabs are needed, as the pigment in these are similar to liquid chrome on your face. However, they blend out beautifully leaving a gorgeous glow. A little goes a LONG way, so it's worth the price. I tried mixing a couple of the shades, and even that created its own beautiful glowy shade. That's why buying all of the shades are worth it, because the unique color that forms after mixing it with a lighter or darker color, will still give you a gorgeous glow. This is not a subtle sheer glow, this is intense, grab your sunglasses glow! Imagine the uses you can get out of it. It mixes with foundations, it can be blended directly as a highlight, and even added to lotions to help accentuate your legs/chest/and shoulders. This overpowers any powder/cream highlighter on the market, and I would not doubt if other companies soon try to follow this same application. But Cover FX was first! Wouldn't be surprised if these stay sold out on a consistent basis. Don't even think twice about it, just purchase! If you love to glow, then you NEED this. It's literally light in a bottle. LOVE Less" - Sephora user

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter by Urban Decay

Create a glowy, strobed effect that lasts all day with afterglow 8 hour powder highlighter from urban decay. This lightweight formula has a super-soft, creamy texture, goes on sheer and blends easily.

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder by Wet n Wild Beauty

Shimmer and shine in all the right places with the same formula as wet n wild's must-have megaglo highlighting powder. Its ultra-pearly finish and easy-to-blend formula make it a fan favorite!

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter by Fenty Beauty

"I got Trophy Wife and Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule.Trophy Wife is no doubt gorgeous - pigmented, a little goes a long way, and blends nicely BUT its not practical for me. I tried it as an eye shadow but its far too glittery and ends up all over my face. I can't wear it to work and its not for every day....if I were a beauty blogger I'd have more use for it but for the price I'd rather get something I can actually use so it will be going back and Metal Moon (which i initially picked up) will be coming home. Its gorgeous and practical FOR ME. If Fenty make a palette and put Trophy Wife in it, I'll be happy.Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule is simply GORGEOUS! great payoff, shiny but also subtle. Stays put and shines bright like a diamond.The packaging is very high quality. Sturdy, travel friendly, sleek, not heavy but not too light. Not too easy to open which is both good and bad if u don't have nails like me.I'm impressed!! « less" - Sephora user

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlighter by Tarte

A 12-hour highlighter, powered by Amazonian clay for a radiant glow.

Pure Nude Highlighter by essence

Natural highlights! This essence pure nude highlighter adds natural luminescence to cheeks, temples, and brow bone for a gorgeous glow. The baked formula applies smoothly while the light texture blends easily for a natural finish.

Heavens Hue Highlighter by stila

"As I am just over 40 years old, I swore I was not jumping on the highlight/contour bandwagon, but when I swatched this in store, I fell in love!! I bought it under the premise that it was for my 8 year old daughter who does competition cheerleading. I lied....it's mine....I let her use it, but it is now my favorite new purchase. SO buttery! Not a powder per se', but not a cream either. Like nothing I ever felt before. It ALMOST feels sponge like when you press lightly on it. My daughter is super pale. As in, I have to mix white cream stage make up in with the lightest MAC foundation they make to match her skin tone and as with most 8 year olds, she has perfect skin, not dry, not oily, just perfect and this makes her glow like a little angel and looks AMAZING on the mat/stage/under heavy lighting. It lasted through a long competition day with quite a bit of sweating as well. I however fall into the medium category, with super dry skin and some red patches. It makes me look like I have actually gotten some sleep lately! It isn't glittery, so I don't look like I am trying to be 18, but gives me an amazing fresh glow with just a bit on my nose and my cheeks. I'm wondering if I should stock up and buy a few more just in case they make this limited edition, because I do NOT want to be without it now." - sephora user

Highlighter by Morphe

Morphe's Highlighters truly live up to their name. These daringly creamy, zero-gravity highlighters create explosive, prismatic effects so you can glow all out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills

"Such a beautiful highlighter. It looks like skin and applies so good. The texture is different than any other highlighters I’ve tried in that it is not powdery at all - it’s a stiffer formula but when you dip and swirl your brush on it, it takes just the right amount for a natural highlight. Another thing is this is buildable without looking cakey or without accentuating texture and lines. I have a medium yellow to olive undertone and looks perfect. I go natural with highlight but with this I actually built it up more than usual and it still looks stunning! It literally melts into your skin. This product blew me away and I definitely recommend this to anyone! " - Sephora user

Ofra x NikkieTutorials Glazed Donut Highlighter by ofra

"I've always been curious to try the Ofta brand's highlighters because I have heard h;ow great they are. Boy, they were NOT kidding, this highlighter is AMAZING! It is so pigmented and buttery, and blends onto the skin beautifully. It like "melts" into your face, without accentuating texture or appearing powdery. Also, a little tiny bit of this stuff is all you need, just a tap of your brush. That being said, this is not a "subtle" or "natural" highlighter. This is definitely for those of us who prefer a poppin', in your face kind of highlight. The shade "blissful" is gorgeous. It is definitely cool toned, kind of a champagne color with a pinky undertone. I have med-dark skin tone (NC40) but I see this color being suitable for a lot of different skin tones. I am so impressed with this highlight, I can't say enough good things about it, I wish I would have tried it a long time ago. I acrually think it may be replacing Becca Opal as my "Holy Grail" everyday highlighter. A woman actually stopped me at the store today and asked me what I was wearing because she said "my highlight was so blinding". I mean, come on! I'm sold!! « less" - ulta.com user

Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Couture

"Alright, so I’m actually a lover of matte looks. I don’t dig the shimmer or metallic eyes on myself, it just doesn’t look good on me like it does other people. This product is super intimidating looking because it’s super glittery and pigmented. However, I love how versatile this item is. When you first put the product on your face, WOAH, haha you got that major glow on. However, if you’re like me, you still want a nice glow and good color but nothing POPPING, just blend this highlighter out a little with another brush, then the intensive color will calm down and give a more tamed look. It works extremely nice with my matte looks, and if I ever want to make a change and go for a very bold highlighter, I can simply not blend it out or add water to it! There is so much product in this! I won’t need another highlighter for a VERY long time! I love the texture and the beautiful gold color this has. It takes so little product to make a super bold highlighter, even less if you want a more tamed look. I won’t buy another brand of highlighter anymore, this is by far my most favorite. This is also a beautiful body glow too, and it doesn’t get everywhere. Also let me add, this is NOT chunky glitter, it’s a very fine powder of highlighter, flattering on all skin types and colors! Did I also mention this works extremely well when mixed into foundations or body lotions? Because it’s great for that too!" - sephora user

Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil by Fenty Beauty

A one-of-a-kind, diamond-dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure, show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body.

Beverly Hills Highlighter by ofra

"This highlighter knocks it out of the ball park! Truly its amazing. Describing each shade:: - Starting at the Top the gorgeous slightly golden hued shade// Great Pigment no fall out amazing wearability - Moving to the left the bronzy golden shade//amazing. SO PIGMENTED and such a beautiful color and no fall out. makes for a great eyeshadow. I am pale so I can't use it for a highlighting shade on myself but I am an esthetician and I use it on my darker skinned clients all the time and it is completely stunning. - Continuing to the left to the peachy blush like shade// I have used this shade as a blush and as a highlighter on medium toned people. Makes a beautiful peachy eyeshadow and it is stunning as a highlighter blush duo. - Next the icy white shade at the bottom of the pan// I am fair skinned so this is my go to! works great in the inner corner/ tear duct area. Phenomenal pigment and amazing color. doesn't have a grayish cast on this skin light Kylie cosmetics loose powder highlighters do. - The last shade directly underneath the A in Ofra// stunning shade that is practical on all skin shades that doesn't leave a dark hue. Stunning anywhere on the face even on the eyes. If you really want to glow this is my go to! (I have hit pan on this one) All in all if you need a stunning highlighter for everyday use or you are a pro like me, this highlighter is great for any skin tone. Its functional and versatile and just plain awesome worth the $40 will be repurchasing" - ulta user

Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator by Marc Jacobs Beauty

A portable cream stick highlighter in a first-ever universal shade for instant dewy payoff.

Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick by Hourglass

A highlighter in a smooth, weightless texture designed to give you an instant flash of light for unparalleled glow and the most seamless highlight.

Fresh Glow Highlighter by Burberry Beauty

A lightweight and illuminating face powder with an intricate lace-pattern design.

Face Illuminator Powder by Laura Mercier

"Okay first of all, it's just aestically beautiful and you already feel like it's a luxury product once you open it. Definitely worth the money since you do get a lot of the product and it lasts a long time. Its something you can wear everyday and get that awesome highlight shimmer that's natural and not cakey. It blends super well and i love how it looks in pictures, very subtle but still like okayyyy girl you got that pop in your cheekbone! 🔥 It definitely is less pigmented than BECCA highlighter so it isn't as intense. Would recommend this product for more day to day function or a work function where you want to look great but not like a streak of highlighter on your face like you're going to the club. " - lauramercier.com user

Skin Frost Highlighting Powder by Jeffree Star

"Jeffree, you’ve outdone yourself with these hybrid light wonders... Love, Love, LOVE. After watching the launch video my instinct said Money Honey and Wet Dream for the sheer boldness and versatility of those shades; I’m not disappointed. They are incredibly pretty with a lovely smooth texture. For me, they look and behave like a super-fine glittery powder that melts into a gloss finish and glides effortlessly onto the skin. No patchy spots of glitter, just pure shine and intense glow! Finger or brush, but setting spray yes - it’s highlighter ;) Wet Dream is gorgeous but Money Honey with that subtle green reflect kills it. My new fav (and I have so many highlighters it’s almost disgraceful!). Looking forward to playing around with these... Yes girls, you can rock a glow over forty! :D Less" - beautybay.com user

Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass

"I have this in Dim Light. This product was something I initially had second thoughts about for the first week or so of my purchase, as I wasn't applying it correctly.I have medium/light olive toned skin, which is oily, and wear mineral powder foundation, with a combination of bronzer, blushers and highlighters in different mediums (powder, gel, cream etc)I found if applied with too heavy a hand, this product can appear to look unnatural around the areas you have most product (concealer, blush etc) so a light hand is all that is needed, as the jet milled texture is like swatching silk anyway and as it is supreme quality you get a great amount of product payoff.At first I applied this all over my face like a finishing powder. It blurred and blended everything... but also changed the shade/tone of my skin. It darkened me slightly. In summer when I am more tan, that will be brilliant. But right now I am more pale than usual.... so this doesn't enhance my lack of tan.. it highlights it.So what I do is apply it as I would a bronzing/contouring powder- along the frame of my face (hairline, chin, nose) cheeks and even on top of the cheekbones. The effect is now perfection. I adore this product. Women who are not product junkies however would maybe think this product is a waste of time- but once you have it, you won't stop using it. I think it's also about picking the right colour and using it correctly- because if used incorrectly, you could blame the product.So definitely experiment. This product will last me for years, even with daily use.This is also one of those products that you don't notice an obvious difference when it's on... but when you don't have it on you don't look quite so perfect.I would agree with online reviewers who compare the effect these powders have to airbrushing. It definitely blurs the skin/pores, and blends your other products (foundation, blusher etc) to a more natural, seamless effect.I think you should avoid applying it when you have breakouts, as it works best when enhancing an even surface. However, if we are talking fine lines, it softens them slightly. It's more bumps I would avoid.It is also beautiful on oily skinned gals, for those who fear it will make their condition worse. It won't! Just don't apply over your whole face. Less" - mecca.com.au user

Super Shock Cheek Highlighter by Colourpop

"This highlighter. Of all the products in my makeup bag, this is in my Top 5 Never Wanna Be Without list. Where do I begin? There has never been, and may never be, a better highlight for me. If you haven't felt this product yet, go drive to your nearest Ulta and swatch them. They feel like butter on the skin, so stupidly soft and wonderful. I would rub this compact all over my face, it's so soft. And the pigment! You can barely touch the stuff and your finger comes away ~glowing~. What I especially love about the shade I got, Lunch Money, is how seamlessly it blends into my skin. Some days you want a standout glitteratzy highlight moment (don't we all), but some days you just want a lit-from-within goddess glow. Lunch Money delivers on the latter without fail - and they have shades for those standout moments too! I had been getting a little tired of my powder, almost glittery highlighters I had on deck and this highlighter has frankly swept them out of the water. I'm ruined for any other cream highlight. Colourpop is it!" - ulta user

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter by Marc Jacobs Beauty

A cult-favorite, lightweight, coconut-infused gel highlighter in a new, warm, rose-gold shade for a universally-flattering, warmed-up glow.

Diorskin Nude Luminizer by Dior

"The luminizer provides a lovely, natural glow to the skin that will not accentuate pores, lines, or texture. It can be sheered out, or patted on with the fingers to give a more obvious glow. There is fine shimmer, but no sparkle. The color is a champagne very similar to the limited edition spring glowing gardens highlighter in champagne. I love a natural looking highlight which gives a subtle but definite glow to the skin, and this is by far my favorite highlighter--and one of my favorite products--of the 2016 holiday season. I love it especially on days when I want glowing skin without looking like I'm wearing makeup. I also pat it onto my eyelids and even though I have oily skin it will last the whole day without primer with very minimal creasing. Sadly, Dior customer service has confirmed this is limited edition. If you would like to see high quality video of the luminizer swatched up-close and in action, you can watch my video below :) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Ignite Liquified Light Face & Body Highlighter by BECCA

A liquid highlighter for face and body in a limited-edition shade hand-picked by Barbie Ferreira.

Cookie Powder Highlighter by Benefit

A swirl of golden pearl! A gorgeous glow is just a sweep away! Stroke Benefit's silky-fine Cookie Powder Highlighter along cheekbones for a soft-gold shimmer.

Desert Oasis 19 Color Shadow Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics

Bask in the splendor of exotic beauty with the Desert Oasis -19 Color Shadow and Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics. This essential mix of velvety-rich pigments in buttery matte and shimmer finishes, plus five luminous highlighters, lets you create endless looks for day and night.

Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter by bareMinerals

"Disclaimer: If the swatch above shows multi-colors for the Deep Dark, IGNORE this. THAT is the swatch for the BM Total Invisible Highlighter in Deep Dark, it is actually a solid color. You can view it in store or on the BM website if it hasn't been fixed.Now, I have to say I really do like this subtle illuminating bronzer more than my matte bronzers. It's perfect for summer as it's not heavy and can be applied over tinted moisturizer or bare skin without looking heavy. As for the shade name Deep Dark, eh, not so crazy about. This has more to do with the makeup industry phrasing as a WHOLE which could use some work and this brand is really no different. "Deep" and "Dark" have very different meanings to women or men of color than those in the makeup world. Deep Dark is usually referred to those with deeper, darker, BROWN skintones, for example Mac Nw58 is the deepest shade in their Studio fix powder line. That shade is what most women of color, as myself, would refer to as Deep or Dark. However, I am more between nc45-nc50 and on the yellow side so this works pretty good.It's a brownish-bronze without too much red, and it just adds this really pretty natural luminosity. I swatched it in store, and just really liked it. It is very subtle and unless you're fair you couldn't use it as a contour IF you contour with a bronzer. it is a tad darker than my skin, it adds this bronzey illuminating sheen with zero glitter. It is definitely noticeable with versus without on me but looks very natural. If you are fair skinned you'll get more of a dramatic/intense look and it's sheer enough to pull off. I do think it's buildable without looking heavy or cakey or adding too much texture. The texture is super fine, not at all powdery, so it doesn't "dust up" when I run my brush across it. Overall, my favorite bronzer thus far, and the mirror is a really nice size, travel friendly. Less" - Macy's user

Highlighting Powder by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

A high-impact, light-reflective powder that gives skin shimmering, rosy highlights.

Fresh Glow - Highlighting Luminous Pen by Burberry Beauty

"This product is great for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, Cupid's bow, brow bone and bridge of the nose. The formula is very creamy making it super easy to apply, it simply glides on and catches the light well while the stick allows for precise application. It is long lasting and well pigmented to leave a subtle glow for that natural look.The bonus is that it is very portable and can also be used as an eyeshadow!I received the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for an honest review " - Sephora user

Living Luminizer Glow Face & Body Powder by rms beauty

"I have been using other rms beauty products for a while now, and this face/body glow powder is my new favorite product. I love that it is made with all natural ingredients. When wearing this powder, my skin looks amazing. The powder blends easily and it looks flawless. It gives my face and body a natural glow. The powder has a golden champagne hue and is perfect to wear in the summer. What I love about rms beauty products is that they feel great on your skin and this product delivers. Overall I am very satisfied with this product and I highly recommended." - sephora user

Loose Highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Highlighter is a shimmering loose highlighter powder with highly reflective, iridescent pearls that deliver an intense sparkly payoff. The easy-to-blend formula has a soft, velvety texture and leaves you with a silky finish.

True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer by L'Oreal

"I absolutely love this product! I initially fell in love with the Becca Shimmering Perfector in Topaz because I wanted something to wear on days I don't wear makeup that'll give me a glow and smooth out my imperfections a bit. But I really didn't want to fork out $40 on something that made such a tiny difference. I've been stalking my Ulta ever since I heard about the L'Oréal Glotion and finally got my hands on it!! I got it in the color Deep. This product has done everything that I've wanted it to. It blurs my imperfections (uneven skin tone/acne scars) to the point where my skin looks like it has a bb cream or skin tint to it. It dries down quickly and matte, which is great for my oily chin. Most foundations and creams have to constantly be touched up with powder because of this but this product doesn't. This has been my everyday "foundation" that I pair with a bit of concealer under my eyes and I'm in love with how fresh faced it makes me look. Recommend this to anybody that just wants a pick me up for their no-makeup days. Definitely gonna stock up on this as it's going to be amazing for traveling and beach/poolside days in the summer!!" - ulta user

Beauty Highlighter Wand by Charlotte Tilbury

A high-gloss, rose gold liquid highlighter wand that comes with a sponge applicator.

Strobelight Instant Glow Powder by Milani

High impact, light-reflective powder that leaves skin with shimmering radiance.

Pro Light Fusion Highlighter by Make Up For Ever

A lightweight luminizer for easy, mistake-proof highlighting.

Dual Finish Highlighter by Lancôme

"I have a million highlighters and was not expecting to get this. Was not even on my radar. I have a collection of highlighters from Becca, ABH, Chanel, Tom Ford, CoverFX, YSL, Hourglass, Bobbi Brown, Natasha Denona, Tarte, MAC, NARS, Burberry, and more, etc etc. I have a lot of favorites, but this one is the absolute creamiest and most interesting textures I have ever felt. It is a powder, but feels creamy and goes on smooth without texture, but looks wet. In a good way, not greasy. Makes your skin look like a healthy, dewy glow. I purchased mine in shimmering buff. Awesome formula! Glad I picked it up after feeling it in store! " - Nordstrom user

Mermaid Glitter Gel by Tarte

A limited-edition, vegan highlighting glitter gel for an iridescent, festival-ready look.

Flawless Glow & Plumer-Looking Lips Kit by Charlotte Tilbury

"This is worth the splurge (& I splurge a lot on makeup). I got this a couple months ago, and I wear this with a bare face, under foundation, over foundation, with powder, with liquid... it plays really well with a variety of products. I will say the first 1-2 times I used it I was like "OK? Can I tell the difference?" but then throughout the day I just felt prettier. Now I won't go anywhere without putting it on, again even if I don't put anything else on. It just looks SO natural, very "glow from within," something about it just takes you to the next level. Also, I am the palest of the pale, e.g. always the lightest foundation shade and this blends out fine for me (on the parts of the face where you put highlighter). Some highlighter-type products are too dark for me so I thought worth noting. Less" - Sephora user

Light Source Illuminating Highlighter by Lorac

Lorac light source illuminating highlighter is a paraben-free, high-pearl highlighter infused with anti-aging antioxidants and light diffusing, soft focus pigments for a silky-smooth, luminous glow. Can be worn sheer for a soft, natural sheen or layered for a high-shine, dramatic effect.

Shimmer Brick Compact by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"There is no brand so iconic, unique and beautiful as Bobbi Brown. Created by the makeup artist herself, as someone who suffered from poor skin and lack of self esteem, she knows exactly what the average, makeup loving girl wants, and she created it.The shimmer brick in nectar is one of the first products I bought and loved, from Mecca of course. When I got it in the post in the fabulous pink box, I just about started jumping up and down. Seeing that iconic black compact with Bobbi Brown printed across it, and opening it up to see the shimmery, soft stripes of pink and nude, with the big mirror, there is just no greater joy for me, as I am a true beauty loving addict.Next morning, after double cleansing, exfoliating, applying serum, moisturiser, primer and foundation, my cheeks were ready to be adorned with the gorgeous shimmery nectar of that brick. I swept my big, fluffy kabuki brush across all the stripes of colour, and swept and blended it up and down my cheek bones, right up to my hair line, and back down again. You only need the tiniest amount, so even though it's $70 plus, it is so worth it.The results I got from that very first application were stunning, soft, pink and radiant cheeks. No streaks or clown like marks, the colour was just beautiful, it really was nectar, and it lasted all day long until my evening double cleanse.Five or six months later, and I've barely made a dent in the palette, even though I wear it most days, the colour, texture and formulation are incredible, so professional looking, it lasts all day long and you have the cheek bones of an angel.I love it, I recommend it and I will continue to go back to Bobbi Brown, on Mecca Cosmetica, for any future makeup purchases, so I can continue to be the confident, radiant and powerful beauty and makeup loving girl each and every day. Less" - mecca.com.au user