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The 50 Best Drugstore Cruelty-Free Concealers Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore cruelty-free concealers are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
16HR Camo Concealer by e.l.f.

E.l.f. Cosmetics most full-coverage, long-wear formula ever! Camouflage those pesky spots and under-eye circles with this high-coverage, crease resistant, 16-hour wear camo concealer.

Full Coverage Liquid Concealer by ULTA Beauty

"Let me just start out by saying, I have been struggling with concealer for my under eye area since I began wearing makeup (years ago.) I have tried every popular concealer under the sun (tarte shape tape - too drying, nyx hd, nars, etc.) and have never been fully in love with one. I'm 23, fair with dry skin and some lovely fine lines, so it's hard to find a concealer that's full coverage enough to cover my discoloration, but not so dry or heavy that my under eyes look as if I'm 100 years old.I picked this up on a whim during an ulta trip, and I totally didn't expect to love it as much as I do. They have a good color range, and the packaging feels nice and not cheap at all. It is very pigmented, but lightweight and not heavy feeling. It's the perfect liquid consistency. It blends really easily with a sponge or a brush. What amazes me most about this concealer is it's ability to stay on ALL day without accentuating my fine lines!! It has a matte finish as described, but it's not drying at all. I can look at my face in the mirror hours after applying my makeup and this continues to look like I just applied it. I can't say enough great things about this! « less" - ulta.com user

Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer by BH Cosmetics

"I loved the coverage and the finish of this concealer. Very natural looking with medium to full coverage. It has a really brightening effect so be aware of that when choosing your shade. I choose the shade 101 and it was a little too bright for my complexion, it was good for under the eyes (brown,blue under eye circles) but not very good for the rest of the face. My match probably would be 102 or 104 mixed with the white one. I have a neutral skin undertone and this shade is very pink based. In the photos, the one that I have half of my face with make up, the concealer is just in the under eye area. In the full face of makeup, the concealer is the only thing I am wearing on the skin.For those people buying from Brazil, everything went fine with my purchase and I didn't pay any taxes! :) Less" - bhcosmetics.com user

Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

Play hide-and-sculpt with the NYX Professional Makeup Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealer. You can use the blendable, matte formula to camouflage imperfections, brighten up your face and contour those features to perfection.

TruBlend Undercover Concealer by Covergirl

Conceal, shape and brighten with the CoverGirl TruBlend Undercover Concealer. Say bye to bags, dark circles and other skin imperfections with this lightweight concealer.

Liquid Cover Lasting Concealer by pacifica

Pacifica's 100% vegan, Liquid Cover Full Coverage Lasting Concealer uses clean ingredients to deliver buildable, seamless coverage that leaves a natural finish.

Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer by Milani

Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer by Milani seamlessly conceal imperfections, highlight & contour with a silky, full-coverage formula designed for 12 hours of crease-free, water resistant wear.

Transcendent Concentrated Concealer by pacifica

"So, this product is more than I had hoped for. I was hoping it would be comparable to the NARS concealer, but natural ingredients.I wanted something with coverage, but that wouldn't break me out and this didn't disappoint. I use this instead of foundation. I just put it wear i need it and it does the trick. Set it with powder, and you're gucci, my friend. It makes me look glowy but not too sweaty.It doesn't last ALL day for me, but I live in a city and hop on and off the subway constantly, so nothing lasts that long. But it doesn't wear off in patches,I have fair skin with yellow undertones and this is pretty much perfect. Love the doe-foot applicator and that I'm not sticking my fongers in a pot. I think the finish looks best when applied with a brush. It does crease under the eyes, but blurs blemishes well and hasn't broken me out as far as I know.It doesn't smell of anything, which is good. For me, fragrance is a hard NO, and I love the ingredients list. I'm a fan of Pacifica's makeup line. Very underrated. « less" - Vitacost user

Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer by Neutrogena

"I have been using Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating concealer (in shade light 20) for a little over 1 month. I have been searching for the right concealer for quite a long time!From my experience, most concealers, if they even conceal at all, barely survive the blending process, let alone an entire work day! However, Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating concealer not only has lasting power, the unique formula not only delivers on it's promise as a concealer, it offers many additional benefits!First of all, it goes on smooth, and blends seemlesly with bare skin, as well as my foundation! Secondly, unlike so many other concealers, it does not settle into fine lines, nor does it clump up around patches of dry skin (thanks, in part, to the product's own hydrating properties). Finally, it offers top-notch coverage that lasts the entire day!I highly recommend Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating concealer to anyone looking for a concealer that actually gets the job done! I definitely found the right concealer for me!I received a sample of this product was provided to me by PINCHme in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are soley my own, based on my personal experience with this product. My opinion has not been affected by any other variables. « less" - Neutrogena user

HD Photogenic Concealer Wand by NYX Professional Makeup

Little wonder the hi definition photo concealer wand is one of nyx professional makeup's best-sellers! The concentrated, emollient-rich concealer formula goes on like a dream, is non-comedogenic and creates medium to heavy coverage.

Camouflage Cream by Catrice Cosmetics

Undercover wonder! The catrice camouflage cream provides long-lasting texture and high coverage. The smooth cream blends perfectly with the skin and covers uneven skin tone, discoloration and redness. Set with powder for the longest wear.

HD Pro Conceal by LA Girl

L.a. girl's hd pro concealer is crease-resistant with opaque coverage in a creamy, yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections.

Hydrating Camo Concealer by e.l.f.

Camouflage those pesky spots and under-eye circles with the e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Camo Concealer. A full-coverage, hydrating, longwearing concealer featuring a large doe foot applicator to conceal, correct, contour and highlight for flawless skin.

Wonder Pencil by NYX Professional Makeup

"Five starts because I don't want them to stop making it! Now the real review: I use this as a concealer pencil. The fat concealers just don't do it for me, and since Cargo stopped making their "reverse lip liner," (which I used as a concealer) this pencil is really the best I've found. As someone else here said, the light is a bit too light, the medium is too dark. As with Shiseido before them, they really could use a shade between the two. Until then, I make do with the light, but lots of blending required because it is so pale. Pros: lots! It's long lasting but actually smoother/less cakey than many other concealer pencils I've used, the fine point makes detailed concealng easy, the price is great, I can make the Light shade work with some blending.. Cons: The light is a bit too light, the medium is too dark. There's a really big gap between the light and the medium. Maybe NYX is reading this and will consider adding a shade between the current light and medium!! « less" - Target user

Light Illusion Full Coverage Concealer by Flower Beauty

Flower beauty's light illusion full coverage concealer is a soft-focus blurring concealer with a high performance coverage. The weightless formula instantly diminishes the appearance of imperfections, fine lines, and signs of fatigue for a flawless luminous look.

Born To Glow! Naturally Radiant Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

Carefully calibrated to match the shades of the Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation, the Born to Glow Radiant Concealer by Nyx Professional Makeup is a micro pearl-infused concealer blurs imperfections and adds a boost of radiance to instantly brighten the appearance of a dull complexion.

Color Correcting Liquid Concealer by ULTA Beauty

"This product is amazingly pigmented! I bought green for redness/acne spots and yellow for my undereye area. The green is super pigmented and it does take some work with a damp beauty sponge or foundation brush to get the product to blend. Once it is blended, though, it conceals redness amazingly well. Applying skin-concealer and/or foundation afterward is a must because otherwise the green will not fully blend in. I even occasionally blend a smear of the green with my liquid foundation before applying it all over in order to tone down the redness I have all over my face.The yellow color seems to do the trick fairly well for my undereyes to balance out purple/blue tones, but topping it with a very light concealer to brighten up the area is really a must! " - ulta.com user

Clear Complexion Concealer by Almay

"I. Love. This. So. Much. Okay. I am seventeen. Pale. Never used anything but the lightest shade in ANY makeup. I had acne for five years, but I've recently got it completely under control (THANK YOU, DERMATOLOGIST! ). I have very oily/dry/sensitive/combination/I-have-no-idea-what-is-happening skin. I have a LOT of scars and hyperpigmentation. Especially on my cheeks. I tried many, MANY concealers before I found this one. It. Is. The. Best. I have been using it for YEARS. I've gone through at least fifteen tubes. No joke. It is amazing. If your skin is moisturized right, it blends like a dream. (Watch out: it doesn't work well on dry skin.) It covers pimples completely. I can't tell if it actually HEALS them, but it has never EVER broken me out, which is a miracle that literally made me cry with happiness. I wear this everyday. It is especially amazing OVER a foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. It lasts a long time--sometimes ALL day, if my skin lets it. Reapplying is easy, and it never cakes if blended right. I use a beauty blending sponge, which makes it even better. The packaging is a little unsanitary, but a clean finger or a Q - tip fixes that. Overall, it is perfect. I've only ever needed the lightest shade, and it matches amazingly. Yes. I recommend it fifty billion times over. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - ulta.com user

Dark Circle Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

The nyx professional makeup product glides on without looking thick or obvious. Coconut oil provides intensive moisture and ensures no caking.

Photo Focus Concealer by Wet n Wild Beauty

"I chose Medium Tawny as the website recommended it for a light/medium skin tone and at the moment I’m slightly darker than usual due to the crazy summer we’ve had. It is, however, too dark for me so I’ll probably go for Light-Med Beige or maybe even Light Ivory next time However if I put a small amount on and blend it out I can make it work. I did also get the Medium Peach shade which I’ve been wearing and this seems to work a little better (even seems to help with my dark circles). I like the coverage, a tiny bit goes a long way and it blends easily either with a finger or brush and, once lightly set, it’s lasted well on my mid-40’s dry skin really and doesn’t seem to have creased. I may actually take the previous reviewer Sahara500’s comment about mixing two together as, at this price, it’s not going to hurt!" - beautybay user

Liquid Camouflage Concealer by Catrice Cosmetics

Camouflage perfection! Dark circles, imperfections and redness are now a thing of the past - the catrice liquid camouflage concealer offers optimal coverage without drying out the skin.

Smoothers Concealer Stick by Covergirl

"I've been a long-time CG Smoothers BB cream user (been using it since back when it was just called Tinted Moisture). If you love that product I think you'll also love this concealer because it pairs really seamlessly with it. I have blue veins that peek through my under eye area. I want to cover them but I don't want to slather on concealer that will that cake up, crease, and draw attention to the texture of the skin in my under eye area. I've been on the hunt for a hydrating, non-irritating concealer that won't make my under eyes look worse than if I had not used anything. I've tried: Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Becca, ELF, NYX, Maybelline, W3LL People, and Pacifica. While I had some measure of success with some of those I tried, I just wasn't completely satisfied with the results. Since Cover Girl announced they were going cruelty-free, I decided to take another look at their product line and give this product a try and I'm SO glad that I did. I don't apply it like lipstick, instead, I run my ring finger on to the concealer stick to warm up the product and pick it up on my finger, and then I dab my finger under my eye. After I've finished dabbing the product I then lightly blend with my Beauty Blender. I gives me coverage without looking heavy, it just looks like my skin, and doesn't become a mess by the end of the day. It pairs well with the CG Smoothers BB cream when I want a no-makeup look day and it pairs well with my foundation too, but if you're going for heavier coverage foundation then this might not be a heavy enough coverage concealer to pair with." - walgreens user

Cover Everything Concealer by e.l.f.

"I picked these up at my local dollar tree I believe...I had always wanted to try them, but, I could never find them in store, and, I do not like ordering concealers and foundations online, especially with ELF as the colors vary greatly sometimes. Needless to say, I was excited when I found them!!! For a dollar, honestly, I didn't have too much hope....I purchased the corrective yellow and the shade shade light. As soon as I swatched these, I was truly amazed by how creamy they were, and how they did not feel oily nor wax like, and, they completely passed the vein test 100%!!!! These are definitely FULL COVERAGE cream concealers at a great price!!! They blend into the skin beautifully, and the light shade matches my fair to light complexion with cool undertones perfectly!!!! I use this over blemishes and such, and it provides beautiful, natural looking full coverage that lasts, just be sure to set with a powder then setting spray!!! I use the corrective yellow under and around my eyes to brighten, as well as other areas on my face that to highlight such as the bridge if my noise, forehead, Cupid's bow, chin ect....when set properly, I have had zero issues with creasing, and, the coverage lasts, even at work where I'm a server, running around like crazy in a hot restaurant !!!! I have to say, for the price, I am truly blown away by the quality and effectiveness of this product!!! As usual, beyond satisfied with this ELF purchase!!! « less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Full Coverage Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

"This is my first time using a concealer with paste texture. I have very bad under eye discoloration with a mixture of red/purple-ish. In the past I always used concealer that is a shade or 2 lighter than my skin tone to cover it up. After reading on an article about color correction I decided to try yellow corrector. This concealer has a very decent (medium to high) coverage and is easy to blend with brush (not finger). I applied the concealer on the area that needs to be covered, blended off the edge, and then applied my regular liquid concealer in the general area to buff out the harsh line and lastly set it with very light translucent powder. It turns out to be much better than just using regular liquid concealer. It looks very natural and doesn't crease at all. I am very pleased with this inexpensive concealer/correcter as an alternative." - ulta user

No Filter Matte Full-Coverage Concealer by Colourpop

ColourPop's full coverage concealer was formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a creaseproof, matte finish. No filter needed.

Simply Ageless Instant Fix Concealer by Covergirl

"I'm 44 with slightly dark circles and dry, crepey skin under my eyes. This concealer gives light to light-medium coverage with a smoothing effect under the eyes. It does not settle into the fine lines under my eyes and does not crease on me. It's a moisturizing formula that doesn't dry out my already dry skin. The undertone of the Fair shade is a nice fair neutral, which works well for me. I like this concealer for light makeup days." - ulta user

Outlast All-Day Soft Touch Concealer by Covergirl

"I have always used Lise Watier or Maybelline cream concealers, so I was a little sceptical about this Covergirl Outlast concealer, specially since it was a more liquid texture than what I was use to. I have to say I was very impressed with this product and will probably be buying it after I finish it. What I like about this product: - How easy it is to apply. You simply push gently on the tube and a little bit of concealer comes out of the angle mousse end. It does not splash out like other products nor do you have to press really hard to have a little bit that is barely enough to conceal one pimple. With one little squeeze, I can easily conceal under eyes, nose, chin and imperfections. - The texture. Even though it is more liquid than what I am use to, the concealer blends very easily into the skin. I simply use my finger to smooth out the product and within a couple of seconds, I instantly see a difference in the look of my skin. I do not look like I applied a huge amount of concealer, I could easily just put a little bit of concealer on my face without the Matte finish powder and I would still look put together. - The application wand. I like the angle of the application brush, which is ideal to apply under the eyes and in creases of the face. I did not find the product to be reabsorbed by the mousse of the wand, which sometimes happens with other products and is frustrating, as you tend to loose some product. - The final look. I find this product really allows my skin to look flawless without much effort. I did notice the product lasted all day, without giving me an oily or smudged effect at the end of the day. What I do not like: - For now, I have nothing negative to say, maybe besides the fact that they do not offer many different tint colors, as my skin can sometimes be more on the olive side than fair, but it did not change the fact that the product blended very well on my skin. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)" - walgreens user

Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen by Covergirl

"I love this concealer! I can’t just use any concealer because I have dry under eyes but this concealer was so creamy and so easy to blend. It felt smooth and blended into my skin like butter. It wasn’t heavy and I was able to apply another layer without it looking cakey at all! I love this line and highly recommend it. It’s true to the name “Vitalist Healthy” " - covergirl.com user

Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer by Colourpop

ColourPop's Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer is a creamy, lightweight concealer with full coverage and a natural finish that lasts all day. Super blendable and loaded with skin-loving hyaluronic acid (aka HA) and coconut water. Oil free, dermatologist tested, and ideal for all skin types.

TruBlend FixStick Concealer by Covergirl

"The Covergirl Fixstick Concealer is perfect for me. I like the point on the tip end in order to easily reach the areas around my eyes. The Fixstick is easy to handle; the tips don't break off because of being too soft and there is no greasy after effect! My Covergirl TruBlend concealer is the only makeup I use on my face; it gives me a pure natural looking complexion. All I do is touch the areas that I choose to cover, along with a "touch", here and there, and then I use my fingers to blend it over parts of my face. The results are: My skin has a natural glow that lasts all day! I've been asked, even by nurses, what I use for the care of my skin? It doesn't get any better than that..." - walmart.com user

Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

"I have been using this product for about a year at least. I started with nutmeg and it matches my skin beautifully. Sometimes I wear it under my foundation but when I am not in a makeup mood I put a little on to even out my skintone. I also have the Green and the Orange colors for color correcting and a lighter shade to highlight under my eye area. I plan to purchase a darker shade for contouring. I also purchased some for my sister and mother and they LOVE them too! I will definitely keep buying these concealers." - walgreens user

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter by e.l.f.

Correct under eye problematic areas such as dark circles and bags easily and effectivel. Contains vitamins A & E, chamomile, caffeine and green tea to moisturize, soothe, and tighten the skin around the delicate eye area.

Incredible Waterproof Concealer Stick by NYX Professional Makeup

"I bought this in YELLOW and it works perfect to cover redness and any other discolorations on the skin. It provides a medium coverage that you can build. I use it under foundation and also over foundation. It blends very well, is creamy, and does not leave the intense tone of yellow on my skin as a lot of other yellow concealers do. This yellow is quite mild in color. I live in a humid area and it does stay put pretty well on my dry skin, but I do tend to need small touch-ups throughout the day. But it does hold up well overall, especially when set with a powder or spray. Do not know how waterproof it is - haven't been swimming with it yet and that is always the best test. I will be repurchasing this again! Wonderful product for the price!" - ulta.com user

HD Lifting Concealer by e.l.f.

This high definition, skin firming e.l.f. Cosmetics hd lifting concealer hides imperfections and regenerates the skin for added radiance.

Retouch + Erase LightLifting Concealer by Milani

"I've been trying for 3 years to find a concealer that wasn't as expensive as my favorite Tarte Shape Tape, but to no avail, until I found THIS! I am wildly impressed. I have VERY finicky, sensitive skin, that breaks out easily. My undereye and around-the-nose area are where I use concealer most and this is the only one that hasn't dried out my eyes and caused breakouts around my nose. It blends BEAUTIFULLY with my favorite foundation (Too Faced) and doesn't crease at all, even in the fine lines I have around my mouth (just little smile lines, but still, poorly blended makeup or bad product can make them look worse than they are!). In all I'm extremely pleased. The only downside is that it only comes in 3 shades that I'm aware of (maybe another retailer has more?) -- I have a lot of clients and friends who I would love to recommend this product to but can't because there isn't a shade to match their skin tone :( Less" - ulta.com user

Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer by Physicians Formula

Just what the doctor ordered. Physicians formula conceal rx physicians strength concealer is the perfect solution to cover any and all imperfections.

Total Coverage Face & Body Concealer by Black Opal

"I absolutely LOVE! LOVE this product, I purchased it in beautiful bronze, and it blends in wonderfully with my skin. I no longer wear makeup, I simply apply this Concealer over my blemishes and Viola! Once more this a greatproduxt and would recommended it to any with flaws on their skin they'd like to covet up without it looking like you have makeup on. " - ebonyline.com user

Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick by e.l.f.

"I've been using this concealer for a little while now, and I cannot stress enough how absolutely amazing it is! It's easily the best concealer I've ever used. A little goes a very long way, and coverage can be built up very easily for areas of greater concern. Personally, I only find myself upping coverage on days when I might have a particularly angry pimple. Other than that, I find one little dab gives more than enough coverage. It also works wonders as an undereye concealer! It blends beautifully, and doesn't crease, leaving you with a bright, yet very natural looking finish. That's something I still find myself amazed by every time I use this concealer, just how natural it looks, while still giving such high coverage. I honestly don't think I'll ever use another concealer again!" - walgreens user

Clean Matte Concealer by Covergirl

COVERGIRL's Clean Matte Concealer is designed specifically for oily skin to conceal blemishes, imperfections and dark under eye circles in an instant. The lightweight, oil-free formula blends easily into the skin, creating a beautiful matte finish that lasts all day without clogging pores.

TruBlend It's Lit Concealer by Covergirl

"Just recently purchased, and it was absolutely worth it. Applying was quick and easy, drying with a nice matte finish. Coverage was medium to full, covering majority of my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Especially my eye bags! With only one layer. Blending was flawless, wasn't cakey. It looked like I wasn't even wearing makeup. Lasted through the rain and about 6 hours before some light creasing. Without any setting powder. Other then that, this concealer did wonders! " - covergirl.com user

Gotcha Covered Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

Gotcha covered concealer by nyx professional makeup always has your back! This full coverage, waterproof and long-lasting concealer effectively covers up discolorations and imperfections without creasing or caking.

Flawless Concealer by e.l.f.

"I've been looking for a concealer for years and this one beats out Fenty, Too Faced, and Black Randiance! I'm Mahogany/Spiced Rum (Too Faced Peach Foundation) and got this concealer in Deep Cinnamon.As a dark skin girl with red/neutral understones, I was worried about this being orange (we all know the horror stories), but it was a great color match and I was pleasantly surprised. It dries down pretty quick after you apply, but definitely gives you enough time to blend it out with your beauty blender. It's mattifying but doesn't crease even when I skip eye primer, doesn't get oily, and plays well with powder foundation too (Tip: Try it UNDER your powder or sheer coverage foundation for a beautiful airbrushed look!). If you're on the fence, I say go for it! This has become a new favorite!I'm probably going to get more in 1-2 shades lighter/darker so I can use them as highlighter/contour. Less" - elfcosmetics.com user

Radiant Glow Concealer by no7

"I bought this after finding out that my go-to undereye concealer was no longer available. I have been on the search for an undereye concealer that doesn't settle into wrinkles and has staying power. Many of them seem to disappear after an hour or two and/or settle in creases (who needs that?). This is probably on if the more satisfactory products I have tried. Although it seems to have the same disappearing act as most of it cousins, I believe it performs a little better than most. Easy to apply, good coverage, good color selection, small and convenient for putting in your purse. Cons - still on the hunt for the perfect undereye concealer for 50+ age group. " - ulta.com user

Matte Base Concealer by Revolution Beauty

"I’ve only read & seen very negative feedback & reviews about this concealer but my experience with it has been nothing but positive! I really love the soft, smooth creamy texture. It glides on so easily & only a small amount is needed as it goes a long way. It gives light coverage that melts into foundation with the lightest touch & gives a lovely natural finish, not looking at all heavy or cakey. I’ve found it works best setting under the eyes with a very light dusting of loose powder, this way I had minimal creasing - my under eyes ALWAYS crease no matter what i use or do, but this concealer is one of the best I’ve found for reducing it, which I know is the opposite to what most people have said! I use a small amount of pressed powder to set the concealer on any marks/blemishes on my face & it gives me a light natural finish I love. The shade is the perfect match for my pink toned pale skin! A bargain for the money. I also use a darker shade to contour (c9) & it works perfectly!" - beautybay user

Concealer Twins by Physicians Formula

Uncover the power of color correction with physicians formula concealer twins 2-in-1 correct and cover cream! Neutralize red imperfections by applying the green shade.

Fresh Complexion Concealer by Covergirl

"This is my absolute HG (holy grail) concealer. I buy this stuff like I am storing for the apocalypse. I have no idea what I would do if they discontinued it. I have inherited very dark circles from my mother. This product covers them so well and so naturally that no one even knows or has a clue that I have dark circles. I get told constantly how perfect and beautiful my skin is. When someone see's me without makeup it's always the same old "oh my gosh are you feeling ill?" This product is GREAT for under eye circles if applied correctly. It does absolutely nothing to cover blemishes. Not even a little bit. You need something much heavier to cover acne. So this is my technique.. First I apply Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation all over my face and under my eyes. I use Vanilla 002 it is literally a perfect match for my skin. Then I use the wand to get a bit of the concealer onto my hand. I apply the concealer on top of the foundation. Then I sort of pat it around with my finger until it is a little "tacky". I then pat it under my eyes and over my upper lid, smoothing it into the corners. I try not to rub at all as this can sort of cram the product into little fine lines and give it uneven coverage. I let it dry for a few minutes. If you add powder to fast it will go on uneven and look cakey. After it dries for a couple of minutes I check for any "thin" spots and dab some extra concealer on if needed. I then use a sponge to apply Revlon PhotoReady Powder foundation in Fair/Light. I do this by getting some product onto the sponge and "dabbing" it over the concealer. Again, do not rub or you will mess up your base. Afterwards I use a Cover Girl Kabuki brush to apply powder all over my face to set all the makeup. I then take a clean brush blush that I save from my blush package (Covergirl Cheekers in pretty peach). I get some powder onto the brush and use it to lightly brush over the under eye area/nose/down to the cheekbone. To smooth everything out and blend it all together. The result is perfect looking skin. Applied in a manner consistent with the one described above I have never had a problem with this concealer. It lasts all day, I have never rubbed it off, sweated it off, slept it off. It stays put until I deliberately wash my face. All the products I mentioned can be bought right here on drugstore.com :) <3 this website!! (Note, the brush that comes with the Revlon PhotoReady powder is no good for applying the powder, the bristles aren't stiff enough. However it makes an excellent blush or "fall down" brush. I use it to sweep away any eye shadow that falls down. Works beautifully for that) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="3145770393649580797-full" data-show="3145770393649580797-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - drugstore.com user

Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil by NYX Professional Makeup

"This is the best, most affordable under eye concealer I've ever used! However, I hated it the first time I used it. Proper application is definitely key with this product. The formula is extremely thick & hydrating. I have dry skin, am extremely fair, & suffer with dark circles. The ivory shade is perfect for brightening, which is hard to find for pale skin. I squeeze out a TINY amount on the back of my hand & use a small concealer brush to apply it to the darkest part of my under eyes, which for me is along the orbital bone. (You don't want to go in with a large amount of product all the way up to the lash line because of how well this spreads.) When the majority of the product is off the brush, I lightly feather the edges of the concealer. Then I use a damp Real Techniques sponge to completely blend out the product under my eyes. I sometimes use a bit of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in brightener over top if my dark circles are really bad. Once you have tapped out any creases, it is critical to immediately set with powder. My favorite powder to use is the Elf HD Under Eye Setting Powder because it doesn't add more coverage or look cakey. Now that I have perfected this technique, my under eyes are flawless. The coconut oil keeps my under eyes from looking dry, the coverage lasts all day, & there is no creasing. I occasionally have a breakout & use the tiniest bit of this to cover it up. I like to tap it on with my finger & set with powder. Don't give up on this product if you don't immediately love it. This also works well with the baking method because the creamy texture holds on to the powder. « less" - ulta.com user

MegaGlo Makeup Stick Concealer by Wet n Wild Beauty

"I use this product as a cream bronzer, not as a contour. I have the shade Oak's On You and my skin is a warm light/medium shade. I draw a line where my bronzer would go, a line around the perimeter of my forehead and temples, as well as on the sides of my nose for a sunkissed look, and below my bottom lip to create a shadow. I blend it in using the Real Techniques sculpting brush. It looks so natural, and it makes me look like I have a beautiful tan! This product lasts so well even on my oily skin. I apply foundation and concealer, then this cream bronzer stick, then face powder, then powder bronzer and blush, etc." - ulta user