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The 50 Best Face Palettes Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore face palettes are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Glow Kit - Sun Dipped by Anastasia Beverly Hills

"I'm so obsessed with the glow kits. I have them in Sun Dipped and Gleam and they are sooo gorgeous. 2 of the colours in the sun dipped are too dark for my pale skin so I can't use a lot of product with them because I get a brown streak on my cheek but if I mix them with the light it creates a beautiful glow when the light hits my face. The gleam is much better on my super pale skin but I feel like they aren't as pigmented as my sun dipped. I like them both so much. If I want a glam highlight I'll lean more towards the lightest colours of the sun dipped but I like the colours in the gleam better for a rose gold dewy makeup look. Sooo worth the money! Would highly recommend" - sephora user

Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette by Tarte

An Amazonian clay-infused bronzer bar with six bronzing and highlighting powders in magnetic removable pans to make every complexion look more radiant in seconds, housed in a covetable rose gold compact.

Blacklight Highlight by BH Cosmetics

"If you've been tempted by the trend but are worried about colors being Too Much Color, don't be. This palette is easy to control how much buildup and product you want - and how intense you want the colors. And you easily can get them very, very intense. But with a light hand, you can also get them very subtle and even natural looking.All of the colors are amazing! I was surprised to find that I loved all of them - ESPECIALLY the green, which surprised me. No color will be wasted because they are all amazing, which is rare in a palette.I was actually looking for something that could be a dupe for ABH and worn occasionally when I felt colorful; but this palette offers a great amount of control and I use it EVERY day. The product is incredibly easy to blend out into a natural look but also incredibly easy to amp up into a dramatically noticeable shine. Because the powders are so soft and super fine, it's super easy to blend it out if you do use too much product - which on my yellow-warm skin tone it starts to turn silver if I do use too much, which is the one minor fall back.I was really afraid of the colors being too strongly pigmented for my needs - because all of the online video reviews had very intense fingertip swatches - but I was so excited at the range of options this palette allows. The fingertip swatches come off strong if you try it, but the colors are also so easy to blend into a natural look.(For a more natural look, have your application very thin and then blended out; the color will actually disappear and become somewhat hard to notice until it catches the light and suddenly you are glowing in a surprisingly effortless way.)So does that mean that the powders holographic? It's an outstanding yes. All of the colors shift depending on the angle that they hit the light when they're on your face. A lot of things claim to be holographic and falll short; this palette didn't let me down.The lighter colors do this more than the others, sure, but I was suprirsed that they ALL truly did live up to the label of being holographic. The darker colors (blue and purple) are a little tricker to notice the holographuc subtleties because of their intense pigmentation - I suggest always starting with a light application and building it up - but you can definitely tell that these colors catch the light. When you move your face, the color doesn't change, so much as shift and suddenly become amazingly glowy.The palette itself is very cute and has a really great sized mirror inside. The powders definitely gets jostled and spill around the inside of the container - but any loose powder does stay in the inside. I do wish that maybe the powders weren't level with the palette and were submerged - like an eyeshadow palette - because I think that would help stop fallout. But it's not a huge deal, and I often just sweep my brush through the loose spillage and use that first.The palette seems like it's going to last a long time. The sizes of the colors are good and I haven't yet noticed any level dippings in the pans, and I use it every time I do my makeup. I bought this at full price. I love the palette and would definitely and absolutely buy it again. If BH had other color highlighter palettes, I'd buy those too. « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Pro Palette Highlight & Contour by NYX Professional Makeup

Define your features like a pro with nyx professional makeup refillable highlight & contour pro palette! Each set includes four customizable highlighting and contouring shades perfect for emphasizing your favorite features.

Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette by Tarte

A highlight and contour palette with six pigmented powder and cream shades to create perfectly glowing, chiseled looks on every skin tone.

The Cali Contour Palette by Smashbox

An easy-to-use, six-well contour kit with pigment-packed, blendable highlighter, bronzer, and blush powders.

Shimmer Brick - Luster by glo minerals

"This is the best pressed powder base I have ever tried. I found it when I used to work for a spa and our company started carrying GloMineral products. I am not a fan of liquid bases because they make me feel to heavy and "made up," so I like to use pressed powders. They give me enough coverage without feeling heavy and this by far is the best I have tried. I love that they have really good color tones that blend smoothly with my skin. This really covers flaws too, even without putting on concealer. I think my favoirite thing about this base though is that it does not cause my skin to break out like ALL of the other pressed powders I have used in the past. The minerals seem to let my skin breath and don't clog my pores. It makes me feel good too that there is an SPF in the base, so it also cuts down on sun damage. One month I had to switch to a Revlon pressed powder base (which I used to use before) and I really saw the difference on my skin. I broke out and it just did not have the same coverage. Yes, it is more expensive than cheaper brands but well worth it! I have been using for a little over 3 years consistently and love it! « less" - BeautyBridge.com user

Natural Face Palette by Too Faced

"Oh my, this is stunning. I was very skeptical to buy this as I do not care for bright pink blushes. I have medium skin with olive and red tones, and pink looks terrible on me so I usually stick to more peachy tones for blush. But considering the fact that some blushes and contour colors can be 28 to 38 dollars apiece, and that I am developing an addiction to Two Faced eyeshadow, I figured I'd try this. So glad I did, this is the most pigmented and versatile pallette I've ever had. The colors are all beautiful on my skin, and I can see where the natural label comes from as depending on how you blend these, you can easily mimic a day in the sun. The formula is creamy and blends like a dream. I usually have trouble with patchy spots due to combination skin ( oily some areas, dry others) but not with this. Both contours and both blushes look amazing and the combinations are endless. The highlighters are both beautiful and that duo chrome pink one is stunning. Depending on my mood is how I choose what to wear for makeup and this is definitely a holy grail for me. I love the smell of this product, I also have the eyeshadows and they smell the same. A little kickback so tap your brush, and use a light hand to build. This is a product for the makeup lover and the Two Faced fan, for sure. Oh yea.. thanks to Ulta for the 20% coupon, I appreciate the opportunity to use them as I would probably not buy anything like this otherwise. I bought this for myself for my birthday 🎁 Less" - ulta.com user

BH COsmetics x ItsMyRayeRaye Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Contour Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I don't even know where to start with this palette. It is SO good. I was so underwhelmed when it was first released, figuring I didn't need another neutral palette. But I am traveling across country soon and need an inclusive palette. This palette is too good to even risk taking on a plane and breaking. It is so amazing. The pops of color, the deep red, purple and maroon create a sunset eye in five minutes. Every single color is equally as pigmented and blendable as the next. The mattes are opaque and gorgeous. The shimmers are absolute perfection. BH has beautiful shimmers, I recommended the carli bybel palette as well, the shimmers are great in that palette too! The highlights are straight up metallic. Not for the faint of heart lol, but beautiful and effortless. The contours/bronzers are stunning and I love the cream/yellow tones shade that can either be a bronzer for pale-light skin tones or an under eye setting powder for anyone deeper. The "white" eyeshadow and highlight are actually a gorgeous gold. This palette is just so easy to use. As a mom of a small baby, I can appreciate just pulling this out and creating a gorgeous eye look so simply and effortlessly. The colors blend in two seconds and I'm not being taken away from my child while blending my eyeshadow. The packaging is also great, so compact and sturdy. I may take it on the plane just because I can't see myself being without it. I'm emotionally invested at this point. Probably gonna but a back up. Get this shiz now." - ulta user

Backstage Contour Palette by Dior

"This palette is so beautiful and wearable! The powders are finely milled, blend beautifully on the skin, and aren’t full of chunky glitter. They lend a stunning radiance to the face and can be sheered to a fine gossamer glow or built to a more intense and reflective shine. I have fair skin and the pink shade makes a beautiful topper for my blush, the white is a gorgeous cheek/Cupid’s bow/inner corner highlight for the eyes. The golden shade was a bit too dark for me to use as a highlight but it makes a gorgeous eyeshadow, it’s not too yellow and doesn’t lean green like some golds can. The bronze is so stunning, I use it for a topper to add depth and glow to my matte bronzers and even my husband complimented the look!I am beyond pleased with this palette, it has already become quite a workhorse in my makeup collection! « less" - Sephora user

Studio Pro Shade & Define 10 Color Contour Palette by BH Cosmetics

"This product is great. The colors blend effortlessly, they're rich in color and very pigmented. I bought it cause I saw a tutorial of Itslikelymakeup trying BH Cosmetics products and she used this contour palette but in the cream format. I have very oily skin so I can't use cream contour palettes so I ordered the powder one. I had very high expectations for it and it delivered. I 100% recommend it, there's a shade for every skin tone and it's very affordable. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Tan Bronze & Glow Palette by Natasha Denona

A Midi Bronze and Glow Palette with shades of alluring bronze, creamy tan, and incandescent champagne.

Wild & Radiant Baked Bronzing Palette by BH Cosmetics

"This is my first order, and I seriously can't say enough about the quality of this pallet! I'm seriously into all thing's highlights and my arsenal includes Anastasia of Beverly Hills Glow Kit, and the Sundipped kit, as well as Jeffree Star body frosting. ..if this helps, and as far as comparing the Wild and Radient pallet to these, I'll be making a radical change! The buttery formula is top notch, colors are beautifully baked and blended for a natural turned up glow, and the pigment is dead on! Perfect for any complexion and it won't break the bank. I'm Excited to try more from bh! This is a must have, and I don't take makeup review lightly, as I am 52, medium skn, and this does not sink into creases and fine lines, and ads a beautiful lasting glow. Totally build able for deeper illumination! Love it! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-1083525610566876943-full" data-show="-1083525610566876943-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette by Jeffree Star

"Where to start...This palette is worth getting if you like the warm shades in it.Frosting is an absolutely gorgeous inner corner highlight, it's a champagne gold. Excellent pigmentation.Safe word - is a lovely transitional colour. I used this this morning for an every day kind of look. Looks nice on the lower lash line. Pay off good too!Charm - a vibrant orange, brilliant to diffuse and blend Fetish! I love this colour! Deja Vu - This shade is probably my least favourite of the palette, the pigmentation is still okay. However I have a one similar from ABH which I prefer.Dominatrix - perfect for an alternative to dark brown or black. This looks beautiful blended in with fetish! Amazing pigment.Androgyny - Do I even have to explain how amazing this shade is? I've been hunting for a shade similar to this, so I'm pleased this is one of the one that performs the best in the palette.Fetish - Probably my favourite of the palette, reds are my go to shade. Fetish doesn't disappoint.Military - At first I was a bit apprehensive if I would actually use this colour as it is a khaki like green shade. However this is stunning when applied, nice blended in with poison and safe word.Poison - Nice teal - no complaints, amazing pigmentation. Doesn't swatch as well as it applies, but who cares we don't walk around with eyeshadows on our arms...Swallow - Lovely blue, good pigmentation.Overall I think this palette is well worth it, even if you don't use the last three shades." - beautybay user

Backstage Glow Face Palette by Dior

A face palette with luminous shades of highlighters for a customizable, BACKSTAGE glow - in two color harmonies which stretch the boundaries of radiance.

Alchemist Palette by KVD Vegan Beauty

An eye, lip, and face transformer palette with four holographic shades.

Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette by Tarte

A travel-size highlight, blush, and contour palette with three new shades to create an effortless, beachy glow on every skin tone.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo by Charlotte Tilbury

An all-in-one pressed powder, bronzer, and highlighter to create killer cheekbones and candlelit skin.

ItsMyRayeRaye Shadow Palette by BH Cosmetics

"Holy this palette is amazing! I bought it after watching a YouTuber using it because I was really wanting a palette with more color but I rarely want to actually use color ya know and this one still had the neutrals I love.I wasn’t holding out too much hope I’d like it because I had carli bybels original palette and I wasn’t impressed AT ALL! But this! Wow it’s so so pigmented and the blendability is there. There is some fallout in the pan but I don’t mind that. The mirror is legit too! " - bhcosmetics.com user

Tarteist Pro Glow To Go Highlight & Contour Palette by Tarte

A portable highlight and contour palette with three natural artistry shades.

Holidaze Contour + Spotlight Palette by Smashbox

A nine-pan palette of contour and highlight shades perfect for every occasion.

The Contour Book The Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume II by Kevyn Aucoin

"This is a holy grail product for me. I didn't know if I would like the cream products, but they are easy to apply and sheer out with fingers if you want a more subtle look or don't have time to blend powders. They can also be used as a base for the powders if you want some intense contouring. I highlight under my eyes since I have dark circles, so I also sometimes use the highlighting cream to wipe away mascara smudges, eyeshadow fallout, etc. when I've finished applying eye makeup. I also found that the contour cream can be used as a subtle brow gel in a pinch and helps hold powders in my brows. The powders are really nice. The contour powder is smooth and buildable without fallout. It blends to a soft grey brown so it's more similar to what you'd expect from a natural shadow, as opposed to many contour powders that are unnaturally warm. The highlight powder is buttery soft and lightly shimmery instead of being a glitter bomb. These qualities along with the application guide included in this kit makes me believe this would be good for beginners. The shadows are good quality and would work for subtle eye looks or a neutral smoky eye. My only nitpicks are I wish the "starlight" shadow had a tad more pink to it as it is much more neutral when applied, making this palette lack any pop of color. I also think the "cool tan" shadow is a bit too similar to the contour powder. I will say that the color choices do blend together very well. The "brighten" powder is intensely shimmery and works very well for adding more "pop" to highlights. A little goes a long way with that shade. These products are versatile and good quality. I love having everything in a single, compact palette that also includes a large mirror, which also makes this great for travel. I occasionally look for other contouring products to try, but I always realize this has everything I need at a good price. Will repurchase! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder by Marc Jacobs Beauty

"I waited to get this palette because I was skeptical of its powers, until I saw some YT reviews and decided to try it. I'm really glad I did. Like so many others, I have about 7 different contour & highlight kits so I didn't want another one.What makes this one different, and in many ways better, than the rest?1. Texture: super creamy and very finely milled.Pros: super blendable, very natural looking, blends easily with your natural skinCon: kicks up a good amount of powder (use a dense brush; don't tap your brush in it, just swipe gently)2. Color: superb color match, even for hard to match skinI'm a fair/NC20 with neutral undertones. It's not that easy to find the right shade of contour without going overboard in any direction, it's also easy to look jaundiced with a yellow highlight. This set does none of that. I will say, however, when I first started applying my color (#40), I didn't see an overwhelming pop of color - which is a good thing. It took me a minute to realize how subtle and amazing the difference is with this product. And that's the key - the ideal contour should look natural. It should look like the best version of you.3. Ease of use: very easy to figure out ideal technique & placement on your face, travel friendly, all-in-one.This duo packs a mighty punch, don't underestimate its modest appeal. This has done more for my bone structure than any other I've tried so far. I have yet to find a powder product that blends so well into my skin that it actually looks natural, not 'done'. Its insanely creamy texture will fool you into thinking it's a cream at first! It sure blends like one. « less" - Sephora user

Don't Be Afraid To Dazzle Contour & Highlight Palette by Tarte

"This Tarte Double Duty Contour/Highlight palette is EVERYTHING! I completely understand where other reviews are coming from saying that it's better for very light skin.. I didn't let that stop me from buying tho. I'm light-medium, (more so on the medium side, depending on what product). I found the contour to be perfect for a natural contour, it actually looks like a real contour of your face rather than having dark pigment on your cheeks. It didn't look like I had contoured my face, it looked like I had natural contour that I was born with. I have NEVER gotten that with another contour shade. I still love my KVD, TF & Marc Jacobs but this one takes the cake bc of the whole real natural look of it. If I want more of a "done up, going out" feel then I could use my others but I highly recommend this for an everyday use. The same way I feel about the contour is how I feel about the highlight. It isn't blinding, omg look at my super sparkly highlight. it's also a more natural, shine to your face. With this palette you can get the most natural, beautiful look. I don't want people to be scared off from me saying how natural it is, since blinding highlight & dark contour is the new rage these days, but for an every day use, like going to your kids school functions, going to your own classes, having dinner with friends or family this is perfection! Both blend so easily & are definitely buildable. So, if you would like it darker or more highlight that it completely an option! The ONLY thing I'm not happy with is that it's a limited edition item. I need this in my life for the rest of my life! Hopefully Tarte comes out with these shades again. I highly, 100% recommend this palette! I forgot to say, yes, this isn't for dark skinned women. « less" - ulta.com user

Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette by stila

"This brush definitely holds up to the hype - the convenience of the dual ends, the softness of the bristles, and the even application. Both of the brushes are of high quality. The only gripe I have is I am used to applying my foundation (MUFE HD) with my fingers. I usually use at most a full pump. For some reason whenever I use this brush I get even application but it seems to have fuller coverage.This may be actually a pro if fuller coverage is what you're looking for, it is just more than I need on a day to day basis. If I have an important event then I'd be sure to use this brush for my foundation, but for every day, my fingers offer a more sheer, natural finish.The concealer brush is nice for the under eye but I actually think I get a better application with a little beauty blender. « less" - Sephora user

Apres Ski Glow Face Palette by BECCA

A limited-edition face palette that gives you the perfect rosy, fresh-from-the-slopes glow.

Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Night Goddess 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection by BH Cosmetics

"This is a great warm-toned palette. You can get a good range of very soft, subtle looks to more dramatic especially with the shimmer eye shades. All the eyeshadows have great pigment and blend very nicely. The bronzer was a tad on the orangey side for me, but I am very pale, and if I go in with a light hand, I don't have a problem with it. The blush is a very nice pink that has buildable color, and the highlight, even though it doesn't look like much in the pan, is absolutely gorgeous on the skin - a very beautiful, golden glow. I recently went on vacation, and this palette was all I needed for a complete face look every day. I would definitely recommend this palette. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette by Flower Beauty

Master strobing with flower beauty's shimmer & strobe highlighting palette. Dab on the soft shimmery shades, and sculpt your face with light for a refined, natural looking glow.

Creator Eyeshadow & Face Palette by pür

It's all about creating the perfect look with pür's artist-inspired creator customizable face palette. A $224 value!

Pro Contour Palette & Pro Contour Brush by Lorac

Go pro with lorac pro contour palette! This pro artistry palette contains 2 matte highlighters, 1 shimmer highlighter and 3 matte contour shades to easily create perfectly sculpted features. A $145 value!

Be A Light Face Palette by BECCA

An effortless, all-over complexion-enhancing palette featuring BECCA’s new Sheer Glow Filter Powder in four finishes: brighten, blur, contour, and blush.

Shape Your Money Maker Eye & Cheek Palette by Tarte

"This product is AMAZING. To put it lightly... lol. I am in love with this palette, Adelaine and Tarte. ?? The shadows are so incredibly pigmented yet blendable! The colour story is so beautiful and so Adelaine! You can create so many looks with it! Generally I used to hate blush because I naturally have rosy cheeks so I wanted to cover them up, but for the first time I gave blush ago for Adelaine and tarte... and I can’t believe I’m saying this... but I like blush now... they completely changed my perspective on my make up game. My new go to highlight is promise ring! I hooked my friends on it too! Even when they didn’t know Adelaine I introduced them to her and the palette and they all fell in love the way I did. This product is a 100% recommended item for me! Please don’t hesitate, GO BUY IT!!! I know you may think you don’t need it... but hunny... you need it. Trust me. Oh boy and don’t even get my started on the smell! It’s heavenly!! It’s so easy to work with as well so don’t be scared if you’re new to makeup, this palette is for you! THANK YOU ADELAINE AND TARTE FOR CREATING THIS BEAUTY!!! I LOVE IT AND YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! ?? ?? ?? xoxoxoxox Less" - tartecosmetics.com user

Shade + Light Face Contour Palette by KVD Vegan Beauty

A collection of individual contour and highlight powders to refill and customize the refillable Shade + Light Face Contour Palette.

Conceal And Correct Palette by MAC

"I have acne and with this concealing product i can make my skin look flawless. This concealer doesn't move at all, I can go on a night out and go to uni for an entire day without needing to touch my makeup up. I recommend blending this product out with a damp beauty blender and then using a small concealing brush to add extra product to the spots to ensure a full coverage. The yellow and orange colours are incredible for redness and my dark circles vanish!!! the product is expensive but wouldn't be without it now. I also change in colour a lot (from darker to paler) and this product allows me to create the perfect colour for my skin. " - maccosmetics.com user

Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette by pacifica

All you need to look naturally gorgeous! Pacifica's solar complete color mineral palette is a full set of eye shadows, blush, bronzer and coconut highlighters all in one beautiful, recyclable palette.

Powder Contour Kit - Light To Medium by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder Kit with essential powder highlight and contour shades for multiple skin tones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A palette with six, metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity.

Cream Contour Palette by e.l.f.

The buildable pigmented colors in the e.l.f. Cosmetics cream contour palette are great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and brightening the eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline to slim and enhance features.

Rainforest After Dark Eye & Cheek Palette by Tarte

"The Rainforest palette was a no brainer --it is made by Tarte, so I know it will be good, it is full of plummy mid tone warm neutrals, I love Tarte blushes, I love all in one compacts you can toss in your purse. Rainforest is a well-rounded, throw in your purse travel kind of palette, by throw I do mean throw! I put this ROUND palette on the shelf with my other palettes that I store like books and it rolled off and crashed onto the hard wood floor ~~ all shadows and mirror intact! The bronzer does not pull orange at all on my pale pale skin. I don't like bronzers and this one is a subtle non shimmery pale warm caramel and can double duty it as as a transition eyeshadow as can the blush. The blush a pale muted rosy pink -- not peachy. The highlighter is really not crazy shimmery -- it is a highlighter though and again can double duty as your inner corner high light or brow high light. There is nothing orangey about this palette. The darkest shadow, Don't Turn A Brown, is dark enough to use as an eye liner or retouch your eyeliner mid-day. Your whole look is in this palette -- and you can create a variety of looks from work day no make up look to a smoked out purple brown-- and having a nice purse friendly disc ( 4 1/2 " diameter --fits perfect in the palm of your hand) is always a plus. The package design is fine, not super lux and not total tack, but practical. The mirror is the size of the palette and stands on it's own when you open the palette so you can use it hands free = travel friendly if you need to use the mirror and both hands! The shadows are a nice mix of mattes (3), shimmer- mild glitter (2) and one full on pigmented metallic gold: "Up to No Gold" I have had no issue with the palest color, Bare to Explore and payoff, it's not the lightest of lights for a palette but works and you can always add that highlighter to it if you want a lighter shadow although it won't be matte. The dark purple shade, Plum away with Me is a reddish deep plum with very subtle bits of gold glitter as does the paler plum, Make a Mauve have. The Rainforest is your plummy, brown, soft neutral palette that I guess runs warm, but not too warm, i.e. NOT orangey! So my final answer is I don't think it is the same as other neutral palettes, but it is a neutral palette ~~~ plummy warm brown gold palette worth adding to your collection if you are a collector like so many of us ~~ definitely worth adding even if you are not a collector! The quality is great: pigmentation, color payoff, longevity, creamy smooth products that blend easily. (If it matters I am 46, fair complexion, reddish brown hair (the red would be dye and a little of my Mom's genes), and no clue as to yellow or pink toned, I feel like both??, so I always go with neutral BB's, foundations, tinted moisturizers and seems to suite me well. I lean towards cooler taupey colors -- not blues at all, but plummy gray browns, some with bits of warmth and roses, golds ~~ just not so into the orange thing.) Hope this helps with your decision if you are unable to go to Sephora and see the palette in person. Enjoy your purchase whatever that may be!! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Clay Play Face Shaping Palette - Volume I by Tarte

"This palette is just fantastic. Next to her shimmery highlighting counterparts, she looks a bit well...boring. But oh is she lovely! Elegant and versatile, with timeless neutrals that are richly pigmented but easily blended; a foundation upon which you can layer everything else if you so desire. I mostly purchased this to have a cool toned and a warm toned contour in the same palette. The eyeshadows were ancillary. I even thought they may play out a bit muddy. Not the case at all however, and in fact these matte shadows have brought me back around to loving once again the blended neutral matte eye (I've been in a satin/pearl finish rut) and I am loving them as much as the contour/bronzer shades. I really did not expect to enjoy this palette even half as much as I do and now I'm very glad I picked up the last one in the store. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="787820765788702574-full" data-show="787820765788702574-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Glowing In Greece - 6 Color Blush & Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics

The Glowing in Greece - 6 Color Blush & Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics has 6 pigment-rich shades blend seamlessly into the skin for a smooth, radiant effect to accent cheekbones, inner eye corners, bridge of nose or cupid's bow.

Mineral Corrector Palette SPF 20 by colorescience

A color correcting palette offering long-lasting, natural-looking coverage, plus SPF 20 defense from UV rays and environmental stressors.

HD Glamour Creme Super Palette - Neutral by graftobian

"This is the second pallet I bought from the Graftobian HD collection and I absolutely love them. I am a makeup artist for television and this product never disappoints! The first one I bought was the neutral palette and it works for almost all skintones except olive and true yellowy warm. It pulls a bit pinkish on warm skintones so I bought the warm palette for that purpose and I feel I can match virtually any skintone. Custom blending is a breeze because of the wonderfully creamy texture. Needs to be set with powder immediately to increase wear time and to prevent excessive creasing. It does crease under the eyes a bit, but I have concealer for that area of the face. All-in-All a wonderful product and space saver for your professional kit :) " - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Ambient Lighting Edit - Volume 4 by Hourglass

"I am so much happier with this product than the ambient edit unlocked palette and really this is what I wished that palette was so I’m glad to have returned it and gotten this.The finishing powders are good for my skin tone. I set all over my face with dim light, and under my eyes with diffused light. They make my skin look flawless, smooth and natural.The highlighter is a much more natural finish that doesn’t accentuate texture, though it is a bit glittery but I don’t mind it much as it is extremely small micro shimmer, it is a true shimmery champagne color.The bronzer was a good light to medium shade that can be built up and is slightly cool toned without being too much like a contour and it has a sheen to it as well as some very small micro shimmer in it.The two blush shades both suit my skin tone very well, a slightly coral warm toned pink and cooler toned light magenta color. Both have shimmer within them but giving a subtle glowy finish.All the powders in this palette blend easily and create a natural finish to the skin.All in all this palette is very good compared to other volumes of the edits and is worth it if you want a little bit of everything to try from hourglass.The pan sizes are small of course but I believe you would have to try very hard and use this very often to finish them all so it isn’t an issue to me.(For reference I had a mini sample of dim light that took me about a year to finish using it everyday as a finishing powder) « less" - Sephora user

Do Contrast Powder - Glow by Koh Gen Do

"I have tried several different pressed powders. I have Victorian fair skin with a lot of redness. I'm also pushing 50 years old. I have combination skin. I saw this at a boutique span and gasped at the price tag. I went ahead and splurged. Zero regrets. It has a silky texture and doesn't make my skin look either too ghostly white or the hideous orange/fake tan effect. It balanced the redness for an even creamy finish that is the perfect primer for the rest of my makeup. My dry skin was not stripped of softness as some powders dry it up worse than I began with. Next I am trying out their loose powder. I'm a superfan. " - Sephora user

Illuminate Palette by Sephora Collection

A pressed powder highlighting palette that contains six shades in a range of warm and cool tones.

Midnight Masquerade Face Palette by pür

"This was my first ever purchase from Pur. I have to confess that I actually had never heard of them before. I was walking around Ulta and a sales rep was talking it up to me. We swatched it in the store and I had to agree that every shadow was indeed very pigmented and blendable. More shimmers in the palette than matte finishes but I actually find the shimmers to work well for daytime looks. The colors are indeed very blendable. I agree with some of the online reviewers for this palette that the highlighter is nothing special, but it works great in the inner tear duct area to create a pop of brightness there. The shimmers are applied better with your fingertip than with a brush tip. " - purcosmetics.com user

Pro Face Palette by Sephora Collection

A PRO-Artist-developed palette that covers highlight, blush, bronzer, and contour needs in soft and creamy textures.

Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette by Hourglass

A limited-edition palette of Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Powders that provides the brightest highlight to the skin.

Tarteist PRO Glow & Blush Palette by Tarte

Mic cheek, one two. Tarte's luminous powder cheek wardrobe, Tarteist PRO Glow & Blush Palette, is filled with four shimmer blushes, one highlighter & one bronzer made to mix, freestyle & create your own custom shades.