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The 50 Best Drugstore Face Palettes Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore face palettes are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Blacklight Highlight by BH Cosmetics

"If you've been tempted by the trend but are worried about colors being Too Much Color, don't be. This palette is easy to control how much buildup and product you want - and how intense you want the colors. And you easily can get them very, very intense. But with a light hand, you can also get them very subtle and even natural looking.All of the colors are amazing! I was surprised to find that I loved all of them - ESPECIALLY the green, which surprised me. No color will be wasted because they are all amazing, which is rare in a palette.I was actually looking for something that could be a dupe for ABH and worn occasionally when I felt colorful; but this palette offers a great amount of control and I use it EVERY day. The product is incredibly easy to blend out into a natural look but also incredibly easy to amp up into a dramatically noticeable shine. Because the powders are so soft and super fine, it's super easy to blend it out if you do use too much product - which on my yellow-warm skin tone it starts to turn silver if I do use too much, which is the one minor fall back.I was really afraid of the colors being too strongly pigmented for my needs - because all of the online video reviews had very intense fingertip swatches - but I was so excited at the range of options this palette allows. The fingertip swatches come off strong if you try it, but the colors are also so easy to blend into a natural look.(For a more natural look, have your application very thin and then blended out; the color will actually disappear and become somewhat hard to notice until it catches the light and suddenly you are glowing in a surprisingly effortless way.)So does that mean that the powders holographic? It's an outstanding yes. All of the colors shift depending on the angle that they hit the light when they're on your face. A lot of things claim to be holographic and falll short; this palette didn't let me down.The lighter colors do this more than the others, sure, but I was suprirsed that they ALL truly did live up to the label of being holographic. The darker colors (blue and purple) are a little tricker to notice the holographuc subtleties because of their intense pigmentation - I suggest always starting with a light application and building it up - but you can definitely tell that these colors catch the light. When you move your face, the color doesn't change, so much as shift and suddenly become amazingly glowy.The palette itself is very cute and has a really great sized mirror inside. The powders definitely gets jostled and spill around the inside of the container - but any loose powder does stay in the inside. I do wish that maybe the powders weren't level with the palette and were submerged - like an eyeshadow palette - because I think that would help stop fallout. But it's not a huge deal, and I often just sweep my brush through the loose spillage and use that first.The palette seems like it's going to last a long time. The sizes of the colors are good and I haven't yet noticed any level dippings in the pans, and I use it every time I do my makeup. I bought this at full price. I love the palette and would definitely and absolutely buy it again. If BH had other color highlighter palettes, I'd buy those too. « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Pro Palette Highlight & Contour by NYX Professional Makeup

Define your features like a pro with nyx professional makeup refillable highlight & contour pro palette! Each set includes four customizable highlighting and contouring shades perfect for emphasizing your favorite features.

BH COsmetics x ItsMyRayeRaye Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Contour Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I don't even know where to start with this palette. It is SO good. I was so underwhelmed when it was first released, figuring I didn't need another neutral palette. But I am traveling across country soon and need an inclusive palette. This palette is too good to even risk taking on a plane and breaking. It is so amazing. The pops of color, the deep red, purple and maroon create a sunset eye in five minutes. Every single color is equally as pigmented and blendable as the next. The mattes are opaque and gorgeous. The shimmers are absolute perfection. BH has beautiful shimmers, I recommended the carli bybel palette as well, the shimmers are great in that palette too! The highlights are straight up metallic. Not for the faint of heart lol, but beautiful and effortless. The contours/bronzers are stunning and I love the cream/yellow tones shade that can either be a bronzer for pale-light skin tones or an under eye setting powder for anyone deeper. The "white" eyeshadow and highlight are actually a gorgeous gold. This palette is just so easy to use. As a mom of a small baby, I can appreciate just pulling this out and creating a gorgeous eye look so simply and effortlessly. The colors blend in two seconds and I'm not being taken away from my child while blending my eyeshadow. The packaging is also great, so compact and sturdy. I may take it on the plane just because I can't see myself being without it. I'm emotionally invested at this point. Probably gonna but a back up. Get this shiz now." - ulta user

Studio Pro Shade & Define 10 Color Contour Palette by BH Cosmetics

"This product is great. The colors blend effortlessly, they're rich in color and very pigmented. I bought it cause I saw a tutorial of Itslikelymakeup trying BH Cosmetics products and she used this contour palette but in the cream format. I have very oily skin so I can't use cream contour palettes so I ordered the powder one. I had very high expectations for it and it delivered. I 100% recommend it, there's a shade for every skin tone and it's very affordable. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Wild & Radiant Baked Bronzing Palette by BH Cosmetics

"This is my first order, and I seriously can't say enough about the quality of this pallet! I'm seriously into all thing's highlights and my arsenal includes Anastasia of Beverly Hills Glow Kit, and the Sundipped kit, as well as Jeffree Star body frosting. ..if this helps, and as far as comparing the Wild and Radient pallet to these, I'll be making a radical change! The buttery formula is top notch, colors are beautifully baked and blended for a natural turned up glow, and the pigment is dead on! Perfect for any complexion and it won't break the bank. I'm Excited to try more from bh! This is a must have, and I don't take makeup review lightly, as I am 52, medium skn, and this does not sink into creases and fine lines, and ads a beautiful lasting glow. Totally build able for deeper illumination! Love it! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-1083525610566876943-full" data-show="-1083525610566876943-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

ItsMyRayeRaye Shadow Palette by BH Cosmetics

"Holy this palette is amazing! I bought it after watching a YouTuber using it because I was really wanting a palette with more color but I rarely want to actually use color ya know and this one still had the neutrals I love.I wasn’t holding out too much hope I’d like it because I had carli bybels original palette and I wasn’t impressed AT ALL! But this! Wow it’s so so pigmented and the blendability is there. There is some fallout in the pan but I don’t mind that. The mirror is legit too! " - bhcosmetics.com user

Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Night Goddess 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection by BH Cosmetics

"This is a great warm-toned palette. You can get a good range of very soft, subtle looks to more dramatic especially with the shimmer eye shades. All the eyeshadows have great pigment and blend very nicely. The bronzer was a tad on the orangey side for me, but I am very pale, and if I go in with a light hand, I don't have a problem with it. The blush is a very nice pink that has buildable color, and the highlight, even though it doesn't look like much in the pan, is absolutely gorgeous on the skin - a very beautiful, golden glow. I recently went on vacation, and this palette was all I needed for a complete face look every day. I would definitely recommend this palette. " - bhcosmetics.com user

Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette by Flower Beauty

Master strobing with flower beauty's shimmer & strobe highlighting palette. Dab on the soft shimmery shades, and sculpt your face with light for a refined, natural looking glow.

Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette by pacifica

All you need to look naturally gorgeous! Pacifica's solar complete color mineral palette is a full set of eye shadows, blush, bronzer and coconut highlighters all in one beautiful, recyclable palette.

Cream Contour Palette by e.l.f.

The buildable pigmented colors in the e.l.f. Cosmetics cream contour palette are great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and brightening the eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline to slim and enhance features.

Glowing In Greece - 6 Color Blush & Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics

The Glowing in Greece - 6 Color Blush & Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics has 6 pigment-rich shades blend seamlessly into the skin for a smooth, radiant effect to accent cheekbones, inner eye corners, bridge of nose or cupid's bow.

Duolight Highlight Palette by BH Cosmetics

Achieve a spectrum of luminous effects with the BH Cosmetics' Duolight Highlight. Three sheer shades with a pearlescent, ultra-reflective shine seamlessly layer over your favorite highlighter, and six vivid duochrome shimmers - paired in complementary, color-shifting pigments.

Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette by NYX Professional Makeup

"I just bought this yesterday and I could not wait to try it out. I have been looking for a perfect drugstore highlight for a long time now, and there are many good ones out there but I still have been struggling to find a perfect one. But when I saw this on clearance for HALF the original price at my local drugstore, I knew I had to get it (it was also the last one left in the store). I've heard a few Youtubers talk about this, which got me interested because 1) NYX is my favorite drugstore makeup brand and they hardly ever disappoint me with their products 2) The purple shade. I had heard of some beauty bloggers trying out purple highlighters, which I thought was really cool, but since it's such a unique color for a highlighter it was really hard to find a cheap but good purple highlighter at my drugstore. So when I found this palette, I was literally in HYSTERICS. Not only was it cheap, but it was NYX, offered a variety of colors, and there was a purple!!!!! The pigments of the 2nd to 7th shades were amazing, but the first one didn't show up as well. Even better, I can blend shades to create a perfect color. The way it glows and glitters on my skin had me crying. The whole palette is just so beautiful, you absolutely need to buy this. Less" - nyxcosmetics.com user

Spotlight Palette by Smashbox

"I love this palette. Really is my favorite highlight. I usually wear champagne-gold highlighters for my skin tone. But Pearl looks beautiful on me. Such a smooth application and looks so smooth on my skin. It's super blendable as well. And so light. Nothing heavy. Apply as much as you want. I don't care for glitter in a highlighter. But I don't even notice the glitter when I apply all three shades together. This highlighter lasts and glows all day, all night. I do not need to reapply. Its an in between. Not so extremely blinding but not subtle either. The perfect glow in my opinion that looks natural. Not over the top. It's simply beautiful and I highly recommend it. " - Sephora user

Ultra Pro Glow Palette by Revolution Beauty

Highlighting fanatics! This one is for you! Eight amazing, luminous highlighting shades in one makeup revolution ultra pro glow highlighting palette. Find your perfect shade and layer or mix shades to create even more ways to glow!

Professional Blush - 10 Color Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I am a light-skinned black female, and I highly doubted that this palette would suit my complexion. I absolutely love all of my eye shadow palettes (I have a small collection ;)), but I just never bothered to purchase blush from BH cosmetics. I am so glad that I did! The blushes in the Glamorous Palette are gorgeous. They are very pigmented, and I suggest that you use a fluffy blush brush with a very light hand, otherwise you will end up looking like a clown! It is sooo much easier to build up the colour, than to tone it down. The beauty of this palette is that you can blend colours, or layer them to create a totally different, customized look! There is a mixture of satin, matte and shimmer blushes, and they all blend really well. Depending on your complexion, there is a gorgeous light/champagne coloured blush that I love to use as a highlight as it is not too shimmery. I have recommended all of my friends to try BH cosmetics! Thanks BH for creating such a pretty palette! Less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder by e.l.f.

"This product is amazing. The size of the compact is much bigger than I was expecting, but slim enough that it isn't bulky. The mirror on the compact is huge and the packaging itself looks much more expensive than it actually is, and feels very sturdy.Blush: this blush is a very flattering peachy pink color with subtle gold shimmer. This blush is VERY pigmented, which surprised me. Usually, [...] or cheaper makeup is comprised mostly of fillers and less of actual pigments, and the higher up the brand-name scale you go, the less fillers and more pigments you'll find in a product, but the more you pay. This blush, however, is extremely pigmented, so it needs to be applied lightly to look good. People who have complained about this looking clownish have probably applied it much too heavily. I have fairly light skin (I'm an NC20) and this product has never looked anything but naturally pretty on me. I'd recommend using the ELF Studio flat-top powder brush to lightly sweep this across the cheekbones and apples of the cheeks and BLEND BLEND BLEND, then apply more as needed. Doing so gives you a definite O-glow. Very flattering.Bronzer: this bronzer is a medium-brown with very subtle shimmer in it. It can be a bit dark for girls with light skin, but if applied right, looks perfectly fine. It is just as pigmented as the blush, so you need to apply VERY little. The key is to apply it in very very small amounts, and blend profusely as you go. Could be used as a contour, because the shimmer really is very subtle. The best thing about this bronzer is that it DOES NOT look orange at all in either natural light or flash photography. I find some bronzers can make me look like I'm from Jersey Shore (not good. At all.) but this color just makes me look like I recently got back from a cruise in the tropics. Fantastic bronzer, you just have to get the hang of applying it.This product lasts virtually all day (with the foundation/finishing powder that I personally use) and has never broken me out. Bottom line: I would recommend this to a friend. « less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Sheer Sculpting Palette by Fiona Stiles

"I ordered this online when I saw that it was 50% off. To be honest, when I first received it and opened it up I thought, "THIS is supposed to be for medium/dark skin tones?" I fully expected to return this palette. I'm about an NC42 in MAC and I thought that the only shade I would be able to contour with would be the darkest one because the other two looked so light. I'm glad to say that after testing it out, I was wrong. I've found that all three shades can give me a natural looking contour, but I tend to gravitate towards the middle one the most. The lightest one works for a light, natural contour and I mix in the darker one when I want something more dramatic. The powders may look light in the pan but once you apply them to your face they come out deeper, in my opinion. I have yellow undertones and since these powders are so cool toned, I thought they would look odd on me, but I've found that the cool tones give them a much more natural appearance, as if your cheekbone had a natural indent to it. The powders are very pigmented and they have a bit of kick up, so use a light hand and build up the color if you need to. They also blend very well. I normally don't contour, mainly because I hate blending it out to try to make it look natural, but these powders practically do the blending for you. I also feel that I should mention the packaging, it's gorgeous, including the box the palette comes in. The palette itself has a metallic purple casing that looks very luxurious, it also has a nice mirror inside, although I never use palette mirrors. Overall, I am impressed with the product and look forward to trying more from this brand. « less" - ulta.com user

Infallible Total Cover Concealing & Contour Kit by L'Oreal

Discover a pro inspired cream palette that corrects, conceals and contours. L'oreal's infallible total cover concealing and contour kit is the ultimate tool for perfecting and defining your face.

PhotoReady Highlighting Palette - Sunlit Dream by Revlon

"Completely amazed by the Revlon Sunlit Dream Highlighting Palette! At first I was skeptical about drugstore highlighters, but wow I was completely wrong. The palette consists of four shades from fair to tan. Despite having fair skin, I was able to use all four shades without any problem. The lightest shades is great for highlighting the face while the darkest shade I use it as a bronzer topper. The other two medium shades I use them as highlighters/blush toppers. For the price, this palette is just amazing! The pigmentation, the blendability, and the formula are all fantastic. However, I would say it is more of a natural everyday highlighter instead of a beaming party highlighter. Still, I use it everyday and can't put it down since the day I got it!*This post was sponsored by Revlon® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.* Less" - ulta.com user

Ultra Blush & Contour Palette by Revolution Beauty

"Powder blushes are risky for me, because of my aging skin with textural issues. So I'm very happy that I listened to enough good reviews of these blushes to take a chance on them. The Sugar & Spice palette absolutely lives up to the raves. The shades are all very pretty -- not a dud in the bunch. And the texture is excellent! They apply smoothly with a fluffy brush, and blend out beautifully. Finally, the pigmentation is a great happy medium between just showing up, and being so BAM In-Your-Face concentrated that I risk ending up with clown cheeks. Finally, there's the super-affordable price tag... with the high quality for such a great value, this entire brand is starting to knock my socks off. I really couldn't be happier :)" - ulta user

Ultra Contour Palette by Revolution Beauty

The complete contouring and highlighting palette is here! The ultra contour palette by makeup revolution has 8 powders for perfect contouring and sculpting with an additional 2 merged baked highlighters for illumination.

True Complexion Contour Palette by black radiance

"OMG I'm usually a fashion fair person. I was running out and decided to just try something new. I'm glad I did. This blend is perfect for me. It's cheap, much cheaper and blends in better with my time. I pray it doesn't irritate me because I'm definitely buying more. Great product. " - Target user

Vivid Shimmer Brick - Radiant by Revolution Beauty

Makeup revolution's vivid shimmer brick provides instant radiance to any complexion. Sweep across the brick for uniform application or use individual swipes for attention in certain areas.

Revolution x The Emily Edit - The Needs Palette by Revolution Beauty

If there's one palette you need, it's this one! Revolution x The Emily Edit - The Needs Face & Eye Palette is a full-face palette created by content creator Emily Noel, aka Beauty Broadcast.

Sheer Sculpting Palette with Brush by Fiona Stiles

"I ordered this online when I saw that it was 50% off. To be honest, when I first received it and opened it up I thought, "THIS is supposed to be for medium/dark skin tones?" I fully expected to return this palette. I'm about an NC42 in MAC and I thought that the only shade I would be able to contour with would be the darkest one because the other two looked so light. I'm glad to say that after testing it out, I was wrong. I've found that all three shades can give me a natural looking contour, but I tend to gravitate towards the middle one the most. The lightest one works for a light, natural contour and I mix in the darker one when I want something more dramatic. The powders may look light in the pan but once you apply them to your face they come out deeper, in my opinion. I have yellow undertones and since these powders are so cool toned, I thought they would look odd on me, but I've found that the cool tones give them a much more natural appearance, as if your cheekbone had a natural indent to it. The powders are very pigmented and they have a bit of kick up, so use a light hand and build up the color if you need to. They also blend very well. I normally don't contour, mainly because I hate blending it out to try to make it look natural, but these powders practically do the blending for you. I also feel that I should mention the packaging, it's gorgeous, including the box the palette comes in. The palette itself has a metallic purple casing that looks very luxurious, it also has a nice mirror inside, although I never use palette mirrors. Overall, I am impressed with the product and look forward to trying more from this brand. « less" - ulta.com user

Color Correcting Palette by NYX Professional Makeup

"I bought this since it was on sale and I'm rarely disappointed with NYX. The product is creamy and blend able. It stays put nicely. I applied with a Concealer brush. Main uses for me is to correct under eye darkness and the odd red facial blemish. The colours are the perfect shade for what I need. The colours are pigmented perfectly making it the perfect correction colour without leaving hints of its colour under the foundation.. you're left with perfect skin! " - nyxcosmetics.ca user

TruNaked Super Stunner Palette by Covergirl

A trio of highlighters that create a customized glow for any occasion! Each COVERGIRL TruBlend Super Stunner Highlight Palette is formulated for optimal payout to compliment varying skin tones.

Ultra Eye Contour - Light and Shade by Revolution Beauty

The eyeshadow palette you need in your life! Makeup revolution's ultra eye contour light & shade palette is everything you need for every day neutral looks.

Solstice Highlighting Palette by sleek

Sleek makeup's versatile face and body solstice highlighting palette includes two baked powders, one luxurious cream formula and one silky shimmer powder. The iridescent, metallic finishes add a radiant and luminous glow to the skin.

Forever Palettes - Forever Nude by BH Cosmetics

"I am loving it so far.... This is my first contour palette and I love it!!! It is very pigmented to when put to much on when I used it went in with another brush and it blended nicely. Thank you BH Cosmetics for this great, affordable palette!!!! " - bhcosmetics.com user

Contour & Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I'll start out by saying that I recently decided to use up or toss any make up I have from companies that test on animals. (It was a lot, sadly.) I was in a buying mood, so I decided that even though I don't really bother with contouring and blush that this would be a good palette to have in my now fairly empty make up stock. The palette I bought was Palette 1, which I figured would be best for my very fair skin tone. I just opened it up today and from first look the packaging itself is basic, sleek, and generally appealing. Nothing fancy, no bells or whistles which in my opinion can be annoying sometimes and just a reason for them to jack up the price. It's a sturdy plastic case, but no mirror inside which BHC sometimes includes in their larger palettes. On the inside, the pans of product are HUGE. Imagine the circumference of a soda can, they're about that large. Color wise they looked super pigmented, and when applied to the skin the payoff was amazing. Please note, that a little goes a very long way. That's how pigmented they are. Seriously, use as little as possible and build up if you need more otherwise you might look a bit off. On the up side though, if you do end up putting too much on your face these blend like a dream with the right brush. I would recommend using a light hand in general with these. This palette is pretty versatile too, I found myself mixing colors to tone down the blush shades and deep contouring shades as well to get a perfect color that required little blending on my part. I can definitely see multiple uses for this palette especially if you get creative with it. The formula is really silky to the touch and kind of powdery when touched with a brush but not in a bad way. The only way you would end up wasting a lot of this product is by aggressively swirling your brush against the pan. All in all this is a great product with an awesome price and I'm very pleased with it. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3799591718819823362-full" data-show="-3799591718819823362-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - bhcosmetics.com user

Nouveau Neutrals Palette by BH Cosmetics

"I originally got this palette because it has very similar shades to the modern renaissance palette. This was my first BH palette and I was totally blown away. The pigment wowed me, it's super easy to blend and I love that there are blushes in the palette as well, I can just throw it in my bag and not worry about finding a blush to bring with me. The pinks are so beautiful, and the golds are metallic-y but you can control how much shimmer you want by adding less or more. I recommend this palette and other BH products to my friends, so I'm recommending it to you too. " - bhcosmetics.com user

26 Shadow Blush Palette by Coastal Scents

""I did some re-organizing of my cosmetics over the weekend and thought my little sister had taken this, but I found it in my cosmetic drawer under some other items. I am so happy to have found this. It has the large size eyeshadows and five beautiful blushes. The one reminds me of MAC well dressed because it a pretty light pink. The colors do not need to be pressed into at all as they are so pigmented and very easy to blend. I remember loving this palette several months ago and have found my love again! So many looks for work, out with friends, etc. can be created." " - coastalscents.com user

Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette by e.l.f.

This three-in-one e.l.f. Cosmetics beautifully bare natural glow face palette with a bronzer, highlighter, and two blushes creates a flawless look that's beautiful and natural looking.

Chromatic Bronze Highlight And Contour Palette by L'Oreal

Get glowy glam! Introducing the Chromatic Bronze Highlight and Contour Palette by L'Oréal Paris. This highlight & contour palette has 1 matte bronzer for sculpting and 3 powder highlighters for glowing.

Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette - Natural Nude by Physicians Formula

"This little box is truly an all-in-one tiny miracle worker! It's an amazing eye shadow, beautiful blush, lovely bronzer and the BEST highlight you'll EVER find! Luxury or drug store brand! It's shimmery without being glittery, bright without being overpowering and blends like a dream! I keep it in my purse and take it with me everywhere I go. With some concealer and this wonder box, I can literally apply the basic amount of make-up to make myself look awake and brightened anywhere I go! Even while sitting in the car outside the grocery store! The colors are gorgeous! Especially the lightest colors on my face and the darker ones on my eyes, because my skin color is so pale. The box is simply the cutest packaging I've ever seen for a make-up kit. The back of the box flips open and inside you get a tiny mirror along with small application brushes for your eyes and face along with some basic instructions on the many different ways you can use the product. I flat out could not survive without this product in my make-up collection and it has been one of my absolute favorite cosmetic items for quite a long time now. Simply put, it's an AMAZING product that MUST be in every make-up lovers essential daily routine. Please take my advice and purchase this NOW if you don't have it already! It will become a favorite very quickly, that I can guarantee! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette by Catrice Cosmetics

Instant line smoother! The catrice prime & fine instant line smoother blurs fine lines around the eye area.

Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette by sleek

"5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FOR SLEEK EYESHADOW PALETTES! Ive got 14 palettes now And i have To say The colors Are amazing, very high pigmented, very Long lasting, easy To Blend And work with, huge range of Color selection! Each Palette has 12 colors, from shimery To matte To sparkle everything you want basicly. They come in nice packets And have a big mirror & always 1 Applicators in them. I would recommand useing a real eyeshadow brush tho. Much more effective And easier to put the colors in their right Place! Of course you should definatly get an eyeshadow Base To intense the colors, keep them longer in place so they dont disappaer in your eyelidcrease. But thats something every eyeshadow needs anyway! I personally think this is a good Alternative To a Urban Decay Palette (12 colors) cause Sleek ones cost only Around 10€ And The original Naked ones Are like 50-60€ (1x12 colors) so you get 6x12 colors from sleek for The Same ammount of Money! There lots of youtube Videos Around for live Swatches for every Palette would definatly Tell you To check userpictures on google And youtube To check out the colors. Sadly Sleek's pictures of their Palettes colors Are mostly To dark? Or Looking like they Are the Computeranimated. So get on uncle google And Check out the colors before you choose one of th e +30 Palettes All in all ❤️ Sleek Eyeshadows a lot And want ALL of them « less" - ebay.com user

78 Shadow Blush Palette by Coastal Scents

""I am amazed with this palette!I was excited to have em,and i got em from the mail at 2 days ago.I admit that when i saw that was made in china i was truly disapointed,because i tought that was made in US,but after i test them i liked. I bought it to try after some video tutorials,and then i saw a girl using this palette and i was crazy to have it, i also bought the 88 shimmer palette wich its awesome too.I never tought that the colors were like that, they are really pigmented and really lasts, im not sure about the blushes cause i didnt try em, but i tought the colors very beautiful,specially one that has a coral color ( the 4th from the left to the right), wich its great to have a tan natural look.Im very satisfied with my purchase,and i hope that doesnt break easily since its too fragil. Ill bought the hot neutral palette colors to see how its is." Less" - coastalscents.com user

Bronze Booster Highlight & Contour - Shimmer Strobing Palette by Physicians Formula

"[product:physicians-formula-bronze-booster-highlight-contour-palette] Cult-worthy, Physician's Formula must-have Bronze Booster Highlight & Contour Palette features universally-flattering shades in a blendable and buildable shimmer or matte finish. Glow Activator Technology Triple-Action Bronze Booster: Physician's Formula exclusive blend helps to enhance and extend the life of your tan glow and improve skin's clarity and radiance. Luxurious angled contour brush allows for perfect targeted application for highlighting and contouring. BRONZER WITH BENEFITS: This bronzer is formulated with Glow Activators, an exclusive infusion of vitamins, moisturizers & antioxidants that provide mistake-proof Triple-Action Bronze Boosting. THIS IS MY Number 1 drugstore kit. It is so stunning on the skin. Features: Hypoallergenic Fragrance free Paraben free Gluten free Dermatologist tested Cruelty free Clinically tested Oil-free Sensitive Skin" - walgreens user

Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette - Warm Nude by Physicians Formula

Physicians formula shimmer strips custom all-in-1 nude palette for face & eyes is an all-in-1 eyeshadow, eyeliner, bronzer, blush and highlighter. These are the must-have nude essentials to create a custom nude look for face and eyes.

Face Paint Kit - Halloween by snazaroo

"I recently brought the snazaroo face paint pens but they were not very good so I was unsure if I would like this pack of face paints but I'm glad I gave it a go as they are great! They are a fraction of the price to the large individual pots and as I needed a range of colours for Halloween I opted for the small pack. The colours hardly look used and have been used on 3 kids for 2 parties. I'm now looking at getting the pastel colours just to have more fun. Great product at an affordable price." - Argos user

Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Kit by L'Oreal

Discover a pro inspired cream palette that color corrects and neutralizes skin tone imperfections. L'oreal's infallible total cover color correcting kit balances, corrects, and perfects your complexion as you wipe out skin discolorations.

Foundation And Concealer Palette by BH Cosmetics

"Bought the Palette 2 solely for the use of the salmon color concealer. My friend had it and I loved it. It is a cream palette so the consistency differs with temperature changes. I usually blow dry all my liquid/cream products for a couple of seconds to warm them up anyways.The red-ish/salmon color is the best for dark circles. I use directly after primer under my eyes and then liquid foundation over and it is AMAZING. I do find that because I use MAC liquid foundation over it, as well as MAC CC loose powder over, it sets well. But when I use more drugstore brands of foundation, it does not last as long.Also, it seems to work better with liquid foundation rather than powder.It does crease a little but if you work it into your wrinkles, it fills the space well.Blends well, especially with your fingers because it seems to make the consistency easier to work with when it's warm. « less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Ultra Palette Golden Sugar 2 - Blush, Bronze & Highlight by Revolution Beauty

"Fellow makeup lovers, grab this pallet while you can! Inside you'll find an array of the most beautiful array of colors and textures. There is matte, satin and shimmer, with only one shade having noticeable glitter, which I don't mind as it looks so beautiful on tanned shoulders.The colors blend like butter on the skin and last all day. This pallet has versatility and can be used as a highlighter, blush or if you're fair like me, a bronzer to warm up a face, which due to diligent use of screen is somewhat shocking! I do see this being a good pallet for woman who are much darker and warmer toned than me too. And anyone in between. The gold and bronze shade would look magnificent as a highlight on a woman of color. If you've searched high and low for a good quality blush, consider your search over, because Makeup Revolution has your ride or die blush right here! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eyeshadow by Physicians Formula

Get the glow you've been missing with physicians formula shimmer strips custom bronzer, blush & eyeshadow! Highlight skin with five luminous bands of warm beige, sand and bronze- like a burst of sunshine.

Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette by sleek

Sleek makeup's versatile face and body cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette includes two velvety powders and two luxurious cream formulas. The golden, metallic finishes add a radiant and luminous glow to the skin.

6 Contour Blush Palette by Coastal Scents

""This is a great product! My friend picked this up before me, and I fell in love with it while she had it. The contour shade specifically caught my attention, and let me tell you- It's great! I'm warm-medium-tone, a W6 in Loreal TrueMatch. This color is sooooooo perfect. It's obviously brown, so this shade looks very natural. Blend it out with a bronzer (sheen or matte) and it will look gorgeous! It's fine on its own, as well. The white shade is great for setting under the eye or highlighting the cheek bones for a nice matte finish. I like the mix that with the baby pink highlight or the yellow-tan highlight color so it looks a little more natural. The two blush shades are really pretty too. Depending on your skin tone, you could use some of the highlighting blushes (the fair ones) as a really light blush or sweep over once more gently with the darker ones. All in all, this palette is so worth it. The packaging was extremely safe- none of the two palettes were broken (I also purchased the 10blush palette at the same time). The pans are large, and will last you quite a while! BUY THIS :)" Less" - coastalscents.com user

Shimmer Palette by e.l.f.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics weightless and easy to blend, shimmer palette is a must have! The palette comes with a built-in mirror and brush for convenient on the go use.