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The 50 Best Contours Rated on MIRA BEAUTY

The rankings for these drugstore contours are updated weekly. Shop with confidence & get the best price guaranteed.
The Sculpting Contour Powder by Kevyn Aucoin

"Super loving this new Sculpting contour powder from Kevyn Aucoin. I've started contouring Bec it has a nice finished and realy blended soo good. The Sculpting Powder in Deep is a nice for darker skin and heavy contouring for full coverage makeup. But it’s cool to just tone down alittle and I like just a bit of a shadow under my cheek bones and jaw line to give me a more sculpted face. I do NOT like a dark stripe of contour. Kevyn Aucoin's contour powder is also silky soft, highly pigmented and not at all powdery. Finally, I am not a professional makeup artist so I only ever use my makeup on my own face. Super love it and the packaging is soo cute good for carryon. " - Sephora user

Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream by Huda Beauty

"For years my friends used to tell me I needed to contour my face, and I refused because EVERY contour or bronzing product I used looked like my face was dirty or was intensely, unmistakably orange. Combine that with having textured skin from acne scarring, and most products just didn't work for me.Tantour changed that! The cream to powder consistency blends beautifully into the skin and doesn't do weird things over my acne scars. The undertones in this product are PERFECT for someone with a bit of melanin in their skin. It's super buildable - don't be fooled by how dark the color is in the pan, it goes on really light and sheers out and a little goes a very long way.Super duper highly recommend this product! " - shophudabeauty.com user

Studio Pro Contour Palette by BH Cosmetics

Sculpt your face expertly with the BH Cosmetics all-matte Studio Pro Shade & Define - 10 Color Contour Palette, a versatile mix of five contours to shade and define bone structure, plus five highlights to add dimension and enhance features.

Sculpt 'N Go Creamy Contour Stick by Jordana

"I love this product! I got the light because I have really pale skin, and it's the perfect cool toned shade for me. I usually have to build up the product a bit to get bolder contour I usually go for, as the product blends seamlessly into the skin (almost entirely so if you blend too much at first). However, I see that as a plus because you can really customise the level of pigment. My only complaint is that it's a bit more challenging to use on oily/dewy foundations, as the foundation can sort of cling to the stick - covering the contour colour and making it tricky to get good colour. The picture I attached features the product on my face after a couple of layers of the cream and set with a tiny amount of light brown powder." - beautybay user

Perfection Stick Cover And Contour On The Go by Amazing Cosmetics

"I'm not a foundation wearer, but I do suffer from dark circles, and the occasional blemish that needs a light cover-up. These, for me, have been perfect for the task. I own two shades {Fair and Medium}, and have found that the Fair shade is ideal for dark circles, and highlighting down the bridge of the nose and underneath the brows. The Medium shade, when mixed with the Fair color, is brilliant for concealing dark spots or blemishes. Additionally, the Medium shade can create a fast, subtle contour around cheekbones, which is perfect if you don't have a lot of time. These are a dream to blend {I use a sponge, but fingers work well too}, and give you lightweight coverage that lasts all day. I am so impressed with these and have been recommending them to everyone lately. Perfect in every way!" - sephora user

Cocoa Contour Chiseled To Perfection by Too Faced

"The colours aren't too orange, with the contour shades working nicely on pale skin. A little goes a long way and building it up too much can make the contour look too heavy or unnatural. The sparkly highlight called 'Pop of Light' is a little sheer and I use a more pigmented highlight underneath with this shade on top. Smells of chocolate but it's not overwhelming- you can only smell it if you hold the palette close to your face. Is quite pricey but that's expected. Can also see it lasting me a really long time!" - Debenhams user

Hollywood Contour Wand by Charlotte Tilbury

A soft-focus, semi-matte contour wand with sponge applicator.

Sculpting Stix by Colourpop

"I was looking for a cream blush because I have dry skin and cream products look better on my skin than powder, and this is perfect! It blends incredibly easily, and it's not too pigmented that I end up with a super bright pink splotch on my cheek that I can't blend out. It's buildable, so I get the exact look I'm going for. I either use my beauty blender and rub it on the stick, or I can apply the blush right from the stick to my face. Either method works and doesn't move any of the products underneath around. And, the price is better than the other cream blushes I was eyeing! Absolutely love it, my go-to blush. " - ulta.com user

Hoola Quickie Contour Stick by Benefit

"Benefit is my favorite brand of cosmetics. I love everything I've tried. I became introduced to Benefit Cosmetics because of That Gal, Benetint and High Beam. I discovered "That Gal" when I complimented a total stranger on her awesome looking skin, only to be told it was Benefit's "That Gal." Lemon-Aid is on my top three products of things I'd take if I was going to be stuck on an island... I've since tried most of the Benefit products. I've been impressed every time.Benetint is a tnted cheek (and also lip) stain. It's deeper than Posietint, and was marketed first. Posietint is a peachy pink (more pink than peachy) tint that looks very natural. When you it, it looks as if the blush is all you, and not something that came from a bottle or tube... Because it's a stain, it stays in place once applied. High Beam is a highlighter which was designed to be used alone. It enhances the look of Benetint and Posietint. It can be used as a highlighter on your cheeks. You can use it under your eyebrows. It's very versatile.My Sephora rep suggested that for best results, I OUTLINE a circle lightly on my cheeks with the brush (which stays conveniently in place inside the jar until needed) from either Benetint or Posietint. I then apply High Beam, the highlighter, across the very top of the circle. I blend both on my cheeks with my fingers, the way you'd blend any blush or powder. High Beam is a Benefit highlighter that is made to complement Benetint and Posietint. Since they dry quickly, as they're supposed to (which is part of the ultimate appeal of these products staying put), do only one cheek at a time. Blend quickly. That's one of the huge benefits of the product - once dried it stays in place until you wash it off. Since Posietint, Benetint and High Beam are waterproof, this is great way to look great at the gym or if you're playing an outdoor sport where other products would either fade or "melt" away. I have a friend who wears this into the sauna and whirlpool and she says it lasts in steamy conditions, too. It removes easily with make-up remover or soap or cleanser when you want to take it off.Another great thing about these products is that they can be worn to work in the morning, and you'll still be radiant if you're going out after work for a night on the town (or a romantic evening at home). It doesn't need to be reapplied. Sometimes I use them alone, and sometimes I use them over That Gal, which is an all over face primer, in a pale pink shade. Either way, the effect is totally natural and my skin looks perfect. High Beam also look great when used alone with That Gal. You can also use it in conjunction with most any other make-up or face products. (If you want a smaller size to keep in your purse or to travel with, Benefit sells smaller ones in various kits which are also great values. But once again, you don't need to carry anything for reapplication - this does not generally need to be reapplied during the day, not even if you've spent part of it poolside. It lasts...I've never once had to reapply).Benetint, High Beam and Posietint (the peachy pink tint) are the best tints and highlighter that you can find. The container seems to last forever, so it must cost only pennies per application, if that. They don't dry out if kept closed so it's not something needed to be replaced frequently. I think I've been using my Benetint and High Beam for over a year, and I still have more than 3/4 of the original jar of Benetint, and even though I use High Beam constantly, you can barely tell it's been used.. These three products look more natural on application than anything else I've seen or tried. They're great additions to your make up collection. « less" - Sephora user

Colorful Face Powders – Blush, Bronze, Highlight, & Contour by Sephora Collection

A collection of long-lasting buildable blushes, highlighters, bronzers, and contour shades.

MegaGlo Contouring Palette by Wet n Wild Beauty

"The formula of this palette is so good! Both are very pigmented and blend very easily - they almost go on creamy. I have very dry skin and use the lighter shade to set my under eyes - it works very well and doesn't cake or crack. I have naturally tanned skin and went for Dulce De Leche after reading reviews that the lighter shade is too yellow. I have no problems with these colours at all - they are both warm enough and create a really nice contoured look. Would recommend for makeup newbie or a pro!" - beautybay user

Step-by-Step Contour Stick by Smashbox

A user-friendly contour palette and brush set.

Face Shaping Contour Stix by w7

"I used this every morning, it lasts all day! I might do a bit of a top up if I was to go out in the evening but it isn't necessary!! I literally brought this with low expectations and was just a cheap alternative but it's seriously something I'd consider keeping!! " - ebay.com user

Gel Sculpt by Illamasqua

"I always love to contour, I like it subtle during the day and a little more dramatic if I'm going out at night, and the Gel Sculpt achieves both of these. It appears to be a very dark colour in the tube and when applied to my skin it was very very dark (I'm very very light skinned and freckly), but as soon as I blended it it provided such a gorgeous effect. It's a very buildable and blendable product, it combines so well into my foundation. It's such an easy product to use and I think it would work for anyone, no matter your skin tone or skin type (I have very dry skin and it was moisturising and cooling on my skin, but I think even for oily or combination skin it would stay on perfectly throughout the day/night!) I definitely recommend it for anyone, £22 is such a good price and is definitely better value and quality compared to products from Mac etc. It's the perfect starter tool for anyone who's new to contouring and for someone who's mastered the art, I love how wearable it is!! Oh and PS: the smell is wonderful, so fresh! « less" - www.illamasqua.com user

Greatshape Contour Kit by Jane Iredale

"I've been wanting to use a contour palette but they've always looked too heavy, sparkly, etc. until I found Jane Iredale's! The colors are soft and natural looking but you have to use a light touch with the dark contour color. The highlighter is soft and luminous and the blush is the perfect color. I am fair, blonde hair and got the cool palette. I'm going to order the warm for the summer months. Finally a contour kit that doesn't scream "make-up" "fake"!! (important when you're over 65!) " - janeiredale.com user

Beach Please Bronzing And Contouring Powder by Misslyn

"Absolutely love this contouring powder. I’ve tried to use some expensive high end ones but they don’t do a better job than this one. The product last a long time. It looks great on pale skin, blends easily and does not feel heavy. It doesn’t have a shine to it which works perfect for me. I’m happy with this product and not planning to use anything else." - beautybay user

Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow - Light Medium by BH Cosmetics

"I love this pallete! I'm very fair so I have trouble fiding a contour and bronzing powder that doesn't show up too dark or too orange, and this pallete had the perfect colors! The banana powder conceals very well over foundation under your eyes and the strobing shimmery white color is PERFECT. This is my first shot at strobing and this powder is translucent enough that it blends well and the shimmer is subtle enough that you don't look like a disco ball. The only downside to this kit is the blush color. It is probably meant for darker, more olive-toned skin because it is bright red. I would love to see an option for a more coral-peach color." - bhcosmetics.com user

Insta Duo Contour Stick by Rimmel

"Usually I find cream contours quite hard to blend on my skin, however this is amazing. It blends perfectly and looks natural. It’s also very buildable without going cakey. Will allways use this product now. I bought shade medium and the highlighter has a beautiful shimmer to it." - walgreens user

Face Contour by Burberry Beauty

"I am not into contouring. I always felt it was a waste of time and effort. I still feel that way with the exception of my nose. I had my makeup done for a wedding and the makeup artist contoured everything and I honestly didn't see a big difference except for the nose contour. I have a Mediterranean nose, meaning it's not small but it's not so big that I ever really wanted to do anything as drastic as surgery. I guess it's one of those things where I didn't know what was missing til I found it. In this case, it was two simple lines down the side of my nose and two at the tip. Of course, I didn't pay much attention to what the makeup artist used or her technique because I didn't notice how amazing it looked until I saw the pictures. This was three months ago and I have tried about a dozen different products since then. I just can't seem to get the powder formulas right; they always look odd and finding the right combo of formula and brush just hasn't happened. So I started trying sticks and they were all too thick or greasy or didn't last. Oh and color, forget it, everything was too light or too dark or too warm or too cool. I'm so glad I finally found this! The lighter shade is prefect for my olive skin with neutral undertones, it lasts all day, It's portable and I can touch it up, and it blends well. If you're into contouring your nose, buy this. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6725264163062452894-full" data-show="6725264163062452894-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Cameo Contour & Highlight Stick by pür

"I hate multiple steps when it comes to foundation. I feel if I have to use a primer, setting spray, powder, etc., then the foundation just isn't for me. I have combination, light skin and am 37 yrs old. This stuff is actually one of the few stand alone products that delivers good multifaceted coverage with literally no fuss and doesn't feel too heavy. I used it on my bare face and over eight hours later, it is still in place and has not glided around or broken down, even around my nose. I plan to repurchase this. Awesome product." - ulta user

Contour Powder Pan by Makeup Geek

"Simply incredible! Just the right amount of pigment, super-soft powder, blends like a dream! I am very fair skin (MAC NW10/15) and I got the shade 'Love Triangle' for warm porcelain skin tones. Finally! A contour powder that isn't muddy looking on me. These powders are the right balance between warm and cool... Despite being warm toned, love triangle reads like a contour not just like a bronzer. Zero complaints, buildable, flattering... I cannot say enough, and for the price?! I'll be buying the other colours for my pro kit" - beautybay user

Miracle Contouring Palette by Max Factor

"If like me you're a bit of a novice when it comes to contouring, or indeed you're quite experienced, I recommend you try this product. Size wise the kit is the perfect size to pop in your bag although it'll also look swish on your dressing table. With easy 3,2,1 instructions on the box, you can't go wrong (my advice is to keep the box until you become familiar using it as the instructions are not written on the palette itself) I was looking for a natural contoured look with a bit of a glow to hide my tired eyes and I certainly achieved this easily as the soft creamy texture was much easier to blend than I thought possible. I love that the contour, lift and highlight is all in one place rather than rooting around my make up bag for several different products. I would maybe have liked a mirror in the inside lid but that's just personal preference. Price wise I feel that this is very competitive, sure there are cheaper and more expensive products on the market however this product is refillable which is great value for money. No need to buy the whole kit again and again if you don't want to. I asked my teenage daughter to have a try. She is a make up snob with every product possible and she too found the creamy texture easily blendable, buildable which shows that this 8 shade palette really does suit every skin tone. A really good , easy to use product - Well Done Max Factor. « less" - maxfactor.com user

Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour by Clinique

Creamy contouring chubby stick sculpting contour by clinique creates the illusion of depth; makes areas appear to recede. Long-wearing, oil-free.

Lowlight Sculpting Perfector by BECCA

"This stuff is truly amazing. I picked it up on a whim because I was unfamiliar with the Becca brand and wanted to give something of theirs a try. This seemed like a key piece in their Perfector line, so I gave it a go. First thing, when you use this product, be sure to choose your brush carefully. You'll want to use something flat -- like a flat, more traditional foundation brush; or a flat angled brush. This will just ensure that you apply the stuff correctly so it can live up to its promises :) Once you've chosen your brush, it's super easy to apply. The color can be easily adjusted to your skin tone (i.e., to accommodate a tan in the summer or paler skin in the fall/ winter). It's a neutral brown (think, a slightly more sheer cream/ gel version of Chocolate Soleil), so it can suit those with olive skin tones, darker chocolate/ mocha skin tones, yellow undertones -- you name it. Lighter skinned ladies should obviously use a lighter hand in the application; and if you do, I promise you won't be disappointed. The stuff has a very natural look, but it can be adjusted for additional drama/ photo makeup. I love this stuff -- and it works particularly well under bronzing powders. I like to blend some in after my BB/ CC cream (I don't do foundation in the summer); then, I go in with Chocolate Soleil to the contoured areas and blend it out with Milk Chocolate Soleil or traditional setting powder. The effect is a beautifully tanned looking face -- but NOT a "bronzer face"... i.e., no orangey-red undertones or any of that weirdness. For the no-tan seasons, this product also performs well alone over foundation/ under setting powder + illuminator for a natural glow. I like to use it in concert with my Too Faced Natural Face pallette for that (though I bet it'd look lovely with the "Secret to No Makeup" palette, too). Enjoy! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo by stila

"I'm gonna try to write a helpful review. as usual the internet pictures of the colors are incorrect. the light has a pretty highlight shade with the yellow bsse. The contour side is orange! it looks like a light brown in the pan but as soon as I put it on my light/medium, cool undertone skin it turned orange. The medium actually has a very nice cool toned taupe! Perfect for contouring it is very rich in color but sheers out nice. the highlight shade is a little on the pink side. But I think once I sheer it out it will make a nice glow or it could be a very subtle color corrector for under eye dark circles for light skin tone. I only looked at the deep i did not swatch it is a very dark brown and a dark peach. this is a gorgeous product so creamy and very easy to blend. And you get a whole lot of product in this compact. And yes its a real compact no cardboard so it would be great to travel with. It's very sturdy plastic and has a mirror that is the entire size of the compactIts about the size of the new urban decay pressed powders. if you're still not sure about the color definitely go into the store because unfortunately you have to choose l if you want a good contour or a good highlight because I would have preferred the yellow based highlighter but I don't want an orange contour. I think the consistency of the cream is going to be personal preference it is a little thick but like I have already said it will sheer out beautifully. definitely use a light hand actually I would apply it to the face with a finger then blend with a brush. And it does come with a small how to guide. I hope this is helpful to someone I was not able to find any information about this because it is so new and none of the other reviews really gave any information at all. Less" - ulta.com user

Contour & Highlight Stick by Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Contour & Highlight Sticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills are full-pigment cream sticks for contouring and highlighting that deliver a natural-looking matte finish for face and body.

Face Sculpting Color Stick by ULTA Beauty

Ulta's Face Highlighting Sticks apply to skin with a cream-to-powder finish. These sticks are easy to apply and blend seamlessly so that you can create as much drama and definition as you desire.

Contour Powder Refill by Anastasia Beverly Hills

A silky contour powder refill for the Original Contour Kit.

Play 101 Stick Contour Duo by Etude House

"the stick smells really good like a skincare product. and the texture of the stick is creamy and smooth but not oily. It also blends very well on my skin! i would recommend it and it is pretty cheap for a contour product. i had powder contour product but the shading is very orange since it is from a western brand. I am Asian and this product very suites my skin tone! " - yesstyle.com user

Chisel Cheeks Contour Creams by Barry M

"These are really easy to use - don't be put off by how dark the contour is, it blends really easily! I still use a shimmer highlighter on the cheek bones, cupids bow, brow bone and nose as there's no shimmer in this highlighter. Highlighter is a little thick but I made sure I moisturised and primed my face and it seems to look fine doing this! I found it fine to use on my nose as long as I put minimal pressure... still got a very thin line exactly where I wanted. If in doubt, use a thin (possibly angled) brush. " - superdrug.com user

Kitten Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo by KVD Vegan Beauty

A portable contour and highlight duo, inspired by Kat Von D’s bestselling Shade + Light Contour Palette.

Infallible Pro Contour Palette by L'Oreal

Now, contouring is made easy with l'oréal's infallible pro contour palette. With the pro-sculpt brush you can define, sculpt, and enhance your features like a pro.

FaceStudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick by Maybelline

"The contour part of this product is very easy to use - and it doesn't dry out, which is something that makes me incredibly happy. It feels like a light cream that's super easy to blend, and it's so easy to steadily build up a good shaded look on your face without feeling like you've loaded on a lot of product. The highlight side is extremely subtle, and I use a different highlighter on top of it, but it's great if I want to go for a more natural look. I would recommend this product!" - ulta user

Sculpting Pencil by Nudestix

A dual-ended sculpting pencil that provides a natural highlight and contour with a matte cream finish.

Velvet Contour Stick by LA Girl

Contouring made easy with l.a. girl's velvet bronzer contour stick in the velvet contour stick collection. This luxurious formula is paraben free with added jojoba seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and grape seed oil.

Intensive Eye Contour Cream by Cle de Peau Beaute

"This is the most amazing eye cream that exists. I swear. I have really thin, crepey skin under my eyes and have pretty deep crows feet. I am 42, but I have always had eye issues. I have the type of eyes that if I don't smile or don't get 8 hours sleep everyone asks me if I'm tired. The worst. I have tried every eye cream under the sun, and nothing has helped. I have used everything from La Mer to Keils, and everything in between. I have even been researching eye surgery since it seemed my only option. Then , I got a sample of this at the recommendation of a friend. WOW! This is smooth but not heavy, moisturizing, and simply amazing at it's job. My eyes feel and look sooo much better! Oh, and I have such sensitive skin that a lot of the 'amazing creams' ( i.e. La mer) actually make the texture under my eyes worse. Not this eye cream! I'm so excited for this product! Well worth the price tag. Also, a little goes a long way so it will last a while. The search is over. It doesn't get any better than this eye cream. Less" - Clé de Peau Beauté user

Conceal Define Full Coverage Conceal Contour by Revolution Beauty

"I was skeptical about this product because for me Makeup Revolution products have been hit or miss. A lot of their products just aren't very good quality so I didn't expect much. However, a YouTuber I follow absolutely raved about this concealer so I said why not? Let's try it for $7. I am very glad I did because I love it!! It goes on smooth, has great coverage, and doesn't crease or get cakey under my eyes. 9 out of 10 concealers I try I don't like at all (i.e. shape tape) because they make my undereye look dry and cakey but this one doesn't at all! I apply a VERY small amount (less is definitely more here), blend with a beauty blender and then dust with a little bit of powder to set and I am good to go. It lasts all day and looks natural. In my opinion this works much better than most of the $25-$30+ concealers I've tried, highly recommend... especially for the price! « less" - ulta.com user

Eye Contour Balm by Clarins

"Highly recommended, and I honestly do not think you can be disappointed. " It revitalises the delicate skin of the eye contour by improving elasticity and minimising fine lines and wrinkles." - product description. Although only in my mid-twenties, I do worry about the soon-to-become inevitable appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially as I work in a harsh environment, which sucks hydration from my skin. I have early starts, long hours, and I do not want my skin to suffer because of this. I can honestly say that I do notice a difference when I don’t use this product – my eyes look ‘tighter’ and almost as though the skin is overstretched, with those little lines underneath. When I use the product however, the delicate skin feels softer and much less tight. There is no soreness, and no ‘pull’ lines. The eye contours and lids are instantly hydrated – they not only feel, but also look healthier. There is no harsh scent which can sting the eyes, and the balm itself is very soft, which adds to the moisturising feel benefits of the product. "Moisture balancing and mattifying, the eyes are perfectly prepped for make-up application" - product description. I choose to use this balm at night and the gel in the morning. This is my personal preference, and I feel it works well for me, so I do not always apply make-up after using it (only when on an evening out). When I do apply it though, I do find that make up does go on very well and the balm creates a lovely base for which to apply under eye concealer and also powder on the lids. The make-up does not slip, and I actually think the powder creases a little less. The balm is lovely and lightweight; it soaks into the eye area almost instantly, and there is no oily residue left. There is just a soft and comforted feeling around the eyes, and I always feel completely soothed after a long day. Overall I would definitely recommend this to anybody who was considering using it. You need to use very little product, and the bottle lasts a long time. The benefits are clear when using it, and even ignoring the physical benefits of the balm, just the feeling of relaxation and comfort after using it makes it worth trying. I would also recommend using the eye contour gel, and soothing eye contour mask, but that again is personal preference – I feel the combination of products improves the effects; gel (morning), balm (evening) and mask (morning, but can be evening too!). <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Escentual user

Sculpt And Contour Kit Ultra Light Medium C04 by Revolution Beauty

"This trio is so good. To be honest I was not even interested in this product and then one day I was like I wonder how good it is as its such a great price. I tried it and I love it so much. Its a great product to have if you are pale skin as the bronzer is light enough and pigmented. The highlight in the product wowed me. I love the highlighter its so pigmented and blends nice. The blush is also a very pretty color. All around this is a great product to have in your makeup collection. " - revolutionbeauty.com user

Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

An inspirational, groundbreaking makeup how-to guide from one of the most sought-after and successful makeup artists, Kevyn Aucoin.

Iconic Lights And Contour Pro by Revolution Beauty

"I have the KVD contour which comes in three families (so six shades in total) and I find the palette's range to be limited in options. Upon use I also feel like the palette works better with cooler skin tones since four of the shades don't look flattering on warm/yellow undertoned skin (for reference, I'm an NC35). In contrast, MUR did a beautiful job with this palette. Firstly, they made two options in this palette - one for cooler undertones and one for warmer undertones, unlike the KVD one. Moreover, they've added additional shade ranges to help you enhance your contour (for instance, the yellow shade in this palette can work for baking on warm skin tones). What's more I love how pigmented this palette is because one swipe from the pan is usually enough to give you the coverage you want. In contrast, I find myself needing to reapply from the KVD palette until I get the shade I want (which has also resulted in my palette hitting the pan with one shade and almost reaching pan with the others). So in summary I would honestly recommend grabbing this because not only is the price incredibly affordable but also because it gives wonderful results. « less" - tambeauty.com user

Total Results Curl Please Contouring Lotion Curl Control by Matrix

Matrix total results curl please contouring lotion curl control leave-in boosts body, bounce and shine as it nourishes with light moisture for definition. Also works as an anti-frizz agent.

Bumble And Bumble Thickening Creme Contour by Sephora Collection

"I have tried at least a dozen texturizing sprays and every single one, without exception, has been incredibly sticky. They left a strange coating on my hair and weighed it down. So I posted a question on makeupalley asking for recommendations for a product that would give me that piece-y separation of my layers that's so on trend right now. I got several recommendations for Creme Contour so I went to the Bumble and Bumble website and posted a photo of the style I'm trying to achieve and the SA said that this product would be perfect for the look I want. So I bought Creme Contour at my local Sephora and I really love it. It gives my hair some nice volume and delivers the piece-y-ness I've been looking for. It also gives my hair incredible shape and some light hold and my style lasts for several days when I use it. It also has a thickening effect and makes my hair look a lot fuller. It only takes about a dime size dollop for my shoulder length hair, which means this jar will last for months. I warm the product in my hands and scrunch it into my hair. However, you'll want to use a little bit every day so don't use much at first. I use a tiny amount on the 2nd and 3rd day to revive and refresh my style. If you use too much initially, subsequent applications will make your hair look dirty. This product also adds some nice shine. I really like everything about it. It gives my hair the exact look I'm going for without the slightest hint of stickiness. I highly recommend it for all hair types. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>" - Sephora user

Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream by tigi

"I've used this product off and on for years. So when I got a bottle of the new formula I was certain I'd be disappointed. It turns out I love the new formula. It is less sticky and not as heavy as the old formula but still brings out the curl. It doesn't smell like Skittles any more but the smell is pleasant. Will continue to purchase." - ulta user