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The 50 Best Highlighter Sticks Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore highlighter sticks are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator by Marc Jacobs Beauty

A portable cream stick highlighter in a first-ever universal shade for instant dewy payoff.

Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick by Hourglass

A highlighter in a smooth, weightless texture designed to give you an instant flash of light for unparalleled glow and the most seamless highlight.

Fresh Glow - Highlighting Luminous Pen by Burberry Beauty

"This product is great for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, Cupid's bow, brow bone and bridge of the nose. The formula is very creamy making it super easy to apply, it simply glides on and catches the light well while the stick allows for precise application. It is long lasting and well pigmented to leave a subtle glow for that natural look.The bonus is that it is very portable and can also be used as an eyeshadow!I received the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for an honest review " - Sephora user

Hydro Boost Illuminator Stick by Neutrogena

"I like the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Illuminator. I like the convenience of having a stick highlighter instead of a powder. I feel like it gives me a chance to have a little more control over the product. It goes on a little thick but it blends out nicely. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new highlighter for their makeup bag. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Watt's Up! Cream Highlighter by Benefit

A champagne cream-to-powder highlighter.

Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight by Clinique

Luminous cream chubby stick sculpting highlight by clinique with light-reflecting optics brings your best features forward. Long-wearing, oil-free.

Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick by BECCA

An ultra-sheer, highlighting balm loaded with skin-loving ingredients and BECCA’s Glow Nectar Brightening Complex.

PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighter Stick by Revlon

"The Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen! Not only was this easy to apply and blended very nicely with the blush but it drastically reduced the shine on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin! I love the way it sort of matted out my skin tone a bit and evened it out and gave it a, yes I'm going to say this, fairy like, look! Definitely a plus, in my book! It most certainly is an instant fix and I was most assuredly photo ready all night long. I received the Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick for free from Crowdtap in exchange for my honest review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Nudies All Over Face Color by Nudestix

A dewy, skin brightening, bronzer and highlighter for the eyes, cheeks and lips. A custom, made in Korea all over face color that softly kisses the skin with a dewy, lightweight and luxurious formula.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick by Fenty Beauty

A magnetized makeup stick in a long-wear, light-as-air shimmer formula to highlight, blush, enhance, and bronze in 10 colorful shades that let you play.

Twinkle Stick Highlighter by Tarte

A creamy, highlighting and strobing stick for a long-wearing glow that's powered by coconut, vitamin E, apple, and marine extracts.

Haloscope by Glossier

"SO. I'm going to put out a disclaimer that if you wear full-coverage, matte-to-touch makeup, this isn't going to work with your look! This highlighter is super creamy and does drag off foundation. It works best on bare face/lightweight cream based concealer/foundation (such as the ones carried by Glossier). This is the perfect kind of glow to have on minimal makeup skin. It gives you that glow from within look. I prefer to swirl my finger on the highlighter and dab on my cheekbones, it blends better that way. It can get sticky if your hair gets in the way (thats my only dislike about this BUT that's due to the texture of the product)" - glossier user

Infallible Longwear Highlighter Shaping Stick by L'Oreal

"I tried L'Oreal Paris’ Infallible Longwear Shaping Highlighter Makeup Stick in the shade Slay in Rose recently, and I am in love! The stick is extremely creamy in texture and glides right on skin. I was a little concerned about the frosty pink shade competing with my blush at first, but they complemented each other perfectly. When I used the highlight stick on my cheek bones, it blended flawlessly and brought more light to the area, but it didn’t cover up the blush that was layered underneath. I also used this product on my cupid’s bow, brow bone, the corners of my eyes, and the bridge of my nose. It was luminous and beautiful everywhere! The pink undertones just made the highlight look more natural, even in areas near my eyes where I would usually only use a white highlighter. The other thing I love about L’Oreal’s highlighter stick is the application. No need to get your fingers or a brush dirty, you can just apply using the stick and blend with a blending sponge. So convenient! The stick format will last a lot longer than powders that require a brush, since so much product gets wasted on a brush. The cream stick texture also seemed to help the highlight stay on my face all day. Give L'Oreal Paris’ Longwear Shaping Highlighter Stick a try; you will not be disappointed! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Glow For It Highlighting Kit by Sephora Collection

A multibranded sampler set of highlighters including seven deluxe everyday essentials.

Bio Brightener Stick by w3ll people

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Cream Stick is a magic highlighter that instantly creates radiance. Brightens complexion and sculpts features for added dimension. The rich creamy organic formula has a satin, smooth, weightless texture - free from all harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleum.

Match Stix Trio by Fenty Beauty

"MY FAV PURCHASE EVER!!!!!!! I love these soooo much I just got them and already want to order more for when I run out. I just want to scream to everyone how much I love them lol. I got the light 100 set and I?m pretty pale w freckles and dark hair. The colors match sooo nicely and I can even layer the concealer to cover my freckles if I want. I lighter layer keeps my skin brighter and even toned but without hiding my freckles for like a natural bright skin look. They are soo easy to apply and super blendable. Feel so lightweight on my face and smooth but also easily build able if you want a stronger look. The bronzer is the PERF color for lighter skin. Sometimes it?s hard to find one that doesn?t make me look too orangey/ obvious. Like I read in another review the bronzer has a cool undertone versus warm making it sooo natural. The highlight is the perfect sparkly fairy shimmer. Idk if ive ever been so in love with a product. I usually go for a light no makeup sort of makeup look and these make life insanely easy but could totally be used for a stronger look as well. They last well too, I?m a hair stylist so usually at the end of the day my makeup fades away and my face feels oily from all the hair products in the air but w these I still look fresh! I 10/10 recommend. Also love that they are cruelty free. I feel like w a lot of celebrity lines for makeup and things are a little over hyped but these are deff not, but honestly Rihanna is perfect so no surprise she would actually have the best products. These are the first I?ve tried of her fenty beauty and now I am SO ready to try more. This has been the longest review ever but I cannot stop raving about these. Less" - Sephora user

I Want Kandee Candy Glow by Too Faced

"Ironically, my friends and I decided to go to ulta on September 3rd, the same day Kandee's collection came out. I bought one of the melted mattes in freshly baked. But what really caught my eye was the kandee glow. So today I went back to ulta for the first time since I bought the kandee lipstick and I bought the highlighter after a week or 2 of research. Let me just say, it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. It doesn't budge and it blends in beautifully. Also the color is just amazing! 10/10 totally LOVE this" - toofaced.com user

Soleil Neige Highlighter & Blush Glow Stick by Tom Ford

"I have very yellow undertones skin so I didn't think such a pink highlighter would work on me. However it blends gorgeously and doesn't look 'off' at all. I tried the Marc Jacobs Dew Drop at the same time as this, but that seems to have more pigment to it and would be better if you actually want an area to appear lighter. This one on the other hand, the colour blends in seamlessly but it leaves such a beautiful natural looking sheen. At first in the store lighting I thought it looked glittery on my hand, but when blended in on my face it really is such a fine sheen rather than looking sparkly.There isn't much of a smell to it. The pump dispenser with integrated lock is wonderful for travelling with or throwing in your purse. The texture is exquisite as always from TF and it doesn't cause separation in the foundations/primers I've tried it with (unlike the Burberry fresh glow).Definitely recommend! « less" - Sephora user

Wonder Stick by NYX Professional Makeup

"I have a darker skin tone and so I am always skeptical when a make up claims that there are only 4 colors and they work for all different pigments and shades. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by this contouring stick. It offers the perfect amount of coverage and blends beautifully for an even and smooth finish. I used to only by MAC products but I quickly found a direct correlation between their heavy nature and my breakouts. NYX Cosmetics has been my solution. All of the products I have used have offered full, lightweight coverage in a large array of different shades at a more affordable cost. This contouring stick is no different. " - ulta.com user

FaceStudio Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter by Maybelline

"LOVE!! I am a highlighter junkie and this quickly became a favorite over many of the high end products I have used! It doesn't seem to last all day but I have found it lasts much longer on days I use my setting spray! I keep one in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. It's an affordable product so buying an extra to keep at work, in your purse, etc is a good idea. Very natural looking! Blends great by gently applying it directly to your face and tapping your fingers gently where you want to blend. If you try to blend out with a brush or sponge, a lot of the products lifts off. So stick with using your fingers when blending out. Love this highlighter!" - ulta user

Dewy Stix Luminous Highlighting Balm by Ciate London

A highlighting balm that adds a gorgeous wet dewy glow to any skintone.

Illuminator by ilia

"I have this in Polka Dots & Moonbeams, which is pale pearl (though, not stark white) with subtle, micro-fine shimmer. The finish is more luminous than shimmery, but does catch light nicely. What I like best about this finish is that light seems to pick up hints of silver, pale gold, and even a touch of pink. So, while definitely subtle, it's complex. The pearl-ish base blends in perfectly with my super-fair, cool-leaning skin. I feel it's ideal for fairer skin tones, but the base is not so white that it wouldn't work on perhaps medium tones as well. It's so subtle and natural that it's easy to wear on bare skin during the day, even outside in sunlight. Depending on what you're looking for, that may be a plus or a minus. Wearing it with a full face of make-up is where the learning curve comes in. It's a little tacky in texture and I've found that applying several swipes on the back of my hand warms it up and makes it infinitely easier to apply. Yes, it's an extra step, but it makes a huge difference. The rest of application is going to depend on your individual skin, the types of products you're applying in addition (cream, liquid, powder, etc.) and the effect you are trying to achieve. I have dry skin and typically use a liquid foundation, powder blush, and a light dusting of loose powder. After trying many different combinations, I get the best results from applying this after my foundation, but before any powder products. Using my fingers, I pick up a small amount of warmed product from the back of my hand and gently tap/lightly press onto the areas I wish to highlight. You have a little bit of room to play with blending, but very little is typically necessary as the illuminator is subtle. And, if you manipulate it too much once on your skin, it will disrupt whatever product you have underneath. I then lightly pat loose powder to set, being careful to use either a powder puff or pressing, not sweeping, a powder brush. Since the product remains a little tacky even once applied, too much blending and/or manipulation will disrupt the finish. So, this all sounds very high-maintenance, but, it's actually very easy, once you figure out what works best. But, no matter how you apply, it's always going to be subtle. Lately, my favorite way to wear this is by itself with a little bit of concealer under my eyes and a bit of cream blush (the cream texture plays nicely with the illuminator). I've never been one to skip foundation, but I've found that the Polka Dots & Moonbeams really makes my skin glow, so I'm going without foundation more and more. Having very sensitive skin, I also appreciate that ILIA seems to use excellent ingredients and skips common irritants such as fragrance. This is also one of the only illuminators that I have been able to use in the eye area with zero irritation. I have used this for over a month and my skin is very happy. In summary, if you're looking for a subtle illuminator and don't mind playing around a bit with application to see what works best, I highly, highly recommend Polka Dots & Moonbeams. Bonus points for the cutest product name ever, too!" - sephora user

Instant Glow Highlighting Duo by Almay

Almay's instant glow highlighting duo gives skin the perfect level of radiance for a healthy glow with and without makeup! Take your healthy glow to the next level with this easy to use wand that instantly adds dimension to enhance your best features.

Highlight Stick by trestique

A beautiful multipurpose highlighter with a built-in sponge for an instant, fresh glow.

Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick by Covergirl

Get your glow on with Covergirl Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick. This portable shimmer highlighter instantly cools skin and leaves it looking positively radiant. Toss the glow stick into a pocket or bag and glide it onto cheeks, eyelids, or lips--anywhere you need a little extra glow.

Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand by Josie Maran

"First of this product is great for travel! I got this out of a whim . I didnt even research the product lol! However I swatched it and that pulled me in. I blended it out with my finger with no problem at all which is usually a problem with cream highlights. It is super easy to get over board with this so a little goes a long way! Which is awesome ! It is also a great base to make your highlight pop and last LITERALLY ALL DAY! Pictures in the dark catch this highlight alone also I enjoy that bx I do struggle with that with powder highlights. Over all this product is something I AM REALLY ENJOYING! Have had it for almost 2months . " - Sephora user

Highlighter by Milk Makeup

A dewy, everyday, champagne-pearl-hued cream highlighter stick that glides on for a natural glow.

Sculpt & Glow Duo Stix by e.l.f.

"This is my new favorite product! The highlighter is just enough for my skin tone and doesn't look grey at all on my skin, the blushes are great separate but blend together into a gorgeous coral shade and the contour isn't too dark, even for my really pale skin. The color lasts all day, even when I'm having a hectic day in a really warm office. It's out of stock often so I'm grabbing a couple of these sets and buying one for my mom as well. " - elfcosmetics.com user

Strobe Of Genius Holographic Stick by NYX Professional Makeup

Stop everything and glisten up! Nyx professional makeup has got a whole new way to glow: say hello to the strobe of genius holographic stick.

Hello Light Anti-Aging Luminizing Creme Stick by IT Cosmetics

"Got this lotion with my FIRST shipment from THRIVE. Love it so far! It's lightweight, but not watery. Spreads easily and absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way. After washing and drying my hands, I only needed a couple of drops, and still had enough left to smooth the excess onto my elbows. Unscented--no added fragrance, but also NO MASKING FRAGRANCE (what's that anyway?). It has a very faint scent of lemony herbs, due to the natural ingredients. I like that it has the Calendula which is calming to irritated skin, Aloe which sooths and heals, and Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) which is a potent antioxidant. The quart-sized bottle is huge for the price! I plan to put some in smaller pump bottles at each sink in my home. I have some essential oils I can add to personalize it if I want, but the fresh & clean natural scent is wonderful. AWESOME PRODUCT & AWESOME PRICE. « less" - thrivemarket.com user

Holographic Stick by Milk Makeup

A bestselling, holographic, cream highlighter stick packed with meteorite powder for a prismatic glow on cheeks, lips, and eyes.

Lil Match Stix Duo by Fenty Beauty

A limited-edition set of two mini Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks to highlight, bronze, and enhance on the fly.

Unicorn Highlighting Stick - Lifes Festival Collection Unicorn Dreams by Too Faced

Too faced unicorn highlighting stick is a buildable and blendable cream highlighter stick shaped like a unicorn horn with an iridescent finish that glides on easily for on-the-go glow. Colors shift subtly after application for a perfect finish that is uniquely yours.

Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick by e.l.f.

"I have tried all the highlighters to give me that dewy look. The closest I've gotten is the glossier haloscope, but that's pricey and it's got quite a bit of oil which thankfully doesn't break me out since I'm so dry, but it does sink into my pores so they're big and visible all day. This highlighter is smooth and dewy with the tiniest bit of shimmer (I got champagne glow). I've found elf products with shimmer tend to use glitter that's too large (like the facial whip) or are too thick to glide on (like the highlighter sticks. The highlighter sticks also tend to sink into my pores). Get these natural glow sticks - they can be blended with fingers or a blender. Love them. " - elfcosmetics.com user

Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick by Lancôme

"I love this stick! I ordered it immediately because I love the effect that contouring has on my face. Lancome did a great job of using the models of different complexions to help with color match. So much better than looking only at a swatch. I also loved the videos and the tutorial pics, showing how to chisel your cheeks and highlight your nose. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the detail!Based upon the models, I ordered the color Dore and it is perfection! For color-matching reference, I am an African-American woman and the foundation shades that usually work for me are caramel-colored shades. I am shade 450 in Tiente Idole Ultra and NC45 in another popular brand. The contour color is dark enough to definitely show up, but not look overdone. The creamy formula blends so easily and flawlessly. It literally just disappears into the skin. Its buildable, so you can layer it for nights out when you may want a deeper contour. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like the highlighter part! I usually find highlighters to be too glittery and unnatural looking for my skin tone. The highlighter on this stick is the perfect balance for the contour. It's gives a subtle glow without looking too sparkly. Now, be aware that this highlighter is more suited for upper cheek, inner corner eye, or Cupid's bow (IMO). This highlighter is not a substitute for doing that light undereye look because it does have a slight shimmer to it. You will still need to use your concealer that's 2 to 3 shades lighter than your skin tone for a more intense highlight look. This may be the reason for some of the negative reviews. For me, that's a special occasion look only, so this stick is perfect for my daily, subtle needs. An added bonus- I travel a lot, so I always look for products that combine 2 items in one package. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase! It lasts all day and makes highlighting and contouring a breeze! « less" - Lancôme user

Glitter Stick by Milk Makeup

A mini dimensional glitter highlighter packed with rainbow hues for lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Hello Fab Mango Butter Multi Stick by First Aid Beauty

"These sticks give my skin a soft, sheer wash of color with a lit from within glow! They have a smooth, cream to powder formula that I have used on its own and layered under powder products. I have applied it with my fingers, straight from the tube and with a brush, all with beautiful results. These sticks, paired with the Triple Protection Skin Tint are great products for a no makeup look. My favorite way to use the Champagne shade is as a brow bone and cupids bow highlight. I also like to use it as a base for my powder highlighter on my cheekbones. My favorite way to use Rosé is tapping it onto the apples of my cheeks. I tried it on my eyelids and on my lips but found that it sunk into lines and creases. However, it was beautiful as a lip product. If you don't have creases in your eyelids are a lot of lines and your lips, this may work great for you and both of those places. « less" - Sephora user

Easy Illuminating Stick by Laura Geller

"Ok so I am here to say this is what it states it is they are illuminating chubby sticks not blush so if you are looking for cheek color this is not that. When used as directed they are amazing you put on your blush on the apple of your cheeks then depending on which color you prefer or what look you are going for you put the highlighter stick as a line down the bridge of your nose to highlight the nose.Then along your cheekbone line lightly blend with brush or fingers if your skin is oily set with one of the illuminating powder to match color and voila perfection even my 14 yr old son told me how beautiful my skin looked when I used it every one has been telling I am glowing asked me what I have been doing. Sorry to be so long winded but when used properly and what the products were intended for you will be happy. So if you aren't looking for illumination then these are not for you otherwise if you are you will be happy. « less" - QVC user

Velvet Hi-Lite Contour Stick by LA Girl

Contouring made easy with l.a. girl's velvet highlight contour stick in the velvet contour stick collection. This luxurious formula is paraben free with added jojoba seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and grape seed oil.

Highlighter Hotshots by Benefit

A limited-edition trio of mini Benefit’s bestselling highlighters.

Face Glow Cream Shimmer by Natasha Denona

"Well let’s see.. I ordered this in LIGHT- which was VERY MUCH IN STOCK when it shipped, and then suddenly it’s been gone for over 2 weeks. I have the old version of this in my color- ohhh this arrived in Dark!!! In any case- I can say that this formula is exactly what I was hoping for: the glow cream formula in my Darya palette. It’s an improved version of the earlier stick. The Dark would be gorgeous on the right skin tone. Perfectly balanced de wines with STICK.. no getting absorbed in an hour like the Beauty Blender liquid glow.. or turning into straight drippy goo like a million others. I wish I could understand why Light and Dark are so cool toned and Medium is so yellow looking. With ND highlighters theres usually not too much difference between light n medium except one is icy and one is a peachy version. If that was the case I’d get it over with and order Medium, but I can’t wear anything that yellow-gold. Soooo I wait, but I thought the formula perfection was worth mentioning in any color! I always pan her cream glow- and now that the ‘cream glows’ are turning into ‘cream blushes’ in her face quads- this wonderful stick is more useful than ever. Come to think of it- if Light is a match for Darya cream glow- it would’ve been PERFECT if Medium was a match for the one in Bloom. I hope at some point she comes out with 5 more shades because in the world of cream highlighters ND has Em’ all beat. I would’ve put this up against the Marc Jacobs Spotlight Glow, but that’s cream to powder( 2nd fab lol) There are endless possibilities for this Face Glow Stick and someday when my shade( if?) I’ll take pics of all of them lol" - sephora user

Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo by Sephora Collection

"Countouring is an art. You can't get it right if the colors don't agree with your skin tone. So after some trial and error this pen was my magic answer. Especially love utilizing this duo when I'm traveling. I have a medium skin tone (specifically Indian with a yellow undertone). The Medium was a good match but did not create a true contour. It was too orange. The Dark gave me an outstanding and professional contour, which I finished and refined using the Sephora's contour powder trio. I've gotten compliments on how this contour is both glamorous and natural. I love that it's creamy and easy to blend, as well as long-lasting. I'm missing it now that it's unavailable at the moment !! :(" - sephora user

Holographic Effect Stick by Sephora Collection

A holographic stick in an ultra-practical format that creates radiance and shine for glamorous and festive looks.

The Sculptor Double Ended Contour & Highlighter by Tarte

"I don't know why this has such bad reviews. But I am defending this product. I am horrible at contouring! I can't seem to get it right. This product makes it so easy. I just draw the lines and blend the product upwards. It defines my features without looking like its over done. Its perfect for a natural look and the highlight is not my favorite but on top of a matte blush it provides the right amount a sheen. I have light to medium skin tone and it works perfectly. Plus Tarte is cruelty free and isn't full of nasty ingredients. I love this!!!" - Sephora user

Step By Step Contour Stick Highlight Size by Smashbox

"This was an immediate impulse buy for me since I love the packaging and collab partner, but the product itself actually blew me away, too. The shimmer in the highlight is very fine and soft so it applies and blends easily without looking like a shiny strip or leaving chunky glitter particles on the skin. There is not too much pigment so it doesn't have a heavy blush-like appearance on the skin, just a soft sort of glass-skin glow with a pink/peach/rose shift. I usually wear more subtle makeup, and I can pretty much coat my entire face with this (cheek plane, brow bone, forehead, nose, cupid's bow) without it appearing unnatural. If you're looking for a more blinding highlight, I'd definitely recommend giving your face itself a quick mist of setting spray in between layers of applying the product to give a stickier base and more radiant shine. For me, though, I can dust this on without any makeup at all or with full glam, and it still looks gorgeous. This also looks very smooth and radiant on my textured skin (acne scars, large pores, dry patches). All this combined with the packaging makes me really sad this is a limited edition product since I want to put this highlighter all over always. Less" - ulta.com user