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The Best Highlighter Palettes

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Jan 4, 2021
The Best Highlighter Palettes

Get ready to sparkle with these shimmery palettes

You don’t know the power of highlighter until you’ve tried a layered and multidimensional glow, especially as we approach the holidays. And instead of collecting shimmery single compacts like Christmas candies, why not pick up your favorite highlighter palettes instead? These sets feature multiple sparkly powders to strobe your cheekbones, produce an inner corner shimmer, or highlight the brow bone.

The number of shades lets you match your mood and makeup effects - going for a rose gold glow and champagne shimmer with your everyday looks, or ethereal lilac and aqua if you’re feeling a bit daring. Or dare we say, all of the above? Reach a new level of radiance by mixing and matching the best shades from your new highlighter palette - the ideal Secret Santa gift for the holidays.

Find all the top MIRA BEAUTY highlighter picks below.

Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio by Pat McGrath Labs, $50

Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio by Pat McGrath Labs
Source: Pat McGrath Labs

Have you ever wondered how supermodels can gleam beyond measure on the runway, even with countless hot lights and blinding camera flashes coming their way? It may just be with a little help from this highlighting trio by Pat McGrath Labs. Mother has launched the ideal couture-meets-Christmas set to radiate pure light throughout every feature - with three pearl-infused, powder-cream shades for extreme illumination. Opalescent pale rose, glittering yellow gold, and gleaming soft copper deliver incredible luminosity on their own, but things get real when you layer them together. It becomes a triple threat of prismatic, blindingly beautiful color that gleams on all skin tones - and is beloved by Pat McGrath’s lineup of famous friends. Let your inner celebrity makeup artist shine through (literally) with one of the best highlighter palettes from a makeup mogul - which 100% of MIRA guests agree is pigmented, lightweight, and blendable!

Glow Gleam Beam Highlighter Palette by e.l.f., $10

Glow Gleam Beam Highlighter Palette by e.l.f.
Source: e.l.f.

When in doubt, glow all out. And we mean that literally with the Glow Gleam Beam Highlighter Palette. It’s one of the best drugstore highlighter palettes you’ll ever use, with six highlighter shades that range from warm tan to decadent rose gold, subtle to striking, day to night… you name it. The top three hues in this palette are pearlescent and designed for more elegant looks, as nothing says glamorous like an icy white inner corner shimmer, while the bottom three are great toppers to finish off your metallic masterpiece. Glow Gleam is the ideal beginner palette for any sparkle lover in the making, as it’s only $10 and features subtle shades that enhance your natural beauty.

Aurora Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills, $40

Aurora Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Don’t let the blue, gold, and lilac shades in the Aurora Glow Kit fool you, as they’re not nearly as intense as they look. In fact, they blend out to the iridescent and striking, yet completely natural glow that you’re used to seeing on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram feed. So influencer-esque. Aurora Glow contains six radiant hues - including pink champagne, yellow-gold with a turquoise reflect, blue pearl and more to top off your most glamorous makeup looks. It’s not just shimmer you’ll get, but also sculpted and defined features that work for day and night. You’ll hit pan on your favorite hues almost instantly, but you can also stack these powders together - resulting in a kaleidoscope of captivating color! 98% of our MIRA guests say that Aurora Glow Kit is extremely pigmented, 96% call out the staying power, and 91% agree that it doesn’t have fallout.  

Born This Way Turn Up the Light Highlighting Palette by Too Faced, $27

Born This Way Turn Up the Light Highlighting Palette by Too Faced
Source: Too Faced

Too Faced knows a thing or two about sparkles and luxury makeup, and your favorite things come together with the brand’s best highlighter palettes. Like Born This Way Turn Up the Light! These three powders are designed to add dimension and lift your features, and each one has its own unique style for lit looks. Glow creates an “ethereal luminosity,” Soft Focus “sets foundation for a candlelit effect,” and Dazzle is your “party-ready sparkling finish.” And if that last one doesn’t put you in the mood for New Year’s Eve makeup looks, we don’t know what will. One thing that these powders all have in common? Natural ingredients that your skin will love. Coconut Water and Hyaluronic Acid boost your skin’s moisture levels, and Alpine Rose further enhances complexion health and radiance - all while bringing your glowing skin to the next level of luxury.  

Murumuru Butter Highlighter Palette by Physicians Formula, $9

Murumuru Butter Highlighter Palette by Physicians Formula
Source: Physician's Formula

You deserve to feel like a Brazilian goddess year-round, even in the winter… and a sunkissed glow awaits with this highlighter palette by Physician’s Formula. This lightweight, cream-to-powder formula features ultra-fine pearls and soft focus pigments that blend out flawlessly on your skin. Without the dreaded chalkiness or fallout you’ll often find in highlighter palettes. The infusion of Murumuru Butter, a Physicians Formula go-to, also makes these powders that much brighter and more blendable - whether you’re feeling like champagne, pearl, or rose gold. This drugstore brand is known for their luxurious products that show kindness to your skin, and you’ll receive an inner and outer glow up with the Murumuru Butter Highlighter Palette.

Rainforest Of The Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Volume II by tarte, $42

Rainforest Of The Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Volume II by tarte
Source: tarte

Lighting is everything, and your Sea-sonal selfies will be lit with the Rainforest Of The Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Volume II. Despite being small enough to fit in your clutch, this travel-size palette contains four shades with a lot of shimmer-packed punch. The colors called Daylight and Skylight are white gold and pearl hues, respectively, that are ideal for your everyday makeup looks. Inner corner shimmer or Cupid’s bow dab before that Zoom call, anyone? And then there’s the champagne Spotlight and rose gold Candlelight, which were basically made for the holidays. Every shade is infused with the classic tarte blend of skinvigorating™ ingredients - including marine plants to soften skin and reduce wrinkles, coconut to moisturize and condition, plus Vitamin E and vanilla extract for antioxidant power. Our MIRA guests can’t get enough of these smooth, sheer, and blendable highlighters… and you’ll love them for your glowing skin!

TruBlend Super Stunner Highlighter Palette by Covergirl, $12

TruBlend Super Stunner Highlighter Palette by Covergirl
Source: Covergirl

There used to be a time when highlighter palettes weren’t nearly as much of a “thing” as they are now. Shudder. But the rise of beauty influencers, YouTube tutorials, and Instagram glam has turned these products into a must-have in our makeup collections. You can even find the best highlighter palettes right at the drugstore for under $20! TruBlend Super Stunner is a trio of lightweight, luxurious shimmer powders that personalize your glow wherever you go. The pink, taupe, and light gold fit perfectly with your neutral eyeshadow palettes, and make the best Secret Santa gift for the drugstore makeup lover. Which is a huge compliment, by the way, as Zendaya and Beyonce are too! Place a bit on your cheeks for a one-minute makeup look that adds sparkle to your morning Zoom class, or glow even further with placement on your nose, jawline, or brow bone. 100% of our MIRA community agrees that these shades are pigmented, sheer, and blend well on your skin.

Ambient™ Lighting Face Palette – Sculpture by Hourglass Cosmetics, $80

Ambient™ Lighting Face Palette – Sculpture by Hourglass Cosmetics
Source: Hourglass Cosmetics

Meet your contour and highlight routine for the holidays - wrapped up in one gorgeous, golden palette. Ambient™ Lighting contains blush, bronzer, and several marbled, magnificent highlighters to sculpt and define your face for glowing skin from within. And we mean that literally, as each powder is formulated with Photoluminescent Technology to diffuse surrounding light and bring out your inner radiance. A dramatic contour and highlight is necessary for your holiday makeup, as subtle looks won’t show up properly over Zoom, and this highlighter palette by Hourglass Cosmetics has everything you need to make a statement. Grab your favorite brush set to sweep, blend, and swirl your way to defined and dreamy perfection!

Backstage Glow Face Palette - 002 Glitz by Dior, $45

Backstage Glow Face Palette - 002 Glitz by Dior
Source: Dior

“This palette is so beautiful and wearable! The powders are finely milled, blend beautifully on the skin, and aren’t full of chunky glitter. They lend a stunning radiance to the face and can be sheer to a fine gossamer glow or built to a more intense and reflective shine.” If you’re looking for a highlighter palette that makes you feel fancy, this is it. Dior can do no wrong, and the Backstage Glow Face Palette contains four highlighter shades to mix and match for a unique radiance. These colors include Gold, Pearly White, Bronze with holographic accents, and Shimmering Peach… all of which are just as gorgeous as they sound, especially when blended together. Looking for a poppin’ highlight and major Emily in Paris vibes? This palette has a 97% approval rating for blendability on MIRA, along with 95% who say it’s super pigmented on your skin.

Glow Up Highlighter Palette by Ofra, $49

Glow Up Highlighter Palette by Ofra
Source: Ofra

Looking for that LA glow up? It’s all in this chic and elegant highlighter palette by OFRA. Beverly Hills highlighter is the biggest piece in this puzzle, with five slices of glow heaven including golden bronze, cool pink, pearly white, neutral shimmer and pinky-peach. And if the thought of having all those highlighters in your pocket is exciting, we’re not even finished yet! You’ll also get mini versions of the soft gold and sunkissed (AKA, so LA) Rodeo Drive, golden-bronze and rose Blissful, and warm ivory Star Island. Each one reflects the light of the Los Angeles sun in a beautifully unique way, and you can pick your favorite shade or blend them all together for influencer-worthy glowing skin. Seriously, NikkieTutorials trusts OFRA enough to illuminate her features, and you should too!

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