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The 50 Best Drugstore Volumizing Mascara Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore volumizing mascara are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Voluminous Lash Primer by L'Oreal

"I really like this L'réal Voluminous eyelash primer better than other eyelash primers that I have tried. I likè the design of the tube and the spoolie. The spoolie is fat to give the volume and even application. There is no need to brush the lashes with the eyelash comb because the applicator gives the perfect separation and no clumps. The primer really coats my lashes nice and evenly. This primer is lightweight and builds dramatic volume and length. The primer also conditions your lashes over time for soft nourished look and feel. After I apply the primer I give it about less than a minute to settle then apply my mascara. Using the primer makes my mascara last longer and locks it in place. My lashes are now much fuller, dramatic and volume even though I always had full lashes, it enhanced the look. This primer is also perfect if you wear falsies. Just apply to your normal laahes and then apply the falsies. This primer is definitely worth the price, and I will continue to purchase this one ** I tested L'Oréal Voluminous Primer for free, but all opinions are my own experience. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Queen Collection False Lash Drama Waterproof Mascara by Covergirl

"This mascara is amazing. It smudges easily, but it fans out lashes well, while obtaining little to no clumps with great length. I curl my lashes when applying this, so I'm not sure about the volume." - walgreens user

Bambi Eye Mascara by L'Oreal

L'Oreal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara is an instant eye opening mascara for a volumized, doe-eyed Look. 4 out of 5 women saw bigger, wide open eyes. 90 percent agreed does not clump upon application. Wide-eyed brush with long and short bristles coats and separates lash by lash.

Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara by Maybelline

Find the perfect curve with maybelline lash sensational curvitude mascara! The innovative fanning curved brush shapes, stretches and reveals layers of lashes for a curvy full fan effect.

Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara by Rimmel

"When I first saw that the Influenster SpringVox included Rimmell London Scandaleyes Mascara I was excited to receive the product. I have had a hard time trying to find lash thickening mascaras that aren’t too clumpy. I understand that the thicker the mascara the thicker your lashes will look; however I want them to look Natural as well. I don’t want to look like I don’t know how to apply my makeup. As soon as I opened the box I spotted the mascara right away. It had a very appealing packaging. It definitely drew my eyes to the product. I opened it to discover the unique shape of the tube. It is large and has a catchy black and white appearance. To be honest the tube itself was a little too thick for me. I travel a lot so I need something that can fit into my makeup or travel bag easily. I then began to realize that its shape was needed due to the unique shape of the brush inside. The next day I decided to give the mascara a try. At first I had a hard time applying it. You definitely need to practice with the brush to get the exact motion that is needed to apply the mascara correctly. The brush has to sets of ridges that are designed to give you the ultimate amount of coverage for your lashes helping you to achieve the maximum length and width desired. I did have a problem applying it to my bottom lashes due to the size of the brush, however I am not oppose to using two different mascaras to get the look I desire. I instantly saw a difference in my lashes, however for me the mascara went on a little too think. I needed a lash brush to help separate the lashes after I applied each stroke. I did love the way the lashes instantly curled though. The shape of the brush definitely gave my lashes a curl I have never experienced before. You definitely would not need to use a lash curler when using this product. In the end I have become a fan of this product and already have suggested it to many of my friends. It won’t be one I use every day. However it will be my go to mascara when I am planning a night out and want my eyes to pop and demand attention." - walgreens user

On The Rise Volume Liftscara by NYX Professional Makeup

Elevate your expectations with the NYX Professional Makeup On the Rise Volume Liftscara. This ultra-pigmented formula catches and coats lashes in matte black color for quick-charge lift and volume in just a few strokes.

Volumazing Mascara by Revlon

"I'm so glad I was introduced to this product ❤ This doesn't run on oily eyelids, and no rubbing your eyes with mascara every where and no mess!! I even have watery eyes SOMETIMES and it never transfers on my hooded eyes, nor does it smudge or flake. No more raccoon eyes even if you have allergies. It never even burns by which I am so shocked. This gives my short sparse lashes the look of thick lashes, also makes them look LONG with NO clumps and feels like silk when going on, I love the formula its super smooth, and isn't too wet nor too dry. Applies very evenly and I never feel the need to "even" out my lashes with the brush. No matter how many coats (between 1-3) I wear I seriously feel like I'm rocking luxiourius eyelash extensions no joke. It gives amazing seperation, lashes look long, full, with lots of volume and definition. So easy to use I feel like it untangles my lashes and grabs even the smallest hairs that I can't even see! Brush never touches my skin or pokes my eyeball. This formula makes my lashes curl on their own I love it. You don't need a ton of coats, just looks even better and bigger if you do. 1st coat is super natural looking, 2nd coat is lovely and 3rd is aaahhmaaazing. So if your short on time lashes will still look good. Always stays on, I accidentally slept with it on and it still LOOKED good!!(although I don't recommend sleeping in ANY makeup) This is unheard of for me, it might stay on and be bullet proof but it washes off easily without pulling out or losing any lashes, so it's gentle to wear AND remove. I feel like my lashes are a bit stronger as well(maybe because of the good ingredients? ) and it never dries out my lashes either. I SERIOUSLY love this mascara." - ulta user

Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Washable Mascara by Maybelline

Unleash girl boss lashes with maybelline's volum' express the colossal big shot mascara, for fully loaded volume in one coat. The big shot brush features unique, wavy bristles that cradle lashes, while the collagen formula delivers bold volume.

Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara by L'Oreal

L'Oreal Paris Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara is an instant eye opening waterproof mascara for lasting volume. 2 out of 3 women saw bigger, wide open eyes 7 out of 10 agreed does not clump upon application. Wide-eyed brush with long and short bristles coats and separates lash by lash.

Air Volume Mega Mascara Washable Black by L'Oreal

"I wear contacts and I'm not super used to wearing mascara all the time because sometimes they irritate my eyes and I can feel them on, and it bothers me. Not this one, this one is the first mascara I don't feel at all and I can wear all day without it bothering me at any point. I curl my lashes before applying it and then I don't need to apply a ton to get an awesome effect, I do just one coat. It separates the lashes if you're careful, but it can get clumpy if you put too much. It gives a lot of volume but also length and it holds the curl all day! Even though it's not waterproof, it didn't smudge and it was easy to remove. I'm super happy with this mascara, especially because of the weightless feel! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

One Coat Mega Volume Mascara by Almay

"I have never been an Almay consumer, not even when I worked as a cosmetician at Walgreens for my first job in high school. I considered it an inferior brand to its competitors like Sally Hansen, Neutrogena, Physician's Formula, and Wet N Wild, so I always promoted those brands first. I just didn't care for what they offered. But when the opportunity to review their new One Coat Mega Volume mascara presented itself through CrowdTap, I volunteered because who doesn't want free stuff in exchange for trying it out? I applied, got approved, and waited; the make-up arrived a few days ago and I tried it out that same day.The first thing to know is that the tube isn't much to look at. Almay isn't a company that sinks a lot of money into flashy marketing, and it shows with this product--although the top is an attention-getting metallic magenta shade, the tube is an unimaginative white. I didn't think it held much promise, especially when I removed the wand and revealed that the brush was pear-shaped. Since I haven't really dealt with that kind of style before, I opened up Almay's website to see if they had any tips for applying it. The thing is, although I have really long eyelashes, I don't have much in the way of volume, and I also wear plastic frame glasses; it takes a lot for my eyes to stand out.Thankfully, Almay brought it! I was instantly impressed with how much volume Almay One Coat Mega Volume brought in a single swipe of the brush sideways. It turns out inverting the swipe makes it even more dramatic. In the photos I attached, the first picture shows the significant difference in curl length between my naked eye and the eye with the mascara (the mascara'd eye being the second photo, obviously). I did not apply any other cosmetic product, including primer, because I wanted to show the raw capability of the mascara on its own. It also had a long hold; it was several hours and a pretty significant spike in temperature in a house without AC that made it run. Still, that can be fixed easily enough; although the individual item I received is not waterproof, one of the four varieties currently offered is.My one complaint would be that if you don't mirror the technique shown on the website and just attempt to maneuver the wand like any other run of the mill mascara, you will deal with clumps and goopy-ness. Definitely avoid saturating the wand and take your time with the application; you can see a little clumping happening in my photos, in part, because I didn't take my time and I also didn't apply primer first. On the whole, I feel that Almay did right by me with this particular product and I'll be adding it to my beauty routine. Thanks, Almay! « less" - walmart.com user

Lash Sensational Washable Mascara by Maybelline

"This is my new go-to mascara. I actually tried this mascara for two weeks alongside another brand to see how it would hold up over time. Hands down, this is the winner. I have very straight, hard to curl lashes. An eyelash curler is a must in my morning routine. If a mascara is too wet, it will immediately pull the curl right out of my lashes. If it's too dry, my lashes become brittle. This is the perfect combination. The formula is wet without being too wet and the waterproof formula holds the curl from 7AM until 1AM. Even through tears! Just a side note: Only waterproof mascaras will hold eyelash curl. Usually I wear false eyelashes to get the glamour girl effect. At least I used to. With this mascara, I can actually get away with three coats, and no signs of clumping. One coat is sufficient, two coats make your eyes pop, three coats are glamorous. Since this is a waterproof mascara, you MUST use a waterproof mascara remover. I use Smashbox It's A Wrap to remove it with no problems. In a pinch, I've used baby oil, but it requires more effort and I find my lashes won't curl as easily the next day with the baby oil. I can't stress enough how well this mascara holds the curl. I even went through a family emergency with this mascara and had to laugh the following morning when it was still intact after countless tears all night long. This is a buildable mascara, meaning the more coats, the longer and thicker your lashes become. My lashes are sparse and after two coats, my eyes look amazing. The other thing I love about this mascara is the particular color I'm using (very black) is matte. I detest shiny mascara (I believe the black pearl color has more of a gloss). Keep in mind, because this is a waterproof mascara, it does tend to be a little more stiff than the washable mascara. This is precisely why waterproof mascaras hold the curl and washables don't. It's stiff without being too much so. There are no crunchy lashes here. Here's a tip: When applying this mascara, once you have the first coat on, rotate the brush to the back side and use those longer bristles to separate and define your lashes further." - ulta user

Volumazing Waterproof Mascara by Revlon

Revlon's Volumazing Mascara has an ultra-creamy, quick-building formula and volume-loading brush that coats every lash for an eye catching look. 100% Volumized*, 100% Volumazing.

Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline

Explosive volume in rocket time! 8x bigger, smoother. Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Maybelline volum' express the rocket waterproof mascara has a patented supersonic brush with micro bristles that loads on big, sleek volume instantly.

Total Tease Waterproof Mascara by Covergirl

Full. Long. Refined. Covergirl's total tease full + long + refined waterproof mascara can be used for sexy, teased lashes! Use the lash teasing mascara comb for ease and control to tease even the tiniest corner lashes for a full, voluminous look.

Mega Volume Waterproof Mascara by Almay

The megaphone brush on almay's one coat mega-volume waterproof mascara makes every lash shout! This innovative megaphone brush is designed to maximize formula pickup and delivery to lashes. Sculpt unique lash looks with show-stopping volume!

Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara by essence

Royal sister! Essence's original lash princess has a big and bold sister with voluminous false lash effects, lash princess false lash effect mascara!

Flourish Mascara by Covergirl

Sweep on covergirl's flourish by lash blast mascara to treat lashes to lush ingredients including coconut, avocado and papaya oils. Covergirl's flourish by lash blast mascara helps lashes feel conditioned, builds volume and adds definition with every application!

Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara by Covergirl

"I absolutely love this Covergirl mascara. I switched from the Almay mascara and noticed the difference right away. It is easy to apply. It never looks spidery and it really stays put! I love the color of it and its looks natural and nicely defines my eyes. I've been buying this ever since I switched. It gives me volume and length without looking very fake and clumpy. There is always the perfect amount on the brush which never clumps or globs. Whenever I put it on I don't have to apply a billion layers to make it look like I even have any on. Just a few simple swipes, and my eyes are defined, beautiful and all set to go. Add a little eyeliner, and I'm all set to go. I love how my eyes look using this Covergirl Voluminous Mascara on my top and bottom lashes. It might look a bit fake on my bottom lashes but just don't pull through the lases, instead just pat it on top of the bottom lashes for a more natural look. « less" - viewpoints.com user

Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara by L'Oreal

"I've been using this mascara since middle school. Before the "carbon black" version came out, I used the original. It was the first one I ever used, and I've probably bought hundreds of tubes since. I've strayed, don't get me wrong. I tried dozens of others, including variations on the original (like the new Butterfly one) and expensive, high-end brands, but NONE measured up, and I always came back. I had a best friend in high school who had VERY sparse, blonde lashes and never wore mascara. I let her try this one, and her exact words were "Oh my God, it put lashes on my face". Not only is this mascara SUPER volumizing, but it lengthens and almost makes a lash curler pointless. It barely flakes all day long, and hardly smudges, either. The best part? You can add layer after layer without flakiness, and clumps are easily brushed out. You can even let it dry before adding a layer for a more dramatic look, which is what I do. With other mascaras, you'd be a black-flecked mess if you did that. The texture is creamy and the formula doesn't dry too quickly, but quick enough. And the color on this is so, so black. It's very buildable, so you can decide how dramatic you want to go. One layer will darken and volumize and still look pretty natural. Two will add curl and even more length and volume. Three will be more so, and you're starting to get a little spidery (in a cool way). And on and on. Can't rave enough. This is the perfect mascara. Don't waste your money. Just go to the drugstore." - ulta user

I Love Extreme Volume Mascara by essence

"This mascara is my absolute favorite. I heard about it through YouTube vlogger Emily from Beauty Broadcast (check her out, she's delightful), and she. Raved about this inexpensive product. I am so glad she included it in her videos because this really is the best mascara I've ever tried! I have been a die hard Loreal Carbon Black user for several years, and I do still love that formula, but this Essense mascara is even better. It's a dark black finish, last forever, doesn't flake, and comes off with remover. It's somewhere between a regular and waterproof formula, and it holds a curl. The brush is made with short rubber bristles, usually something I steer clear of, but it separates and lengthens SO WELL! Nothing else I use comes close to the look this provides every time, I can't recommend it enough! « less" - ulta.com user

So Fierce Mascara by Revlon

Be an eye catcher and a rule breaker with Revlon So Fierce Mascara. The molded, tapered wand has 252 multilayered bristles that comb and grip each lash from root to tip for fierce length and dense, lifted eye lashes.

Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara by L'Oreal

"I've used lots of different mascaras in the past - both high-end and high street brands - and i can safely say that this outperforms them all.It's best feature is its lash separating qualities. My lashes tend to stick together at the ends naturally and most mascaras can't seem to separate them (even the most hyped about ones!), but this mascara gave me beautiful lashes.A bit expensive but if you can catch it on offer it's worth the money! It works brilliantly as an all rounder, providing curl as well as beautiful volume and length that can be built up depending on how much drama you want.It never clumps - however much you put on! The brush is a great shape as it divides all the lashes whilst reaching the smaller ones in the corner. Doesn't overload the bottom lashes too. " - boots.com user

False Lash Effect by Max Factor

"I tried this mascara as I was in desperate search of a new one. I have trouble with mascaras as I have longer lashes that curl upward - resulting in smudging/transferring onto lid area, under the brow bone. No one wants to be walking around with black smears all around their eyes! This mascara definitely did the trick for me! I have had no dramas with transferring at all and do like the way the formula wears. I look for a lot in a mascara - the formula being a huge part and the brush needs to provide great application and result as well. It does live up to the 'clump defy' claim - just need to have a steady hand when applying - as with all mascaras I suppose, as when I hurry I end up with black dots and smears here and there. *Tip is to allow the formula to dry and use a cotton tip to flake it away. Don't just wipe it away when wet - this will smudge it worse! Great everyday mascara! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Boots.com user

Worth The Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara by NYX Professional Makeup

Lash out in bold, beautiful color with NYX Professional Makeup's Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara. A "ride or die" mascara through and through, this comfy formula lets you build up fuller, longer-looking lashes with ease.

Volume Flash Super Speed Mascara by Rimmel

"Yes, yes.... I do understand that this product is marketed to "lengthen and lift your lashes without any clumps." And it does just that. It doesn't actually matter how many coats you put on; the way the wand is designed (that lovely hourglass shape. God, I love that.) is perfect for separating and lifting your lashes at the same time. Obviously, it's not waterproof, but I haven't had a problem with flaking. (Go, Rimmel!) Why can't I just have a mascara that volumizes and conditions and lengthens and lifts and curls and is waterproof? Oh, well. Rimmel does a nice job with this one. My only [other] complaint is that the wand is so thick that I can't actually coat my bottom lashes at all. " - rimmellondon.com user

Volum' Express The Colossal Smoky Eyes Mascara by Maybelline

"Let me start by saying one thing: This is the best mascara I've ever tried, and I've tried over 30! It's amazing, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. Before buying it, I read some reviews on here and some were bad, some were good. But I decided to just go for it and give it a go - and I'm so glad I did! If you're doubting buying this product, please do buy it! I know everybody has different eyelashes and it will work different on everybody, but honestly, give it a go - you won't regret it.The packaging is gorgeous! It's a nice shape, very unique. And the color makes it easy to find in my makeup collection. All in all, it's very attractive in my opinion. Definitely my favorite mascara packaging!Now, the price! I think it's pretty cheap, others may disagree, it's a matter of personal opinion. But it is definitely worth the price.Finally, the actual product! I can't tell you how much I love this mascara. I got it in black and it's a really gorgeous, dramatic black. I applied one coat first and it transformed my naturally short, blonde eyelashes that you can barely see into long, stunning, black beauty's! It also didn't clump at all. I then applied a second coat. It clumped once (I'll be honest) but only a tiny little bit - nothing I couldn't brush out. After a second coat, my eyelashes looked amazing! It stayed on all day for me, and I don't even use an eyelash primer! Towards the end of the day, I noticed some black bits under my lower lashes but hey, it was about 10 hours after I had put it on.I will definitely buy this again, no doubt about it. Less" - boots.com user

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara by essence

"I need waterproof mascara and one that comes off easily without rubbing my eye area. This mascara not only delivers my two concerns, but also creates the most beautiful long and full lashes than any other mascara I have ever tried.I have used both high end brands and drugstore ones and this one beats them all.My lashes are clump free, flake free, and my lashes stay on the soft side, not that hard as a rock feel which is so common with waterproof brands.I will be continuing with this mascara and will check out more of this line.Great quality product!|||travel-ready|||easy to use|||must-have " - essencemakeup.com user

Voluminous Lash Paradise Primer by L'Oreal

"I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to primer base mascaras I honestly feel like it’s just a waste of money and yet another step to my makeup routine, so when I tried this out I was intrigued. I usually take a very long time applying my mascara because I love long thick none clumpy lashes, so I really take my time adding coats and coats of mascara to achieve that long luscious look. With this primer base mascara I was really shocked on how well the bristles on the mascara wand separated each lash they looked so long and gorgeous & actually hit my eyebrows which was amazing but the real test here was applying my mascara, my mascara went on effortlessly and there was no pink residue left from the primer I usually do five coats of mascara to get long lifted lashes but with this primer base I only needed two coats which cut the time on my mascara routine in half and also will save me some money on having to buy more mascara so yay ! Another great thing about L’Oréal mascara is that the mascaras themselves look so elegant and beautiful they look more expensive and fit in beautifully with the rest of my makeup L’Oréal does a great job with packaging and makeing there products look very classy and high quality. I will be repurchaseing this primer again I’m completely SHOOK! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara by Covergirl

"If you are looking for a mascara that really makes your lashes stand out, then Covergirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara is where you'll find it! I am absolutely impressed by the results of this product. Lashblast Mascara goes on smooth, without all the clumps and buildup that you find with most brands of mascara. You get a proffessional look in seconds, and the results are simply wonderful. I'm not an expert when it comes to shopping for cosmetics. In fact, being a tomboy, i rarely ever put on much more than some lipgloss and a little powder. Last week, I was finally asked out by a co-worker I've had a crush on for years. I went shopping for makeup to wear for the big night. I saw so many brands of cosmetics, and didn't know what to do. I asked the clerk for some advice, and she instantly guided me to the Cover Girl section. She grabbed the LashBlast Mascara and raved to me about the results. With a review like that, how could I argue? I ran home and tried on all my new goods. The makeup I used was all made by Covergirl. Everything I applied, was done with ease, and it totally enhanced my nature features. When I got to my eyes, I carefully applied a little eyeliner and reached for the the LashBlast. My eyeslashes looked awesome! I didn't even need to curl them, they looked naturally long and beautifully curved, not caked on and phoney. This stuff stayed on all night and washed off so easily. Perfect makeup for a night out. My date actually told me that my eyes "look stunning"..yay! Thats my story, if you want proof you need to try it out for yourself. You can find LashBlash Mascara at your local retailer for a reasonable price. I recommend this product 100%. I LOVE COVERGIRL! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - viewpoints.com user

LashBlast Volume Mascara by Covergirl

"First off I love trying different kinds of mascaras but have never really found that one mascara that I love that I would repurchase. Well this is it. Not only is the purple tube easy to spot in the store and super cute looking might I add this mascara works great. As far as my eyelashes go they are not very long but they are on the longer side and I have a good amount of them so without mascara my lashes have a nice shape to them. When I apply the Lash Fusion though it really helps them fan out and almost gives them a slight curl. My lashes have volume, length, and due to the nice size wand I can coat every single lash. Some pople do not like this type of wand, but for my lashes that are already long this wand brushes through them and the formula is applied very nicely and even. I hope Covergirl continues to keep this mascara on the shelf, as I have been really enjoying it. I think it is the perfect everyday mascara when you want your lashes to have a little lift and make your eyes look more awake. I also purchased it in waterproof and enjoy that formula a lot. I have not heard a lot about this Fusion product, so I was not sure how I would like it. BUT it is a WIN for me. A couple coats I am good to go and after looking at my lashes up close I am like wow they look pretty. I am very pleased. And I just use the tip of the wand to gently coat my bottom lashes without any problems. I have not experienced any flaking or smudging and I use the very black shade to make my lashes stand out. Please continue this Covergirl. It is a great mascara! I am happy I gave it a try! LOVE my lashes!" - walgreens user

Telescopic Original Mascara by L'Oreal

"I've seen this in the store so many times and always thought about purchasing but I wasn't sure how I would like how small the brush is. Now, I don't like really big brushes on my mascaras because they tend to either poke me in the eye or transfer to my eyelid, which is just a pain. I normally tend to gravitate towards medium sized brushes. This is the smallest brush I've ever seen on a mascara but don't let it deceive you because it is a game changer! The size of the brush makes it so easy to coat every single lash, even those tiny hidden ones in the corner of your eye, evenly and thoroughly. I start the brush at the base of my lashes (which is so much easier to do given the size) and wiggle a couple of times and turn the brush outwards as I sweep it up my lashes. The results are GORGEOUS. It separates and lengthens the lashes tremendously. There's absolutely no clumps, even when you do 2 or 3 coats. My lashes look so much longer and more defined with this mascara. I didn't get a waterproof version, but even so, it didn't smudge underneath my lash line in the Texas summer heat. I wore it to a baseball game, in the middle of the day, in 90 degree weather, and it stayed put nicely. Once you are ready to remove your makeup for the day, it comes off very easily with water and a gentle cleanser. I use a very gentle foam cleanser and never have any issues getting this off, which is so great for my lashes. They seem a lot healthier than when using a waterproof formula that i have to scrub off. I couldn't be happier with its performance and will definitely be repurchasing this mascara in the future as it's my new holy grail! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Unlimited Length And Lift Mascara by L'Oreal

Instant lash-lift effect, lengthening mascara with the L'Oréal Unlimited Length and Lift Waterproof Mascara. Waterproof formula lasts up to 24H, no clumps, flaking, or smudging. Two-position wand for customized look, use straight to stretch and lengthen.

Natural Vegan Mascara by Lily Lolo

"Over the years, I've found mascaras that I've really liked, but never loved.I have very sensitive eyes, and basically all mascaras irritate my eyes and make them red. Not only does this mascara not irritate me at all, but it performs amazingly!I have very straight eyelashes, but this holds a curl. I have very thin lashes, but this gives them so much volume. The brush really helps separate my individual lashes. I love that the formula is a drier one but that the tube doesn't dry out too fast (looking at you, Lash Paradise). I have naturally long lashes and 2 coats really shows them off! It keeps your lashes feeling soft and healthy. I wear contacts and have never had a flaking issue with this mascara. It also comes off beautifully with a makeup wipe. My only advice is that when you first get the tube, wipe off the excess from the wand onto a tissue (or the tube if you worry about wasting product). This is NOT a clumpy mascara, but sometimes excess product can gunk up on your lashes (this goes with any mascara).Literally every mascara I've ever worn smudges underneath my eyes. Every,. One. But not this one! Not even a little bit. I don't have to worry about looking like a raccoon and I don't have to worry about irritating my eyes! This is my holy grail! « less" - credobeauty.com user

Super Sizer Fibers Mascara by Covergirl

"I have tried a ton of mascaras, mostly from the drugstore. I've always liked Covergirls lash blast volume mascara so I had high hopes for the new Super Sizer Fibers Very Black Mascara. I remember about 10 years ago, I've tried one fiber mascara from a different brand and didn't like it, because it would be flakey, and my lashes were clumpy and goopy. Not to mention I had to use a coat of white mascara then apply the fibers on which was a hassle in the morning. Yesterday I decided to give the Super sizer fibers a try. To my surprise, the wand is so thin! I haven't used a wand this thin in a very long time, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have Asian monolids so my lashes are pretty straight and mascara tends to smudge on my upper lid a little during application. But I found that with such a thin wand, the application was very smooth and I was able to coat my inner corner lashes without smudging on my lid. One con would be that it's not waterproof so even after curling then applying the mascara, my lashes didn't hold its curl. If they offer a waterproof version, I'd be all over it! The mascara was easy to apply, didn't flake off and separated my lashes very nicely. I wore it for a total of 12 hours, and at the end of the day, there weren't even a single flake of mascara on my face and no ugly panda smudges under my eyes! Needless to say, I was very impressed! My sister ran out of mascara so I've recommended she give this one a try. I would say if you have lashes that are already nicely curled and don't need to rely on your mascara holding the curl, this would be so perfect for you. It was also very easy to remove at the end of the night with an oil based eye makeup remover. I didn't have to rub or tug as much on my lashes compared to my other non-waterproof mascaras. Thumbs up for this mascara! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)" - walgreens user

Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Watreproof Mascara by Maybelline

Unleash girl boss lashes with maybelline's volum' express the colossal big shot waterproof mascara, for fully loaded volume in one coat. The big shot brush features unique wavy bristles that cradle lashes, while the collagen formula delivers bold volume.

Lash Paradise Mascara Primer/Base by L'Oreal

"I felt the need to review this product because it is one of my most favorite mascaras in the world. Please read the whole thing because I promise this product is worth the buy! First off, my lashes naturally point down - I always struggled with keeping them curled throughout the day. With my past (more expensive) brands I'd have to apply multiple coats and continuously curl them throughout the day. Really sucked. With this mascara I only needed one coat and one curl and it lasts me from 7am to 4am the next day. It has stayed looking good and keeping my eyelashes perky through sports and people falling on my face, sweating, crying, and the most intense water activities. I wore this in Mexico surfing and on waterslides and it stayed on great - no smudges, streaking, or smearing. It's relatively easy to apply, though I'll admit it can be hard sometimes but any clumps come out with just a few extra brush strokes - no biggie. I personally opt for the blackest black option because of my lighter lashes but thats more of a preference. And finally, I'd recommend removing it with a liquid makeup remover + a cotton pad rather than a wipe or cream - does the least damage to your lashes and the mascara comes off really well with it. Less" - ulta.com user

Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara by L'Oreal

"Before I bought this I read all of the reviews here and so I will try to cover what is not mentioned or what I think is especially helpful. I am Asian and have average length lashes, which are thin and dont curl up (they dont turn down but they stick straight out from my eye). I have never liked using mascara because I hated curling, applying mascara and then separating my lashes especially when all that didnt seem to make much difference. I have used all of the highly rated/reviewed high-end and drugstore brands (e.g., Diorshow, Chanel, pink/green tube, etc.) and just gave up on mascara... until this one. Application: I have practiced using it for about a month now and the method for best results for me is: (1) apply white base coat thickly, (2) immediately apply black mascara and comb through with fine tooth lash comb (i have the tweezerman one) and immediately repeat with 2nd coat of mascara and comb through. I do each eye separately and as quickly as I can so the mascara doesn't dry -- once it dries on your lashes it turns rubbery so you cant comb through them. My lashes look really thick and long and curled after this. Although yes it takes time it is worth it! Plus I do not have to curl my lashes at all -- in fact I tried curling first and it was just a waste of time -- for some reason this mascara makes my lashes curl up and hold the curl even when my lashes get wet and it really doesnt smudge at all. I have used mascaras that were supposed to curl lashes but they never worked for me. Removal: Some reviewers said that they had trouble removing the mascara. I think the trick is you have to hold water on your closed eyes for at least 5-10 seconds before you gently wipe down. Although the mascara will come off by cupping water in your hands and holding them over your eyes for a few seconds before wiping your lashes down while you wash your face, I like to use eye makeup remover pads. Again you just need to hold the soaked pad on your eye for about 5-10 seconds before wiping down or else it wont come off. Which is great because you can remove only your eyeshadow/liner and not the mascara by just wiping your eye quickly (plus my lashes still stay curled believe it or not!). The worst thing about this product is it dries out fast. I used this mascara almost every day for about 3 weeks and then it got very thick and clumpy. I dont know if this is typical but I suspect it is because you inevitably get some of the white base coat mixed in with the mascara over time. Once it dries out then it flakes and gets very clumpy when you apply it. Not only did I replace it but I bought 2 this time. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-1855800489157346158-full" data-show="-1855800489157346158-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

LashBlast Clump Crusher Waterproof Mascara  by Covergirl

"I am always looking for a good mascara, because I have the skimpiest, thinnest, and shortest lashes ever. So when CoverGirl gave me the chance to try this Clump Crusher mascara for free in exchange for my honest opinion, I jumped at it. I have tried many other CoverGirl products in the past, including the other LashBlast mascaras, but this was my first time trying Clump Crusher. I always have a problem with the fat brushes, due to the short length of my lashes, but this brush was great. It is the rubbery plastic type, which always helps with my short lashes, and the curve helped me get to each lash. This mascara gives me a natural lash look, lengthening and subtly thickening my lashes. I love that it wasn't clumpy, and it didn't give me the spidery look. I did have issues with it flaking off towards the end of the day, but that is pretty normal for me since my skin is so oily. However, it doesn't really smear, so it's easy to clean up and reapply as necessary. I will definitely be buying this the next time I shop for mascara. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Lash Pump Mascara by Absolute

"For the past few years, I've tried many high end mascaras with high hopes only to end up slightly disappointed, but continued to finish the bottle anyway due to the price. Some of the mascaras that I've tried include Too Faced BTS, 3 different Tarte mascaras, Josie Moran's argan oil one, Blinc's waterproof mascara, Makeup Forever's smoky extravagant one, and even two Benefit ones (including the forever raved about, "They're Real!"), and not a single one has impressed me as much as this one.It's possible the mascara gods have carefully made this mascara just for me, because I've never has a mascara make my lashes look so beautiful and thick and last for over 24 hours without having a single flake or smudge (I'm talking falling asleep in it after a long day and waking up with it still looking perfect) under my very oily eyes.Also, as a runner, I often get quite sweaty and get lots of smudges under my eyes. This mascara never lets me down after a long run with 0 smudges left.I might be alone in the fact that I love a super thick lash so much that I apply 3 or sometimes even 4 coats of mascara, but I don't like clumpy lashes and it's often hard to get thick and clump-less lashes with that many coats, but I never, ever have a problem with clumps or a classic "3 eyelash" look! Always makes my eyelashes multiply and become extremely thick and voluminous.When washing off this mascara, it removes like a dream. Most mascaras flake off or rip out my eyelashes trying to get it off, or I get lazy and just wash off my makeup without makeup remover and just face wash and most leave back smudges under my eyes. This is the first mascara I've come around that stays put forever and ever but when you want to remove it, it slides out gorgeously! Even with just face wash, it comes off in a creamy like consistency and never leaves any smudges behind.A+++ to Lancome for doing everything right with this mascara! I have absolutely 0 complaints about it!! Less" - Sephora user

Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara by L'Oreal

L'oréal's telescopic carbon black mascara features a patented no clump brush that applies the mascara precisely for long, perfectly defined lashes. Removes easily with soap and water. Ophthalmologist tested. Allergy tested.

Snapscara Washable Mascara by Maybelline

A new generation of mascara, Snapscara by Maybelline - clump free volume in a snap. The easy glide brush delivers buildable volume and lengthened lashes. Comes off in a snap, just use warm water or makeup cleanser. This wax-free mascara delivers pure color intensity.

The Super Sizer Mascara by Covergirl

"Finally, a mascara that is affordable but also gives great length and volume! I like my lashes dark and big so you can see them a few feet away. This mascara does it in just 2 layers. I thought the flat plastic wand was a little weird at first but it works great. First (after the eyelash curler) I mostly apply to the tips, then root to tip, then 1 quick run over the top of my lashes then brush out any clumps on the underside again. Do other eye then for the 2nd layer if you want the curl to hold, only apply to the bottom side of top lashes, I focus mostly on the tips to get great length. With any mascara if you want thick lashes but don't want clumps you really got to brush them out. Lashes last all day! Curl holds, no flakes, doesn't run, doesn't get in my contacts. Washes off easy with water and some light soaking. I've tried Benefit, Too Faced BTS, Tarte, Stila, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, L'oreal, Clinique, and so many more $$ mascaras but this one beats them all by far in quality and price. The ONLY complaint I have is I can only get it to last about 10 days with some contact solution. If I could get it closer to 3 weeks it would be ideal! But still, way way better than all the 'premium' brands I've tried at Ulta." - ulta user

Full Lash Bloom Mascara by Covergirl

"I have long lashes that curl up naturally. I look for a mascara that will hold the curl of my lashes while also adding volume and a bit of length. My pet peeve is really wet mascaras that claim to be volumizing but make your my lashes stick together - ending up with 5 fat lashes is not volume! (For example, I like the Clump Crusher but hated the Lash Blast Volume.)I was hesitant to try this mascara because I had read and heard very mixed things, with a lot of people saying that it didn't do anything for their lashes. But based on my experience I couldn't disagree more, I love it!I love the almost-dry texture, and even though the brush is large and adds a lot of product, the texture (plus the long "bristles" on the brush) keeps it from making all my lashes stick together. As previously mentioned, I tend to hate wet mascaras, and so the texture of this product is a really lovely change. Looking back at some pictures of myself from one of the days I wore this mascara, it almost looked like I was wearing false lashes!It adds great volume and good length, and it holds a curl perhaps better than any other mascara I've used. Despite the dry formula, it doesn't clump or flake (or smudge either), and it removes very easily at the end of the day. « less" - ulta.com user

Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara by Maybelline

Explosive volume in rocket time! 8x bigger, smoother. Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Maybelline volum' express the rocket mascara has a patented supersonic brush with micro bristles that loads on big, sleek volume instantly.

Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara by L'Oreal

Take your lashes to paradise! L'oreal's voluminous lash paradise mascara is their first mascara for voluptuous volume and length now with even more black pigments. Soft wavy bristle brush holds maximum formula for a dramatic volumizing charge.

Mega Multiplier Mascara by Revlon

"I love tube mascaras and they are usually expensive and hard to find in drugstores. I usually wear fiberwig but they are like 20 bucks on Amazon (I've been buying it for years now). Anyway I'm really glad Revlon came out with a more affordable version. I don't wear a lot of eye make so the warm water rinse off is awesome. Both of these mascaras are very buildable, so its does takes time to build up to the perfect look. One or two coats is what i normally wear for work and more if i want a more dramatic look. So the trick to getting a more volumizing look with tube mascaras in general is to wait for the coat to dry and then applying. I always alternate the eyes to save time. It wore really nicely throughout the day and since I'm asian, it even held the curl to my super straight lashes. I didn't have any flakes or smudges from morning to night and I'm a big smudger especially since its allergy season. I'm not sure how tubes work exactly but tube mascaras doesn't come off or smudge when i get teary eyed but come off easily when i hop into the shower. So long story short...since this mascara is similar to the fiberwig but less expensive.....I have a new favorite. « less" - revlon.com user

LashBlast Volume Mascara Twin Pack by Covergirl

Get bold, voluminous lashes with Lash Blast Volume Mascara Twin Pack from COVERGIRL. LashBlast's patented volume-boosting hypoallergenic mascara formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big-lash look.

Lash Accelerator Mascara by Rimmel

"At first glance, Rimmel Lash Accelerator may seem like another in the line of drug-store mascaras. It's not elegant and black like the famous Lancome mascaras, nor is it silver and sleek like the Dior ones. However, the packaging is to set it apart. It's reflective yellow-gold surface catches your eye and brings about an association with gold bars. It's certainly eye catching with a very 'mod' shape (tapered at the end, but square-sih in overall shape).The mascara wand itself is non-traditional. It's not bristle like the Lancome Hypnose, but rubber. At first I was a bit disappointed that the shape wasn't more unique, but as I tested the formula I realized that the wand didn't need anything special. The formula itself isn't thick, nor is it too thin, but it has a nice gel-like consistency. You can't tell that there is serum in the formula. This is good. I would not have liked it if they sacrificed the quality of the product in order to add the growth serum. Overall, the brush and the serum work well together.I have Asian lashes; they're on the shorter end and then to be sparse. They have a hard time holding curl. With the Lash Accelerator they get defined without getting clumps or grouping together (an improvement over using Hypnose!). I did notice a definite length. It might not be as dramatic as Hypnose, but I only had to apply one coat of Lash Accelerator and I'm sure that if I worked at it Lash Accelerator could build to be as long as Hypnose. I didn't notice any changes in curl-hold, but that only works for me when the mascara is thicker (which also makes it tend to clump).As for the growth properties, I haven't noticed any amazing length changes to my natural lashes, but I have noticed that they seem healthier and less prone to fall out. Any lengthening properties will have to be reevaluated in a few more weeks. However, as of now it works as a nice 'conditioner' of sorts.Overall I have this product a 4.5/5. It's a must-try. Less" - rimmellondon.com user

Twisted Volume Mascara by ULTA Beauty

Shop ulta twisted volume mascara for a lash look that matches your mood. This volumizing mascara can be customized 4 ways by turning a dial.