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The 50 Best Cream Blushes for Mature Skin Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore cream blushes for mature skin are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
Bounce & Blur Blush by bareMinerals

"This blush is amazing! I love the sleek black packaging with the small window that allows you to see the actual product. The blush is a vibrant mauve with a slight shimmer and no chunky glitter. The texture of the blush is smooth and almost creamy and can be applied with a brush or your finger. If you use your finger, you will notice just how bouncy the product actually is. The product blends effortlessly onto the skin whether you use a brush or your finger. The product has great pigmentation so a little bit goes a long way because it is buildable. The shimmer in the blush gives your skin a beautiful and natural glow. " - Sephora user

Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush by Hourglass

A groundbreaking hybrid that combines the customized lighting effects of Ambient Lighting Powder or Strobe Powder with a spectrum of breathtakingly modern hues.

Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"I love multitasking products, so of course I loved this! I have Cabo Coral and Powder Pink. Cabo Coral is a warm, bright, flattering coral. Powder Pink is a soft, muted cool pink. Both are highly pigmented, smooth, creamy, blendable, and last all day if set with powder. Both look very natural and have a skin-like (not too matte, not shimmery, not glittery) finish. On my cheeks, I like to pat it on and blend it out with my fingers. It goes smoothly on top of my liquid foundation. Or, if I'm using powder foundation, I use this first, and then dust the powder on top. This lets the color peek through and look very natural. It works okay on my lips, as long as I exfoliate and moisturize my lips beforehand. I pretty much always have to use a lip balm underneath, or else this stuff will emphasize any dryness. My favorite way to use this is layered OVER a thick but non-sticky gloss. Unfortunately, any way I apply it, it's gone from my lips after a couple hours. Overall, I highly recommend this product if you're looking for a cream lip/cheek color. It's high quality, you can build it up or sheer it out as much as you want, and you get a lot more product (by the oz.) than with other brands' lip/cheek tints. Plus, I've had these for several months, and they show no sign of drying out yet." - sephora user

Gold Rush Blush by Benefit

A warm, golden-nectar blush.

Cheek Pop by Clinique

"I bought this in Nude Pop because I've been looking for a good true nude blush. (I had gotten Tarte's Exposed for that reason, but it's still too pink to be entirely neutral.) So, I'm going to go over this blush point by point, since I have a lot to say!Color: the color is lovely, kind of a warm nude. It's not pink or orange, and not anywhere in between. It's like a honey color (with the smallest smidgen of peachy warmth) that is super flattering on warm skin tones, but I imagine cooler tones could wear it very well too since it's nude-ish. It's a fairly light color (not un-pigmented, just light) so if you're medium to dark in skin tone this may be too subtle for you. But if you're fair to light in skin tone and are afraid of being too heavy handed, this is pretty foolproof!Texture: very creamy and blendable. This shade is, I'm told, one of the more "shimmery" shades in the line, but there's no visible sparkle once applied. Just a natural subtle glow. It's not patchy or dry at all, even on my flaky problem skin.Packaging: so cute! The flower embossment is very sweet looking, and the plastic is fairly heavy duty without being too bulky. I'm not at all nervous about it breaking.Price/size: at $21 it's a bit cheaper than a lot of other blushes sold at Sephora, but it is also a fairly small amount of product received. For example, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is $26 for .2 oz ($130 an ounce), while the Cheek Pops are $21 for .12 oz ($175 an ounce). I still think it's worth the price per ounce, but it is worth noting that I was surprised by how small it was when it arrived.Wear time: this is actually one of the more long-lasting blushes I have. I'll put it on at around 8:30 usually and when I head back to my dorm at 5, it's still visible. I was very surprised, because out of all the reviews I've read/watched (which is many), none of them emphasized that it was fairly long wearing. I wasn't expecting it to be, since a lot of non-matte blushes are a lot less long-wearing than their matte counterparts.Whew! My reviews always end up being small essays, it seems. Sorry about that! I just like to leave my full opinion on a product. I know I like it when other people do to. « less" - Sephora user

Phyto Blush Twist by Sisley

"I have dark purple circles under my eyes. All the women in my family do-- it's not about getting enough sleep. Most concealers get dry and cakey after a few hours, but this one does not! I use the lightest color they make for my very pale skin, and while one layer does not completely hide all traces of purple, this does as good a job at covering my impossible circles as any I have tried before. The difference is that this feels so nice and doesn't settle into lines or crack or look dry at all. It doesn't crease or look oily, either. It feels like eye cream instead of a concealer, yet it does a lovely job of concealing. I'm glad I found it here at Overstock instead of paying the tremendous full price at other stores, like Bloomingdales, which sells Sisley products. Is it worth nearly $70 for any eye concealer? You have to answer that for yourself. I do think this is an amazing product, though, and it lasts all day and beyond. It feels wonderful on your skin and does a good job of coverage. Try a sample at a makeup counter before you buy it, but then buy it here at Overstock for cheaper, if you find you like it as much as I do. « less" - Overstock.com user

Blush by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"Some of these colors look very bright in the case. Very bright. I mean, check out that Pale Pink! But don't be scared -- it's so bright because there's so much quality pigment in each one of these blush colors. You don't need much on your brush. Just a touch on your apples and you're ready to go. The consistency of the powder is so easy to work with - blending out the edges is not an issue. The results are sheer, natural and healthy. I have a couple of the bright pop-color ones and also the neutral Desert Rose -- a great base layer blush for my warm skin tone. " - bobbibrowncosmetics.com user

Blush Subtil by Lancôme

"This is a very pigmented yet sheer and matte deep berry shade. I have light skin w yellow undertones and pink splotchy cheeks. I've been using Tarte cheek stain in Flush (used to be blushing bride) since it came out. I like that I found a powder blush that looks as great and of course, is a powder. It covers my splotchy pink cheeks and evens it out. Blends nicely with my powder foundation and a highlighter. I only need the smallest amount with a light hand and a fan brush. I love it! Ladies with dark hair, blue eyes and light skin try this. It's a beautiful color. The pictures don't do it justice. Also this shade has absolutely no glitter or glow. It's matte and sheer (but buildable) and perfect! " - Sephora user

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush by Urban Decay

Fake a perfect flush with urban decay afterglow 8-hour powder blush. Get all-day streak-free radiance.

Mineral Blush by BECCA

"If you are oily and you use acne products that make you flaky or peel, you have primer issues. These are my issues, and this primer is a must have for me, so get this primer to at least try it out if you have those same problems. The primer issue is that primer can make your makeup come off faster even though it says it does the opposite, if you have enough oil. And primer can make your oil free foundation look pasty gross thick and cheap if it is chalky or pasty enough to absorb too much of the liquid of the foundation while you apply it or even afterwards. And you want a dry primer if you are oily but you want a smooth primer if you are acne prone and use drying products to control it or if you have acne scarring and texture issues from the acne. However you don't want a pore clogger, so it can't be a primer that says its oil free and has a dry feel but is packed with waxes to achieve the smoothness factor. Issues. Here is where Becca's Ever-matte steps up to the plate. At first try it seems to be no good. It dries quickly, it has a slightly pasty finish, it forms an oil absorbing film and you can't really put makeup over it with any other method than sponging or stippling (think a patting motion and never a swirling or side to side movement-it will cake up.) If you sponge it on top of foundation or powder or both it could remove the makeup unless you are a blotting Ninja or if your foundation doesn't cover your skin tone. So it sounds mediocre so far. But it's brilliant.MIX THIS with a smooth primer, cc cream, bb cream, whatever floats your boat as long as it's got a creamy or smooth texture, and EUREKA BABY. I mix it with Tarte 12 hour primer- BOOM looks like natural skin, stays matte all day. Mix it with Smashbox Photo Finish BOOM a primer that actually absorbs oil and feels like silk, used sparingly under foundation. Mix it with Paula's Choice oil absorber, (yes, another boom) a super thin layer of "powder" that lasts all day but doesn't feel heavy like the Becca primer and doesn't get overwhelmed by the oil like Paula's, and I look bare faced with no pores over my shiny SPF 50 sunblock. Beach ready. It transforms other products that aren't packing enough punch for acne prone people into real useable products. If acne isn't a concern but scarring is, you can mix it with a waxy pigmented product to get a matte paste that will fill in not just pores but box-type scaring. Less" - Sephora user

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush by Estée Lauder

Estée lauder pure color envy sculpting blush for enhanced definition and a healthy-looking glow. Brush included.

Ready Blush by bareMinerals

"Disclaimer: If the swatch above shows multi-colors for the Deep Dark, IGNORE this. THAT is the swatch for the BM Total Invisible Highlighter in Deep Dark, it is actually a solid color. You can view it in store or on the BM website if it hasn't been fixed.Now, I have to say I really do like this subtle illuminating bronzer more than my matte bronzers. It's perfect for summer as it's not heavy and can be applied over tinted moisturizer or bare skin without looking heavy. As for the shade name Deep Dark, eh, not so crazy about. This has more to do with the makeup industry phrasing as a WHOLE which could use some work and this brand is really no different. "Deep" and "Dark" have very different meanings to women or men of color than those in the makeup world. Deep Dark is usually referred to those with deeper, darker, BROWN skintones, for example Mac Nw58 is the deepest shade in their Studio fix powder line. That shade is what most women of color, as myself, would refer to as Deep or Dark. However, I am more between nc45-nc50 and on the yellow side so this works pretty good.It's a brownish-bronze without too much red, and it just adds this really pretty natural luminosity. I swatched it in store, and just really liked it. It is very subtle and unless you're fair you couldn't use it as a contour IF you contour with a bronzer. it is a tad darker than my skin, it adds this bronzey illuminating sheen with zero glitter. It is definitely noticeable with versus without on me but looks very natural. If you are fair skinned you'll get more of a dramatic/intense look and it's sheer enough to pull off. I do think it's buildable without looking heavy or cakey or adding too much texture. The texture is super fine, not at all powdery, so it doesn't "dust up" when I run my brush across it. Overall, my favorite bronzer thus far, and the mirror is a really nice size, travel friendly. « less" - Macy's user

Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint by tata harper

"Purchase, don't hesitate. Natural ingredients! 2-in-1 which is fabulous, need a quick color just swipe and dab on your lips- then apply rest to the apples of your cheeks and swipe outward. gives a youthful sheer flush tone to your complexion (not streak--y like others) all shades are beautiful (charming - pers. fav.) SMELLS divine, not many lip2cheek balms do - note that, you dont want something under your nose that has a foul smell!!! This smells great, its packaging is glass and the cap is a light metal, I find product with "weight" to be easier to dig out when its in a full make-up bag and difficult to damage/destroy, because... well, come-on... were always dropping them... Its a light weight formula with good pigment, so you wont have to apply too much. sheer - satin true color henc, buildable. and small enough to slip in your pocket. large enough to not forget about it. You'll love it. Nordstrom has great variaty, in stock ( never had to backorder) and shipping is reliable. Less" - Nordstrom user

Air Blush Soft Glow Duo by Marc Jacobs Beauty

"The Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo features two shades that merge together so you can customize your color for a sexy, natural-looking glow. Achieve a dance-floor flush with this blush that’s infused with Japanese air powder for the ultimate cheek look. This ultra-lightweight, radiant powder is nearly undetectable to the touch, and gives your skin with a radiant finish. Air Blush is created using a process called soufflage (French for “air-whipped”) for a silky-soft, cream-like texture that blends effortlessly with the complexion. The unique striped pattern on this powder blush is inspired by a Marc Jacobs’ dress. An innovative process allows every shade band to extend beyond the surface, for even color with every brushstroke. Two glowing shades complement each other: the lighter shade highlights and the deeper shade contours. Customize your color by layering and blending as much as you desire to tailor your look for the occasion or the season. Air Blush delivers 24-hour blush wear, for glowing radiance from day to night.I recommend this amazing blush that is easily blend to your cheek. Less" - Sephora user

Loose Powder Blush by bareMinerals

A line of creamy, 100 percent pure bareMinerals Blushes give you a beautiful, healthy tone that looks natural, because it is.

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Cream Blush by Juice Beauty

Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Formulated with an organic base of botanical juices, waxes and powders. PHYTO-PIGMENTS Last Looks Blush by Juice Beauty enhances cheeks and face with luxurious, buildable color.

Murumuru Butter Blush by Physicians Formula

"[product:physicians-formula-murumuru-butter-blush] I love everything about this formula. For a drugstore makeup its absolutely amazing. Very buttery love this blush. The smell is great (if you like tropical scents) and the products gives a perfect more natural pink glow. I recomend using your own brush and not the brush it gives you, the brush it comes with is fine but I find application is smoother with a normal brush. Per PF website: WHAT IT IS: An ultra-luxurious blush, infused with Murumuru Butter to deliver a radiant Brazilian goddess glow! Incredibly creamy and soft texture combines the best features of a powder and cream blush, to deliver a lit-from-within tropical glow unlike any other. WHY IT'S GOOD FOR YOU: Infused with a powerful blend of Murumuru Butter, Cupuaçu Butter, and Tucuma Butter, from the lush and nutrient-rich Amazon. Packed with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins that soften, condition and moisturize skin, leaving it silky soft. KEY INGREDIENTS: Murumuru Butter, Cupuaçu Butter, & Tucuma Butter Hypoallergenic. Paraben Free. Gluten Free. Dermatologist Tested. Clinically Tested. Oil-Free. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Highly recommend this product." - walgreens user

Convertible Color Dual Lip And Cheek Cream by stila

Convertible color is a multi-tasking marvel that brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. A must-have in every stila girl's makeup bag.

PurePressed Blush by Jane Iredale

Look like you're glowing from the inside out with jane iredale's PurePressed Blush - a refreshing wash of color that creates a breathtaking just-blushed look. Formulated with minerals and antioxidants to soothe and nourish your skin.

Dandelion Dew Liquid Blush by Benefit

"A few months ago, I met a woman with the most beautiful skin I had ever seen. She seemed to have some sort of inner glow. I couldn't help staring. I eventually went up to her and complemented her on her skin. It looked so natural. I never suspected she had the slightest bit of cosmetics on.I was suprised to learn, after complementing her, that she was using Benefit "that gal" on her face. To think that something so natural and wholesome could be purchased.... I rushed out and bought some.The first day I used this product I got numerous compliments. That gal is a brightening primer that can be used as a primer or used by itself. I generally use it over Bliss products moisturizers. It creates a warm even skintone. It's truly awesome.The product utilizes an interesting delivery system where the primer comes out of a tube through about a hundred teeny holes, so that it has a super silky consistency that almost feels whipped. You only need a tiny bit of this - since it seems to moisturize and smooth, it spreads really well and evenly, and it leaves skin with a really super radiance. It's a very pale pink, and seems to blend into different skin tones. Skin feels really smooth, too, after it's applied.Although the label says that it can be used to re-brighten during the day, it really holds its own, and I've never needed to do that. I really love this product. (When I'm going for a more bronzed look, I use Benefit's You Rebel, which produces a similar effect).As with all Benefit cosmetics, a little bit goes a very long way. It's well worth the money. I'm very pleased with it. I don't want to be overly gushy about this, but my skin almost seems reborn. « less" - Sephora user

Balm Desert Blush/Bronzer by theBalm

"I have pale skin, and usually look a bit ghostly (and ghastly!) if I don't put a touch of color on my cheeks, but I don't want it to look like I'm back in the 1970's or 1980's with a big swath of "BLUSH". This is a soft pink that has great color payoff and gives the perfect flushed look! I want to look BETTER than "natural", yet still natural... this does that! I can't wear creme blushes due to oily skin, and this gives me the same sheer affect without the streaking and grease. I love this blush! MUCH better than the Benefit Dandelion. (That has a very white underlying hue to it, and no color staying power, even on my pale, oily skin.) But this is fantastic! It's great if you're doing a smoky eye or a bright lip- it's enough color to make you look alive, but not so much that it competes for attention. I seriously love this, especially now that I'm not 20 anymore. theBalm downBoy is a wonder product! « less" - Beauty.com user

Double Contouring Cream Blush by Sephora Collection

"I have so much trouble finding a blush that feels right on my skin, and lasts longer then an hour. I love cream to powder because it seems to feel the best. That being said - when I opened my blush I was a little nervous as there was a crack in my blush. I am going to blame that on the horrible heat here in Texas! As soon as I ran my finger over it, the crack disappeared. Yes I used my fingers to apply this blush! I hate using a brush because half of it stays in the brush! Anyway -- this blush feels very light super silky on...almost like I didn't put anything on at all. The color is perfect for my skin tone, and it is highly pigmented and buildable which I like. I will be buying No. 1 soon and hope the colors go well so I can blend them. I did use a setting powder over this. I applied it at around 2pm and it was still there at 10pm when I washed my face for bed. That's a long time for blush!!! It says there's a shimmer to it but I barely notice it which is a plus as I want to look as natural as possible - not sparkly. Yes, the lid is a bit of a challenge - but it's easy once you know how to open it. I don't know about it making me look young - but in every other way I really like this product. I'll definitely come back for other colors. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Illume Sheer Color Trio by Hourglass

"Genuinely amazing. Yes, I admit, I jumped on the bandwagon after reading so many people saying how great this product was. I've never used cream products before because I just wasn't sure that they would last throughout the day, however, I wanted to see how they would work on my skin.I have combination skin which is pretty oily in the summer and has quite a few old acne scarring marks. I love hourglass powders - genuinely beautiful and enable me to use a more matte base underneath and then bring back the 'glow' with a light dusting of an ambient powder.I've loved using this Hourglass trio also. I have fair skin and so the colours suit me well (I understand people's comments on more shades being required). The texture is beautiful and the creams are highly pigmented. I use a damp beauty blender to gently press and bounce the products onto my skin. I've found the creams last well all day although I do powder lightly over the top of them so this may help. The creams don't settle into the texture on my skin at all - they seem to glide over and give the illusion of much smoother skin.I've used this most days since I bought it a month ago and although the pans may look small, you can barely tell I've used the product. I would highly recommend. The only small downside is that I quite like a brighter/stronger blush colour and whilst this blush is beautiful sometimes I do want to pop an extra bit of colour on top. Less" - spacenk.com user

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush by Tarte

An award-winning powder blush that contains long-wearing Amazonian clay, so pigment looks freshly applied all day.

Cushion Blush Subtil by Lancôme

Lancôme blush subtil cushion is a highly pigmented texture game changer blush that is with the cushion trend. Color and freshness in an innovative cushion compact that delivers buildable and blendable color. Instantly tints, refreshes, and brightens.

Frog Prince Cream Blush by Lipstick Queen

"I love NARS The Multiple. I'm always looking for products that do more than one thing, so have been very satisfied with The Multiple since it's great for eyes, lips, cheeks, and even body. There's so much that can done with it. I also love the cream-to-powder formula, and how easy it to apply. I travel a lot, and it's easy to take with me. It's a superior product. I've been using The Multiple in Orgasm since January, off and on, and have been extremely pleased with it. I recently received a gift card for The Multiple Tint, but was not as pleased with it, so returned The Multiple Tint for The Multiple in Riviera.Riviera is a beautiful sheer pink shade. It applies like a blush right from the stick, and I like blending it with my fingers. The pink is perfect for my pale skin, when lightly applied, and for more drama, I can layer it and apply more. However, when applied lightly, it looks so very natural, and works with my pale skin to give it an illusion of having more color and being slightly brightened. It's extremely long lasting and I'm pleased with the formulation. It's easy to apply and performs better than similar products. I like how I can choose to have a touch of color or add more, depending on my mood. I'm most happy with performance when using it as a blush, although I have tried this shade on my lips, under a lip gloss.I'm pleased to recommend Riviera and also my favorite, Orgasm. « less" - Sephora user

Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush Glow by NYX Professional Makeup

Sweep your cheeks in radiant color with Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush, a cheek-flattering formula that delivers a gorgeous flush of beautifully pigmented color with a glowy finish.

Insta-Blush by Revlon

An instant kiss of color anytime, anywhere! Revlon insta-blush is a mistake-proof, sheer and blendable blush. The luxurious, cream-to-powder formula creates a naturally flushed, beautiful kiss of color.

Cloud Paint by Glossier

"This product has really blown me away in a way that I did not expect. The product is so pigmented and it blends very easily. I've seen people complain about the size of the product, but I do not anticipate that I will likely ever run out of this product. I put the smallest amount that I can possibly squeeze out onto the tip of my index finger, pat it between my two index fingers, and then pat it onto both of my cheeks and sheer it out. The color is buildable and lasts all day on my skin. The only con that I can think of for this product is that it is dangerously easy to go overboard due to how pigmented they are, but you will learn quickly how much product is appropriate." - glossier user

Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm by Clinique

"I love the color and youthful glow that Chubby Stick Cheek Color gives my face. It blends easily and has the right amount of pigment so it looks natural rather than clown-like. My first purchase was Robust Rhubarb, which unfortunately is a true pink, and I don't wear pink. I liked the formula enough to try again, this time in Amp'd Up Apple and it's perfect! It's in the coral family, not too dark for my fair skin, and pretty much matches most of my lipsticks. I put two small streaks on each cheek and smooth in a circular motion, outward and upward, with my fingers. It doesn't last all day, but I've used cream blush in many brands for years and none of them do. I'll keep buying this product as long as it's available! " - clinique.com.my user

Blush Bomb Color Drops For Cheeks by Flower Beauty

FLOWER Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops for Cheeks in Cinnamon gives your cheeks a healthy glow!

Cheek To Chic Blush by Charlotte Tilbury

An easy swish-and-pop powder blush duo.

Second Skin Cheek Color by Laura Mercier

"I bought this in Lush Nectarine based on the description of peachy coral; this turned out to be a warm pink with peachy tones (like all supposed "peach" blushes turn out-am starting to think a true peach blush is an urban legend).Initially I was disappointed as I already have plenty of pinky/peach blushes, Nars orgasm, the balm hot mama, BE Vintage Peach etc, but this blush is so beautiful I don't care that it wasn't the colour I was looking for.The formula and finish are amazing, super smooth, blendable, sheer yet still pigmented so it's really easy to apply and looks beautifully natural, no blotches or streaks. It's also very long wearing, it wears off evenly ie no patches as it fades, and it didn't cause any irritation or breakouts.While the colour wasn't the peach/coral it was described to be, is the most gorgeous, flattering shade of pink/peach that really brightens up your face without making you look like a clown.Also a huge plus is the very subtle shimmer, it's enough to give you a bit of a glow but not over the top, and you actually get more colour than shimmer which isn't the case with a lot of blushes. If you liked the colour of Nars orgasm but can't deal with the shimmer, I would highly recommend Lush Nectarine. « less" - Sephora user

Loose Mineral Blush by Alima Pure

"This blush formula has a soft and silky texture like the Satin Matte Foundation. I use very few grains at a time. I found that only opening the cover for the holes a small amount cuts down on waste as it can come out pretty fast.“Honey Rose” shows up bright coral/peach and warm on my skin (Warm 2-3)“Pink” is a medium warmish pink in the jar and shows up very neutral on my skin tone; looks like a light/medium exercise flush.“Carnation” is the most neutral of the three and looks like a muted brownish peach on me.In the jars: Pink makes Honey Rose look more orange, Carnation makes Pink look cooler and more blue based, and Honey Rose makes Carnation look like a neutral brownish peach.“Soft Plum” was my first blush purchase, thinking I would ignore the write up on it and just go for the color I desired, but alas, it turned out to be way to deep for my skin tone and made my freckles look muddy. It had too much red in it for me. It was a lovely color although I had to return it.The blushes are super pigmented so I have to do it in very light layers. I found that using the Alima Pure Blush Brush has improved the application a lot. At first I used a stippling brush that deposited too much product onto my skin at one time and looked blotchy. The formula and colors of these blushes are excellent and really compliment the foundation shades and there is quite a bit in the container for the price. No break outs either. Outstanding product! * « less" - alimapure.com user

Powder Blush by NARS

A limited-edition, oversized Orgasm Blush to flatter any skin tone.

Hot Mama by theBalm

"I was completely unfamiliar with theBalm products before receiving this sample and I am impresses to say the least! I am in love with the coral/blush with just a hint of shimmer. Though I have tried it as a blusher, I am a much bigger fan of using it on my eyelids as a base to a smokey eye or an all over lid color for daytime. The texture is so silky, it is a dream to put on! The pigmentation isn't great on it's own, but with a proper dab of primer, you have long lasting, fantastic color all day long!" - Birchbox user

Lip + Cheek Quickie by Milk Makeup

A hydrating, multi-use lip and cheek color stick.

Crème Cheek Colour Blush by Laura Mercier

"Wonderful blush with a light, creamy texture and not sticky. Lasts pretty long especially with a light dusting of loose powder which further extends the wear. Also, NO sparkles or shine and thank goodness for that as I'm far past doing the sparkly thing. Rosebud is a pretty warm pink but a bit light for my coloring but still doable. I already have two other colors - Canyon (a warm neutral/nude rose color of medium depth) and Sunset (a bright coral color that blends and sheers out well) both are terrific. These are my GO-TO blushes and use daily. Needed a pink blush so bought Rosebud. I love these cream blushes so much that I plan to try the remaining shades. Hope LM never discontinues." - Nordstrom user

HD Blush by Make Up For Ever

An ultrablendable blush with a natural look and finish made specifically for HD technology.

On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator by Wander

An all-in-one beauty enhancer for the face and cheeks with a highlighter on one end and a blush on the other.

Cream Blush by NARS

"In most cases, I won't buy more than one color from each "line" of lip products. But, I had to make an exception for these. It's kind of ridiculous, but have 6 of these! Bridgette, Catherine, and Jane are some of the most unique, yet wearable colors I've seen. Geraldine and Annabella are easy colors to find anywhere, but I love this formula and wanted some bold classic colors. I also have Bette and I had an exceptionally hard time choosing between all the similar deep berry/red shades that are available. I used to have Juliette, but for some strange reason there is a TON of sparkle in that one so I ended up returning it. This is a really pricey lip product, but it's totally worth it. They are extremely buttery, creamy and pigmented. You only need one swipe, which is probably why the lipstick tube is so short. Don't keep going over your lips or else it may look thick and cakey. The packaging is so luxurious and I love the magnetic closure. It does not get dirty like the blushes do. These lipsticks are so moisturizing, yet stay on my lips forever. They never apply poorly and it's not a high maitenence product that requires a lot of exfoliating and lip balms prior to putting it on. This definitely my holy grail lipstick and I plan on buying more! Also, as someone else noted, some of these colors tend to be extremely similar to one another. You definitely don't need the whole range. « less" - Sephora user

Pop & Glow Cream Blush by no7

"As a brown girl on the hunt for warmth and dimension in my face, there have been very few bronzers for me on the market, and even fewer that were successful. Thank the heavens for Fenty Beauty. When the cream bronzers launched, I HAD to try them because on hot days I can never get my powder bronzer to stay put (I don't wear foundation). I normally wear the Fenty powder bronzer in Caramel Cutie, but after seeing reviews that Hunnie Glaze can read a bit too light and too red on my skin tone, I opted for the shade Teddy. It's perfect. It adds the right amount of depth and warmth my complexion needs. This product is sheer, but it's buildable and blendable, with either your fingers, a stippling brush or a beauty sponge. It leaves a beautiful skin-like finish without feeling heavy or greasy. I tested this out for the first time by wearing bronzer, under eye concealer and mascara, and going outside while wearing a facemask (required due to the situation). After coming home and unmasking, the bronzer was still in place, with very minimal transfer (most of it was the under eye concealer). I love this product, and I'm so glad Fenty is crushing it and giving so many amazing options to people of all races and complexions. Less" - Sephora user

Healthy Skin Blends Sheer Highlighting Blush by Neutrogena

"I have been using this healthy skin blends in Pure 20 for around 2 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised at how much color pay off this had also how well it blended into the skin. I love that you don’t have to put a ton of product onto the brush to get a beautiful color payoff onto the cheeks. It blends so well onto the skin and doesn’t look patchy at all. This gives the most beautiful flushed glow on the cheeks it looks like you are glowing from within. It looks like healthy skin not makeup which is amazing for me I want to look put together but not totally overdone. This has a good staying time on my skin I usually don’t have to retouch it through the day. You can build the color up if you want to without it looking cakey. *I’m a member of the Crowdtap NEUTROGENA® rewards program, and NEUTROGENA® sent me a sample of its NEUTROGENA® Healthy Skin Blends in Pure 20. * Less" - neutrogena.com user

Cream Blush by Kjaer Weis

"Was recommended this foundation by a Credo rep and fell in love! Super easy to apply with my fingers or a damp beauty blender... applying some facial oil beforehand also takes this foundation to the next level for a nice dewy natural look! Lasts all day and easy to remover with cleansers/spin brush.I have pretty smooth, clear skin so its perfect for those who want light coverage that is also buildable like me. Looks very natural like you're almost not wearing makeup but still a flawless look. :) " - credobeauty.com user

Glow Intuitive Cheek Color With Goji Berry Complex by Smashbox

An intuitive blush that reacts with your skin’s chemistry to transform from a silky clear gel to a pink shade that’s uniquely yours.

Healthy Skin Blush by Neutrogena

Neutrogena healthy skin blush is available in a variety of gorgeous shades to blush, bronze, and illuminate the cheeks! Use along or blend shades together.

Baby Doll Kiss and Blush by YSL Beauty

"I have tried so many blushes since January I didn't taught at first than a 2 in 1 formula would be better than the MUFE HD cream blush but the results are actually much more natural and the mousse formula is so much easier to blend with the Sephora pro small stippling brush. You only need one small dot on the apple of your cheeks and blend gently for an airbrushed, sheer glowing natural finish. It will not move your base or foundation unlike so many other formulas. For those who want a long lasting finish just set with the Urban Decay all nighter spray and you are good to go :) On the lips, its gorgeous as well! A lip pencil may be necessary for some who want more contrast or definition but the creamy full coverage formula is very easy to apply and lovely on its own. I need to use a moisturizing base (Caudalie lip treatment) because I live in a very dry weather but I always need to wear some type of lip balm regardless, this have nothing to do with the quality of this YSL product. Top it with a shiny gloss for more drama :) I purchased the #3 which is a lovely cool bright pink with blue undertones (GREAT on fair skin blondes) And I am eying #2 which have a more reddish/tangerine undertone but still very pink, perfect for summer after a wash of mild self tanner :) The price is more than justified in my opinion because this product is amazing on both lip and cheeks. I will keep on purchasing as long as YSL make it, Please never discontinue this product! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Blush Colour Infusion by Laura Mercier

A long-wearing, sheer powder blush that provides up to 10 hours of buildable, natural-looking cheek color for all skin tones.

Cream Blusher by Illamasqua

"I have shades Laid & Rude so straight up pink and straight up orange. I must admit, I am a bit worry as you get only 4g of product in each blusher which is not a lot, however, a little goes a loooong way. Usually I use metal spatula to scrape off just a bit, |I put it on my hand to warm it up and use a brush to pick up the product to then apply it onto my cheeks. It blends beautifully. A great idea is to mix the shades if you have more than one, you can use it also on your lips and it has quite a good staying power there too. Pros: + shades, I find them beautiful, they look natural when blended yet still vibrant, without weird base + staying power, they stay all day, even on my combination skin + pigmentation, they are VERY pigmented, a little goes a long way + they do not break me out and I have combination, acne prone skin + they mix well together Cons: - you get only 4g of product but that is relative whether is it a con, if you use blusher sparingly, this one will last you ages. However, it is still expensive. With a high price comes amazing quality, and those blushers are my favorites. If I had to keep just one blush, it would certainly be one of those. Less" - www.illamasqua.com user

Beach Tint Color for Cheeks and Lips by BECCA

A water-resistant cream stain that tints lips and cheeks with a natural wash of color.