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The 50 Best Fragrance-Free Foundations Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore fragrance-free foundations are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15 by bareMinerals

"Product: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation in Light (25.00 for 0.28 ounces) Shade: Sheer light golden cream >> This product speaks for itself. It's made from pure, crushed minerals straight from our planet. It feels like a cream because it's so finely milled, applied like a powder - but never looks caky, and makes the skin like you've layered silk on it. It's the makeup that feels and looks like no makeup - but your face will be perfected. It's made without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances/Dyes, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates. Parabens are said to lead to cancer in woman, while synthetic items are not healthy for the skin. It won't irritate the skin or cause breakouts, which is a relief to all ladies~! According to the statistics on Sephora 98% of woman said their skin looked softer, smoother, and younger. 90% saw IMPROVEMENT in their SKIN with continuous use - a foundation that makes you not need to use foundation. 93% noticed that their skin looked more radiant! >> So, what's my true opinion? I have 2 containers of this foundation, both mini sized. (10 Day Full Face Samples from Sephora.) They have lasted me for a year of light usage from day to day. (Not everyday of course, maybe 2-3 weeks of full face usage if you add it up.) What I'm trying to get at is this stuff lasts. The samples - that were free - lasted a good time for being a sample. I don't have the full size product, I want to get it, but I can bet you that it will last just as long. Obviously longer because it's bigger! Another nice thing is that it comes in so many different shades. I always feel annoyed when I look at a foundation and think, wow. There's 5 shades, and they're all for pale skinned girls. Really, leaving people out in makeup! Not cool! Being light skinned, I don't have a lot of problems, but some of my best friends have olive and darker skin. It's not fair that they can't use my favorite foundation, especially if we have the same skin type. This foundation comes in 20 shades, so any girl can find their perfect fit. >> Besides that this foundation is certified organic it feels just plain good on the skin. I like to buff this on with a Kabuki Brush (small, dense, face brush.) for perfect application. The key to awesome looking skin is to begin by getting a chunk of product on the brush. Now swirl the brush in the cap to get a thin layer of powder on each bristle. Then, tap on the side of the cap so the excess falls in, and voila! You have a brush with the perfect amount of powder evened out. It has light to medium coverage, depending how much you layer it. It works good on girls who have redness, light blemishes, light acne scars, un-even skin tone, etc. If you have bad acne, and dark acne scars this might not be the best for you. But don't feel down! Apply your favorite foundation on first, and then apply this on top. It leaves anything powdery and fake with a soft natural glow. Of course, no sparkle. >> The packaging on this is simple and sleek. The bottom is clear so you can see how much foundation you have, the and the top is matte black. To finish, this foundation has sunscreen, something every girl needs. Obviously you want to apply a sunscreen prior to foundation (apply a separate one for more protection of course!) but this adds a little more strength. Effectiveness: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Packaging: 8/10 Ease Of Use: 10/10 Overall: 10/10 Grade: A+ Love this product all around - it's a great buy! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-8674483314418737739-full" data-show="-8674483314418737739-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Loose Powder Matte Foundation SPF 15 by bareMinerals

"Bare Escendtuals' new matte foundation is the product I've been looking for all my life. I have disgustingly oily skin that makes my face shine like a solar panel. After trying so many products that promised the moon I finally found one that delivers real results.Staying power: Normally about 3 hours after I apply my makeup oil starts to seep through. After 4-5 hours my entire face (not just my T-zone) looks like the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. After 8 hours my make-up is sliding off of my face. Using BM Matte foundation I don't see any shine on my face until around 6 hours after I apply. My face only gets really shiny after about 8 hours. Then I simply apply some blotting powder, and I'm set for another 3 hours or so. This makeup truly lasts all day. Out of the zillions of other "mattifying" products I've tried this is the *only* one that works.Coverage: Like most mineral makeups, BM Matte provides a light to medium coverage. It evens skin tone and minimizes pores, but for larger blemishes like pimples or scars you definitely need some concealer.Application: BM Matte is easy to apply. I recommend using their oil-control primer in order to prep your skin. Apply primer, and allow 1-2 minutes to dry. Then use a thick soft brush (I use a Kabuki brush) and follow the instructions. Be sure not to apply too much otherwise your make up will look powdery. Mineral makeup has to "settle in" so to speak, so start slow. Mineral make-up can be somewhat annoying because it gets everywhere. I'm usually very careful not to let any spill, but somehow I usually find tiny hills of powder on my counter. I do love the new locking system that prevents all of the powder from spilling out if you carry the container in your purse.Finish: BM Matte provides an excellent finish that makes my skin radiant and matte. It doesn't, however, give you that air-brushed look like liquid foundation or anything with heavier coverage. However, it does look way more natural.Color: BM creates enough shades that it's easy to match your foundation to your skin type. Their lightest color is a lot lighter than many other foundations, so fair-skinned ladies rejoice. Their colors are very easy to blend so you can get just the right shade. I use fair and fairly light, and I no longer have to worry about that hideous line that divides my face from my neck. One thing to watch out for is that the foundation does become a bit orange from oxidizing. However, this is easily fixed by blotting powder. I use a medium tone blotting powder, and it makes my foundation looks perfect again.Skin-friendly: I can't vouch for the quality of the ingredients or their ability to clear up your skin, but I can say that BM is a lot better for your skin than most foundations. It's light so it doesn't clog pores, and you don't get that heavy feeling at the end of the day like you've got mud on your face. I really love the fact that it protects your skin from the sun, because sun-block clogs my pores like nothing else (not to mention it makes my face even *oilier*). However, you do have to be careful because it does dry your skin out a little. Your face naturally produces oil in order to keep it moisturized, so the lack of oil created from the matte finish means your skin will dry (especially if you use the oil-control primer). However, the drying is not as severe as many acne-fighting products, so I simply started applying moisturizer in the morning as well as at night and I don't have a problem. « less" - Sephora user

Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup by Clinique

An eight-hour wear, liquid makeup that neutralizes redness and blends away blemishes.

Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25 by bareMinerals

A clean, water-based, liquid foundation in a stick that combines hydrating skincare benefits and SPF with naturally-radiant, buildable, medium coverage.

Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup by Clinique

A fluid foundation that improves skin’s luminosity instantly and over time thanks to luminizing pigments and vitamin C.

Superbalanced Makeup by Clinique

"If you are reading reviews to see if you should try this foundation, I am here to help! I was skeptical and when an offer came up for a deluxe sample, I gave it a try. I am 21 years old and I have a malar rash ("butterfly rash" brought on by Lupus/SLE). My rash extends from my cheeks down towards my chin a bit and on the bridge of my nose. It looks similar to acne scars and acne redness spots after a pimple has been popped. It is EXTREMELY hard to cover up without feeling cakey. I have tried everything. My favorites before this foundation are it cosmetics cc cream and Estee Lauder's double wear. However, double wear was very heavy and dried extremely quick and was obvious on the skin and it cosmetics cc cream was just a bit too light and I always ended up using a ton of concealer. With this product, I use 1-2 very light coats. I think those reviewers who are saying that this product has minimal coverage are using the wrong applicator tool. Normally, I am a beauty blender girl, but this foundation works best with a brush. I SWEAR by the new it cosmetics "heavenly skin" brush. Yes, it is expensive, but they last for years (I have several brushes from it) and it makes your application ten times better. Apply a little on your hand and apply an even coat in circular motions. Then, take another coat and apply in a dabbing motion (as if you are dapping the beauty blender). Whala! You have full coverage and NO redness or blemishes anymore. The foundation stays on great with a setting powder. If you have any 3D pimples, I suggest also pairing this foundation with makeup forever's concealer in the tube. I have used this concealer for over 5 years and have tried almost 20 foundation's and concealers. This foundation and the concealer I recommend are the BEST! Happy shopping :) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="4535047209593659399-full" data-show="4535047209593659399-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum Makeup SPF 25 by Estée Lauder

A breakthrough makeup that’s infused with Perfectionist antiaging serum technology.

ColorStay Full Cover Foundation by Revlon

Revlon colorstay full cover foundation, for matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hours. Doesn't look cakey or feel heavy.

Future Skin Foundation by chantecaille

"Ever since I was recommended this product by one of the lovely ladies at MECCA, I have been utterly in love with this phenomenal and life changing foundation. After using this product for a month, I have received SO many compliments (and still continue to do so!) which instantly bumped up my self-confidence and helped me to produce an inner glow and an outer one due to the sheer, natural dewiness this innovative product provides.Why should this be your 'holy grail' foundation? Well, once you've gently dipped your fingers into its gorgeous gel-creme texture, the foundation will instantly melt into your skin like a dream! This foundation cleverly adapts to your skin giving you the natural, healthy glow your skin deserves, without leaving you feeling oily, caked, or sticky. It gives a light to medium coverage that you can wear happily throughout the day and build-up if needed to for the evening.I was delighted to see that the ingredients contain water; meaning my foundation would be less likely to slip and slide off my face and onto my clothes, and it also helps stimulate hydration which is great for combatting the wintertime flakiness. Also, the Rosemary leaf extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, fighting off all the early stages of ageing and fellow nasties that we want to keep away from our skin!To sum it all up, this foundation is SUCH a revolutionary product, well worth the hype and price! A MUST for the Mecca beauty junkie, or anyone wanting to truly experience the future of makeup as it also is HD compatible. I recommend wearing this over Hourglass's Mineral Veil to boost the longevity of this luxurious foundation! Less" - mecca.com.au user

The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 by Physicians Formula

"I've tried a few foundations from physician's formula that have actually been amazing (youthful wear, argan wear bb cream) but the shade range has been so bad that I could only use these if I have a tan. This one really surprised me with the shade range, the quality of the product and the packaging. I got the shade LW2 (the lightest warm shade) and it is a perfect match. For reference, I am close to the shade 120 Buff in Almay's Best Blend Forever foundation. I didn't notice any oxidation with this foundation.It has a medium coverage - but it looks smooth and flawless. it also doesn't pick up on any of my dry patches, or break up on me throughout the day as most foundations do. I apply this with a real techniques blending sponge (which is my preferred method with every foundation). It has a natural finish - I don't feel like I need to set it on my combo skin. Lastly, I wish this would have a higher SPF or no SPF at all. SPF 20 isn't enough for me to wear this without any other sun protection, and it may cause flashback. I have not tested it for flashback yet so I do not know if that will occur.As for the packaging, I personally love the large doe foot applicator. It's so easy to apply the perfect amount every time. I wish the bottle was plastic, not glass though. It feels very luxurious but I'm afraid I will break it if it drops.I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review. « less" - walmart.com user

Ultra Foundation Pro by FACE Atelier

"This foundation has the perfect level of coverage and has a moist dewy finish that does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles. I use Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer with SPF 30 as my base moisturizer. I do not use loose or pressed powder and the make-up lasts all day! There is only one drawback - and it's very minor.....the pump take a very strong, firm finger to press it down. I would like to see a change in the level of difficulty in pressing the pump. I have to use my thumb to dispense a full measure of the product. :( Other that than, it's great! CRC is an excellent company and ships with speed and the product is packaged with excellence for no leaks or breakage. " - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick by Clinique

A creamy stick foundation for full-face application and touch-ups that achieves Instant perfection on the go.

Renergie Lift Makeup Foundation SPF 27 by Lancôme

Lancôme Rénergie Lift Makeup Foundation SPF 27 is a makeup foundation with up to 12-hours of lifting and hydration for medium-to-full coverage, re-formulated with added active skincare ingredients.

Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation by bareMinerals

"This foundation made me fall in love with Bare Minerals all over again! I used the loose original and matte formulas for years until all of a sudden my skin changed. Seemingly overnight my skin became super sensitive and needy. I’ve struggled to find products that work without irritating my skin for about 5 years now! I read about this new blemish rescue formula coming out and was super impressed by the ingredients. I knew I had to give it a shot, so I bought the foundation along with the primer the day this line was released. All I can say is WOW! This foundation is absolutely beautiful and a total game changer for my skin. I start with the primer which smooths out my skin and calms redness. Then buff in the foundation, which to my delight, doesn’t take long at all to reach a medium to full coverage that still looks natural. My favorite thing about this foundation is that it offers great coverage without clinging to dry spots or looking super heavy. It lasts all day on my skin type. It’s been super fun to put my collection of bareMinerals blushes, highlighters, mineral veils etc back to use. They blend beautifully over this foundation. Overall I’m super impressed and pleased with the new Blemish Rescue products! « less" - Sephora user

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 by Tarte

A comfortable and non-caking formula powered by Amazonian clay for vegan, oil-free coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer by Clinique

Clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores.

Liquid Minerals A Foundation by Jane Iredale

Hydrate your skin with jane iredale's Liquid Minerals A Foundation, a light-reflecting formula for sheer to medium coverage.

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation by Nude by Nature

"I have always only used liquid foundations so when I received this product for free, I was so excited to try out this powder foundation for the first time. I received the colour, "N2 Classic Beige" which this foundation is encased in a round container with this cloth mesh covering so the contents don’t spill out all at once. There is 10g worth of product in this container and that’s a lot considering all you really need a light dusting of this powder and you’ve achieved a natural flawless glow. This foundation is buildable to a medium coverage and has no scent. It covered my redness rather well. The colour matched my skin really well. While being feathery light blending into my skin amazingly well giving the illusion like you’re not wearing any foundation at all. And it really does feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.You need to use the flawless brush(dense brush) to achieve optimal results. To achieve the results you want, you need to dip brush into the mineral powder, turn brush over and tap handle gently against container so that the powder falls into the brush. This helps achieve even coverage as you buff circular motions into your skin working from inward out.This foundation can be drying to the skin so you need to moisturize well beforehand. If you are also using concealer and any sort of liquid products, get those out of the way first before you powder foundation, otherwise it can look a bit cakey and start to separate.I think this foundation would be perfect for the summer when it's hot/and or humid because the last thing you want to do is wear something too heavy. This foundation is perfectly light and breathable for these types of conditions but is great year round. I did notice throughout the day that my concealer underneath my eyes started to crease a bit and that my nose became shiny even though this product states that it has oil-controlling properties. It also started to rub off a bit on my nose, but nothing a little touch up can’t fix and it’ll look great again. I also noticed that the foundation held up very well for me after work when I went to the gym. Sweatproof and allows your skin to breathe. Nice!Ultimately, I love the finish so much! Giving my skin this light, wonderful glow. An almost airbrushed look without looking powdery. Now that’s my kinda foundation! Thank you Nude by Nature!#freeproduct Less" - beautyboutique.ca user

Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation by honeybee gardens

"I really love this foundation. This is a very versatile product with great coverage. It gives me similar coverage to my old foundation (Revlon Colorstay foundation, a very full coverage foundation, but full of toxic ingredients). It does a fantastic job covering up redness and evening out skin tone, especially if used in conjunction with a concealer for any blemishes.The interesting thing I've noticed about this foundation is that if my skin has more moisture (or is more oily# when I use it the application has more of a 'wet' consistency. It behaves almost like a liquid foundation on my skin once it's applied. It still looks beautiful and I find once I blend it in, apply concealer under eyes & over any imperfections/blemishes, and finish with a light powder, it looks great. However, if my skin is having a 'dry' day #I'm 27, with combination skin# this foundation will apply without me needing to cover with a powder except for perhaps a light dusting over my t-zone. Either way it looks great though and gives me full coverage. I cannot recommend this foundation enough. :# I suggest buying the actual foundation first #it will come in a clear plastic container you can easily store it in# and then deciding if you like it enough to buy the heavy duty Honeybee Gardens silver compact to store it in. If you are going to continue using this foundation purchasing the compact is worth it #& then you just have to buy the replacement cartridges once your makeup runs out#, but I wouldn't recommend buying it right away when purchasing your first HB foundation, because you don't necessarily need it. I suggest buying & trying out the foundation to see how you like it first!Also, this particular color #Supernatural# is a light shade that I would say is comparable to the 'beige' range of foundation colors. If you normally wear the ivory colors #lightest color/colors# offered by most foundations I recommend the color Geisha instead. I normally wear the light beige-range type colors and Supernatural is a perfect match for me. It also has been looking great even as I've worn it all winter long, though I suspect it will blend a bit better once I have a little more color to my skin from sunshine #though not much#.Supernatural has a yellow undertone that anyone with pink undertones #like me# will appreciate, as this balances out your skin and gives your skin a nice flawless finish.Also, this foundation can be applied using a brush as well as a pouf/ cosmetic pad. It's pretty versatile and seems to look great no matter how I apply it.Also, I recommend the Honeybee Gardens stackable pot mineral eyeshadow in Spellbound. This is a beautiful color and looks even better when paired with the foundation. Temptress is a good crease-shade to pair with it as well, though if you're just going to try one I'd definitely recommend Spellbound. Spellbound really makes green eyes pop and would be beautiful with rich brown eyes as well #or hazel# and perhaps also some shades of blue... I also highly recommend the Honeybee Gardens eyeliners in Belgian Chocolate and Jet Set. I have both and I actually think they are very similar in their darkness #the Belgian Chocolate being almost as dark as the black eyeliner Jet Set# but the rich color of Belgian Chocolate is my absolute favorite. It's a very pretty eyeliner shade. They stay put pretty well and although I do get some bleeding at the outer edges of my eyes through normal wear after a few hours, I get that with ALL eyeliners, except the liquid water-proof types. Again, can't recommend these shadows/liners enough, especially Spellbound.Lastly, be careful when ordering this foundation from Swanson Vitamins and if it arrives to you cracked or damaged please know that that's not normally the case with this product when it's shipped appropriately by other sites/sellers. The only time I've ordered it from here #recently# it arrived to me cracked and falling apart. :# This is not flimsy foundation but probably needs some bubble wrap around it to protect it when being shipped with large shipments #my last shipment when I ordered it was large with some big conditioner bottles and a lot of other things#. I've ordered it multiple times from Amazon #different sellers# and Vitacost and it's always arrived to me in perfect condition, so that really disappointed me. I highly recommend this foundation, just be careful if you're making a big order from SV and know that it might be worth it to order from somewhere else #the sellers I usually buy from on Amazon normally sell it for around $9 including shipping#. For me the extra $2 is worth knowing that my foundation will get to me in perfect condition and not cracked or falling apart. I'm not returning the foundation I purchased from here because I can still use it using a brush, it's just a major annoyance and I can't use it in my compact or like I normally would use the foundation. « less" - Swanson Health Products user

Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup by Estée Lauder

"This foundation comes in a lightweight squeezy container, which is amazing for portability plus I find it less messy and wasteful than standard foundations. The foundation itself is creamy and not runny at all, but it spreads very evenly onto the face. It applies fabulously with a brush but I prefer to use fingers, as I feel this warms up the foundation a bit to help it blend. I blend out from the middle and it gives a glowy look at first but dries down to a natural, semi-matte finish. The coverage is amazing, it covers blemishes and redness so well - I'd say it covers just as well as the normal Double Wear, but with a different (less matte) finish. Because it's less matte, I find it more flattering on the slightly uneven texture of my skin. It gives an illusion of lovely smooth skin, but doesn't look like you're wearing heavy foundation. This is the best foundation I've found for combination skin, as it doesn't dry out or cause flakiness on the drier parts of my face, but it also controls oil really well on the shinier parts. I work full time and also attend evening classes, so I can personally testify that this lasts over 16 hours (!) on me without a primer or setting powder. I'm really particular about my base makeup looking good as I think it makes a huge difference, and this foundation even seemed to make my blusher last longer. I wore this foundation to my wedding about 18 months ago, and it lasted even in heat exceeding 40 degrees! It also photographed beautifully - even in the un-retouched photos from family and friends, my face looked airbrushed! My skin really isn't that great naturally, so this is a LIFESAVER. I'm a total foundation addict and have tried most of the high end brands, but this wins every time. Thanks Estee Lauder, this is absolutely my favourite product! Please bring out more shades though, like you have done for Double Wear - as a pale warm-toned girl, shade 1.0 is a little too dark and pinky for me in the winter. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3928115401085027846-full" data-show="3928115401085027846-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation by Maybelline

Maybelline's fit me dewy + smooth foundation is face makeup that fits you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. This foundation blends seamlessly for light to medium, natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be - fresh, breathing, flawless.

Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum by Clinique

"I have very fair skin and this product protects it very well. If I go out in the sun without it, I will literally get a burn and freckles within 15 minutes. I don't find it funny, however friends and family laugh at this. I've always been the fairest in my entire extended family, and would burn and blister, but as a child in the 70s sunscreen was not the thing. I've worn this for 20 years. At first they only had the 15 spf , then had a 25 which is now 40 - thank you! I used to have oily skin so I wouldn't wear it with moisturizer. Now I'm over 50 and I do usually wear some moisturizer with it, but mainly because the moisturizer is a primer and pore reducer, but don't need to as this definitely has some moisturizing capabilities. I ran out of City Block for a week a few months ago and used another more expensive and more natural product, but found it to be drying and cakey, but a very good product. I started to look older I swear and saw wrinkles starting to develop. I couldn't wait to receive my shipment of this. When people learn my age they are surprised, or don't believe me. I had to get help with my passport while in London recently and when I told them my birth date, they made me repeat the date with a look of disbelief and told me I don't look that age. I do get carded sometimes, but I was told recently that I look 35, although last night someone said I look 30, but I think this is an exaggeration. I use a lot of cosmetics, but I'm telling you that this is the ONLY cosmetic I've used consistently for so long without changing brands. I'm religious about putting this on. I do so every single morning, and if I do go out mid-day I try to put a bit more on. City Block doesn't absorb right away, so I apply, and then after 1-2 minutes apply other cosmetics. Sometimes I put moisturizer first and sometimes after. I'm not sure of the proper order. But either way seems fine. The reason I started to use it ,and continued to use it for so long is that it was the only one I had found the didn't sting my eyes, didn't have fragrance, and that I didn't develop an allergy to. My eyes are extremely sensitive to almost all cosmetics and skin care products. Prior to this I had used and tried several different sunscreens, but eventually I developed an allergy to all the others. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup by Clinique

"All I can say is wow! I decided to try this because it looked great on my cousin, it is oil free, paraben free and had very appealing claims. I got a sample of Amber, Clove and Sienna because I have a very strong yellow undertone although my skin is in the deep/dark category. So, a lot of makeup can look flat, dull and unnatural on my skin. Then I have to go back and add some warmth and glow with bronzers, blush and such. After wearing the sample of Clove for a week, I decided to go ahead a buy a full size and I haven't looked back. I wear the Tarte 12 hour primer or Hourglass underneath and set with Black|Up powder. It's great without primer too but I just love primer <3 My acne prone, often dry patchy or rough textured skin looks smooth, soft, EVEN, natural, and just beautiful. I've worn it in 97 degree L.A. dry heat and 97 degree Houston HUMID heat and the results were the same. Oil does not break through at all for at least 8 hours, and even then its minimal. It does not settle in lines, melt, or move at all. And all for less than $25! I'm so glad I tried this. This is my new favorite foundation that I can wear everyday with ease. It doesn't look like I have on foundation - I would say it's medium coverage because it does not cover my dark marks 100% but I don't mind, I just use concealer to cover the spots if I want a more flawless look. It also feels so LIGHT on my skin. Other matte formulas can make your skin feel tight or you literally feel it on your skin and can't wait to wash it off. This also spreads evenly and can be applied with a brush, fingers or sponge, and just a pea size dollop will do the job. The texture is like a gel-cream. I dot it all over my fave and use my fingers to apply, then smooth out with sponge. The only issue is If you apply too much and try to build it to full coverage at night, without a color correcting primer, it can give camera flashback, fyi. If BB creams just don't do it for you, you don't like full coverage and like to be natural looking each day to cover imperfections/redness/hyperpigmentation, this may be for you! :-} <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick by Hourglass

"I did a first impression video with this foundation on my Channel at Lauren Alexandra . I have to say at first i wasnt sure about this product i liked it but wasnt amazed like i have been by other foundations in the past. The more i wore it the more i fell in love with it. I know its hard to get a real feel for a product when you do first impressions thats why i try to update in future videos if i liked it or was it a miss for me. I have to say i love this foundation so much i ended up putting it in my monthly favorites! I find it lasts more then 12 hour days on me it looks just as flawless and perfect at 10Pm that it did at 6am on my skin. I am funning around at work and it doesnt budge at all even when your putting the rest of your makeup on it still looks amazing nothing moves. I was stuck in the rain and trust me i got drenched my makeup didnt budge even a little i was shocked! so yes i will say this is sweat and water resistant (long as your not wipping your face I personally patted my face) This is very creamy goes on very smoothly i feel this is a great plus sometimes with stick foundations they can be a little dry and drag on your skin not this one! Very easy to blend out and i love how this foundation doesnt make me look dry nor does it dry my skin out it has a little hydration to it. I find the way this is shapped its easy to apply specially in small areas. I wish it had a little more product in it for the price because i see myself going through it a little faster then a liquid foundation but i will be more then happy to re purchase its worth it in my options. I love how this is medium to full coverage just depending on what your trying to cover up and how much you use. I do not feel this on my face at all its very light weight and easy to wear it looks like your skin but so much better. I personally use my Artis brush i find its more full coverage and you get alot more out of it compared to if you use a BB that will sheer it out and you will need to use alot more to cover. I cannot say enough good things about this foundation i personally just love it and the more i wear it the more i love it! Less" - Sephora user

Flawless Lumiere Radiance-Perfecting Foundation by Laura Mercier

Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation from Laura Mercier is a luminous liquid foundation with 15 hours of hydration and weightless medium to full coverage.

Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup Spf 30 by Estée Lauder

Estée lauder double wear nude water fresh makeup broad spectrum spf 30 feels like you have nothing on. Moves comfortably with your skin. Looks fresh, natural, healthy, eventoned.

Perfecting Skin Tint by Glossier

"I have tried almost everything from the line. From makeup to skincare I love most of it and whatever I didn't I still liked. The stretch concealer is the only concealer I've used in months. But I was hesitant to buy this because I saw reviews that said it gets oily. As a former oily girl I was nervous, but I've been super dry the last year or so. Makeup normally clings to my dryness & just looks flaky. As soon as I got this I tried it on my hand & it felt like the world's thinest primer. Meaning it felt so smooth, but also so lightweight. I knew I'd like it. Then on my face it was perfect. I'm not one for matte foundation, or even foundation at all. I use a CC cream as my fullest coverage product, so this is ideal for everyday - work, errands, etc. If you're like me and have iffy skin and hate the feeling of makeup so you go without it then look in the mirror at a store & get scared this is perfect for you. It is so lightweight, I forget I'm wearing it. It feels like nothing at all, but it blurs my pores, fades redness, and does NOT cling to any dryness at all. This is also great if you like to have a touch of coverage and maybe brows and head out. So many other products look weird on their own and too mask like. This looks like you're not wearing makeup, rather you skin is just glowing and brighter and more even. It is NOT medium or full coverage by any means, but it is light coverage and semi-buildable (you won't get more than light, but it do a little something). I do still get an oily Tzone, but this doesn't advance that. It lasts looking great with no touch ups for 8+hours on me & I never get that feeling like I need to wash my face right now. It goes perfectly with stretch concealer and cloud paint too. I am obsessed! If any of these things relate to you, you will love this!" - glossier user

Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder by Elizabeth Arden

"I have just purchased this for a second time after getting it first on an aeroplane back from my hols. At first when I put it on I was a bit shocked at how dark it looks but once blended in I was impressed, blends well and gives you a lovely just got back from your holidays glow! I use a bigger brush rather than the smaller brush provided. It's very shimmery so I don't wear this day to day at work etc but perfect for a night out and when getting glammed up. I wore it out last weekend and a lot of girlfriends commented on how nice my bronzer looked and asked which brand it was. Doesn't last as long as my bronzing block (Estée Lauder) but I still would keep buying again for the colour and it's quality." - Debenhams user

MicroSmooth Baked Powder Foundation by Sephora Collection

"I have EXTREMELY oily skin and I have tried so many powder foundations. I actually came across this powder, by a happy accident, while watching a video review for something else. I loved the coverage it gave the woman in the video, so I decided to try it out for myself. When I went to Sephora and the clerk applied it to my face, it looked amazing! The smooth, MATTE, silky finish didn't look or feel heavy; it buffs and blends out so well; it matched my skin tone perfectly; and I didn't look ashy! I'm a medium-dark (deep) skin tone, and ashy-looking skin is just the worse thing! I bought it immediately. After a couple weeks of using it, I'm still just as in love as the first day. These are the tips I have now learned: 1. Applying too much (like any product) will make you look cakey. 2. Oxidation of the product [due to my oily skin] was very minimal. Being that the foundation itself is oil-free, helps out a lot. It truly held my oily skin at bay...although, I would still say to all the oily skin people out there to not neglect your mattifying gel, if you use one. If you're having a long day, you may have to occasionally blot and reapply...but that's just expected. 3. With a light hand, the Microsmooth works wonderfully as a finishing powder over liquid foundation or BB cream. Applying it over cream foundations, however, has a so-so outcome. 4. If you want a very natural look, then wear the powder on its own. You'll look as if you're wearing nothing, while still appearing somewhat flawless. 5. The correct foundation brush for this powder is integral for proper coverage. If you have, or having some similar to, the Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush #56 (a dense buffing brush), then you are on the right track. I would also recommend a retractable brush, since you can adjust the brush's density for either a light or heavy coverage. 6. Besides a foundation, the powder is weightless and matte enough to work as a highlight powder. These are my opinions, and I know this product may not work for everyone. I can only hope my review will be helpful to anyone out there wanting to give this powder foundation a try. Plus, you can't beat that price! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="8288226536464696398-full" data-show="8288226536464696398-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Even Better Refresh Hydrating And Repairing Makeup by Clinique

Clinique's Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup is a full-coverage foundation with 24-hour wear that revitalizes skin for a more youthful look.

PhotoFocus Stick Foundation by Wet n Wild Beauty

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Stick Foundation delivers long lasting coverage in a breakthrough, lightweight, multi-dimensional formula that applies to a flawless semi-matte finish.

Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation by Sephora Collection

An airbrush, mist foundation, with Instablend technology and microfine pigments that create a matte-satin finish at any desired coverage level.

Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation by 100% pure

"I was very pleased with my purchase of this makeup. Having sensitive skin that's prone to breakouts and other issues like eczema, makeup can be a minefield for me. Luckily, this powder does not cause me to break out (so far-it's only been a week) and my skin doesn't have that dirty, clogged feel to it at the end of the day that I get with most other powders and foundations (Clinique and Bare Minerals ). The color blends very well, although I do wish that 100% Pure would provide a color palette for what shade powder would go best with what skin tone. Picking my color just off the written description made me a little nervous, but luckily it worked out. I do like that this product doesn't have many of those nasty chemicals we're beginning to be warned away from. The coverage is light-medium, but it builds without looking caked. If you have blemishes that are very obvious or very red, I would recommend wearing a concealer under this foundation. I have not tried their concealers, but hope to in the future. All in all, great product and well worth the money. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - 100percentpure.com user

No Makeup Foundation Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 20 by Perricone MD

"...to write a very strongly worded letter. This is hands down the most amazing foundation I have ever tried. Ever. Tried. I have very oily, acne prone skin with dryness around my bottom lip (I know, a combination to die for, right?). This foundation serum somehow manages to look amazing despite my cute little skin issues and actually helps them, instead of exacerbating them like many other products. The level of oiliness I end up with at midday is so negligible that after using this for almost a year, I still feel amazement when I pop out my mirror - blotting sheets at the ready - to see what the damage is. There is no damage, people. Even in the disgustingly sticky, humid heat of St. Louis July. My skin is so much smoother and overall healthier even after I have washed off the foundation. It's a gd dream, guys. There are two cons that are worth mentioning in the hopes that they will be remedied for the less obstinate folks out there that might consider them dealbreakers. 1. Packaging: The dropper NEEDS. TO. DIE. I am pretty sure it is subject to a phenomenon that science cannot yet explain. No matter how gentle you are with the bottle, how upright it remains, how much you avoid squeezing the top of the dropper, or how little product remains in the bottle...somehow, SOMEHOW, you will still find a beautiful mess in the vicinity of your precious No Foundation Foundation. Your fingers will always have product on them, even the ones you didn't use to apply. Somehow. Every time. Just keep the standard lid it comes with on. Toss the dropped. 2. Shade: Sigh... the shade... Yes, despite being NC20, I still manage to use this. But! That is with the help of other products. This foundation will look natural on someone who is just barely NC25 at the lightest without addition contouring/buildup. For those of us who are more pale and too lazy to bust out the self tanner every week, we have to find creative solutions. I am forced to pile on more color (lighter shades, of course) on top of the foundation serum in order to blend it. Typically, after applying the foundation, I go back with my Studio Fix foundation (powder, obvs) in NC20. Then I contour. The result is actually pretty great, don't get me wrong. But I hate having to use more products on my face just to get this amazing foundation to blend with my unfortunate hue. So...Perricone? Guys? Please. More shades. Not just for us pale-faced wretches, but for those with deeper hues, too. Pretty please? Anyway! Readers: try it. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Even Better Compact Makeup Broad Spectrum by Clinique

"I'm sold on this foundation as a past user of the City Base Compact make-up which is now discontinued I thought I would never find another foundation to replace it. After trying the new Even Better compact on and having my husband tell me my skin looked smooth and not made up, I was ecstatic! He has never been the type to comment one way or the other but this time he let me know.Another reason I like this new foundation, is the ease of use, it goes on smooth and light but has great coverage even better than City Base, which was just okay really but better than most. For those of you out there hesitant to try this new foundation due to the low ratings, I say give it a chance, if you have skin like mine with dark spots, large pores, acne scars and losing it's elasticity now in my 50's...YOU will love the coverage and the easy way it glides on just be sure and use Clinique awesome Drastic Difference moisturizer it makes all the difference in applying and give the foundation a nice glow but not shiny. I also want to thank the very knowledgeable Clinique lady that helped me chose a color on line, the Ivory color is perfect for me, I have Irish/Indian decent, dark brown/blonde hair with blue eyes, which means a creamy light med brownish complexion with reddish tones on my T-Zone, every other makeup company has either put me in a Fair pink tone color which was way to light and too pink, the ivory tones down the red and blends in great. The coverage and color I've looked for so long! Thank you so much Clinique for a great foundation please NEVER stop making it. ;D « less" - clinique.com user

Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation by Laura Mercier

Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation from Laura Mercier is a 15-hour longwearing, oil free and transfer resistant liquid foundation with a matte finish and weightless medium to full coverage.

10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation by Sephora Collection

"I had my ColorIQ done a few months ago, and was interested in trying new foundations since my skin has changed a little now that I just turned 30. I went in thinking that I was going to get the new Too Faced "Born This Way" foundation, and wanted to try a few others as well. The MUA applied "Born This Way" on one side of my face and this Sephora foundation on the other side. We were both shocked that the Sephora brand looked remarkably better! We also finished the look with trying a new concealer as well. On the Too Faced side we used Nars Creamy Concealer and we stuck to the Sephora brand on the other side and gave the new gel concealer a try as well. Again, we were both surprised that the Sephora brand was better than the Nars cult favorite! They both last all day (And I do use primer and setting spray), I've had no break outs using it (and I have sensitive combination skin) and have gotten so many compliments on my skin using these! I prefer medium to full coverage and this formula is buildable without looking cakey or unnatural, so it looks like my skin but better! When I want an extra "lit from within glow" I will mix a few drops of liquid highlighter/illuminator in with it and it just looks great! The Sephora brand has stepped it up in a HUGE way and I was also pleasantly surprised that it was only $32 for both foundation and concealer instead of spending $75 like I was planning to!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Perfectly Real Makeup by Clinique

"When Cllinique says Perfectly Real Makeup they mean it! I've tried other foundations and a lot of them make my face look flat and cakey. When I put this on, it really looks like my skin - minus the flaws and uneven tones. It has good coverage that you can build on, but I rarely need to put on a second coat. I love that I just need the smallest amount on the back of my hand. A little goes a long way. Not to mention, this product is very forgiving when you put it on. It doesn't dry in an insane amount of time, so you aren't in a race against time to put it on, and it blends really well. I apply this foundation with either my hands (if I'm in a rush) or a brush, but either way, it still looks natural. Also, I find that this foundation wears for a long time! I went to an academic rally, which I was at for at least twelve hours. Mind you, I was running around everywhere trying to get to all of my events, and some of the rooms were quite muggy. But, regardless of what I was doing and what temperature it was, this did not budge. I went out looking 'Perfectly Real' and fresh, and I came back looking the same way. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Natural Hue Compact Foundation by Covergirl

"I have been searching for a foundation that would match my complexion. I've tried department store brands and just end up leaving there with a color that looked bad in natural light and later turned my face orange. what a waste of money! Tried mineral foundations which were okay but wasnt enough coverage for me. I dont know why i didnt think to try this sooner. the color matches my complexion to a "T". it looks like i have nothing on. good coverage, not heavy. lasted all day. only touched up my t zone (i have combo skin) once with the pressed powder also from this line. I've havent noticed any breakouts. Please dont stop making this color, covergirl" - drugstore.com user

Vibrancy Argan Oil Fluid Foundation by Josie Maran

"I have combination skin (very oily cheeks and forehead, but very dry chin and around nose), so I was looking for a foundation that would work for all areas of my face. I usually use UD Naked foundation if I'm looking for more sheer to medium coverage, and KVD Lock It foundation if I need full coverage. Lately the Naked foundation has been way to sheer (and doesn't stay), and the Lock It foundation has been too matte for my dry areas and actually starts to peel off in chunks.I decided to try this JM Argan oil foundation and WOW, I am in love! It keeps my face moisturized, and unlike the KVD foundation, doesn't flake off. The coverage is medium but easily buildable to full without feeling too thick and heavy. Unlike some of the reviews, I thought this foundation felt super light and silky; definitely not as heavy as some other foundations.This foundation gives a nice Dewey glow, which I was really pleased with. Some reviewers said it made their face look like an oil slick - regardless of what foundation you use, if you have oily skin, your going to have to blot in certain areas. Even after using blotting papers, this foundation had excellent staying power.I didn't find that this foundation broke out my face at all or clogged my pores, and I have sensitive breakout prone skin. I always put this foundation on a clean primed face, and use clean tools to apply (anything that has bacteria will wreak havoc on skin).I love this for under my eyes, because it doesn't crease (if set properly with translucent powder - I used Laura Mercier), and the coverage is so good I don't have to use concealer if I don't want to.The smell is very mild and pleasant - some foundations just smell so bad I don't want to even try them, but not this one.One of the best things about this foundation, is that it makes my skin look better. When I take it off my skin looks moisturized and radiant. I like to put a little of JM's argan oil on my dry patches before using the foundation, and I cover my face in it at night when I take all my makeup off - really makes a difference.All in all I'd have to say to anyone considering this foundation to grab a sample and try it first - because not every foundation is going to work for every skin type - and with a price tag $5-10 higher than most foundations, you'll want to make sure you like what you're buying. « less" - Sephora user

Fit Me Shine Free + Balance Stick Foundation by Maybelline

"I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation. Maybelline is really stepping up their game these days. It stated on the package it was light to medium coverage, so I went into it knowing it wasn't going to be a full coverage foundation ( Maybelline has a separate full coverage stick foundation if that is what you're looking for ). I used with 2 different primers on separate days and it lasted me all day both days. Because of the light coverage, I applied 2 coats and it was a easy, medium coverage. I'm 42 and it didn't settle into my file lines or large pores, which is what I run into with a lot of foundations, didn't make me oily or to dry looking. It blended easily for me with a blending sponge, and would probably also work well with a foundation brush as well. I set it with Maybelline New Skin stay put powder, I think that is what its called ( which is my most favorite powder I've ever used, its my go to time and time again ). I found, for me, the Classic Ivory worked best, I'm light skinned with cool to neutral undertones. I tried the Beige but it was just too yellow on me, typically Ivory is to light of a color for me, but in this foundation it worked perfect, so I do recommend going in store and swatching your skin. Overall, i would highly recommend this foundation. Light enough for summer, but provides a good medium coverage without being overly heavy. Again this is not a full coverage makeup, so it shouldn't lose any stars for it not being that, considering it states on the package its light-medium coverage." - ulta user

Smart Shade Anti-Aging Skintone Matching Makeup SPF 20 by Almay

"Well, I think I have another new favorite in my cache of age defying make up products.You will be impressed with the Almay Smart Shade make up. Even though it is dry, Smart Shade has a smooth and creamy consistency. Once you determine the correct initial shade to select from the six options you will find it blends in nicely and takes on your natural skin color once smoothed in. As they say, it does a great job of mimicking skin tone.In addition, after several days of use I really believe this product has done a better job of minimizing the appearance of pores and the many fine lines that accompany the aging process. At the same time, it does not dry out and “crack” like some other products used in the past.In fact, because it does blend so well it is almost invisible and remains so even after many hours. It works! « less" - walmart.com user

CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup by Clinique

Clinique's cliniquefit workout makeup broad spectrum spf 40 is a high-performance skin care and makeup essential for your highly active life. Life-proof. Endurance tested.

Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup by Almay

"This foundation has been my favoite for years. The only thing I hated about it was that the lightest shade ivory was quite too dark for me. It seriously has always lasted all day, never emphasized pores or dryness, even tends to look better as the day went on... I recently picked it up once more after trying out different things to try and find something that would fit my pale skin better, but had to come back because I just can't find anything as long lasting and beautiful as this. So I grabbed the lightest shade- per usual, and then later on when I dispenced it I noticed that it looked lighter than before, so I checked the shade and discovered they had made a new, lighter shade!!!!!!! Couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!!! It almost fits my skin in the light and doesn't leave as obvious a line on my neck and still preforms as well, in fact, they reformulated this and I feel like it's even better.... now it has 2% sa instead of .05%. It also looks glowy-er in my opinion. I had contacted the company several times in the past requesting and pleading that they make a lighter shade of this and I and thrilled they actually listened. Sometimes the lightest shade of foundation somehow doesn't preform the same as the other shades (who knows why?), but this one is perfect. I'll probably use this every day now! I'll no longer need to mix foundations! I hope they make an even lighter one in the future, as this isn't a perfect match but its SO much better. Thank you so much for listening to your customers! Pale girls need to match their neck!" - walgreens user

Veil Fluid Makeup by Hourglass

A concentrated foundation that minimizes the signs of aging by helping smooth the appearance of wrinkles for a natural-looking, radiant complexion.

Double Wear Light Soft Matte Hydra Makeup by Estée Lauder

"I've been using Double Wear for years and always wanted to try this product quite frankly because the tube seemed a lot more convenient (slim, lightweight, sanitary) than the glass jar even with the $10 pump, especially for travel, touchups, post-gym application, etc. Finally the new formulation comes in my color (Fawn, which I first discovered in Europe). So glad I ignored all the bad reviews that even claimed that the good reviews were "fake"--I watched one positive YouTube review and decided to give it a try. I've never even written a review before, but I wanted to make sure that Estee Lauder keeps making this product. Here is my review:Coverage: Never used Double Wear for full coverage, so I really didn't even notice any less coverage tbh. Also found it very buildable.Setting time: No issues with slow setting that other reviews claimed.Color: Fawn is a seamless match with my Asian skin with strong golden undertones.Finish: Slightly less matte than Double Wear, but this is a positive for me since Double Wear has begun to look a bit dry on my combination skin cheeks now that I'm in my 40s. The finish looked very much like my natural skin ... very slightly dewy but not shiny or greasy.Feel: Not at all heavy or uncomfortable on my face as other reviews claimed, but I did try touching my face occasionally and agreed that it was a bit tacky to the touch for the first hour or so.Staying power: I was surprised to find this had more staying power than the regular Double Wear, which usually wipes off my combination skin nose by the afternoon. Also, this had less shine on my nose than the Double Wear in spite of its slightly more dewy finish.Skin: As with the regular Double Wear, I had no issues with skin sensitivity as I do with many other makeup products.Convenience: As expected the slim, lightweight tube was very easy to carry around in my small makeup bag. I suspect that the slightly lower viscosity (as compared to Double Wear) will make it possible to apply with fingers as well, but I'll probably still carry a beautyblender around.This is definitely my new HG!!! Please ignore the bad reviews and give this a try!!! Less" - Nordstrom user

Deluxe Original Foundation & Brush by bareMinerals

Bareminerals deluxe collector's edition original foundation broad spectrum spf 15, a mineral foundation with buildable coverage and a natural-looking, radiant finish. A $66 value!

BareSkin Liquid Foundation & Pure Brightening Serum by bareMinerals

A breakthrough tone-correcting mineral foundation and skincare serum in one. Bareminerals bareskin pure brightening serum foundation broad spectrum spf 20 provides seamless adjustable coverage.

Limitless Foundation by stellar

"I'm so happy I tried this foundation. I can't wear many brands because colors don't match me well. I use to wear NARS Sheer Glow, but my skin is a bit darker than "punjab" and the other colors didn't match my undertone as good. Also my skin has been very dry all year long and many foundations just make my skin texture look bad. When I went back to NARS I looked so dry. Then I discovered Josie Maran Vibrancy, and although I love it, it comes off easily and it causes my mascara to come off below my waterline. The color options are great especially for the medium skin tones and it has better ingredients than MAC. MY SKIN TYPE: sensitive, dry/combination, some acne scars and pigmentation COLOR & COVERAGE: The foundation is well pigmented, it is more like a medium to full coverage foundation. You could do half a pump for less coverage. If you want to thin it out I would mix it with a moisturizer or a face oil. You could do a second color for concealer or go without concealer. FINISH: Dewy, healthy glow. I didn't set it with powder and my foundation stayed put. CONSISTENCY: A bit thinner than NARS Sheer glow, but it applies easily. I think any application would work well. I tried S9 and S14. S14 was too dark for me and I think it would well if your MAC NC45. If you wear NC42 is about the same as S9. I'm going to return the foundation shades I got and purchase S05 or S04. I don't know what shade I am in MAC cosmetics anymore, but my guess is NC 40 or NC38/39 if that exists, is going to be similar to shades S05 and S04. No skin irritation!! Blends well over sunscreen. If your asian, but not the universal 2 shades of fair skin like in Asia, this is a good go to. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-947870107960958343-full" data-show="-947870107960958343-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Natural Finish Foundation by Cover FX

"I discovered this product while searching the web for a vegan foundation and it's absolutely fantastic!I have really sensitive skin and can't use anything with essential oils in, as I get a terrible reaction. I also need a water based product as my skin needs the hydration. Products without water (that just contain oils) seem to suck all the moisture out of my skin, leaving it red, dry and sore. I also avoid chemical nasties and palm oil; and like my products to be as natural and beneficial to my skin as possible. And of course they must be vegan!This product ticks every box. It gives amazing coverage-the best I've ever had from a foundation. It's been a real boost to my confidence as I'm very insecure about my skin and this makes it look a lot better-I'm a younger, less-imperfect looking version of me while wearing it! Which is exactly what I was looking for.With my skin being translucent, I am quite purple under my eyes and have small thread veins in my eye area. Normally I use a concealer, but the coverage of this foundation is so good (in fact BETTER than when I used another foundation+concealer!) that I no longer need to! It's fine for use on eye lids as a primer for eye shadow too. Though I may try the Cover FX Eye Primer in the future to prevent the foundation/eye shadow from sinking into fine lines around the eyes.I don't use a primer, but I do use a moisturising sunscreen and have no problems using it underneath the foundation (only that the sunscreen makes me look shiny/oily, but that's not the foundation's fault!). Sometimes I find that foundations and sunscreens don't mix well and end up looking like a cakey/chalky mess, but this foundation goes over the top perfectly! Especially if you allow a bit of time for the sunscreen to absorb before applying the foundation.I don't have a House Of Fraser near me, so had to use my best judgement to pick a colour online. I'm very fair, with translucent skin that has cool undertones, which are quite pink, so I went for P20. It's a good match, although I would say the teeniest bit dark/orange for me. Perhaps the N20 is actually paler. However I use a pale powder over the top and in photographs my face looks as white as the rest of me (I'm always covered head to toe in sunscreen that makes me look even whiter lol! So it's important that my foundation doesn't give me a comparatively orange face). I'm pretty happy with the match overall! It's certainly better than many other products I have tried.I chose this product over Cover FX Total Cover Cream foundation because this one is labelled as vegan and the cream product contains Octocrylene, Octisalate andAvobenzone chemical UV filters, which are known to produce free radicals when sunlight hits them (I check all the ingredients of any product I use with the EWG cosmetic database before deciding to purchase). As a result I avoid products that contain them and use my own mixed sunscreen underneath make-up. Though I would have loved to try that product as well, as I imagine the coverage is even better!My only disappointment in this product is the price. I've never spent this much on a make-up product in my life! I'm not well off financially, so this is very expensive to me and not something I will always be able to afford, but I can certainly see a vast difference in quality between this and cheaper products! I don't think I'd ever be able to go back!I'm so impressed with Cover FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation that I will be trying more of the vegan products in the Cover FX range when I can afford to!At last! I've found the perfect product! <3. « less" - House of Fraser user