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The 50 Best Foaming Cleansers Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore foaming cleansers are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar by Carbon Theory

Carbon Theory's U.K lab formulated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar contains premium natural ingredients dermatologically proven to prevent acne & breakouts and keep your skin looking balanced, clear and hydrated.

Foaming Facial Cleanser by cerave

CeraVe Foaming Face Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin has a unique formula with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) that cleanses and removes oil without disrupting the protective skin barrier.

Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam by Clinique

"I have suffered with acne since 6th grade. I have suffered from oily skin that would cause small pimples to cover my face and made it look at if I had a rash all over my face. I tried everything- every acne face wash you could think of, I received topical treatments from dermatologists, I tried natural faces washes, I even stopped eating sugar and diary as well as was allergy tested to see if any of it was connected to my acne. I was recommend the Clinique Acne Solution by a close friend and was hesistant... I had tried many four step acne washes and sets from many other companies and didn't have much luck. I was comfortable with my routine and was very scared to try anything new knowing I had a likely chance of making my face worse. I decided to take a chance and try it out. I used the foam wash along with the clarifying lotion followed by the all over clearing treatment, I covered zits with the clinical clearing gel, and finished up by using moisturizing gel (not part of the acne line) one night (hesistant about there being so many steps) and woke up to my face dramatically changed, you could clearly see my acne healing. I was so shocked! I continued to use all these products morning and night and had new skin by the third day! Unlike many face washes it did not make my face irritated nor dry (as I suffered with dry skin flakes and redness as washing my face for hours), it automatically made my face tones more even and calmed down my face dramatically. I would recommend this product to anyone with acne and am a true believer in this acne line. No face wash has had the same effect and has made me feel like a whole new person. I no longer worry about people looking at my face in each conversation, or looking like I have a constant sunburn- this product is truly great!" - nordstrom user

Exfolikate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash by kate somerville

A daily foaming cleanser that contains AHA’s and natural fruit enzymes to purify without over-drying.

Clarifying Cleanser by tata harper

A foaming gel cleanser that targets blemish-causing impurities and balances oil with natural salicylic acid and AHAs for clear, comfortably matte skin.

Barrier+ Foaming Clay Cleanser by skinfix

Skinfix foaming clay cleanser, suitable for all skin types, uses natural coconut cleansers and a mineral-rich healthy skin clay complex to gently absorb dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin. 99% natural. Dermatologist recommended.

Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica

"I purchased this after this was highly recommended to me by an Esthetician. I have been looking for a gentle cleanser that would not dry out my face and help with my occasional breakouts. I have been using the Special Cleansing Gel for about 6 months and I am extremely happy with this product. I have been trying different cleanser for almost two years before I fell in love with this. My face always feels amazingly clean and soft afterwards. It is great at removing makeup. My Esthetician was right - a little goes a long way. I got the 16.9oz and this will easily last the rest of the year.Dermalogica products have changed my life! Since I started using this cleanser along with the charcoal masque, my skin has never been better! I can't get over, evenly toned, clear and smooth my skin has become since using these products. I have recommended this cleanser to family, friends. « less" - dermalogica.com user

Sea Foam Complete Face Wash by pacifica

Pacifica believes that clean skin is your first defense against aging. Pacifica sea foam complete face wash lets you harness the power of the ocean to get a deep clean for your gorgeous face.

Barrier+ Foaming Oil Cleanser by skinfix

Skinfix foaming oil cleanser is a 97.5% natural creamy foam that gently washes away dirt and makeup with gentle coconut based cleansers. Skinfix healthy skin lipid complextm compliments skin's essential lipids and leaves skin hydrated, soft and supple.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser by cetaphil

Cetaphil gentle foaming cleanser is an instant foaming facial cleanser that effortlessly removes dirt, oil and makeup. Infused with skin conditioners and a vitamin complex, it softens as it cleans without stripping skin of its natural moisture balance.

Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam by Estée Lauder

A light, conditioning fresh foaming formula that leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and refreshed.

The Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser by Tatcha

"For the past year or so my skin was going through some major issues. Eliminating product after product in my skin care routine became exhausting. I was sensitive to nearly everything. I have never experienced this issue before so after trying countless skin care routines, I gave up and was about to book an appointment to the dermatologist. I thought maybe I had a fungal or yeast infection of the skin. Ive always had slight rosacea on my cheeks - but for the past year or so my skin was extra red. My forehead was itchy, flaky, textured, covered in clogged pores and overall appeared very dehydrated. I strolled into Sephora hoping to find yet another new face wash to try, when I found this one. I was not expecting much due to the fact that I had tried nearly everything. Washing my face was a dreadful task because everything made my face itch, burn, turn bright red and extremely tight. I went home and used this product for the first time and was amazed. For the first time in about a year, my face wasn't irritated after a wash. My skin had never felt softer and smoother. I continued using this wash for a week when I began seeing extreme improvements in my skin. Overall, my redness had extremely diminished, my rough patches were gone, clogged pores on forehead were clearing up, and my complexion was brighter and softer than ever before. My combo oily skin finally felt refreshed after washing my face. No longer tight, dry and uncomfortable. Keep in mind I use this product along with the Tatcha Water Cream. This has done wonders for my skin. I've truly never been more pleased by a product. If you are experiencing any skin issues, please give this a try. « less" - Sephora user

Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash by Kiehls

Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash from Kiehl's is an effective facial cleanser that gently cleanses without over drying.

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser by mario badescu

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is a lathering, deep cleanser that has the exfoliating powers of glycolic acid to break down build-up from skins surface, reduce minor discoloration and leave skin radiant and smooth.

Eradikate Daily Cleanser Acne Treatment by kate somerville

A daily foaming acne cleanser that promotes visibly clearer skin without drying.

Foaming Facial Cleanser by EltaMD

"My esthetician recommended this as one of the potential cleansers I could add to my skincare routine. I use this after oil cleansing with grapeseed oil, and after double cleansing with both my skin feels very clean but still properly hydrated and nourished. I have not had any irritation with this cleanser, and I like that it does its job without stripping my skin. The foamy texture is not really my thing (I prefer a gel or balm texture), but I can't really complain since it has been contributing to reducing the severity of my acne. The packaging itself can be a bit annoying since the cleanser product gets stuck/dried up at the spout. But other than that, it's been doing great!" - dermstore user

Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Shea Butter by Clarins

"Been using this for over a month now and I am in love! It is everything I could possibly want in a face wash! I was on a mission to find my perfect face wash and I do believe I've found it! My skin is sensitive, combination- extremely dry and flaky in some places and oily as can be in others, I am 36 so I am concerned about preventing wrinkles and evening tone and texture, I have some red hyper pigmentation on my cheeks. This works great for all my crazy skin issues. I use it nightly with my clarisonic. This does foam but does not leave a tight feeling as a lot of foaming face washes can. This has an incredibly creamy lotion like texture that feels great on my skin. My face has loved this so far so my quest is over and I will stick with this wash. Highly recommend!" - ulta user

Creme Mousse Confort Foam Cleanser by Lancôme

Crème mousse confort creamy cleanser by lancôme is a rich and gentle, luxurious creamy cleanser that delivers a voluptuous foam to melt away makeup, even waterproof, and dissolve impurities. Now in travel size.

Creme Radiance Clarifying Cream To Foam Cleanser by Lancôme

A gentle cream-to-foam cleanser with white lotus and soothing Rose de Franc for pampered skin.

Face Wash Powder by DHC

DHC Face Wash Powder is an innovative powder facial cleanser that transforms with water into a luxurious mousse, leaving skin deep-cleaned and fresh. Exfoliates with gentle, finely milled silica and protease enzyme action and calms with lavender flower and licorice root extracts.

Ultra Facial Cleanser by Kiehls

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser is foaming and formulated to help remove excess oil, dirt and debris.

Time Release Acne Cleanser by murad

"In a nutshell this is what you need to know… My skin before I was 19 had: - a good complexion - more on the oily side -only maybe one pimple on my forehead during that time of the month After I turned 19 my skin became (most likely due to hormonal changes): -Dry -Crazy cluster of breakouts on the center of my cheeks only -Extremely sensitive *Proactive contained benzyl peroxide which was not effective on my acne, burned my skin, and caused terrible peeling. *Natural/Organic products did absolutely nothing * Salicylic Acid proved most effective on my acne however all the products irritated my skin and caused peeling. * I have a terrible habit of popping pimples which left a bunch of dark spots, and discoloration  * I saw an esthetician that had suspected it was due to hormonal changes, and I could’ve developed adult acne. There were no changes in my diet or anything significant. I struggled with this new type of acne for more than a year, and was so close to going to the dermatologist. The acne wasn’t extreme like some may have it, but it still didn’t look good. My confidence was down the toilet, and I just wanted it to get better. I was looking for a product that was paraben free, and when it specified this was for dry/sensitive skin and adult acne it caught my interest. When I found this product I didn’t have much hope but I am so glad I took a chance! I have been using this product for a few months now, and already have repurchased. What I like about this product: - I was pretty happy with the amount of product I got - It does NOT dry out my sensitive/dry skin or leaves that tight feeling - It feels refreshing on my skin, and no obnoxious scent - My acne is now under control! I may get a ONE pimple every now and then but I can live with that. **As an FYI this product doesn’t lather or foam up. It applies like a thick lotion of some sort, HOWEVER it does NOT leave a film when washed off. It actually does make my skin feel nice and clean without it being stripped of moisture.***** I have not had any breakouts on my cheeks since using this product. The only thing I have now is still some discoloration and dark spots from my previous acne. Since I don’t get breakouts like that anymore my complexion has greatly improved and is starting to look like it once did before all this happened. I highly recommend this product, but the reality of the matter is that everyone reacts differently to things. Hope this helps! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser by neogen dermalogy

"I really like this cleanser, including the foam. The foam is very rich and I only need one pump or less to wash my whole face. My face feels squeaky clean (but not dry) and soft after using it. My face also looks brighter after consistently washing my face with it. I don't have much redness, so I cannot attest to the claim that it reduces redness. In terms of cleansing power, it doesn't remove all the dirt from my face, mostly on my nose (I probably just have pesky blackheads). I've seen other cleansers do better, but it does a terrific job otherwise. For reference, I don't do a double cleanse (I use very minimal makeup so I feel it is unnecessary). I can always rely on this cleanser for good results. For example, I like to try different facial cleansers. If my face doesn't like one and starts reacting to it, I can go back to Neogen Dermalogy's Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser to bring me back to my baseline.One thing I don't like about this cleanser is that I seem to go through the bottle quicker than I would like. I'm about 1/3 done after a month of usage. The bottom part that's filled with green tea leaves is a little bit misleading in how much usable product is in the bottle. Also, if it gets in your eyes, it stings a lot (but most cleansers do that, so I don't count it against this product. Plus, my eyes shouldn't even be open while I'm washing my face in the first place -_-).Overall, this cleanser is dependable and provides the user with skin that will make others envious. It is worth purchasing again. « less" - Sephora user

Tropical Glow Cleanser by Kopari

Wash-off dirt and makeup. Wash-on a radiant glow. Kopari's Tropical Glow Cleanser with glow-getting pineapple and papaya enzymes to brighten skin, while soothing aloe leaves your face cleansed. Coconut water hydrates and refreshes.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser Combination & Oily Skin by Clarins

"I am not one to leave reviews usually but this product was a miracle for me. I am someone who is obsessed with skincare and always have a regimen I follow. I used to struggle with acne in high school but that cleared up once I found a good routine.However, I moved to Houston which is one of the most humid US cities and suddenly I was breaking out worse than in high school. All over my forehead was constantly covered in pimples which hurt. It got to the point that friends and family were pointing it out and trying to help. I spent months trying different products but had no luck. Finally I went to Ulta to consult with an employee who recommended the Clarins Cleanser with Tamarind. At first I thought she was trying to push expensive products no matter what the end result, but she actually listened and advised me to use the cleanser with the Origins Dr Weil Mushrooms Serum afterward. Basically due to the humidity, my face was oily but also being irritated by harsh chemicals and the constant need to wash my face. The Clarins gentlely foams up and feels great on the face. Then the Mushroom Serum would sooth any irritation and provide extra nutrients. This combination cleared up a face full of acne in less than a week. It was like nothing I've ever seen.I am a firm believer in this product and at least giving it a shot for any type of skin. I have moved to an extremely dry climate now and still use this product, but not as much as was necessary in the heat and humidity. I tell all my friends about it and it is well worth the price, especially if you are at your wits end on how to get rid of persistent acne caused by oily skin or irritated combination skin. Less" - ulta.com user

Instant Foaming Cleanser by Caudalie

"I have sensitive skin and have been using this product daily, twice per day, morning and night at least. I know it may seem redundant, but before using the instant foaming cleanser, I use a gentle facial cleansing bar to make sure my makeup is fully removed. Then I use the Caudalie Foaming cleanser. Although it foams really well, I don't feel like the cleanser would get rid of all my makeup and I really don't wear much to begin with. This cleanser feels smooth on my face, and smells great, like a grapevine. I love the way my face feels and looks after washing it with the product. Never red or irritated. My face looks really clean and bright. I have only been using it for one week and I already see a difference in my skin. My troubling areas are on my chin. I do have blackheads which I tend to pick at sometimes. Grrrr..... At night, I follow up with the Caudalie night renewal cream and my face seems brighter and clear in the morning. I also purchased the Caudalie Value Set, which comes with the brightening essence, radiance serum, and the renewal cream. I think using the products altogether has helped make the improvement in my skin so quickly. I would purchase this product again. If you'd like to try, but do not want to spend a lot, I would buy the foaming cleanser, and definitely the brightening essence which will help even the complexion, especially from breakout discoloration. Then follow with a moisturizer." - sephora user

Foam Cleanser by la prairie

"This is usually my second cleanse at night or in the morning. I like to follow the application with my Clarisonic to get all that trapped dirt and oil out. La Prairie makes amazing and highly effective products that I recommend to everyone. This is no exception. It's a strong yet gentle cleanser and leaves my skin feeling smooth and literally clean. But not the "stripped of everything good" kind of clean. More like a soft moisturized clean. It's a pink cleanser which really does foam effectively. But unlike most foaming cleansers I don't get that weird bare naked streaky clean feeling afterwards. I feel that my face is hydrated and soft. It's helped take my clogged pores and my blackheads are almost non existent after using this consistently. I use less about a pea size amount to get the job done. Anymore and there's too much foam everywhere. Less" - Bloomingdale's user

Refreshing Cleanser by murad

"About me "Pre-Murad": My skin is oily on the forehead and nose with dry areas on my cheeks and chin. I tend to get monthly breakouts and had a hard time finding products to work with my combo skin. Products I bought in the past would either dry out my skin (products made for oily skin) or make my skin super shiny/oily (products for dry skin)... SIGH!It was never the perfect balance! Until I found this face wash...I bought this product two years ago after reading reviews. I was in search for a product that would clean off make-up, combat my monthly acne flare-ups, help diminish wrinkles and work with my combo skin. (At the time I first bought this cleanser, I was approaching 30 and wanted to prevent signs of aging + take care of my issues at hand)! This product has done all that and then some. I'm glad I took a chance and purchased.About me "updated": Decreased breakouts (I still sometimes get a "monthly" pimple but it is not as often as before and goes away quite quickly. Wrinkle on forehead is no longer there! No new wrinkles have appeared. Pores are less noticeable and skin looks better! I have received compliments on my skin and have been asked by strangers what products I use (this never happened before).>>I use this morning and night. I can also use this product year round, it's that good. I live in a climate where the summers are hot and humid and the winters are cold, dry and WINDY! In the winter I just use a stronger moisturizer and in the summer a lighter one.>>I also started to use the Murad APS Skin Perfecting Lotion and it seems to work well with the cleanser. Before I was using Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer with great results as well. I have not used a toner with this cleanser as it does a good job of taking off dirt and make-up.>>Also like that Murad does not test on animals!! YAY!!>>My husband also started using this as his cleanser too. He, like me, has combo skin and has had good results with it as well. He doesn't use a moisturizer with it though.>>I will continue using this product for a long time. I keep one in my shower and one by my sink.>>I hope this review helps you! I have tried SO MANY products both expensive $30+ and drugstore brands to find the right balance and product to work with my skin. « less" - drugstore.com user

Gentle Cleansing Wash by purpose

"I've been using this facial cleanser for about a couple months and so far I really love it! It's very, very gentle on your skin and doesn't cause any irritation. I have combination oily/dry skin and it doesn't dry my skin out or make it oily. I haven't had any issues with breakouts because it's so gentle. It truly is as gentle as using just water. It's soap-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic, and won't clog up pores. This cleanser lathers very well, too. You only need a little bit (dime size) and rub it around in your hands to create a really nice, creamy lather. I use it in the shower in the morning and in the evening before bed (before I apply moisturizer). I also like the smell (although the smell isn't very strong at all). It's a nice, gentle smell and is not at all perfumey. It reminds me of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo (the company that makes this is also Johnson & Johnson, somaybe that's why). This also got the Allure magazine 2008 beauty award (Editor's Choice Award). I really recommend this cleanser if you want something that's very gentle on your skin. It's also very affordable. This is all you need to get your face clean and works wonderfully. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3181862908112038268-full" data-show="-3181862908112038268-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - viewpoints.com user

Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser by Aveda

"This cleanser is incredibly amazing. Two pumps of the foam thoroughly covers my entire face and neck. It's really light and gentle but don't let that you fool you into thinking it's not cleaning your face. It dissolves oil incredibly well and doesn't make my skin dry! I have combination skin, where my nose and chin get very dry but oily at the same time, and my cheeks also get oily. I don't get breakouts much anymore but I have a big problem with uneven skin tone, big pores, and occasional blackheads and whiteheads. I've used so many face wash products/lines including all of the drugstore brands as well as other prestige brands. None of them compare to Outer Peace! I use it religiously twice per day. You'll definitely want to use the acne relief pads after using this cleanser. It makes a big difference! My only complaint is that they discontinued the rest of the Outer Peace line! I used to use the whole line (foaming cleanser, acne relief pads, treatment lotion [moisturizer], and spot treatment) plus the clay mask. I was so sad when I realized I couldn't purchase the lotion and spot treatment anymore. Please please please never discontinue the cleanser and pads!" - nordstrom user

Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser by Image Skincare

"I used to use this cleanser to help keep my breakouts at bay, and boy did it do the job. The entire Clear Cell line is amazing, and the only acne products that ever delivered on clearing my breakouts and keeping them under control. I don’t use it anymore because my skin settled down, but I ordered some for my 15 year old son who is starting to get some teenager breakouts; it’s definitely helping keep his skin under control as well. As with any acne product that contains salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide, you will likely see a little bit of drying, but it’s not overly drying and is actually pretty soothing to inflamed skin; any drying you experience should resolve fairly quickly, and if you add the mattifying moisturizer to your routine, you may not experience any at all. " - laladaisy.com user

Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Cleansing Gelee/Refiner by Estée Lauder

"I've tried a variety of cleansers over the years; and I have to say that is cleanser is the best one yet. It's slightly creamy at first when squeezed out of the tube. However, once you rub the cleanser between your hands, it foams up into a nice airy soap. And when you rub it on your face & neck area, it's wonderfully smooth, light, & gentle. After rinsing it thoroughly, your face feels so (squeaky) clean, which is great. My face tends to be a bit on oily side & this cleanser is perfect for cleaning my face thoroughly. Plus it doesn't leave any residue whatsoever. You can use a face towel with this cleanser to clean your face; but honestly it's really not necessary. Just a gently rub with your hands to apply the cleanser, then quick rinse, & that's it. I absolutely love this cleanser! I can't say if it would work well for dryer skin types; but I would definitely recommend it for people with oily skin. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Macy's user

Age Reverse Bioactiv Wash by exuviance

"I cant figure out how this is working. I dont know how many pumps to use so sometimes i use up to 6 pumps and then i read a review saying she used one pump. One pump disappears on my hand before i even can get it on my face. It really does seem to dissolve foundation even though there doesnt seem to ne anything really there. I wipe it all over face and neck and it disappears. I rinse with a washcloth seberal times. My pores are really small, soft, redness going away, wrinkles seem softer too. Just wish i knew how i should be using it! And how is it exfoliating exactly? " - exuviance.com user

Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam by Shiseido

"My first impression of this product is that it is THICC and that the smell was perfume-y and overwhelming. The texture of the product is really...gooey? If you put this product under two fingers it strings, which is kind of bizarre. Applying this to my face even with a lot of water felt like I was applying a mask. Then I started rubbing it into my skin, I could already start to feel my was being stripped while also feeling slightly suffocated by the scent. My face afterwards felt wayyyy too clean - tight and unpleasant. Even trying to re-hydrate my skin with other skincare steps couldn't get rid of that feeling. I would say if you have really oily skin then this might be for you, but anyone with normal to dry skin, or heck, even sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend. " - yesstyle.com user

Glacial Face Wash by skyn iceland

Skyn Iceland's Glacial Face Wash is a creamy, foaming cleanser to refresh, soothe and purify stressed skin. Free of harsh chemicals: parabens, PEGs, silicones, and dye. 100% vegan. Dermatologist tested.

Men Cleansing Foam by Shiseido

"I have tried almost all of the best men's face washes available. Including the one's you've read about in the grooming awards sections of popular men's magazines and websites. From inexpensive to the most expensive. This, in my opinion, and through my patient experience in testing men's products, is the best men's face wash in existence. I use it twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. I use warm water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER! It's not good for your skin, and I feel it defeats the purpose of this product, not allowing it to reach it's full potential. I find this product works better when washing your face at a sink rather than in the shower, because the water pressure from the shower head could be a bit intense when rinsing off the face wash, leaving your face with a feeling a just being blasted by water, which could leave your face dry. Because, just as too much of anything is no good for you, so is water. Did you ever drink so much water that your throat developed a scratchy-tickle feeling and almost felt dry? If so, there you go! However, use low water pressure when washing your face in the shower, or rinse off your face using cupped-hands full of water, or gently remove with a wet wash cloth. When I'm finished washing my face, I gently pat-dry it with a towel. I have combination skin (dry/oily). This product is great because it leaves my skin feeling not only clean, but soft and somewhat moisturized without the feeling of greasy residue. It doesn't leave my face feeling dry or tight. It doesn't have much of a scent, because I believe it was created with the intention of being perfume-free, which is a very good thing, and healthier for your skin. But the little bit of scent it gives off, just smells very clean, almost like a very pure water. It's a perfect face wash. This face wash is great! It does what it's supposed to do and more. Packaging is beautiful, clean, simplistic and masculine. Looks great in my bathroom and shower. Only small issue is, I don't think it should be called 'Cleansing Foam'. Foam... not a cool word. I understand it turns into somewhat of a 'foam', and I get the reference to shaving 'foam'. But, face wash 'gel' cleansers turn into a 'lather', and they're not called 'Cleansing Lather'. This product begins as a creme or cream (whatever). Call it cleansing creme (But not really because that name isn't cool either lol). Seriously, just re-name it Cleansing Face Wash. Keep it simple. Simple product, simple presentation, not much scent, it's not offensive, it's something everyone could enjoy. Sometimes, less is more. The name Cleansing Foam could turn some people away. Overall though, Shiseido is still and always will be the best! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7263512013885096007-full" data-show="-7263512013885096007-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Shiseido user

Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser by Kiehls

An ultra-gentle, foaming gel-lotion cleanser.

Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash by Dermalogica

"*First off, I would like to say that I received this complimentary for testing purposes* I first tried this cleanser when I turned 13. I never had acne or anything but I just used this as a daily cleanser. I only had a travel size version so when I ran out, being only 13, I couldn’t afford to buy the full version. I just got this sent to me and I was so excited to receive it! I have fallen in love with it all over again! I have pretty sensitive skin and this does not irritate it or make it red at all (which has NEVER happened to me with any face product before!). I use it in the morning and before I go to bed. I’ve only been using it two days, but immediately all of my breakouts are gone. I don’t have acne, but I get little pimples here and there in random places. I was so shocked when I woke up to completely clear skin! The button on the top to open is so easy and convenient and this stuff smells amazing! I would recommend this to anyone." - sephora user

Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser by Neutrogena

Neutrogena's ultra gentle daily cleanser works in a new, skin-friendly way to leave you with clean yet natural soft skin. The non-stripping formula thoroughly removes excess oil, dirt, makeup without over-drying or irritating skin.

Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam by Shiseido

"Absolutely the perfect cleanser for me! I usually either dry out, or break out from cleansers (and I have tried them all - from bar soap to you name it). This cleanses so well without leaving me squeaky, or dry. Leaves skin so soft. (I am a combo skin, that breaks out still at 50!) In one week my skin has visibly improved pore-wise and texture-wise. I follow wlth Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum, and then Bio-Performance Advanced Revitalizing Cream. I was using various cleansers prior (not Shiseido), and wow - do I notice a difference now. It is ridiculously expensive, but a tiny pea sized drop does the job. This tube last a decent amount of time. And, a quick last note: The scent is divine - very soft, very fresh, very calming. Really, really nice!" - Shiseido user

Clean Dew Blueberry Foam Cleanser by TONYMOLY

"I am not new to skincare and I know when something is not good for my face. at a certain moment this was the only new product I was using and it gave it me the worst rash and irritation around my mouth. after a month of treatments I was left with skin patches that have no melanin . For some people, maybe even the majority this might be nice, even though it does leave the skin feeling stripped of moisture, but for me personally it was a very sad negative experience. something in there destroyed part of my face. repeating myself - this was my personal experienxe., once this product was out of my routine , my skin, with treatments, healed but I am forever left with white patches with no melanin " - yesstyle.com user

Softening Cleansing Foam by Cle de Peau Beaute

"love this cleansing foam. just apply a little bit can get lots of bubbles, and after rinse off your face doesn't feel very tight or dry , but very smooth and soft. i am combination skin and usually gets very oily in the T zone but very dry skin under my eyes. so most of the cleansing foam does good job on clean the oily part but also create small dry wrinkle around my eyes. i think this prod did excellent on taking care of both. i am also using cpb eye cream which is also excellent for winter time. " - Nordstrom user

Clear Complexion Foaming Salicylic Acid Cleanser by Aveeno

Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser helps improve skin's tone and texture and clears up blemishes without overdrying, leaving skin soft, smooth and even- looking. This mild formula won't clog pores and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Facial Cleanser by SkinMedica

"The cleanser is very gentle and yet totally cleans the make-up from my face effortlessly (with no srubbing.) Afterward my face feels smooth and moisturized! You need ONLY a small, SMALL amount (less than the size of a small pea) to do the job. I had a severe allergic reaction to some medication I was taking which casued a VERY BAD break out and within 2 days of using this product along with 2 other SkinMedica products (which I will also highly rate) my face looked 100% better! I love this product and will never use anything else!!!" - dermstore user

The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser by ole henriksen

A brightening, antioxidant-rich cleansing foam with African red tea extract and vitamin C to purify, hydrate, and revive skin.

Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser by Etude House

"My first attempt in using this face wash and I can say that I'm impressed. I'm usually more drawn towards less forgiving face scrubs that give more exfoliation but they don't always help with pores as much as I expect. This foaming wash has surprised me, its really soft and foamy when mixed with water. I've been using this product for about a week now and I can say that it definitely made a difference with my pores, they're barely there anymore! " - yesstyle.com user

Pore Patrol Clay Cleanser by bliss

This rich clay cleanser - with its powerful blend of clays and detoxifying willow bark - keeps pores clear without over-drying. Feel it tingle as it foams up to gently draw out impurities, remove excess oil and minimize the appearance of pores Utilizes a powerful, yet non-drying blend of clays and just the right skin-protecting hydrators so skin is clean and soft, but never dry Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested

Ph 65 Whip Cleanser by Etude House

"I am not a fan of foam cleansers. I prefer cleansers that lather because I just feel like they do a better job of cleaning my skin. That said, I like the minimal ingredients, and even I can appreciate the soft, cloud-like texture of this cleanser. It has no scent or fragrance, which makes its good for people with sensitive skin, and is perfect for a gentle morning cleanse. However, the foam deflates when you massage it into your skin, and it makes me feel like I have to use more of it to get my skin clean, so for my night time double cleanse, I prefer to go with something a little more heavy duty. " - sokoglam.com user

Effaclar Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream by La Roche-Posay

"After years of trying all the skin care on the market, I was recommended by a Priceline skin care specialist to try this range.I went to Priceline to ask about my troubled skin, this year my skin has been playing up with pimples and I could not get rid of them, and my face looked like dot to dot it was horrible, and my pimples were pink/red.I bought this skin care La Roche Posay Effaclar, it was in a starter pack, the gentle foam wash and the moisturiser for pimples. I was scared to try it as I hate using new products I have never heard of on my face.I have been using it for 1 month now and its been fantastic, its really helped my pimples my face is nearly clear, and my dots have gone away, no longer can I see my pink dots. This is really refreshing for me as I am in my early 40's, I have had pimples on and off for a while.I remember the first time I washed my face with this wash and I stood outside and I could feel the breeze on my face it was so clean.I suffer from Rosacea on my cheeks and this items has helped that as well.I have since bought the toner as well and I will buy their Moisturiser cream too.I also bought the eye cream which I am loving as well.I recommend these products. Love it ! « less" - ProductReview.com.au user

Gentle Foaming Cleanser by Olay

"Makes my skin very soft rather then drying it out. No scent. Affordable. Got rid of some redness, removes makeup.After just a few days of using this product my skin feels so much smoother and looks a lot healthier. In just two washes it reduced the redness where my skin was irritated. It removes all makeup very nicely and moisturizes my skin but doesn't leave it looking oily and shiny.If your skin is sensitive to scents and soaps, this product is great. It cleared up my acne quickly, and it makes me feel so good about my skin that I don't even need foundation anymore :)This is an overall good product. It really has cleared up my skin dramatically. I'm so glad I decided to try this. :]Doesn't dry out skin, gently cleanses and removes dirt/oil/makeup, evens out skins color/texture, scent-free, great for use every single day, and I can buy it at the grocery store next door!Soothing to skin, removes impurities, doesn't dry out skin, makes skin soft.In my opinion, this face wash is even better than the one sold on the DK website. It's more moisturizing, which means less irritation to my skin. I use it with the BP lotion at night and my skin looks great! Since I switched, my blackheads have completely cleared up and I have not had a single pimple (eve though I am smack in the middle of my PMS week). My skin now looks better than it ever did in the 4 months that I used the DK face wash + BP lotion. « less" - viewpoints.com user