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The 50 Best Drugstore Liquid Foundations Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore liquid foundations are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
HD Liquid Coverage Foundation by Catrice Cosmetics

Hi-def coverage! Catrice's hd liquid coverage foundation is an ultra-lightweight, high coverage foundation for a natural looking finish.

Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation by L'Oreal

"I have drier skin. This foundation really is not as drying as many people say. I make sure to exfoliate my skin before I use the foundation. I put moisturizer and moisturizing primer before I apply it as well. It does oxidize a little bit. However, it is not as bad as the superstay foundation and for how cheap it is, it is not a big deal. It lasts the entire day. I would not say it is a matte foundation as loreal claims. I mean I do use moisturizer beforehand, but it is not totally matte. I do not use powder and throughout the day oil does not build too bad. Throughout the day, the more natural the finish becomes. It does not settle into fine lines anymore than any other good foundation would. It is full coverage. I have recieved tons of compliments on it. I totally recommend, as finding foundations that suit my dry skin is sooooo difficult." - mira user

Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation by L'Oreal

L'oréal's infallible pro-matte 24hr foundation has an air-light texture with a demi-matte finish. This super gliding mattifying formula has a high water content for maximum comfort that lasts!

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation by Maybelline

Fit me! Matte + poreless from maybelline goes beyond skin tone matching to fit the unique texture issues of normal to oily skin for the ultimate natural skin fit.

Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation & Concealer by Milani

"Wow, I am completely blown away by this foundation. I rarely venture beyond using a prestige brand of foundation, however the Conceal + Perfect has really thrown me for a loop as a find myself reaching for this daily. For reference, the types of foundations I currently use and alternate between are as follows: Lancome, Armani (Luminous Silk and Powder Fabric), Hourglass (stick), MUF (stick), and Nars (Luminous Glow). I typically seek full coverage without the cake face that usually accompanies such with a slight glow. I feel as if though I've finally found what I'm looking for in one bottle and no longer need to sit at my table and mix formulas every morning to obtain the perfect shade and/or desired coverage. The only thing comparable to this foundation that I can think of is the Urban Decay All Nighter and Estee Lauder Double Wear - both of which were complete fails for me. I found those foundations to oxidize and to be very cakey by mid-day on my dry skin (color selections were excellent though). I find the Conceal + Perfect superior to both. For starters, the coverage of this foundation is amazing, so much so that I find myself using less concealer in my problem areas. I have sun spots and dark under eye circles, and these are easily corrected without color correcting and less concealer. This is a buildable coverage foundation, however one pump alone is more than enough. I don't find myself needing to build any additional coverage after my initial application. Additionally, adding a finishing powder does not make the foundation cakey as it typically would with other brands of foundation. Blending this product is super easy, which is surprising for a thicker and full coverage foundation. I've had great luck with both a beauty blender (dot entire face with foundation and blend out) and a buffing brush (same dotting technique). The new Pur Cosmetics brush which is similar to the Artis 6 Oval brush is my favorite means of application. However, I do find that I have to be more selective with my primer choices when using this foundation. Despite having dry skin, I noticed that my T-zone was getting more oily than usual. This was corrected by using a mattifying primer in that area. In regards to color choices, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection for my skin tone (tan - East Indian decent - purchased shades 10 & 11). I do agree with the other reviews that the options appear to have more of a yellow undertone, however I can only speak for the darker shades in this line. In the instance that you're having trouble finding the right shade, I suggest finding a shade that's close to what you require and mixing it with another foundation in your current collection that is the correct shade (different brand or not), since the formula of the Conceal + Perfect alone is worth adding to what you're currently using. Overall, I recommend at least purchasing this and giving it a shot - if you're unable to find your shade or strike out on the first time, try one more time before giving up (that's what I did). Good luck! « less" - Target user

Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint by Neutrogena

"I got this full-size bottle of foundation in the lightest shade as a free gift and I really wasn't expecting much because I have such fair skin and even the lightest shade is usually too dark for me or oxidizes a horrible shade of Orange shortly after application even with a good primer. I am 51 and have very dry skin and fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes that I am treating with serums and creams and most foundations make it worse not better by settling into the fine lines and creases so it looks worse with Foundation than without. I have tried pretty much all of the high-end foundations and have had little luck with any of them except for Urban Decay Naked skin which I use the lightest shade .05 it does not oxidize on me but it does feel a bit heavy.So needless to say I was not expecting much from this Foundation. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it had an applicator which made it very easy to just dot it all over my face instead of pumping it into my hand and then dotting it on my face and then having to use my foundation brush to wipe it off my hand and then start blending it into my face it's just a convenience issue which is nice. that being said I used my favorite foundation brush my It Cosmetics 101 blurring foundation brush and this was just over moisturizer and elf hydrating primer because I didn't want to use a high-end primer I wanted to see what this Foundation had on its own and holy cow! It literally blew me away! It how easily it Blended in with my skin! It was like I was not even wearing Foundation! it felt and looked so natural that I couldn't believe it! I had to go and ask my fiance what he thought, and he said that my skin looked wonderful! He said what did I put on it? he said it doesn't look like you're wearing any makeup but it looks great! (he knows how sensitive I have been about my aging skin lately!) I set the foundation with just a little bit of Too Faced's ethereal setting powder and their three in one priming setting spray and it has been on now for over 10 hours without any oxidation or transfer separation dry patches or oiliness and it looks gorgeous! I am switching to this Foundation because I believe I have found my Holy Grail!! Thank God for this Foundation because I was about to give up on my skin because no Foundation looked good on me while I was treating my lines and wrinkles it seems to look worse with any foundation as I said previously except this one! maybe because it has hyaluronic acid in it, or because it's such a light formula but it does have very good coverage for me and I used very little and as I said I used my favorite foundation brush and no concealer which is unheard of for me because I have slight dark circles under my eyes because my skin is so fair and I don't sleep well because of chronic pain. sorry this review is so long but I am just as I said blown away by this Foundation!! If I could rate it higher than five stars I would! I highly recommend it to anyone with mature dry skin and sensitive skin who has the worry of foundation settling into fine lines and wrinkles because this just didn't do it!! « less" - ulta.com user

The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 by Physicians Formula

"I've tried a few foundations from physician's formula that have actually been amazing (youthful wear, argan wear bb cream) but the shade range has been so bad that I could only use these if I have a tan. This one really surprised me with the shade range, the quality of the product and the packaging. I got the shade LW2 (the lightest warm shade) and it is a perfect match. For reference, I am close to the shade 120 Buff in Almay's Best Blend Forever foundation. I didn't notice any oxidation with this foundation.It has a medium coverage - but it looks smooth and flawless. it also doesn't pick up on any of my dry patches, or break up on me throughout the day as most foundations do. I apply this with a real techniques blending sponge (which is my preferred method with every foundation). It has a natural finish - I don't feel like I need to set it on my combo skin. Lastly, I wish this would have a higher SPF or no SPF at all. SPF 20 isn't enough for me to wear this without any other sun protection, and it may cause flashback. I have not tested it for flashback yet so I do not know if that will occur.As for the packaging, I personally love the large doe foot applicator. It's so easy to apply the perfect amount every time. I wish the bottle was plastic, not glass though. It feels very luxurious but I'm afraid I will break it if it drops.I received this product at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review. « less" - walmart.com user

Photo Focus Foundation by Wet n Wild Beauty

"I recently purchased this foundation after watching dozens of videos raving about it. I normally don't buy into the hype from beauty gurus promoting products, but I figured this is cheap and it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. For reference, I have combo skin with super oily areas, random redness and some light, occasional acne, so no huge problems to cover up. I also hate wearing foundation. I can't stand the feeling of product on my face and it's caused me to return/toss/pass along many a foundation because I knew I would never touch it. My usual routine is to use some concealer on any of my "problem" areas, just to make my skin look uniform, and I'm happy with that coverage. This foundation pleasantly surprised me. It dries down to a semi-matte finish and feels and looks, for the most part, like skin. It sets pretty quickly and doesn't leave behind a tacky residue, so your face doesn't feel oily or gross. I wouldn't say this lasts all day on me, but it does last a full work day (office job, 9-10 hours) with only minor fading around my nose and on my forehead. I also wear glasses, so it of course rubs off a bit under the nose pieces, but I have yet to find a foundation that doesn't do that. However, considering how oily I get, that's pretty awesome! It does have a slight fragrance (as a lot of people have said, it smells a little like paint) but I'm sensitive to that sort of thing and it doesn't bother me after the product is on, so you won't notice it while wearing it. I would say this has solid medium coverage and will disguise redness and most acne. It does cling a bit to some dry spots, but nothing crazy! Also, I'm guessing I'm around an NC20 or 25 in MAC foundations (never been matched and don't own any, but that's what I've gathered by comparing some shades in other brands that do match me on Temptalia's foundation matrix) and I purchased Buff Bisque initially. It is a bit too dark for me but will be perfect in the summer. I plan on purchasing the next shade down with this undertone (Nude Ivory) and I think that one will be perfect. I should also point out that I have pretty yellow skin and the neutral undertone worked best for me (I don't pay a lot of attention to undertone, so maybe that's normal for me). Overall, this is a great foundation if you're looking for something cheap, medium coverage and light on the skin." - walgreens user

ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin SPF 15 by Revlon

Revlon's colorstay makeup for combo/oily skin is a foundation that smoothes on evenly for a flawless look. This foundation features softflex technology that will not rub off with normal wear.

Pro Foundation Mixer by NYX Professional Makeup

Your custom shade is just a pro foundation mixer away! Nyx professional makeup's shade mixers are designed to adjust the tone, shade and finish of any liquid foundation, resulting in a truly perfect match.

TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation by Covergirl

COVERGIRL's TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation's formula is developed with flexi-hold technology that creates a strong, yet flexible film on skin for durability and comfort, while the mattifying powders absorb oil and minimizes pores for a soft matte, flawless finish.

Age Defying Firming + Lifting Makeup by Revlon

"I'm 24 and recently I've been struggling with acne and acne marks worse than when I was a teenager, so I went into Ulta ready to spend tons of money on a great foundation. What I found was that almost all of the high-end foundations clung to the small, nearly-invisible dry patches on my face (mostly around spots that were healing). I have oily to combination skin, so this was really a surprise! I had been using Colorstay (Shades 150 or 180 in the "Oily" line) for a while, but the lack of a pump made using it a hassle and a mess! So I decided to try this on a BOGO while repurchasing Colorstay...and I ended up liking this even better. For comparison, it's thinner than Colorstay while giving comparable coverage. The consistency makes it easy to blend all over my face and then go back over problem areas with another layer of foundation to augment coverage; this way, it doesn't look like I'm wearing a mask. My skin has definitely been improving and I can leave the house with just a thin layer some days. For reference, I'm a 2.0-3.0 (winter-summer) in UD Naked and I wear 10-30 in this line. I recommend this to everyone I know and even got my mom hooked. A must try! « less" - ulta.com user

ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin by Revlon

"I bought this in natural beige (I'm Greek venezuelan, so I'm a light olive, but with dark hair and eyes). The ONLY reason I bought this was because I was VERY desperate. I had NO money for makeup and my smash box BB cream (which I wear in light/neutral or light/medium) was basically dead. I have very dry, red, acne prone skin. My acne is getting better, it's mostly red and sorta pimply cheeks now. The smash box did a good job of mostly covering the acne, but I had to use a little bit of concealer for redness. So I had very low expectations for this. I am a totally name brand makeup snob. I can't remember the last time I bought drug store makeup. Probably in middle school. I had actually bought this foundation a long time ago, but it stank and felt tacky. I however ended up trying it again since it was so highly rated. Let me tell you, it will take a miracle foundation for me to start buy that expensive stuff again. It is the perfect amount of coverage for me, it's perfect for my dry skin, and it blends flawlessly (I use the benefit foundation brush). It looked too pink when I put it on my hand at first (I have a somewhat yellow undertone, so I use yellowish makeup), but it covered my redness really well and it looks so natural and feels weightless. I never write reviews but the moment I finished putting this on I was so impressed I sat down and immediately wrote this. This is an amazing foundation. My only con would be that this might be a little to hard for beginners to use. It's a thick liquid consistency, and it might dry too fast if you aren't good at blending. I really recommend using a foundation brush." - ulta user

Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation by L'Oreal

"God yes. If you're not aware of what Accutane is, it's a strong acne prescription drug that makes your skin extremely dry. It wasn't my first time taking accutane so I knew going into it what would happen to my skin. So I went to my local drug store and picked this one out-not knowing what I was getting into going into this. Ive never used a foundation by this brand but it was the only foundation that pretty heavily branded 'heavy glow', so I bought it (plus it was super cheap compared to others). Let me just say I never had high hopes for this foundation. I have an extremely hard time finding foundation that works for me and considering I was about to go through skin h*ll for the next 8 months I wasn't getting my hopes up. Long story short this foundation was a holy grail. I never once had any dry patches through a 12 or 15 hours I had this on. Occasionally if I knew I was touching my face a lot that day I'd have to quickly powder and blend my face some. that was really the only con. I applied beautifully and so smooth once you powder your face. My contour and highlight blended well with it and all in all Im super impressed. 2 months after I finished Accutane (finished my 3rd bottle) I ran out and didn't have time to go to the store and pick up more so I used some of my foundation I used before which was some high end pricey foundation. Lets just say I went through the day feeling like my face was the dessert, and looking so cakey. immediately that next morning I picked me up some more pro-glow. I will never go back to anything else and will honestly be devastated if they discontinue this. If you know you have dry skin or if you're on Accutane or some other skin solution that makes your skin dry PLEASE use this. I promise you'll never want to use anything else. This saved me from 8 months of h*ll because honestly I loved putting on my makeup knowing I was going to look glowey and flawless. « less" - ulta.com user

True Match Super-Blendable Foundation by L'Oreal

L'Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation Makeup has multiple shades span light to deep & warm, neutral & cool. Hydrating formula, Med coverage, Natural finish. Shades match each person's unique skin tone & undertone.

Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation by Maybelline

Maybelline's fit me dewy + smooth foundation is face makeup that fits you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. This foundation blends seamlessly for light to medium, natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be - fresh, breathing, flawless.

Line Smoothing Liquid Makeup by Almay

"I just love this stuff. Bought on vacation as I needed something. It is very natural looking, does not feel like a foundation, more like a tinted moisturizer but dries with a silky velvet texture. I do not need powder over this to set it; it sets and dries on its own (hate powder) and lasts all day long. I usually use a TM and am finding those to be too thick these days and goopy. This provides just enough coverage to make me feel "done". For those with dry skin that want a light to medium coverage - doubt it will work with oily skin. Only bad thing I can say (and I have tried so many foundations - hated them all), is that the bottle cap is horrible. Wish it came in a tube or pump to keep it sanitary and not spill. This is the "old style" glass packaging for a foundation, and its a "new style" skin finish style foundation so Almay needs to get with the program. Also has a light smell and wish it had no smell but it is not too overpowering. If this continues to work, I will be thrilled as I am now spending $55 on the same amount of foundation (high end stuff) and this is nicer, better overall color, finish, texture, etc. « less" - drugstore.com user

SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation by Maybelline

Be your own professional makeup artist with maybelline's super stay full coverage foundation. Saturated color pigments provide an ultra-transforming effect in this long-lasting foundation.

Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation by Covergirl

Covergirl's vitalist healthy elixir foundation has a vitamin-infused formula with a special antioxidant and vitamin complex. Finally, a hydrating formula for beautiful, buildable coverage that glides on smoothly for a flawless look!

Dream Radiant Liquid Medium Coverage Hydrating Foundation by Maybelline

Maybelline's Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation is the lightweight hydrating foundation your skin won't want to take off. Hydrates skin, is formulated with hyaluronic acid and collagen. Medium coverage foundation for normal to dry skin. Delivers instant radiance that glows.

Total Control Drop Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

"I love this foundation. I am very pale; I bought the shade 'Alabaster' because the palest shade looked verrry white (a+ shade range). I can't really speak on the range of the darker shades but they look impressive for drugstore products. The color matches me if I add enough bronzer, because it may be too pale at times. (To compare shades with other foundations I use 110 in Maybelline's Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation which looks too dark for me, but keeps me from being pasty.) Back to the foundation. I have medium oily skin. I used the Coty Airspun powder and the Maybelline fit me powder on top of the foundation which I always use so I can not speak on the staying power by itself. After at least 7 hours, the foundation looked flawless. I bought the Nyx total control brush as well to achieve maximum results. With the brush the application is flawless. As to how the number of drops controls the level of coverage there suggestion is a little incorrect. I use about 4 drops to start then add more to achieve the level of coverage I want. This foundation layers well and covered up my redness (which I could never cover before. The foundation can definitely give full coverage. At my work, a group of people even commented on my face saying I had "natural beauty", my skin was flawless, and they couldn't tell if I had makeup or not on. As to the price, it was a little higher than most drugstore products and I had to order online because I was unsure I would find my shade and the brush in store.When I got the foundation I was shocked the see the size of the product, the dimensions are about 1.5 in x 1 in when I was expecting larger. I think the price could be a bit cheaper due to the size but you can easily find coupons for nyx products (I used to buy 2 get 1 50% off). All in all, I would definitely recommend to a friend I absolutely adore this foundation. Less" - ulta.com user

Luxury Concealing Foundation by IMAN

Full coverage, long-wear formula will give you a flawless and radiant complexion. Its buildable and versatile coverage makes this the ultimate 2-in-1 foundation.

Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup by Neutrogena

"My skin has always been dry and acne prone, yet oily on my nose and forehead. For the longest time, I have used acne medications, and fortunately, most of my acne is gone, but my skin is still sensitive and breaks out if I don't maintain my skin care routine daily. I have been using Neutrogena's skin-clearing liquid foundation, which has worked fairly well for me, but lately, my skin has looked dull because of the salicylic acid's drying affect on my skin. So, since Neutrogena has never let me down yet, I might try another of their liquid foundations to try and solve my dry skin problems. After searching and searching and looking through about 100 reviews, I decided on buying this foundation the next time I went to the store. The next day, I eagerly cleansed, medicated, and moisturized my face, and put this foundation on next. INSTANTLY, I noticed a difference in the way my face looked...I looked radiant, glowing, flawless, hydrated, and incandescent...and yet, I felt like I wasn't even wearing makeup! In fact, it didn't even look like I was wearing makeup, but that I had a naturally perfect complexion and had merely moisturized my face thoroughly. My acne scars were covered nicely without looking cakey, and my skin felt silky soft and smooth while wearing the makeup, and after taking it off. Having had a typically dull and matte face all the time, I was in awe of seeing my face have a healthy shine that didn't look greasy, even on the oily parts of my face. I've been using it for only a week now, and have even gone biking in the heat while wearing this foundation, and I am pleased to say that I have not had a single breakout or redness from sensitivity from wearing this foundation.The fact that it has added SPF is an added bonus, since I can't normally wear sunscreen without looking greasy. Thank you, Neutrogena! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="9056083768248251275-full" data-show="9056083768248251275-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Neutrogena user

SkinClearing Liquid Makeup by Neutrogena

"I really didn't want to try a liquid makeup because the few I've tried look caked on and greasy, whereas powders and mouses seem to work better with my skin, rather than sit on top. But my prom was coming up, so I decided to try this product to keep my acne at bay during the day.I love love love love this product! It is smooth and mats oil throughout the day, rather than sitting on top of my face like other liquids. I am pale and burn easily, so I love that this product also has SPF for everyday. Just in the first couple of days, my face feels smoother and softer, and no new blemishes at the end of the day. My pores were reduced in size and the coverage was excellent. Definitely going to stick with this product, well worth the price. My face was perfect by prom!Careful on picking a shade, it looks darker in the bottle than it actually is (so if you get a chance, dab some on your skin at the store to make sure the shade matches). Some people said this product made their face dry, but I have slightly oily skin, so this product works best for me, no dryness!Besides using this Neutrogena product, I also use the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask (I use it as a night mask mostly), which I love and also recommend!Love Neutrogena, this is a keeper! « less" - neutrogena.com user

Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation by Covergirl

Show off fresh, healthy skin you with Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, this lightweight nourishing liquid foundation gives your skin the moisture boost it craves with a delicate infusion of milky coconut and soothing aloe.

Naturally Flawless Foundation by BH Cosmetics

"I had never bought anything from BH Cosmetics before, even though I get emailed with the specials everyday. When I saw this on sale, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try it, plus as a professional Make-Up Artist, I needed to replenish my foundation supply. I purchased 1 in every color. When they came, I tried on the color that matched my complexion, to test the texture, wear and color blend on my own skin, and I was very impressed with how smoothly and flawless the application looked, and how lightweight it felt. I couldn't even see that I was wearing foundation, it blended so well. (I test foundation on my face, and not my hand). I have normal to dry skin, and my color from this collection is Hazelnut. I have noticed that the foundation looks lighter through the bottle than when it is dispensed. This could be because of the frosted embellishment the bottle has. Anyway, I used this liquid foundation for a photo shoot on a model who wore the color Light Olive. The product is thick, buildable, and heavily pigmented, so you want to apply a little at a time. I would describe it as having the ability to give up to full coverage. This I did and it definitely covered the few acne breakouts that she had at the time, and evened out her skin tone, making it flawless. This foundation passes the flash photography test, and is long-wearing. I had to leave the photo shoot early, and the photographer told me afterward that no touch ups were required. The photo shoot was done outdoors in Summer, and the model had several wardrobe changes. I am immensely impressed at the quality since I am used to higher end brands, some of which do not perform well under pressure. If you are wanting to try this, you get the green light from me. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7483872648145540121-full" data-show="-7483872648145540121-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

Acne Fighting Foundation by e.l.f.

This lightweight e.l.f. Cosmetics acne fighting foundation works to disguise redness, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation by LA Girl

"I got it this morning, I tested all day. I AM THRILLED. I used the rt miracle sponge, the result was too good for a drugstore powder. As a primer, I used a nivea soft cream before the powder, when the matte was just applied. After 20 minutes, gloss is seen, it does not get into the pores. It's nice on the skin, very natural. Coverage is medium, a small amount is needed for the whole face, it is very smooth. At yt it was compared with wnw photofocus, but I have to say that LA GIRL is much better, natural, has a better cover and a nice shine. This is the fourth order with beauty bay, all packages have arrived. So far, there have been no problems. Thank you beauty bay for the opportunity to buy products that are not in my country at all. <33333333 I hope that soon it will be a colourpop, it is a very good quality brand with good prices for us that can not afford anything like a lipstick of Jeffree Star and a high end palette of eye shadow. Please bring a colourpop to as !! <3" - beautybay user

Superstay Better Skin Foundation by Maybelline

"Wow, this foundation is really a time and life saver! I have been looking for a foundation like this for a really long time. I wanted something lightweight, buildable, yet can be a full coverage without accentuating dry patches or making me any oilier. I have combination oily skin, my t-zone is oily but my cheeks and chin is dry.This foundation worked so well to keep the places that's dry hydrated and maintain a semi-matte appearance where it gets oily throughout the day.I would say this is not an all day mattifying foundation but I will not say that it sucks at controlling oil either. It does a decent enough job at keeping the oil away. However, at the end of the day, like within 8 hours, a shine will still come through. But the good thing about this is that I didn't even have to blot or powdered myself. Not even once! I went through the day fine without that thanks to this baby.The color is also a huge plus because it's not too warm or too cool, it's neutral all the way. It also applies like a dream come true. It glides evenly across the skin and when you blend it out it feels like silk across your face. Medium to Full coverage yet super blendable and almost non-detectable on the face. This is what that's unique about this foundation. It's not heavy and it will apply beautifully on the skin. I find that using a flat top kabuki brush with this foundation is the best way to go. You can achieve that perfect coverage and save plenty of time because the flat top helps to evenly distribute the foundation all over your face.Also, I wanted to add that this foundation tend to look better as the day goes on by. I don't know if anyone else out there agree with me on this but I do believe that my face look so much better once the foundation settled in and had a couple hours of rest on my face. The shade fits me better and the coverage somehow seem to maximize to cover my acne scars. Maybe it's just my imagination but I'm still going giving this foundation a thumbs up! Less" - ulta.com user

Healthy Mix Foundation by Bourjois

"I struggle with foundations for a few reasons. I have very pale skin, very dry skin (I suffer from chronic urticaria, and psoriasis) as well as a bit of peach fuzz.In general, I think it’s got great coverage, and even building it up for more coverage doesn’t feel thick, it’s moisturising (so good for dry skin), it smells amazing, it gives a nice glow (I’m not sure how this would be for oily skin), and it isn’t crumbly or cakey (although my peach fuzz is so fine it’s invisible, drier foundations have made it more obvious in the past, but I have had no issue with this at all).My skin leans towards a slightly more pinkish tone (which I did not know until after ignoring a review stating 51 Light Vanilla was too yellow, thinking it was not relevant to me, and I had to buy another bottle), and 50 Rose Ivory was just as pale but also a perfect pinkish tone. I felt it was difficult to decipher the right shade online, a huge issue for me being so pale, so I hope this helps someone find the right shade! « less" - feelunique.com user

Color Perfect Oil-Free Liquid Make-Up by black radiance

Color Perfect Liquid Make-Up is specially formulated for the woman of color. This oil free, full coverage formula enhances natural skin tone, never red, ashy or shiny. The foundation glides on smoothly and evenly, leaving skin looking fresh for a natural finish.

Alight Clean Foundation by pacifica

Get the flawless coverage of your dreams in 30 shades designed for real skin tones with the Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation. This innovative, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested formula goes on smooth, covers pores and lasts throughout the day.

Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation by Rimmel

"My classmate has some bad acne scarring. It's red, it's bumpy, and she finds it embarrassing. She uses this foundation every day and it literally covers it up to the point you don't realize just how much makeup she's wearing or that she has some skin concerns. It makes her skin look smooth and neutralizes the redness.I have some pretty intense acne scarring myself (bunch of bright red post inflammation scarring) that I can't seem to find a good enough foundation to cover.I decided to try this because I usually only use top brands like Tarte, Too Faced, MUFE, etc. but none of them were working.One application of this product, literally only a pea sized amount, and it completely covers all of my scarring!!You HAVE to move quickly with this product or it'll set too quickly and won't blend well. I use my brush and dab the product all over before blending it in.You HAVE to use a primer underneath it (my fav is Dermalogica's redness relief spf primer) preferably a silky one, or it'll sink into your pores/texture and won't look so flawless.You HAVE to set it with a setting spray (my go to is Urban Decay's all nighter spray) because it smooths out the texture more/melts the product into a more natural look, and makes it wear longer.And you HAVE to use as little as possible. When I used too much you could tell because it looked super cakey under my eyes/upper cheeks.This foundation lasted 3 hours before it started to shift and look a little cakey, and it lasted 10 hours before it started to completely separate.I LOVE this stuff but other than the prone-ness to look a little cakey, I find that it makes my sensitive skin a little itchy after initial application. But I am still discovering my skin allergies so it should be ok for other sensitive types.Overall I love this product and every one who is oily, sensitive and has scarring/dark spots to cover should try it! Less" - ulta.com user

Dream Urban Cover Flawless Coverage Foundation by Maybelline

The Dream Urban Cover Full Coverage Foundation SPF 50 by Maybelline is a lightweight foundation that has broad-spectrum SPF 50 and is enriched with antioxidants to protect against pollution. It not only leaves a natural-looking finish but protects skin day after day.

Truly Lasting Color 16 Hour by Almay

"I have been using this product for 11 years now, and it has been a wonderful product. I use the ''Honey Shade'' - depending on your skin tone, my skin tone is medium - not to dark and not to light. This particular shade blends in well with my natural skin color, and it makes me look radiant and natural. After I wash my face, I use a cosmetic white circle sponges from "Target Brand", and with the sturdy easy to use pump, I pour the a small amount on the sponge, and I start padding my face, and moving the sponge on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. Please note: After you finish with the sponge, throw it in the garbage, you don't want to reuse it, because if you have oily skin, then you will reapply all the unhealthy oil back to your skin. Use a fresh sponge when applying this product, for oily skin users. If you have dry skin, buy a clear empty compact, or a mirror empty compact, and place your sponge inside, and re-use it if you like through out the day. The next day, use a fresh sponge. You may use a powder brush as well. What ever makes you comfortable. You can use your fingers, but it just wouldn't be spread evenly in my opinion. I love that it covers any imperfections, it does wonders on acne, they will vanish - not completely, but it WILL remove the redness, and the ugliness of the bump. It's SPF 15 so, it's great for minimal sun exposure, not great if you're on the direct sunlight for more than 4hrs straight. The product does fall throughout the day, it does not stay on for the 16hrs it claims to state on the front bottle, then again maybe it's just on my skin. I have oily skin. In my case, it starts to fall after about 5 1/2 to 6 hours of wear, of course you can always re-apply a fresh coat. Depending on your job activities, or working under ac in an office will last you a little bit longer, at most 7-8 hours. What I love about it the most, is that this blends well, it does not clog pores, its a hypoallergenic product, covers acne very well, and has no smells. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3019825604641810476-full" data-show="-3019825604641810476-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

Lightweight, waterproof and pigmented AF, NYX Professional Makeup's Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation hustles as hard as you do. This comfy liquid formula comes in 45 flattering tones that don't transfer.

Infallible Total Cover Foundation by L'Oreal

Get up to 24 hours of full coverage with a lightweight feel and a natural finish! L'oreal's infallible total cover foundation blends instantly to cover dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation for a flawless complexion.

Flawless Finish Foundation by e.l.f.

Flawless Finish Foundation is e.l.f. Cosmetics best-selling liquid foundation! The lightweight, oil-free formula blends naturally into skin for a beautiful semi-matte finish that last all day long. The liquid formulation restores uneven skin textures and tones for visibly brighter skin.

Dream Satin Liquid Foundation by Maybelline

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation, formerly Dream Liquid Mousse, is a lightweight, breathable medium to full coverage foundation. With hyaluronic acid for all day moisture. Suitable for All Skin Types and Sensitive Skin.

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint by Morphe

"Ok so I purchased this in shade hint of marshmallow (based on Ulta's survey recommendation) in most foundation shade ranges, I'm the fairest shade in a neutral undertone, if not, the second fairest. I also have oily skin, which is why I was nervous ab this but I've really been seeking after a more casual lighter coverage foundation as my skin has really improved over the last couple years (THANK YOU SKINCARE BY HYRAM!!!!)I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and actually really begun to loooove it. If you have oily skin like me, definitely put a nice primer under it (I use the gripping jelly pop primer by ELF) I definitely have to powder my face to touch up just slightly more often than usual but it isn't bad. The need for this decreases when I wear a primer. If you use this the right way (primer, powder and setting spray) it works so well!!! It's really beautiful and I like that the coverage isn't super light, so you can build it up. Or if you want it lighter you can mix with a moisturizer which is cool! However if you do have fine lines under your eyes like me, definitely don't put this in that area. I usually blend my foundation into my eye area, but when I did that with this product it creased a decent amount more than usual even tho I put foundation on. My advice to you is to avoid the under eye area and only use your favorite concealer that won't set into your wrinkles! (If you happen to be looking for one, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics concealer is bomb if u have fine lines!) over all I'm super happy and definitely just found my favorite everyday "foundation"!!!! If you're thinking about buying it, get it!!! Less" - ulta.com user

Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup by Maybelline

"Okay, it's not a pretty bottle but, I have been using this makeup for YEARS because I love it! I have tried a number of other foundations, including those purchased at department stores, and none compares with this one, Instant Age Rewind. It glides onto my skin beautifully. It leaves my skin looking smooth and much more flawless than it really is. My skin is dry in spots, oily in others, but when I wear this foundation, that all disappears! I also love that it contains sunscreen. I live in Florida, regular sunscreens can melt on my face and look greasy, others dry up and look caked where they settle. This foundation does neither! And you'd think it'd melt out in the hot humid climate, but it does not. This is the BEST foundation ever! Recently, I've been having a hard time finding it in stores :-( If it gets discontinued, that'd be a HUGE MISTAKE. I've always worried that could happen just because the bottle it comes in is not 'pretty'. A lot of women like to purchase products that 'look' fancy. I do too, but it's the product inside the packaging that's really important. There are a lot more positive reviews of this product on other websites, so I have to wonder if Maybelline is really paying attention. MAYBELLINE, pay attention! DO NOT DISCONTINUE this makeup. If sales are a bit more sluggish, keep the product and dress up the packaging!!! I would happily pay a lot more for this product! Less" - maybelline.com user

Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup by L'Oreal

"This is my newest favorite liquid make up! I have complex oily skin with acnes scars and huge pores so most liquids leave me too shiny and patting my face all day long or reblending it. I used to use L'Oreals "Lumi" line of liquid make up that comes in the pump bottle but I just got so tired of that nice "dewey" look at the beginning of the day becoming oily on my face the longer it stayed on me. Never once has this happened while using this "Magic Nude" liquid powder line! It provides full coverage and then dries fast and finishes in a powder, almost matte look. Only con: It dries so fast that you DONT have the liberty of applying to your entire face at once and then blending it afterwards. For an even look, you would have to apply it on your face in smaller sections then usual and blend it in IMMEDIATELY after it's been applied or it'll dry up exactly where it's at and not blend in well. (i.e. apply makeup to the upper portion of left cheek then blend it in, now apply to the lower portion of that same cheek and then blend it in, apply to chin and blend in, etc.) This makeup truly lasts all day long and sells at a great price! I've always been the L'Oreal "sun beige" so that's the color I use with this line and it matches the Lumi Sun beige pretty well. For best results use right after applying a primer, and then follow it up with a translucent setting Powder, then finish your look up with a final setting spray. (I get the best results when I use "becca" primer, then "Laura Mercier" setting Powder, and "urban decay de slick oil control setting spray) Hope this review helps someone! I attached two images of me below: One is right after applying a fresh set of makeup on and the other is 6 hours AFTER applying it on with out touching it up or patting it down. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-7458515727945851569-full" data-show="-7458515727945851569-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - lorealparisusa.com user

Clean Matte Liquid Foundation by Covergirl

"I received Covergirl Clean Oil Control Foundation in 560 Classic tan from Bzzagent free to try and review. I was first very skeptical while selecting the shade as my medium light wheatish skin with pink undertones never gets the shade matched perfectly and it often looks cakey. However, all I did was adjusted my cell phone to medium brightness, zoomed in all the shades so that it covers the phone's entire screen, then kept my phone near my face and compared with mirror. and viola!!! It matched. So I knew that I have selected the right shade. but I was a bit nervous waiting for the product because of past experience with wrong shades from other brands. But then, drum roll!!! IT arrived! I received a beautiful glass bottle. The bottle is easy to hold and has good amount of the product. I tried to take some product to my palm, but being thick in consistency, it took 5-6 tough flicks of wrist to get some product. The coverage justifies this. I took the swipe of this product at my jaw. The foundation blended with my skin so well that I had to recheck if I had applied the product enough. :) It covered all my skin pigmentation. Some products have given me red bumps on my face before and also have stung me because of my sensitive skin. However, this covergirl foundation is so good that it made my skin look beautiful without any irritation, without drying out my skin, without making my face look greasy after a while. The foundation is so good and light (but with complete coverage) like it is never applied minus my skin pigmentation. Also, the foundation lasts longer so I do not have to touch up my face. I would definitely recommend this foundation to others. Finally getting the shade right is soooooo good and having all extra benefits is a nice surprise from this cute bottle. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)" - walgreens user

Covergirl x Olay Simply Ageless 3-In-1 Foundation by Covergirl

"I have been using the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 liquid foundation for about a month now and have really enjoyed using it. My skin is combination and I feel like this foundation would be awesome for dry, normal or combination skin. Because of the added moisture, this foundation might not be best for oily skin. Random fact - it smells amazing!! And yes, I totally sniffed it as many Covergirl foundations have a scent that takes me back to my teenage years, however this product smells nothing like those yet completely amazing. If you have sensitive skin, be aware that there is fragrance added. I didn't have any reaction or problems using it though. The Simply Ageless 3-1 makes three claims - to instantly approve the appearance of wrinkles, improve tone, and deliver firming moisture. I am 35 and my wrinkles are (so far) not really prevalent so I can't speak to that claim. My skin tone looks very even using this and it sits nicely on the skin without looking cakey. I don't know that my skin looked firmer necessarily but it felt moisturized without feeling greasy and I actually (gasp) do not use moisturizer before applying. I do use an oil instead and let it dry thoroughly. This foundation is perfect to quickly apply without primer for casual activities (or if you are in a hurry). Without a primer underneath, it's light to medium buildable coverage. With a primer underneath, it's definitely medium coverage on me and even buildable to full. The primer definitely extended the staying power and it lasted all day on my combo skin. It feels good on the skin and is not drying at all - it's not oily necessarily but because of the added moisturizers, it definitely *feels* moisturizing. I don't always use powder but I do use it on my t-zone after foundation and concealer application as this foundation is a little on the dewy side due to the moisturizers. I don't want to matte it out completely but due my combo skin, I do need a bit of powder with it. It doesn't contain an SPF so I will be adding one to my makeup routine prior to application. Overall, I really like this foundation because it makes my skin look and feel good and with primer, lasts all day. I wear minimal makeup many days and this is easy to apply. I feel like it's worth the cost because it's versatile for minimal makeup wear or buildable with primer. The Simply Ageless has made its way up to the #1 spot in my foundation rotation! I received the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 for free from Covergirl & Olay. I love trying new products and sharing my thoughts and my review is my honest opinion. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Match Made Foundation Drops by no7

"I received a complimentary bottle of No 7 Match Made Custom Blend Foundation in Honey to review. I was a little worried when I tested a drop of this fountain on my wrist ( I am a light olive skin tone) as it came out a little dark, more like my skin tone after getting a nice tan. However, after mixing it with an illuminating primer it matches seamlessly with my current skin tone. I love how smoothly it applied. I did use three drops as I wanted a full coverage due to some dark spots on my face. I have to tell you it did a descent job covering the spots. My kids thought I had no makeup on after I applied it which has been the first time they have not noticed me having makeup on. I did test this all day and found the staying power was really good, I had no need for touch up during the day and it looked just as good at the end of the day as at the beginning. I did look for any oxidation to the foundation and found none throughout the day. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a very natural look to your makeup and if you want a very light feeling foundation. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Infallible Advanced Never Fail Foundation by L'Oreal

"This product works, and works VERY well, IF you apply it correctly. What I mean by that is: Folks, this is a LONG WEARING foundation that wont rub off. it is not like a regular foundation that will transfer and smear off 30 minutes after you put it on: what that means is, you have to apply it correctly the first time. For those who are saying its heavy and mask-like, it makes me ask the question if those ladies have ever used long wearing foundation before? with regular foundation, you can put a lot on, then smear it around, work it into your skin, then stand back and look at it; if it is un-even, you can take a sponge and blend it, and if its too thick in some spots, you can wipe some off, etc.. You CANNOT DO THAT WITH LONG WEARING FOUNDATION! :) With Long wearing foundation ( whether its this brand or Revlon Colorstay or any other ) you have to approach it differently.. you put a TINY bit into your hand, get some on your fingertips, and apply to a SMALL area at a time, and you have to work fast! blend a small amount lightly and quickly into your skin, and then move on to the next area, and so on, until your face is covered. this product is thin and it dries quickly, and once its dry, thats it.. you cant take a sponge and smear it around or blend it in.. you have to do that the first time, while you are initially putting it on, because once it dries, thats it; if you try to layer more on top of it, it WILL look thick and cakey and feel awful on your skin, and it WILL show your pores and your fine lines, etc.. THIS STUFF IS NOT MEANT TO BE APPLIED IN A THICK LAYER! when applying, you must work quick, use a small amount of product, and blend it quickly and thinly with a light touch. if you try and apply this the same way you apply regular ( non long wearing) foundation, it wont work, it will look cakey and thick and un-even and you will hate it; however, if you you apply it quickly, in a very THIN layer and blend it very fast as you are applying it, you will end up with coverage that is even, VERY light feeling on your face, VERY natural looking, and it will STAY that way 16+ hours. No, I dont work for the company.. its just that I have been using Colorstay by Revlon since it 1st came out ( was that 1996? ) and I know how to apply long wearing foundation. it took me lots of practice the first time i used a long wearing foundation, and I made the same mistakes, and it felt heavy, showed all of my imperfections, and looked and felt like a mask.. UNTIL I learned how to apply it. I have a very un-even skin tone ( redness, blotchiness ) and have large pores, oily skin, and some mild blemishes, and yet when I am done applying this product, my skin tone is even, all of my imperfections are covered, and it feels so light on my skin, I cant even tell I have it on. it lasts all day and looks smooth and natural. If you choose the correct color and learn how to apply it, you will not find a better foundation. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-5127070001008648168-full" data-show="-5127070001008648168-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Luminous Finish Foundation by Fiona Stiles

"After half a decade of clear skin, I started randomly breaking out half a year ago. I went on Retin-A, and while my acne is considerably better as a result, I still have some not-so-perfect areas and my skin is really dry and dehydrated. My old tinted moisturizers weren't cutting it in terms of either coverage or moisture, so I tried multiple foundations that are supposedly good for dry skin -- Nars Sheer Glow (NIGHTMARE), Armani Luminous Silk (nope), Becca Aqualuminous, and the Hourglass Vanish stick foundation -- and they all clung to my dry spots. Some would look nice to start with, but within a few hours, those areas looked awful, no matter how well I hydrated and moisturized my skin. The Fiona Stiles Luminous Finish looks like skin, even on my extra dry spots (cheeks and chin). The initial coverage is light, but it's buildable to medium coverage on the areas where my acne is still hanging around a bit. The finish is luminous in a natural way: you look like you have great skin, and not like you've smeared liquid highlight all over your face. I bought this rather recently, so I have only been able to test it in the winter, but I've seen it hold up well for over twelve hours despite sweating a bit. My skin is rather fair and my undertones are neutral to slightly warm (for reference, MAC NC15 and Nars Gobi are pretty good matches for me, although they could be the tiniest bit lighter), and #2 Warm Ivory is one of the best foundation matches I've ever found. I'm really glad I can stop foundation hunting!" - ulta user

Protect & Perfect Advanced All In One Foundation by no7

"I was pleasantly surprised at how well No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced All in One Foundation covered my blemishes. I have oily acne prone skin and very visible acne scars and use a full coverage foundation. First off I live the slender tip of the tube it helps to control how much product is released allowing the user to build coverage as needed. And the shade Chestnut blended in perfectly and seamlessly, with my deep skin tone. This foundation is a multitasker it has age-defying skincare ingredients from No7 serums, SPF50 and over tome helps your skin look younger and healthier which works perfect in my busy Mom life. I found application quick and easy, it didn't feel like I was wearing a mask and it photographed beautifully. I loved wearing it and it lasted the whole day without it turning into a gloopy mess. I received this product as a free sample my opinons are my own. Less" - us.no7beauty.com user

Covergirl x Olay Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation by Covergirl

"As a teen, I spent a lot of time in the sun. Of couse, I didn't use sunscreen, and am now paying the price with an extremely uneven skin tone. My skin is blotchy and dark in some places, while it's 'normal' looking in others. I have a difficult time finding a foundation that evens out my skin tone WITHOUT looking heavy and cakey. My mother recommended *Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation *and I love it. I used it once and have been hooked ever since. It has a smooth consistency that isn't heavy, but not too light, and it blends my skin evenly to one, natural looking, color. Regardless of your skin's color, Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation has a color that will suit you. I use *Classic Beige *(which has a coordinating pressed powder too), but it is also available in: - Buff Beige - Classic Ivory - Classic Tan - Creamy Beige - Creamy Natural - Ivory - Medium Light - Natural Beige - Natural Ivory - Soft Honey - Soft Sable - Tawny - Toasted Almond With so many shades available, you may think you'll have a difficult time choosing which shade will work best for you. But, although I typically DO have this problem, I found it very easy to select the perfect shade for me. *Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation* not only makes your skin look smooth and naturally pretty, it also protects it with SPF 10. Using a foundation infused with sunscreen is SO IMPORTANT! I only wish I had started using a product like this one BEFORE I was 39 years old! **WHAT I DISAGREE WITH **- I can say that there is one claim *Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation *makes that I absolutely cannot agree with. They state that with regular use, your skin will look 5 years younger even when you don't have makeup on. HA!!!! This is NOT true for me. I've been using *Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation *every day for almost three months, and my skin doesn't look a bit younger than it did before. When the makeup is on, my skin definitely looks better, but without it on....it looks just as it did before. But, I love it anyway simply because it helps when I wear it. **Bottom Line** - Yes, I would definitely recommend *Coverigrl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Foundation*. It's smooth, it has a nice scent, the coverage is even and long-lasting, and it's available in the perfect shade for eveyrone. Just don't expect to look younger because you use the product. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - viewpoints.com user

Legend Foundation by w7

"I'm a foundation addict - I must have bought so many foundations over the years and my bedroom often looks like a branch of Superdrug! However this foundation is something else - for the price its amazing - the colours are just right - Natural Beige just right for me - it goes on so well and lasts all day! The finish is lovely too - so forget all those expensive brands - get something easy in a nice bottle and it goes a long way too! " - w7makeup.co.uk user