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The Best Drugstore Lip Glosses in 2020

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Nov 30, 2020
The Best Drugstore Lip Glosses in 2020

Your lip gloss will be poppin' with these drugstore favorites

Lip gloss is a makeup product that every girl needs in their bag. It’s flirty, fresh, and indulges your love for shimmer with a single swipe. No sticky lash glue or metallic eyeshadow fallout required. And as much as we’d love to stock up on every shade of Gloss Bomb by Fenty, this cult favorite goes for $19 a pop - which is way more than we’d like to spend on a lip gloss that we may or may not accidentally drop out of our gym bag. Or store at the bottom of our purse for special occasions. Seriously, why is lip gloss so easy to misplace? You can still get that Rihanna-level shine with your favorite lip color - courtesy of the best drugstore lip glosses to hydrate, nourish, and sparkle up your pout at under $10. Or maybe even $5 - because you know that we live for a good e.l.f or Wet N’ Wild favorite. Look glossy and gorgeous with the best drugstore lip glosses below!

Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss by essence, $3

Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss by essence
Source: essence

“I overall loved this product. I have very dry lips and it hydrated so much and yet was a good gloss that was very shiny and smooth and lightweight.” Triple the shine, all the time. Essence is the best low-cost, high-quality drugstore brand you need in your collection - with a top-rated creamy pencil eyeliner and nude lipstick that delivers the pigment of your favorite luxury products, at under $5. And you’ll get the same rich, long-lasting color with Shine Shine Shine. As the name suggests, this lip gloss gives your lips dazzling dimension - perhaps even three times as much as another gloss? Yes, we’re going with that. It also has flawless MIRA ratings for staying power, non-stickiness, and nourishing chapped lips - and our community isn’t the only one that can’t stop talking about Shine Shine Shine. Allure, Byrdie, and other major beauty publications have published articles about the magical $3 lip gloss with the quality of a high-end product - while it’s also gone viral on Reddit and TikTok, particularly for the clear gloss aptly called Behind the Scenes. Looking for a little more color? No problem. It’s available in 19 shimmery shades - from barbie pink and strawberry red to warm nudes.

Butter Gloss by NYX Professional Makeup, $5

Butter Gloss by NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

“These are so great! They’re great to just put in your purse or pocket and use for touch ups! They’re light weight and not sticky! They have literally any color you can think of!” NYX has never done us wrong, and all the exclamation points in this MIRA review sum up the gorgeous, glossy delight that is Butter Gloss. It really is that good. This gloss delivers sheer to medium coverage that melts like magic into your lips - no stickiness or sinking into lip lines. In fact, the shiny, smooth finish stays fresh all day long, lasting through everything from your quick salad before heading back to Zoom school, to a quick peck on the lips from babe between work meetings. They definitely won’t be wearing your lip gloss afterward, as Butter Gloss is 100% smooch proof and delivers long lasting, luxurious color. As a bonus? It conditions and hydrates your lips all day, so you can enjoy guilt-free, glistening color without fear of drying out your pout.

Super Lustrous Lipgloss by Revlon, $9

Super Lustrous Lipgloss by Revlon
Source: Revlon

There are quite a few reasons that we’re obsessed with Super Lustrous Lipgloss - one of the best under $10 drugstore lip glosses you’ll ever try. Let’s start with the selection of 24 sparkling hues - which include multiple shades of red and pink, sultry nudes, deep burgundies, and one bright pop of purple that’s giving us major Violet Chachki or Urban Decay vibes. Each of these shades is designed to drench your lips in ultra-glossy, glam color - and Super Lustrous Lipgloss is formulated with agave, moringa oil, and capuacu butter to intensely moisturize and plump your pout. A lightweight and luxurious formula that gives the illusion of fuller lips while providing major color and moisture? Now that is #lipglossgoals.

Amore Shine Liquid Lip Color by Milani, $9

Amore Shine Liquid Lip Color by Milani
Source: Milani

“Amore” means love, and we really, really love this Milani drugstore lip gloss. It’s the ideal pick for those always in the mood for nude, with sweet pinks and warm browns that look even better with a striking, high-shine finish. Matte, who? Just kidding, we love matte lips too… but it will be tough not to collect every color of Amore. The sponge applicator delivers precise application along your pout, creating the appearance of fuller, more fabulous lips that work for both everyday and evening glam makeup looks. The lightweight formula feels smooth, and not sticky on your lips… and brings the shine all day without needing to be reapplied one million times. Because that’s just the worst. Gloss is a universal trend that never goes out of style - from the sparkly brown shades worn in 90’s music videos to 2020 cult favorites by Fenty and Glossier… and you’ll be feeling the love with these radiant, romantic shades from Milani.

Lip Lacquer by e.l.f., $3

Lip Lacquer by e.l.f.
Source: e.l.f.

“I’ve been looking for a nice clear drugstore lip gloss. This one is my favorite so far! It’s hydrating, not too sticky, lasts a good amount of time, and is unbeatable for the price. I would definitely recommend it.” Us too, girl, us too. This $3 e.l.f favorite is one of the best drugstore lip glosses on MIRA, with guests saying that it’s hydrating, lightweight, has excellent staying power and gives your lips a healthy shine. Formulated with Vitamin E to nourish the delicate skin on your lips, this lippie is available in 10 shades to light up your look for any occasion. Want a swipe of transparent gloss over your pink or red lips for a hint of subtle radiance? Try Clear. A rose gold dream that matches your phone case? Fantasy is ready to glow. Or you know, you can also collect all ten shades of Lip Lacquer for the exact same price as one Lust Lip Gloss from Pat McGrath Labs. No hate Mother, we love you! But seriously, the Lip Lacquer is an affordable, shimmery must-have that shows what e.l.f. is all about.

Goddess Gloss by Almay, $10

Goddess Gloss by Almay
Source: Almay

Prismatic makeup is the best makeup. It’s oddly magical to see your blush or highlighter transform the second it reflects the light, and it’s almost like you get to see a different side of your makeup look. But let’s be honest, every part of you is a goddess… and you deserve a drugstore lip gloss that makes you feel like one. This Almay essential is available in 12 shades - each one with a holographic effect that looks simply ethereal on your lips. Gilded for a gold rush, Enchanted for a princess-like purple, or Glaze Fairy to look captivating in coral? Or maybe just all of the above, as every royal has their moods. It’s not just enriching, ethereal shine you’ll get with Goddess Gloss, either - as this formula also keeps your lips moisturized with pomegranate, grape, and raspberry oils. Glow like the goddess you are with this $10 lip gloss - which 100% of our community says is long lasting, lightweight, sheer, and pigmented.

MoistureShine Lip Soother SPF 20 by Neutrogena, $10

MoistureShine Lip Soother SPF 20 by Neutrogena
Source: Neutrogena

They say the perfect drugstore lip gloss doesn’t exi - oh hi, MoistureShine Lip Soother! Neutrogena always has your back (and face, and lips, and body), and you know you can count on the brand to create the ideal hybrid skincare-makeup product for a glossy tint. First, let’s talk about texture. This hydrogel formula is the same one that can be found in your favorite under eye patches, so you know that MoistureShine will protect, hydrate, and prime the delicate skin on your lips. It’s made with cucumber, chamomile, and glycerin to add moisture and softness to your pout, while drenching it in 4 shades of high-gloss shine. And then there’s the SPF 20, which rounds out this flawless lip product with protection against sun damage. Sparkle, shine, and define your pout with MoistureShine - 100% of our community agrees that it’s creamy, lightweight, and sheer!

Lip Gloss by Burt’s Bees, $9

Lip Gloss by Burt's Bees
Source: Burt's Bees

This drugstore lip gloss is the bee’s knees. And looks even better when layered with the Beeswax Lip Balm you’ve been wearing since middle school... don’t deny it. But for now, just one swipe of the Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss delivers rich, pearlized color for a natural shine. Your lips won’t exactly look like you just covered them in glitter (AKA, the drag queen way,) but they’ll be infused with a subtle shimmer that you’ll never want to take off. Especially since this lip gloss is also enriched with nourishing oils to soften and smooth - creating a healthy and beautiful finish. Maybe you’re not typically a lip gloss person, but need the right subtle hue to dip your toes into this dazzling product. Or just want a glow-ified balm that creates a healthy, hydrated pout while amplifying your naturally radiant lips. Either way, you’ll rarely find a better drugstore lip gloss than this one by Burt’s Bees, and our community agrees - as MIRA guests say it’s non-sticky, weightless, and hydrating!

Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss by Maybelline, $8

Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss by Maybelline
Source: Maybelline

We’ll never not be obsessed with Maybelline’s Color Sensational collection, and all the lipsticks, lip liners, and lip glosses the iconic drugstore brand has brought our way. Our personal favorite? Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss, which is as fun, vibrant, and game-changing for your makeup routine as you would imagine. The strong lacquered shine and opaque color are simply stunning on the lips, and the glistening finish lasts through lunchtime, a sweat session at hot yoga, or a kiss when you get home from work. Even if it’s just from your pup. You’ll rarely see a lip gloss this pigmented, embellishing your pout with pops of blue, purple, nude, or pink to glow all out with gloss. And with names like Too Cute, Sassy, and So Hot - your lips will be doing all the talking with these shades.

Stay Glossy Lip Gloss by Rimmel, $5

Stay Glossy Lip Gloss by Rimmel
Source: Rimmel

“Their clear gloss is to die for!! It stays glossy for so long.” Indeed, we all love a good coat of clear lip gloss over lipstick for a touch of shine. But if you’re looking for something a little more sparkly, Rimmel definitely has that too. Stay Glossy provides 6 hours of comfortable, lightweight color - with 28 nude, pink, brown, and clear shades to match your mood. At just $5 each, you can definitely collect all your favorites hues for day-to-night makeup looks, and we already have one in mind for your first post-quarantine evening. Grab the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color in Fire Starter, long known as one of the best affordable and universal red lipsticks around, and do your best bombshell effect. Once your red lip is on lock, just glide the clear shade of Stay Glossy over it for an elegant and (just a little) extra beauty look that would make Violet Chachki proud.

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