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The 50 Best Drugstore Clay Face Masks Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore clay face masks are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Pure Clay Detox & Brighten Face Mask by L'Oreal

"I absolutely love using masks so I am happy to be able to try all three of L'Oréal Paris's clay masks and this one I am focusing on today is the Exfoliate & Refine Pores. (Red Algae Mask) The Exfoliate & Refine Pores mask is made up of Kaolin, Montmorillonite, Moroccan lava clays and enhanced with Red Algae extract. It is supposed to refine skin, minimize pores and remove dead cells, dirt and oil to leave your skin feeling smooth and breathable. Packaging: The packaging is very nice and elegant just like the other two boxes in the line (Brighten & Detox, Purify & Mattify). All three boxes look very similar with green, but each show the color of the mask alongside the bottom to the sides. I ended up recycling all three boxes. You do get a decent size in a glass jar of 1.7 oz. of product. The size of the jar itself is compact and not as bulky as I thought it would be after removing from the box. The box does make it appear larger than it really is. As like the other jars there is a little white seal that you can easily remove and place back on. This does collect a lot of product so do be careful upon opening. I still use the white seal as to make sure the mask does not dry out. There is no applicator given. Appearance & Texture: The color looks exactly like red clay/dirt. Not sure if the red clay/dirt color is actually from the red algae extract or solely from the iron oxides. I like the color and reminds me of a natural clay product. Inside the jar the texture looks creamy, thick and gritty from the apricot seed powder. Just with the appearance of the larger apricot seed powder I expected this mask to exfoliate pretty well. Smell: You are able to smell the mask once you open the lid. I feel the scent of the Algae mask is as strong as the Charcoal, but smells differently. With that said the Eucalyptus mask has the weakest fragrance. This red algae scent reminds me of some sort of floral detergent. If you are very sensitive to smelly fragrance beauty products this one might not be for you as it does sit on your face for 10-15 minutes. Parfum/Fragrance is labeled ingredients to safely assume it's not natural. For me personally I did not have an issue with the scent and have had no headaches or irritants with the smell. Use: Just like the other two masks the Exfoliate & Refine Pore mask is created to use with all skin types. I would recommend with any skin product to test a little spot before fully using to see how your skin is going to react. I have combination of dry and oily skin and since I have started using this mask I have seen no changes or had any irritations. I will probably only use up to 2 times a week since I feel it exfoliates great and I personally don't like over exfoliating. You can actually over exfoliate so I wouldn't recommend going over the 3 times a week as they have instructed. With the weather becoming dryer as we step into fall is another reason I feel I don't need to use as much. Application: Apply over a clean and dry skin. You can either apply all over face, targeted areas or whatever you please, but avoid eyes and lips. Leave the on for 10-15 minutes and then remove with water. Although this does not come with an applicator I don't have any issue using my fingers to spread the product around. I always make sure my hands and face are clean before applying. You can definitely feel the seeds move around on your skin as soon as you start applying. I like to move the product in soft circular motions over my skin before letting it sit. There is an instant cooling and tingly feeling. I also like the fact that none of 3 masks flake or dry out making your face feel like the Sahara desert. I feel the mask dries fairly quickly and the seeds remain on your face unless you rub them of with your finger. I do feel my face tighten a little bit, but it's not uncomfortable and I am able to smile, laugh and take a drink. Since my boyfriend saw me in the charcoal mask this time he thought this one looked disgusting and compared it to dried blood. I don't know what he's thinking (lol). The mask moves fairly easy over my face and I like to personally use a good coating of product, but I do wonder how long the jar will last. I normally jump in the shower after using the masks, but it does remove easily over the sink. I like to use a soft washcloth to remove the mask. It does not take much effort nor is it messy. I also quickly clean and rinse out the washcloth and I've had no issues with staining. With the seeds you do get an extra scrub/exfoliation while washing away the mask. I do not smell the fragrance after it has been completely removed. My face feels cleaner and tighter afterwards. After using for about a week and half I did not have any breakouts, red splotches or irritation. Price: I think the price is great for the amount of product you get. Even though it's a name brand it's easily affordable. Overall: I have started using the 3 masks in a combination for different areas I want to tackle. This gives versatility I haven't seen with other clay masks/product line. This creates a unique and fun experience. The Exfoliating & Refine Pores (Red) clay mask does have a strong fragrance so I would not recommend for sensitive noses. Out of the 3 I love this one the best. I feel I get a good deep clean from the apricot seed powder and the scent does not bother me. For me playing/using the masks gives me a good excuse to take time for myself and relax. I received this item for free from a promotion by L'Oreal for my honest review. Every review I do is based 100% off of my experience with the product and I do not guarantee a positive review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walmart user

Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret

"Hands down one of the best masks I've tried , and will continue on using. A little goes a long way. Please Please Please use this with the BRAGGS ACV - W/ the mother it will make a huge difference, I can't stress this enough!!!!!!! My skin is oily around my t-zone area, so I try to apply it only in that area or areas where I tend to break out & T-zone, I find it to dry out a bit the rest of my face. And When I do a full face of this mask I add a drop or two of Coconut oil, almond oil or tea tree oil depending what I have at hand to avoid drying out the rest of my skin. Other than that THIS IS AN AMAZING MASK for skin & hair as well." - walmart user

Exfoliating Mud Mask by tree hut

Purify your skin with the activated charcoal of tree hut exfoliating mud mask. The kaolin draws out impurities while the exotic black sand exfoliates to smooth and revitalize the appearance of dull skin.

African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask by SheaMoisture

Sheamoisture african black soap clarifying mud mask draws out dirt and congestion while helping absorb excess oil and improve the appearance of troubled skin. A proprietary blend helps to clarify, balance, and soothe blemish-prone skin.

Exfoliate & Refining Face Mask by L'Oreal

Exfoliate & refines pores pure-clay mask from l'oréal paris addresses rough and clogged skin to reveal a polished, pore-minimized and smooth complexion. Immediately skin texture appears refined and smooth. Pores are visibly minimized. Dead cells, dirt and oil are removed from skin.

Double Glow Peel Mask  by vichy

Vichy's double glow peeling mask is formulated to brighten dull skin through a double-peel action. Aha [fruit acids] helps remove dead cells, while the mechanical action of volcanic rock, crushed into ultra-fine powder gently exfoliates skin.

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask by The Body Shop

Refine and revive your skin with the body shop himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask. Inspired by ayurvedic traditions, this 100% vegan tingling clay mask is infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil.

Deep Clean Purifying Clay Mask & Cleanser by Neutrogena

Deep clean purifying cleanser & mask from neutrogena targets 100% of impurities. Use as a daily cleanser or a deep purifying clay mask for soft, healthy looking skin.

Cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub by Freeman

"as a facial scrub/toner it's super gentle and if you leave it on as a mask after a day with makeup on, it really gets in your skin deep to get all the gross stuff out your face. i have oily skin/mild acne and it helps to keep me less greasy for a day or two and even reduces any redness on zits i have. and the price is too good NOT to stock up on! whenever freeman masks are BOGO half off, i always pick up this one + another to try" - ulta.com user

7Th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask by montagne jeunesse

"I have used several types of Montagne Jeunesse facial masks before- they are so handy and portable and often give my skin glowing, wonderful results. The Mud Pac with dead sea minerals formula mask was no exception. I bought it on the chance that it would help to dry out some acne blemishes I had. Between seasons when the weather fluctuates a lot, my skin tends to react with occasional breakouts and/ or slight dryness. By using this mask, within just two days, my acne is fading and healing. I am so glad I tried this facial mask. It will be my go-to product whenever I have these skin issues." - ulta user

Pure Clay Purify & Mattify Face Mask by L'Oreal

Purify & mattify pure-clay mask from l'oréal paris addresses your shiny and oily skin to reveal clarified, mattified, and refreshed complexion. Immediately skin appears purified and healthier. Skin looks less shiny and excess oil is reduced.

Deep Clean Purifying Wash-Off Clay Mask by Neutrogena

"I'm absolutely a skin care junkie. I try out so many products if I've researched them or then ingredients look right- however I bought this pod on a whim- and anticipating them to be good for traveling as they're disposable and "single use"- you receive a solid amount of product in each pod. Definitely more than enough for two maybe 3 uses. Keep in mind that since they are clay based I'd try to use it all the same week you open it. The results were rewarding as well! I was noticing a break out on the horizon the other night and wanted to test this mask out. After cleansing and exfoliating my face I applied this and unlike a lot of clay masks it glided on my skin so nicely it almost felt moisturizing due to its rich, velvety texture. It was totally dry well before the 40 minute show I watched was over and I removed it with a washcloth that I soaked in warm water. I toned my skin with organic witch hazel and applied moisturizer and eye cream. My skins color, tone and texture instantly looked more balanced. The next morning, the breakout I detected was totally gone. My pores were definitely tighter and my skin still appeared more balance in color and texture and tone! For sure worth a shot and it will help any skin type that struggles with breakouts or tone! (I have normal to dry skin type and very prone to adult acne) « less" - Target user

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask by The Body Shop

Use the body shop tea tree face mask to leave skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed with an instantly cooling mask that helps remove impurities and absorb excess oil while soothing and calming blemish-prone skin. Best for oily/blemished skin.

Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask by Freeman

"In the past two years despite drinking 1 gallon of water a day and getting my liver tested my skin around my nose, face and chin is extremely dry, flaky and red. Went to numerous dermatologist who stated I have eczema. Never wore makeup and always moisturized my skin after showering and cleaning my face but it never helped. This product has become heaven sent. I uses it every other day and it has cleared my dry skin, removed blackhead and whiteheads on my face. No longer have red patchy skin and flaky skin because of this product. I do follow up with 100% aloe vera juice and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel extra dry skin that I used before this product. Now my skin is back radiant, clear and soft. Please Freeman don't ever change the ingredients in this product. Don't fix something that isn't broken. Im Rihanna's complexion if they helps you with skin tones for purchase with red and olive undertones in certain places." - walmart user

SkinActive Charcoal 3-In-1 Face Wash, Scrub & Mask by garnier

"I received the Garnier SkinActive Ultra Clean 3 in 1 Face Wash, Scrub and Mask With Charcoal to review and try for free and this was honestly amazing. I am so glad I got to try this out because I found a new product I actually truly love and will for sure continue to use. Most face washes and facial items make my face break out in almost a red rash type thing when using but this was super gently on my skin and did not irritate it at all. It left my face feeling super soothed, clean, and really refreshed. The last charcoal wash I used almost felt like it was burning my skin when using and this one really was quite the opposite. A huge plus to it was it didnt have a horrible scent like some I have used in the past. I actually didnt mind this and liked it. " - Garnier user

Miracle Oil Argan Oil Mud Mask by yes to

"As someone who has skin so dry it physically hurts to wash, I thought my days of masking were over. My dermatologist recently started me on a high strength retinol medication for my adult acne. I had to give away all of my holy grail mask because they would burn and peel my already flaky skin. I just happened to see this in the store, after glancing at the ingredients walked up to the register with high hopes. I love this mask more than I can explain. It is a mud mask that does NOT dry down, which means the oils stabilize the clay ingredients so they do not dry out your skin. It is an awful yellow color (more than likely due to the kaolin clay) and is pretty scent free, which I love. I rinse my face after 10 minutes and my skin feels balanced and soft, something it has not been for the last 3 months. I am amazed and super glad this caught my eye (I have 10 sitting in my vanity as we speak). My only gripe is they don't offer a 'full size' of this, but I will continue to repurchase the packets until some other miracle product decides to take its place." - ulta user

Pore Clearing Clay Mask 2X by innisfree

A deep-cleansing creamy clay mask - formulated with absorbent Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters and AHA - that helps clear pores while it exfoliates.

Gentle Cleansing Face Mask Pink Clay by apivita

"I have combination skin with an oily T-zone so I feel that exfoliation helps my skin a lot. The product comes in two pouches of 8ml each. Due to using this once a week, as I don't want to over exfoliate my face, one pouch lasted for almost 4-5 uses which is very cost effective. The consistency of the product is creamy with finely milled exfoliating bids so when the product is effective when massaged gently to the face. Beware, this product contains menthol and fragrance, so if you have any sensitivities do a patch test before using. Personally, I love the cooling sensation of menthol and I only use this for 1 minute total so I don't find it irritating at all. Lastly, once I wash it off my face feels clean and hydrated. No tightness or redness whatsoever. " - lookfantastic.com user

Facial Radiance AHA Intensive Peel by First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance AHA Intensive Peel is a non-abrasive, extra-strength exfoliating peel to help resurface, smooth, and brighten skin by removing dead skin cells.

Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask by Freeman

"I use this mask over and over, and have bought it many times. I have very oily skin and still deal with the occasional breakouts even though I'm in my 30's. I always leave it on for much longer than recommended, up to an hour if I'm watching tv. When I go to rinse it off I can clearly see darker spots where the oil has been pulled out of my pores and my face feels much firmer. I do masks at night, and I can say that my complexion looks much brighter and has less redness to is than usual the next day. The only con for me is the aromatherapy. For the first 5min the mask is on my eyes water from the scent, but I love the results so much that I just ignore it and wipe the tears away. Definitely give it a try, it's amazing for oily skin." - drugstore.com user

Glacial Clay Facial Mask by Skin & Lab

"I first heard about this from Renee @Gothamista and she recommends this for oily skin. This product is known for it's "deep pore cleaning" but also notorious for it's tingling (some say stinging) sensation. I'm assuming my poor face is in much need of deep cleansing action so that must be the reason this mask stung my face like crazy! It's my first time to try a clay mask and I have really oily and acne-prone skin. It probably has a lot of work to do on my cheek and nose area, hence the stinging ><However, this was really effective. I can say that because my blackheads around the nose totally surfaced. It was disgusting to look at and they're not totally gone so I'm going to repeat the process again tonight, then use it 2-3 times a week.It really stung in my experience but the cooling effect helped a lot. When I washed this off, my face was really red but I woke up with cleaner smoother skin nonetheless. And guys DON'T repeat my mistake! Don't leave this on for longer than you should or your skin will really dry up. Less" - yesstyle.com user

Pure Clay Clarify & Smooth Face Mask by L'Oreal

"If you have moderately sensitive skin and are looking for a good exfoliant, look no further. When I applied this face mask, I wasn't expecting to see much as far as results, especially after just one use. I followed the directions carefully and left the mask on for 15 minutes. When I washed it off (exfoliating in small circles), I was SHOCKED at how smooth my skin felt afterwards! Even my partner commented on how soft my skin was!I have since been using this product 2 times per week. While it is a pretty gentle exfoliant, I feel like my skin is a little too sensitive to use any more often than that. It works so well though, that my face tends to stay soft and smooth even on days when I don't use it. I will say that I haven't noticed any clarifying benefits, but I have pretty mild (but stubborn) acne.The one thing I didn't much care for about this product was the fragrance. If you disliked heavily scented face creams and products, you may want to steer clear of this one. That said, I didn't find the fragrance to be "bad" – it was kind of perfume-y – and it didn't irritate my skin, so I won't complain too much. All in all, this is a great product if you're looking for a gentle exfoliant that may also offer some clarifying benefits.Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge for testing purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are my honest thoughts about the product. Less" - lorealparisusa.com user

Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack by TONYMOLY

"This product is reallly easy to spread on, although sometimes there are little bits of the product that fall of your face (so make sure to catch them!), and dries quickly. It feels like a lighter mud pack and it smells pretty good too. I originally hoped that there would be a egg-full of product, but its fine cause this is totally worth the amount I payed for it. My pores have never looked better. (Maybe thats cause I never took care of them before though...)" - yesstyle.com user

Night Relaxing Clarifying Clay Bentonite & Kaolin Mineral Clay Face Mask by Clean & Clear

"Let me start by saying I was sceptical at first by all the great reviews I saw for this product. I was having trouble with breakouts and nose blackheads due to the large amount of oil that my face produces. (Pregnancy made it x5 worse.) Normally when I'm stressed I eat a lot of sugary food which makes my face break out more.This mask is like a reset button for my skin. I use it when my face Blackhead Eraser wash can't clear up my face like normal. After using, my skin feels so soft and my blackheads are MUCH smaller. Any blemishes I have are smaller in appearance and less red. I probably use this product a few times a month. It is definitely a skin LIFESAVER!" - walmart user

Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask by yes to

Yes to tomato charcoal mud mask, a super-rich, decadent mud mask with just the right amount of moisture. Perfect for acne-prone skin.

Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6

"I use this product when my skin needs some clarifying. I have combination skin and although (thankfully) I have my acne under control now - I use this product when my pores/ skin feel congested and when I need to bring some "blood to the face." For example - after a long week, after New Years Eve if you get the gist. This mask is not the most gentle mask ever - be warned. Even though I have used it many times, I still get the slight warmth/ heat sensation as soon as this is applied. I keep this on 10 - 15 minutes as instructed and my face is a little bit red after, but it goes away fast enough. I would not recommend using this immediately before a big event or night out. I do this before bed before the week begins. I find that this product is one of my favorite masks to apply and I really LOVE the texture. I own various clay-type masks and they tend to crack or be hard to apply and leave a lot of residue on the hands that essentially just goes to waste. This mask is very smooth, thick, and spreadable. It goes on shiny and light pink/gray and then dries down pretty matte and is fairly easy to wash off with my konjac sponge. I recommend applying hyaluronic acid or a great moisture product right after this to bring some of that moisture back into the skin." - ulta user

Mineral and Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask by The Body Shop

One of the body shop's beauty gems, this skin-warming, cleansing mask is perfect for all skin types. Its key three ingredients draw out impurities, while conditioning and hydrating the skin, leaving your complexion feeling clean and revitalized.

Clay Mask by Sephora Collection

A peel-off mask that smooths the skin and restores radiance with grapefruit and vitamin E.

Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask by The Body Shop

"I am a beauty junkie, especially when it comes to skincare. Name a mask (especially a clay one) that has been featured in beauty reviews online or magazines and I've tried it. This mask stands up to other holy grail products myself and beauty editors swear by even stacking up with very expensive reputable brands. It shrinks the pores, reduces blemishes, and prevents blackheads and whiteheads from forming with regular use. I use it once or twice a week depending on the weather and time of month. I also have been known to use it when I feel a breakout coming on (hormonal) and it will cut that right out. In light of the fact that it compares to other top brands, and the amount of product for the price, I think this is an excellent value. Like most clay masks, you can really see the areas where your face is producing excess oil as you watch it dry by finding the "dark spots" in the mask. That's fun. The smell isn't that bad - defiantly worth the results IMO. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - thebodyshop-usa.com user

Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure skin-clarifying mud mask is full of berry boosters that go straight to work on clogged pores. Strawberry and rosemary eliminate impurities while yarrow clarifies skin for instant complexion perfection.

Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask by L'Oreal

"I have really sensitive skin so most products I've tried to help clear my skin as well as get rid of blackheads have left my skin even worse and dry. But this product is amazing I honestly can't fault it. I'm never one to leave reviews on products but this really deserves a review. After the first use, I honestly didn't notice a difference but my skin was a lot smoother making it easier for cream make up products to go onto my face. After the second use, I noticed a massive difference. My t zone is pretty bad with blackheads due to having combination skin and already it's clearing up. The packaging says to use twice a week so I'd highly recommend sticking to twice, I have read reviews of people feeling nervous about using this product in case it worsens their skin, but as someone with combination, sensitive skin (my skin is literally allergic to everything) I can't fault it one bit. Plus is smells so good. « less" - boots.com user

African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask by SheaMoisture

"So I normally use Murad, Origins, or Clinique when I start breaking out. I've even been known to splurge on PTR and Sanitas....but none of it compares to this, honestly. But I wanted to find cheaper alternatives for the followers of my makeup blog! So I figured I'd pick up some SheaMoisture products and some Nip+Fab ones too. I love that it's certified organic and cruelty free! The mask does smell like playdough so if you're weird about smelly skincare products then this is a no-go for you. I've used it 3 times on my oily, acne-prone, super sensitive skin and it's every bit as good if not better than every Origins mask I've ever used! Plus the price is 100% unbeatable. This started out as just a blog post and turned into my new go-to mask! It doesn't ever dry but I like that since I don't like my skin to feel super tight. I alsogot the African black toner (which is heavenly) and I use this after the mask. Perfection. My skin is smooth and clear. It didn't irritate me at all. I'll be buying the African black bar soon next. Also, if you're looking for other affordable skincare options, the Nip+Fab glycolic pads and the gel works incredibly, especially combined with these products. « less" - ulta.com user

PhytoDefend Clarifying Clay Mask by Apothecare Essentials

ApotheCARE Essentials PhytoDefend Clay Mask draws out environmental toxins and pore clogging oil for clearer, fresher and healthier looking skin.

Pure Clay Masks by L'Oreal

"This is the fist clay mask product I've used. My skin can become dry yet oily, not forgetting very acne prone. I've used this product 3 times in one week as recommended and I'm amazed by the results! I apply this product to clean skin just using my fingertips and remove once dry with a makeup remover wipe. I would not say this product is messy using this method. The product is extremely smooth to apply, gliding on the skin and easy to remove. The scent is very refreshing also. There is definitely more than 10 applications in the jar as a little goes a long way and a thin layer is all you need! I have used this product alongside my normal skin care routine (Clinique anti blemish range) which I have used for the last 4 months. This product has honestly completely changed my skin. I was having regular acne breakouts which were painful, and I have not had a breakout since using this product, in fact this product has dramatically reduced my acne even after my first application. After using this product just 3 times, it will now definitely become part of my skin care routine! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Boots.com user

Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask by Freeman

"I am pleasantly surprised with this mask. I've used other masks that claim to minimize pores, but I never noticed much of a difference. With this mask, I could see the difference in my skin as soon as I rinsed it off. My skin appeared smoother, and my huge pores were less noticeable. It did leave my face feeling a little dry afterward, but that's nothing a moisturizer can't fix. It also made my eyes burn quite a lot (and I tried not to get too close to them), so it might be a good idea to lay back with your eyes closed until the mask dries. Overall, I'm impressed and would buy this mask again. " - ulta.com user

Pure Clay Soothing Face Mask by L'Oreal

"I have really sensitive skin so most products I've tried to help clear my skin as well as get rid of blackheads have left my skin even worse and dry. But this product is amazing I honestly can't fault it. I'm never one to leave reviews on products but this really deserves a review. After the first use, I honestly didn't notice a difference but my skin was a lot smoother making it easier for cream make up products to go onto my face. After the second use, I noticed a massive difference. My t zone is pretty bad with blackheads due to having combination skin and already it's clearing up. The packaging says to use twice a week so I'd highly recommend sticking to twice, I have read reviews of people feeling nervous about using this product in case it worsens their skin, but as someone with combination, sensitive skin (my skin is literally allergic to everything) I can't fault it one bit. Plus is smells so good. « less" - boots.com user

Pore Detox Black Charcoal Clay Face Mask Stick by Olay

Olay's Pore Detox Black Charcoal Clay Mask Stick is all mask, no mess! Finally, all the benefits of a clay face mask in an easy-to-apply stick.

Pure Clay Clear & Comfort Face Mask by L'Oreal

"This mask went on super smoothly. It is a creamy, airy light blue color but after it has set for a while on your skin it turns a darker shade of blue.Time went quickly because I could not feel it cracking and drying. I left it on a bit longer than the directions say (oops) but my skin is still not dried-out! Usually I have that problem with masks.After removing the mask, my skin had a noticeably 'scrubbed' look. A blemish that has been hiding for a week was FINALLY close enough to the surface to remove with a comedone extractor. My forehead looks less bumpy as well, though that could be because my skin was slightly brightened from the mask.Overall, great experience. I would recommend this to a friend. I received this product free for testing. " - lorealparisusa.com user

7Th Heaven Coconut + Clay Peel-Off Mask by montagne jeunesse

"I LOVE 7th Heaven's masks! They are such good quality and so effective! I personally really loved this coconut peel off mask. I have combo skin but used this on a day where my skin felt a little on the drier side & was nervous for the peel off part, but this was surprisingly extremely gentle, super easy to peel-off and smelled SO GOOD! my skin felt so amazing right after, really soft, and the next morning my skin looked so great, it looked hydrated and just glowing which I love! Will always continue buying 7th heaven masks, I think the packaging is super cute & it's such a steal!" - ulta user

Be Berry Bright Exfoliating Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6

Jump start your cleansing routine with formula 10.0.6 be berry bright. This 3-in-1 formula is antioxidant-rich with goji berry partnered with green coffee beans to gently exfoliate. Wash, scrub and mask away impurities to reveal a bright and beautiful complexion!

Argan Stem Cell + CGF Facial Mask Cell Stimulating by acure organics

"Just wow. I have tried and own MANY masks. This is unlike anything else I've used or have. Firstly, this is a cleansing mask. I hope people are using it for that purpose. But it's also so much more...I used this mask after doing my double cleansing routine. I smeared it on and waited the full 15 minutes. Removing it felt so amazing...I love that it foams and my skin felt so smooth and moisturized upon removal. That's not often a feeling I get when using a foaming product with warm water. I have extremely dry skin, especially this time of year, so something gentle yet effective is so important to me. This is exactly that. My skin felt so clean and refreshed. It looked so clear, it felt smooth and hydrated, and much brighter - after one use!! I absolutely intend to purchase the full size. For an extra luxurious treatment I recommend following this up with Glamglow's Thirsty Mud as you settle in for bed. You will feel like your face got the full-spa treatment and will wake up with supple, revived skin. « less" - Birchbox user

Cucumbers Cooling Mud Mask by yes to

Yes to being cool with cucumbers and french green clay to calm and soothe your sensitive skin. The single use yes to cucumbers calming mud mask helps remove impurities and balances skin while leaving it feeling cool and hydrated. Sit back, relax and enjoy a spa-like experience.

Feeling Beautiful Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Clay Mask by Freeman

"Been searching for months for a mask that dries up and makes my skin feel taut and peels away blackheads and impurities & finally this is it! I did not follow directions to the T because I wanted to lay on the mask slightly thicker and so I also left it on longer (30minutes). oh my god, it felt amazing to peel it off! It came all off in one piece, i just took my time peeling. it does pull as you remove it and it adheres strongly. It doesn't just fly right off, it feels like tape is being removed from your face. It may not be for everyone but this is what i was looking for and i personally saw immediate results. Softer, clearer, brighter (i usually have very dull skin). My face looked noticeably healthier. I did apply moisturizing face lotion right after and it did feel tingly for about half hour after - so it is slightly irritating but i didn't get red or anything. I am fair skinned, minor blackheads on my nose and upper cheek areas, some blemishes here and there but not many. I have fairly normal skin but I do feel it gets clogged up quickly with makeup and this honestly was perfect and cleaned everything up! « less" - ulta.com user

7Th Heaven Dead Sea And Clay Peel-Off Mask by montagne jeunesse

"I received this mask in my package. At first, I was somewhat skeptical about the packaging and all. I did not realize that it was a peel off mask. Not only is it a peel off mask, but it is a CLAY kind. I've had different peel off masks that are hard to use because the product is thin. The small pack has enough for nearly anybody to layer on a thick layer. When I first poured the product out, I was like this isn't going to be enough. However, once I put enough all over my face, I was able to go back and add another layer, and then more on places like my nose. Not sure the package said to massage it into your skin, but I did and I really felt like my pores were being cleaned. It gives a very cooling sensation. Takes a little longer to dry but it's worth it. I have oily and combination skin, and this worked very well for me!" - ulta user

Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6

This rich mask goes straight to work on troublesome skin. Formula 10.0.6 be berry fresh is packed with bilberry and neroli to balance, calm and detox the most stubborn pores. Your skin will be noticeably rejuvenated and feel refreshed!

Clarifying Mud Mask - Strawberry Yarrow by Formula 10.0.6

"This product smells sooo good!! You really don't need to use a whole lot of product to cover your entire face. I use a foundation brush so the application is even. I keep it on until it is completely dry instead of 10-15 minutes, and when I look at it in the mirror it makes little bubbles over all my pores, which makes me feel like it's really working! And when I take it off my skin is left feeling so soft and smooth!! The only thing I don't enjoy about it is the tingly, almost slightly burning sensation I get when I first put it on, but it dies down quick enough. Overall, I love it! " - ulta.com user

Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Pink by innisfree

"I orderd the blue, yellow and the purple one. I love them! the yellow and the blue one does itch alitlte bit on my face but when i wash it off it feels amazing. the blue one didn't feel so hydrating but still left my face feel soft. Thee yellow one realy felt like it brighten my face! amazing product.the purple one realy does calm my face, it leaves my face super smooth. I realy love all of them. " - yesstyle.com user

7Th Heaven Charcoal Mud Mask by montagne jeunesse

"I used this just having a at home spa day. I put it on and lightly massaged it into my skin then left it dry in my face for probably 20 minutes because I was in the bath. I rinsed it off and used some face lotion because I have dry skin. I completely forgot about using this and the next day I felt my face and it felt like velvet it was so smooth. And it feels really hydrated too. I feel like I haven't had to use my facial lotion as much after using this masque." - ulta user

Cherry Lava Purify Mask by pacifica

Fight dirty, it works! The gloves are off with cherry lava purify mask a pollution fighters bff by pacifica. Apply it to your skin, and massage it into a foam to supercharge the effects. Charcoal and volcanic ash help get the junk out of your pores, while clay helps tighten, green tea helps soothe.

Coconut Single Use Mud Mask by yes to

Yes to going coo coo for coconut oil and kaolin clay to hydrate and smooth your skin. The single use yes to coconut moisturizing mud mask balances and purifies without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the spa experience.