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The 50 Best Foundations for Combination Skin Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore foundations for combination skin are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
HD Liquid Coverage Foundation by Catrice Cosmetics

Hi-def coverage! Catrice's hd liquid coverage foundation is an ultra-lightweight, high coverage foundation for a natural looking finish.

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation by Jane Iredale

"I wear this wet-dry pressed powder, spf 20 foundation in Golden Glow. For reference, my Bare Escentuals color match is Golden Medium. JI Golden Glow is lighter, and less yellow than the BE Golden Medium, and more beige/light tan than gold, but it's the closest BE to IE match for me. Riviera and Suntan are wonderful colors for medium skin tones as well, but the undertones seem more "neutral", while Golden Glow is definitely for "warm" skin. The Jane Iredale compact is just gorgeous, and using it makes me feel refined and elegant, (and I need all the help I can get...!) When I was a child, my mother, aunts, and grandmothers would carry their Estee Lauder powders (for their noses) in artistic, ornate compacts. JI's heavy, gold colored, high quality compact makes me remember how much I longed to wear makeup just because it was pretty and fun to touch. This compact is nice to carry around to use powder as needed, but I like best to apply it in the morning as an all-over face foundation, because it lasts so long I rarely need touch-ups until late in the day. Like most mineral makeups this adds a small bit of healthy "glow", but in this case, it really is a healthy glow; not glitter, which makes my pores look 80x worse than they look without makeup. Also, unlike other mineral foundations (especially pressed ones), this doesn't cake up too badly around my eyes. My need for a traditional "matte" foundation has faded due to glycolic and retinol treatments, and, of course, age, but if this powder had existed when I truly needed long-lasting, shine-free foundation, I think it would have been a dream-come-true. Compared to all the other brands of mineral powders I've tried, Jane Iredale pressed foundation is the silkiest, has the best coverage, has no glitter, has sunscreen protection, and performs the best around my eyes without making me look like I'm 80. (I have to be realistic, at 44. Powders are going to accentuate lines. It's just the way it is. But I choose the trade-off of the accentuation of a few lines in order to cover my pores, and even out that annoying melasma. As far as coverage, refining skin tone colors, and looking smooth, this is superior to every other pressed mineral foundation I've tried. If you're looking for a "skin-like", or "no-makeup" look, this foundation probably won't work well. It's very comfortable, and it doesn't scream, "MAKE-UP!", but, at least on me, nobody would mistake it for bare skin. This has medium coverage when applied with a brush, but it can easily work as a full coverage foundation if applied with a sponge or powder puff, or wet. The price seems utterly ridiculous, and it's the one thing that kept me from trying Jane Iredale products, for years. Now that I've been using many of her products, I do see why they get away with the high price. They are more highly pigmented, color concentrated, and elegant than many other mineral brands, and their colors seem closer to the colors of real human skin than lots of other makeup. « less" - Beauty.com user

Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation by Pat McGrath Labs

"Honestly? I wasn't that excited when I heard Pat McGrath was releasing a foundation. There are so many formulas, techniques, and types of foundation that I didn't think it was possible to create something truly unique, as far as foundations go.I was wrong.I will never doubt again.Ok, let's get the basics out of the way. All the claims in the description are true; it starts as sheer and builds to medium coverage easily, is self-setting and a satin finish.But let's talk about why this is so unique.This is hands-down the best self-setting formula I've ever experienced. This foundation truly sinks into the skin, to the point where I can't tell that there's makeup on my face with sheer-to-light layers, yet my skin looks...perfect. Seriously, it just looks like I have the best skin of my life, but feels like nothing is on my skin. Even when building up to medium coverage, I can tell that it's there, but is so much lighter than other medium coverage foundations I have.The satin finish is also stunning. It does dry down a little more matte than I would prefer, but it appears dewy when the light catches it. When I wear this sheer, I don't mind the finish, but when I build it up I make sure to use a good amount of dewy setting spray.Of course the packaging is spectacular as well - it fits in perfectly with the 80s high fashion aesthetic of her Instagram.Overall, I would think of this as the most perfecting BB or CC cream you've ever seen, with the optional coverage of a foundation. It's an absolutely gorgeous, weightless formula that truly makes my skin look incredible.I received this foundation complimentary for testing purposes, but am already going to repurchase at full price, because the shade I was sent is just a hair too light for me! « less" - patmcgrath.com user

Superstay Better Skin Powder by Maybelline

"Sorry for the long review.... but I have a lot to say about this product. I suffer from terrible adult acne and I've wasted so much time and money trying to get it under control. So when I came across this product one day I decided to try it. Even if it failed at least I would get coverage out of it. As it turns out - it's amazing! The way it glides over your face evenly; the lightweight feel; and the fact that it kept my oily skin in check was enough to keep me happy. After a hard days work it would still be in place with no noticeable streaks. It had remarkable coverage for a powder - and as the days went by I slowly noticed a decrease in concealer use. Unfortunately after I ran out I was unable to make it to the store to purchase more; and that was when I realized how much it kept my acne under control. It wasn't a rebound breakout - It was the same type of acne I had in the same problem areas with the same severity. But now that I wasn't using the powder to treat it, my face slowly began to break out again. So needless to say - I went back and purchased more. I even gifted it to my sister who has the same skin issues I do, and she noticed a change in her complexion immediately. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that when I made it about half way through the compact, the powder began hardening on the surface from the sponge applicator going over it repeatedly (similar to what happens with eye shadows). So I would use something with a hard edge to gently scrape off the top layer then use that broken powder to apply to my skin. That is probably the applicator itself that causes that. So swapping that out for a poof or brush would likely solve that issue. I myself prefer the sponge applicator and just deal with the problem as it arises." - walgreens user

Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder by Jane Iredale

"I've used Jane Iredale products since they first came on the market. I absoutely LOVE this line. The products I use the most are the mineral loose powder, blush, powdered eye shadow & eyeliners. I will never return to using liquid foundations. I've received sample sizes of other brands of mineral makeup & nothing compares to Jane Iredale. I'm hooked. The JI products I've tried provide great coverage without appearing like you put your makeup on with a trowel.. The products are long lasting (seldom need to refresh makeup during the day), the colors stay true after applying the product, no streaking, smearing/smudging & you will not leave traces of your makeup on clothing or anywhere else. Easy to remove at the end of the day & does not clog your pores. General overall appearance of my skin has improved since using JI. Throughout my life, my skin has been sensitive, oily & dry. I've never had a reaction to any JI product. Price is reasonable & products last for months. I use the products daily. I could be a self appointed spokesperson for the JI line. It is the best stuff I've ever used & I've been wearing makeup for-let's just say for many years. Do your self a favor & try any one of the Jane Iiredale products. You won't be disappointed. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Beauty.com user

Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick by Lancôme

"I got this product for free to review (Product Review Club).I tried this foundation stick for 2 days before writing a review. I got the 250 Bisque (W) as a highlighter. It was almost close to my skin tone so the results of me using it as a highlighter was not as visible as I wanted it to be. I have use highlighting powder in the past and I would say that this foundation stick is much better. The application is so smooth and a little creamy. It blends really well. I have large pores and it filled up my pores nicely and not cakey at all. I always have problems by my cheek area. Any foundation or concealer I use no matter what primer I have on first, still gets cakey and creasy. This foundation blended nicely and gave me a nice coverage. I use a damp blending sponge and also used an angled liquid foundation brush and they both worked really well. I like using it now to highlight my brows.I would say it is a light to medium coverage but very buildable til you achieve full coverage you wanted. It also blended nicely with the finishing powder I was using. I love that it is oil free and has a matte finish. It is not a very matte finish. I'd say it's in between dewy and matte.. but like 70% matte just enough glow that it makes the finish looks really nice.The SPF is an added bonus! I should say too that it is not transfer proof or smudge proof.. it is TRANSFER and SMUDGE resistant.. meaning there will still be minimal transfer and it will still budge.It is very light weight. I don't even feel like I was wearing makeup. I will continue to use this and would probably get the shade closest to my skin tone as my base foundation and get a dark one for contouring once my contour cream is done. I love how small it is and you can just take anywhere with you. My makeup on day 1 trying this product lasted for a good 9 hours til I have to remove it. My work involves running around and cleaning and my makeup was still on til I got home.I guess it all depends on your skin type. This will probably not be good for oily skin. Oh yeah, it wasn't cakey at all on my dry spots and covered it up pretty well. I like how easy it is to use this product and just glides on my skin.The price may be a bit in a higher range but I think it's worth it. :)Thank you again ChickAdvisor for the nice opportunity. « less" - chickadvisor.com user

Pro Longwear Foundation by MAC

"For the past year and half I have been on the hunt for a foundation that meets all of my needs - great color match (that doesn't oxidize), long-wearing, weightless and keeps my combo/oily skin under control (without looking matte/flat). It's a lot to ask of ONE product so I was beginning to give up...until I tried MAC's PLW foundation! O-M-G! I apply the foundation around 6:30am and don't get home until 7pm, and my face still looks great! No powder touch-ups, MAYBE blotting with a blotting sheet mid-day, but other than that, the minimal amt of oil that comes through makes it look super natural (I wouldn't even call it dewey). I'll only touch up with powder if I'm going out after work and want to look extra polished. This baby has met and exceeded all of my expections! A definite must-try! (BTW - I don't have sensitive skin so I can't speak to whether it would be good for those who do break out from certain ingredients). In terms of my shade and application method: I'm currently darker than normal, so I'm wearing NC44 but think I'll have to get NC42 and mix it come winter. Or I might try to mix it with the PLW concealer that I have in NC35. I use a flat top kabuki brush to apply and have been meaning to try it with my BB sponge. I moisturize with a yellow moisturizing gel (from a mid-price skincare line that starts with C and has a Q in it LOL), prime with MAC's Natural Radiance in yellow and set with MSFN in Medium Tan (thank you for this new color BTW! Love it!). I pair with the PLW concealer in NW30 for underneath my eyes (also lasts all day), and set the undereye with MAC'S translucent pressed powder. Hope this helps! #peace <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - M·A·C user

Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation by Urban Decay

Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation is a vegan, buildable medium coverage liquid foundation with a real-skin matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours.

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Matte Powder Foundation by Estée Lauder

Double Wear Stay In Place Matte Powder Foundation by Estée Lauder is a powder makeup with multi uses: wear as foundation, or over it; customize the coverage; love the long wear and oil-controlling matte finish.

Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation by Aveda

"I would like to start by saying that since I have been using the tourmaline line makeup is truly not a necessity. I have been using the dual foundation for years, though, and I still love it so much I actually look forward to applying it every morning. Over time, I have developed a regimen that works like a miracle. I begin by washing my face with the tourmaline exfoliating cleanser and follow with the tourmaline radiance fluid, a touch of the tourmaline hydrating creme, and a lightweight sunscreen. This preparation perfectly hydrates, protects, and primes my skin. I first use a concealer brush to dab the dual foundation around my eyes and to cover any dark spots. I noticed some reviews on here that dissuade using a sponge for application, but I think the key is the type of sponge. I use an egg shaped sponge that hugs the contours of my face. I rinse it in warm water and thoroughly wring it out so it is just slightly damp. I pat the dual foundation gently onto my skin, building coverage as desired. I personally want something that evens skin tone without masking the natural glow the tourmaline products bring out in my skin. The dual foundation does just that. The result is radiant and flawless skin.I first tried this method one night before I went on a date. Over the course of dinner, my date kept mentioning how my face looked smoother than usual. It was funny to see him try to delicately tell me my skin always looked nice, but it looked especially lovely that night. I decided not to let him in on my little secret. « less" - aveda user

Vitalumiere Aqua by Chanel

"I couldnt remember where I got my sample of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua broad spectrum spf 15. I looked into every subscription beauty box I receive, including Macys Beauty Box. I ended up at Macys finding this wonderful, life saving foundation or teint as its referred as on the sample. I read the 2nd review listed in this thread and everything she said, I totally agree. You only need a pea size to cover your entire face. After I applied this teint, I had to take a DOUBLE TAKE in the mirror. I'm 57, soon 58. Enlarged pores are my nightmare. Not only does this teint loom like my own skin, it totally blurred my pores. In 6 hours and counting, it has not oxidized, has not settled into fine lines and has not become oily. This base actually looks just like skin. I take great care of my skin and spend the bulk of my splurges on high end skin care. Most days, I dont even wear foundation or a base. I tend to stay with BB Creams or skin tints. Just to even things out. Usually after using powder and setting spray, I good. But, I really havent been satisfied with ANY Brands foundations or skin tints lately until I used my sample of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. My skin is dry so its imperative I use a base that continues to look dewy but not greasy as my day moves forward. This teint looks just as fresh at 8:00pm as it did at 2:00pm. My complexion is a medium/lightbw/neutral undertones. I can go warm or cool. My sample is spot on as far as matching my skin tone. The sample is 30 BEIGE. I'm here to order the full size. Ladies , if you have dry skin and always find your base setting into fine lines and pores, this teint ix for you! 110%!! Sure, its a bit more expensive than some, and even more so than probably what youre use to spending but, if youre like me and reviewer NO. 2, BUY THIS! You will not regret it. The shade range is broad enough, you should be able to match up. « less" - Macy's user

Perfectionist Serum Compact Makeup by Estée Lauder

"I’m a fan of Perfectionist Serum and Liquid Foundation. This is a light mousse creamy powder, no brush needed. Application over SPF provides buildable light to medium coverage and natural finish. Sturdy compact has a good mirror and divider for the thick sponge. Perfect for travel, easy to apply. Smooth, hydrating, feels barely there. Color match is so close to my skin I can’t tell I’m wearing it, and it’s the same liquid foundation shade I switched over to (N to C). My skin can be dry or combination depending on humidity, but I’ve gotten flawless all day wear. I use a light touch of bronzer powder instead of setting powder. Perfect update to my routine. Purchased a second compact for my travel bag. Another innovative texture and product from EL." - Nordstrom user

ColorStay Full Cover Foundation by Revlon

Revlon colorstay full cover foundation, for matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hours. Doesn't look cakey or feel heavy.

Tint du Soleil SPF30 Whipped Foundation by colorescience

Nourish and even complexion with tint du soleil broad spectrum spf 30 uv protective foundation by colorescience. Multi-vitamin complex, peptides, ceramides and milk lipids improve the appearance of skin tone while the creamy, hydrating whipped formula feels like bare skin at its best.

The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 by Physicians Formula

"I've tried a few foundations from physician's formula that have actually been amazing (youthful wear, argan wear bb cream) but the shade range has been so bad that I could only use these if I have a tan. This one really surprised me with the shade range, the quality of the product and the packaging. I got the shade LW2 (the lightest warm shade) and it is a perfect match. For reference, I am close to the shade 120 Buff in Almay's Best Blend Forever foundation. I didn't notice any oxidation with this foundation.It has a medium coverage - but it looks smooth and flawless. it also doesn't pick up on any of my dry patches, or break up on me throughout the day as most foundations do. I apply this with a real techniques blending sponge (which is my preferred method with every foundation). It has a natural finish - I don't feel like I need to set it on my combo skin. Lastly, I wish this would have a higher SPF or no SPF at all. SPF 20 isn't enough for me to wear this without any other sun protection, and it may cause flashback. I have not tested it for flashback yet so I do not know if that will occur.As for the packaging, I personally love the large doe foot applicator. It's so easy to apply the perfect amount every time. I wish the bottle was plastic, not glass though. It feels very luxurious but I'm afraid I will break it if it drops.I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review. « less" - walmart.com user

Healthy Mix Serum Foundation by Bourjois

"In the past I have used a range of different foundations from different brands, but never one from Boujois.I have most recently been using a BB cream because I like that it has a lighter coverage and that I can still see my freckles through it (more suitable for summer than my previous foundation from Revlon). However, I decided to try to go back to foundations as the BB cream I bought was making my skin very oily. Strange considering I have dry skin.I have dry skin and occasionally get flaky patches which usually my foundation would cake to, and it would be very obvious at the end of the day when most of the foundation had worn off except for these patches. Not a good look!I saw this foundation reviewed by Pixiewoo on their blog and another person on Youtube and so thought I would give it a try.I bought a real techniques stippling brush to apply it and I was amazed! It doesn't give a totally matte finish, has a sort of dewy look which is lovely and best of all, provides excellent coverage but still looks like it is my skin. I think I read someone said before that the effect is "my skin but better". I can barely feel any make up on my face and if i do touch my face it feels smooth and soft.I have very fair skin but I do tan/freckle slightly on my face and so I bought the second to lightest colour, Vanilla.I am so impressed with this product I am tempted to buy three more on the current offer.As many people have said, including the Pixiewoo ladies, this foundation feels like an extremely well known high end brand, but is a third of the cost! Excellent value for the quality of the product. Less" - boots.com user

Ceramide Lift and Firm Makeup SPF 15 by Elizabeth Arden

"It was time for a new foundation. I had been wearing, of late, Loreal Visible Lift which is a great foundation for the price. Before that I had worn Lancome and then Cover Girl Simply Ageless, my favorite of the group. But, I needed something for my dry skin and the these just did not cut it. I was prepared, even on my tight budget, to pay whatever necessary, to get the right, HG foundation for me. I was looking for a product with good anti-aging ingredients, super moisturizing, and mainly a product which would not settle into my wrinkles and had some luminescence to it. it could not be overly matte either because as we know, matte makes older skin look terrible. Had to have a glow to it but not look too shimmery. It had to feel 'right' to me also.I researched and researched. I came home from Sephora armed with samples of highly rated foundations; Hourglass, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, etc. I tried all the samples I brought home and one of them seemed almost right, but not quite. I realized I had to have a cream foundation to get the moisturizing I need. I found this foundation. I actually ordered it, guessing at my shade. I chose the warm sun beige. I am light blonde with green eyes and olive medium skin. I was concerned this shade would have orange to it but it did not . It is a wonderful beige shade. It does not look at all like the sample on the site. I am realizing although this shade will work just fine for the 'pale' look, I want a little more color and summer is coming on, so I am ordering a shade or two darker as well. I do wish the EA site would give a description of all their shades (like most on Sephora site), to make it easier to select one. As it is, it does not give a description and you cannot tell some of the light shades from the darker shades. Hope they fix that. I know they say to go into a local store and try it but for some of us, that is difficult to do. ANYWAY, about this foundation...it is so fabulous! I doubt I will ever wear anything else. It meets all my requirements. It looks so great on, like I am not wearing anything at all on my face! it smooths out imperfections, makes pores look smaller, not too matte looking, and has a slight luminescence to it. It has a gorgeous finish. Mostly... it is moisturizing! Terrific for dry skin. You will love this foundation if you have dry skin , especially.Don't forget to order the sponge applicator for this. It is super high quality. It is only 15.00 and worth every penny. Actually, you could use this for any cream or liquid foundation. Love it! « less" - elizabetharden.com user

Fresh Air Makeup Base by Estée Lauder

"I think spf in cosmetics causes me to break out and gives me milia so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I decided to try this foundation because it was one of the few I could find without spf. It still has the titanium dioxide which helps to shield the skin but does not have that heavy spf to it which I believe clogs my pores. The color of this foundation is beautiful. The linen beige is actually natural and not orange at all.Estee Lauder knows how to make natural skin tone shades. My skin feels so nice and smooth when Im wearing it also.Its very natural.Its not cakey or flaky which many cheap brands of foundation are. I think it seems to cover my pores better than some of the popular high end full coverage foundations I've tried. If I use alittle foundation primer first in the t zone area before applying this the pores disappear completely. I use a foundation brush to apply mine which really helps to blend it. Oh and it also washes off easily at the end of the day! Very important if you do not want to breakout.Overall Im very happy with my purchase and will be repurchasing most likely and discontinuing use of the other foundations I own. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5183191712971304400-full" data-show="5183191712971304400-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

UV Protective Compact Foundation by Shiseido

"I have combination skin. If you’re anything like me, powdered foundation can look very caked on. I never wore powdered for this reason. My face just hates it! That is until I tried this. I have this in two colors.1. The coverage is amazing. You can do sheer or more coverage.2. Makes your skin look flawless.3. Doesn’t oxidize in to a weird color. Still looks amazing after retouch or no retouch.Tip: if you find that you put too much powder on, grab a wet blender and dab face. This will give you more of a natural dewy look. I prefer this than a matte powdered look.I’m in love with this product as well as their Glow Performance and Ibuki line! Quality stuff! " - Macy's user

Mineral Foundation - SPF 15 by Lily Lolo

"This is hands down the best foundation I have ever had, so much so that I threw away my collection of foundations the moment I tried it. It's great for everyday wear because it looks so natural even from up close. It does not crease around my mouth like majority of liquid foundations used to after few hours. I have a normal/combination skin type and it seems to work nicely on both my oily nose and chin as well as on my dry cheeks. I love that it has absolutely no scent which for some reason bothered me the most about other foundations. The coverage is buildable but it probably won't cover blemishes entirely without concealer. It can take a little more time to apply than liquid foundation as you have to buff well and use small amount at a time but it is definitely worth the extra 5 minutes. Less" - lookfantastic.com user

Cushion Complexion 5-In-1 Skin Perfector Concealer With Turmeric by julep

"Julep 5-in-1 Cushion Complexion Skin Perfector with Turmeric I had the opportunity to test the new Julep Cushion Complexion Skin Perfecter for free via CrowdTap in exchange for my honest opinion. I was sent the 4 lightest shades to test: 100 Alabaster, 110 Porcelain, 130 Ivory, and 140 Buff. For reference, I am a Y225 in MUFE. Of those 4, Alabaster works well as a highlighting shade, and undereye concealer, and Ivory for facial concealing. Porcelain was too pink for my yellow-undertoned skin, and Buff was too dark. The formulation is very smooth. It glides over the skin, and blends out easily. It blends best with fingertips, or a silicone sponge. Feels very lightweight on the skin, and I had no irritation while wearing it. That is extremely important to me as I work to heal my skin. Julep claims this to be a medium to full coverage concealer. I was able to achieve full coverage under my eyes, but only medium to medium full on my acne, and hyperpigmentation. It is buildable though, and does so without getting cakey. I can easily see someone who's skin is a bit healthier than mine getting full coverage. Even though I still had some "flaws" showing, I still achieved enough coverage to venture out into the world wearing only concealer a couple of times. Because it doesn't cling to texture and dry patches it actually looked better than my foundation! Like most concealers, it is advisable to set with powder to avoid creasing. The applicator design is ingenious, sleek, and elegant. I like the thought that went into it, and it makes the product very convenient to carry with you for touch ups. I'm hoping that Julep will keep the design, but perhaps modify the applicator tip. It dispenses the product, but you can't effectively blend with the tip as it tends to streak. Overall, I'm delighted with this product. It has been my go-to since I received it, and has replaced my former concealer. This product is effective, comfortable, soothing, and sleek- all things I value in my beauty products! I will certainly be repurchasing the 5-in-1 Cushion Complexion once my samples are depleted. Thank you, Julep, for a wonderful product!" - ulta user

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15 by Chanel

"I am extremely happy with my Chanel Les Beiges compact purchase! I usually wear foundation and loose powder as a regular make up routine and use my compact only for touch up's throughout the day...but not lately! I was pressed for time one day didn't have time to do my usual make-up routine; so- I only used my Les Beiges compact powder on my face! OMG...I love it! I haven't been wearing my foundation as much (maybe on the weekends or date night)! It's light weight...feels like I have nothing on my face, yet has such a fresh blending finish and great coverage and healthy vibrant glow! I got many compliments on my natural glow! I am hooked! PLEASE DON'T EVER DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT! THIS IS THE BEST CHANEL COMPACT EVER! " - Nordstrom user

Almost Powder Makeup by Clinique

"I have been very lucky to have nice skin and even coloring so I have never worn foundation. I have usually just added a nice finish with power.I am very fair, have allergies, and sometimes just don't look as fresh and awake as I would prefer. I read Bobbi Brown's Book, and have seen her on TV and she talks about how important it is to brighten and even the skin tone around your eyes. She's says it's an instant face lift. Since I prefer not to wear a heavy concealer, I somehow ran across Clinique's Almost Powder and decided to give it a try.I ordered this in Neutral (#2) a week before a vacation. Initially the color was just slightly dark to provide a lightening and brightening to my eye area (although a good match for the rest of my face). Since I was on a beach vacation that was quickly remedied by a little tan. When I returned home, I ordered the #1 Fair and it is perfect for eye brightening and I blend the #2 on the rest of my face.I don't really like a lot of coverage (I don't want to look like I'm wearing foundation), so I apply it with a brush like Sephora's Pro Foundation Brush #47 and buff / smooth with the provided foam pad. I don't know how they accomplished this, but the Almost Powder provides moderate coverage without looking like foundation, it's just perfect! I have an age spot (sun damage) on one cheekbone, and it completely covers it, no concealer required!Because of the powder consistency of this makeup I have had great luck eliminating mascara smudging too! After I am done applying my eye makeup I take my foundation brush (without putting more makeup on the brush) and cleanup the 'fall-out' under my eyes. Using a shade lighter than my natural skin tone around my eyes gives me the perfect brightness to help me look awake and refreshed (without giving me the reverse raccoon look). The powder consistency reduces the texture of the moisturizer under my eyes to eliminate mascara smudging and makes your makeup application look flawless! LOVE IT!I want to add one more footnote - when I first received the Almost Powder, I thought it was too drying for my (then) 48 year old skin. Due to recent changes in my skin (age), four months ago I changed my entire skin care regime. Since then the change to my skin texture, moisture level, fine lines and breakouts is nothing less than remarkable and I now love the Almost Powder!! I am using Clinique's 1-2-3 program daily. Happily, my skin seems to be back to its previous more youthful condition and the Almost Powder sits beautifully on my properly hydrated skin. Less" - Sephora user

Absolue Bx Radiant Replenishing Foundation by Lancôme

"I don't like to use foundation with sunscreen, so I had been using Teint Miracle but it filled every pore and even if I moisturized my face beforehand, it made my skin look dry. I realized that at 52 I need a foundation with a little more moisture. I tried this one and luckily the woman at the counter found my correct color; it makes my skin look stunning. I still need to be careful applying between the eyebrows--skin seems very dry there, but the color is perfect and my skin looks luminous and smooth wearing it. It's more expensive, but it looks really good on my skin. Just wish it didn't contain unnecessary sunscreen." - Macy's user

Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation by bareMinerals

"This foundation made me fall in love with Bare Minerals all over again! I used the loose original and matte formulas for years until all of a sudden my skin changed. Seemingly overnight my skin became super sensitive and needy. I’ve struggled to find products that work without irritating my skin for about 5 years now! I read about this new blemish rescue formula coming out and was super impressed by the ingredients. I knew I had to give it a shot, so I bought the foundation along with the primer the day this line was released. All I can say is WOW! This foundation is absolutely beautiful and a total game changer for my skin. I start with the primer which smooths out my skin and calms redness. Then buff in the foundation, which to my delight, doesn’t take long at all to reach a medium to full coverage that still looks natural. My favorite thing about this foundation is that it offers great coverage without clinging to dry spots or looking super heavy. It lasts all day on my skin type. It’s been super fun to put my collection of bareMinerals blushes, highlighters, mineral veils etc back to use. They blend beautifully over this foundation. Overall I’m super impressed and pleased with the new Blemish Rescue products! « less" - Sephora user

Skin Illusion Foundation by Clarins

Clarins' Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is their first serum foundation that combines the fluidity of pure plant oils and with the perfect amount of pigments that lets skin breathe.

Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation SPF 50 by L'Oreal

"I received the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation to try for free from Top Box Circle. I have to admit when I first saw that I was given the Ivory 10 that I thought that it would be too light for my skin. I also thought the small tube wouldn’t last very long. But boy was I wrong with both of my assumptions!I applied the product sometimes with my fingers and sometimes with a brush. Either way worked extremely well for me and blended into my skin for a natural look. I had even skin tones and the foundation didn’t cake and actually softened my fine lines. And it doesn’t take much of the product to achieve your natural look!I have extremely sensitive skin and this foundation was amazing. I didn’t develop any reaction to the foundation and the scent was not noticeable at all. I applied the foundation in the morning and tried applying it sometimes after I put on a morning cream and sometimes directly on the face with no moisturizer. I wanted to see if there were any issues with dryness. There was no noticeable difference and I loved how my skin remained hydrated throughout the whole day even if I didn’t apply a face cream beforehand.The colour ivory blended well with my skin tone and blended extremely well for an all day look. I liked how my skin looked more alive and had a nicer tone and glow than normal. It was very lightweight and I like how you can’t “feel” that you have foundation on at all.I would love it if the foundation had some sunscreen built right into it. Outside of this one wish this is definitely something that will be added to my makeup routine. I highly recommend this product.#freeproduct #trywithtopbox #lovemesomesamples #honestopiniongal #ilovefreesamples #canadianfreebies#lorealparis #topboxcirclecanada #ifoundmynewfoundation Less" - lorealparis.ca user

Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation by L'Oreal

"God yes. If you're not aware of what Accutane is, it's a strong acne prescription drug that makes your skin extremely dry. It wasn't my first time taking accutane so I knew going into it what would happen to my skin. So I went to my local drug store and picked this one out-not knowing what I was getting into going into this. Ive never used a foundation by this brand but it was the only foundation that pretty heavily branded 'heavy glow', so I bought it (plus it was super cheap compared to others). Let me just say I never had high hopes for this foundation. I have an extremely hard time finding foundation that works for me and considering I was about to go through skin h*ll for the next 8 months I wasn't getting my hopes up. Long story short this foundation was a holy grail. I never once had any dry patches through a 12 or 15 hours I had this on. Occasionally if I knew I was touching my face a lot that day I'd have to quickly powder and blend my face some. that was really the only con. I applied beautifully and so smooth once you powder your face. My contour and highlight blended well with it and all in all Im super impressed. 2 months after I finished Accutane (finished my 3rd bottle) I ran out and didn't have time to go to the store and pick up more so I used some of my foundation I used before which was some high end pricey foundation. Lets just say I went through the day feeling like my face was the dessert, and looking so cakey. immediately that next morning I picked me up some more pro-glow. I will never go back to anything else and will honestly be devastated if they discontinue this. If you know you have dry skin or if you're on Accutane or some other skin solution that makes your skin dry PLEASE use this. I promise you'll never want to use anything else. This saved me from 8 months of h*ll because honestly I loved putting on my makeup knowing I was going to look glowey and flawless. « less" - ulta.com user

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 25 by Chanel

"I have tried a hundred foundations (MUFE, Charlotte tilbury, Giorgio Armani, Dior, elcie, Kevyn auction, MAC, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, benefit, too faced, tarte, la prairie, YSL, Tom Ford, the list goes on..) and I’m forever on the hunt for my forever foundation and this is the one! First. I frequently have a problem with color matching. I’m half white and half Japanese so it can be a little hard to match my sometimes sensitive skin. I got B20 and it is a PERFECT MATCH. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so confident wearing a foundation. It’s warm in undertone without making your skin look sallow and goes on like a dream. I use the Chanel sublimage la lotion supreme on cleansed skin and then follow with the Chanel solution 10 moisturizer that I was told can double as a primer. I let that sit for a bit and then apply the foundation and set it with the Le tient ultra tenue powder in the same shade. This foundation applies like a dream. I use a beauty blender because I’m lazy but do like to apply with a flat top brush, too. It’s buildable and goes on so smoothly. It doesn’t just sit on top of your skin either. It feels natural and lasts ALL day. I do tend to lean more full coverage and this definitely does that without looking cakey. I have never been excited to apply foundation but this one has changed my mind. I wasn’t going to go back to Chanel after hating the last foundation I was told to try (also an incorrect color match by the Chanel rep) but thought I’d give it one last try and I’m so happy with my purchase! My skin is normal but can get a little dry/oily depending on the season. It doesn’t accentuate my dry patches and the oily spots if I have any don’t cause the foundation to run or oxidize. This is the best foundation and it’s so underrated! Less" - Nordstrom user

Foundation Powder by Laura Mercier

"This is the best powder foundation out there!! Please don't discontinue!! I have search for years and hundreds of dollars lost on expensive brands seeking the best powder foundation / foundation out there to achieve that natural looking gorgeous skin and with no success I had to settle for powdery, cakey, and flakey looking skin until I discovered this amazing and effective product! This truly is a staple gem in your cosmetic line. It would really be a huge devastating lost to your devoted clientele if this were to be discontinued. I have tried your new "replacement" smooth powder foundation and although it goes on smoothly as it states and does cover imperfections after awhile the quality of the product is lost. As previous reviews have stated the new powder foundation product does not support or hold up to the fact that it controls oil and shine after an hour my skin looked like a hot mess of oil, and the product itself does oxidize changing the persons skin color looking like they're more for halloween instead of a full work day or even going out for the evening. I can't begin to tell you how my skin felt when wearing the new replacement. I felt like I had 10 pounds of powder foundation. It did look cakey and powdery and my skin felt suffercated and irritated from the new replacement not to mention I broke out badly in cystic acne on my forehead, chin, jawline, etc. It took my face almost 2 weeks of recovering. My face looked like a war was going on. Wow never again!!! I have light olive skin and through out my teens and adult life I've been dealing with cystic acne periodically and the new product truly made my cystic acne errupt. In climate change my skin goes from combination oily to combination dry. This product has completely changed my life. I never thought I could have beautiful amazing glowing skin were the product color looks like your second skin no powdery, cakey, and flakey skin just natural and my acne is completely covered making me look like I have flawless perfect skin. I started with this product not realizing that this would be the beginning of me being an avid devoted fan of all your product line. I have been completely converted and have changed over to using only Laura Mercier products. I own almost every product in your cosmetic line from every makeup color right down to your makeup brushes and skin care. I have it all. I'm in love and obsessed with how naturally stunning I look when I wear your cosmetic line. I've never before received so many compliments of how beautiful I look until I started using and wearing your makeup line. Please don't discontinue this product!!! This has become my holy grail ever since I discovered your powder foundation.I can't live without this!! and I don't want to look less than stunning. This powder foundation makes me look flawless and stunning and it does live up to what it states. Give us the option you won't lose revenue with this product. We are too many devotees to this product. « less" - lauramercier.com user

Cocoa Powder Foundation by Too Faced

"I bought this product not really knowing anything about it, because I was trying to find a better powder foundation. I had recently purchased the IT Cosmetics powder foundation in Illumination, and I thought I loved it, but as the day went on, it just caked up on me like crazy! I have really, really, oily skin, so I probably should have gotten the Matte version, but I still feel that it would have been heavy and cakey. This Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation is quite possibly, the best powder foundation I have tried. I've used Chanel, Bare Minerals, Josie Maran, MAC, IT Cosmetics...etc, and this one does not get cakey, and feels so lightweight, yet it really does cover well. I don't have a ton of freckles, but I have some acne spots, and redness around my nose, and it really does cover it up. I use the NARS Pro Prime Pore Refining primer before I apply this powder, and it seems to work well with it. I get oily very easily, so I'm not the best person to judge on it's oil absorbing effectiveness, but it's a powder, so it does give you that soft, matte, porcelain finish right after you apply it. I did put a setting powder over it, because I really wanted to lock in the foundation for a long time. I'd say it lasted me about 4-5 hours before I started to notice some serious shine. But even with the shine, I just blotted it away, and it still looked fine. The powder seems to blend in with the skin, not just sit on top, like the IT Cosmetics one did. If I tried to blot my skin with the IT Cosmetics powder, it would have wiped completely off, and I would have had a patches of skin with no powder left. I highly recommend this powder foundation because it leaves your skin looking beautifully poreless and really evens out your complexion. It also smells amazing, just like their chocolate eyeshadows! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-8658280355494477061-full" data-show="-8658280355494477061-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup by Estée Lauder

"This foundation comes in a lightweight squeezy container, which is amazing for portability plus I find it less messy and wasteful than standard foundations. The foundation itself is creamy and not runny at all, but it spreads very evenly onto the face. It applies fabulously with a brush but I prefer to use fingers, as I feel this warms up the foundation a bit to help it blend. I blend out from the middle and it gives a glowy look at first but dries down to a natural, semi-matte finish. The coverage is amazing, it covers blemishes and redness so well - I'd say it covers just as well as the normal Double Wear, but with a different (less matte) finish. Because it's less matte, I find it more flattering on the slightly uneven texture of my skin. It gives an illusion of lovely smooth skin, but doesn't look like you're wearing heavy foundation. This is the best foundation I've found for combination skin, as it doesn't dry out or cause flakiness on the drier parts of my face, but it also controls oil really well on the shinier parts. I work full time and also attend evening classes, so I can personally testify that this lasts over 16 hours (!) on me without a primer or setting powder. I'm really particular about my base makeup looking good as I think it makes a huge difference, and this foundation even seemed to make my blusher last longer. I wore this foundation to my wedding about 18 months ago, and it lasted even in heat exceeding 40 degrees! It also photographed beautifully - even in the un-retouched photos from family and friends, my face looked airbrushed! My skin really isn't that great naturally, so this is a LIFESAVER. I'm a total foundation addict and have tried most of the high end brands, but this wins every time. Thanks Estee Lauder, this is absolutely my favourite product! Please bring out more shades though, like you have done for Double Wear - as a pale warm-toned girl, shade 1.0 is a little too dark and pinky for me in the winter. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3928115401085027846-full" data-show="3928115401085027846-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Foundation by Burberry Beauty

"I'm 73 years old, and find the challenges of age-appropriate makeup and makeup techniques challenging, to say the least, so it is with great pleasure I've found the perfect concealer to enhance my under-eye area without having to deal with caking and creasing and drying in this delicate area. I have a light to medium skin tone, and Burberry Cashmere Concealer in Honey has become an integral part of my daily regimen. Application is a pleasure: the cashmere-like tip is a lovely idea, and easy to control. (Upon receiving the product I gave it a few good pumps to start the flow, and now use only one pump to disperse the small amount of product sufficient for both eyes.) FYI, my complete regimen: After moisturizing my face and neck, I begin with an under-eye conditioner (Chanel), letting it dry and soak in for a few minutes, and then use the Cashmere tip to dab a small amount of concealer around and under the whole eye area including the corners of inner and outer eye, patting it in lightly. I follow that with a thin layer of my foundation, Armani Maestro Fusion makeup #5.25, lightly brushing it over my entire face including (carefully) over the concealer and not forgetting to extend a thin film onto my throat and ears and behind and below the ear (so easy to forget this and so obviously off-shade if one forgets to enhance that area too). Then I apply my eye makeup, jazz up my thinning eyebrows and lashes, follow that with a very thin application of powder blush---Dior Mimi Bronze---and pat a very light film of Chanel Light Creator Brightening makeup base (in the pale yellow shade, Mimosa) to the outer corner of my eyes and continue down over just the top of my cheekbones. Adds a lovely subtle sheen, making the whole face look perfectly moisturized and healthy. Then outline the lips lightly and just as lightly apply lipstick (current favs are Armani Ecstacy Tangerine and Burberry Nude Apricot.) Sounds complicated, but easy and such a natural look for mature skin... Less" - Nordstrom user

Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation by Clarins

"I purchased this foundation after hearing positive reviews about it, and I must say I'm not disappointed in the slightest. The foundation comes in a glass, pump bottle, it is a little heavy, but don't let that put you off! The pump is great as it is really precise and you can control exactly how much you want dispensed, so no fear of wasting any!The bottle looks very chic and glamorous as well with the gold lid, so no embarrassment when you pull it out of your makeup bag in public!The foundation itself has quite a thin consistency, yet it will still manage to cover imperfections and evens out skin tone to a uniform colour, giving a medium finish. It feels very lightweight on the skin and you don't get the heavy, mask feeling that a lot of foundations give. It has a fresh watermelon scent, which is quite pleasant, but only lasts while you're applying the foundation, it fades within seconds, so no lingering smells if you don't like watermelons!The finish is a cross between dewy and matte, it's a very difficult appearance to describe, but I have combination skin, and it manages to moisturise the dry areas, as well as stopping any oily areas looking shiny. It is oil free, and has pretty good lasting power- after a day's wear it still looks fresh, and when I remove my makeup in the evening after applying it in the morning, there is most definitely foundation coming off on my cotton pad, so I know it has lasted throughout the day and hasn't faded away.Clarins say it replicates real skin and this is a high claim, but I think it does a fair job. As long as you blend well, the foundation sinks into your skin without any obvious traces that you're wearing it.All in all, a really fantastic foundation, provides natural, medium coverage, and not only that, but several people have commented on how lovely my skin looks. I can 100% see myself repurchasing his when my current bottle runs out. Am I impressed? YES! A foundation which really does what it says it will! « less" - Escentual user

Hydra Touch Powder Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

"This powder is so good for my dry skin. Almost so soft that it doesn't feel like most powders! My only complaint is, I bought the lightest shade, and it looks like my shade in the pan, but on my face its still just a bit too deep for my liking. Please make an even paler shade, for us pale skin girls! We need setting powder too :) (same goes for deep skin girls-- we need even more shade options). Despite being a bit too deep, I'm in love with this power's formula. Its the ONLY powder I've tried, that doesn't make my super dry skin look like a cracked, cakey desert. If you have dry skin, please try this out! You'll be glad you did :) If you're super pale like me though, choose the shade lighter than you think you need, because it looks darker once applied over foundation. This powder is great for setting foundation and concealer, because if you go in with a light application, it doesn't take away all of your skin's dewiness, but it somehow still sets it completely so it won't budge. Helps my concealer not crease, too. Please keep making this powder, NYX, but consider making another pale shade (basically true white would be good) and more deep shades :) This is one of my favorite NYX products, along with their Gotcha Covered Concealer, Butter Gloss, Taupe blush (used as a contour powder), Epic Ink Liquid Eyeliner, and Dewy setting spray. Less" - nyxcosmetics.com user

Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup by Elizabeth Arden

"EA Flawless Finish is the prettiest makeup there is. I have used it on and off for more than thirty years. I have found nothing that exceeds or equals this makeup for its coverage and pretty finish. The Satin finish is great for oily skin. Even without powder, it is not too oily. However, the powder does help set it and give it its finished look. It feels amazing on the skin. The liquid immediately turns to a silky powder-like finish. It is so easy to apply and blend. It provides great coverage without feeling heavy. I have Rosacea, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. This makeup covers it all. I can not say enough good things about this makeup. I really like the way it smells too. It has a subtle perfume-like smell. I have tried other foundations that have a chemical smell to them. Yuck! This is the only makeup that I have worn and have gotten compliments on. I get compliments every place that I go when I have this makeup on. The only complaint that I, personally, ever had was that I could not find that perfect color. So, I had to use concealers and powders to make the color right. Now, EA has a better color selection and I have found the perfect color. It is Neutral Bisque (I have light/medium skintone with olive undertones). I am just now returning to use this makeup, again. I do not intend to change again. I really do not understand some of the reviews that I read stating that the makeup doesn't last through the day or that it does not blend well. It most certainly does blend well and last throughout the day. I wanted to write this review to let people know how truly amazing it really is. Do not go by the negative comments that some had to say about it. I think maybe, they do not know how to properly apply makeup. Try it and judge it for yourself. I do not think that you will be disappointed. I hope EA never stops making this makeup or changes a thing about it. « less" - elizabetharden.com user

Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base by glo minerals

"I was introduced to mineral make up by Bare Minerals in 2005. I have tried and experimented with several other mineral make ups since then and I have to say that Glo Minerals is far superior to all I have tried (and I have tried a lot). The color selection is wonderful, the brushes are amazing and even the primer is better than the others I have tried. The first day I wore it to work, my co-workers asked if I had had a facial because my skin glowed. It covers well, doesn't settle into lines and wrinkles and looks natural. I was so impressed with the pressed base, I bought the primer, highlighter, brushes, lip plumper and eyeshadow. You can say I am hooked on this line. " - canada.gloprofessional.com user

Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation SPF 20 by Shiseido

"I never write foundation reviews, because I never like one enough. I'm not some die-hard Shiseido fan either; I keep trying different foundations as I'm a cosmetic junkie. And I've tried many, from drugstore to high-end (Armani, Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, YSL, etc.) to Japanese & Korean brands. I almost never empty a bottle. Yet, this is currently the first foundation I keep going back to - when I want to look good and healthy. It's not a full coverage foundation, so those with more skin issues/who like full coverage may not find this covers enough. This foundation has a light, watery consistency and dewy finish - almost like you're not wearing makeup. I like natural makeup, so that's what I'm looking for, and 1 push with this pump is almost too much (I feel like I'm wasting the product - but for a normal person it's probably a good amount). I buff it out with a dense brush, like one from Artis or Shiseido, and it doesn't sit in my pores - it looks very smooth. If you want to know how natural it looks: My dermatologist had to ask if I'm wearing any makeup. I use it with Honest Beauty Everything Primer (pore-blurring ones with silica didn't work too well); that seems to work best so far. I tried it with one of the Japanese Shiseido primers, and oddly enough, it didn't seem as compatible. I'm an Asian with not too much yellow undertone, MAC NC20/021 in Dior, and N2 works well. At the end of the day my nose gets slightly shiny, but nothing a sheet of tissue/blotting paper can't fix. I'd take that over dryness any day. My cheeks tend to be on the slightly dry side, so this may not be best fit for oily skin. The only fault I find with this foundation is that it has slight fragrance - it's a known skin irritant, and I could have done without. (It's not too overpowering.) Other than that, if I were having my wedding today, this would be the foundation I'd wear. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Compact Makeup Powder Foundation by chantecaille

"Normally I don't write reviews, just read them and take them for what they are. Not one product will work across the board for everyone based on reviews. That said - this product is amazing. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on products only to toss away or come to find out I fell for the marketing hype yet again. Thankfully I have the job that allows for that but let's be real - no one can blow through money like that in search of a decent foundation for very long.I have skin that produces more oil than most oil rigs in my T zone and normal in the rest. Blotting papers are my constant companions. I also have pores the size of manhole covers on my nose and cheeks. Covering those takes spackle and patience - neither of which I have nor desire to use. My skin is flat, redness, just blah. Like beige paint - just blah. I needed something that would cover the redness, even out my skin tone, if lucky, maybe save me a blotting session every 30 minutes, and not make me look like I had troweled on foundation. I am blemish free and not trying to conceal anything so I'm lucky in that respect. I don't like liquid foundations or the gloopy feeling from same.That being said - I purchased this. I thought the price was a bit high but figured what the heck - I could always return it. I've learned to start doing that - my bank account thanks me. I used to use another brand of compact foundation which I loved for color match - but they no longer make. I'm a medium beige - cool to neutral undertones. Most compact foundations make me look jaundiced or washed out / pale / gothic #not the look I'm going for#. This one is amazing.I started out with Dune - but it had a chalky cast to it. I went to return it and the clerk suggested camel. In the compact it looked like it had a hint of a yellow hue - I thought ok fine - I'll try it for a day - see ya tomorrow for a return. Wow - I was so wrong. This is a perfect match. It's not a tan in a compact - but looks like I had a bit of a healthy tan / glowI've had several compliments today on how rested and healthy I look. That I have a glow to me, your face looks so amazing, etc. Never heard any of that in the past 46 years. Mind you - I empty a bottle of wine at night - so I'm not exactly the vision of healthy lifestyles. Also just returned from a business trip so dealing with jetlag and dehydration from flying. All things that you would expect would make you look busted which I normally do but with this on my face - like none of it ever happened.This stuff is just amazing. I does control oil - I do have to blot - but not nearly as much - I'd say maybe 3 times a day as opposed to every hour. Your skin has a glow - not glitter, not some fake shine - but just a healthy, stress free, well rested glow. However they pull that off is amazing.I moisturize, put on a primer and then brush this over my face with a powder brush. I use the sponge to press in the product in a few areas. I find that either dragging the sponge or buffing the product in does not work for me. Simply sweeping over and pressing in here and there gives me a close to flawless finish #even helps minimize my manhole sized pores - which is a miracle in of itself# I do a touch up around the nose area mid afternoon and that's it - the stuff lasts all day.I strongly suggest you try this. Yes it's expensive, yes the color shades are not as many as other lines, but something in this stuff actually works and does make you look natural, makeup free, without redness, perfect skin, well rested, etc. I can't say enough good things about this. The truly funny part - I was researching for yet another powder compact foundation, and this stuck out to me since the package resembled the compact I had used. I had never heard of this brand before, they have a small counter, nothing really mainstream like brands.Hands down - this one is a keeper. « less" - Nordstrom user

Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup by Revlon

"I took some time to pour through Ulta foundations and their reviews, looking for something under $20 with reviews to rival luxury brands. In the end, this seemed like the clear answer.I've used Covergirl Foundation in Creamy Natural for as long as I've worn makeup. Recently, I've started to feel like I need something that'll last longer - Covergirl always seems to melt away, unless I put effort into priming (I rarely do). It's also rather shiny on oily skin, especially if I start with a moisturizer (I always do). Again, this seemed like the answer!When I made it into the store, I was faced with choosing a shade. While online, I did not fully appreciate the fact that THERE ARE ONLY 8 COLORS. This is a specialty subset of Revlon foundation, and it doesn't have a fully developed range of shades. There isn't a shade for everyone, and colors do not correlate with the Covergirl shades that I know.If you do find your shade, this is wonderful. It's medium coverage, and it doesn't disappear during the day, or let your face turn oily. It also doesn't look cakey or thick. I dab it on with my fingers, then use a beauty blender. It has a great finish, and you can layer it over moisturizer without it melting off. It lasts all day. With some effort, it washes off - but it doesn't just rinse away (yay!). I would recommend it.The rest of this review pertains to colors:There's a lack of help with choosing makeup on the "cheap" side of the store. Poor lighting, a lack of mirrors, no samples (of this), and no associates meant I was stumped. I didn't let this affect my star rating for the product, but it was so difficult - come on, Ulta!Again, THERE ARE ONLY 8 COLORS. That's not a lot.I am a natural medium blonde with pale coloring, but I'm not one of those girls who always needs the lightest foundation. I am medium light, not lightest light. I also have more pink coloring than yellow - something I've never put so much thought into. "Ivory" is pink, but it's an extremely light shade. It's something I might use for highlighting, but not something I could use for my main foundation.Buff and Sand Beige look very yellow hued, however. As I said, I'm pink, and it seemed obvious that these wouldn't match. Next come Nude and Natural Beige, which look extremely similar. Now, these are solidly in the middle of the light-to-dark 8-color range. I'm still pale, if not the palest, and middle-range is a bit dark for me. Everything else is for darker tones.Now, even apart from the poor testing environment, it's difficult to examine these colors in-store. The glass jar is very thick and shallow, so you don't get a good view of what's inside. There's a color sticker on top, but that feels risky. I finally went with Nude, because it's placement suggested it was lighter than Natural Beige, and I was at a loss.After bringing it home, I quickly found that Nude did not match. It's yellow, and it looks absolutely dark and gray on my face. I tried using less, and it didn't help. It had to go back.Now, Nude looked dark and gray (yellow), but the two lighter colors (Buff and Sand Beige) looked much yellower to me. Nude was already too yellow, so I couldn't choose those. Ivory is pink, but also nearly white - I couldn't choose that either. Although Nude was already dark, I had to go in the opposite direction, and try Natural Beige.These two colors look pretty identical side by side, which was why I was willing to try "darker." When I applied Natural Beige, the results were much better. Although I'd call it an overall neutral undertone, this color was more pink than Nude, so it didn't look so gray on my skin. It's still a little dark, but when you blend it in, it actually looks very nice. I don't think it's my perfect match, but I can use this color and be happy.I wish revlon would offer more shades of this amazing foundation - especially more pink toned shades! If you're experimenting, good luck, and thank god for return policies. Less" - ulta.com user

Born To Glow! Naturally Radiant Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

"Loving this new foundation by NYX! Excellent for summer and Perfect for my dry skin. Gives off a radiant glow and dewy look. Hydrating, long-standing, little-no transfer, smooth finish, nice shade range (45); left no dry flakes anywhere. Honestly, Im sick of all the matte! We need something on the other side of the oily spectrum. FINALLY, something for us dry skinned faces! Vegan, contains natural oils/vitamins at a great value. Powder over if you do want more of a matte look but w/o the cakey dryness. May be too much for overly oily skin, especially on t-zone. But you could apply elsewhere (cheekbones, jawline, temples, etc.) for a contoured glow. Liquid formula blends like bb/cc moisturizer. So, one layer is about minimal coverage. Did cover my freckles/blemishes well. But as I was blending some seemed to just wipe off. Either my beauty blender sucks or I was pressing too hard. For more coverage you really gots to layer this on. Fortunately, it builds well without turning into a grease mask. Ended up patting on and blending with my fingers then lightly w blender. I like very much this (as stated) natural coverage. Its adjustable depending on the look youre going for. Stayed on for at least six hours (in heat) and only because I washed it off. Hardly any transfer. In fact, took a few washes to completely remove, which I find unusual with a dewy foundation as they norm slide right off. No breakouts so far. Only con, for me personally, that the shade (Neutral Buff) is too yellow for my pale freckley complexion (I wasnt shade matched as this was received complimentary for testing). I can still use it but, with 45 shades, next time Ill grab another. Highly recommend, especially if you struggle with dry skin and are tired of drying foundations. Ill buy again; next time though another shade. I received this product complementary for testing purposes. However, has no effect on my honest review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Perfecting Cushion by sulwhasoo

"This is my first Sulwhasoo prodcut. I purchased this in #25. I have dry, sensitive skin that is on the lighter side but with yellow undertones. Compared to Iope's Air Cushion, this was a better match for my undertone. You get everything out of this cushion compact - moisturizing, long lasting, no makeup feel, sun protection, buildable coverage, and skin benefiting ingredients. Most Korean cushion compacts leave you with the dewy look making most people feel very oily (especially if you live in humid weather). With my dry skin, my face feels moisturized all day even with 1 layer of coverage not to mention it stays on until I wash it off at bedtime. It doesn't break out my skin and although I get the dewy look, it looks like natural healthy skin. I absolutely love this prodct and recommend it for anyone that has dry,sensitive skin that goes for that natural no makeup look. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-932579294496356088-full" data-show="-932579294496356088-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Even Better Refresh Hydrating And Repairing Makeup by Clinique

Clinique's Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup is a full-coverage foundation with 24-hour wear that revitalizes skin for a more youthful look.

PhotoFocus Stick Foundation by Wet n Wild Beauty

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Stick Foundation delivers long lasting coverage in a breakthrough, lightweight, multi-dimensional formula that applies to a flawless semi-matte finish.

Mineral Foundation Powder by inika

"At first I didn't like this product, but after learning the best way to apply it, I fell in love! I apply this with a kabuki brush over the top of the Inika BB cream (nude). I find that you get more coverage if you stipple it, rather than using circular motions. I have combination, acne-prone skin and this foundation (with the BB cream) lasts all day, doesn't crease, doesn't make my skin oily or dry it out, and doesn't make me breakout! Will never change foundation again! " - nourishedlife.com.au user

Studio Tech by MAC

"I love love love this foundation! I have found that it applies best with a flat foundation brush that has been sprayed with fix plus spray its the best application method to not waste as much product. As long as you use a water based primer you should be good. I buff it out with a fluffy brush and set it with studio fix powder I don't have any issues with caking,creasing, or settling in fine lines and sliding off when I sweat. At the end of the day it comes off easily with mi-cellar water and has not caused any acne for me, If you have dry skin I'd recommend moisturizing before you apply it it is a cream foundation but it is not as wet as you would think. The finish is a beautiful natural medium coverage that is dewy or matte depending on the products you use with it. I was color matched in the store and it took less than five minutes Crystal knew what she was doing I was so amazed! It does not have a lingering scent once applied and does not feel heavy at all on skin. My shade is NC30 as I'm tan right now but I normally wear NC25 or 27 I do have acne scars to cover and it does a good job on its own, if I have dark circles I still use concealer with this, I think it could transfer but for the most part it's not an issue if you set it. Less" - Macy's user

Photogenic Lumessence SPF 15 Foundation  by Lancôme

"Now that I'm 47 1/2....I've been seeing more signs of aging lately.... and more and more products are just settling into my pores and wrinkles and emphasizing them. Ugh. Until the past few months, people used to think I was 10 years younger than I was, but recent stress has sped up the aging process for me, so it appears. Anyway, I was about to give up on having great-looking skin ever again until I found this foundation. But WOW, this foundation has virtually turned back the clock and makes my face look 10 years younger (once again, yay!). With this foundation, my face looks MUCH more luminous and healthy, and it does NOT settle into pores or wrinkles. This foundation so far is actually improving my large forehead wrinkle quite a bit. (I've only used this for about a week and a half so far.) Also this foundation has good coverage but doesn't look phony or cakey. I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! Pricey but absolutely worth it! Less" - Macy's user

Amazing Face Foundation Powder by Too Faced

"I bought this product not really knowing anything about it, because I was trying to find a better powder foundation. I had recently purchased the IT Cosmetics powder foundation in Illumination, and I thought I loved it, but as the day went on, it just caked up on me like crazy! I have really, really, oily skin, so I probably should have gotten the Matte version, but I still feel that it would have been heavy and cakey.This Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation is quite possibly, the best powder foundation I have tried. I've used Chanel, Bare Minerals, Josie Maran, MAC, IT Cosmetics...etc, and this one does not get cakey, and feels so lightweight, yet it really does cover well. I don't have a ton of freckles, but I have some acne spots, and redness around my nose, and it really does cover it up. I use the NARS Pro Prime Pore Refining primer before I apply this powder, and it seems to work well with it. I get oily very easily, so I'm not the best person to judge on it's oil absorbing effectiveness, but it's a powder, so it does give you that soft, matte, porcelain finish right after you apply it. I did put a setting powder over it, because I really wanted to lock in the foundation for a long time. I'd say it lasted me about 4-5 hours before I started to notice some serious shine. But even with the shine, I just blotted it away, and it still looked fine.The powder seems to blend in with the skin, not just sit on top, like the IT Cosmetics one did. If I tried to blot my skin with the IT Cosmetics powder, it would have wiped completely off, and I would have had a patches of skin with no powder left.I highly recommend this powder foundation because it leaves your skin looking beautifully poreless and really evens out your complexion. It also smells amazing, just like their chocolate eyeshadows! « less" - ulta.com user

Clean Matte Pressed Powder Foundation by Covergirl

"This is my go-to for a clean matte look. The pressed powder may not offer sun protection, but it allows for a nice soft finished face and minimizes the appearance of the pores on my face. The cute compact is small and portable with a small mirror for on the go application. I would recommend for people with combo to oily skin as it is a matte finish and may otherwise leave your skin looking dry." - walgreens user

Naturally Flawless Foundation by BH Cosmetics

"I had never bought anything from BH Cosmetics before, even though I get emailed with the specials everyday. When I saw this on sale, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try it, plus as a professional Make-Up Artist, I needed to replenish my foundation supply. I purchased 1 in every color. When they came, I tried on the color that matched my complexion, to test the texture, wear and color blend on my own skin, and I was very impressed with how smoothly and flawless the application looked, and how lightweight it felt. I couldn't even see that I was wearing foundation, it blended so well. (I test foundation on my face, and not my hand). I have normal to dry skin, and my color from this collection is Hazelnut. I have noticed that the foundation looks lighter through the bottle than when it is dispensed. This could be because of the frosted embellishment the bottle has. Anyway, I used this liquid foundation for a photo shoot on a model who wore the color Light Olive. The product is thick, buildable, and heavily pigmented, so you want to apply a little at a time. I would describe it as having the ability to give up to full coverage. This I did and it definitely covered the few acne breakouts that she had at the time, and evened out her skin tone, making it flawless. This foundation passes the flash photography test, and is long-wearing. I had to leave the photo shoot early, and the photographer told me afterward that no touch ups were required. The photo shoot was done outdoors in Summer, and the model had several wardrobe changes. I am immensely impressed at the quality since I am used to higher end brands, some of which do not perform well under pressure. If you are wanting to try this, you get the green light from me. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7483872648145540121-full" data-show="-7483872648145540121-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user