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The 50 Best Drugstore Setting Powders Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore setting powders are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
True Match Super Blendable Powder by L'Oreal

"Env: developmentI was shopping for foundation at Walgreen's recently, and ended up buying several brands of foundation and some other makeup items,as well. (I love Walgreen's "buy one get one half off deals!")One of the items I purchased that day was **L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup.** and I really like it a lot.I had to go to a memorial service, during the afternoon, and I wanted more cover than a mineral makeup but I didn't want to look too "made up", either. This foundation provided the exact amount of cover and the exact color I was looking for.This is a compact, moist foundation, that comes with a thin sponge on the reverse side of the makeup and a small mirror on the sponge applicator side, which is separate from the foundation side.The mirror comes in very handy and the sponge is soft and allows me to build the L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup as little or as much as I want.The makeup goes on smoothly with it's sponge,it makes my face look soft and smooth, it stays where it's put for quite a long time, and it doesn't feel heavy or clog my pores at all.I have very dry skin, and I always moisturize well before applying foundation, but some foundations still seem to make my dry skin look uneven and even more dry. That's not the case with this foundation, thank goodness! It doesn't dry my face out at all, but it covers imperfections very well and it doesn't sink into my fine lines...it covers them and makes them less noticeable.Another terrific thing about this foundation is that the "True Match" system really does work wonderfully! There's a plastic see through card hanging on the shelf where True Blend is sold. You hold your wrist under that card, where there are small spots of each color of makeup available. When the spot on the card becomes invisible on your wrist, you've found the perfect color for your skin tone! It takes the guess work out of buying the correct color of foundation, and it really does it very well!My true match shade now, before being in the sun yet, is called Natural Beige, but I will be switching to Sun Beige soon, I hope.In any case, there are 19 colors available from which you can choose, so I'm sure you'll easily find your "True Match" color.I like the natural but smooth and polished look **L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup** gives my face very much. It's a winner, in my opinion!Env: development Less" - viewpoints.com user

Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder by Wet n Wild Beauty

A jack of all trades is what we're calling her. Wet n Wild's Photo Focus Loose Setting Powder, a silky weightless setting powder that can be used to set, mattify, absorb oil or bake.

High Definition Powder by e.l.f.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics high definition powder is a translucent, versatile loose powder that creates a flawless, soft focus effect to the skin.

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder by Maybelline

Fit me! Matte + poreless powder from maybelline goes beyond skin tone matching to fit the unique texture issues of normal to oily skin for the ultimate natural skin fit.

Conceal + Perfect Shine-Proof Powder by Milani

Stay flawlessly shine-free through whatever comes your way with this super-soft, lightweight formula. Milani conceal + perfect shine-proof powder's blend of treated pigments and powder create a smooth, matte finish for buildable medium coverage.

Prep Set Go Transparent Face Powder by Milani

"Milani, I love this powder more than I can explain and I hope you never discontinue it. It is literally perfect and only $10. How?! it is transparent on your skin without looking dry or cakey or powdery AT ALL. I have dry skin and normally I can't wear any transparent powder (or most powders at all) because it looks so dry and powdery, this one thought has become my everyday god send to set my makeup. It's also so convenient being a pressed powder instead of loose. It reduces shine only slightly so if you have a dewy foundation on it still lets that foundation look dewy but keeps it from getting too shiney. It keeps my foundation from settling in my lines. It smoothes my skin under my eyes and forehead like a blur filter. I can not say this would be good if youre oily because this won't keep shine away all day. But if you're dry and you want some glow but want to set your makeup then this is seriously an amazing powder. You will be so glad you got it. Less" - myshopify.com/milanicosmetics user

Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel

"I always use this on my legs (or rest of body) when I havnt had time to fake tan properly. I wouldn't want to use it too much as it really is like wearing waterproof makeup- the consistency is more like thin foundation! However, it creates a great colour (a more natural cool tone rather than orange) and smooths everything out. A little goes a long way so actually think the price is very good!!! I use it at least once a fortnight and it has lasted me about a year! When applying be careful - it dries very quickly so best to work in sections and blend immediately. Much easier on moisturised skin - when sprayed directly on to dry skin it dries and sticks and is difficult to blend out. It is pretty heavy duty and will last a couple of days but this will clog your pores!!! When washing off make sure you exfoliate to get all of the product off because the residue will stay for ages. THOROUGHLY RECOMMEND. « less" - Boots.com user

Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder by Maybelline

Start fit. Finish strong. Now fit happens from start to finish! This maybelline fit me loose finishing powder is available in a collection of shades to fit any skin tone.

True Complexion Soft Focus Finishing Powder by black radiance

"Milk chocolate is in fact milk chocolate for ladies who need that. Blends wonderfully. Do buy this in store tho because yes it can break or crack while being shipped. But that does not take away from the quality of the product. Do wish it was smaller for easy carrying tho " - Target user

True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder by Black Opal

"This powder looks great on my dry skin. It sets my face and leaves a matte finish without looking cakey. Setting powders sometimes make my skin look drier, especially drug store setting powders. This doesn't look dry, and helps fill in my pores so my skin looks smoother. It doesn't wear off throughout the day. My makeup does last longer when I use this compared to my other powders. I don't know if it would work as well on oily skin but dry or mature skin will love this.It's packaged nicely. It has a sifter which allows me to get to the powder easily without a huge mess. It does have a subtle sweet scent but it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and once applied I can no longer smell it. As an added bonus this powder is only $10 and you get a good amount so it should last a bit. " - ulta.com user

Pressed Powder by black radiance

"I have been using this powder since I was 16 and I'm 35 now! I use to wear this powder alone without a liquid foundation because I really didn't need a lot of coverage and it gave me light coverage with a flawless matte finish. As I got older I started getting blemishes and needed more coverage. This powder still did the trick in covering my blemishes and giving me that even matte finish that I love. And it wears all day! Now I use it as a setting and finishing powder as part of my everyday make up regimen. I use dream matte mouse liquid foundation and finish my look with this powder. Not only does it completes my look it controls oil. I use to have very dry skin so I had to make sure I moisturized my skin before using this powder because it is very matte and can make you look dry. Now due to hormone changes I do tend to get some shine on my nose. It still get my all day matte finish and I will continue to wear this powder until they discontinue it and hopefully they won't! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - walmart.com user

No Sebum Mineral Powder by innisfree

"I heard a lot of positive reviews on this powder, that's why I wanted to try it out myself. I never found the perfect face powder for me, because every other powder either made my skin look cakey or dry. But this is not the case with this one. It mattifies my skin without taking aways its natural glow which makes my skin look very natural and not powdery at all. Also the cute limited edition emoji packaging is a plus. I think I will purchase another one for my handbag to always take it with me. " - yesstyle.com user

Halo Glow Setting Powder by e.l.f.

"Like most, I use a blend of high, mid, and, I don't want to say low-end, but more affordable I guess(?) products. I have STRUH-GUL-ED with powder, foundation/BB/CC cream doing a weird pilling, streaking thing on my face bc now I'm middle freaking aged all of a sudden. Desperate for answers I was trying all sorts of combinations and sequences of applications. Finally I found it!Apply layer of super strong moisture. SLATHER coat of ELF putty primer up on the more porous spots with a dab one the outside facial edges, let set for a few, and coat the face in this perfect powder like crazy til all areas feel smooth and not at all damp from primer. After this, apply concealer where needed and tap-blot with finger quickly. My skin is luminous (NOT SPARKLY, as previous reviewers have suggested idk where that comes from) and smooth and it lasts the majority of the day. Finding solutions >>>>>>The only issue is that there isn't a lot of product in the container to use it this way but at the price vs the Becca and Clé de Peau options that generally failed, it's fine to buy a few at a time. LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Studio Pro Matte Finish Pressed Powder by BH Cosmetics

"About my skin: - Clear, no acne, just basic discoloration and pores. - I get very oily, so I use Becca primer and Porefessional primer before application of this product and any foundation. - I cleanse with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. - I moisturize with Cetaphil DailyAdvance. - Before BH Studio Pro powder, I used Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere (they were gifts, I wouldn't spend the money). Review: BH Studio Pro gives a blurring effect.. It's one of those descriptions you read that you have to experience to understand. It is matte but not flat. It's the perfect combination for us Oily girls when we first put on makeup, our face may normally seem dull, VERY matte and dry looking, but give it 15-30 minutes, and the oils on the face blends in with the makeup, giving the skin the perfect supple balance. Well, with this powder, I notice it gives that balance the moment of application, and stays that way for 5-6 hours. I will blot lightly with soft tissue after 5-6 hours and the color still stays. After the blotting, reapplication/ touch-ups do not add cakeyness to the face at all. And also, even without blotting, reapplication/ touch-ups would still look flawless. I love this powder! It's so silky AND MATTE, it's what all us Oily girls want. The lustious skin look, without looking too greasy or too dull! Give this a try! I mean, look at the price. It's too awesome I purchased last week in #230 #235, I mix the color together for more summer glow, but using #230 alone is fine also. Look at their youtube video to view the colors better. Now it is out of stock! I hope this means people like the product and BH will never stop selling it ;-) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="732014944536342961-full" data-show="732014944536342961-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

Neutralizing Mattifier Soft Focus Translucent Powder by pacifica

"I love the Pacifica brand and I purchase their CC cream regularly. I wanted to give this powder a try because I have very oily skin/combination and I am impressed so far. It did take some trial and error for me - I first applied it over my NARS tinted moisturizer. That was a no go - it ended up looking really cakey and fake to me just an hour or so into the day. The same thing happened when I dusted this powder on top of the Pacifica CC cream. So I tucked the powder away for a few days thinking it was a waste. Then I figured I should just give it a try by itself. I've been wearing light liquid makeup for awhile now, mainly because when I turned 30 it seemed like powders sadly just didn't work for me on their own anymore. But when I tried this powder alone and after my morning Ordinary routine, WOW. My skin looks flawless. And the best part is that it does the best job of keeping oil at bay, better than any other powders I've tried (you name it, I've tried them). My skin is extremely finicky, so ymmv, but a few things I have noticed to make the most out of this powder and to get the most natural look with my skin type: wear alone (I use the Ordinary azelaic acid solution underneath in the a.m.), do not touch-up with a heavy hand during the day (I've noticed I'm better off to just blot during the day versus touching up with more of this product - that's when it can start to get unnatural looking for me). I recommend giving it a try if you have sensitive, oily, finicky skin as I do. The coverage is great for blemishes and uneven skin tone, and the best part is how I look dewy and glowing halfway through the day - NOT like a grease bucket. I strongly believe this more natural dew versus oil pan effect has something to do with their natural ingredients. Pacifica again for the win! « less" - ulta.com user

Tone Correcting Powder by e.l.f.

Create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy with the e.l.f. Cosmetics tone correcting powder. The lightweight formula evens out skin tone and absorbs excess oil, and sheer formula brightens, mattes and neutralizes the skin.

Loose Face Powder by Coty Airspun

"This powder did not make my dry skin look “powdery†. I fully expected yet another loose powder to cake up and make my foundation look dry and break up or settle into fine lines and accentuate my wrinkles like all the others. I was wrong! It feathered onto my face so light and “airy†that I was stunned. For once I could set my foundation and achieve that airbrushed look I was after! Where has this product been all my life??? I’m glad I bought a multipack because I will use this daily. For once Youtube reviews didnt lie to me. Haha! I do apply moisturizer and I wear dewy or hydrating foundations and primer but still even a light swipe of any other powder to set my makeup would make me dry and cakey, especially my undereye area. This powder just did what it was supposed to do. The finish of my foundation still shines through. I cant even see it on my face but it gave me a smooth airbrush finish, very satiny and it lasted all day. Also I heard it was perfumey but I love how it smells and its very light and goes away. I use a soft powder brush and tap off any excess and apply it lightly and its just perfect! Less" - walmart.com user

#NoFilter Finishing Powder by NYX Professional Makeup

When it comes to getting our picture taken, we all love a good filter. That's why nyx professional makeup created #nofilter finishing powder - their amazing product that delivers a finish as flawless and soft as the most flattering filters on instagram and beyond.

Prime & Stay Finishing Powder by e.l.f.

This lightweight translucent e.l.f. Cosmetics prime & stay finishing powder is formulated to set your makeup in place for longer wear and to help minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Finishing Powder by ULTA Beauty

Stay shine free and finish your look with Ulta's micronized Finishing Powder. This lightweight powder provides a smooth and flawless finish, locking in foundation for longer wear.

High Definition Finishing Powder by NYX Professional Makeup

A lightweight, translucent finishing powder that helps soften the appearance of fine lines and pores. Nyx professional makeup hd finishing powder is a silky pressed powder with a fresh, matte finish.

Shine Free Oil-Control Loose Powder by Maybelline

"My only complaint is that the photo shows the old metal containers and this still comes in the plastic packaging...which is less aesthetically pleasing to me. But first world problem, right? This powder never fails. I am fairly fair yet use the medium shade over a lighter liquid foundation base, or by itself over my moisturizer & it blends exquisitely. I use a big brush, because I don't like how to poofs age and get cakey, so there really is nothing to not like. I wouldn't say it's full coverage, but that also depends how you apply it. I love this product, have been using it for years. " - ulta.com user

Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof by Catrice Cosmetics

Matte strength! The catrice prime & fine waterproof mattifying powder withstands humidity and mattifies your skin for hours. The delicate transparent formula enriched with vitamins a and e ensures a flawless and refined complexion.

Superstay 24H Powder by Maybelline

"I get oily on my T-zone so I always need to use a power. This is long wearing and there's a good colour selection. It's quick and easy to apply and never looks cakey. I recommend using a separate powder puff as the one that comes with the powder is a sponge and doesn't hold the powder very well. Apart from that I love this powder and always go back to it. Long wearing and long lasting! " - very.co.uk user

Luxury Pressed Powder by IMAN

"I was a little nervous when I first bought this but it lived up to Iman's name and her determination to give women the best there is. I use Clay Medium and at first thought the color was too yellow looking but it went on beautifully with my golden/olive undertones and didn't make me "look yellowish", it blended well into my skin. You don't even need foundation if you want to go out with having to put on the whole makeup ritual. Also it never clogged my pores or made me sweat in the Arizona heat. Very pretty and I trust Iman's products now and it is a bit pricey but worth it as it lasts a long time because you only need to use I once and you're good to go! This is a great product and worth purchasing." - drugstore.com user

Queen Collection Lasting Matte Pressed Powder by Covergirl

"I've been interested in trying this powder out since I heard of it. I have never been one to wear daily foundation. I typically spot conceal and then do a light powder to help everything settle and even out. I prefer a more natural look. This powder seems perfect for a "no makeup, makeup look." It's enough to set what I want to cover, but without looking heavy or oily. It really blends into my skin which I love. Throughout the day it does help control oil and keep my skin balanced. When I first applied it I noticed how fine textured the formula is, would it actually help, but it does when I focus it on my t-zone areas. It has no scent or anything off putting and I adore the packaging. So far I've been using it every morning and am happy that my own skin can still show. It's a great product for when you want to give your skin a nice even base. I totally agree with the "fresh" description. This is my new go to compact! :)" - walgreens user

Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder by Black Opal

"I have dark skin and very, very oily acne-prone skin. I don't just get oily on my T-zone but also on all over my cheeks (forehead, chin, all over shiny). So I bought this product to help out with oiliness after I've put on makeup. It works really well for me for a few hours. After, I always have to blot or use another powder after a few hours to remove the shine. It could be just my skin that is super oily, I'm not sure. I'm not unsatisfied since when you put it on, it really does mattify your face and takes away all the shine. It also has no color and does not leave you looking ashy or whitish which is fantastic. Overall, good product for the price." - drugstore.com user

Make It Last Setting Powder by Milani

"I purchased this translucent face powder on line a couple of months ago, for the 1st time. I only used it to set the under eye area at first, then started using it for all over the face to set my foundation. I have dry skin. This powder doesn't cling to any flakes that I might have and does not accentuate texture. I haven't discovered any cons as of this point. It's a smooth powder, never cakey, blends easily. It brightens under my eyes just enough, not too much. I don't use a lot of concealer, and prefer a cream concealer over a liquid. This powder compliments the cream to set perfectly and allows for other powder products to blend nicely on top. I like that Milani makes this product to be travel friendly, with the interior twist cap to keep the powder contained. " - myshopify.com/milanicosmetics user

Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder by Soap & Glory

With vision-boggling superblur technology and camouflawge 3d - soap & glory's amazing powder, kick ass instant retouch pressed powder, immediately perfects your face. Skin looks impossibly smooth, feels silky, and delivers real-time retouching.

Powder Palette Pressed Powder by Physicians Formula

"I own a few powders, some are high end like some micro finish powders and I choose Physicians Formula over all of them. This stuff works great for me, my skin tone, and with the other face makeup I use under and over this. This has a very neutral tone that is not too yellow or too pink, it definitely livens up my face adding just a touch of color which I need. In the dead of winter, like feb. and march it is just a tiny bit off color for me but I just sweep it down my neck and collar bone and blend it out and it's perfect. I use this to set my foundation and it has a VERY very very subtle glow to it, it's more matte but if you look so close to a mirror you might see some teeny shimmers, nothing major I swear. I use a bronzer on top of this to do some shading and I'm all set. My face makeup lasts all day for me and doesn't make me break out and since it's powder, seems to control oil. I've tried a good dozen or so powders over the years and I have no reason to buy another. Hope it work for you as well as it does for me! Oh and I use a brush to apply this all over my face, but when I do rare touch ups I use the puff and it's great for on the go. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6257780220932954186-full" data-show="-6257780220932954186-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Hydra Perfecte Perfecting Loose Powder by L'Oreal

"I'm going to start by mentioning that I am a VERY complicated makeup artist/junkie. I have, newly, combination/oily skin. I'm also SUPER into the skin lately. I want my natural skin to peak through and my imperfections/blemishes to be hidden. I was looking for a more inexpensive powder that I could bake with that wouldn't dry out my under eyes. I've tried just about every loose powder the drugstore has to offer and then noticed this one, which i'd previously never seen before. I decided to give it a shot, although I wasn't really thinking it was going to be anything special, boy was I wrong. This is such a soft, smooth, line filling, finely milled powder. You can use this to lightly dust over your foundation to set it & it works great for baking. I'm definitely excited about this seeing as the powder I usually use to set my under eyes ("bake") is $25 for 0.14oz. Crazy, I know. Anyways, it's completely replaced my high end powder for my under eyes. It's highly underrated and I most certainly would recommend this. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - walmart.com user

Loose Powder by Max Factor

"I have been using this for a little while now, and I am definately buying it again when this one runs out.This is a very light powder, that blends really well over foundation, or just on its own to give you a natural even skin tone.It has a slight shine that gives my skin a healthy glow.My makeup looks more natural, andI have not had to reapply any powder at all throughout the day.No oily patchiness whilst using this powder either.My skin does not feel clogged while on,or when I have taken my makeup off at the end of the dayI would highly recommend this to everyone who wants great looking makeup. " - maxfactor.com user

Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Powder by L'Oreal

L'oréal makeup designer paris presents infallible pro-matte 16hr powder, the new standard of matte. Discover the makeup artist inspired soft matte finish powder for a smooth, multi-dimensional look that is never flat or cakey.

Healthy Mix Pressed Powder by Bourjois

"Love itThe design of the powder is really beautiful and it is really well made. The powder is very lightweight, sturdy and compact, you can easily carry it around with you in your handbag. I like that the powder container snaps shut and seals tightly and it’s a really great safety barrier against it breaking or opening up inside your handbag. The powder is on the top and then there is a compartment underneath with a mirror and a sponge which is really nice. The powder makes my skin look radiant and shine free all day long. The powder feels very light on my skin and it makes my skin look flawless. The powder helps my liquid foundation to last for a longer period of time. The powder has a lovely soft texture and it goes on really well on my face. The powder gives my face a nice matte effect and it doesn’t make your face feel dry after using it. The powder blended into my skin really easily and gave a natural appearance, brightening my face. Less" - bourjois.com user

Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder by Rimmel

"One of the only powders Ive been happy to use and I do not regret it! Its the first loose powder I ever was happy enough to buy and since buying it, I never looked back to pressed powders again! I just think that loose powder has a much more smoothing effect on my skin and looks a lot less powdery and heavy. Also, I feel it helps with my oily skin, and keeps my skin matte for a lot longer which is helpful!The scent is another aspect I love, its a very subtle scent that can easily miss but if you catch the scent, its a slightly sweet, typical makeup scent. I know that thats the worst description of a scent ever but I suppose youll just have to buy and see for yourself! " - rimmellondon.com user

High Definition Undereye Powder by e.l.f.

"Overall: it's not just worth it as a $3 undereye setter but it's better than other high end splurges I've made. It just works. I'm SO HAPPY!Product: the consistency of powder is very fine. Finer than bare minerals veil or Clinique's translucent finishing powder. It's very lightweight and it sets my concealer perfectly. (Also there's no glitter, which older/"most helpful" rated reviews say). My concealer doesn't crease at all.Use: I use it to set my under eyes and on my SMILE lines if I wear foundation. I have blue/green veins under my eyes (on the outer edge of my orbits, above that cheekbone arch) so sometimes I just wear concealer on the under eyes, right where it can crease up. But not anymore. Also really helped create a seamless transition between the concealed under eye and my bare skin. Also since my skin is dry except sometimes on my nose and between my brows, I've been throwing this in my little cross body bag when I go out to use as a touch up powder and it works great (matte).Color: It has a white peachy/pink cast looking at it but it applies on "colorless" to white. Sort of how when you apply baby powder to the skin and its sheer but it's white (except not that opaque and dramatic). It ends up giving a matte brightening effect.Packaging: So the size is small (very small) but I've been using it for a month and I won't need to replace for a long while. And like I already said, perfect size to throw in your bag. Now this little baby jar packaging is adorable but there's something about the shape and the finely milled powder that makes it a little messy (but it's a loose powder). But you don't have to worry about it if you toss it in your bag or anything. And if you get it on a black dress, brush it right off- it won't leave that fall out residue like other powders. « less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder by Covergirl

"I just love the Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Liquid Makeup and have been using it for a couple years. The price for this makeup is very reasonable and lasts a very long time. A couple of drops is usually all I need to get the coverage and I want and need. It goes on very easily and lasts all day without feeling greasy or weighed down. I currently use the number 130 shade which is also called Classic Beige. It blends in very nicely and easly covers the minor imperfections and flaws on my face. I have recommended the Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Liquid Makeup to my friends who are also over forty years old, and they thanked me for suggesting it to them. Another thing that I love about this product is that it has Olay Regenerist skin care right in the makeup, which allows me to use less moisturizer underneath the Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Liquid Makeup." - walgreens user

Cat's Wink Clear Pact by TONYMOLY

"This powder is lightweight and fits well to the skin, providing smooth coverage that seems to blur out the appearance of larger pores. So far, it's good at controlling oil for several hours, and maintains a velvet feel. The only con is that there isn't a useful mirror attached to the lid, just a barely reflective metallic sticker - but the powder itself is great. " - ebay.com user

Perfect Finish HD Powder by e.l.f.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics perfect finish hd powder is a versatile, translucent pressed finishing powder to set makeup, reduce shine, and mattify skin.

Colorstay Pressed Powder by Revlon

"This powder goes so beautifully over the Colorstay foundation! I use the Medium in the summer over the foundation in Fresh Beige. It is a very natural shade, blends right in, doesn't oxidize one bit, and absorbs oil without looking powdery or making skin dry. The puff is not so great, but I just replace it with a better one. Even touching up throughout the day, my face stays fresh and beautiful. Revlon Rocks!" - drugstore.com user

Prep + Set + Glow Illuminating Transparent Powder by Milani

An on-the-glow primer, setting powder and illuminator in one! Milani prep + set + glow illuminating transparent powder delivers a natural healthy glow, blurs the look of imperfections, sets makeup and adds all-over radiance.

Perfect Light Loose Powder by no7

"This loose powder is excellent! I have a very fair, and normal to dry skin, and it suits it perfectly. It is wonderfully fine and lightweight, and I use the Translucent version, which doesn't change the colour of my foundation at all. I have worked for some of the top cosmetic houses, and used theirs and other houses loose powders over the years, but this No7 powder is as good, if not better than many of them, and quite often at least a third of the price too!!!! My only little moan would be that when there is not much powder left in the pot, it can be difficult to get the last bit out, in the same way as if you are not careful when the pot is new and full, you can end up with some powder going over the sides when you tap it to get it to come up through the holes. However, this is a minor issue, and I will definitely not stop me continuing to buy it. Please just don't change it, or stop making it Boots!!!!!!!!" - walgreens user

Vitalist Healthy Setting Powder by Covergirl

Enjoy radiant skin with covergirl vitalist go glow glotion. Infused with vitamins e, b3 and b5, this lightweight moisturizer with light-reflecting pigments gives your skin a naturally hydrated luminous glow.

Mineral Setting Powder by ULTA Beauty

"I received a small pot of the Ulta Mineral Setting Powder in a free gift about a month ago. I am not a fan of mineral makeup because any that I have tried always seems to settle into fine lines accentuating them and they have always left glittery flecks all over my face. So needless to say when I saw the mineral powder it got tossed to the Nope basket in my closet. I have been using Maybelline's Fit Me pressed powder for setting my under eye (normal), base of my nose, smile lines, and chin (oily), bridge of my nose and forehead (dry). While I love Maybelline Fit Me foundation I wasn't in love with the pressed powder. If felt it made my skin look like plastic, an unnatural sheen in certain light is the best way I can describe it. Anyway, in times of dissatifaction I sometimes raid the Nope basket to see if there is anything I can try. I found the Ulta Mineral Setting Powder and gave it a whorl. I'm not going to lie. The loose powder is messy. All loose powder is messy, whether it's face powder or eye shadow. BUT the product is fantastic. I applied with a clean blush brush I hadn't been using, dabbed it on and let it bake a bit. It blended out beautifully. It lasted all day (I put my makeup on at 6am and don't wash my face until 10:30pm or later). No creasing, no wearing off (I'm not a face toucher)...just smooth, beautiful, and NO GLITTER! Love this stuff." - ulta user

All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder by essence

Essence all about matt! Fixing compact powder waterproof translucent powder mattifies skin and protects from humidity.

Insta Fix & Matte Setting Translucent Powder by Rimmel

"This is the best mattefying powder I have ever purchased, drugstore or otherwise. I have purchased it several times over since I first discovered it a year ago.The powder is very pressed and dense, so a little goes a long way and it lasts me quite some time (3-4 months of daily use). It does not come with an applicator, so you will need to use a fluffy powder brush, which sets makeup for hours and provides a flawless matte finish. This leaves little to no white residue, though you will need to blend it a bit more with a few extra swipes on darker skin tones.For the price, you can't beat it! " - beautyboutique.ca user

Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Face Powder by Physicians Formula

Physicians formula mineral face powder has minerals such as mica and silica to provide a smooth, ''second skin'' feel and finish. Delivers a natural finish by gently absorbing oil without drying and helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder SPF 30 by Physicians Formula

Physicians formula ultra-fine mineral wear talc-free mineral airbrushing pressed powder spf 30 delivers impeccable coverage for a flawless airbrushed finish. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and sun damage.

Banana Dreams Loose Powder by w7

"My current fave powder to use for setting my face everyday. It is so finely milled and I like the fact that its a more lighter yellow then other banana powders, I actually prefer this one over the BenNye powder. It gives me a flawless finish and doesnt look cakey nor dry, the great thing is that its so affordable.Its great to use with a sponge or a brush, I love a bright undereye and this is perfect for that too, gives the perfect highlight. The packaging is practical, I tap some out on the lid and use it, anything leftover goes back in the tub so no wastage. I have recommend this powder to so many people who are loving it too. " - justmylook.com user