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The 50 Best Cream Foundations Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore cream foundations are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum by Clinique

"I'm mid 40s. Used to use FitMe foundation and Olay products. No fuss. Low maintenance. Skin started changing in the last few years. Texture, super oily/big pores, sun spots, break outs, etc. Started doing a lot of research and decided to completely change my skincare and makeup regimen and especially include sunscreen. Decided on this foundation based on good reviews, decent ingredients, SPF and Beautipedia gave it five stars :). People complain about products causing acne but it's probably not the foundation and more likely to be the skincare. I eliminated products with fragrance and silicones and changed to water based products and started using chemical exfoliants to help with cell renewal. The combination that has been working for my skin type is cleanser with no fragrance (I use Clinique) , oil free moisturizer (PTR), Coola tinted matte sunscreen SPF30, primer to fill in pores/T-zone, followed by this foundation and lastly set it with a translucent powder. Makes my skin look healthy. Not overly dewey or matte. No oil for hours. Maybe need to blot once a day. Huge difference from where I was before using the right line up of products. I've had no break outs. This foundation indeed color corrects itself. It does not oxidize if you prep skin properly. Out natural oils will oxidize any foundation if not prepped properly to keep oils at bay. It is not high coverage. It is just as indicated moderate coverage. It can be sheered out to a lighter coverage and it feels like skin. Not cakey or thick just creamy. The price point is perfect between drug store and higher end and worth trying for everyday wear. It doesn't last all day. Maybe 8 hours before it may start to fall around oily areas like the nose but it's so important how you prep the face prior to and to set it with powder after. One thing to note is the shades in the light/medium range are either very orange or very pink. I have just about every undertone possible yellow, olive, pink, warm and neutral and it's so difficult to find a color match. Don't be afraid to sample colors and to mix two if needed. I found that WN46 golden neutral and CN70 vanilla worked very nicely and were a good match for my light/medium skin. You just need a drop as a bit goes a very long way. Don't use too much as this was not meant to be built to full coverage or you will give yourself cake face for sure! I've learned it's best to stay on the lighter side of the color range if you're unsure and add color with bronzer if needed or else you will end up with an overly tanned orange face and that does not look pretty. Also look at the color in natural light not under the store lights. Lastly, make sure you wash all this product off before bed time! Clinique Take The Day Off and follow with a cleanser and good night time moisturizer. 👌Hope this info helps as finding the perfect foundation is a real and ongoing struggle for so many of us :) Less" - ulta.com user

Satin Cream Foundation by Glo Skin Beauty

"This formula is much better than the previous one from 2012-13, this foundation is so light on the skin, use it with a brush or a sponge (I'd stay away from fingertips), with a sponge you get more translucent coverage, with a brush medium coverage. The shine of my TZone is less through out the day and the coverage is not heavy or cakey. It dries rather quickly so blend fast with which ever tool you use. I use the Glo-Minerals finishing powder over it to reduce shine. Do research online for getting the right color, there is not a good source on this website. " - dermstore user

PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation by Revlon

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation is a skincare inspired foundation that's ultra blendable, ultra buildable, and infused with antioxidants, anti-pollution, and anti-blue light ingredients.

Pro Longwear Foundation by MAC

"For the past year and half I have been on the hunt for a foundation that meets all of my needs - great color match (that doesn't oxidize), long-wearing, weightless and keeps my combo/oily skin under control (without looking matte/flat). It's a lot to ask of ONE product so I was beginning to give up...until I tried MAC's PLW foundation! O-M-G! I apply the foundation around 6:30am and don't get home until 7pm, and my face still looks great! No powder touch-ups, MAYBE blotting with a blotting sheet mid-day, but other than that, the minimal amt of oil that comes through makes it look super natural (I wouldn't even call it dewey). I'll only touch up with powder if I'm going out after work and want to look extra polished. This baby has met and exceeded all of my expections! A definite must-try! (BTW - I don't have sensitive skin so I can't speak to whether it would be good for those who do break out from certain ingredients). In terms of my shade and application method: I'm currently darker than normal, so I'm wearing NC44 but think I'll have to get NC42 and mix it come winter. Or I might try to mix it with the PLW concealer that I have in NC35. I use a flat top kabuki brush to apply and have been meaning to try it with my BB sponge. I moisturize with a yellow moisturizing gel (from a mid-price skincare line that starts with C and has a Q in it LOL), prime with MAC's Natural Radiance in yellow and set with MSFN in Medium Tan (thank you for this new color BTW! Love it!). I pair with the PLW concealer in NW30 for underneath my eyes (also lasts all day), and set the undereye with MAC'S translucent pressed powder. Hope this helps! #peace <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - M·A·C user

Skin Feels Good Skin Nourishing Foundation by Lancôme

A hydrating, oil-free foundation with SPF 23 for the no-makeup makeup look, infused with antioxidants to protect against free radicals and pollution.

Tint du Soleil SPF30 Whipped Foundation by colorescience

Nourish and even complexion with tint du soleil broad spectrum spf 30 uv protective foundation by colorescience. Multi-vitamin complex, peptides, ceramides and milk lipids improve the appearance of skin tone while the creamy, hydrating whipped formula feels like bare skin at its best.

Clown White by Ben Nye

"If you are looking for long wear durable makeup use this! I find this texture is easier to blend with the fingers not a sponge or brush. I used this on clients halloween makeup this year and it was great! I did use the super white setting powder which is also amazing and I also used the final seal spray. I recommend both those products as well (both Ben Nye as well). " - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Ceramide Lift and Firm Makeup SPF 15 by Elizabeth Arden

"It was time for a new foundation. I had been wearing, of late, Loreal Visible Lift which is a great foundation for the price. Before that I had worn Lancome and then Cover Girl Simply Ageless, my favorite of the group. But, I needed something for my dry skin and the these just did not cut it. I was prepared, even on my tight budget, to pay whatever necessary, to get the right, HG foundation for me. I was looking for a product with good anti-aging ingredients, super moisturizing, and mainly a product which would not settle into my wrinkles and had some luminescence to it. it could not be overly matte either because as we know, matte makes older skin look terrible. Had to have a glow to it but not look too shimmery. It had to feel 'right' to me also.I researched and researched. I came home from Sephora armed with samples of highly rated foundations; Hourglass, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, etc. I tried all the samples I brought home and one of them seemed almost right, but not quite. I realized I had to have a cream foundation to get the moisturizing I need. I found this foundation. I actually ordered it, guessing at my shade. I chose the warm sun beige. I am light blonde with green eyes and olive medium skin. I was concerned this shade would have orange to it but it did not . It is a wonderful beige shade. It does not look at all like the sample on the site. I am realizing although this shade will work just fine for the 'pale' look, I want a little more color and summer is coming on, so I am ordering a shade or two darker as well. I do wish the EA site would give a description of all their shades (like most on Sephora site), to make it easier to select one. As it is, it does not give a description and you cannot tell some of the light shades from the darker shades. Hope they fix that. I know they say to go into a local store and try it but for some of us, that is difficult to do. ANYWAY, about this foundation...it is so fabulous! I doubt I will ever wear anything else. It meets all my requirements. It looks so great on, like I am not wearing anything at all on my face! it smooths out imperfections, makes pores look smaller, not too matte looking, and has a slight luminescence to it. It has a gorgeous finish. Mostly... it is moisturizing! Terrific for dry skin. You will love this foundation if you have dry skin , especially.Don't forget to order the sponge applicator for this. It is super high quality. It is only 15.00 and worth every penny. Actually, you could use this for any cream or liquid foundation. Love it! « less" - elizabetharden.com user

Absolue Makeup Cream Foundation by Lancôme

"Bought this after reading the reviews. Two weeks before, exchanged my Teint Idole Ultra Wear. The color of my last jar was darker (and got darker as the day went on). Exchanged for much lighter color. Really liked the Teint Idole. I am 69 with dry skin. Was not told about Absolue Makeup even though I asked what my options were. Read the reviews and gave it a try. Love this make up. It is light, but covers well. Looks more natural than other foundations and brightens my skin with a dewey finish. My face feels moisturized until it is removed. Will be buying this again and again. " - Lancôme user

Proscenium Series Creme Foundation by Ben Nye

"I got this as a gift with a Beauty Blender and I used it right away on my brushes (which I had used for 1 years without being washed [super bad, but I didn't know to wash them back then]) and this little bar got ALL of my caked and dried in makeup on all of my face and eye brushes! It's super easy to use, just wet the brush, swipe across the bar, and rinse. I like that you can see it working too, after you swipe the brush on the bar, you can see the soap grab the makeup and it makes a "sludge" on the bristles, so then you just rinse that off and see such a difference! Of course it works fantastic on sponges too, but even after I stopped using a Beauty Blender I keep buying it just for my brushes because it's so amazing! It leaves my tools with a fresh, clean scent that I like as well! I use 7-10 Real Techniques brushes and clean them about once a week (or after using different colors/heavy use for special occasions) and one bar lasts about 3 months for me. I use the expert face brush from Real Techniques for my foundation and occasionally have to clean it twice before all the makeup is off, but the same goes for heavily pigmented colors on my other brushes, but I believe it's only because I really pack on color and would be fixed if I cleaned them immediately after use instead of continuing use and letting them sit a few days. The solid is also PERFECT for travel! Truthfully it's the only brush/sponge cleaner that I've ever used, but it works so well that I highly recommend it to my friends and family (my sister is a regular user of it too now!)! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3071783775664862256-full" data-show="-3071783775664862256-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer by Clinique

Clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores.

Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector by Urban Decay

A hybrid complexion cream that instantly and completely blurs imperfections, evens out the skin tone, and doesn't look overdone.

Creme Smooth Foundation by Laura Mercier

"1st I'm very impressed that the Flawless Face Founder actually found my perfect shade. For me that's 75% of the battle.***Shade - Honey Beige / My skin is Light to Medium with Golden undertones (darker than light, lighter than medium#***2nd When taking the Cream Smooth out of the jar, it felt very thick, but it went on nice and smooth - I didn't expect that at all.3rd Application - I used my fingers and there was nothing to it. Even though it was blending into my skin very nicely, it was covering everything I needed covered! I put a couple of extra layers over my Rosacea & brown spots, and they disappeared! I have tried EVERYTHING from High end to drug store, NOTHING has done that! And you would never guess that I used more than 1 layer. #That's WITHOUT concealer!)3rd It's not cakey at all. I love the Natural Dewy - but not Oily - finish. My skin looks naturally beautiful...I didn't think that would ever be possible again.4th This is my Review after 1 application, so I can't speak for it's staying power or how I'll feel a week or 2 from now. Hopefully I'll be able to update this review.5th Definitely worth the price. You get a full ounce! I was afraid it was going to be a smaller amount of product. A little goes a long way.HINT: I hate when the seal is covered with product, so I put the jar on top my clothes dryer to vibrate the product down flat & deeper into the jar.I can't stop looking in the mirror! « less" - lauramercier.com user

Toleriane Teint Fluid by La Roche-Posay

"Um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich mich bei der letzten Bestellung versehen, denn eigtl. wollte ich das Toleriane Mineral Puder kaufen. Nun habe ich erstmalig die Kompakt-Creme bekommen und bin wirklich positiv überrascht. Normalerweise mag ich keine Kompakt-Cremes oder flüssigen Make-ups da ich immer das Gefühl habe, dass es wie eine dicke Schicht im Gesicht klebt. So aber nicht mit dieser Kompakt-Creme! Sie ist nach dem Auftragen wirklich nur ganz leicht zu spüren, ähnlich wie eine ganz normale Tagespflege. Ich persönlich verwende immer einen Make-up-Pinsel, weil die Kompakt-Creme so noch leichter auf der Haut liegt und es nach dem Auftragen wirklich ebenmäßig verteilt ist. Kleine Rötungen werden perfekt kaschiert, ohne das die Poren verstopfen. Ein sehr tolles Produkt, ich würde mich beim nächsten Kauf bewusst für diese Kompakt-Creme entscheiden! :) Less" - medpex.at user

The Foundation by Cle de Peau Beaute

"I have been using this foundation since it became available and I am obsessed with it. I am 58 and have very good skin, as far as smoothness is concerned but do have a few melasma spots.I like to apply it with either a make up sponge or make up brush.This foundation glides on like a luxurious skin care cream. It is extremely easy to blend and layer, achieving beautiful coverage without creating a mask or appearing caked. It feels light and incredibly comforting on the skin, never dries or flakes.I like to layer several skin care products in the morning, and yet this foundation applies easily, never looks greasy and never separates from the skin. It literally melts in to it.It provides a flawless, dewy finish, and makes skin look luminous for HOURS.I am extremely impressed with this product, it is definitely worth its price. Less" - Clé de Peau Beauté user

Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation by Revolution Beauty

Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation offers lightweight yet buildable coverage in 24 skin-true shades, this versatile foundation is designed to suit every skin type and tone.

Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup by Elizabeth Arden

"EA Flawless Finish is the prettiest makeup there is. I have used it on and off for more than thirty years. I have found nothing that exceeds or equals this makeup for its coverage and pretty finish. The Satin finish is great for oily skin. Even without powder, it is not too oily. However, the powder does help set it and give it its finished look. It feels amazing on the skin. The liquid immediately turns to a silky powder-like finish. It is so easy to apply and blend. It provides great coverage without feeling heavy. I have Rosacea, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. This makeup covers it all. I can not say enough good things about this makeup. I really like the way it smells too. It has a subtle perfume-like smell. I have tried other foundations that have a chemical smell to them. Yuck! This is the only makeup that I have worn and have gotten compliments on. I get compliments every place that I go when I have this makeup on. The only complaint that I, personally, ever had was that I could not find that perfect color. So, I had to use concealers and powders to make the color right. Now, EA has a better color selection and I have found the perfect color. It is Neutral Bisque (I have light/medium skintone with olive undertones). I am just now returning to use this makeup, again. I do not intend to change again. I really do not understand some of the reviews that I read stating that the makeup doesn't last through the day or that it does not blend well. It most certainly does blend well and last throughout the day. I wanted to write this review to let people know how truly amazing it really is. Do not go by the negative comments that some had to say about it. I think maybe, they do not know how to properly apply makeup. Try it and judge it for yourself. I do not think that you will be disappointed. I hope EA never stops making this makeup or changes a thing about it. « less" - elizabetharden.com user

Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 by Clarins

"I really love this foundation. Yes; it is a little on the pricey side, but it is well worth it and it lasts a long time. You don't need too much to get a nice coverage, and I would consider it to be buildable coverage as well. It has a nice luminous finish; I suppose dewy may be a better word than luminous. It makes you look very natural, but it still covers blemishes. My skin looks much better, and I truly believe that this foundation is responsible. It doesn't clog my pores, and I have extremely sensitive skin. I am pale, light completed with very dark hair and eyes. I moved to the southernmost United States two years ago, and the humidity was causing every foundation I had to melt off of my face. I bet I tried at least 10 different kinds before finding Clarins. I at first tried their Skin Illusion type, but I find the coverage on this one to be much better, but still not heavy or uncomfortable. It blends well, and matches my skin perfectly. I do hate that I had to return 2 colors before finding my match, because this isn't sold in any Ulta store, or any store near me anywhere for that matter, to be color matched. Thankfully Ulta has a very generous return policy, so you really have nothing to lose if you are on the fence about trying this. I highly recommend it. « less" - ulta.com user

Sublimage Le Teint Ultimate Radiance-Generating Cream Foundation by Chanel

"BEST! FOUNDATION! EVER!I purchased this Chanel foundation as a last minute attempt to find a good foundation for my mature, drying skin for my daughter's wedding. I immediately was wowed that it looked flawless and yet light, with coverage that was just right for what I was attempting. I found it to be long wearing and very much moisturizing and dewy from minute one to the end of the eve. LOVE IT!Yes, it is pricey, however after noticing the stock of half used not quite right bottles of foundation from varies brands in my makeup stash, this is well worth it and it will last quite a while, for it is quite concentrated.The trick is the PERFECT match. I did not have a Nordstrom store in my area. I trusted the customer help and they did not disappoint. I was able to talk to a beauty consultant who after asking a couple questions of which foundation brand and color I liked, she was able to cross match a great match. It was spot on.Nordstrom you are the best, as is Chanel! Less" - Nordstrom user

Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup by Revlon

"I took some time to pour through Ulta foundations and their reviews, looking for something under $20 with reviews to rival luxury brands. In the end, this seemed like the clear answer.I've used Covergirl Foundation in Creamy Natural for as long as I've worn makeup. Recently, I've started to feel like I need something that'll last longer - Covergirl always seems to melt away, unless I put effort into priming (I rarely do). It's also rather shiny on oily skin, especially if I start with a moisturizer (I always do). Again, this seemed like the answer!When I made it into the store, I was faced with choosing a shade. While online, I did not fully appreciate the fact that THERE ARE ONLY 8 COLORS. This is a specialty subset of Revlon foundation, and it doesn't have a fully developed range of shades. There isn't a shade for everyone, and colors do not correlate with the Covergirl shades that I know.If you do find your shade, this is wonderful. It's medium coverage, and it doesn't disappear during the day, or let your face turn oily. It also doesn't look cakey or thick. I dab it on with my fingers, then use a beauty blender. It has a great finish, and you can layer it over moisturizer without it melting off. It lasts all day. With some effort, it washes off - but it doesn't just rinse away (yay!). I would recommend it.The rest of this review pertains to colors:There's a lack of help with choosing makeup on the "cheap" side of the store. Poor lighting, a lack of mirrors, no samples (of this), and no associates meant I was stumped. I didn't let this affect my star rating for the product, but it was so difficult - come on, Ulta!Again, THERE ARE ONLY 8 COLORS. That's not a lot.I am a natural medium blonde with pale coloring, but I'm not one of those girls who always needs the lightest foundation. I am medium light, not lightest light. I also have more pink coloring than yellow - something I've never put so much thought into. "Ivory" is pink, but it's an extremely light shade. It's something I might use for highlighting, but not something I could use for my main foundation.Buff and Sand Beige look very yellow hued, however. As I said, I'm pink, and it seemed obvious that these wouldn't match. Next come Nude and Natural Beige, which look extremely similar. Now, these are solidly in the middle of the light-to-dark 8-color range. I'm still pale, if not the palest, and middle-range is a bit dark for me. Everything else is for darker tones.Now, even apart from the poor testing environment, it's difficult to examine these colors in-store. The glass jar is very thick and shallow, so you don't get a good view of what's inside. There's a color sticker on top, but that feels risky. I finally went with Nude, because it's placement suggested it was lighter than Natural Beige, and I was at a loss.After bringing it home, I quickly found that Nude did not match. It's yellow, and it looks absolutely dark and gray on my face. I tried using less, and it didn't help. It had to go back.Now, Nude looked dark and gray (yellow), but the two lighter colors (Buff and Sand Beige) looked much yellower to me. Nude was already too yellow, so I couldn't choose those. Ivory is pink, but also nearly white - I couldn't choose that either. Although Nude was already dark, I had to go in the opposite direction, and try Natural Beige.These two colors look pretty identical side by side, which was why I was willing to try "darker." When I applied Natural Beige, the results were much better. Although I'd call it an overall neutral undertone, this color was more pink than Nude, so it didn't look so gray on my skin. It's still a little dark, but when you blend it in, it actually looks very nice. I don't think it's my perfect match, but I can use this color and be happy.I wish revlon would offer more shades of this amazing foundation - especially more pink toned shades! If you're experimenting, good luck, and thank god for return policies. Less" - ulta.com user

Re-Nutriv Intensive Lifting Makeup SPF 15 by Estée Lauder

"I did not like to wear foundation before finding this product as I thought it made me look too made-up, old and distressingly tended to highlight my pores which I never knew were there until putting on foundation. I have been using this product now for about 4 years and have tried both the ultimate lift and intesive lift foundations. I do not honestly find a difference between the two and this one is $15 less expensive. It is an execellent product as it is moisturizing and does not look heavy which can sometimes be the case when you get to the age when you need a little more coverage. It is not sticky or dense as you can sometimes find in products with SPF. I have two recommendations for ladies who cannot match skintone. Because this is in a jar you can buy a light shade close to your skin tone and then mix in a darker shade to match - I personally mix pale almond and shell beige to get a nice natural looking warm tone. Second choice is to dust over the lighter tone with a darker renutriv powder. This works for me especially in the summer when humidity is high - less desirable in the dry winter. The only negative is that It does wear off - on your hands, cell phone and potentially clothes during the day but I imagine this is true with any foundation. Really a nice product. Hope this is helpful. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Estée Lauder user

Born To Glow! Naturally Radiant Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

"Loving this new foundation by NYX! Excellent for summer and Perfect for my dry skin. Gives off a radiant glow and dewy look. Hydrating, long-standing, little-no transfer, smooth finish, nice shade range (45); left no dry flakes anywhere. Honestly, Im sick of all the matte! We need something on the other side of the oily spectrum. FINALLY, something for us dry skinned faces! Vegan, contains natural oils/vitamins at a great value. Powder over if you do want more of a matte look but w/o the cakey dryness. May be too much for overly oily skin, especially on t-zone. But you could apply elsewhere (cheekbones, jawline, temples, etc.) for a contoured glow. Liquid formula blends like bb/cc moisturizer. So, one layer is about minimal coverage. Did cover my freckles/blemishes well. But as I was blending some seemed to just wipe off. Either my beauty blender sucks or I was pressing too hard. For more coverage you really gots to layer this on. Fortunately, it builds well without turning into a grease mask. Ended up patting on and blending with my fingers then lightly w blender. I like very much this (as stated) natural coverage. Its adjustable depending on the look youre going for. Stayed on for at least six hours (in heat) and only because I washed it off. Hardly any transfer. In fact, took a few washes to completely remove, which I find unusual with a dewy foundation as they norm slide right off. No breakouts so far. Only con, for me personally, that the shade (Neutral Buff) is too yellow for my pale freckley complexion (I wasnt shade matched as this was received complimentary for testing). I can still use it but, with 45 shades, next time Ill grab another. Highly recommend, especially if you struggle with dry skin and are tired of drying foundations. Ill buy again; next time though another shade. I received this product complementary for testing purposes. However, has no effect on my honest review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]" - walgreens user

Studio Tech by MAC

"I love love love this foundation! I have found that it applies best with a flat foundation brush that has been sprayed with fix plus spray its the best application method to not waste as much product. As long as you use a water based primer you should be good. I buff it out with a fluffy brush and set it with studio fix powder I don't have any issues with caking,creasing, or settling in fine lines and sliding off when I sweat. At the end of the day it comes off easily with mi-cellar water and has not caused any acne for me, If you have dry skin I'd recommend moisturizing before you apply it it is a cream foundation but it is not as wet as you would think. The finish is a beautiful natural medium coverage that is dewy or matte depending on the products you use with it. I was color matched in the store and it took less than five minutes Crystal knew what she was doing I was so amazed! It does not have a lingering scent once applied and does not feel heavy at all on skin. My shade is NC30 as I'm tan right now but I normally wear NC25 or 27 I do have acne scars to cover and it does a good job on its own, if I have dark circles I still use concealer with this, I think it could transfer but for the most part it's not an issue if you set it. Less" - Macy's user

Advanced Hydro Liquid Foundation by Shiseido

"I almost never write reviews, but I love this foundation enough to do it! I've been wearing it for at least 3 years. I've tried others from time to time to see if there's something better, some less expensive, some more expensive, some even from Shiseido. I doubt I'll ever bother with that again, because there just isn't anything better out there. I put a little water on the sponge if I want extra sheer coverage, but even without that its never thick, heavy or cakey in feel or look. I have slight rosaeca/broken capellieries and it smooths that out like they don't even exist, with very little coverage, and goes on like a dream in only a few seconds (I have no patience for spending more than 5 minutes on make-up in the morning). Luminous but not shiney. Stays on all day, but super fast/easy to remove. I use 040 and it is a PERFECT match for my pale but slightly olive skin (w slight redness), and I mean literally a perfect match. I get compliments on my skin ALL the time since wearing this, and people are often surpised at my age. The age thing could be genetics, but I'd bet this make up is at LEAST partially responsible. Again, dewey and luminous but somehow not shiny. How do they do that? Seriously, this is the best stuff ever. In every way. I will never wear anything else, I just hope they never stop making it. It's PERFECT! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Macy's user

Stay Fabulous Foundation by Covergirl

"I was so excited to get the 3 in 1 foundation in the mail since I've been looking for a drug store foundation that actually worked. I loved that there was a bigger selection of colors to pick from and I LOVED that it came in a pump bottle. I was however, worried about getting the product online because you can't be sure if it would actually match my skin color. I went with the color Ivory which online seemed a little too light, but when I got it in the mail, it seemed a little too dark in the bottle. I immediately had to try the foundation out if the cover was right for me, how it felt, the coverage and so on. As of right now I don't have any acne I just have red patches and a little bit of acne scars here and there. I applied one and a half pumps and used a stipple brush on one side and my fingers on the other side. USE A BRUSH OR BEAUTY BLENDER! For me personally, using my fingers made me extremely cakey but the side I used my brush turned out amazing! It's not a full coverage foundation by any means but you can add another layer and that helps build it up and it still looks amazing! I put the foundation on just to try and my husband complemented me right away saying the redness was gone and it didn't even look like I was wearing anything on my face, which is another thing. You cannot feel this foundation on your face. It doesn't feel foundation, it feels like a light powder on your face. The reason I say it's better than a high end product is because it does the same exact thing as a high end foundation-it's just way more affordable! Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a drug store foundation that works just as fine as a high end product. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)" - walgreens user

Studio Sculpt Foundation by MAC

"At first I was going back-and-forth whether or not I like this product. The first time I used it I used to much and I used to fix plus setting fluid underneath the make up and I didn't use a good brush so it was very heavy in my face got very greasy really quickly. I found this odd because I have very dry skin. After I talked to a Mac consultant They told me to use a stippling brush or a duo fiber brush. And they also said he used a lightweight setting powder to help at last throughout the day. Wow! What a difference that made. It gives a great coverage if you have acne scars are dark spots on your face. If you blend it well you get a very nice sheer glow look to your skin. I will say that this foundation last about eight hours or so before you have to touch it up. I am using Macs sheer pressed foundation to set the Foundation and it's helped a lot.I would not recommend using fix plus with this product as it is already a very dewy foundation the fix plus can make it seem very greasy after a few hours. Use a primer that gives you a matte finish and that will help control the greasiness that can come sometimes with this product. But I really do love this foundation it is my go to because of how quickly it blends and how gorgeous the finish is. I really like using this for work or auditions that I go to it is great for a simple day to day look. And you can really glam it up for a night out with the great Smoky eye. Before buying the product I would recommend going into Mac and asking for a sample and to have them show you how to apply it correctly. But I definitely would recommend this to a friend! « less" - M·A·C user

Perfect Finish Cream Makeup by Fashion Fair

"This is a beautiful foundation! I was reluctant to try a cream product but am extremely pleased with the coverge, color, quality... I have sensitive skin and held my breath each day hoping my skin would not break out. It has been several weeks and my skin is great, may even look better than before. Thank you Fashion Fair for the new products and colors. I didn't want to switch but my color was discontinued and I never really found a suitable substitute so I am delighted to be back in these beautiful cosmetics. The new trio concealer is also fantastic." - Macy's user

Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation by 100% pure

"I was very pleased with my purchase of this makeup. Having sensitive skin that's prone to breakouts and other issues like eczema, makeup can be a minefield for me. Luckily, this powder does not cause me to break out (so far-it's only been a week) and my skin doesn't have that dirty, clogged feel to it at the end of the day that I get with most other powders and foundations (Clinique and Bare Minerals ). The color blends very well, although I do wish that 100% Pure would provide a color palette for what shade powder would go best with what skin tone. Picking my color just off the written description made me a little nervous, but luckily it worked out. I do like that this product doesn't have many of those nasty chemicals we're beginning to be warned away from. The coverage is light-medium, but it builds without looking caked. If you have blemishes that are very obvious or very red, I would recommend wearing a concealer under this foundation. I have not tried their concealers, but hope to in the future. All in all, great product and well worth the money. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - 100percentpure.com user

Future Solution Lx Total Radiance Foundation by Shiseido

"When i saw it the foundation i thought this is going to be so heavy and greasy. I was wrong. First of, i got the shade 000 its very light ochre-similar to my Vitalumiere Aqua -10 Beige or YSL Youth Serum Liberator B10(btw favorite foundation) in other words fair. I'm fair with yellow undertone-Half filipino/spanish. This foundation is very nice, not greasy or heavy at all. I still put my Elizabeth Arden serum, then moisturizer and this luscious foundation. I do my normal 2 coats of foundation. to me its not full coverage, because you can still see my old age spot(45 yo) under my eyes and cheeks- but my maybelline erase concealers finishes the job. After 11 hrs on, it is still flawless, smooth, silky, it doesn't show my lines and pores. this thing is super amazing. its also hydrating!!! cliche..it feels like your skin but even better. The bad thing is the price. So overall i love this foundation, its one of my top 3 foundation. This and the YSL serum Liberator, and my Chanel. You will like this, no doubt about it. Im not getting any younger, but this make up sure makes me feel good about myself......among other things. ; ) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="4725831718391211202-full" data-show="4725831718391211202-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Macy's user

Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation by CYO

"The very first thing I noticed about this foundation and was extremely impressed with was how lightweight it is. I applied it and for 10 minutes after I was shocked that I could barely feel it on my face (if at all). It was like I didn't have any foundation on! As for coverage, it has solid medium coverage that builds nicely to almost full. I'm not 100% sure what the finish is for this alone, as I've only used it with the CYO Blur and Matte Primer (which really smooths out the skin and mattifies it). But I'm guessing the foundation still looks matte (but very natural and skin like), without being super drying. It's also very long lasting; my skin looks very good all day long with no touchups. Btw I have combo skin with an oily T zone, some acne, and scarring. TL;DR This foundation is extremely lightweight, high coverage, long lasting, and gives a flawless and skin-like matte appearance. For the price, it's better than most high end foundations and you just can't beat it! (My only wish is that any of the Walgreens near me carried it in store, I had to order it online)" - walgreens user

Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation by Giorgio Armani Beauty

"This is my #1 choice for foundation! I will do a comparison for you. I live in AZ, so one criteria is that I need SPF. ARMANI DESIGNER LIFT $67 Feels natural. I have dry to medium, light fair skin. Has SPF 20 I use #5. This rates above the rest because of the beautiful coverage. It is not heavy, but makes your skin look perfect with a natural glow. It lasts at least 8 hours. Impressive! I receive compliments on my skin from strangers! I am faithful with serum & moisturizer. I think it lifts the skin lightly, but isn't tight. Great around eye area...does not settle in fine lines. I wish this came in more colors, this is a match but has a tiny hint of yellow undertone. It would be great if my Scottsdale store carried it, but shipping was free :) My 2nd Favorite: LANCOME'S RENERGIE LIFT Has SPF 20. Has a perfect color match for me. Color C20. Feels natural. Coverage is slightly less than Designer Lift is. Stays on about 5 hours for me. Has nice color selection. Has a glow that is a little more shiny than Armani. $47. so it costs a little less. CHANEL'S LUMIERE VELVET : SPF 15 Color 12 Beige Rose. Nice coverage and not drying. The SPF is less. It feels nice. Lasts at least five hours. $50.Dior Capture Totale with SPF 25 is also beautiful. Feels natural. It has the highest SPF, covers evenly and has minimal glow. I like it a lot. 020 Light Beige was what I liked. $82. OVERALL FAVORITE IS DESIGNER LIFT by Giorgio Armani! « less" - Nordstrom user

Even Better Compact Makeup Broad Spectrum by Clinique

"I'm sold on this foundation as a past user of the City Base Compact make-up which is now discontinued I thought I would never find another foundation to replace it. After trying the new Even Better compact on and having my husband tell me my skin looked smooth and not made up, I was ecstatic! He has never been the type to comment one way or the other but this time he let me know.Another reason I like this new foundation, is the ease of use, it goes on smooth and light but has great coverage even better than City Base, which was just okay really but better than most. For those of you out there hesitant to try this new foundation due to the low ratings, I say give it a chance, if you have skin like mine with dark spots, large pores, acne scars and losing it's elasticity now in my 50's...YOU will love the coverage and the easy way it glides on just be sure and use Clinique awesome Drastic Difference moisturizer it makes all the difference in applying and give the foundation a nice glow but not shiny. I also want to thank the very knowledgeable Clinique lady that helped me chose a color on line, the Ivory color is perfect for me, I have Irish/Indian decent, dark brown/blonde hair with blue eyes, which means a creamy light med brownish complexion with reddish tones on my T-Zone, every other makeup company has either put me in a Fair pink tone color which was way to light and too pink, the ivory tones down the red and blends in great. The coverage and color I've looked for so long! Thank you so much Clinique for a great foundation please NEVER stop making it. ;D « less" - clinique.com user

Cover Creme by dermablend

Cover Creme Full Coverage Foundation is Dermablend's best selling full coverage foundation makeup with mineral sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 30. This all-day hydrating foundation has a flawless, natural finish that's never cakey or masky.

Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation by rms beauty

"- olive skin tone- Tarte amazonian clay in light medium sand- purchased shade 22 After a few years of contemplating splurging on this foundation i finally took the plunge now that it is available through Sephora! It always seemed like a splurge because of how little product there is, but this will last me longer than any other foundation by far! In short: this is exactly what i need, something to carry with me that is simple to apply- high quality ingredients and doesnt test on animals. good coverage and looks AMAZING on the skin. Pros: -nice full coverage or can be sheared out, super blendable -during the summer my face gets really oily so i was hesitant... however anyone with oily skin is going to need to blot/powder their face and yes you will have to do that with this foundation as well. BUT considering you have to apply it with your hands it doesnt leave your fingers feeling all gross as dirty as with many other foundations. the oils really work well with the skin. i have NEVER seen a product melt into the skin this beautifully before - small but packs a punch.. this is great to throw in your purse for touch up throughout the day - as mentioned i can foresee this lasting me a long time, the product is very dense and packed in.. you really dont need a lot. cons - not the greatest for under eye, i find i do need a thicker layer to provide enough coverage for my under eye circles and it doesnt feel very comfortable.. however Milk makeup has an amazing concealer stick which i love for under the eyes so im ok with this. - if you want to do a full face of foundation you will need a brush... IMO - i recommend powdering the face after application as it can be a little bit sticky at first... it does sink in after about 30 mins Overall love this! ATM my skin is oily, but i can see this working perfectly in the winter when my skin is dry again... so i think it could work well for any skin type <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-2375316524237189266-full" data-show="-2375316524237189266-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Cream Foundation by Kjaer Weis

"I have been eyeing this foundation off FOREVER, and finally bit the bullet and purchased.Colour: I wear RMS Beauty Un-coverup in #11, which is a perfect match for me.My skin tone is light to medium with neutral undertones (definitely no pink)I chose 'Silken'.I was concerned it would be too yellow, considering this is the base colour, and my skin tone is not yellow, but neutral.However, it is a perfect match!Packaging: Is HEAVEN. It feels so luxurious to use, and is surprisingly 'weighty'.The compact swivels out at a 90 degree angle, and the reverse side is mirrored (not *a* mirror, though), so for on-the-go- touch ups or lip product application this would be great.Coverage: Can be built up - just a tiny amount for sheer coverage or all the way up to fuller coverage; paired with my RMS un-coverup it provided great coverage and lasted ALL DAY without becoming greasy or wearing off.Finish: Is a light powder-like texture, but not the cakey look you can get with mineral powders, very natural (even with fuller coverage), and paired with the RMS Living Luminiser, is quite luminous.I love a dewy finish, and I love this finish.Overall, if you are thinking about it, just purchase!The initial investment is more than most products, however the refills are comparable to most natural or organic foundations! Less" - thedetoxmarket.com user

Matte HD Foundation by Ben Nye

"I have to say that I absolutely love Ben Nye's HD Matte Foundation. It covers great without looking heavy; a lot goes a long way. The foundation also blends exceptionally, and last all day without with out any need to reapply. I have moderate to oily skin and my face doesn't never looks greasy by the end of the day when I pair this foundation with Ben Nye's Banana Powder.Did I forget to mention how great the price is??? I am no make up professional, just an enthusiast on doing my own make up but I've recommend to my Freelance MUA that this foundation is definitely something that should be in the make up case. Love it! " - camerareadycosmetics.com user

Smoothers AquaSmooth Makeup Foundation by Covergirl

"CoverGirl CG Smoothers Aquasmooth Compact Foundation is the best foundation I have found out there by far. I have tried at least ten different brands and 15 different kinds of foundation, and this is the one that I keep coming back to. I like my makeup to take as little time as possible and this foundation definitely helps accomplish that feat. This provides great coverage all over your face so you don't have to go back and keep adding more, which really helps keep your face from looking caky or like you are wearing "too much" makeup. I also have very oily, acne-prone skin, and Aquasmooth foundation does not make my skin more oily, doesn't clog pores, and also contains SPF 15, which helps with sun exposure. I also like that my skin feels smooth and hydrated after I have applied it rather than feeling oily like some liquids do, or too dry and flaky like some powder foundations do. This foundation has found the perfect balance.Another benefit that I like about this foundation is that it is so easy to apply and is very compact and easy to take with you. The sponge applicator that is included makes it very easy to just glide the product across your entire face and eliminates the need to buy separate applicators. There is also a mirror in the compact so that you can take this with you anywhere for a quick touch up, but I will say that this foundation lasts all day, so you will not need much touch up unless you are sprinting everywhere you go. This is the best foundation available today! « less" - viewpoints.com user

Radiant Cream Foundation by Cle de Peau Beaute

"I ordered this from the Cle' de Peau website because they were offering a gift with purchase. I took a guess at the color and hoped for the best. First let me say that I have tried just about every high end foundation out there, even the one the retails for around (cough) $200. At 53, my skin is in pretty good shape, but I am beginning to see the problems that come along with age: a few "crinkles" around my mouth and enlarged pores around my nose. Even tho my skin is dry I find that I must powder in order to smooth over the pores and set my foundation, leaving my face looking like a cracked desert floor by the end of the day. I prefer fuller coverage due to melasma (forgot the sunscreen in Hawaii) and long lasting. The problem I have found with most foundations is they are either too thick and I look spackled (Baby Jane?), too thin and my skin drinks them up or they just sit on top waving "hey I have a face full of foundation look at my pores". I applied this foundation over the Cle' de Peau primer. The color 010 is a spot on match for my pale olive skin. It is, in fact, the best match I have ever found in a foundation. It is not too yellow, too orange or that "neutral" pink. I was surprised at how fluid this foundation is as I was expecting something thicker. It is a cream, but not putty. Note: thicker is not better when it comes to mature skin. I used two thin layers with a half a pea size for each and followed up with a little Cle' de Peau concealer on a couple of darker spots and light dusting of powder in my t-zone. Now for the real test-daylight. I grabbed my mirror and headed outside. Wha??? I think I heard the angels singing! My minor "crinkles" were nowhere to be seen. My skin not only didn't look dry, but actually had that "lit from within" look, which I had previously considered only an urban legend. Pores? What pores? My skin looked like skin, but so much better than my just woke up pillow creases on my face must have coffee skin. It covered, it matched, it glowed. I have at last found my HG. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Nordstrom user

Youth Fx Fill Blur Foundation by Revlon

"Like the rest of the Youth FX Fill + Blur products, this foundation does what it says - it gives a photo finish effect to your skin once it's applied. The foundation itself comes in a container that is easy to dispense. It's thick so you have squeeze it out as opposed to letting it drip out like some thinner foundations. My one recommendation is to be selective of what color you choose. I have very light skin and usually wear the Ivory shades in other brands. This particular product lists Ivory as the lightest shade but I tend to use one shade darker than the lightest. In this case the choice was Porcelain. That wasn't the shade I needed. In reality, Porcelain is the lightest shade of foundation I've ever used and has a very heavy white undertone. I would only recommend Porcelain if you have intensely light, almost white skin. I am not sure whether it's just a matter of how the shades are listed or if the shades are just lighter than other products shade scales. Aside from it being far too light for my already fair skin, I really liked the product. In fact, I liked it so much that I'm planning to go in person to Walmart and buy a shade that matches better. The foundation is creamy and gives medium to full coverage on the skin. It lasts all day and visually smooths out imperfections, especially when coupled with primer and powder. I'm really impressed with its blur technology. It works. I applied mine using my fingers, a sponge, and a kabuki brush. All of which worked similarly well. I didn't see build up nor did it sit inside fine lines and exacerbate them. In fact it did the opposite. It blended the texture of my skin really well and made it appear more uniform. I would definitely recommend this product - just make sure you get the right shade. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-5924424079790057664-full" data-show="-5924424079790057664-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - walmart.com user

Face Tape Foundation by Tarte

Inspired by Tarte's iconic shape tape concealer, this longwearing, full coverage foundation mattifies, hydrates & brightens your appearance.

Magic Smooth Souffle by L'Oreal

"I used Bare Minerals for over 10 years until I realized that it was actually causing my horrific breakouts. I've also used Dermablend.This is my first drugstore foundation in years and I am SO IMPRESSED! I went to Target to buy a new foundation and was hesitant at the thought of liquid foundation. I found this AMAZING Magic Smooth Souffle' on SALE and am SO THANKFUL I DID!!! Prior to BM, I'd used all sorts of liquid foundations andTHIS MAGIC SMOOTH SOUFFLE' IS THE BEST FOUNDATION I HAVE EVER USED!!!!I am a 29 year old Caucasian woman who has very acne-prone, acne-scarred, sensitive skin. I also have combination skin so my head and chin are super oily while my cheeks are often super dry; this foundation, however, WORKS ALL OVER!Magic Smooth not only COVERS my very present ACNE SCARS, but SMOOTHES OUT my incoming LINES. I am noticing my skin changing a lot as I approach 30, and this Magic Smooth gives me FLAWLESS SKIN all over! Plus, it MAGIC SMOOTH DOESN'T MAKE ME BREAKOUT! I honestly think it actually cleared my skin up!I FEEL CONFIDENT & PRETTY and it is SO EASY TO APPLY!I just use my clean hands to apply it all over my face--one shade (#520-Creamy Natural) COVERS EVERYTHING from REDNESS to the DARK CIRCLES under my eyes--no concealer needed!Also, the fact that I can apply it without a brush or other special tools makes it SUPER EASY to put on QUICKLY. It has streamlined my make-up application process and saved me time.It feels ABSOLUTELY WEIGHTLESS, like I have NO MAKE UP ON AT ALL, LOOKS TOTALLY NATURAL and has the BEST TEXTURE! And, it LASTS ALL DAY!!!I am so upset that Lorea'l is discontinuing this product.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP MAKING MAGIC SOUFFLE'!!!!Lorea'l, I'm begging you! In 15 years of wearing ALL sorts of makeup, this is the prize! I'm in love and will tell everyone I know what an AWESOME FOUNDATION this is! « less" - lorealparisusa.com user

Natural Hue Compact Foundation by Covergirl

"I have been searching for a foundation that would match my complexion. I've tried department store brands and just end up leaving there with a color that looked bad in natural light and later turned my face orange. what a waste of money! Tried mineral foundations which were okay but wasnt enough coverage for me. I dont know why i didnt think to try this sooner. the color matches my complexion to a "T". it looks like i have nothing on. good coverage, not heavy. lasted all day. only touched up my t zone (i have combo skin) once with the pressed powder also from this line. I've havent noticed any breakouts. Please dont stop making this color, covergirl" - drugstore.com user

Cellular Treatment Foundation by la prairie

"THE BEST. I feel so lucky to have discovered this brand (got some free makeup samples months ago and was blown away by the quality!) This is what makeup should be—what I’ve been searching for/hoping for all my life. You remember when you were 16 and your face was so smooth and even-toned, glowing and new? This makeup makes me feel like my skin is like that again! Of course I know that I’m older (and look it) and this makeup is not a miracle, but it’s the best stuff I’ve ever found. This foundation/powder is seemless. It smooths out imperfections, looks natural, and makes my skin glow. Definitely worth every penny. This is my brand from here on out. And this item is a staple for me. For reference: I have fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes. I use the Ivoire for lighter areas and the Beige Dore for darker areas. « less" - Nordstrom user

Total Cover Cream Foundation by Cover FX

"This product is a miracle for me for many reasons... First…I have extremely sensitive skin. An example: I changed deodorants. After a few hours of wear it looked like I had 3rd degree burns under my arms. I washed it off but within a few more hours my entire body broke out in dime to quarter sized bright red rings with dull cracked skin inside. The rings and skin inside them were sore and painful. My underarms felt like they had branding irons against them. I could not put my arms down without intense pain. It looked horrifying. The diagnosis was "Contact Dermatitis" by an allergist and a dermatologist. It lasted 13 months. Over a year of suffering from a simple change of deodorant. Second…my skin is very fair with very neutral undertones. Most product lines do not offer a shade light enough for me and if they do it's too pink or too yellow. My skin is normal to dry but can have bouts of oiliness if I come in contact with an airborne irritant (e.g., perfume, bleach, ammonia, cigarette smoke, onions, etc.). I decided to purchase the Total Cover Cream Foundation as it is the only formula that offers N0 (N Zero) as a shade option. I really wanted to try the N0 shade because it looked like "my color". I am over the moon! N0 is my first perfect match! The color is PERFECT; very light, very neutral. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT! I'm in awe of the formula as well! It's very easy to control and the coverage is buildable. I use a Beauty Blender and lightly dab the foundation on, working one area at a time. I use clean fingertips for additional blending where needed. It applies easily. It blends easily. It doesn't catch on dryness. It doesn't highlight texture issues. My skin looks polished and radiant. The finish is luminous. Beautiful! Next, I check to see if any areas need a little extra coverage. I love that I can add more just where I need it. The coverage builds with ease and blends out perfectly. This foundation covers it all: redness around the nose, blemishes, discoloration, etc. I use this foundation as my under eye concealer now as well! I apply it using the Beauty Blender or the included sponge in a gentle dabbing motion. I use clean fingertips to carefully blend any areas that need a little extra blending. TBH I am amazed at how well it works! It doesn't settle into imperfections. It doesn't feel dry. It has a soft, slightly moist feel making it comfortable to wear near the eyes. It stays put all day or all night! This product is a great multi-tasker! Using the same product as foundation, general concealer, and under eye concealer creates a truly seamless look! I have worn this foundation with and without a setting powder. I think most will need a setting powder and Cover FX offers two: the Illuminating Setting Powder and the Matte Setting Powder. I love the Illuminating Setting Powder in Light! Those with oilier skin may prefer the Matte Setting Powder as well as the Matte Primer. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this foundation. It is truly a dream come true, HG, miracle foundation for me! I am so grateful to Cover FX for creating it! I am hoping more products become available in my beloved N0 shade as it is perfection! I can't wait to get more from this wonderful line! <3 <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Even Steven Whipped Foundation by theBalm

"After going through a major crisis with my skin and not having luck with 99.9% of any high end OR drugstore foundations, I randomly stumbled across this stuff one day. It's not super heavy like most mousse consistency products, it takes hardly anything to achieve good coverage (which makes up for the small size and makes it a fair price), it blends out with a sponge effortlessly... and as someone who is practically a ghost, the lightest shade? Yeah, I was terrified when I swatched it. Turns out it oxidizes *lighter* and ended up perfectly matching my skin tone. It can look a little textured if built up too much on dryness, or if you use a brush to apply, but it's mostly in the application for me and I find a little moisture spray can do wonders for any mishaps. This stuff pretty much saved my love of makeup and possibly my sanity. Less" - thebalm.com user

Magic Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury

A long lasting, medium-buildable coverage foundation with a demi-matte finish and SPF 15 to protect skin.

CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup by Clinique

Clinique's cliniquefit workout makeup broad spectrum spf 40 is a high-performance skin care and makeup essential for your highly active life. Life-proof. Endurance tested.

Make Up Cover by Dermacol

"I love how light weight this product is and the blendability qualities are awesome. The product doesn't dry out, giving you plenty of time to blend it and put it exactly where you want it. Works great for the occasional blemish or for any facial scarring you are trying to conceal. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting maximum coverage without the heavy feeling that some foundations have. I am a committed customer after my first use! " - ebay.com user