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The 50 Best Face Primers for Oily Skin Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore face primers for oily skin are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Photo Finish Vitamin Glow Primer by Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Finish Vitamin Glow Primer is a refreshing primer infused with Vitamins B, C & E to awaken skin for a healthy glow.

WASO: Poreless Matte Primer by Shiseido

"I am already a fan of this brand, this primer works great on my oily skin. I use it daily before applying the foundation and it really helps my makeup last longer throughout the day. It is easy to apply, just take a small amount and use the fingers to blend it on. Make sure you let the primer fully absorb into the skin before applying the foundation. This smooth milky formula glides into the skin and absorbs quickly. It effortlessly and instantly minimizes the appearance of large pores and fine lines. Your skin feels smoother, and you get a gorgeous matte finish that lasts all day long. This makes my skin feels smooth and blurs out the look of my pores. It hydrates my skin, instantly brightens my face and gives me a really pretty and smooth looking complexion. This the one of the best primer that I have tried because it keeps my makeup in place all day and I feel nothing on my skin. This is also best for oily skin with problem pores and it works wonders on oily skin because it helps to fill in the pores, allowing for smoother skin. I totally love this and highly recommend it to everyone." - sephora user

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 by Dermalogica

"I was sent this product and fell in love. I have very oily skin and I have a difficult time using makeup primers because of it. I am also sensitive to silicone based products and have tried other primers with silicone and had no success with them. At first I was hesitant to use this primer because it contained silicone but this is not your run of the mill silicone primer. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. It's tinted but the color fades to almost clear. It has just enough color to even out slight skintone discoloration without altering your skin color or undertones so you can still use your regular shade of makeup. A little goes a very long way and you only need a little to spread on your face. I have used it two different ways. One as a spot primer to help even out texture and flaws and then another as a full face primer. Both worked splendidly. My skin felt great, and my makeup lasted all day!!! What makes this product special is that it's a skin treatment, a primer and it helps to protect your skin from the dangerous rays from the sun. I love that this has an SPF 30 but you don't smell the SPF or feel the burn some products with SPF can cause on skin. I'm in my early 30s and I let my mom borrow it. She's nearly 60 and fell in LOVE with this product and took it from me and is using it now. I went and bought a new tube from a local Dermalogica dealer because I couldn't go a day without it. I highly recommend this. You will love this product. Oily skin, aging skin, it doesn't matter. It glides on smooth and helps your skin look luminous and fresh, protects it from the sun and prolongs makeup wear. Win win!!! Works especially well with the Active Moist moisturizer before applying." - ulta user

The Liquid Silk Canvas Featherweight Protective Primer by Tatcha

"The original formula didn't quite work for me, so I had super high hopes on this liquid version and I had to snatch one as soon as it became available at my local Sephora. I have super dry skin (& maturing) so usually any mattifying products can be problematic. I stopped wearing foundation all over my face. If I do, it'd be partial or lightly concealing certain areas then translucent powder. So I needed something to somehow fill out pores and hiding imperfection of my skin surface. This is perfect product for that! This liquid formula glides on my skin literally silky and it's so smooth. It gives me nice satin finish and for dry skin person like me, I almost won't need setting powder after this. Or I can only lightly powder on my T-zone so it keeps powder usage to minimum. I use to love Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm, which I think is very similar except Josie's formula is balm and heavier. I found Tacha's last longer and feels more polished. Formula-wise, it feels almost identical to TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Primer. It's way more affordable and works so I liked it too, but I couldn't live with the strong smell. Tatcha, on the other hand, the smell is so gentle and soothing I found. Anyways, my point is, If you have dry skin you're gonna love this. All of Tatcha's products have skin loving ingredients as well, which is a big plus. This is the only product I can wear to look nicer worry-free. Thank you for creating this, Tatcha!!" - sephora user

Thank Me Later Primer by Elizabeth Mott

"Hallelujah- it does exist! Don't waste another minute, you need this primer.Preface: I'm a 28 year old white female with SLE Lupus. I've tried many products to cover my scars, and am yet to find one that makes me even semi-comfortable in my own skin.After years of struggling through a lengthy daily routine of trying to cover deep red scars around my eyes (and on other parts of my face) with primer, concealer, foundation, powder, eye-shadow, etc.... I wasn't exactly thrilled about receiving a new eye primer sample in the mail. Luckily for me- while I'm hard to satisfy, I'm always open to try new things (if they are able to set up a treaty with my wallet, that is).So I sit down the next morning to try my new primer, and right away am skeptical since 'Thank Me Later' came out and applied smoothly, almost like a lotion rather than the stickier and/or thicker primers I am used to using. After allowing it a few moments to dry (and deciding to try it with one layer, instead of the normal 2+ that my old primer took), I moved forward with my normal 'next steps' which would involve thin layers of concealer and a powder foundation until the scars on my face were hidden at an acceptable level. This is where things got crazy...One thin layer of concealer, and there was a significant difference- I mean, enough to make me second guess how many times I had put it on already. Testing my luck, I dusted some powder over top of it and boom, it was done. The scar was covered. I was literally giddy. I proceeded with eye shadow which not only went on beautifully, but stayed all day. The next day I was almost nervous to see if I got a different result, but nope- same wonderful coverage! This has also been the case every day since...Now, this may seem silly or a 'waste of time' to some of you- but to anyone who has suffered from hating parts of themselves due to junk like this: you have to try this stuff. It doesn't fix your issue, but my-oh-my, it can sure as heck make you feel better than you've felt in a long time! (I should mention, I actually have dabbed this over scars on other parts of my face- works perfectly there too!)Alice K. and whoever else helped to develop this magical concoction- this is me THANKING YOU LATER. « less" - elizabethmott.com user

Mattifying Primer by 100% pure

"What a godsend! I cannot live without this mattifying primer! It's the only primer that takes away the shine, but still makes my skin look like skin. After reading different reviews, I realized that I just had to give it a shot! When I first tried on the primer, I was not too fond of the texture. Also, I think I used more than a droplet of it, which just made me feel greasy. However, I've been using this primer for three weeks now, and I learned that a little squeeze of it goes a long way! I apply the primer over my cheeks, forehead, upper lip, nose, and chin and give it time to sink into my skin before applying my favorite vegan foundation. After I apply my base, I powder those areas with powder.With my oily-combination skin, these areas still look flawless by the end of the day! My natural oil just gives my skin a dewy look. The primer doesn't make me look dry... it just allows me to look natural and appreciate my natural oils.I just can't and won't live without it. #rideordie Less" - 100percentpure.com user

Banana Bright Face Primer by ole henriksen

A vitamin C-infused, illuminating face primer with banana powder-inspired pigments that delivers instant radiance while improving and extending makeup wear.

POREfect Deal! Mattifying Primer Duo by Benefit

A set featuring a full size of Benefit’s bestselling The POREfessional Face Primer, plus a mini version.

Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer by dermablend

"The Dermablend Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer is one of the best that I have ever used. It is so very smooth and makes my skin glow without being greasy. I have used this primer both with and without makeup. It helps to condition the dry parts of my face. When I used it with makeup, I could tell how much more even my foundation looked. It truly minimizes your pores and makes you feel beautiful. I love that it is fragrance-free, allergy-tested, and sensitive skin-tested. The matte finish is so beautiful and makes my skin look great. I was not aware of this primer but I am extremely happy that I tried it. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. " - dermablend.com user

Bronzing Perfector Face Primer by colorescience

"The Calm Primer has a light natural tint to it. I have tried many tinted SPF's but all are too dark for me or leave me looking orange. This one is perfect for pale/fair/medium skin, adding a little color. It will work on darker skin tones but won't give any extra color. It helps even out my skin tone and from all the hyperpigmentation I have from post acne. This one I think will be great for sensitive skin.I have used this one after my chemical peels and it is calming, hydrating, and neutralizes redness. Because it evens out my skin tone perfectly, I am more comfortable going out to work and errands without any makeup on top, even when my skin is peeling.The primer has an SPF 20 and I always use a separate SPF before. The consistency is a thick whipped texture. I have found that trying to blend it in on dry skin does not work, it just pills and pulls at your skin. I either put it on about a minute after my SPF, while my skin is still slightly moist or I'll spray my face and then put it on. One pump is enough for the whole face, again, on moist skin, it blends easily and smoothly.The primer creates a smooth and long-lasting base under makeup. I let it set for at least 2 minutes before putting on any foundation. My skin looks hydrated and smooth and every foundation from liquid matte, semi-matte, and powdered goes on beautifully on top. It has not caused any congestion or breakouts and the ingredients are A+ as well. « less" - colorescience.com user

Luminous Primer by 100% pure

"I have never been a person who ever used primers more than once when I bought them. They made me feel like I had a film on my face, made me break out, and didn't do anything to make my foundation look any better or last any longer. However, I recently bought the Healthy Skin Foundation and wanted it to last a full 12 hours on my days when I'm at work and school from 9am to 9pm. This not only really makes my makeup last, but it makes it look more natural and luminous. It doesn't break me out and feels so good on my skin. I have dry skin and this hydrates it and creates a great base. Will absolutely be purchasing again. " - 100percentpure.com user

Primer Plus Mattifier by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

A lightweight face primer that extends the quality of foundation’s wear, controls oil, blurs pores, and helps balance skin’s moisture level.

Set The Stage Hydrating Priming Serum by Lawless

"Lawless Beauty "Set The Stage Hydrating Priming Serum" is a nice multi-tasking beauty product acting as a serum, moisturizer and primer in one. I was skeptical such claims were too grand, but this product did hydrate, moisturize and prep my skin for long-wearing makeup. It's a gel that glides on and sets fairly quick. It left my skin feeling smooth, matte and protected throughout the day. Although it is silicone-free, it has that silicone slip and feel. I used it three different ways and liked them all. First, I tried it alone since I rarely wear foundation, and it left my skin feeling smooth and protected. The next day I applied face powder immediately after the primer, and again my face felt smooth and matte all day. I really like how my skin looks and feels with just the primer and powder. My powder lasted longer than usual since I applied it while the primer was still drying and setting. Lastly, I used the primer with a light coverage foundation and powder, and my makeup lasted all day, well into the night, and again my skin was smooth and matte. I've also tried the primer with moisturizer, but felt that my balanced skin had too much product on it, so I don't need a moisturizer when wearing this primer. It truly is a three-in-one timesaver and lived up to its claims. The handy pump dispenser tube is easy to use, dispensing the right amount for my needs in one pump. I experienced no pilling, and this primer worked well with everything else I paired it with. I like it a lot, and I'll finish it to the end, but I will not repurchase at the current full price. I have cheaper alternatives I like better, but this product does what it claims. I received this product complimentary from Lawless Beauty for reviewing and testing purposes; all opinions are truthfully my own." - sephora user

Dawn Patrol Classic Makeup Primer by coola

A long-lasting, transparent and non-greasy broad spectrum SPF 30 primer that blurs away pores and provides a smooth, matte finish for flawless makeup application. 

Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer by NYX Professional Makeup

Play it cool with Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer. Our new water-based gel primer hydrates the complexion and softens the appearance of pores for a bright, fresh-looking glow. This gripping primer has a jelly texture to create a glass-like finish and grips your makeup for ultimate long wear.

Hydro Grip Primer by Milk Makeup

"🖤 TLDR 🖤 Pros: Hydrating, Longlasting, Natural, Smooth Cons: Doesn't mix well with certain foundations 5/5, gorgeous with the right foundation. 🖤 Full Review 🖤 Literally my FAVORITE primer ever. However, this is a more water-based primer so I want to list foundations that it WORKS WITH and DOES NOT WORK WITH, in my trial and error. ⭐️ WORKS WITH ⭐️ ( * means personal favorite ) • Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation • NARS Radiant Longwear Liquid Foundation* • NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation • Hourglass Vanish Seamless Liquid Foundation* • Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Liquid Foundation • Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation* • Milk Makeup Flex Stick Foundation* • Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation • Lancôme Teinte Idole Ultra Coverage Liquid Foundation 🚫 DOES NOT WORK WITH ( IN MY EXPERIENCE )🚫 Because Milk Makeup Hydrogrip is a water based HYDRATION foundation, any foundation that is water or oil based will not work well. These are the ones I tried that didn't work. • Tarte SEA Water Foundation • Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation • MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation • Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation If you find the right foundation, Milk Makeup Hydrogrip Primer works FANTASTIC! It makes makeup look gorgeous and natural and soft. The tackiness of the primer is only intial, as it makes the makeup stick much better! 100% recommend. ALL PHOTOS ARE WITH DIFFERENT FOUNDATIONS !" - mira user

Lumilayer Primer Fresh by VDL

VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh, an ultra-hydrating, primer infused with 70% moisture capsules that burst upon contact for intense hydration, and golden pigments that impart a dazzling, sun-kissed glow.

Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Daily Moisturizing Primer by NYX Professional Makeup

Prime, protect, and chill? Sign us up! Bare With Me Daily Moisturizing Primer from NYX Professional Makeup is their 1st makeup primer with SPF 30 to protect against UVA & UVB rays!

Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel

"My face is oily. Very very extremely oily. I have tried popular primers from the drug store tier to high end, mattifying, oil control, long lasting, but every single day at about 12 PM, my face was just covered in icky shiny oil showing through my foundation or BB cream. Enter my Ipsy bag from December that contained this Rimmel London mattifying primer. My first reaction was to throw it in a drawer of unused makeup. Then one day I decided to give it a shot. My makeup game was forever changed! I have used this EVERY single day since discovering it. My BB cream stays matte ALL day, from when I put it on at 7 AM until taking it off at 5 PM. The only place I can see any sign of oil coming through is right in the creases on the sides of my nose, and this usually only starts at around 2 PM. Once blotted super easily and quickly, I am good to go! I just can't say enough about this amazing holy grail primer!!! The next best thing besides how great it works is the price!!!" - walgreens user

Mindful 5 Nourishing Primer Serum by Smashbox

"I got this in my Voxbox and was so excited for this product because after looking into what this products contains I was really excited to see how it does on my sensitive and sometimes dry skin. It succeeded my expectations honestly. My skin loved it and soaked it up. I felt a nice glow and my skin get very moisturized. I think it works well as a hydrating primer best but remember to let it dry a bit before applying unless you want sliding makeup. The formula was great with lovely ingredients you can trust, the texture was smooth and not too heavy , and packaging was very pleasing! Worth a shot for anybody with any type of skin I believe." - sephora user

Luminous Blur Stick Primer by Milk Makeup

An oil-free, silicone-free, luminous matte primer that glides on for a glowing, shine-free finish.

Prime Time BB Primer Cream Daily Defense by bareMinerals

"I've been using this product for years, and can't understand why the beauty world isn't as obsessed with it as they are the complexion rescue (which I've tried & liked, but I MUCH prefer this product). This product has simplified my life so much, I literally wear it EVERY day, even on days I don't bother to put on makeup. It has SPF 30 (mineral based so even the most sensitive skins can wear this) which I have to wear every day due to using Retin-A and it doesn't feel or smell like sunscreen AT ALL, it provides light coverage to even out the complexion, and it is actually a great primer that smooths the skin as well! It goes on like silk, without feeling like the silicone-filled primers (like those from Smashbox, porefessional, ect) and dries down to a satin finish that's very skin like --not dewy (I have oily skin so dewy isn't my thing) or too matte. I wouldn't describe it as moisturizing, but it absolutely isn't drying either; I struggle with dry patches despite also having oily skin and this doesn't cling to them at all--it actually looks nicer over dry patches than BM's Complexion Rescue which is targeted for dry skin! I don't wear foundation on a daily basis, just this product, a little concealer under the eyes and problem areas, and I look polished without looking made-up. It does also work well as a foundation primer in my experience, but don't expect it to have the pore-filling power of some other primers (porefessional,Smashbox pore minimizer, hourglass mineral veil) because it isn't that thick--but I actually prefer this more fluid texture. Despite complaints from others I like the pump mechanism, it's hygienic and convenient. Yes occasionally it squirts some if you've kept it on its side or something but I've never made a huge mess and hand to change because of it! Just be a little careful and you'll be fine--do not let the complaints of the pump be stop you from trying this product. Overall this is a HG staple in my makeup bag that I wear every. single. day and I firmly believe anyone could benefit from using---if only just for the SPF. « less" - QVC user

Perfect Canvas Primer Serum by ren

"If you care about what goes on your face, and want the safest (those ingredients!), most effective product for priming, This is it! When trying new products, my two greatest concerns are: breaking out and a heavy, greasy feeling (you know that feeling that occurs a few hours after makeup application). NO BREAKOUTS/NO HEAVY, GREASY FEEL with perfect canvas! This serum is really a perfect canvas. My skin looked so good that I didn’t even want to put makeup on!Pores— minimized immediatelyTexture of my skin — like velvet, soft!Makeup application- flawless (tried with both powder and liquid foundation)Staying Power- my makeup lasted throughout my shift of 12 hours ( my makeup always lasts for whatever reason, so the real change is that it wasn’t as oily, and it did not feel heavy at the end of the day or at any point)I live in humid South Florida and hustle at work, so a lightweight primer is super important! Perfect canvas is the MOST lightweight primer I’ve EVER tried (and I’ve tried all the mattifying primers available and some silicone free ones), yet they all still feel heavy! And if I touch my face I end up with a slick of oil/grease. I did not get that feeling with this primer!Application- PERFECT CANVAS after my serum and moisturizer... I warm a few drops of serum with my fingers then DAB into my skin to really get it to soak in, I don’t rub it in. Super oily skin? Try the serum w/o moisturizer!Anyhow, this is by far the most effective silicone free primer I have tried! I can’t wait to try more from REN’s “CLEAN SKINCARE” line!For reference I have combo/oily skin that’s unpredictable, sensitive, and acne prone. I also use topical acne medication (Retin A Micro) and I’ve had nothing but GOOD MAKEUP & SKIN DAYS with this primer. I am testing REN Perfect Canvas as part of a contest. My review is 100% genuine! « less" - Sephora user

Glow Activator Radiance Primer by JOAH

"I wore this primer yesterday and I was actually very impressed! Now, it’s hard to rate primers right off top because it’s not a product that gives an obviously notice, however the moment you apply this Primer you see the instant glow/dewyness. I have normal to dry skin (mostly dry right now), I applied this primer (has a serum feel to it and applies very smoothly onto the skin), and used Joah’s foundation with it and both paired beautifully! I wore it for 6-7 hours and I had a glow the whole time! Even my husband notice that I had a fresh look to my foundation (and he hardly notices anything in regards to makeup lol) after having it on for more than 5 hours. I would highly recommend this primer! I would like to disclose that this primer was sent to me by influencer through Joah. #complimentary Less" - joahbeauty.com user

Pure Canvas Primer Blurring by Laura Mercier

Pure Canvas Primer Blurring from Laura Mercier is a water-based, blurring primer that absorbs excess oil for a mattifying, soft-focus effect while extending wear of makeup.

La Base Pro Hydra Glow Primer by Lancôme

"I have relatively dry skin which would become worse when I lived in a colder climate. However, even during hotter climates, my skin demands to be hydrated and moisturized. My mom religiously uses Lancome products and she received a couple samples of the Hydra Glow. During the summer, she tried it out herself and gave me one for keeping as well. I finally tried it one day, prior to applying any foundation and I instantly fell in love. With just a few dabs, I worked it into my skin, and immediately, my skin appeared and FELT refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy, and soft- not to mention the unmistakable glow it gave my face. It really helps to avoid looking cakey when applying make up. I use light coverage, illuminating foundations, and even still, after a few hours, the foundation would build up in and around dry patches of skin. This product greatly diminishes that from happening. I asked my mom What she thought and she said she had fallen in love with it as well. My mom has more combination skin, with oiliness in her t-zone. The glow lasts almost all day, if not for a very long time. This is an outstanding product. I've never tried a better primer for my dry skin and I must say, I've tried many. I also noticed, that my skin started feeling more perpetually refreshed as I used this product- so not only when I had it on, but when I wasn't wearing it as well. My only critique is that it is a bit pricey for the content it contains, as it is a very small amount. However, a little does go a long way with this product, and the results are absolutely worth it." - ulta user

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base by Burberry Beauty

A Burberry runway beauty icon, this multi-use primer illuminates the complexion to create the signature, Burberry dewy glow.

Cherry Matte Mattifying Primer by pacifica

Don't have a makeup meltdown. Pacifica's lightweight cherry matte mattifying primer is a support system for your skin, delivering a blurred focus finish with oil control benefits. So you can keep it together all day (or at least look like you are). 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Pore Corrector Anti Aging Primer by algenist

An antiaging primer that visibly minimizes pores, imperfections, and oiliness to create a uniform canvas for flawless makeup application.

Radiance Primer SPF 35 by NARS

A primer with a Radiance Boosting Complex that instantly revives dull, fatigued skin.

Whip Ultimate Priming Moisturizer by Olay

Olay's breakthrough Whip Ultimate Priming Moisturizer hydrates your skin with a light as air finish, plus it sets makeup for a flawless look & feel.

Line Smoother + Primer With Neodermyl by Amazing Cosmetics

"This is one of the first primers I have used that had the amazing roller ball applicator on it, it was like giving my face a mini massage every day I used it. And I use it everyday! My lines and wrinkle look less visible, they are more shallow, and this primer makes it easy to cover up my imperfection with the amazing concealer. The formula isn't too heavy, the scent isn't overbearing like some primers, and it left my skin super soft and smooth, but my overly smooth where nothin stayed on. I learned the hard way, a little goes a LONG way, but I should have known since the concealer is like that. The product pays for itself over and over again, and you get your money's worth and then some. I love that I can have "needle free" collagen and elastin in a little bottle of anazingness! I don't need to spend hundred on collagen and take a needle to my face. This product does that! I will continue falling in love with Amazing, I know I will, this line is just that, amazing! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Correcting Cream Veil  by Cle de Peau Beaute

"I got a sample of this and was very impressed. I am ordering it now even though I think it is too expensive for primer. It doesn't feel greasy or slippery, not like silicone primers. I was surprised it says it moisturizes because it doesn't feel like it would. It has a kind of tacky feel at first. I have huge pores and it made them less noticeable. And I have dry skin but can sometimes get a little shiny after applying all my skincare and spf. This kept my makeup on well. Wasn't too dry or too oily. Different than most primers. " - Nordstrom user

In Your Prime Pore Minimizing Primer by Flower Beauty

Flower beauty's in your prime pore-minimizing primer instantly blurs pores and fine lines while providing a soft-focus matte finish. The lightweight and quick-drying formula allows for seamless makeup application giving you long-lasting makeup wear.

Feel The Moment Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating Sensory Awakening Primer Serum by IT Cosmetics

"Let me start off by saying I am always reading through the reviews but never actually writing any of them. I noticed when going through the reviews a lot of women said they were dry and didn't notice any that said they were oily which triggered me to write this. I have to watch what I put on my very sensitive skin. My t zone gets pretty oily but my cheeks are normal so I always have a problem finding products that stay on and last all day as well as not bother my sensitive skin and break me out. This is by far my HG primer and well worth the price. I use this in the morning routine, after moisturizer and before foundation. Like many others said it feels greasy at first but as you wait to put on your foundation it makes your skin so soft and smooth. I have never tried anything comparable to this product that keeps my face balanced and my makeup lasting all day. Hands down the best primer over tried and never looking back! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Ultra Sun Protection SPF 45 Anti-Glycation Primer by chantecaille

"I was really unsure whether to order this product as it is very expensive for a primer. For years, I used MAC's Prep and Prime SPF 50 (I don't bother with anything less than SPF 50) and I used to say it was my desert island product, I loved it so much. I loved it for two reasons - it had the desired SPF and it had an extremely good mattifying effect which I loved as I have oily skin. That was until they changed the formula and my last bottle I purchased left me with a face looking like a frying pan! Thanks for the heads up, MAC...Great SPF, if you have extremely dry skin! So, reluctantly I ordered this Ultra Sun Protection primer. And I absolutely love it! More than I ever loved my MAC one :) it leaves my skin looking smooth, refined and generally a lot more beautiful! My husband told me to stop looking at myself - but I can't stop, I am so pleased with it. My oily skin is under control all day and my make up and blusher stay in place. Due to the tiny amount needed when applying and it's watery consistency, it is bound to last me a long time. An investment - yes, but worth every penny! I guess, it's my new desert island product :) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-8239910397571324219-full" data-show="-8239910397571324219-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - SPACE.NK user

#NoFilter Blurring Primer by NYX Professional Makeup

"This primer is FANTASTIC! Benefit's Porefessional is my usual go-to, but I realized that I need to save a little bit on my makeup spending habits. Let me break this down for you: My skin type: Oily skin, large pores Consistency of primer: Not too silicon-y, but not too oily either. It was a perfect balance of both (maybe a little serum-y?) Blending: Blurred my pores INSTANTLY! Feel of primer: Melted nicely into my skin. Sometimes Porefessional felt like it sat on top of my skin Finish: Matte. I use a matte finish foundation, so not sure if that has to do with it. Bottom line: If you like Porefessional but want to save a little, GET THIS! I have only used it once writing this review, needless to say it has exceeded my expectations." - ulta user

Drawn In. Decked Out. Travel Primer Set by Smashbox

A trio of travel-size face primers to visibly blur pores and defeat shine.

Glass Skin Primer by Revolution Beauty

Perfect the Korean glass skin trend with the Makeup Revolution Glass Liquid Skin Illuminating Primer.

In Your Prime Hydrating Primer by Flower Beauty

"I am pleasantly surprised that this product worked as well as it does. I never heard of this brand and didn't expect much when I saw the simple white packaging. However, don't let the packaging fool you, this is an excellent primer. It does what it says and more. I enjoyed using this product and found it effective from the first time I used it and like it more and more with everyday. I have sensitive dry skin and have used high end expensive primers like Sephora, Channel, Smashbox, you name it and this product competes with all of them. It glides on soft and smooth and really delivers a long lasting base to liquid or powder foundation. I used it under and over my eyelides too and it did not sting my eyes as other eye primers have. It does help your makeup, cheekblush and eye shadow last all day. Incredible hold and stay on power. I wasn't thrilled that it was not odorless, however, it has a pleasant scent which quickly dissapates. I have and will continue to recommend this product and a few of my friends already agree with me that this brand is worth trying and venturing out into other products in this line. I am really happy to have chosen and tried this product, and for the price, its a real find. A hidden treasure in the cosmetics section. Less" - walmart.com user

Crystal Primer by pacifica

Don't have a makeup meltdown. Pacifica's lightweight crystal primer is a support system for your skin, delivering a blurred focus finish with oil control benefits and brightening illumination. 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Meteorites Primer Perfecting Pearls by Guerlain

"I've devoted a ridiculous amount of time/energy into looking for any beauty product that promises a luminous and glowy finish.I'm a huge Guerlain fan, and there's not a makeup day that goes by without me reaching for my trusty tin of meteorites. When I saw this primer, I jumped to own yet another beautifully packaged luxe product from Guerlain.Does this do what a primer is supposed to?:1) Texture: lightweight, gel-like consistency. Has tiny flecks of sparkles that gives my skin a lovely glow. I feel that it can't be used without foundation or powder over, as the sparkles might be a bit TOO glossy when used alone. It absorbs very quickly, and preps skin nicely for application of foundation.2) Smell: Amazing. Like violets and sweet tarts.3) Packaging: Beautiful glass bottle. Oozes luxury. Easy to dispense product -- one pump dispenses a perfect amount for my entire face (even enough to go a second time on the cheekbones and nose!). Pretty much foolproof -- spread all over face with one pump.4) Finish: Used with my trusty Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, gives a beautiful glowy and "not too made up" finish. To address the reviews that say this primer doesn't show up after foundation, I recommend using a lightweight foundation to let some of this gorgeous primer and some of your skin show through.5) Works with: a VERY sparse amount of light setting powder (you can just skip this if your skin isn't oily), and works absolutely beautifully with Guerlain meteorites for a lit-from-within soft diffused glow all over the face.I'm not going to deduct a star for its price, because I believe it does what it promises, and with a brand like Guerlain, you're going to be paying more for the brand and the lovely packaging.In all, yes, it's a beautiful addition to your vanity, but it also does the job as a primer, and does what it promises. However, it's more suited for people who don't need to cover up much, but who are looking more to enhance their complexion. So, it does NOT cover redness or blotchy skin, acne, or blemishes. It is not mattifying, and is not especially strong in the oil control department. I love it, and I think it works well under foundation, and can also be used under a light powder for those 'no makeup' days. Strongly recommended with the meteorites balls! <3 « less" - Sephora user

Skin Prep Pro by mehron

"First of all, I'd like to say that I'm the kind of person who gets puddles of sweat dripping down her face five minutes after putting makeup on (all the makeup on my nose is gone after literally five minutes, if it even lasts through the time it takes to do the makeup application--not an exaggeration). When I apply Skin Prep Pro to clean, dry skin, it works WONDERFULLY! My makeup stays on for at least 8-10 hours, with minimal to no sweating. It's great! I'll definitely be using this on clients, especially brides! I've also tried this over moisturizer, but it was highly ineffective. Clean, dry skin is the way to go!Now, this clearly isn't the best thing for your skin. Denatured alcohol, aluminum, witch hazel? As an esthetician, I could never recommend someone use this on a regular basis, as it is comedogenic and can easily sensitize your skin. This is definitely a product to be used for special occasions, photo shoots under hot lights, brides, etc--especially since it's most effective on clean, dry skin, which means no moisturizer or spf (GAH! An esthetician's nightmare!). And PLEASE be sure that you or your client cleanse their face thoroughly and properly after using this product, to minimize potential damage to the skin.All in all, wonderful product! This will definitely be in both my professional kit and my personal collection! Less" - sleekshop.com user

SOS Primer by Clarins

Prime time! Clarins sos primer preps & moisturizes. Discover solutions for any beauty concern with skincare benefits.

Heliotropic: SPF 30 Treatment Primer by kypris

"My new favorite natural face sunscreen! I've tried practically every chemical-free face sunscreen on the market and this will be the one I finally "settle on" and will repurchase. The ingredients are as clean as it gets for sunscreen. The texture is rich, moisturizing, and luxurious. It's very soothing and leaves my skin so plump. It's not tinted and does not leave a white cast which is very difficult to achieve with all natural ingredients. In the morning I wash my face, apply Vitamin C serum, use a light hydrating gel moisturizer, and then layer this on top (I have combination skin type). I haven't tested it out in full sun yet (like at the beach or pool) but it works beautifully for daily use! I would suggest this sunscreen to pretty much anyone except maybe someone with overly oily/acne prone skin. Less" - Nordstrom user

Water Cloud Primer by Cover FX

"I knew not to expect any sort of pore filling etc from this product because it doesn’t claim to transform your skin like that so knowing that im actually super happy with it! It’s like a thicker “cloudy” gel that melts into the skin and feels hydrating (not heavy moisturizing) just like it’s adding water and cooling your skin. Then for a couple areas I used a pore filing primer in top and it worked great. My makeup actually applied easily on top and stayed put all day. Also I used a super matte foundation (Dior Forever Undercover) and it made it look a bit more natural in my opinion I think bc if the hydration my skin looked healthy and not like makeup was sitting on top. Anyway just expect hydration, soothing, and blue light protection (which is super cool!) and you might love this! It’s a safe bet since you can use this all over and target other areas with pore filler (you don’t rly need to put porefessional for example on your whole face it’s too heavy) - this one is more of a safe every day lightweight primer that feels great on the skin awesome for ppl who live in polluted urban areas and stare at their phone constantly Less" - Sephora user

Outlast All-Day Primer by Covergirl

A first step for any beauty routine! Outlast all-day makeup primer preps skin, hides pores and reduces the look of imperfections for a smooth, flawless effect.

Total Control Drop Primer by NYX Professional Makeup

"This primer is FANTASTIC! Benefit's Porefessional is my usual go-to, but I realized that I need to save a little bit on my makeup spending habits. Let me break this down for you:My skin type: Oily skin, large poresConsistency of primer: Not too silicon-y, but not too oily either. It was a perfect balance of both (maybe a little serum-y?)Blending: Blurred my pores INSTANTLY!Feel of primer: Melted nicely into my skin. Sometimes Porefessional felt like it sat on top of my skinFinish: Matte. I use a matte finish foundation, so not sure if that has to do with it.Bottom line: If you like Porefessional but want to save a little, GET THIS! I have only used it once writing this review, needless to say it has exceeded my expectations. " - ulta.com user

Smooth & Protect Primer SPF 50 by NARS

A broad-spectrum SPF 50 primer that smooths skin and helps protect against UVA/UVB rays, pollution, and environmental aggressors, while prolonging makeup wear.

Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm by TONYMOLY

Tonymoly egg pore silky smooth balm is an all-day moisturizing primer formulated with egg whites, moisturizing, protecting, and correcting pores to create a smooth matte skin surface before applying makeup. And for an added bonus, it smells like lemons! !